Highlander: The Raven s01e20 Episode Script

The Ex-Files

I don't see him.
He'll be here.
He doesn't talk to us, we'll send him to prison for the rest of his life.
Does this, uh, remind you of anything? Should it? Yeah, like Deep Throat's gonna jump out from behind something and say, "Follow the money.
" You know, like All the President's Men.
The movie? Watergate? Jerry, just nod if any of this rings a bell.
I was born in '74.
Yeah, I forgot.
The world didn't exist before TV.
There he is.
Come on.
Why doesn't he just get out of the car? Because he's a snitch.
He's scared to death.
Parsons! What the hell? Oh, my God.
Jerry, run! You can't stop now! Just go.
No! I'm not gonna leave you! Please, Lauren.
Go! No, Jerry! Don't! She is immortal.
A thousand years old and she cannot die.
A creature of legend like the raven, a thief who stole the sun and the moon.
They sent a warrior to bring her back.
He found her.
Together, they brought back light to the world.
I was a cop.
To me she was just a thief, another day on the job.
But she wasn't-- She changed my life, changed everything.
And both of us knew from that moment on, nothing would ever be the same.
Nice shot.
Nice shot.
Hungry? Starving.
I made a reservation for two at Les Mille Louis.
You did? I did.
I know how much you love the menu-- foie gras, roast duck, petit pois.
I had no idea you paid attention to my food choices.
Well, I don't, normally, but I guess I could eat alone.
No, no, no.
Les Mille Louis is perfect.
Just give me a minute.
Nick, someone to see you.
I'm not here.
She said it's important.
She said she was your wife.
Jerry was a really good friend, you know.
He would have made a wonderful lawyer.
He was lying there, dying, and the guy shot him again.
The bastard! I couldn't do anything about it.
It's okay.
You're gonna be okay now.
I was gonna call you.
I know.
I was just waiting for the trial to start.
Then you'd have no time at all.
You want the truth? I wouldn't mind.
Oh, God.
The truth.
Well, the truth is, uh I wanted to-- I wanted to get my hair done.
You know? Get a manicure.
Prepare myself.
Get up the courage.
That's what you do when you wanna get somebody to regret a divorce.
Not that we're not both living our little, happy lives and everything, but usually the person in the first party wants to make the person in the second party just wonder.
As in, it sure was hell, but would we ever find anyone else better? Exactly.
I'm sorry.
Did I interrupt something? No.
I rest my case.
I didn't know if you needed a good, stiff drink or a cup of tea, so-- One of each is perfect.
Thank you.
Thank you.
So, you're a lawyer.
With the International Justice Foundation.
Ah, so that makes them Goliath and you David.
I'm getting cards printed up.
"Lauren Wolfe, Attorney at Lost Causes.
" Did pretty good on the land mine case.
So, who is Goliath now? Um, an organization that sells human organs on the black market.
They kill convicts, P.
s and the mentally incompetent and they gut them.
Heller's a real sick bastard.
Heller? Mm-hmm.
Julian Heller.
I wish someone would cuthisheart out.
Susanne, the baby.
Lay her on the bed.
No one else would see her.
Of course not.
She's a whore.
Here you go, girl.
Bite on this.
Now it is up to you, Amanda.
I know nothing of childbirth.
My hands are useless.
If you don't help her, they can both die.
One more push, Helen.
One more push.
Oh! Ohh! Oh! He's perfect! He's absolutely perfect! A thousand babies, maybe more, and I still can't get over it.
Ohh! Open the door, witches! -In the name of your church and your king, open the door! -Keep quiet! Shh.
Witch! Come on! Open up! Time to see you die, witch.
Don't look in their eyes.
They'll bewitch you.
We are not witches! Untie her.
- You can't kill all of us.
- No, but I can kill you.
Then I'll see you in hell.
Ho! What's this? An old witch and a new one? Spare me.
Not today.
You know the rules.
In your own house, Susanne.
Shame on you.
Only priests and doctors can tend to the ill.
And profit from their suffering.
There is no illness here.
Just new life.
Well, life comes, life goes for some of us.
- Don't do it.
- I'm not afraid to die, Amanda.
They'll both burn at the stake.
Come on! Get over there! Amanda.
If you need anything, like slacks or anything like that, my closet's your closet.
I hope I didn't scare her off.
She doesn't scare that easily.
Are you and she, uh-- It's a little more complicated than that.
Yeah, it always is, isn't it? I'd, uh, like to ask for a continuance.
No delays.
It makes us look like we have something to hide.
Which we don't, of course.
Still, a little more time-- You're sweating.
I don't pay you to sweat.
You're a lucky man, Spencer.
You have a client who's a dedicated doctor, a leader in his field, a pillar in the community.
If you can't win with that, I'll find a lawyer who can.
What about the accountant? Parsons.
