Hightown (2020) s02e03 Episode Script

Fresh as a Daisy

[MAN] Previously on Hightown
Dirty Dancing, playing in Chatham.
My son took it hard
when his mum and I split.
[NICK] By the way, Mum says, "Fuck off".
We'll figure it out.
You're a good person.
You give Mackayleigh a kiss for me.
- Sean Gandam was murdered.
- And I know who did it.
- Junior McCarthy.
- [ALAN] Bullshit.
- You trust Renee?
- Why wouldn't I?
She did fuck the same guy
that put us both away.
You sure that's over?
[RENEE] So why do you want to work here?
It was between this and Stop & Shop.
We just closed on Coco Connor.
[JACKIE] We busted a guy
named Dug Aquino.
[LESLIE] He shot him
and ganked Coco's supply.
[ALAN] Where'd Coco get the drugs from?
He said he got a new supplier.
Maybe newly returned.
[FRANKIE] Before we agree
to this partnership,
I have a few questions.
How you gonna get it onto the Cape?
- The bus.
- Ever heard of a private plane?
That was good.
We work well together, yeah.
- We do work well together.
- Yeah.
Hi, Sarge.
[SINGER] I thought a lot
of things about you ♪
I stayed awake
just thinking about you ♪
But now I'm awake ♪
You had to stay ♪
Tomorrow's a day of mine
that you won't be in ♪
I tried to say I was just having fun ♪
But I really knew
that you were the one ♪
And now that I'm gone ♪
I see I was wrong ♪
I should have known all along ♪
That time would tell ♪
A week without you ♪
I should forget ♪
Two weeks without you ♪
And I'm still thinking about
the things that you said ♪
Vacation, just another love-in ♪
Vacation, I hope you love me ♪
Vacation, would you think of me? ♪

I think I'll leave ♪
Without saying goodbye ♪
I think that you know the reason why ♪
What if I was to stay? ♪
Would things turn out
some other way? ♪
I'll never know anyway ♪

[MEGAN] Ay, ay. ♪
Money good ♪
I ain't had to get nobody hit ♪
But I could ♪
Before I post a pic, should I flex? ♪
Yeah, I should ♪
I ain't got to worry 'bout shit ♪
Money good ♪
Ride with some hitters ♪
And they wish a bitch would ♪
I don't want to argue 'bout it ♪
Baby, I'm good ♪
If she got a band let her in ♪
Yeah, she good ♪
I ain't got to worry 'bout shit ♪
Money good ♪
- What's up, Lance?
- Hey.
You know the drill.
Take a seat anywhere.
So how was your trip to the Big Apple?
It was tight.
Yo, could I sit up front this time?
- Is that cool?
- Sure.
It's always nice to have
a second pair of eyes.
So how do you turn this thing on?
You got, like, a key or something?
You want to start it?
[LANCE] Sure.
Put your headset on.
This is where it gets loud.
Tower, this is King Air.
Niner three zero
Mike Quebec, ready for taxi.
Taxi runway two-six.

King Air, all clear.
[LANCE] Here we go.

Nice bag.
It's bootleg. Got it on Canal Street.
You did good time, my man.
Here's a little something
for getting in early.
Thanks. Always a pleasure.
Get the bag.
Earth to fuck face, get the bag.
Sorry, jefe, I don't
hear so good on my left ear.
You hear me now?
- Yeah.
- Get the fucking bag!
Now what?
Now you get yourself a real bag
'cause the shit's about to get real.

- Hey, Sarge. What's up?
Uh, Forensics came back
on the body we found.
Thought you'd want to know.
Yeah, postmortem decap.
Hands severed by postmortem
repeated blunt force.
Wow. They know who it is?
[ALAN] Yeah, turn the page.
- Sean Gandam, AKA Kizzle.
- [JACKIE] Osito's guy.
[ALAN] Yep.
You think Frankie was cleaning house?
Actually, we like
your boy Junior for this.
[SCOFFS] No. No, no way he did that.
He was a fuck-up,
but he wasn't a psycho.
We got a CI to place him there.
[LAUGHING] You're shitting me, right?
Osito and Kizzle were coming
to kill Junior that day,
on Frankie's orders
that was your theory.
I remember.
And now Osito wants
to pin this on Junior?
And you buy that?
Phone records place Junior in Nickerson
at time of death.
And there's physical evidence.
Okay, fine. So what? He was there.
So, if something happened,
it was self-defense.
Look, I know you two were close,
so, uh, maybe this is too much for you.
No, it's
I'm fine.
'cause there's a witness here
I think you'll want to talk to.
Let's go.

