Highlander: The Raven s01e19 Episode Script

The Manipulator

Thank you.
Over there! I do not think this is good for you.
You have no idea.
This is so nice.
A cup of coffee, early morning stroll.
I love getting up at the crack of dawn.
It's the crack of noon, Amanda.
Well, it's sunrise somewhere, huh? Bonjour, monsieur.
Oui, oui, oui.
For instance, where Lauren is, she's probably fast asleep.
Who? The person you were playing phone tag with last night.
Since when did you start monitoring my calls? That's not an answer.
How 'bout "it's none of your business"? Come on! You can talk to me-- take that-- about anything.
It's nothing I want to talk to you about.
Well, you know, I do know a few things about women.
I'm an Immortal and, uh, in case you haven't noticed, also a woman, and above all I am French.
Which makes you an expert on? Just about everything.
Nick Wolfe! Nick Wolfe? What? You are Nick Wolfe? You were right the first time.
Do we know you? Tim Helfet, reporter, Cable Worldnews Network.
No comment.
No, wait! I want to hire you.
I know this sounds crazy, but someone's trying to kill me.
I need your help.
I'd say so.
She is immortal.
A thousand years old and she cannot die.
A creature of legend like the raven, a thief who stole the sun and the moon.
They sent a warrior to bring her back.
He found her.
Together, they brought back light to the world.
I was a cop.
To me she was just a thief, another day on the job.
But she wasn't-- She changed my life, changed everything.
And both of us knew from that moment on, nothing would ever be the same.
Tell me, you any relation to Jerry Helfet, the journalist? He's my father.
He was murdered.
And you want us to find out who killed him.
I know who killed him.
His name is Vladimir Rankov.
Advisor to an Eastern Bloc prime minister, Novak.
Anton Novak.
His country's been in a brutal civil war for the past four years.
You think I only read the sports section? Novak's in town hammering out a peace treaty.
My father found out Rankov was trying to sabotage negotiations.
-He's advising one side, selling state secrets to the other.
-You can prove that? Rankov must think so.
You don't shoot at somebody just for jaywalking.
He keeps all his dealings on computer.
It's the only track of who owes him what.
- Okay.
Where's his computer? - Wherever Rankov is.
This week it's in a chââteau outside of town.
Next week it'll be the Balkans, and it'll be too late.
So you want us to break into Rankov's chââteau and sneak past how many armed guards? - Half a dozen.
- Half a dozen armed guards.
So we put the computer under one arm and wave good-bye to the prime minister with the other? - I don't think so.
- You sure the computer's there? Two things Rankov always carries with him: that computer and an emergency stash of diamonds.
Well, then again, peace on Earth would make such a nice greeting on the holiday cards this year.
You look nice in a uniform.
You're enjoying this too much.
Why not? Diamonds, chââteau.
It's a wonderful life.
We're not here to steal jewels, money, bath towels or anything else.
We're here to work.
You're gonna get your computer.
I'll get a little bonus.
Everybody goes home happy.
You should try sketching, Rankov.
Calms one's nerves.
Helps you appreciate the finer detail.
Let us, perhaps, focus on the detail of the treaty.
Ten years ago, I taught drawing like this to my children.
That's what I called them-- my children.
Muslims, Serbs.
It didn't matter then.
Nobody cared where you came from.
Hard to believe now.
So far so good.
Please, do not fail them at the conference.
Peace will happen.
It has been decided.
But the men who will sit opposite you at the conference table are animals, killers.
They are not like us.
So why do they look just like us? I bet you $500 that the computer's in the library.
You're on.
It's for you.
Hello? Anytime you want to jump in.
Will you take an I.
? Of course it's booby-trapped.
If I put in the wrong code, we'll have a total meltdown.
Then don't put in the wrong code.
Good point.
Simon would have been 22 next week.
- Your son died a hero.
- Tell that to his mother.
We didn't start this war, Your Excellency.
That doesn't matter anymore.
When they come for your wife and daughter, it will.
No, we can't weaken now.
We have the larger army, more advanced weapons.
Another month or two, and we'll taste complete victory.
And how many more sons would we have buried? Rankov, the world cries out for peace.
And what does Simon cry out for? Hear him, Your Excellency? Your son cries out for vengeance.
What are you doing? Leaving.
- Not without the computer.
- They know we're here.
Search the grounds.
We have an intruder.
What now? Jump.
- What? - Jump! Come on out! That was-- Run! It's Rankov.
Kristina, when we spar, I am not your friend.
I am not your teacher.
I am your enemy.
Amanda, you could never be my enemy.
