Hightown (2020) s01e01 Episode Script

Love You Like a Sister

SINGER: I thought a
lot of things about you ♪
I stayed awake
just thinking about you ♪
But now I'm awake ♪
You had to stay ♪
Tomorrow's a day of mine
that you won't be in ♪
I tried to say I was just having fun ♪
But I really knew
that you were the one ♪
And now that I'm gone ♪
I see I was wrong ♪
I should have known all along ♪
That time would tell ♪
A week without you ♪
I should forget ♪
Two weeks without you ♪
And I'm still thinking about
the things that you said ♪
Vacation, just another memory ♪
Vacation, I hope you love me ♪
Vacation, what'd you think of me? ♪

I think I'll leave
without saying good-bye ♪
I think that you know the reason why ♪
But if I was to stay ♪
I'll never know anyway ♪
This rain is making me have to pee.
Why you meeting this guy in Truro?
It's the middle of fucking nowhere.
It's the new guy.
It's where he wanted to meet.
I should not be here.
It's fentanyl
for cancer people.
Bitch, I just got out of treatment.


Seriously, though, good for you, Krista.
I could never quit.
Yeah, you could.

How do I look? Hmm?
Think he'll give me
two fingers for seven?
- I don't know.

Are you being careful?
I got a cop looking out for me.

My fucking nails
Give me that.

Those nails are something.
Black and red hoochie nails.
These nails are fucking beautiful.
Sherry, where the fuck
is this dude? I got to pee.
Go for it, bro.
You're in the middle
of fucking nowhere, right?

Fuck it. [LAUGHS]

Love you!
Love you


You Sherry?
- Yeah.
- Cool.

Ain't pretty no more.

OSITO: Hey, go pop the trunk.

Text the guy. Tell him you're on the way.




Hey, take it easy.
I feel like shit.
Not my fault
you can't handle your liquor.
Liquor? I don't even know her.
[LAUGHS] Like that ever stopped you.
3:00. I thought we were calling in early.
Hunniker called.
He wants us to do a spot-check
on the Jack and Bobby II.
- What?
- He's got a hard-on for Michael.
On a Friday? It's Carnival
weekend. That's bullshit.
Yo, you should come to P-Town,
have a drink.
Last time I was in P-Town,
I saw, like, three dudes' balls.
- I don't even want to see my own.
Yeah, that makes two of us.
Besides, Linda's making scrod.
- Oh, well
- Hey, Jackie, uh,
you want to take the wheel?
I got to piss.
Special Agents Ed Murphy,
Jackie Quinones,
National Marine Fishery Services.
Eddie Murphy
I ever tell you you were
great in Beverly Hills Cop?
- Ah, fuck off, Michael.
What kind of bullshit am I
gonna find in here today, Junior?
No bullshit, Jack. Everything's legit.
Oh, yeah? What's this?
[SIGHS] Cut me some slack, dude, please.
JACKIE: Got female with roe
and a couple undersized males.
You guys have been warned about
the short lobsters. An egger is worse.
I got to tell you how you're fucking
yourself and the rest of your fleet?
God help me, I love the kid
he's my only son
but he can't fish for shit,
and I don't have eyes
on the back of my head.
Yeah, yeah. You know, if I had a dollar
for every time I heard
the words "honest mistake"
- I got to write you up now.
- Ed, please.
I'm the last of a dying breed
the fishermen of Provincetown,
just trying to earn
an honest living from the sea.
[WHISPERING] There's no way
I'm going back to the office today.
You want to write him up,
you type the report.
I should make you do it just for
mouthing off to a superior agent.
[CLICKS TONGUE] Come on, Ed.
It's Carnival weekend.
Ah, fuck it.
All right, we're gonna
let you off with a verbal.
No more shorts, no more eggers. Got it?
Thanks. Won't happen again.
See you at the bar tonight, Jack?
Yeah. You're buying.
SINGER: Wanna,
I wanna, I wanna, I wanna ♪
I wanna, I wanna I wanna, I wanna ♪
I wanna, I wanna I wanna, I wanna ♪
I wanna, I wanna I wanna, I wanna ♪
8:00 showtime. Scorpion Bay.
SINGER: Wanna know what you know ♪
But I don't want to talk about it ♪
I wanna see, wanna go ♪
SINGER: I wanna leave ♪

- Hey.
- Hey, Jack!
- Get my text?
- Yeah. What are you having?
Shot of Jack.
All right.
- You working all night?
- Something like that.