He won't be testifying against me.
I can promise you that.
How can you be so sure, Doctor? You really want me to answer that? No, uh-- Ahh.
Liver and onions? I don't have your taste for organs, Doctor.
In that case, we're done.
See you in the morning.
Who screwed up? Lauren, for once don't argue with me.
You have to go to the police.
Your friend has very expensive taste.
Lauren! Not yet.
I have to prepare for this trial.
Forget about the trial.
Two men are dead.
Come on, I'll take you.
Let's go.
There is no later.
Let's go.
This is a record.
A whole half an hour before you start telling me what to do.
You're the only one who can I.
Jerry's killer.
If you do that, the cops'll connect it to Heller and he'll go away for murder.
Yeah,ifthe cops can connect him to Heller.
He's not gonna leave any loose ends.
He's a very smart man.
You're a smarter woman.
Okay, Nick, listen to me.
I don't want him for two murders.
I want him for 2,000.
I have to do this.
This doesn't sound like someone who's trying to put away a murderer.
It sounds like a lawyer who's trying to satiate her own ego.
Evidently this is aboutyou always having to be right.
Objection, counselor.
We are not married anymore, Nick.
You don't get to tell me how to do this.
Wait, I'm not trying to tell you how to do anything.
I'm just worried about you.
Just tell me what you want me to do.
Just keep me alive.
Just until the trial.
Until I can put Julian Heller away for life.
It's the entire Asian operation.
Parsons was about to turn it over.
Phillips got to him just in time.
And the lawyer? I didn't have a choice, sir.
Not him.
The one you left alive.
She saw you.
She can trace you to me.
I'm already on it.
Put this somewhere safe, would you? He has one shot at her.
If he misses-- He doesn't get a second chance.
He's immortal.
Heller? Just thought you'd like to know.
I appreciate that.
But I still want you to stay out of this.
It's old business, Nick.
What, is this about giving your ex-wife a moment of glory? That was a little below the belt.
All right, then, Mr.
By-The-Book, why aren't the police here? The suit against Heller, it's in the name of a 16-year-old Filipino kid-- he stole a bicycle.
The judge sentenced him to death.
A tad extreme.
That's because Heller gets kickbacks for usable parts.
A hundred for corneas, a thousand for lungs, a little more for a good heart.
He was always industrious-- waste not, want not.
But it's not just about Heller.
It's about his whole organization, the whole setup.
Take his head, he's gone.
But somebody else will take his place.
What we have to do is shine a light on the whole thing.
Then it withers and dies.
I tried the whole time we were married to get you to take me to Paris.
Well, here you are.
Well, that's not exactly what I had in mind.
I really wish you'd reconsider about going to the police.
We'll pass by my hotel.
I'll get my files.
I'll do my homework.
You get me safe and sound to the courthouse tomorrow.
I win the case, and then we can celebrate.
You know, no one would blame you if you passed this on to one of the other lawyers.
Is that the cop talking, or the ex-husband? He's already tried to kill you once.
Nick, let's just pretend this is you.
What would you do? You're not me.
Nick, listen.
You know, all the nights I watched you leave, and all the nights I lay awake waiting for the key in the door-- all I was ever waiting for was for the phone to ring, a hospital to call or the captain to show up at the door.
Did I ever once ask you not to leave? Now I know why you're such a good lawyer.
Wait for me! Run! Get the hell out of here! Don't shoot! Please don't shoot! Hey! I'm trying to understand something, Ms.
This friend of yours-- Jerry Martin.
Yes, him.
He was shot and killed some 16 hours ago by this man.
And you wait until now to report it, make an artist's sketch? She was frightened.
Nick, I can speak for myself.
Thank you.
I was frightened.
The first thing most people do when they're afraid is go to the police.
Well, she would've done that, but she was married to a cop, so she's go this thing ab-- But that's none of my-- Go ahead.
Where are we going? I believe we already have your suspect.
What'd I say? That's him.
So, what happened? Fractured skull.
Car crash.
Yeah, looks like that, but-- When's the autopsy? For a traffic accident? Oh, I'm sure you're right.
Nondescriptive head wounds, no fingerprints, no I.
Sounds like a typical traffic accident.
Look, with your I.
, I've got him for a murder.
Case closed.
Heller's gonna get away with this.
The two most important pieces of information for transplant are the P.
and the specificity.
But since the H.
antibody can come and go, regular screening is essential.
Always--Alwaysuse the most current sample for the pre-transplant cross-match.
Is that clear, Dr.
King? Questions? - And you're Dr.
? - Uh, Watson.
I was wondering if you ever studied under Burke and Hare.
- Burke and? - Hare.
1800s? They used to supply cadavers to the medical schools.
It became so profitable that they actually started murdering people to fulfill their quotas.
You can't seriously compare grave-robbing murderers to medical transplants.