Miss Barreto, Sergeant Saintille.
I believe you know Agent Quinones.
- Jesus.
You're still playing cop?
Uh, actually, I'm not playing anymore.
Good for you, I guess.
How's Mackayleigh? How are you?
Cut the shit. Why am I here?
You recognize this?
Uh, yeah.
That's Junior's sweatshirt.
I gave it to him for Christmas.
Jesus, he fucking loved that thing.
Where'd you get it?
Found it buried
with the body of a dealer
named Sean Gandam.
You know him?
Yeah, I met him.
The day Junior died, he and some other
sketchy-ass dude broke into my house.
- What'd they want?
- They were looking for Junior.
Said they needed to talk to him.
[ALAN] They say about what?
No, but I'm sure it was nothing good.
You know all this shit.
Yeah, I-I do know,
which is why I got to ask
is there any way
Junior could've killed Kizzle?

You know what?
I fucking hope he killed
that piece of shit.
[JACKIE] You don't mean that.
Junior called me that day,
talking all this shit,
saying he's a killer or whatever,
and then that sick fuck Kizzle
threatened me and our daughter.
So, yeah, yeah.
I think Junior did kill him.
It'd be the last good thing
he ever did for me.
- Donna.
- Is there something else?
No, that's okay.
Uh, if we need anything else,
we'll let you know.


[JACKIE] Donna.
Donna, wait, wait, wait, hold up.
What do you want?
I'm sorry, okay? I'm sorry, again.
I just I just want
to make things right.
Yeah, well, you can't.
I miss him, too.
I can't do this now, not here.
Okay, all right, well, just at
at least tell me that
you're okay for money.
I'm fine. I got a job at Xavier's.
Don't give me that look.
It's just serving drinks.
[JACKIE] You know
who works out of there?
Yeah, strippers.
Yeah, and drug dealers
Frankie and Jorge Cuevas,
the same people that Junior
was mixed up with.
It's a paying job.
What do you want from me?
What if you work for me?
You tell me the day-to-day,
people coming in and out of the club.
You're unbelievable.
You ask me to snitch right now?
You know how fucked up that is?
Those assholes got Junior killed.
It's their shit that he OD'd on.
When are you gonna fucking get it, huh?
It wasn't Osito. It wasn't Kizzle.
It wasn't anybody else
that killed Junior.
Junior killed Junior.

[LESLIE] Oh, hey.
- You okay?
- Yeah, just it's
It's nothing.
How was your weekend?
Eh, it was good. It was fine, you know?
Good. Yeah, me too.
So, hey, um, Alan's got us
on Cuevas surveillance today.
Ready to camp out in front of Xavier's?
[CHUCKLES] Yeah, sounds fun.
[LESLIE] We'll be clocking
who they meet with,
what cars they drive.
Just be glad we're not on trash pulls.
- Yeah.
Uh, it's just I
I got something I need to take care of.
Is that is that cool
if I meet you over there?
[LESLIE] Yeah, sure.
You sure you're okay?
Yeah, I just got some shit
I got to figure out.
- Hands up. Don't shoot.
Right back at ya.
How you doing there?
My leg hurts.
Yeah, well, my shoulder hurts, too,
but only when it rains.
I heard you've been talking
some shit about my boy.
I don't know what you heard
or who you heard it from.
You know, the day Junior died,
I was worried about him.
Might even say I was trying to save him.
How'd that go?
Tell me what happened that day.
Called me up, said
he wanted to get high,
so we came and met him.
Then we went for a ride. That's it.
[SIGHS] Somebody chopped
Kizzle's head off
and buried him in the woods.
What do you know about that?
Only two people know
what happened in those woods,
and they're both gone.
I said my piece about it.
Bullshit. You were there.
That why you gave Junior a hot shot?
- To cover it up?
- That's what you think?
I fucking killed him? Fuck you.
- Well, what, then?
- I loved that boy.