Yo, hook me up with that storeroom key.

- Really?
- What?
You never seen a cock before?
You know I'm a gold star.
Then I know you've seen a dildo.

MAN: Scorpion Bay! One night only.
Comp ticket for you at the door, Jackie.
- Thank you, baby.
- Come see us, girl.
Ladies, 8:00 p.m. showtime.
WOMAN: Thank you.

JACKIE: Oh, shit, it's the McCarthys.
Oh, it's the fish cop. Hands up.
You're under arrest,
you lobster-poaching mick fuck.
Allegedly-lobster-poaching mick fuck.
What's up? He tear you a new one?
Eh, no worse than usual. Hey,
actually, this one of Mackayleigh?
- I just got it.
- JACKIE: Aww.
- You must be proud.
- MICHAEL: I'd be proud
if he moved out of our house
and got back together with Donna.
We're working it out.
three shots of whiskey, on his tab.
- You got it.

Who's that? Where's Frances?
MICHAEL: Oh, she's in Florida.
That's her nephew from Dennis Port.
Says he's never been to P-Town.
Oh, yeah?

[COUGHS] I ever tell you
about the time I blew a dude?
- Shut up.
- What the fuck? Lower your voice.
JUNIOR: What? No, it's true,
right? About a year and a half ago,
I went up to Foxwoods with some buddies,
ended up having to hitch a ride back.
First car lets me off in Hyannis
in the fucking pouring rain.
I mean, I'm getting soaked.
- Ah, shit.
- It's like 30 degrees.
Yeah, it was more like sleet, almost.
So some car stops for me.
Older older guy.
Said he's only going as far as Orleans.
I says, "Look, mister, it's pouring rain.
"I don't got any money,
"but if you can take me to P-Town,
I'd sure appreciate it."
And he says, "Yeah, I could do that."
But I got to suck his dick.
- Oh.
- Fuck that. I'd beat the shit out of him.
Well, that was my first reaction,
but, you know, Donna was pregnant,
she's breaking my balls to get home,
and it's fucking raining,
so I said, "Screw it.
How bad can it be?"
So I blew the guy.
Dude, what the fuck?
[LAUGHS] I got you.
I'm I'm joking.
Sorry. Made I made it all up.
Ah, dude, you should've seen your face.
BARTENDER: Oh, my God.
No, but, seriously, I made it all up.
It wasn't raining.

MICHAEL: Get it? It wasn't raining.
- [LAUGHS] Fucking asshole.
- JACKIE: Got it. He got it.
Hey, welcome to P-Town, son.
Now get us some drinks,
you homophobic prick.
Every time. Yo, you want that?
No, I'm taking it easy tonight.
- Good.
- More for me.
All right, fuck it.
I'm not spending the rest
of the night with you clowns.
Hey, you ever get tired of it, Jack?
Tired of what?
All that fucking pussy?


Jack and Diet.
BARTENDER: Coming right up.
- Hey.
- You here for the weekend?
Yeah. Then I go back to school.
- Oh, yeah? Where's that?
- Thanks.
- Wesleyan.
- All-girls school.
Uh, no. You're thinking of Wellesley.
What about you?
How long are you here for?
Oh, I live here.
I'm in law enforcement.

Oh, wow.
Do you, like, carry a gun?


So where are you staying?

You're up.
Oh, fuck.


Oh, my God.