Unless you connect it with 16-year-old Filipino bicycle thieves.
I don't know what game this is, but we're all very busy people here, Doctor.
I can wait.
Any more questions? No? Good.
Well, in that case, that completes today's session.
Thank you very much, ladies and gentlemen.
I'm guessing you're not a real doctor.
Well, that makes two of us.
See this? Given to me by a senator from Georgia in gratitude for saving the life of his nine-year-old son.
Did you see this morning's paper? The Edinburgh Prize for Science went to a man who should be dead, except I gave him a new heart.
What I do is to heal people.
If the price is right.
If your life were on the line, if you were sick or had an accident, you'd be begging.
It's funny you should say that.
Therewasan accident.
Yeah, it involved a black van, a gun, and my ex-wife.
Custody battles can get so ugly.
My name's Nick Wolfe, and I know you're responsible for thousands of deaths.
I'm a doctor.
That's right.
You're a doctor.
I don't care about your certificates, your diagrams, your graphs, your charts.
You see, you profit from people's pain.
You prey on the weak.
You call yourself a doctor, but you think of yourself as a god.
But what you really are is a butcher, and you have been for centuries.
What do you know about my world? If you go near Lauren again, I'll put a bullet in your head.
Then-- You did what? What I had to.
After you begged me to stay away from him.
That's different.
Because I can actually stop the guy, you know.
You're overreacting.
Remind me to never do a favor for you ever again.
I got my point across.
You are delusional.
He tried to kill Lauren twice.
All right, so this is personal? Of course it is.
Well, it's personal to me too.
Can I help you with something? - This is him? - Yeah.
The great humanitarian.
Who wants to kill you? Yeah.
Why are you doing this? She was doing doctors' work.
The witch should have known better.
What could what she does possibly cost you? You are a rich man already.
I have to set an example.
Of what? Your brutality and your greed? Of the law.
And the law says the witch must die.
But she does God's work, not the devil's.
She delivers babies.
Proof that no good deed goes unpunished.
Watch closely, Amanda.
You're next.
Light it! Burn! Burn! I have a fortune in jewels stashed away.
They're yours.
I'll find it after you're dead.
Not for my life.
For hers! No! - Amanda! - Let her go! Her cries of pain won't haunt you for long, I promise.
You bastard.
Let her go! Stop her! Stop her! You! Get out of my way, you blasted idiot! So, tomorrow's the big day, huh? Yeah.
I didn't think I'd be in there alone.
You have Nick.
Do I? As long as you need him.
Does he ever, um-- Talk about you? Oh, yeah.
All the time.
That's very sweet.
But I know you're lying.
Well, you know our Nick.
We met in law school.
Really? Yeah.
He was a cop to work his way through school.
At least that was supposed to be the plan.
- But he changed his mind.
- Yeah.
- Don't you hate it when they do that? - I hate it when they do that.
So what happened? I think I just got tired of being afraid.
I started pretending that maybe he wasn't working all those late nights.
Maybe there was someone else.
Truth is, that was easier than, uh-- than imagining him dead.
So you decided on column "C"-- you just left.
Maybe I should've tried harder.
So, you really think you can bring this guy down? I have to.
This is Dr.
I need Security in my office immediately.
Good God! The witch still lives.
Still so bitter? I always felt sorry for the old crone.
But she was a product of the times.
We all were.
But you haven't changed a bit.
I won't tell you again.
Let's go.
Amanda, I was put on this earth for a purpose.
If I die, my purpose dies with me.
Your "purpose"-- You mean murdering people? Oh, if you can call them people.
At least I allow some meaning into their pathetic little lives.
They get to add a few years to the more worthy of their kind.
You mean, the ones who can afford it.
Okay, uh, you can fight, or you can die.
I really don't care.
Either way, you're going to pay.
Drop it! Put the sword down now! Couldn't just leave it alone, could you? They took my favorite sword.
You had to get involved.
I loved that sword.
You're welcome for posting your bail, by the way.
It was made by this little man with only three fingers total.
It was turned 24 hours a day for two years-- Amanda! I was dealing with it, Nick.
Do me a favor-- Don't.
Leave it alone.
It's personal.
I don't think you're being objective.
This is the best way to finish it.
It's not the best way.
It's your way.
Well, excuse me for trying to save your wife's life.
Silly me.
Ex-wife! Oh, God! Sorry.
Don't do that again.
I promise.
I'm sorry.
I'm just generally terrified.
Well, in that case, the Concorde leaves in three hours.
Give it up, Nick.
But I'm gonna help you.
You know, I've become pretty damn competent.
I'm not surprised.
Bull! You look at me and still see the maniac who ate her way through three packages of chocolate chip cookie dough waiting for the bar results.
That wouldn't have been so bad if you hadn't washed it down with a pint of cognac.
Up until that point you were my idol.
