Highschool of the Dead (2010) s01e06 Episode Script

In the Dead of the Night

1 The killer pandemic is rapidly spreading throughout the world.
Our government, as well as other countries', are collapsing, as they do not have any solutions to this outbreak.
In this country alone, the pandemic has claimed over two million lives.
Due to the infectious nature of this disease and lack of help from the government, I'm all sweaty.
Yeah, me too.
A bath! A bath! the number of victims is projected to double in the next one or two days.
I'm drenched too.
Don't look! You don't need to be so shy! We've also taken heavy casualties while trying to keep this show on air.
This isn't about being shy! Our team will be evacuating to an offshore facility to prevent further casualties from this killer disease.
This will be our final broadcast for now.
Hurry up and come in! Miyamoto-san! Farewell, everyone.
I wish you the best of luck.
Hurry, hurry! Yureta Genjitsukan Nakushita Mama de As I lose my already shaken touch with reality, Gareki no Youni Tsumikasanaru my emotions pile up like fallen debris Kono Kanshou wa Doko e Yuku Where do they think they're going? Tsuieta Kibou Kakae With my crushed hope in tow, Akai Ame o Harai Hashitta Muchuu ni I ran straight through the bloody rain After my emotions come spilling out, Kuzureta Kanjou no Hate ni Nani o Miru what will I see? Nani ga Aru What will I have? Mada Shiranai I still don't know Hakanai Subete no Minori wa But in this silence, Tada Muon ni Me no Mae ni all of the shallow things I could gain lie endlessly before me Hirogari Tsudzuketa This feels great! It's like I'm going to melt! This is shampoo right? Woah, Sensei yours are huge! Yeah, I get that a lot.
Dammit! She said that so confidently.
D-Don't! Miyamoto-san! It's not like we're in some lame-ass eroge Why are we taking a bath together?! You know why, don't you, Takagi? Yeah, I guess But considering our situation, we shouldn't be letting our guard down like this.
That sound was more pleasant than I had expected.
With an attractive voice like that, any male would Argh, she still sounds mature Sounds like they're having fun.
Wanna go peek on them, like real men should? I don't wanna die yet.
We're kinda screwed if this turns out to be empty.
There's something in there.
We found the ammo, so there has to be.
Well, either way Let's give it a go.
One, two, and three! That hurt Hey, Hirano! I knew it! Shizuka-sensei said her friend lives here, right? What does her friend do with these?! What's wrong? Someone's probably talking behind my back.
Who? I don't have that many friends, so it's probably Springfield M1A1 Super Match, eh? It's semi-auto.
Which is fine, because the M14 series' full-auto is just a waste of bullets anyway.
Umm, Hirano? The magazine holds twenty rounds.
This is fucking illegal in Japan! Hey Hirano! Knight's SR-25 Enhanced match rifle! Wait, you can't get these in Japan, so it must be a modified AR-10! The other one in the locker is a crossbow! It's a descendant of one that Robin Hood used! A Barnett Wildcat C5! It's made in Britain! You can even kill a bear with this thing! That's an Ithaca M-37 riot shotgun! It's an awesome gun made by the Americans! It played a huge role in the Vietnam war! Cool Even if it's not loaded, don't point it at someone! The only ones you should be pointing it at are Them, huh? I hope that's all I'll have to point it at.
You know that's not possible.
It's only gonna get worse.
In a war like this, there's no surrendering or negotiations or shit like that.
Yeah, you're right That's why Another set of big ones over here! Komuro, give me a hand, will ya? It's a pain in the ass to load the clips.
Have you done this before with air guns? Nah, with real guns.
You've held a real one before?! When I went to America I got trained for a whole month by a professional instructor from Blackwater.
He used to be a Delta Force captain! You're only an expert when it comes to this kind of thing, eh? I'm so glad that we're on the same side.
By the way, who the hell is Shizuka-sensei's friend? These guns are definitely illegal Technically speaking, it's not illegal if you buy the parts separately.
But it's illegal when you assemble it.
She mentioned something about her friend being in the special forces, SAT Everything's fine if you work for the police, huh? Well, we know that this isn't just your average citizen.
Police officers that aren't married usually have to live in dormitories.
But if she can afford to rent a place like this Either her parents are rich, or the man she's dating is rich, or maybe she's involved in some serious shit.
They're being too noisy It's fine.
They react to noise, but the noise is all coming from Get away from anyone dangerous, even if they're your family members.
I won't let anyone who's been attacked or injured through here.
A lockdown is in effect here at western Tokonou city.
However, as this pandemic spreads throughout the world, one in ten people are doubting the effectiveness of these lockdowns.
Those of us that were left behind due to lack of transportation to our offshore facility will continue to report on the current situation in Tokonou city through satellite communications.
What do you mean when you tell us to just do whatever?! What about the backup from the prefectural headquarters? Communications were cut off?! Dammit! Sir, at this rate, the barricade isn't going to hold.
Well, that's a given.
We don't have enough people, and some of the men here are normally office workers.
But! We've received an order from above.
We're permitted to do anything to maintain order.
It seems that they're not doing well over there either.
The last order they received from headquarters was to do whatever they could.
Then give us an order! Even if there's unharmed citizens over there we're going to have to sacrifice them for the greater good.
Our job is supposed to be protecting the citizens.
Dammit! It hasn't even been two days since this all began! What the hell is this? It's like a horror movie.
I remember a scene like this in Apocalypse Now.
