Highschool of the Dead (2010) s01e05 Episode Script

Streets of the Dead

1 I'm done checking the passengers.
None of them seem to be showing any of the symptoms.
Nor do any of them have a fever or any injuries.
Nor are they already dead.
Your family lives in Tokyo? No one answered the phone Tokonosu Tower, JX089.
Ready for take off.
JX089, Tokonosu Tower.
Hold on runway 3-4.
We have a problem.
As I lose my already shaken touch with reality, Yureta Genjitsukan Nakushita mama de Gareki no Youni Tsumikasanaru my emotions pile up like fallen debris Kono Kanshou wa Doko e Yuku Where do they think they're going? Tsuieta Kibou Kakae With my crushed hope in tow, Akai Ame o Harai Hashitta Muchuu ni I ran straight through the bloody rain Kuzureta Kanjou no Hate ni After my emotions come spilling out, what will I see? Nani o Miru Nani ga Aru What will I have? Mada Shiranai I still don't know Hakanai Subete no Minori wa But in this silence, Tada Muon ni Me no Mae ni all of the shallow things I could gain Hirogari Tsudzuketa lie endlessly before me He looks repulsive.
He's an actor.
He was on location here for filming.
Distance: 4500.
Angle: -6.
Wind: Favorable.
Permission to fire: Granted.
Good work.
All of the targets on the runway have been eliminated.
Over and out.
What're you doing? These things are numb.
I've been laying down here since this morning.
If you don't mind, I could massage them.
I would if you were a better shot than me.
But you're one of the top five officers in our whole country.
That's no fair.
You'd better give up then.
Anyway How did those things even get here? We're at a seaside airport that can only be reached by ship.
Haven't they been restricting entry? Yeah.
Only high ranking officials and airport technicians as well as their families are allowed in.
One of them must've been infected.
The situation is under control right now, but who knows how long that'll last? What do you think would've happened to this place if we hadn't been assigned here due to terrorist threats? Well, I don't have infinite ammo You're gonna run away? Not planning on it.
Well, not yet.
I'm gonna go to the city.
What, you have a guy there? Naw, a friend.
That's right.
Thus, instead of acting out of self-interest, we need to find a safe place and move as a group.
For example, we shouldn't all go check on our families until we become an organized group.
In fact, I think the number one thing for us right now Hirano.
is laying down a foundation for our group.
Understand? Takagi-san Good morning, sunshine.
Why did you fall asleep? And you're drooling! Because of all this.
I think it would've been better if we had gone toward the suburbs.
There are other ways to escape besides cars.
The seaside airport? As you can see, it's too dangerous to be in the city.
There's probably a group of people who are trying to flee to an island or to some isolated area where there are armed forces.
Like Okinawa? The American military forces that're stationed there aren't there to fight.
Oh, but there is the SDF Hokkaido and Kyushu should be okay if they handled the situation appropriately.
I'd say the airplanes are headed for one of those locations.
So we should go somewhere like that too? It's way too late for that.
Areas with large amounts of American soldiers or where the SDF is stationed are probably keeping the situation under control.
However, it's likely that they started being strict about who they take in.
Actually, before we know it, the whole world will be like that.
What would you do if letting in others meant risking letting those things in too? I'd shut myself in.
And what if the whole world started thinking the same as you? What if they tried to keep their community as small as possible for maximum survival? Wow Takagi-san, you really are a genius.
What're you acting so surprised about? Just look at him.
He's an example of what I'm talking about.
But I doubt that he himself realizes it.
I mean, you know what happened overnight.
Should I stop him? What we should be doing is thinking about how we're going to survive.
I need someone I can trust Jeez, if only Komuro were here.
Takagi-san, you like Komuro, don't you? Don't say something so stupid! W-What? I am concerned about their safety.
It would be preferable if we were able to meet them without incident.
Shit's awesome! It looks like Hell! This is crazy.
It's like a war.
This might be worse than a war It's too dangerous here.
I'm gonna go through it.