I put him on a bus to Miami,
put some bills in his pocket,
gave him a place to stay, a new life.

I told him to leave that shit alone.
If you care about Junior,
how you gonna let him
take a body off your plate?

You think he gives
a shit about that now?

You should know
that boy had your back for reals.
If it wasn't for him
things would've gone
differently for you that day.
Fly away now, little Starling.

Sorry for the delay.
Lab's been backed up all day.
Okay. And?
you're pregnant, about eight weeks.
Wow. Okay.
[DOCTOR] Is this a surprise?
Well, it wasn't exactly
planned, that's for sure.
[DOCTOR] Well, okay.
You have some decisions to make.
If you plan to keep the baby,
we can get you in today,
do a full prenatal workup,
make sure everything's okay.
And option two?
[DOCTOR] If you choose to terminate,
we can perform the procedure
up to 20 weeks.
Is there any way to tell
if the baby is, um,
white or Dominican?
Are you asking about
a fetal paternity test?
[DOCTOR] Yes, you can do that,
but not here.
It is high-risk for the baby.
I wouldn't recommend it
unless it was absolutely necessary.
Is it absolutely necessary?
Pretty fucking sure who the father is.
That's the problem.
[DOCTOR] Anyone you
can talk to about this?
I don't need to talk to anyone.
We can go ahead and
schedule the abortion.
[DOCTOR] All right.
Well, you can get dressed
and meet me in the front.


[FRANKIE] Hey, mamita.
Hey. Hey, I thought
I thought you were at the club today.
- Ah, I'm waiting on Jorge.
- Mm.
Got business this morning.
- Where have you been?
- Mm.
Just the gym.
[SOFTLY] I'll show you a real workout.
[RENEE] Oh, babe.
I, um I need to shower.
I'm I'm I'm disgusting.
[FRANKIE] Not to me, you're not.
Are you gonna tell me what's wrong?
Nothing's wrong.
[FRANKIE] Don't lie to me.
I know what it is.
You're mad because we haven't
set a wedding date yet.
No, babe.
No, I'm I'm not mad
about anything, okay?
- Good. Then come play with me.
- Mm. Mm.
[RENEE] Baby, I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
It's just I, um
I have really bad cramps.
- Okay.
- Okay.
I understand.
I you know, I got
to go to work anyway.
Feel better, okay?
[NICK] You're too slow.
[RAY] Got to hit the net, pal.
Come on, bud. Let's go.
I gotcha. Come on.
You're really getting slow, old man.
- [RAY] Huh? Right here.
- [NICK] Need a break?
You know, all that
chirping's distracting you
from the biscuit, buddy.
Come on. Come on.
- [NICK] Whoo!
- Goal. Goal.
- [RAY] I gave you that.
- [RAY] I gave you that.
- The Garden goes crazy.
- Hey.
[NICK] Hey, Ma.
- How was work?
Doctors are idiots.
Everything good here?
Oh, yeah.
Yeah, Dad's just getting his ass kicked.
You actually showed up. That's good.
- I'm gonna eat and go to sleep.
- Okay.
Is there any chicken left over?
[NICK] Uh, yeah, I think so.
[RAY] Hey, Maryanne. Hey, Maryanne.
Hold on, hold on. wait
up, wait up, listen, um
is this a problem?
I mean, are you cool with me being here?
Cool? Yeah, it's great.
Work an overnight shift, come home,
hang out with my ex-husband.
Yeah, I get it. All right, uh,
we can go somewhere else.
Yeah, I heard you don't really have
any other place to be.
- You heard that?
- [MARYANNE] Yeah.
We had to switch Nicky to my insurance.
Oh, shit. I'm so sorry.
Hey, hey, listen, I know.
I know I put you through a lot.
And I-I know I'm the
asshole for that, okay?
But losing this job, it's fucked me up.
And now I'm trying
I'm trying to do something
a little different.
So, if it doesn't make
you uncomfortable,
I would like to come over
a little bit more,
and I think he would want it, too.
Yeah, okay, if that's what
he wants, it's fine with me.
- Thank you.
- Mm-hmm.
You're the best. You look tired, though.
- What happened?
Bunch of babies get born last night?
Just three, plus there's shit
with the house lately, so
Something I can do?
Well, toilet in the upstairs
bathroom's been leaking.
- [RAY] Yeah?
- Want to take a look at it?
Get right on it. Me and
Nicky run to Home Depot.
- Knock yourselves out.
- [RAY] Mm-hmm.
- Thanks.
- [RAY] No problem.
Go get some rest.
You want to learn how to fix a toilet?
[NICK] Not really.
- [ALAN] Got a moment?
- Sure.
It's about Sean Gandam
body we found in the woods.
Phone records, physical evidence,
and a statement got from
Junior McCarthy's girlfriend
back what I got from my informant.
I know body side's
handling it, obviously,
but, uh, I think McCarthy's our guy.
[SMITH] That's good news.
I'll call the DA right away
and make sure you're in that debrief.
Thank you, sir.
[SMITH] By the way,
I had drinks with some of
the command staff last night.
- Yeah?
- [SMITH] Your name came up.
I said you were a hard worker,
an up-and-comer,
that Velekee never gave you your due.
Well, all right, then.
Uh, better get back to it.
- [JACKIE] Hey, Sarge.
- Yeah.
You got a sec?
Yeah, what is it?
I think Osito killed Kizzle
to protect Junior.
Where'd you hear that?
Osito. I just talked to him.
- What the fuck?
- Right?
Look, I don't know how they do shit
over in the Fishery Service,
but here we deal in chain of command.
- What?
- I'm your sergeant.
Osito's my CI. You stay away.
I know, but I'm telling you,
Osito killed Kizzle,
not Junior.
You know you're here
on a probationary basis, right?
And if you want to stay here,
you'll learn to follow orders
or take your ass back on that damn boat.
Got it.
Now go find your partner.
She's been doing
real police work all day.

