Highschool of the Dead (2010) s01e02 Episode Script

Escape from the Dead

1 Move it or I'll beat the crap outta ya! No! GO AWAY! Humans eating other humans? What a sick joke.
This isn't happening.
There's no way this is happening.
Right, Mom? Right? Where are we going, Takagi-san? What, did you have something else to do? Well, I was thinking of going to the staff room That's stupid.
What the hell do you expect our teachers to do? But Takagi-san In this In this situation I have a question.
W-What is it? Do you wanna die? Or do you wanna live? Uhm, well See, there's some people standing outside the office who had the same idea as you.
Sensei! Sensei! I wanna live! Understand? Move it, fatass! Okay Fureta Genjitsukan Nakushita mama de As I slowly lose touch with reality, Gareki no Youni Tsumikasanaru my emotions pile up like fallen debris Kono Kanshou wa Doko e Yuku Where do they think they're going? Tsuieta Kioku Kakae With my ruined memories in tow, I ran straight through the bloody rain Akai Ame o Harai Hashitta Muchuu ni Kuzureta Kanjou no Hate ni After my emotions come spilling out, Nani o Miru what will I see? Nani ga Aru What will I have? Mada Shiranai I still don't know Hakanai Subete no Minori wa But in this silence, Tada Muon ni Me no Mae ni all of the short-term benefits for doing so Hirogari Tsudzuketa lie endlessly before me Come on Takashi, I'm begging you I want to die as myself.
He isn't going to He isn't going to turn into one of them! Stop! What is it? Well, I want to know what's really going on.
That was blunt.
Why would I lie? Can I see your phone? I wanna try calling my dad.
I know he's a cop, but how are you gonna contact him when even the police emergency line is busy? He gave me a private number that I'm not supposed normally to use.
I got through! Dad? Hello? This phone number Takashi-kun's? Dad? Listen Dad, we're at school right now Call Duration Hello? Is this Takashi-kun? Rei must've given you this number.
Is she okay? My connection Dad?! You can't hear my voice?! Listen, this whole city is in a state of panic.
Dad? Dad! You need to-- Okay? This whole city is in a state of panic! You need to get out ASAP-- Out of Range End of Call Out of range? But I just got through! Why?! Rei! Takashi Dad Didn't even know it was me T-Takagi-san, do you happen to have your cell phone on you? It's against the rules, but-- I'm an honors student! Who would I even call if I had mine? Uh, well, there's always the police You really are stupid.
Just look at how bad this uproar has gotten.
Don't you think someone's tried to call the cops already? We haven't heard a siren yet, have we? Do you get it now? Is the whole city in an uproar? Probably.
The police have probably been dispatched already.
But just look at this place Should we call like the SDF? I wouldn't count on them either.
I know that without orders from the government, they can't be dispatched for defense or public security, but-- I'm not talking about that! Then what're you-- They're in the same situation as the police.
Let's say that people all over Japan are eating each other.
What do you think is going on? Listen, there's 130 million people in Japan.
Of that 130 million, how many do you think are with the SDF? Furthermore, who's to say that this hasn't affected the SDF? Let's get out of here.
O-Okay! Sigh, I'm stuck with fatass here since Komuro ran off.
What a drag.
Nurse's Office O-Okada Okada? Crap! Sorry! Sorry! Sorry! Sorry! Sorry! Sorry! Whatever shall I do? Sorry! Sorry! I'M SORRY! I can't get a hold of the police or the fire department.
I could treat people, but they're screwed once they get bitten, and they come back to life after they die.
I feel like I'm in one of those movies that weirdos like.
Is it really that amazing? Let's go, Shizuka-sensei! Hold on a sec.
I should take whatever I can carry.
Please hurry! Shizuka-sensei! Shizuka-sensei! Run away! Quickly! Uhhhh What'd you say your name was again? Huh? H-Hey now I am Busujima Saeko, captain of the Kendo Club.
Tell me, 2nd year, what is your name? Ishii Kazu You fought bravely to protect Dr.
Marikawa, Ishii.
Your courage is nothing short of praiseworthy.
Do you know what happens to you once you have been bitten? Do you wish for your parents or friends to witness you like that? If you do not, then I shall end your life for you here and now.
Though, it would be my first time killing another.
P-Please W-Wait a sec, what-- I recognize that you are the school nurse, but I request you not interfere.
One of our duties as women is to protect a man's pride.
What do we do now that we're here, Takagi-san? Some of it does look useful, but-- Shut up, you fat nerd.
Lock the door so they don't come in here! I-It's locked! Are we going to use these as weapons? You're one of those so-called military nerds or gun freaks, aren't you? Haven't you seen an action movie with one of these? A nail gun? It's gas powered? Well duh! You wouldn't be able to carry it if it had a compressor like in the movies, would you? Jeez, so stupid.
Do you like movies? Don't be so stupid! I'm an all-knowing genius! We have an extra gas canister and extra nails here.
Nothing to worry about.
How could you not be worried? They're coming! They're coming from the hallway! I'd say it weighs 9 lbs.
On par with an older assault rifle.
But my stance will be messed up.
It needs a sight.
Hey, are you ignoring me?! Hirano? No! Gotcha! Hirano? Ready? Ready! Turn it on! Aw crap.