Hey! Hang on! Why are they trying to kill us? We're still human! They're going mad.
Just like we are.
Like we are? Huh? Isn't the bridge straight ahead? Look at the other side of the bridge.
Who knows when we'll be able to cross over.
Let's go toward Onbetsu Bridge and try to meet up with the others.
I repeat! Please stay calm and continue to follow police instructions! Currently, city wide traffic has been restricted.
Any unauthorized persons who attempt to cross the river will be reprimanded.
Additionally, crossing by foot is also prohibited.
Hey! Wait! You were looking at her panties, weren't you?! Hey, move it! Shut up, granny! Move it! Attention, students! Do not attempt to cross the bridge! This is our final warning! Don't give me that shit! As if we'd listen to the cops! Who needs them when we've got the juvenile law?! You're so cool, Hide~! Releasing water! M-Mr.
Officer, they made me Releasing water! As members of Fujimi Academy, it's during trying times like these that we must keep our pride! We must keep our pride! Meaning those two who got off the bus, Komuro-kun and Miyamoto-san, don't belong with us anyway! Let's stick together in order to survive! He's seriously insane.
Let us work together and triumph! Indeed.
He is comparable to a recruitment officer for a religious cult.
Shido-sensei! Comparable to? No, that's exactly what he's doing.
Just look at the people who are listening to his crap.
They're a cult This marks the birth of the Shido Religion.
Look at the situation outside.
In order to escape, I believe we will need to leave this bus.
Somehow, we must make it to the east police station by means of crossing Onbetsu Bridge.
I must keep my promise to meet Komuro-kun there.
Wow, you really have Komuro on your mind.
You aren't worried about your family? I do worry, but the only kin I have is my father.
He is overseas at a dojo.
As such, all I have to hold onto right now is my life and my promise with Komuro-kun.
Father has always taught me that a promise must be kept, even if it should cost you your life.
Where do you all live? My house is in the same area as Komuro's on the other side of Onbetsu Bridge.
Uhm, my parents aren't in the neighborhood, but I'll follow Takagi-san to the end of the world.
Gross! Where is your family, Hirano? My dad is in Amsterdam buying supplies, since he's a jewel merchant.
My mom is a fashion designer and she's been in Paris What the?! What time period is this character sheet from? If we were in a manga, your dad would be the captain of a foreign cruise ship.
Actually, that was my grandpa.
My grandma was a violinist.
I-It all fits So, what are you guys gonna do? I wanna come too.
You do? My parents are both dead and my relatives live far away.
It's rude of me to say this, but I don't really like Shido-sensei.
Then what shall we do? This area is foreign to me.
First, we'll check on Onbetsu Bridge.
What's wrong, you guys? We should work together.
Thanks but no thanks, Shido-sensei.
We've got our own agenda.
We're not on a field trip, so we have no reason to stay with you.
Oh? If you've decided to leave, then feel free to do so, Takagi.
Japan is the land of the free after all.
But It'd be bad if you went, Marikawa-sensei.
In this situation, losing our medic would be very problematic.
So, how about it? Won't you stay? These students are relying on you.
Hi-Hirano-kun? It's not that I missed.
I missed on purpose.
S-Since when have you been so viol-- How many corpses do you think I wrecked back at school? You know, you've always treated me like crap! But I put up with it.
I put up with it for so long! I wanted to be normal, so I kept putting up with it! But I don't need to do that anymore.
Normal doesn't mean shit! That's why I can kill.
I can kill the living too.
H-Hirano-kun, t-that's Busujima-sempai, you should get off first.
I'll guard the rear! What a fine man you are, Hirano-kun.
Sensei? It's the same here.
Now what? Check on a different bridge? That sounds pointless.
I bet all of the bridges have been blocked.
Otherwise, there's no reason for the police to be there.
Somehow, we need to get across Onbetsu Bridge and get to the east police station by 7 PM.
But how? Lemme think! Right now, I wish-- Don't say it! Even if you do, things won't change.