[RAY] All right, lift on three. Got it?
- [NICK] Yeah.
- [RAY] One, two, three.
[NICK] Watch the hose.
- [RAY] All right.
- [NICK] You got it? All right.
[RAY] There we go.
Well, I think we're good.
[NICK] Yeah? Yeah.
[RAY] You know what, pal?
Why don't you do the caulking?
That's the fun part.
- Like that?
- Yeah.
You know, maybe we could
start a business or something.
Make, like, 40 bucks an hour.
Abruzzo and Son
"We fix shitholes".
We fix sh [CHUCKLES]
Hey, you know, I, uh
I heard you and Ma talking.
What happened with your job?
I just got caught up
in some stuff, you know?
Let me guess. It was a chick.
What, you thought I didn't know
why you and Mum split up?
Me and your ma agreed
not to tell you that part.
Yeah, well, she didn't.
You know, I overheard her
crying on the phone
with Aunt Kathy.
And she said you were banging some lady
in your unit, which
Dad, even I know you shouldn't do that.
I know.
I deserve it.
I've made some poor choices in life,
but you can come to me, okay?
You could have talked to me.
Yeah, and have you
fucking lie to me again?
No, thanks.
[RAY] Hey, I fucked up.
I fucked up, Nicky,
but I didn't do it 'cause
I wanted to hurt you or Mum.

I'm just here to make it right.
you know, you let me know.
Okay? It's up to you.

Hey. I thought you were avoiding me.
Oh, sorry. Anything?
[LESLIE] Frankie and Jorge
got here a few hours ago.
Haven't seen them since.
So, like, we cool?
[LAUGHS] Yeah, we're cool.
You're not being weird
about this, are you?
What? No, you're the straight one.
If anyone's gonna be
weird about it, it's you.
Look, it doesn't have to be a big deal.
Sometimes coworkers hook up.
That what that was? A hookup?
Nothing. It's cool.
So, when you say
sometimes coworkers hook up,
you hooked up with
anyone else in the unit?
Okay. Who?
- Tell me.
- No. No.
- Come on.
- No way.
A female gets a reputation
on this job and she's fucked.
Oh, come on, who the fuck
am I gonna tell?
Besides, you could blow up my spot, too.
- Ray.
- Ray?
- Ray?
- Yes.
Oh, my God.
Like like, fucked him once?
No, more like for a year.
Oh, shit.
Yeah, yeah. Oh, shit.
My husband found out,
and his wife found out.
It was it was a shit show.
- Oh, my God.
- Yeah.
Were were you guys, like
you know, in love or
No, no.
I mean, besides the fact
that he's incapable of love,
affairs aren't real.
You know, you
you don't share a bathroom.
It's pretend.
[CHUCKLES] Fuck, that's
how all my relationships are.
Yeah, I guess that's why
I didn't realize
he was an asshole
until after it was over,
and then I had to work with him
for three more years.
- [JACKIE] Oh, Jesus.
- Yeah, it was great.
So wait, if you fucked Ray
and I fucked you,
that's almost like I fucked Ray.
- Ugh.
You can do worse.
Listen, he might be a piece of shit.
He's actually he's
he's good in bed.
Oh, God, stop. Okay, stop, stop.
La la la la la. I can't hear you.
I mean, he's no Jackie Quinones.