Could you put the drill and nails over there in a bag? Excuse me?! Who gave you of all people the right to order me around?! Please~? Oookay.
Takashi! It's okay.
They sound happy to see us.
You all feel great, don't you? Take this! What do you think you're doing? You should carry something too.
H-Hey, Takagi-san Mind if I ask you something? What? Erm, why me? No reason in particular.
Oh, okay What's with the sudden mood swing? Did you come to a realization? I don't know yet I do know! Hirano! Yes'm! Gotta hand it to you.
It was a good idea to use the fire hose.
Well, the water pressure is so strong.
Don't you remember when we were in middle school and we had that fire drill and you and Hisashi I'll be sure to remember it this time.
I think I'm ready to go now.
It'll be rough in there.
You sure? Let's go.
Where are we going? Home.
We'll head to our houses and help survivors along the way.
This is our hometown.
We should be able to feel our way around.
Yeah! I know my dad is safe, so Hey, you should call your house soon.
I will sooner or later.
My dad lives away from home because of his job, and my mom is an elementary school teacher, so she wouldn't be at home either.
They probably wouldn't shut up if I got a hold of them anyway.
Jeez, we shouldn't be laughing right now.
I wasn't being serious about that, of course.
When I looked at how things were at my own school, it frightened me to think of what it was like at my mom's school.
W-What're you doing? Shut up and watch.
Do you understand now? See how he didn't react when that rag hit him? They don't feel pain so they only react to sound.
I don't think they can see or he wouldn't have run into that locker.
What about, say, heat? We'll try it if we have to.
Let's move.
Are we really gonna go outside? What's wrong with that? Uhm, I don't like walking This is why I hate fat nerds! I don't wanna hear you complain about walking until you're old enough to drive! The staff room? What a difficult request you have made.
But everyone keeps their car keys in there Hey, why don't you just kill them? It should be easy for you Stopping to crush the head of everything we come across would be no different than restricting ourselves from movement.
We would become surrounded.
It would be hard for us to get away should one of them take hold.
Wow, you really thought about this.
Oh jeez! What was that? Such fashion is unsuitable for running.
This is a brand name skirt! Tell me, which do you value more? Your clothing or your life? both! What's that sound? Was that from the staff room? I won't be able to figure out more of their traits if you keep killing them! Help me fight them, Takagi-san! Why the hell do I have to fight?! I'm almost out of ammo! So?! Just reload it! But behind you H-Hirano! I'm out! Don't you dare come near me! Takagi-san! Go away Go away! GO AWAY! I'm sick of these things! I want my mom! I will take the right! Rei! And I got the left! Takagi-san Are you okay, Takagi? Miyamoto We are all acquainted with the school nurse, Dr.
Marikawa, yes? I am Busujima Saeko of 3-A.
I'm Komuro Takashi from 2-B.
You're the same Busujima-sempai who won at the national championship last year? I'm in the Sojutsu Club.
My name is Miyamoto Rei.
I'm, uhm, Hirano Kohta from B.
A pleasure to meet all of you.
What the You're all so soft.
"Sempai "? Seriously? You two are the same age! You must not know how to count since you got held back a year! Hey now, Takagi Don't treat me like I'm stupid! I'm a genius! I can do anything once I put my mind to it! I'm I'm Enough.
That is quite enough.
Look at how dirty I am I need to tell Mom to get it cleaned Aka ni Nureru Hoo no Mukishitsu ga My inhuman cheek, wet with red, Kanjou wo Kuruwaseru drives me nuts So stay by my side forever, always watching over me Dakara Zutto Boku no Soba ni Itte Zutto Mimamotteite Fukai Yami ni Karada wo Atsumete Now I forget it all as my body Ima wa Subete wo Wasure yo gets taken by the vile darkness Hageshii Koe ga Kokoro wo Iyashite Yami wo Tatsukara Your fiery voice fights the darkness and heals my heart Hikari no Naka Dakarete Nemuru Your face is like that of an angel Tenshi no Youna Yokogao ni sleeping snugly in the light Kodoku wo Shitta Bokutachi wa Tada Those of us who came to know sadness Sugaritakatta Dake Nano Kana just wonder if we can lean on it alone Think it'll hold? I believe we are all exhausted.
Let us rest here for a short while.
Are you okay, Takagi-san? G-Glasses? What about them? My contacts kept falling out! Glasses~ Here, Takashi.
Oh, thanks.
Where are your car keys, Marikawa-sensei? Oh, they're in my bag.
Say, is your vehicle spacious enough to seat all of us? Now that you mention it What of the miniature buses used for club activities? The keys hang from the wall in here.
They're here! That should work, but where are we going? To check on our families.
We'll stop by everyone's home going from closest to furthest.
And if we have to, we'll help our families too.
Once we're done, we'll find a safe place to stay.
What is it? What the What's up, Rei? government has started to do something about this on-going revolt.
However, the politicians Revolt? They're calling this a revolt? Emergency News Coverage The number of deaths in the Saitama prefecture already exceeds 10,000.
The prefectural governor has declared a state of emergency-- That was gunfire! Just now, the police opened gunfire! But what are they shooting at?! No! Stay away! Help! Emergency News Coverage Unbelievable Let's move! This world is done for.
Run! I said RUN! He's better off dead!