Kristina! Kristina! Kristina! Enough with this foolish game! -She neglects her studies.
-This is a very important study.
I shall inform the duke.
But you would need a tongue for that.
If my father finds out, I do not think that this would please him.
What pleases your father is far less important than what pleases you.
Amanda? Hmm? I don't understand you.
Why? Because I ask you to make your own decisions and to know your heart and act upon it? One day you may rule all of Bourgogne.
I am a woman.
Yes, you are, but nevertheless, you shall be ready.
So do you want to learn or not? Yes.
Well, thenen garde.
They come from Savoy.
Do you think there will be peace? Amanda! Keep firing! - Who's the suit? - We have a history.
Obviously it didn't end well.
We should go.
Cover! Weasel.
Graduated Harvard, top of his class.
- Liar.
- Promoted to foreign bureau of CWNN in 1994.
He's a double-crossing, bottom-feeding son of a bitch.
Won the Schiller Award for outstanding journalism in the Gulf.
Look, Nick, you're not helping me here.
What can I say? The guy's a journalist, just like he said.
He checks out.
Journalist? Maggot.
There's a fine line between the two.
You know that story about Vladimir Rankov and his father? He died.
Everything he said was true.
Come on.
Helfet baited the hook, and he reeled me in.
Now you're sounding paranoid.
He practically fell at our feet in a hail of bullets, and he looked up at us with those puppy dog eyes, saying, "Help me.
" Then he drops these buzzwords like "chââteau" and "diamonds.
" I can't believe I fell for it.
It's not far out of line.
The guy said he was looking for us.
Not us.
Merci beaucoup.
Does he remember dropping Helfet off? He remembers dodging bullets.
Well, the bellman recognized the photo, but says he's gone out.
Waiter pinned him too.
Delivered him breakfast this morning.
Uh, whole wheat toast, bran cereal, grapefruit juice.
Very exciting stuff.
He's on the run.
What do you want him to do, advertise? I want him to have an accident, preferably involving sharp, pointy objects.
A little less obsessive, a little more objective.
Shall we give it a try? Okay.
What's the plan? We wait.
That's your plan? Waiting.
All right.
How long? As long as it takes.
What if I'm bored already? Then you get to buy the first round of coffee.
- No sugar.
- This has sugar.
Ready? ???? ???? ???? Hey! ] ? ? ? ? [ Whistling - More coffee.
- More coffee? Are you nuts? Suit yourself.
What? Blue.
What? Word association now.
You're crazy.
It's either that or we start humming show tunes.
What? Blue jay.
- Um man.
- Woman.
Get moving.
Just when it's getting interesting.
All right.
It was a cheap trick.
It's all right.
Today would have been our ninth anniversary.
- Ex-wife, huh? - Well, it was her choice, not mine.
You're right.
I'm sorry.
It's not my business.
It's okay.
She just, uh, you know-- I liked being a cop, and she didn't like being married to one.
Sounds like you still love her.
There's our guy.
What the hell do you think you're doing? Who are you working for? Try telling the truth this time.
I've already told you! We didn't believe you.
Try again.
Rankov murdered my father, and he's trying to kill me too.
What more do you want me to say? You can start by telling me where you got this.
What is it? It's a chronicle.
My, my, my.
Did I do all this? Care to elaborate? It's all about me.
1508 to 1570.
My Renaissance period.
Ten-to-one he's got one of those tacky little tattoos on his wrist.
Oh, yeah.
He's a Watcher.
You know about us? Secret's out.
Start talking.
I'm a journalist, like I said.
I'm also a Watcher.
So was my father.
He was Rankov's Watcher.
Till one day he got too close, and Rankov caught him.
He was interrogated, tortured, murdered.
You read in here that Rankov and I have an old score to settle.
Rankov has to pay for what he did.
And you used me as bait.
Best case scenario, I take his head.
Worst case-- at least worst case for me-- he takes mine, and you kill him during the Quickening.
That's just a happy ending for all, isn't it? It was the only way to draw him out, away from the guards.
Give me one good reason why I shouldn't kill you.
I can't stop Rankov by myself.
What choice did I have? Watchers don't get a choice.
Didn't you read the fine print? How can you not help me? You know what he is.
I will not give up.
Do you understand? Rankov, three years we have been fighting.
Tell your duke there will be no surrender, not while one of us still has the power to draw breath.
But what if your people could enjoy peace without surrender? How could that be? - You have a daughter.
- Kristina? Suddenly my life seems as a boulder, rolling downhill, out of control, everything rushing by in a blur.
Maybe there's something wrong with me.
Why do I always seem to be afraid? Because you're young, and everything seems large and very important.