So, how's your father? Well, His Honor announced his retirement from the bench last month.
Again? Yeah.
And he never got over the fact that his daughter chose litigation.
Or that she married me.
Are you ready for tomorrow? Gonna show your old man what you're made of? This one's not gonna get away.
Does that sound familiar? Was I ever that eager? Well, yeah.
And you were right.
You know, there are some things that are more important than us.
I wish I would've understood that then.
You think it would've made any difference? I would've been so sad.
This is the part where we always get in trouble.
Oh, I know.
I know.
Are you sure about this? Absolutely not.
Hey yourself.
Where are you going? I'm thirsty.
You want something? No-- Well, you.
Don't be long.
Looks like I haven't missed a beat, huh? You know, we have a rule around here.
No one drinks alone.
Here you go.
Nice shirt.
I borrowed it.
Thank you.
Listen, uh, I know this must be awkward for you.
I mean-- Look, Nick and I are friends.
Sometimes we're partners, but that's all.
That's it? I guess you wanna hear something about, uh, how the thought has never crossed my mind, or we just make ourselves comfortable, order a pizza, do each other's nails and dish the dirt.
No, maybe not.
I shouldn't have done this.
Look, I thought we agreed notto do Dear Abby.
There was this one night-- There'd been some sort of shootout or something and I heard that cops were down.
And I had problems breathing because I was sure that Nick was dead.
I'm having problems breathing again, and I only have myself to blame for it this time.
Look, the last time I checked Nick was a grown-up, and if he didn't want to do this he could say no.
Not to me.
Well, maybe you should be flattered.
That he would throw himself in front of a truck for me? Great romances have been built on less.
Where is she? What? Where is she? Who? Lauren.
I can't find her anywhere.
Probably at the courthouse.
It's a big day.
She wouldn't do that.
She knows it's not safe.
"Damn"? Wait a minute.
What'd you say to her? I think she was afraid for your life.
You dropped this on the street.
Thank you.
No problem.
I'm sorry.
Thanks very much.
No hard feelings.
Nobody's seen her.
Opening statements start in 15 minutes.
I know, I know.
Is Heller in there? What is this? You're Heller's lawyer.
Where is he? I'm an officer of the court.
My client's affairs are none of your business.
Wrong answer.
Maybe you should talk to him.
I don't even know who you people are.
My name is Nick Wolfe.
My wife is opposing counsel, and she's missing.
No! It's okay! It's his wife! Let me go! Let him through.
It's his wife! It's okay! It's okay! Let me go! Oh, God.
She's gone.
Son of a bitch's gotta be here.
No, he doesn't.
He knows how to disappear.
I'll find him.
And then what? - Kill him.
- He's immortal.
Are you ready to take his head? - I'm ready to take his head.
- You say that, but you can't do it.
I will.
No, you won't.
You're not a killer.
I want you to think about this.
You're standing over Heller with a sword in your hand, and you're gonna have to cut his head off.
Can you do that? Because if you can't, it costs you your life.
He killed my wife.
He killed Lauren.
I know.
And many others like her, long before you were born.
- He has to pay.
- He will pay.
- Where can I find him? - Let me handle it.
Where is he? You've practically made an art form out of killing.
You're not gonna help me now? They have no evidence now.
The girl is dead.
Why run? Some people would kill me to stop me.
My work is far too important to allow that.
I can take care of them.
No, you can't.
As soon as we're done with this, get the car around.
Where is he? Listen, you're upset.
It's understandable.
You want to be made an accessory to murder? Excuse me? He killed my wife.
And I suppose you have proof of this.
Or should I sue you for slander right now? I could put a bullet in you right now.
Makes no difference to me.
Heller? Hello, Amanda.
What's up, doc? A bit late in the day for you to get involved in this game, isn't it? I'm a terrible procrastinator.
You're right.
I should give up my wicked ways.
Fighting goes against my nature.
Of course.
Murder is so much easier.
Have it your own way.
I'll take your head.
Then I'll use the rest of you.
I've never done an Immortal transplant.
- You'll be my grand experiment.
Heller! Heller! Hey, Wolfe! Let's talk about this! What do you want to do? Kill me? I'm immortal.
Maybe if you leave now I'll let you live.
Listen, Wolfe, I'm sorry about your wife.
I would have used her for spare parts, but I think her heart was broken anyway.
Oh, God, no.
Happy couple.
We were.
And I let her walk away.
Maybe you just, um, taught her to follow her passion.
She told you that? More or less.
Once in a lifetime you get a shot at something really good.
And then when you're up to your eyeballs in it, you can't see how lucky you really are, so you bitch and complain and beat it to death.
Then you finally get what you wish for.
You get to be alone.
I know you loved her.
I'm really sorry she's gone.
You know what that feels like.
I certainly know some people don't get to live forever.
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