Hightown (2020) s01e02 Episode Script

Severely Weatherbeaten

Previously on Hightown
- You Sherry?
- Yeah?
She's wearing a necklace says Lylas.
You know Sherry Henry.
I don't know what you're talkin' about.
She told me so much about you.
I saw a fuckin' murder.
These people will kill me.
Found a dead body today.
- Want to buy me a drink?
- Okay.
There's this guy. He's black.
- He's from somewhere else.
- Dominican Republic?
- Haiti?
- Yeah.
I need to know if
any cops been coming around.
Yeah. One came by the club last night.
He comes back around,
I want you to get close.
I might actually prefer you go to prison.
Yeah! Yo, hook me up!
You must've drank a lot ♪
Hey, hey, what's up?
- How you livin'?
- All right.
Day eight.
I thought you were out after detox.
I got that good insurance.
'Sides, I got nothin' to go back to.
I hear that.
Yo, who's that?
That girl is my heart.
She new?
She was here before. Slipped.
- Came back.
- Huh.
Hey, I been workin' on that.
I put in the hours. I got dibs.
Fuck dibs.
I'm Jackie.
I haven't smoked in a minute.
Let me hit that?
Who smokes menthols?
I do.
Oh, yeah? Who are you?
Oh, my God. Oh, shit.
Oh, my God! Oh, yeah.
Oh, yeah, right there,
right there, right there.
Oh, my God. Oh, my God.
Good girl.
I want you to come for me.
You know I'm straight, right?
Oh, okay. You want me to stop?
No, no, no. No, no, d-don't stop.
Don't stop.
Hey, Jeremy.
- How's your dad doin'?
- He's better, thanks.
Good, good. Good to hear that.
J-dogg. Question for you, my man.
Ah, shit, what's that guy's name?
- Big guy.
- Yeah, deals for Frankie.
Big black dude, Dominican, I think.
- Mm-hmm.
- Osito.
Yeah, Osito, that's right.
So where's he live?
You got a number for him?
I don't really know him.
I just heard the name.
Well, you know, it's so funny, man.
We were asking around town
and no one's saying shit,
so this might be your chance
to get a big gold star
next to your name.
Nah, I'm good.
You ever kicked in jail, Jeremy?
- What?
- You know, vomiting,
You do not want diarrhea in jail.
You can't fucking do that.
Kid, we got you last month,
20 grams of fentanyl.
So the only reason
that you're not in Barnstable
right fucking now is that
you agreed to cooperate.
- Mm-hmm.
- Now, we already pulled the warrant,
so why don't you tell us
what you know about Osito?
- Fuck you. I don't know anything.
- Fuck me?
I already told you I don't know anything.
Motherfucker said fuck me to me.
- Bullshit.
- I don't know him. I
Fuck this guy,
let's go. Let's go, let's go.
No, you can't do that! I-I
already told you what I know!
We had a fucking deal, come on!
Fuck you guys!
I told you everything I know!
Open up.
Step on through.
Uh, hi, I'm Junior.
I'm an alcoholic and an addict.
- Hey, Junior.
- What up, man?
Anyways, uh, thanks for having us.
It's an honor to bring you a
meeting of Alcoholics Anonymous.
Guy fucking sleeping over here.
That's, um that's cool. I get it.
I know what you're thinking,
"What the fuck does this kid
got to say about me?"
Um maybe you're right.
Maybe you got your shit
figured out. I don't know.
For me, the only shit I ever figured out
was how to hustle and lie
and break people's hearts.
I mean, I'm a fucking dope fiend,
and fentanyl fucking killed me.
I mean, like, literally
killed me a couple times.
I'm fucking lucky to be
standing here right now,
but I am.
And, uh
I'm standing here sober.
That's a fucking miracle.
So, uh, yeah,
if it can happen for a
piece-of-shit dope fiend like me
It can happen for you.
All prisoners, return to your cells.
All blocks, five minutes to count time.
Five minutes to count time.
Return to your cells.
Yo, preacher man.
You look good. Fresh.
New kicks.