WOMAN: Who the hell is that?
ALAN: Fucking Ray.
Just because you don't have a family
doesn't mean you can just roll
the fuck up, man.
It's called boundaries. Pick up a
phone. Make a fucking phone call.
Your phone is off.
- Look, man, I
- That's against State Police regulations.
Look, man, we got a four-month-old baby.
We're not getting any rest.
I got to turn that phone off, man.
They just fished a Jane Doe
out of the bay in Provincetown.
Man, did body side ask
for us specifically?
Drug side's gonna have a hand
in all Cape Cod homicide
investigations from now on.
- Since when?
- You didn't read the memo?
Memo? What memo? Who wrote this memo?
- Me. Get dressed.
Summer traffic, it's gonna take
us an hour to get down there
if we don't leave right now.
ALAN: Shit.
Not too much longer now, Jack.
You doing okay?
You got somebody to talk to about this?
It's a traumatic event.
[SCOFFS] I'm from New Bedford.
You think I've never seen
a dead body before?
RAY: Hey, you Chief Schellenbach?
Hi. Ray Abruzzo.
This is Trooper Alan Saintille,
- State Police.
- How you doing?
Yeah, I already talked to State Police.
You guys are taking the case.
No, you spoke with Homicide Unit.
We're Narcotics, from up in Hyannis.
We cover all of Cape Cod.
We liaise between the body guys
and the local PD,
but we're not here to step
on anybody's toes.
Oh, hey, it's all yours.
I-I don't need this shit.
I got 60,000 people
coming to town for Carnival.
She been ID'd yet?
No, nothing on her,
and the fingerprints are waterlogged.
She's with the M.E.
You moved the body before
the scene was fully processed?
There is no scene.
Tide came and washed it away.
JACKIE: I got pictures on my phone.
RAY: Oh, yeah? Who are you?
Jackie Quinones.
I already I already gave
my statement to them.
You want to give one to me?
All right, um
I took a walk around 6:00, low tide.
Saw something about 20 yards
east to the sea wall over there.
I approached, saw the girl.
It was obvious she didn't need CPR,
so I called it in to PMP,
but the tide was rolling in
fast, so I took photos.
I'm in law enforcement
National Marine Fishery Service.
You guys had some problems
back in the day, right?
Fishermen bringing in bales
of weed right under your nose?
Yeah, like, 40 years ago.
Who do you work with, again?
Cape Cod Interagency Narcotics Unit.
Fancy. Y'all work with DEA?
No, state, local, and sheriff's, mostly.
But we'll take anybody.
You looking for a job?
That ain't funny.
Look, call me if you think
of anything else.
Told you. Just here to liaise.
[SIGHS] Can I go now?
Yeah. Take care of yourself.
And, hey, Jack
let's take it easy at Carnival
this year, huh?
Yes, ma'am.

DEPUTY M.E.: Just want to point out,
she is wearing a necklace
that says "Lylas."
Maybe a first name?
Ah, fuck.


Frankie Cuevas.
We don't know that.
I know it.
Where are you going?

We rode together.

What you looking at?
[SIGHS] Nothing.
Name is Sherry Henry,
and it's "Love You
Like a Sister," dumb-ass.

FRED: Miss, honey,
you look like who did it and ran.
Not today, Fred.
You know rent was due Wednesday.
[SIGHS] I know. I'm sorry, all right?
I am working on it.
Do not tempt me, Jacqueline.
I will Airbnb that shit,
make a lot more money, too!