What's that? What's up? Turn on the TV.
This abuse of power by the police is unforgivable! Unforgivable! We believe that this killer pandemic is caused by biological weapons developed by our government and foreign nations! Right now, we're live at the demonstrations of those that are against this lockdown.
We condemn those that caused this killer pandemic! Killer pandemic The nature of this group is unknown.
I guess they're talking about the living dead.
According to these handouts from the group, they believe that this was caused by the leak of a biological weapon developed by the Japanese and American governments.
Are you serious?! Biological weapon?! Seriously?! There's no way science can explain how corpses are able to move and attack people.
Well, that would be the usual back story if we were in a movie or a game.
Or maybe I didn't permit you to shoot! Stop it! Don't shoot! This child and I are still alive! We're still alive! I-I beg you Please Please save my child! The despicable police have finally resorted to indiscriminately using violence against the citizens! This abuse of power by the police is unforgivable! Hey, get that person on film.
Unforgivable! Unforgivable! Stand down immediately.
It's dangerous for you guys to be here too.
Screw you! You're just trying to cover up the conspiracy framed by our government.
I'll repeat myself one last time.
Disband immediately.
I refuse.
Go away! Go away! Go away! Go away! We've been ordered to take any measure necessary to maintain order.
It's not exactly legal, but The order is absolute.
Huh? This is insane This is bad.
I think we better get moving.
That's a bad idea.
We won't be able to see as well in the dark.
Komuro-kun~! Sorry! And Sensei, are you It's fine, isn't it? Just for a little bit.
Kohta-chan! "-chan"? Umm, uhh You've been a good boy, so here's your reward.
We shouldn't be loud.
Please go back downstairs.
No way, I'm scared when it's too quiet.
I wanna stay here forever Shizuka-sensei? I just wanna stay like this.
What? Hirano, be on the lookout.
Huh Oh.
Hang on.
You're touching my ass! Komuro-kun, you perv.
That's naughty.
I'd be really happy if I did that intentionally.
You'd be happy about what? Ah, I mean N-Nothing I was just, uhh Ah, there's three Takashi's! Huh? There's a lot of you! Don't tell me you're I'm all worn out.
Everything went crazy in just a day.
and I can't even contact my dad Hisashi died too Komuro-kun? Our late night snack will be ready soon.
It will be our lunch for tomorrow as well.
Thanks a bunch, sempai.
I'm sorry that I keep causing you trouble.
Eh?! What's wrong? What's wrong?! Oh, you mean this? I was unable to find any clothes that could fit me.
I decided to wear this cloth until the laundry is finished.
I suppose it does reveal too much.
Ah, nah, it's okay.
But we don't know when they'll attack, so You and Hirano-kun have your eyes open for us.
I put my absolute trust in you two.
Hey, Takashi, listen to me! Takashi! I think you should see what she wants.
At times, girls enjoy acting helpless.
So that goes for you too, sempai? I prefer my friends to call me Saeko.
Sa Sa It seems you need a little practice.
Takashi! Hey, Takashi! Takashi! Pay attention! Like I said, Hisashi was really sweet.
That's why I really want to Even when I felt lonely, he was always there to listen to me.
Even when I had to repeat a grade.
But all you ever do is get upset about it.
Are you even listening? This is really tiring.
Huh? I'm tired.
What the hell is with that? That's why you're so boring.
I'd be an actor if I could look happy right now.
You're always like this Do you expect me to listen to every little thing you say? I've got my own problems as well.
That's why me and Hisashi Shut up! You bring up Hisashi every chance you get! I'm not him! And He already died! After he changed, I killed him! Stop running away from reality! We're still alive, and we're gonna stay alive no matter what.
No matter what! So, stop talking about him Onaji Yume mi Kakaekonda Sharing a dream, we curled up Kayowai Bokura wo Tsukiakari Dake Miteita with only the moon to watch over our fragile selves Kokoro ni Nai Koto Bakari I bore a feeling in my heart, Kuchibashitte wa Koukai Shite so I always regretted saying just the opposite I can never express my feeling smoothly, Bukiyou na Watashi wa Itsumo Kimi wa Yurushite Kureru ne but you never hold anything against me Doushitara Doushitara Tsutawaru no? How? How can I make my feelings reach you? Todoketai Todoketai Kono Kimochi I want to deliver my feelings to you, I do Aishiteiru Aishiteiru I love you, I really do Kotoba Ja Mou Arawaserarenai Kara Words alone can't express my love for you Ima Dare mo Inai Heya no Katasumi de So at the corner of a vacant room, Otagai no Kizu Nameauyou ni Kisu Shita we kissed each others' wounds, licking each other Fureatta Ondo ga Tokete If only our warmth could melt Zutto Kono Mama Toki ga Tomareba Ii Noni and stop the flow of time with our love at its peak Are you sure about this? We'll take responsibility for everything.
Please do it! Are you serious?! Screw you all! Dammit! The people on the other side have abandoned us! Get away! You're going to get crushed if you come this way! That's the way.
Come back with the bulldozer once you reach the middle of the bridge.
You're permitted to shoot anyone that enters the area.
This is an order from This is If we keep going, I'm gonna Get a boner There's a dog barking There's a dog out right now? But it's coming from somewhere close.
Hira This is bad I thought that the world was already messed up, but I guess I underestimated it.
This was just the beginning of the end.
This world is already Dude! She's a little girl! No, onii-chan! I can't hold it in! Damn, guess it won't work like it does in anime.