Uh, yeah, pretty new.
So what the fuck happened?
I'm sorry.
I thought you were the boat guy.
I mean, yeah, it was just,
the swell was off the chain.
It was a fucking supermoon, bro.
"It was a supermoon, bro."
Y-yeah, it's just a really big moon.
It fucks with the tides and shit.
I'm really sorry.
Just it was a girl.
It was.
I take care of you, right? Money's good?
Yeah, Frankie, it's good.
When I was gettin' high,
it was cool, you know,
and now I don't know; it's just
What are you saying?
I'm done.
I-I'm cool with the pumping and all that.
It's just, not
with the bodies, you know?
You think
you get to make decisions here?
You're done when I say you're done.
When you're done, you won't even know it.
So are we gonna hang out later?
Yeah, I'll see you after lunch.
Okay, let's begin.
Who would like to share?
Hey, I'm Jackie.
So, like, a week ago, I couldn't imagine
not drinking or partying, right?
Um but now I realize
that it was really messing with my life.
And, like
I'm cool being sober, you know?
Still me, still having fun.
It's all good.
I don't really know why people
think it's so hard.
What do you have, like, eight days?
Yeah, so?
So what the fuck do you know?
What is this bringing up for you?
I don't appreciate her
acting all high and mighty.
This is my fifth treatment,
and I'm only in here now
'cause drug court took pity on me.
Otherwise I'm looking
at real prison time.
It's not my fault she keeps relapsing.
- Excuse me, bitch?
- Jackie,
Bethany has a point.
You may be on what we call a pink cloud.
In early sobriety,
we have energy, clarity.
It feels so good and easy to be sober
that we think it'll never be hard.
But that feeling won't last forever
unless you do the work.
- I told you, bitch.
- Call me bitch again, bitch.
Right, what, what? Don't fuck with me!
David! David!
- Get off of me!
- Fucking with me, bitch!
- Fuck you!
- Hey, hey!
I told you!
Take a seat.
She started it. Talk to her.
I did talk to her.
I told her that I will not
tolerate violence,
and she no longer has a bed here.
Whoa, shit.
Yeah, and I'd like to remind you
of the no fraternization policy.
You keep this thing up with Tina,
you won't have a bed here either.
Tina? What are you talking about?
You don't think I know everything
that goes on around here?
I'd like us to start
examining your relationship
to women and sex.
What? I love women and sex.
Have you ever had a serious relationship?
One, Devonne.
But we broke up, and now she hates me.
Do you think your drinking
played a part in that?
Yes, okay, my drinking
played a part in it.
But it wasn't just that.
I mean, I loved her,
and I wanted to want
the same stuff as her,
like kids and a house, whatever.
But I couldn't.
I didn't mean to be a shithead.
It just happened.
Which I'm pretty sure
is what my dad would say
if you asked him.
What's your dad like?
He's an old-ass fisherman.
Lost part of his finger on a tuna boat
and still made his quota that day.
Sounds like you admire him.
Uh, yeah, I admire that part, I guess.
Yeah. But he also, like,
fucked over my mom
and cheated on her a thousand times.
Probably still does.
Do you think you're like him?
I'm nothing like him.
But that's crazy, right?
Like, who's trying to fuck
his nine-fingered old ass?
I've noticed you make jokes
when you're uncomfortable.
Oh, yeah? Let's talk
about your dad's sex life, Doc.
You want to change the subject, fine.
You have cleaning duty for a week.
Got a name for you, Lieutenant.
- Yeah?
- Osito.
That's a name?
It's a nickname.
So I've authorized 30 hours of O
since the murder,
and you don't have shit.
Hey, look, nobody's
talking about this guy.
We been busting heads all week,
and only one dude cops to knowing him?
What does that tell you?
Tells me Osito's a player.
Come on, you don't even have a real name
for this chucklehead.
Not yet.
"Not yet."
I got the phone records from corrections.
Get to it.
Oh, and the check engine light came on.
When's the last
time you got the oil changed?
I don't know. A while ago.
You have to do it every six months.
Take it in today.