Hey, Frankie.
Do you know who I am?
You're a Statie.
That's right.
I was at your arraignment.
I'm the one who put you in here.
Oh, yeah? Good for you.
Trial's coming up. How you feeling, huh?
I'm feeling great,
'cause I didn't do nothing.
No, no, you are my guy.
Mm, you need decking,
siding, or HVAC, I'm your guy.
Beyond that
You do know your whole crew's
going away, right?
I mean, we got you on
trafficking and distribution.
You're looking at 15 years.
But when you tack on the homicide,
oh, it's a whole new deal.
Juries don't like it
when white girls get capped.
I don't know what you're talking about.
Don't fucking lie to me.
You know Sherry Henry.
Somebody fucked up, Frankie.
We fished her out of the Bay
this morning down in P-Town.
You know, the thing is
when you dump a body,
you got to slice them open
first, or else they float.
But in this case, I don't think
that's what matters.
The real problem is,
the B-team fuckwads you work with
they don't know the difference
between the ocean and the bay.
[CHUCKLES] Fuckwads. That's very funny.
But I don't know that girl.
Well, she knew you.
She told me so much about you.

How do you think we knew to
search your cousin's storage shed?

How's your baby mama holding up?
- Renee? That her name?
- Don't talk about Renee.
I heard she likes her Oxys,
but in this economy,
she must be on the needle by now.
Shut the fuck up.
Just want you to know
when you're doing 25 to life
for trafficking, distribution,
conspiracy to commit murder
and DCF takes little Frankie Junior
away because your woman's gone,
that was because of me.

We're done here.


[WHISPERING] Watch out.
Tide's coming in.

VELEKEE: Get anything on the girl?
Not much. We don't know where she died,
or where she went into the water.
Family was notified, such as it is.
I mean, she mostly grew up
in foster care.
Someone spoke to an aunt.
She hasn't seen her in years.
Excuse me, Sergeant, where
do you think you're going?
You go in half-cocked
and question Frankie Cuevas
about a body we just got?
We don't know shit about shit yet,
but, oh, why should that stop
Ray Abruzzo?
Look, it's my responsibility.
Frankie had her killed
for snitching to me.
How would Frankie even know
that she's a snitch?
Maybe there's a leak in the unit.
Tell me you did not just
say that. Did he just say that?
- He just said that.
- RAY: I said maybe.
Frankie Cuevas is in MSC, huh?
Cousin Jorge is in Concord.
We shut down the goddamn Dominicans.
We shut down the white boys
who bought from them.
Who's left to pull the trigger?
Somebody we don't know yet.
Could be somebody new,
somebody coming up.
We never got his suppliers
in New Bedford.
Well, the DA just called,
and she wants you to stay
the fuck away from her case.
Respectfully, sir, I think
she should be thanking me.
- How's that?
- They dumped the body in the water.
That means they didn't want her
found, but she was found.
So what's Frankie gonna do when
he finds out his people fucked up?
He's gonna get mad,
and he's gonna get sloppy.
He uses the phone.
Prison phone's recorded.
And those taped conversations
are readily admissible in court.
Fine, but you're Narcotics.
Let the body side handle it.
And don't waste a lot of time
on this girl.
You just lost a good CI.
I suggest you find a new one.
SINGER: Rolling with the rain ♪
Boy, you better run to your mama now ♪
Lightning in the sky ♪
Boy, you better run to your mama now ♪

- Rolling with the rain ♪
- Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah! ♪
Boy, you better run to your mama now ♪

Hey, Junior!
Jesus, Jackie,
I knew you were a lady-killer,
but you're actually pulling 'em
out of the Bay?
[SCOFFS] Shut the fuck up.
Seriously, though,
what happened? You talk to the cops?
Yeah, Chief Schellenbach and some statie.
He's a dick.
Anyway, I'm going to Carnival.
SECRETARY: At this meeting,
we hand out chips
for varying lengths of sobriety.
So anyone with nine months?
What do we do?
ALL: Keep coming back.
Anyone with six months?
What do we do?
ALL: Keep coming back.
How about 90 days?
- Junior.
That's for you.
Um, hi, I'm Junior,
uh, alcoholic, addict.
ALL: Hi, Junior.
Um, three months ago, I came in
fucking tired and beat
to shit, and, uh
and for some reason, something
just clicked this time.
Got a sponsor who busts my balls,
but it's a good thing, you know?
I was actually telling him
how much I love my daughter,
and he says, "Yeah, Junior, that's great,
but how much child support you paying?"
He taught me it's my actions that count,
not my words, and, um

You know, I guess, now I'm
just trying to get back with my girl
and working on being a better father
and a better son, and
couldn't be doing any of that if
I was still out there, using, so

Yeah, thanks.

