Highschool of the Dead (2010) s01e08 Episode Script

The Dead Way Home

1 There's no way I could've known about this ending.
Shit! The head! Aim for the head! Dammit! Who the hell let these things on?! The First Lady has been bitten! Mr.
President! Please enter the code! But You and I have both been bitten! Please listen.
We don't even have anywhere to land! This is why we must suppress every country that is pointing ICBM's at the USA while we still can! Aside from officially announcing National State of Emergency Tactical Regulation 666D, we have no way of fulfilling our duty to both the constitution and the people! Mr.
Chairman! I'm done for.
Someone, please Yes sir! Mr.
President The code God bless As I lose my shaky touch with reality, Yureta Genjitsukan Nakushita Mama de Gareki no Youni Tsumikasanaru my emotions pile up like fallen debris Kono Kanshou wa Doko e Yuku Where do they think they're going? Tsuieta Kibou Kakae With my crushed hope in tow, Akai Ame o Harai Hashitta Muchuu ni I frantically ran straight through the bloody rain After my emotions come spilling out, Kuzureta Kanjou no Hate ni Nani o Miru what will I see? Nani ga Aru What will I have? Mada Shiranai I still don't know Hakanai Subete no Mirai wa But in this silence, Tada Muon ni Me no Mae ni all of the fragile outcomes Hirogari Tsudzuketa lie endlessly before me Row, row, row your boat La la la la Gently down the stream Row, row, row your boat La la la la Gently down the stream I can even sing in English.
Wow! Try singing it.
Okay, this time, I'll sing a parody.
Wow, Kohta-chan! Hey, fatty! Don't teach kids inappropriate songs! That song is from Mother Goose, you know! Kaaay.
Guys, wake up! It's about time we crossed the river.
There's no one here.
Living or otherwise.
What?! I bet you're enjoying that.
What? Huh? Uhm, Saeko-san.
You're drooling.
Let's get out.
Why? Er, well, the sun is up.
I thought you'd wanna get changed Komuro, come help me.
Let's get Alice-chan down.
Uhm Uhm My undies This is why men Look, we're going to be changing, so don't you dare look over here! So, she's? Maresato Alice-chan.
She's a 2nd grade student.
Her father is a newspaper reporter.
Er, rather, he was.
What about her mother? Her father said they'd meet up with her later.
I brought my friend's clothes with us.
You can wear whatever you like.
Can I wear this jacket? Of course! Are there no other skirts besides this one? Isn't it sexy? Time to take one for the team, Komuro! I said I don't wanna die! He's always so hyper.
Hey, don't bark too much, Zeke.
Zeke? That's his name.
Zeke was the nickname the American army gave the Reisen during the Pacific War.
Reisen? Oh, the Zero fighter plane.
You really are small and fast.
It's a fitting name.
Use this, Komuro.
It's a shotgun, so just aim for the head.
Like I said before, I don't know how to use it.
I'd be better off with a bat.
After you shove the shotshells in, get your target in sight, press the trigger, and blow off their head.
Just stick to hitting things that're nearby, since you haven't had any practice.
What do I do when I run out? Open the gate like this and push them in like so.
Normally, it holds four shells plus one shell in the chamber.
Only five total can be in at a time, so use them wisely.
Aside from that, another peculiar thing about this gun is— I'll need to hear it more than once to understand.
But you should keep in mind that the recoil is strong.
If I have to, I'll use it like a bat.
This is to help you survive! I know.
Onii-chan! What's up? What? Gotta problem? No, you look good.
But uh, do you know how to fire that thing? Hirano can teach me.
If I have to, I'll use it like a spear.
Youcanyoucanyoucan! We have a military-use bayonet device! We're going up in the Humvee! You two men, go see if it's safe! YES MA'AM! Clear.
It's okay! Shizuka-sensei.
Here we go! The Rat Patrooo— Is this Tunisia? It doesn't look like they tried to block the river.
As the news broadcast said, it is like this all throughout the world.
But I'm sure there are some police officers left.
Japan's police officers are all about their work.
Yeah! What do we do now? Takagi, aren't you from Higashisaka 2-chome? Yeah.
Then Takagi's house is the closest.