What about those dinosaur nuggets?
No, he's totally over those now.
You like that, baby?
You like how I suck that cock?
Yeah, baby, I love it. Take that cock.
I'm gonna take it all.
Oh, yeah.
It's so deep in my throat, baby.
Oh, man.
Oh, yeah.
You gonna come for me?
Hey, you still want to chill?
Yo, you know this girl?
Uh, yeah, that's Krista Collins.
We came in around the same time.
- Who is she?
- I don't know, just some chick.
When did she leave?
I don't know. Like, two weeks ago.
Two what day?
Maybe Thursday? I don't know.
Holy shit, Thursday. Are you sure?
No, I'm not sure. Why?
What is this about?
Hey, some girl's having a seizure.
The nurse told me to come get you.
What nurse, Sharon?
I don't know. Uh, yeah.
The one with the brown hair?
Yeah, Sharon. She's been
here three months already.
It's time she figured out
how not to call me
every time she has a problem, huh.
Jesus, woman, close your tabs.
Oh, shit.
She's severely weather-beaten, right?
I know, Ma.
I know-I know what it looks like.
But I
I really am clean now, I swear to God.
Krista, you got to be fucking kiddin' me.
After what you did last time,
you shouldn't even be back in Wareham.
I know, I know. I'm sorry, I just
I was really fucked up,
but I got 42 days now.
Please, Ma.
I'm really trying to stay clean.
Please, I got nowhere else to go.
You need to get out of here
before Markie sees you.
You need to go.
Good morning, Jackie.
Can I talk to you?
What time do we have one-on-one?
Um 4:00?
Well, then we'll talk at 4:00.
Please, it's kind of important.
Uh, do you know a resident
named Krista Collins?
I can't discuss my other patients.
Even if she's in trouble?
What is this, Jackie?
I told you about the body
on the beach, right?
Well, I found something out, like
maybe Krista Collins
had something to do with it,
and I feel like I-I feel like
I need to
look into that.
What do you think?
I think if you have information,
you should call the police.
Okay, well, hold-hold-hold on.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
What else do you think?
I think you're a newly sober alcoholic
looking for something to fix on
and that this is an
obsession of the mind,
- just like the big book talks about.
- Why does this always have to be
about me being crazy? I mean,
maybe I'm supposed to be doing this.
Like, why me, you know?
Why-why did I find that body?
- Maybe my-my purpose
- I
- Is to save this girl.
- That's very noble,
but there's only one person
you need to save,
and it's not Krista Collins.
Yo, this isn't some, like,
bullshit teachable moment.
This is real life.
We're talking about a murder.
Yes, and you're not a cop.
I have investigations training.
Yeah, marine investigations.
I'm here voluntarily,
and I can leave whenever the fuck I want.
You're right.
You want to screw up your DUI case
and your job to play
cops and robbers, be my guest.
You know what? Fuck you.
I don't need your permission.
In my opinion, you leave now,
you're gonna drink.
You look like ass.
Yeah, well, the other guy
looks like your ass.
Good morning, Lieutenant.
Turns out, Frankie Cuevas
is not using the prison phones
to discuss business.
Nope, I know it was my idea.
But I got another line on Osito
I'm working on right now.
No, I'll keep you in the loop.
Hey, Renee.
Oh, what's up, little man?
Look what I got you.
- That's cool, huh?
- See how your arm goes.
- Huh?
- Look at that.
Nice throw, buddy. Go get it.
What the fuck are you doing here?
How did-how did you even find me?
It's kind of what I do.
It's okay.
Relax. No one knows I'm a cop.
I'm just a guy taking
a walk on the dunes.
Hey, listen, that thing
we were talking about
You had a really good instinct on that.
- So we're even?
- Almost.
I need you to introduce Osito
to an undercover cop.
Who's Osito?
Don't do that.
I know you know the dude.
Text him and set up a buy.
You want me to do it? Give me your phone.
Okay, I fucking know the guy, all right?
But I can't today.
I'm on a fucking field trip
and I'm working tonight.
So, what, people don't
buy drugs during the day?
