Highschool of the Dead (2010) s01e03 Episode Script

Democracy Under the Dead

1 government has started to do something about this on-going revolt.
However, the politicians are doubting the SDF's ability to The number of deaths in the Saitama prefecture already exceeds 10,000.
Emergency News Coverage The prefectural governor has declared a state of emergency— That was gunfire! Just now, the police opened gunfire! But what are they shooting at?! No! Stay away! Help! Emergency News Coverage Please Stand By There's been some sort of problem.
F-From now on, we'll be broadcasting from the studio here.
As you can tell, the situation outside has become grave.
We advise you please stay in your home unless necessary.
Once it's safer outside, we'll bring you information about the on-going situation.
That's all? Why aren't they saying more? Because they're afraid of causing panic.
Even now? Because of what happened just now! Fear leads to chaos, chaos leads to anarchy.
How would you expect the government to deal with the living dead in a time of anarchy? This unusual phenomenon has spread throughout America and has yet to be brought under control.
The government authorities have evacuated the White House and will relocate to a command center on-board an aircraft carrier.
There are reports that this transfer is in preparation for the possible use of tactical warheads.
We have currently lost contact with Moscow.
Beijing has been set ablaze.
London has maintained order, but in Paris and Rome, there are reports of looting.
Government officials have declared Yureta Genjitsukan Nakushita mama de As I lose my already shaken touch with reality, my emotions pile up like fallen debris Gareki no Youni Tsumikasanaru Kono Kanshou wa Doko e Yuku Where do they think they're going? Tsuieta Kibou Kakae With my crushed hope in tow, Akai Ame o Harai Hashitta Muchuu ni I ran straight through the bloody rain Kuzureta Kanjou no Hate ni After my emotions come spilling out, Nani o Miru what will I see? Nani ga Aru What will I have? Mada Shiranai I still don't know Hakanai Subete no Minori wa But in this silence, Tada Muon ni Me no Mae ni all of the shallow things I could gain Hirogari Tsudzuketa lie endlessly before me So they're all over the world But how When I was surfing the web this morning, it was business as usual I can't believe that it only took a few hours for the world to come to this.
Don't you feel the same? But there must be some place that's safe, right? And soon, things will be back to normal.
Keep dreaming.
Do you really have to say it like that? This is a pandemic.
What am I supposed to say? A pandemic? It's when an epidemic of infectious disease spreads.
So, the same disease that's infected people here is spreading throughout the world.
Like influenza? Like the Spanish Flu of 1918.
Over 600 million people were infected by it, and 50 million people died from it.
Think about recently when people were worried about that new type of influenza.
Isn't this more like the Black Death of the 14th century? Europe's population went down by a third during that.
How did those diseases stop? There are lots of theories, but The reason why diseases like those "die" is because they killed so many that there's not enough people left to spread it.
But In this case, the dead are moving around and attacking people.
Then you are implying it has no reason to stop spreading? But it's so hot outside! Maybe their flesh will start decomposing and they won't be able to move! And what is the duration of this process? Well, during summer, it takes around 22 days for some parts of the body to decompose.
But during the winter, it can take months Anyway, if we go to our homes— How do we know they'll even start to decompose? Why do you say that? Don't these things defy our knowledge of medicine? So why bother relying on it? It could be hopeless.
Just how long What is important is having a location to make use of after we check on our families.
Should we act only in our own self-interest, we stand not a chance.
Let us act as a team.
We should help survivors as our ability allows us to.
Got it.
How do we get out? The front door is closest to the parking lot.
Let's go! Just to confirm, you need not begin fighting unless it is inevitable.
Refrain from fighting when the opportunity arises.
They only respond to sound.
Additionally, they're powerful enough to break down a normal door.
So once they get a hold of you, you're gonna get eaten.
Be careful.
Takuzo! Shit Stay back! T-Thank— Not too loud.
Is there a person among you with a bite? Nope! They really do look fine.
Wanna come with us? We're gonna get outta here.
Y-Yes! A bunch of them are down there.
What's the point of hiding here? They use their ears, not their eyes.
Then why don't you prove that for us, Takagi? Regardless, if we remain inside of the school as such, we will be unable to move once attacked.
No way out but through the gate, huh.
We require someone to validify the truth behind Takagi-kun's words.
I'll go.
No Takashi, I'll— It would be more preferable if I were to go ahead of you.
You should stay back in case something happens, Busujima-sempai.
But why, Takashi?! Who knows? "Who knows"? Really, who knows? Takashi— I understand how you feel.
Regardless, this decision was made by no one but himself.