SECRETARY: Thank you, Junior. Thank you.
All right, anybody with, uh, 30 days?

Work it. Hey.


Hey, nice tits!
Thanks. You too!
Come to Tea Dance later!
Tea Dance!
Yeah! Yeah, yeah.
- I'll see you there.
- Okay.


Hey, club soda, lime.
EMCEE: All right,
show your appreciation for LaPorsche.
And now let's give it up for Candy.
BARTENDER: Here you go.

SINGER: Out on the streets ♪
That's where we'll meet ♪
You make the night ♪
I always cross the line ♪
Tightened our belts, abuse ourselves ♪
Get in our way ♪
We'll put you on your shelf ♪
Another day, some other way ♪
We're gonna go ♪
But then we'll see you again ♪
I've had enough ♪
We've had enough ♪
Cold in vain ♪
She said ♪
I knew right from the beginning ♪
That you would end up winning ♪
SINGER: Keep pushing on ♪
Things are gonna get better ♪
It won't take long ♪
Keep on pushing to the top ♪
Mm-hmm ♪
Keep on pushing to the top ♪

Keep pushing on ♪
Things are gonna get better ♪
It won't take long,
keep on pushing to the top ♪
Hey. What's up?
Found a dead body today.
Want to buy me a drink?


I'm Candy.
Hi, Candy.
You want to buy me a drink?
That what you want?

Or, uh, I could give you a private dance.

So where you staying?
Rental place on Bradford. What about you?
I live here. I'm in law enforcement.
- Oh, yeah?
- Yeah.
It's a good thing you're hot,
because I fucking hate cops.
[SCOFFS] Okay.
Hey, can you still party?

What do you got?

SINGER: I'll never
be your beast of burden ♪
My back is broad ♪
But it's a-hurting ♪
All I want is for you
to make love to me ♪

I'll never be your beast of burden ♪
I've walked for miles,
my feet are hurting ♪
All I want is for you to make love ♪
I want to be close to you.
I want to be with you.

SINGER: Am I hard enough? ♪
We can do that
as long as you're not a cop.
Do I look like one?
Yeah, a little bit.
SINGER: I'll never
be your beast of burden ♪
Show me your dick.

SINGER: Music on the radio ♪

It's gonna be 300.
Is that all right?
SINGER: Am I rich enough? ♪
I'm not too blind ♪
To see ♪
Thank you.
SINGER: Pretty, pretty,
pretty, pretty girls ♪


You should stop now, Renee.
How do you know my real name?
My name's Ray Abruzzo, State Police.
Oh, fuck you.
Just got you for prostitution.
Yeah, fuck you.
You know, we haven't
even done anything yet.
- RAY: Hmm?
- You're not even fucking hard, man.
Fucking cop.
You think you can, like, arrest me?
- Yeah.
- Yeah, you can't do shit, right?
- Oh, yeah?
- No.
Hey, hey. Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
Come here. Where do you
think you're going?
- Sit down.
- I want a lawyer.
[CHUCKLES] You want a lawyer?
What, do you think
you just snap your fingers,
a lawyer shows up
to Xavier's parking lot?
My husband has a lawyer, good one.
I got a news flash for you.
Frankie ain't your husband.
You know Frankie?
Yeah, I know Frankie.
He's not gonna be happy to find
out the mother of his child
was sucking dick in the champagne room.
All right, then arrest me
already, you piece of shit.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa,
whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
You move too fast.

What if I don't want to arrest you?

What the fuck do you want?
You know anything
about a dead girl in P-Town?
I'm not a snitch.
I really hate that word, Renee.