Text him.
We'll do it after you
drop off Frankie Jr.
Hey, I've seen your rap sheet.
Possession, possession
with intent, solicitation
Yeah, you mind keeping your voice down?
My point is, that was five years ago.
You're doing good.
You're doing really good.
Frankie ain't doing shit for you.
Or else you wouldn't
be dancing at Xavier's.
I know they froze his assets,
and that's got to be real hard for you.
But with Frankie away,
you have a chance to do things different.
Now, what are you gonna do
when he gets convicted?
Help me. Let me help you.
I can be a real friend, Renee.
Right here, right now, you and me.
Let's be friends.
$200 for electricity?
Your arraignment's Wednesday.
You need money for the lawyer?
No, it's okay.
Need a ride to court?
Oh, fuck, I don't have a car.
- Fuck!
- You think maybe
you should've stayed there
a little longer?
No, that place sucked, all right?
Don't worry about it. I'm sober.
That's the point, right?
Come on, just tell me whatever it is.
I talked to Hunniker.
I don't think it's gonna go your way.
What do you mean, like
like I'm fired?
He can't fucking do that.
He's the boss; he can do
whatever the fuck he wants.
You know I'm the only person
of color on the Northeast Division
and one of the only female agents?
Come on, you're the toughest
chick I know.
You really got to play that card?
And then with the Spanish thing?
You got to admit,
with all the quotas and shit,
it's probably helped you
more than it's hurt you.
Ah, Jesus Christ, Ed,
would you just admit you voted for Trump?
I voted for Gary Johnson.
Get the fuck out of here, all right?
I got to start figuring out my life.
Maybe you can figure out how to
make it to one of those meetings.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Thanks, Ed.
Krista Collins, 617-555-0139
The number you have dialed
has been changed, disconnected,
or is no longer in service.
Please check the number and dial again.
Holy shit.
Krista Collins.
Krista Collins.
Jesus Christ.
I know she doesn't look like it,
but Trooper Babcock here
is actually a professional.
Fuck off, Ray.
You're gonna use this for the buy.
So I'm the one-I'm the one
giving him the money.
No one's getting arrested today.
I want you to remember that.
- The goal here
- Fuck.
Is for us to form a long-term
relationship with him.
They're gonna be listening
on an open cell line.
All you have to do
is introduce me to Osito,
then ask if I can just
text him myself next time.
It's a piece of cake, right?
Yeah, for you guys.
Well, how do I look?
I look good, right?
I look good, I'm wearing athleisure,
and I'm making it work.
This is a fitted sweatpant, right?
Remember that time at the club
when Andre left with that ho?
Bitch left us with no ride.
See? You're a natural.
- That's all it is. You got it.
- Okay, okay.
- Uh-huh.
- You're in it. She's in it.
20 minutes out.
There you go.
- You got this.
- Yeah.
Leslie, talk to me.
What's going on over there?
Check out the
black SUV that just pulled in.
We got a black Chevy Suburban,
extra large,
Mass plates, 7-7-Papa-8-Bravo-5.
Registration's coming back to a
90-year-old white woman on Nantucket.
That's Osito.
- That's my guy.
- Hmm.
We're going in.
What up, O?
Who's that?
Oh, uh, Osito, this is my friend Leslie.
Leslie, Osito.
Yo, what kind of name is that?
You didn't say you was bringing nobody.
Come on.
She's my friend.
What she want?
I want to cop some motherfucking dope
is what I want.
Jesus Christ, can maybe that happen soon?
I wouldn't let my bitch talk like that.
I know Frankie wouldn't either.
Look, give me a break, all right?
Frankie's not here.
He know you getting high?
No. Doesn't need to either.
This is some bullshit.
Should I just call my other guy?
Who the fuck are you?
How you know 'Nee?
We used to work together at a place.
What place was that, junkiebitches.com?
Fuck you.
Uh, okay, dude, y-you got
something for me or what?
Don't ever bring
no one around I don't know.
Get the fuck out of my car.
Yeah, really.
Pshh. That's fucked up.
