Highschool of the Dead (2010) s01e10 Episode Script

The Dead's House Rules

1 T-Takashi Rei Here we go! Don't let her get away, Komuro-kun! O-Okay.
Nooo! It huuurts! Nooooooooo~! It had been one day since Saeko and I had finally arrived at Takagi's house.
This was our first "normal" day since everything began.
Yureta Genjitsukan Nakushita Mama de As I lose my shaky touch with reality, Gareki no Youni Tsumikasanaru my emotions pile up like fallen debris Kono Kanshou wa Doko e Yuku Where do they think they're going? Tsuieta Kibou Kakae With my crushed hope in tow, Akai Ame o Harai Hashitta Muchuu ni I frantically ran straight through the bloody rain Kuzureta Kanjou no Hate ni After my emotions come spilling out, Nani o Miru what will I see? Nani ga Aru What will I have? Mada Shiranai I still don't know Hakanai Subete no Mirai wa But in this silence, Tada Muon ni Me no Mae ni all of the fragile outcomes Hirogari Tsudzuketa are laid out endlessly before me Did it soak in? It's my own special mix! Traitor! W-What?! All I did was help her put the ointment on! I'm not talking about this! Then what ARE you talking about? Think about what happened the other day! What? I don't care if you put the ointment on my back.
Shizuka-sensei doesn't have to be the one to do it.
okay? Just get out.
Huh? That was abrupt.
My boobs hurt because of how you shot that gun! I'm going to put ointment on my chest by myself! How carefree Dumbass! It fell 'cuz you're walking too fast! I'll help! Oh, it's okay.
Let the adults do this.
Adults? You kids can sit back and relax! What? Do not be so concerned.
Is something wrong? Uh, no.
You look good in that.
Like, really good.
Uh, I I wasn't trying to be weird! Oh, no! I did not think of it like that.
Huh? What's going on? Why're you in a good mood? We were telling each other how nice it is to see you happy, Alice.
Yeah! I'm happy! Hang in there, 'kay? Yeah I know! You're ALWAYS right! Takagi? What's up, Takagi? Didn't I tell you to use my first name? Oh, yeah.
Don't lower your head all the time! You're a guy! Well, whatever.
You're fine now.
Just you.
Ta— er, Sa— Enough! What was that? She's troubling you, isn't she? Oh, no.
You've gotten used to her? You have been friends since kindergarten.
Naw, uh Anyway, cool place you got here.
I always knew your house was nice, but not this nice.
Oh, you've never been here before, have you? Eh, well You were afraid, weren't you? Uh, well Sorry.
I like honest men.
Anyway, we don't want to overstay our welcome.
Here's the carrier spring ejector Sounds like you're enjoying yourself.
Better enjoy it while you can.
It's not like we can stay here forever.
Why not, Takagi? If we stay here at this stronghold of a mansion You didn't think about how difficult it is to secure water and electricity? We learn about these things in grade school.
So basically In order to keep that huge network running, you need a well-organized and countless number of specialists who feel safe and can work with ease.
When the dead began attacking, the commander sent the SDF to the power plants on his own.
He couldn't wait for those foolish prime ministers to move.
But in that case, maintaining them I wonder how long those operators can continue maintaining the plants? They have family too.
And their families aren't there with them at the power plants.
So you're going to use those buses? Yes.
Only those who we are responsible No, we will bring only those who are prepared to survive.
Hey there little buddy.
Isn't that real? That's not something a kid should be playing with.
Is that all, Maddo-san? Oh, Saya-sama.
Uh, no.
I came to tell you that I'm done fixing up that car you came here in.
I see.
Thank you.
You really are from a good family! Pretty cool! I don't want to hear you say that.
Anyway, you better do something about that! But why? You didn't understand his reaction just now? The majority of the people here are adults! What do we mean to them? I think we should discuss this with the rest of the gang.
I want her to understand.
But she won't understand no matter what I tell her.
I wonder if I can ask you to do it? Persuade Takagi? I've never won an argument with her since kindergarten.
Do we really have to gather in here? Well, you can't move.
I don't think we have a choice.
So what do we need to talk about? Whether we're going to stick with this group or not.
This group? Of course.
As of now, we have become part of a much larger and more powerful group.
So basically Right.
We have two options.
We can join them.
Or we can go our own way.
But do we really need to split from them? I mean, the streets have gotten worse.
Your dad has this under control.
It must run in the family.
Your mom is something else, too.
Yeah, she really is.
I used to be proud of her.
I still am now.
She did all this in two days.
But she could've Takagi! Use my first name! Don't talk about your parents like that.
Now's not the time for that.
This has been hard on everyone.
You sound like my mom! I know! I know that my parents are the cream of the crop! When they realized that something fishy was going on, they immediately took action and protected their mansion, their subordinates, and their family! They're amazing! Really amazing! I mean, it's not like they forgot about their daughter! In fact, I was always on their minds! Hey, that's kinda I wouldn't think any less of them! My mom and dad are really something else! They didn't think I could survive, so they just gave up on me right away! Shut up, Saya! Komuro-kun? What? You just But you finally Takashi It's not just you! It's the same for me! It's the same for all of us! Actually, you're better off than the rest of us! You know your parents are safe! Much better! Okay, I get it.
I get it.
Let me go.
My bad.
Yeah, really.
But whatever.
If we don't get down to business Is that? Yes.
That's the former head of Tokonosu and current head of the Takagi family.
That's a man who does everything as he sees fit.