You feel a misstep of a hairsbreadth would cause certain ruin and destruction.
That's it.
Well, you will learn, Kristina.
We all fear what we do not know.
Whether it be the thousands who will look to you as their ruler or the young man beside you in bed who'll look to you as his wife.
I'm foolish.
I have no choice.
I will marry him.
Why? Because your father wills it? No.
Because honor wills it.
- Whose honor? - Mine.
If it saves the life of one of my people, I would marry the devil himself.
Well, that is your choice, Kristina, but you did not start the war.
But I may be able to end it.
Spoken like a true queen.
Very well.
A wedding there will be.
There is one further item to discuss.
The dowry.
I'm giving his son Burgundy.
He wants me to pay him for the privilege? It is the custom.
How much? I would suggest a substantial amount to show good faith.
Will this suffice? The duke's emissary.
He travels back to Savoy with my fate in his hands.
Do not worry.
I will make sure it gets there safely, Kristina.
My lord, why are you stopping here? The saddle is loose.
I think the girth is broken.
My lord, it is as tight as a drum.
Here! Look to the man! The duke of Bourgogne betrayed us, unfortunately, I was the only survivor.
If you do not deliver the dowry, the duke will look upon that as an insult, and the war will go on.
How astute of you.
What's another war to we who have seen so many? What a pair we would make.
You with your beauty, and me with my acumen.
There's enough profit in this world for both of us.
It has gone on for far too long, Rankov.
And so, dear lady, have you.
Oh, I don't wish to take advantage.
You'll find the left hand most stimulating.
You still have time to change your mind.
Not today, Rankov.
This is for your master, from the duke of Bourgogne.
An acceptance to his marriage offer.
Did you see? Yes, the entire court of Savoy is here.
Not that.
- And the families have promised to stop fighting.
- Amanda! - What? - I speak of Philippe.
Oh! Philippe, your groom.
He is so handsome, is he not? Handsome? Yes.
Rather cruel and ugly, I should have thought.
What? A bit like his father.
The hands of a beast and the heart of an ogre.
Or is that the other way around? He looks kind.
Doesn't he look kind? He looks wonderful.
This is the most important day of my life.
- I'm proud I am to be sharing it with you.
- I'm so grateful to you.
- Me? Why? - I have no sisters, no mother.
To have you standing there beside me at the altar-- This union will bring peace to your people and such joy to your heart.
I cannot imagine a more perfect day.
All right.
Come now.
Nice deep breath.
It is time.
This is a most wonderful occasion for today we marry these two children under the eyes of God in holy matrimony.
Rankov! Kristina! Kristina! Kristina! Am I dying? Am I? No, darling.
You are the most beautiful bride I've ever seen.
It's getting dark, Amanda.
I can't see you.
Kristina, just think-- the future queen on the arm of her Philippe.
What a glorious life you will have.
And the two of you will have beautiful children.
And I will get to hold them with tears in my eyes.
Tears of joy.
So Rankov, uh, disappeared, and we never found him.
If I had protected her instead of pursuing him, Kristina would have had those babies.
So help me.
How dare you? It's my life and it's my business.
Look, I'm sorry that your father was murdered, but if there's one thing I've learned in 1,200 years, it's that nobody-- nobodygets to use me.
She's an Immortal.
You're a human being.
You understand.
She's more human than you think.
So because Rankov's immortal, he gets away with murder.
What would you do in my place? Hey! You wished to see me, Prime Minister? I have made a decision.
Tomorrow I will order a cease-fire and the withdrawal of our forces from all occupied territories.
You think it's that easy? They will see it as a weakness, launch a counteroffensive.
- The war is over.
- Like hell it is.
It's 3:00 in the morning.
What are you doing here? You know what I'm doing here.
You didn't have a choice.
He wasn't one of Rankov's men.
He was a Watcher.
Who had a gun, ready to commit murder.
You just let him waltz right in and take him, like the guy never even existed.
Look around you, Prime Minister.
Ten years ago, what were you? Second-rate schoolteacher.
This war made you.
It's given you wealth, power.
I will expect your resignation on my desk tomorrow morning.
Pleasant dreams, Prime Minister.
Get out.
I want you to call Joe Dawson.
What for? I want to know the name of the man I killed.
Whoever he was, he was just doing his job.
He took an oath.
They all did.
Rankov murdered his father.
But as soon as Helfet used me to get to Rankov, he broke the oath.
He interfered in the worst way a Watcher can interfere.
For that, he had to pay a price.
You got in the way of it.
I'm still in the way of it.
What does that mean? I'm going after the computer.