[GUARD] Delgado,
you got another visitor.
Mister fucking popular today.
[OSITO] How'd you get in?
[CHARMAINE] You know my Uncle Wayne
got the hookup everywhere.
That for real?
Yeah, it's for real.
What you want, little G?
Heard you had some trouble.
Yeah, they tried to plan my funeral,
- but they got the wrong date.
- Mm.
How you hear that?
I hear everything.
I'm working with Frankie and Jorge now.
They sent you here to fuck with me?
Nah, they don't even know I'm here.
You need to watch
your back with those two.
They straight-up vipers.
I didn't come here for business tips.
Came to offer my help.
Unless you got some muscle up in here,
you can't help me.
But I could float you a little
something to sell inside,
help you make some friends.

It's a good offer.
Too good.
You really think I'd do you like that?
I'd be a dumb motherfucker
if I didn't ask.
Frankie don't know shit.
This is my thing.

I swear on my sister.

So you just came up in here to help me
out of the goodness of your heart?
You ain't gonna be in here forever.
And when you out
I want you working for me.

Besides, you always been cool with me.
Not like Frankie.
Stupid ass couldn't even
remember my name.

How you gonna get me
the product in here?
Don't worry about that.
Just be ready.
I'm always ready.

Why do people like strip clubs so much?
Well, you got something for everyone.
Thick, thin, Black, white, every genre.
I guess so.
[JACKIE] Okay, let's see.
Hold up. Someone's coming.
Oh, wait, wait, wait, wait, hold up.
It's Jorge and some chick.
[LESLIE] What's happening?
Oh, my Go I think they're gonna fuck.
- What?
- Oh, yes.
Oh, my God. Give me those. Let's see.
No wait, come on.
I want to see how you
straight people do it.
- Oh, shut up. Come on.
[LESLIE] Holy shit.
It's the middle of the day.
- It's fucking freezing out.
- Let me see. Who's this chick?
- Here, here, here, here.
I think that's Daisy.
Daisy's a pro.
- Let me see. Let me see.
[JACKIE] Wait, what's he doing?
Where's he going?
- Fuck, we've been made.
- What?
[JACKIE] Fuck.
Fuck you, motherfucker.
[LESLIE] Well, that sucks.
Okay, well, what do we do now?
Nothing. We'll just
try again in a few days
with a different car
it happens all the time.

No. Mm-mm.
Where are you going?
- Fuck that asshole.
- Wait, Jackie.
I be calling you.
You don't be calling me.
Hey. Where's Jorge?
- He's not here.
- Fuck you.
[CHULETA] Fuck me? Fuck you.
Where you going?
You can't just walk by me.
Sorry, jefe. She just bust in.
- [FRANKIE] It's okay, Chuy.
I think I'll be safe.
Shut the door. Stay a while.
No, I'm good.
Suit yourself.
[GROANS] Nice to see you again.
I'm looking for Jorge, not you.
I heard he was the brains
of the operation.
[CHUCKLES] That's funny.
My guys tell me you've been
camped outside my club all day.
I got my eye on you.
I know you're bringing
carfentanyl to the Cape.
The shit that killed
those three kids in Chatham,
the shit that killed Junior.
Well, Junior was a junkie sucking dick
under the docks in P-Town
to get money for dope.
Fuck you.
I think you should be very careful
walking into my place of business
and talking to me like that.
I think you're only here
because Ray fucked your girl.
What kind of pussy lets
his woman fight his battles?
You got balls, girl.
I recognised that the moment
you showed up
to see me in prison.
But things are
a little bit different now.
- You see
I'm a free man,
a private citizen.
Out here
I have the right to defend myself.
I told you no private dances
on company time.
Hey, Frankie. How's the money today?
Nice and clean?
Let's go.