But, uhm Yeah, I know I'm not expecting anything.
But, I still want to Of course you do.
There's so many big bikes! They sell stuff like imported buggies there.
Some of them were trashed by the military.
Why do you know all of this? What's wrong? We haven't seen any helicopters or airplanes.
But yesterday, we saw so many of them.
Everything will be all right, won't it? Yeah, definitely.
Hey, Takashi.
Did you notice? Notice what? We We haven't seen any of them today.
That's true.
It's them! Ahead and to the right! Distance: 300! Turn right! Okay! They're here too! Jeez! Then turn left! Left! What the We're seeing more and more of them as we get closer to Higashisaka 2-chome.
But why? There must be a reason why! Keep up the speed and push them aside! No! Don't! Stop! A wire is affixed to the walls! Turn the car to the side! Don't look! Why won't it stop?! Lock the tires! Just ease up a little on the brake and step on the gas! Lock? Hey, Sensei! Up front! The front! Open the slide Aim for the head Takashi? And fire! What? But I aimed for the head! I didn't hit many of them! You're a lousy shot! The recoil's raising your muzzle, and your fire pattern's slipping upwards! Hold the gun straight and aim at their chest! Hold the gun straight Aim at their chest And fire! Woah, cool.
But there's too many of them After firing a shot, leave the trigger and just open the slide! The muzzle shifts a little! This owns! Crap, bullets! Shit! Komuro-kun! I shall assist you! Take this opportunity to rescue Miyamoto-kun! No way! There's too many of them for you to fight with a wooden sword! I know that! Dammit! Well, at least we can die together.
Takashi? I got it Sorry! Hirano! How do I use this? Push the lever in front of the trigger guard! Then disengage the safety! After, pull the operating rod on the right side! And shoot! Missed! Missed! Missed! My magazine! Someone get me one of these from the back! Kohta-chan? This! Kohta-chan! Here! Time to kill! I'll kill 'em all! What the? The engine's stalled and I can't start it! What're you doing, Takagi-san?! I'm going to pick up Komuro's gun and use it! T-That's dangerous! Yes, I know.
Takagi-san! The bullets are by your feet! Do you know how to use it? I'm a genius! Takagi? In the future, call me by my first name! I'm not a coward! I'm not a coward! I'm not gonna die! None of us are gonna die here! My house is just around the corner! Zeke! Komuro! Come on.
Let a man do his thing.
What're you going to do? Copy Zeke.
Come with me, Komuro-kun! Here! Here! Over here! Komuro-kun! Up here! Come on! We're right here! Hurry up and follow us! They are still? I SAID COME OVER HERE! Here you go.
Kohta-chan? You and Zeke need to jump to the other side of the wire! But what about everyone else? We'll be there shortly! Liar.
Huh? You have the same face my daddy had when he died! He died even though he said he was okay! No! No! No! I don't wanna be alone! I wanna be with you and Takashi-oniichan and the girls forever! Forever and ever and ever! Don't leave me alone! Please! Please! Take me high Floating like a kite Gently make me free Holding a thousand dreams Nagareru Kumo wa Ne Doko e Yuku no Hey, where are the clouds drifting to? What do you want? What do you see? Mirai wa The future Sono Mama Taiyo Sae As things are, even the sun Nomikonde Shimau Kedo will be get swallowed up Demo Kamawanai But that doesn't bother me 'Cause we will be there again I'll always be with you No! No! No! Don't leave me alone! Please! Please! Everyone, duck! They're saved Come this way immediately.
You can pick up that car later.
Who are they? I do not believe they are really from the fire department.
Thanks for rescuing us when we were in danger! It's only natural For a mother to help her daughter and her friends.
Mom! That's Takagi's mom! They're saved! Our situation, on the other hand, does not bode well.
I do not believe they will come help us.
Let's take a detour.
I know my way around this area.
Takashi Kohta-chan? Don't worry.
Busujima-sempai is strong, and Komuro is one stubborn guy.
We'll be waiting! We'll be waiting at my house! Despite the situation we found ourselves in, I kept my head held high.
Because after all of the fights and fighting, we were still alive.
Let's get back.
I I am a woman! Uh, yes! There is a man I like.
Saeko! Of course!