Highschool of the Dead (2010) s01e09 Episode Script

The Sword and Dead

1 Everyone, duck! Who are they? I do not believe they are really from the fire department.
Mom! That's Takagi's mom! They're saved! Our situation, on the other hand, does not bode well.
I do not believe they will come help us.
Let's take a detour.
I know my way around this area.
We'll be waiting! We'll be waiting at my house! Yureta Genjitsukan Nakushita Mama de As I lose my shaky touch with reality, Gareki no Youni Tsumikasanaru my emotions pile up like fallen debris Kono Kanshou wa Doko e Yuku Where do they think they're going? Tsuieta Kibou Kakae With my crushed hope in tow, Akai Ame o Harai Hashitta Muchuu ni I frantically ran straight through the bloody rain Kuzureta Kanjou no Hate ni After my emotions come spilling out, Nani o Miru what will I see? Nani ga Aru What will I have? Mada Shiranai I still don't know Hakanai Subete no Mirai wa But in this silence, all of the fragile outcomes Tada Muon ni Me no Mae ni Hirogari Tsudzuketa lie endlessly before me They're here too.
It does not seem as though we can make it back to 2-chome.
Let's go back this way.
There were none of them on the way here.
I can even see Takagi's house from here Do you want to walk on a fence again? If I just had a bike Saeko-san! I'll pick out a bike.
Get whatever you need, Saeko-san.
A bike is okay by itself, but in tandem it would be dangerous.
Or are we going on a date? Would this work? You can use it in water? So you find it satisfactory? What an amusing situation we find ourselves in.
Yeah, really.
So what shall we do from hereafter? I assume you have a plan? Yup! But But? Things could get a little too amusing.
Never change.
Hang on! They can use the stairs, but not a sleep slope? Say what you please, but They're the same in the end, huh? That would be too easy.
Well then What are you doing, Komuro-kun? Using it amphibiously! Amphibiously? Saeko-san, are you o-kaaay? Uhhhhhh.
I-I am a woman! Oh, yes! Sorry It is not admirable for a young man to sigh.
Uh, okay.
But, wait, Saeko-san You're too close How about you keep your voice down now? Good idea to use the sandbank.
I remember when I was a kid and I was always told not to play here because the water is so deep and the stream is really fast.
Now then.
Regardless of whether things work out or not, we should rest.
We'll take turns standing guard.
Saeko-san, you can rest firs— I-I apologize My body seems to have gotten cold.
Oh yeah.
We got splashed before Well, you can use this for now.
Thank you.
You can turn around now.
Do I look strange? N-No! It's the other way around! Uh.
You always look at me as a woman, don't you, Komuro-kun? Uh Would you rather Sor— It is fine.
I am a woman, aren't I? Is there someone you like, Saeko-san? That came out of the blue.
Er, well What the hell am I saying I just thought There is a man whom I like.
Should we leave now? There are less of them.
Ah, yeah.
More of them.
As it stands, we will just have a repeat of the sandbank.
We'll know when we turn at the next corner! A park? Doesn't mean we have to make a cardboard box house! Do you like making girls wet? Get the tape out of the backpack! I see.
While they are drawn in by the noise We can go out the east exit, and we'll end up behind Takagi's house.
I don't wanna use the gun very much because of the echo I see.
Understood! What a foul smell.
You should at least wash your hair.
Now I have no reason to hold back! Y-You're pretty cool, Saeko-san What're you doing, Saeko-san?! What's the matter? Here! Hurry! What happened, Saeko-san? Traveling around at night would be dangerous with what supplies we have now.
We'll wait here for morning.
Hey, this is a real sword.
Here you go, Saeko-san.
You should sit down over here first.
Your uniform is dry too.
I am done changing.
I feel much better now.
We have one, Saeko-san.
We have one what? What indeed.
One of these.
This is a portable toilet, Saeko-sama.
Why you Hey, don't laugh about that! This way, we won't have to worry about Yes, I know.
I I am happy.
You are not going to pry? Well, it must be pretty big reason for you to freeze up like that It might not mean anything to you But regardless, do you mind hearing me out? I recalled when I was last so Afraid.
Was it because you saw the children? Though troubling, no, that was not it.
When we were by the river bank, you asked if there was a man whom I liked.
Oh, that, uh Do not worry.
I do think like a woman, and there is a man whom I like.
But I did not convey my feelings to him.
I did not believe that I should be allowed to do so.
But why? I mean, no matter what kind of guy Do you think he would have accepted me if I had committed murder? It was four years ago.
A man attacked me at night.
I had my training sword with me, so naturally I was able to fend him off.
I broke his shoulder blade and femur.
The police understood the situation and took me back home in the patrol car.
Then they might have thought it was an excessive way to defend yourself That is not what has been holding me back.
I enjoyed it.
I had a clearly defined enemy.
It was thrilling.
Once I knew that I was on top because of my training sword, I pretended to be afraid, lured him in, and struck back without hesitation.
And I enjoyed it.
I truly, truly enjoyed it.
That is the real me! The true nature of Busujima Saeko! Do you really believe that I, drunk and turned on by my own power, should be allowed something pure like love?! But ever since they appeared, I But you changed after the fact.
I have been like this since before it all began.
Saeko-san As we stood in front of the water fountain, I came to realize that I have not changed.
On the contrary, I find myself becoming even crueler.
Let's go out the back.
It'll take us 20 minutes to walk to Takagi's— What the?! Was it the sound of the leaves? No, there's no way.
Why?! Run, Saeko-san! Saeko-san! Komuro-kun? Komuro-ku-- If you need a reason, I'll give you one! Saeko, no matter how dirty your hands are, I'll always look up to you! I think you're the coolest girl I've ever met! So don't just die! I don't wanna die! Please, keep living! For my sake! Live as yourself and bear your sins! Thank you.
I am okay now.
I am glad, Takashi.
This! This is it! It's irresistible! Saeko! I'm wet! Wet! Saeko, over here! Takashi You will Take responsibility, right? If that's what you want! Shinobikomou yo You no Sangoshou Sneak in the coral reef's opening Ango wa Toki Key o Kowasou The password is time, destroy the key Tojikomerareta Daiya Tasuke ni Kita Kara I'm here to help the locked up diamond Kirari Yurari Hikari Tomoshi Kirameite Iru no wa This twinkling, swaying, luminous, sparkling lamp Hisoyaka ni Nusumareta Treasure no Heart is the heart of my treasure that was quietly stolen Kirari Yurari Hikari Tobashi Machikogarete Iru This twinkling, swaying, luminous surge is longing for the eyes of an angel held captive by purity Junjou ni Torawareta Angel no Eyes Why are we out back? If they want to slip in, they'll have to do it through the back.
Zeke? Onii-chan! Open it up already.
Okay! Onii-chan! Onee-chan! I accepted her darkness.
Actually I accepted everything that the end brought.
Obviously, I did this in order to survive.
Right now, we are Takagi I wouldn't think any less of them! My parents really are something else! Don't get in my way! You can't even fire a gun!