Let's go.

[JORGE] Oh, shit.
If it ain't fucking Cagney and Lacey.
Good reference. Timely.
[JORGE] You find anything interesting?
No? I didn't think so.
I mean, all these fucking kids
are dying on the Cape,
and you busting our balls.
You ever been strip-searched before?
I already saw your
old wrinkled ass once today.
Ooh, a little good cop/bad co oh.
You must be the good one
because you look good to me.
Hey, you show my partner
a little fucking respect.
Come on, babe.
Fucking cunts coming up here, man.
Pissing me off.
[SINGER] You ain't never
having love for me ♪
No commitment,
you can suck on my heinie ♪
I'm not trying to get your love ♪
What the hell is wrong with you?
You got a fucking death wish?
This isn't Jackie Q citizen
doing whatever the hell she wants.
- You're a cop now.
There's procedure to follow.
Okay, you're going to nag me now?
You think I want to be a fucking nag?
I don't.
You and me, we get held to the rules
a thousand times more
than any of the guys, okay?
We don't get to act like Ray.
- That's bullshit.
- Yeah.
Yeah, it is bullshit.
Hey. Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey.
Okay, that took balls. I respect it.
But if anyone asks, we stayed
in the car for the whole day,
and you better fucking hope
no one files a complaint.
Fuck, I'm sorry.
I'm sorry. You're right. I just
Sometimes I can get a little impulsive.
A little? [SCOFFS]
- [CHUCKLES] Shut up.
Hey, Eddie Murphy.
Shit. Yeah, totally.
Yeah, yeah, I'm on my way.
Fuck, I'm supposed to be
at Ed's for dinner
in, like, ten minutes.
All right, I'll give you
a lift, come on.
Okay, but only if you stay for dinner.
Can't get mad at me if you're there.
Oh, awesome.
Dinner with your weird work dad.
[CHUCKLES] No, Ed's cool. You'll see.
- [RAY] Hey.
Toilet's fixed.
- [MARYANNE] Thank you.
- Yeah.
You were always good
at that kind of stuff.
Maybe you should get
a job in construction.
Uh, you know, it's funny,
I had one for a second there.
It was kind of boring, you know?
Of course it was. Where's Nick?
Oh, he ditched me
to watch YouTube videos.
Ah, that sounds about right.
Yeah. He's okay.
You know?
Good kid.
So I was, uh I was wondering
if I could come back and
finish the basement sometime?
You don't have to finish
the basement to see your son.
I'm a bitch, but I'm not
that much of a bitch.
Ah, yeah, no, yeah, I know,
but I want to.
And you're not a bitch.
Oh, wow. Dirty Dancing.
[SCOFFS] You've seen it?
Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah.
This is the part where she falls down,
and she gets a concussion.
- [LAUGHING] No, she doesn't.
- [RAY] What, really?
That's the way I remember it.

You can sit down if you want.
Yeah, I'd really love to,
but I-I got to get to
my other shitty job.
Another time?
Another time.
I'd like that.


- You remember this part?
- Yeah.
Yeah? You do?
Do you think mummy
could dance like that?
- [FRANKIE JR.] Yeah.
- Yeah?
[FRANKIE] What are you guys watching?
[RENEE] Hey, um, it's Dirty Dancing.
I don't want him watching
that girly shit.
But I already saw it, Daddy.
[FRANKIE] You did?
In the park with Uncle Ray.
It, um it was while
you were away, honey.
[FRANKIE] I know, my love.
But, um, we can we can change it.
[FRANKIE] No, no, no, no, it's okay.

You like it.
Let's leave it on.
You want to go out with
Jorge and Daisy tonight?
Yeah, sure.
Can I come, too?
No, papito, not tonight.
Grandma's gonna take you.
- Aw.
- Aw, aw.
Next time, okay?

I want you to wear a dress for me.