This motherfucker's smart.
Sorry, guys, I couldn't close it.
No, no, no, no, wait, wait, wait.
Don't move.
Ray, what you doing, man?
What the fuck?
Oh, Fred, hey.
I need the rent today.
Actually, the Wi-Fi just went out, so
It's not out. I changed the password.
What? Why?
This isn't the Provincetown
Public Library.
- No rent, no Wi-Fi.
- Come on, man.
Cut me some slack.
I've had a really tough week.
This is going
to be news to you, Jacqueline,
but your life choices are not my problem.
Really, Fred?
I'll give you till the end of the week.
Fred, come on, I took your fucking cat
to the vet when you were in Rome!
Because you forgot to give her
her goddamn kidney medication.
- She was in renal failure.
- Fine!
You want your fucking money, Fred? Here.
Here, take your fucking money.
There you go.
Fuck off, 'cause I cannot
deal with you right now.
Ow! Fuck!
- God
- You okay?
Fuck off!
So at this time, um,
we'd like to welcome any newcomers
in their first 30 days of sobriety.
Would any newcomers like to come up here
and introduce themselves?
Oh, excellent.
Hey, I'm Brian, and I'm an alcoholic.
Hi, Brian.
- Hey, give me one of those.
- Fuck off. You quit.
- Come on, I can have one.
- No, you can't.
I didn't even know you were sober.
I got three months, kid.
- Nine days.
- Wow, that's great.
You know you're, like,
the only person I know who doesn't drink?
Hey, you want to be my sponsor?
Fuck no, I'm a piece of shit.
- Besides, I'm a dude.
- I'm a dyke.
Whatever, man. I don't need a sponsor.
Hey, I, uh, heard you went to treatment.
Still doing outpatient?
Nah, I kind of just left.
There was this thing.
It's actually kind of fucked up.
You know you can tell me.
I don't give a shit.
All right. I mean,
it's kind of crazy, but, um
You know I found
that dead girl on the beach?
So I found this picture
of another chick in rehab,
and I think it's connected,
and it feels like-like
I got to do something to save this girl
or whatever. I don't know.
Is that crazy?
Yeah. Yeah, it's crazy.
You know you're a fish cop, right?
Yeah, so?
Hey, look, if I was your sponsor,
I'd tell you to get your ass in meetings
and work on getting your job back.
You don't need to be saving some
girl who probably doesn't need saving,
who's probably getting high
right fucking now.
'Cause that's how we do, you know?
You know, when I first came in,
my sponsor said,
"Buy yourself a suit,
'cause you're gonna be going
to a lot of funerals."
Most people don't get sober.
We're the lucky ones, you feel me?
Yeah, I feel you.
Yo, you want to grab some food?
Nah, I'm seeing Donna now.
Oh, yeah, you two getting' it in?
Working on it, kid.
So, uh, don't be mad,
but my mom took Mackayleigh
to get her ears pierced.
Oh, uh I'm not mad.
Actually, you know what?
I'm gonna get her some rocks.
- Oh, yeah?
- Yeah.
- Business is that good?
- Yeah, it's pretty good.
What is business?
Don't start, Donna, please.
Okay, I'm sorry.
Thanks for coming on a walk with me.
Thank you for assembling the crib.
You sure you don't want to get
a drink or something?
What, you think all it takes
is a few drinks, you'll get it in?
- Yeah.
- Oh!
We'll see about that.
I remember the first time we kissed.
It was at the junior prom,
and you were drinking OE, remember that?
I remember.
You had a huge boner.
You didn't think I noticed.
I know I fucked shit up with us.
But I miss you,
and I love you.
I want to be together.
I'm not ready. I'm sorry.
No, it's okay.
Just don't mind this huge boner.
When do you think you'll be ready?
Oh, my God. Get the fuck out of here.
How you feeling?
That was, uh
that was kind of fun.
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
I think maybe I'm awesome
at going undercover.
No, you did good.
I'm really proud of you.
Except you didn't get what you wanted.
Mm, not yet.
So listen.