I just want to talk to you.
That's it.
You know, you got to be lonely
with Frankie gone.
I'm lonely, too.
You're an asshole.

All right, well, the other
option is I arrest you.
In that case, you better hope your
ma can watch Frankie Jr. till Monday,
'cause that's the
earliest you're getting out.

I have to get back to work.
That's fine. We'll talk tomorrow.

I'm going to see Frankie tomorrow.
That's all right. I'll show up early.

Look at me.

Okay? We good?

This isn't Cape Cod bullshit coke either.
[SNIFFS] No offense.

Oh, shit.
- [LAUGHS] Told you.
- Yeah.
- MAN: Bitch, I'm waiting!
Why, I oughta


SINGER: Baby girl, you so fine ♪
So, so fine, you blow my mind ♪
Look at you, coochie coo ♪
Juicy, tushy, gushy, goo ♪
Boobie one, boobie two ♪

- Ah, fuck me.
What's happening?
Bail commissioner set your bail.
You're being released.
Wait, wait, what happened, though?
What actually happened?
DEPUTY: You don't remember?

CLERK: Here you go.
This is a summons to appear in court.
Sign this. Then you're free to go.
Can I, uh, call uh,
call someone or something?
You already did.
Your friend's waiting outside.

Oh, hey! You must be Francisco Jr.
Is your mom home?
Yeah, she's sleeping.
Oh, no, she's sleeping?
I brought her something yummy
for breakfast.
Maybe you can have it.
Can you guess what I brought?
Doughnuts? No, ugh!
Doughnuts are gross!
FRANKIE JR.: Doughnuts aren't gross.
What's your favorite kind of doughnut?
Mmm. Are they good?
Do you think I should try one?
Oh, cool. Can I come in?
Fuck, man, I'm sorry. I called you?
Who the fuck else you gonna call?
Hey, your arm. You okay there?
Yeah, yeah.
Could you please tell me what happened?
They won't tell me shit in there.
You flipped your car,
and, uh, your friend was hurt.
Jesus, Jackie, the girl in the car.
She's in the hospital.
She's gonna be okay, but
I spoke to a lawyer for you,
and it's not great.
He says that because
it was an injury crash,
they could charge you with a felony.
What? A felony?
What does that mean?
Well, it all depends on the judge.
No, no, no, no, no,
man. I can't go to jail. I can't do that.
Just cool your jets.
There's things you can do
before your court date.
Quit your drinking.
- Go to treatment.
Show the judge
you're talking this seriously.
- You mean rehab?
- Yeah.
Linda called around.
There's this place,
Glendon House in Yarmouth.
They got a bed available if you go today.
I don't need to go to rehab.
Maybe it wouldn't be the worst thing.
What the fuck, Ed?
Look, I'm just telling you
what the lawyer told me.
- No.
- This could help you with the judge.
No, I don't need to go to rehab,
all right? I got to go to work.
And Hunniker is not gonna give
me time off just 'cause I asked for it.
Besides, he doesn't need
to know about this.
- Jack.
- What?
He knows.
They all know.
I can't keep covering for you.
I'll think about it.
ED: Jackie? Don't think too hard.
Baby, how many shows have you watched?
There's coffee and doughnuts
on the counter.
I got you an egg and cheese,
too, if you
You okay, buddy?
Just playing Jenga.
- My turn?
RAY: Hey,
Frankie. You want something else?
I got a blueberry glazed over here.
Mm-mm, mm, he's had enough sugar.
He's a sweet kid.
- Yeah, I know.
- Yeah.
Look, I don't want you to feel
like you have to talk to me or else.
Right? It doesn't have to be that way.
Mm, but it is that way.
Renee, I can help you.
I got connections.
I can get you into treatment.
- I can get a doctor
- I'm not fucking using.
Good for you.
You ever come across a girl
named Sherry Henry?
That ring a bell? Black hair, tattoos?
That's the girl you were
talking about, down in P-Town?
You think Frankie had
something to do with it?
'Cause he wouldn't.
He would never do that to a girl.
Hey, that's not what I'm saying.
Your man's locked up right now, right?
So I know it wasn't him.
But we're looking
at people he worked with,
maybe someone
who's trying to impress him.
You see, Sherry was cooperating with us.
RENEE: Jesus.
[SNIFFS] That's fucked up.
I don't want to jam you
up for that thing last night,
but I need something.