Gunshots? No, that's M-M-Maybe it would've been better if we had stayed on the bus with Shido-sensei! What's that? I thought you said you hated him? Well, I really don't like him, but I don't like walking either.
Busujima-sempai, I'm low on nails! Would you like to borrow this? I'm no good at close range combat! Right now The only thing I can do is fight! Wait a sec Takashi? Nooo! Takagi-san! Damn! Komuro-kun! Double tap! Busujima-sempai! Wow It seems we have cleared this area.
Wow that was tough! It's not like you did anything Sensei! Oh my, Miyamoto-san! What a goincidence! don't you mean coincidence? Komuro-kun too! I take it that Tokonosu Bridge is also closed off.
There's nowhere to go.
In that case, I am glad to see that you are okay, Komuro-kun.
You too, Busujima-sempai.
And what about me? Uh yeah nice to see you alive and well too, Takagi.
And Hirano! KOMURO~! What's this?! How'd you get it?! Bullets? This is the same Smith & Wesson M37 Airweight that the police use, right?! W-We can talk about it later This one is the Chief's Special We exited the bus due to the blocking of the road and have been unable to cross the river.
The water level went up.
I guess it wouldn't be possible to go upstream.
So what should we do? Uhm I think we should rest now.
"Rest"? You see, there's a place we can use.
It's nearby, so we can walk there.
Is it your boyfriend's? N-No! It belongs to my female friend! She's always busy and traveling because of work! She gave me the key.
I go over there while she's gone and let some fresh air in.
Have a nice day~ Is it an apartment? Is the view good? Yeah! It's a maisonette that's next to the river.
It's close to a convenience store too.
Oh, and she has a car, too.
It looks like a tank and it's thiiis big! Well, I'm really tired.
I'd like to shower while there's still working electricity.
S-Sounds good.
You perv! We'll go check on it first.
Get on, Shizuka-sensei.
Okay! The breeze is great! Uhm, Sensei, you don't have to squeeze me Huh? What was that? I can't hear you~ Uhm, I I can't hear you~ I I can't hear you~ I Hadazamui Yozora ni wa Kimi ga Omoiukabu The chilly night sky makes me think of you Shizukana Konna Hi ni wa Kimi ni Aitaku Naru and the quiet day makes me want to see you Donna Hi mo Kimi no Koto Mamoritai Kara No matter what the day is like, I want to protect you I want you baby The days that disappear at the same speed they appeared with Hashiridashita Speed de Toozakatteku Hibi Tsunaida Te no Nukumori mo and the warmth we felt in each others hands Osanai Koro no Omoidebanashi are just vestiges of our childhood Time goes by Kimi wa Mou Wasurete Shimatteirun Darou I bet you've forgotten those things by now Yubikiri Kawashita Yakusoku Sae mo You probably forgot our promise too I still have it in my heart Dakedo Mada Mune no Oku Nokosareta Kimochi ga I won't ever be able to get rid of Itsumademo Keshisarenai Mama my remaining feelings for you Hadazamui Yozora ni wa Kimi ga Omoiukabu The chilly night sky makes me think of you Shizukana Konna Hi ni wa Kimi ni Aitaku Naru and the quiet day makes me want to see you Kurayami mo Surinukete Tonde Ikeru I can fly to you while passing through darkness I can fly for you Ano Koro to Kawaranai Boku no Mama de Just like I did back then I want you baby It's a Hum-Vee! And a military model, at that! See? Doesn't it look like a tank? What kind of friend do you have? I bet those things can't jump the fence.
We should be able to sleep peacefully.
Anyway, we should hurry-- How's this, Komuro? It's good enough.
Stay back.
Remember to cover for one another.
Let's go! Thinking back on it, the way in which we changed was surprising.
At that time, we didn't run away.
In order to survive, we quit running away and started attacking.
And none of us stopped to question ourselves.
We had changed We had changed so much in just a day.
Woah, Sensei Keep going and we'll be in trouble.