I know the pay sucks, but the, uh,
Commonwealth of Massachusetts
would like to buy you dinner.
Um I really
have to-have to get to work.
- Another time.
- Yeah, yeah, no, I get it.
- Yeah, okay.
- Yeah.
I should probably
Yeah, get out of here.
Yeah. Bye.
Fuck it.
Don't do it.
Don't be a fucking asshole.
All right, guys,
let's give it up for Candy.
Next up, we've got Cinnamon.
What are you doing here?
What you think?
I want to get a dance.
Let me get Dakota.
Thick-ass Brazilian girl.
- You'll love her.
- Nah.
I want to get a dance from you.
I don't think Frankie would like that.
It's like you said, Frankie's not here.
I'm here.
So we doing this or what?
Ladies 'bout to wonder ♪
Brother, teach you things
while undercover ♪
I know how to ease a little tension ♪
Chain fat ♪
Check fat ♪
Ass fat ♪
That's a fact ♪
Fuck up a set ♪
Sit back, relax ♪
That ass still fat,
and that's a fact ♪
There you go.
Got your dance.
Tell that bitch five-ish ♪
Definition of a bad bitch ♪
I should beat your ass
for bringing that junkie bitch around me.
Get the fuck off me.
How long you been getting high?
Why do you care?
I told Frankie I'd watch out for you.
- Oh, yeah?
- Yeah.
That's what this is?
You looking out for me?
You're the mother of his kid.
He needs to hear that you're okay,
that you're holding up.
I'm out here on my own, all right?
Frankie's not doing shit for me.
That chick,
yeah, we have some guy who
pays us to do girl-on-girl for him.
All right? Sometimes I like to
get high before I eat out her pussy.
Takes the fucking edge off.
So you want to tell Frankie
I been fucking around, using,
I don't give a shit.
Hey, girl.
Jack and diet?
Just diet.
Don't ask.
you hear anything else
about that dead girl?
No. But everyone knows
it was about drugs.
My little nephew Ronnie's
bragging he used to deal
to her dealer or something
up in Barnstable.
These kids.
Yeah, well, little Ronnie
should probably shut the fuck up.
God bless him, if he lives to 25,
it'll be a miracle.
What about this girl?
Seen her?
I don't think so.
But I'll tell you one thing.
Those freckles
are like chocolate sprinkles
on vanilla ice cream.
You know what I'm saying?
Can I, uh, buy you a drink?
Oh, uh, I don't drink.
Sorry, I mean I mean you can stay.
You from around here?
Uh, yeah, yeah. You?
Hyannis. I'm just down for the night.
Are you okay?
I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
I'm just a little fucked up right now
and everything's kind of crazy.
We don't have to talk about it.
How'd you sleep?
You wore me out.
What do you got going on today?
Nothing much.
What'd you have in mind?
I was wondering if maybe you
would give me a ride up to Barnstable.
We got a hit on the prints obtained
during the controlled buy.
They matched with a Dominican-Haitian
dual citizen by the name
of Emmanuel Delgado,
AKA Edmonton Vargas, AKA Osito.
Came to east Boston as a kid.
He was deported in 2017
after a trafficking bust.
Apparently, he's back,
and he's working for Frankie Cuevas.
We're looking at him
for the Sherry Henry murder.
Good work, gentlemen.
I guess congratulations are in order.
- Just doing my job.
- Don't be modest.
Osito's gonna take you
all the way to the DEA.
It's not about me.
I told Sherry I'd keep her safe.
Isn't it always about you, Ray?
Oh, do we need an airing
of grievances here?
I just don't want you
to fuck up this case.
How am I gonna do that?
By banging her.
- Fuck.
- Yeah. Yeah.
'Cause this Captain Save-A-Ho
routine, I remember it.
And I remember how sad it was for you
when it turned out I didn't need saving.
It's always gonna turn out badly.
You can't pass with no class ♪
Test me ♪
You can't pass with no class ♪
Test me ♪
Black heels, black purse ♪
She gon' make the stack worth ♪
Breakin' up for that work ♪
Sexy and she know it ♪
Look who it is.