So we know Frankie didn't kill her,
but someone did.
Who's the first person
that comes to your mind?

Just say it.
I don't even know his name,
but there's there's this guy,
and he's, like [CLEARS THROAT]
He's, like, huge.
- Huge fat or huge tall?
- Both.
he's black.
I think he's he's from somewhere else.
Dominican Republic? Haiti?
I don't know. I
met him once, and
- I know he has a gun.
- He live on the Cape?
I said I met the guy once.
I don't know where he lives.

Look, you can keep asking me questions,
but I don't know anything.
No, it's okay. That's good.
Thank you.
This is secret, right? Like, no one's
No one's gonna find out
I was talking to you.
It's between me and you, I promise.
And, hey, Renee,
as far as I'm concerned,
we're square now.

Can I ask you something?
I mean, do do you mind
if I come by another time?
Not to
Maybe we just play some ball
or something.
Whatever you need.

Yeah, okay.

See you later, Frankie!
Okay. Bye.
ED: You want to leave your phone with me?
It's not allowed.
[LAUGHS] Fuck that.
You can't do anything
the easy way, can you?
Oh, whatever.
[CLEARS THROAT] But, seriously, Ed,
thank you.
Come on, now.
Don't go soft on me.
Yeah, for real, though,
you're a really good partner.
I'm gonna make you, like,
my emergency contact and everything.
Jesus. That's depressing.
I'm all you got?
I'm gonna fucking kill myself now.
[CHUCKLES] Yeah, yeah.
No, move him out of detox
into extended care.
Well, exactly. We don't have room.
And and tell Marcy.
Sorry about that. Crazy day.
I'm Dr. Larkin.
And you are Jackie Key-no-nes?
Yeah, close enough.
So, um
what's the shortest time I can stay here?
Well, we offer a three-day detox,
but you have good insurance.
I recommend you stay longer.
[LAUGHS] No, three days is fine, thanks.
Tell me why you're here.
I was in a car accident.
LARKIN: You were drinking?
Yeah, a little
and a little coke, but they
don't really know about that.
You're being charged with a DUI?
Misdemeanor or felony?
Um, they haven't charged me yet, so
But probably a felony.
Do you think you have
a drug and alcohol problem?
No, I do not.
I like to party a little, but
Then I'll ask you again why you're here.
[SIGHS] Because the lawyer
told me it was a good idea, all right?
Keep me out of jail.
LARKIN: Well, that's pretty
good motivation to sober up.
You think you can do it
without treatment?
Yes, yeah, is that is that an option?
Sure. Go.
It's not my job to convince you to stay,
and, frankly, my niece
just got her learner's permit.
I might actually prefer you go to prison.
That's rude.
It's rude to drive drunk.
You know I found a dead body yesterday?
LARKIN: No, I didn't know.
Some chick she just washed up
on the beach.
Drug thing, I guess.
It's like
damn, these white girls love trouble.
That was a scary, violent thing you saw.
Why are you acting like you
don't have feelings about it?
Because I don't.
Let's talk about the car accident.
Was anyone hurt?
[CHUCKLES] You just dig right in,
don't you?
It wasn't a dig,
but I'm sorry if it felt like one.
You're not sorry.
You're not fucking sorry.
You want me to cry and tell you
what a piece of shit I am or whatever.
Isn't that how this works?
We just talk.
Fuck talking, all right?
I don't need to talk because I'm fine.
Jesus. I'm I-I have an amazing life.
I live in Provincetown,
for crying out loud.
It's like fucking lesbian
Shangri-La, all right?
I mean, so what?
I like to party a little. Everyone does.
But it's P-Town.
In P-Town, you're either a
fisherman or gay on vacation,
and either way, they party, all right?
Everyone parties.
Everyone parties like me,
so it's fine, okay?
I'm fine.
Fuck! Fuck, fuck, fuck.
[SNIFFLES] Jesus, I don't
I'm not sure why I'm crying.