They really can't see me? In that case RUN! Why'd you do that?! If you hadn't yelled, we'd probably only have to worry about the ones close to us! No way! Didn't you hear that echo? There's more of them! Don't talk.
Run! RUN! Takuzo! Naomi! Run! Takuzo! Forget him! There's no point in trying to save him if he's already been bitten! Wait— Why? I told her it's useless.
Why is she going back for him? I understand.
With the whole world gone to hell, I'd much rather die with the one I love.
What kind of doctor are— Watch out! Please calm down, Takagi-san! You filthy nerd! Who gave you the right to interrupt me while I'm talking? Well I don't know.
I envy your close relationship.
Sensei, the key! Target? Check.
Public safety? Check.
Ready to rock and roll! Oh hurry up and shoot them already! They're all in, Komuro-kun! You first, sempai ! This isn't like my car! Uhm The gas, the brake, the clutch Help us! Who's that? That is Shido.
He teaches 3-A.
Shido We're ready to go! Hold on a bit! There's some swarming in the front too.
I can't drive if there's too many of them bunched together! So run them over! If we do that with this bus, we'll end up rolling over! Don't save him! Rei, what's your problem? You don't need to save him! We should leave him to die! Everyone! Hurry! I guarantee you'll make it out alive.
Okay, teacher! Despite what I said, I wonder if they'll even make it to the bus.
I sprained my ankle! Oh Is that so? Then it's the end for you.
The world as we knew it has come to an end.
In this world, it's the survival of the fittest.
Shizuka-sensei! We're off! To the gate! I know! They're not humans.
They're not humans anymore! Looks like we made it.
Thank you for saving us.
Are you the leader, Busujima-san? We are without one.
Our survival is simply the product of our team work.
Well that's no good.
A leader is required in order for us to survive.
One who manages everything.
You're going to regret this.
You're definitely going to regret saving him.
Our city! Look! We'll never make it if we keep going! First off, why do we have to do whatever you guys planned to do? You all decided to go back to the city without asking us.
Couldn't we have just looked for a safe place inside the school? He's right! We should find a place to hide, like that convenience store we just passed by.
I've had it! I can't drive with all of you yelling! What the hell?! Then what do you wish to do? I can't I can't stand this guy! Why? What did I ever say to you? You You suck.
Splendid work.
Komuro-kun, Miyamoto-san, that was some excellent teamwork.
But, hmm The fact that this conflict arose simply proves what I stated earlier.
We really do need a leader.
Do you understand? And there's only one person who can do the job? Well Takagi-san, I'm a teacher and the rest of you are students.
That alone should be enough to say who's more qualified.
If I was the leader, I would prevent conflict.
What do you all say? Well that's that.
I've become the leader based on a majority vote.
Rei! Screw it! No way in hell am I going to be anywhere near him! Rei If you're saying that you can't get along, then we'll just have to split.
What's that supposed to mean?! Komuro! Wait! You just have to put up with him until we get to the city.
Besides, it's way too dangerous to— Didn't I tell you that you'd regret this?! Look, now's not Dr.
Marikawa! Now we're split Komuro-kun! Are the two of you unharmed? The police station! We'll meet at the East Police Station.
At what time? 7 PM! If it doesn't work out today, then we'll try again tomorrow! Dr.
Marikawa, we are unable to advance.
Okay, I'll turn back and find another route.
Let's get out of here! You You piece of crap Takashi.
Let's go.
Kuroku Somaru Sora no Shita Under the sky that has lost its light, Kage ni Obie Nokosareta I was left behind, trembling in the big shadow Akaku Moeru Chi no Iro ga The blood, burning in scarlet red, Nijinda Mama Tokete Yuku melts away in its blotted color Mou Ichido Mayowazu It's not remotely possible Ano Koro no Bokura ni Modoreru Hazu mo Nai for us to go back to who we used to be Return to destiny I found those sweet words and added them to my prayers Ai Suru Kotoba Mitsukete Inori wo Komete Dareka no Tame ni Tatakau Sube wo Shitta I learned how to fight for my loved ones Soredemo Kimi wo Nakusu to Shitara If I'm unable to remain with you, Boku wa Kono Inochi wo I'll give up my life Sasagete Demo Kimi no Soba ni Iru yo so I can be by your side Are we going to walk to the city? If we don't have another way, yeah.
Wait, he was wearing a helmet I didn't know you had a license.
High schoolers have the right to drive without a license! In other words, I didn't know yet that this world had already ended.
Well excuse me for not being Hisashi! I saw my family turn into those things with my very own eyes! Takashi!