You're crazy! And you're going with me.
No, I'm not.
Amanda, I killed someone today.
What, so by going after the computer and Rankov, you can make it better? If I can shorten this war just by one day, how many lives can I save? He'll know I'm there.
I can't even get near the place.
Maybe he won't.
Maybe there's another way.
I'm over the wall.
Turning on your head cam.
- You read me? - Loud and clear.
I see you perfectly.
Here we go.
Nick, I don't think this is one of our better ideas.
Thanks for the confidence booster.
Just tell me if you see any guards.
Guards to the right.
Get against the wall.
Oh, there's gotta be a better way.
Are they gone? For the moment.
Let's do it.
I want you to carefully unscrew the keypad plate.
Any sudden movements-- I know.
The most important thing is to relax.
Think about something else entirely.
So, uh, when was the last time you saw your wife? Uh-huh.
It's a hell of a time to ask a question like that.
What was she wearing? Amanda.
Just curious as to what kind of impression she left.
What is going on? I'm okay.
Just reading one of the kids a bedtime story.
- I don't like this.
- You know what they say-- those who can't do, teach.
That's very funny.
Just hook up the digital analyzer to the blue and red wires.
That's what I'm doing.
What is he doing? Hooking up the digital analyzer, like you just said.
- Oh, faster would be better.
- What's wrong? No, never mind.
Oh, amateur.
- I don't do this every day.
- Just focus.
It's working.
Amanda, we did it.
Amanda, are you still there? What's going on? Nothing.
I just thought I saw someone.
- Rankov.
- No.
Never mind.
Just get the computer and get out of there.
I found this on him.
Leave us.
I'll look after this.
Who are you? You know, it really doesn't matter who you are.
Prime Minister, rise and shine! We have a visitor.
You know, my friend, you have come at a very historic and opportune moment.
- What is going on here? - This gentleman was found in the gardens.
His intention was, no doubt, to assassinate you.
Did you call the authorities? I thought it best that we handle this amongst ourselves.
I'm going to call the police.
Please! Don't pick up that phone.
Saving my life hasn't changed my mind.
There will be peace.
Yes, but unfortunately, I didn't save your life.
Mission accomplished.
I said-- Helfet.
You can put down the binoculars.
I-- What? He's in there.
He was nabbed almost immediately.
Why didn't you tell me that before? I didn't want to distract you.
I'm gonna go after him.
I knew you were gonna say that.
What is more important, the computer or the Watcher? Both.
I knew you were gonna say that too.
This is not negotiable.
Everything is negotiable.
Excellent vintage.
Delicate, subtle, cunning.
Unlike yourself, of course.
Screw you! Don't confuse stupidity with bravery.
Get my things together.
We'll leave as soon as I finish with him.
And now, my friend, you have my complete and undivided attention.
Where is my computer? And who the hell are you? Helfet.
Tim Helfet.
That explains a lot.
Like father, like son, eh? You murdered him.
Oh, please, don't take it personally.
It was purely a practical decision.
If it's any consolation, he didn't start begging until the very end.
I know who you are, and I know how to kill you.
Full of little surprises, aren't you? Yes? Phone call, sir.
It came in on the scrambled SatCom.
Rankov? Yes? This is your conscience calling.
My conscience? Amanda, I think you must have the wrong number.
I have something you want.
I might have known.
You are proposing a trade? What choice do you have? I could kill this little nonentity in front of me with a single bullet to the forehead.
Then I take your computer to the media.
How would you like to see your name in headlines? I'm listening.
Put him in the car.
If I'm not back in 15 minutes, kill him slowly.
Well, well, well.
History always repeats itself.
Winston Churchill told me that in 1928, I think.
This is for Kristina.
Oh, you shouldn't be so sentimental, Amanda.
It's bad for one's health.
No, Nick! Don't shoot! For Kristina.
Don't shoot! Jesus! What the hell were you thinking? You could've killed me.
The night's still young.
Think it'll last? Maybe.
That was Joe Dawson.
He told you to make yourself invisible and stay that way.
Maybe the Watchers will let you live.
Well, thank you, both of you.
Quit while you're ahead.
What are you doing? Taking a spin through memory lane.
Hear it's a good read.
Well, that never tells the whole story, does it? Can never tell you how it feels to hold a dying girl on her wedding day.
It's funny the things that don't let go of you.
On second thought, I don't think you can read this.
Hey! No.
Give it to me.
Wait a minute.
Why is my life an open book, and yours is off limits? Because I say so.
What about that part about you and Michelangelo? Did it say that he was madly in love with me? No.
You shouldn't believe everything you read then.
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