So look
there's an AA meeting
at 4:00 in the gathering hall.

You want to settle in to your room first,
or you want to go straight there?

You're letting me stay?

- What's going on?
- RAY: Hi.
So I talked to Frankie's baby mama.
- Uh-huh.
- She gave me a description of
and this is quote un-quote a huge
black male from somewhere else.
[SCOFFS] That narrows it down.
So I'm thinking Dominican, Haitian,
maybe one of your peeps.
Haitian guy? Oh, hell!
Maybe I know him already.
All right. Do me a favor,
though. Get in touch with BOP,
Immigration, any CIs you have.
I just want to shake
something loose on this guy.
You think she's being straight
with you, Ray?
I don't know.
I jammed her up pretty good, though.
- FRANKIE: You miss me?
Yes, Daddy.
So, listen, we haven't talked in a while.
What's your favorite ice cream?
- Strawberry.
- Strawberry is your favorite?
- RENEE: Mmm.
- Remember what Daddy was?
- Coconut.
- Coconut, muy bien.
You're awesome. You been good for Mommy?
You want to go play with those kids?
- Yes, Daddy.
- Okay, go.
I miss you.
Look at me.
I need to know
if any cop's been coming around.
One came by the club last night.
Ray something.
Said he was a State Police.
Kept asking about some girl
down in P-Town.

I didn't say shit, I swear.

I know you didn't.

But here's the thing.
He comes back around
I want you to get close.

WOMAN: We were a totally normal family.
Two parents, two kids.
And I-I was a good kid for a long time.
I-I think my my first drink,
I was, like, 14.
Um, my friend Gina
steals a bottle of rum from her parents,
and we sneak it up to the attic,
and it's fucking gross.
And and Gina's like,
"Ew, sick! Agh!"
I'm all like, "Holy shit"
like this is the best thing
that's ever happened to me.
Because right away, I just fucking know
that this is the shit I want to
be doing for the rest of my life.

Like, it just works for me.

I mean, it turns out,
three Oxys and two benzos
work even better.
You know what I mean?

But nothing I ever found
works better
than the program of Alcoholics Anonymous.

KRISTA: No, I can't call the cops.
I saw a fucking murder.
These people will kill me. I

[SIGHS] Yes, yes, I'm clean.
I swear. I
I just need to get off the Cape.
I have none of my shit with me.
I this is, like, a 7-Eleven phone.
You're the only number I know by heart.
Please, please.
Can you please just come pick me up?


You got time to lean,
you got time to clean.
Aye, Captain.


AGNES: Do you want me on your mind ♪
Or do you want me to go home? ♪

I might be yours ♪
As sure as I can say ♪
Be gone, be far away ♪

Oh ♪

Oh ♪
Like fuel to fire ♪

To the town ♪
My name's Jackie Quinones.
Fish cop.
You hear anything else about
that dead girl?
You got played.
Take my advice and step off.
Hey this is whack, you giving me advice.
Tell me what you want.
You're trying to get me
to convince you to do
something you want to do.
It's a homicide investigation,
you have to let us handle it.
I'm in law enforcement.
- No.
- Get on the ground!
You're not.
Maybe my purpose is to save this girl.
You are so far in over your head.
Tell me what I'm supposed to do.
They find out you're the
girl asking questions,
they will kill you.

You wanted to be a part of this.

Now I can't remember why.
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premiere of Hightown.
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