That's my dad! This man's name is Doi Tetsutaro! He used to be a retainer of the Takagi family.
He is also my best friend.
And today, in the midst of a rescue, he was bitten while helping his comrades! Self-sacrifice is the most noble act we humans are capable of doing! But He is no longer human.
He died and turned into a very dangerous thing! Thus Here I shall carry out my duty as a man of the Takagi family! I'm sorry, my child This is our reality! Whether they were a good friend, beloved family members, or a former lover, you must be ready to kill them! If you wish to live, you must fight! What's the matter, Hirano? You don't look too good.
Swords aren't efficient enough W-What? I said they aren't efficient enough! If the blade of a Japanese sword hits bone, it'll break! It's useless after three kills! You assume too much, Hirano-kun.
Even in swordsmanship, results come in numbers.
The skill of the swordsman, the quality of the sword, and the strength of the heart.
If the three of those are high-level enough, your fighting prowess shall not dwindle, no matter how many you kill.
B-But if blood gets Hey, Hirano.
That's enough.
Don't touch me! Don't get in my way! You can't even shoot a gun! Cool it, Hirano! Hey, Hirano! Two sides of the same coin? Onii-chan! Did you and Kohta-chan get in an argument? Maybe Yeah, I guess we did.
Okay, I'll tell you something that'll cheer you up! Talk to him again! Talk to him until you understand each other! You think I can do it? You can! You guys have softened up since we got to Saya-chan's house! Softened up? I'll go tell him that you want to talk to him! Let's go, Zeke! Mutiny on the Bounty It was my 2nd year in middle school.
It was right before spring break.
My class was looking forward to the break when our history nerd of a homeroom teacher told us this story.
The year was 1788.
After a difficult voyage, a British warship arrived in Tahiti, the paradise of the South Atlantic Ocean.
It was called the Bounty.
After staying in Tahiti for six months, the ship set sail again.
Mutiny broke out after not even a month had passed.
The crew's discipline had slipped, due to their carefree days in Tahiti.
Our homeroom teacher compared Tahiti to our break, and us to the crew of the Bounty.
And now we're in Tahiti again.
Onii-chan! Hurry! Come with me! Kohta-chan's Kohta-chan's in big trouble! He didn't come this way? Dammit, fatty What magnificent Kumonryu.
I rarely see these ones.
You know a lot about colored carp too, not just kendo? It sounds like something you'd know about.
I am No, I too am not in a good mood.
No! Cut the crap! Hurry up and hand them over! Listen up.
Get ahold of yourself.
You can't just keep those weapons to yourself.
Now give them to us No way! I-I'm borrowing these from someone! And I can use these better than anyone else here can! You know too, right? Todays that were the same as yesterday.
Tomorrows that are the same as today.
That happiness we took for granted is gone, and we probably won't ever get it back.
Our cherished world has already fallen to ruin.
You don't leave us any choice.
We don't have time for this childish crap! Hirano! Therefore, we find ourselves back at the question you posed.
Will we join them or go our own way? Our decision will change everything for us.
What's causing all the commotion? C-Commander! T-This kid thinks his guns are toys I am Takagi Soichiro.
Former lord of Tokonosu, and master of the tendo sogon-ryu.
Tell me your name, young man! H-H-Hirano Kohta! Fujimi Academy.
Class 2-B.
Roster number 32! Your voice is full of spirit, Hirano-kun.
There is no doubt in my mind that you had many hardships before you arrived here.
So, no matter the situation, you don't plan on giving up your guns? No! I can't! Without these guns, I-I'll just be plain me again! I'll just be plain me! You can't do this to me! I finally realized that I can do something! And what exactly can you do? Tell me.
I I-I can He can protect your daughter! K-Komuro Komuro? I see.
I remember your name.
You and my daughter have been friends since childhood.
We have, but Ever since all hell broke lose, Hirano here has been protecting Say— your daughter.
Kohta-chan! His bravery is something that I have witnessed with my own two eyes, Commander Takagi.
I've seen it too, Dad! Sure, he may be some good-for-nothing military nerd, but I would've been one of those corpses by now if it wasn't for him! That's right.
Unlike you, he has been protecting me! Takagi-san Heisasareta Machi Tomoshibi mo Kiete The lights are out in the locked down city Kidzudarake no Hito wa Uzumaite mo Kiete Those with scars wreathe about and vanish Te o Nobaseba Sugu Todokisouna Sora I feel like we can reach the sky Dakedo Bokura ni wa Mada Mienu Sentaku But we still can't see all of our options Shuen o Matsu no Nara If we're just going to wait until the end, Isso Kowashite Yaru I'll destroy our options first In this colorless world, Shikisai Nakushita Kono Sekai Zetsubou ni Sainamareru Mirai the future has been tormented by despair Sonzai Suru Imi ga Koko ni Aru Nara If my reason to exist is here, I'll quit being dependent and hopeful Amae Kitai Mou Yamete Ikiru Tame ni Kakete Miyou Let's gamble with our lives Saigo no Hitotsu That's our last option Kowasu yo I'll destroy it! Kowasu yo I'll destroy it! Kowashite I'm destroying it Kowashite I'm destroying it Last pain Yes Yes, that's right.
Yes, they're getting ready to escape.
If you ask them for help now, I'm sure they'll accept you, Shido-sensei.
Then go survive on your own without getting eaten! Let me tell you something about girls.
I don't fall under either.
May you feel that pain of that for the rest of your life!