My new best friend.
We need to talk.
Didn't we do that yesterday?
All right.
Gonna have to pay for some drinks, then.
Got that poison ♪
Get the lady whatever she wants.
Dom Pérignon.
So what's up?
I need to know why Osito
came to see you last night.
What, are you spying on me?
Doing my job.
Yeah, you keep telling yourself that.
You know, just when I was
starting to think you were a nice guy.
But you're not, are you?
You're just a weird, lonely stalker
who has a thing for strippers.
This isn't a personal call, Renee.
Why was Osito here?
Because he wanted a fucking lap dance,
all right?
- Did you give him one?
- That's none of your business.
Well, your business
is my business now, Renee.
I need to know why Osito was
here and what you two discussed.
And I need to leave here 100% reassured
that you did not alert my target
to an ongoing investigation.
Now, can you do that?
You think I'm telling Osito
that I'm talking to a cop?
You know what Frankie would do
if he found out?
He'd fucking kill me, all right?
So no, I didn't tell him shit.
I don't give a fuck if you
believe me, all right?
I'm not gonna let anything happen to you.
Is that what you said to Sherry Henry?
Go fuck yourself, Ray.
We're done.
All right,
we're gonna step it up here at Xavier's.
Let's welcome Candy to the main stage.
Yeah, I think it's right here.
What are you doing here again?
Don't worry about it.
I'll call you later.
Hi. Uh, my name's Jackie.
I'm a friend of Sherry's.
Is it cool if I come in?
You holding?
Oh, no. God, no. I'm sorry.
cute baby.
Who are you again?
I'm a friend of Sherry's.
Uh, I know her through Ronnie.
Ronnie's cool.
Yeah, yeah. Ronnie's cool.
Can you take her?
I need a smoke.
Yeah, okay.
what's her name?
So, uh
it really sucks about Sherry, huh?
Sherry was cool.
So do you know her friend Krista too?
Sherry's friend, blonde girl?
No, I don't know her.
You're wearing her earrings.
Yeah, I forgot.
Yeah, she was here.
Oh, yeah? With Sherry?
She just got out of rehab.
It's like, go fuck yourself, you know?
Wait, so she was staying here,
like, what, a couple weeks ago?
'Cause I been trying
to call her, you know?
Who was staying here?
Krista, Sherry's friend.
Shut the fuck up, Lisa.
I never saw her here.
You shut up.
You're fuckin' retarded.
Who are you?
I'm a friend of Sherry's.
You're a friend of Sherry's?
You a cop?
- No.
- I wouldn't let a cop in.
She knows Ronnie.
So why are you here?
You know, I think she might be hungry.
You want to nurse her or something?
She doesn't want anything that
comes out of those skank-ass tits.
Fuck off, Rory.
What are you, a fucking snitch?
- What?
- You wearing a wire?
No. I told you,
I'm a friend of Sherry's, okay?
And Ronnie.
Shut the fuck up, Lisa!
And do something with this fuckin' baby!
Hey, you know what? I'm just gonna go.
I'm gonna go, okay?
You have reached the CCINU voice mail.
To dial by name directory, press 1
Ah, come on. Fuck you.
Or wait for the tone to leave a message
in our general mailbox.
Hi, This is Jackie Quinones.
I'm the one who found Sherry Henry.
Please tell Ray Abruzzo to call me back.
Hey, you got a second?
Jack, what's up? What are you doing here?
I was right. She was fucking there.
Who-who was where?
Krista, Sherry's friend.
She was there. She was at
Sherry's house the day of the murder.
And they were wearing the
same necklaces. They lied to me.
They said that she wasn't,
but she was there,
'cause the chick was wearing
the orange earrings.
And I called her, and her phone
was disconnected.
I know something's up, man.
This shit again.
I think she's dead, Junior.
I fucking think
the same people killed her.
And if they didn't kill her,
then she's in big fucking trouble.
All right, look,
why don't you come on board
and we'll talk about it, yeah?
Yeah, okay, all right.
I'll give you a hand. Watch your step.
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