[LESLIE] Wow. This place is awesome.
[JACKIE] Yeah, he got it
for so cheap in 1980.
Lucky bastard.
You're late.
Oh, that's because of me.
Sorry. We got stuck on a case.
Hey, I'm Leslie, Jackie's partner.
Ed Murphy, Jackie's ex-partner.
Well, you're a hell of a lot
better-looking than me.
I can see why she dumped my ass.
Oh, God, don't be
a fucking idiot, please.
- What? Hello?
- [LESLIE] Don't listen to her.
She gushes about you constantly.
You're like a father to her.
Okay, can you also not
be a fucking idiot, please?
- [LESLIE] Sorry.
- [JACKIE] Embarrassing.
- [LINDA] Jackie!
- Hey, Linda.
Ed, what are you doing
standing out here in the cold?
Come on inside. Dinner's ready.
Like she said.
- [LESLIE] Thank you.
- [JACKIE] All right.
After you.

- I hope you're hungry, baby.
- [RENEE] I'm starving.
[DAISY] I could eat a horse.
Nobody asked you.
[RENEE] Is this place even a restaurant?
Why'd I get dressed up?
I thought you'd like the view.

[KLAUS] Girl ♪
It's been a long time
that we've been apart ♪
What is this, some kind of joke?
I heard the service is excellent.
- I'm leaving.
- No.
We're gonna have a nice dinner.

Table for four, please.
[GINA] Right here.
How are you guys this evening?
I will send a waiter over
to take your drink order.
Excuse me.
We want him.

[GINA] Ray.

Um, I need you to take
the table that just came in.
- I don't wait tables.
Well, they specifically requested you.
Just take their fucking order, okay?


Nice shirt, buddy. Looking good.
We're really gonna do this right now?
What do you mean? We're hungry.
[JORGE] Yeah, man.
Uh, what's your soup tonight?
Yeah, I hear the chowder's salty.
Isn't that what you said, Renee?
You said that, right?
Fuck off.
Hey, hey, we haven't ordered yet.
- I'm not a fucking waiter.
- Not a waiter, not a cop.
You're a fucking nobody.
You want to say that again?
- You heard me, pendejo.
- Hey, fuck you, asshole.
Hey, stop. Stop!
Hey. He's not worth it, baby, all right?
Let's just go home. Please. Come on.

Like the lady said, you're not worth it.
- [JORGE] Oh, yeah!
Shit, yeah! Ahí!
- Stop! Stop!
[GINA] What the fuck, Abruzzo?
It's okay, everybody. I'm calling 911.
[JORGE] It's okay, papi.
And you're fired.
Let's get out of here. Come on.
[JORGE] Yo, let's go.
- Today.
- [DAISY] Yeah, okay.
[JORGE] You fucking loser ♪

[JACKIE] This food is amazing.
[ED] You like the quahogs?
I dug 'em myself.
Oh, yeah. They're delicious.
I got the recipe from Emeril.
- Bam! Right? Bam.
- [JACKIE] Yep.
- [ED] Yes, you did.
Thank you for letting me
crash your dinner party.
- Oh, of course.
- Oh, come on, there's no crash.
- The more, the merrier, huh?
- Anytime, anytime.
Yeah. So are you a lesbian, too?
Oh, it's okay. You can't
shock me, am I right?
- No.
- My sister's kid's nonbinary.
Yeah, so that's why I asked.
You know we sure miss you
on the boat, Jack.
Miss you, too, Ed. [CHUCKLES] Uh
anything interesting happening lately?
Well, a lot, actually.
Uh, three shark tags went offline.
Poof. Sharks just disappeared.
- [JACKIE] No shit.
- Good riddance.
- What?
- Well
Last summer, a man
got eaten in Wellfleet.
Christ, Linda, they're
a protected species.
I'm just
I thought those tags were
good for ten years.
You think it's a poacher?
Well, what else would I think?
Really? Poaching's a thing here?
- Oh, yeah. Yeah.
- That's half our job.
Fishing's just like anything else.
People are greedy,
and they're just trying
to make a fast buck.
You thinking the Scrodfather?
I'm sorry, the Scrodfather?
- [JACKIE] Yeah. Oh, no, no, no.
- He's he's a serious dude.
- [ED] Yeah.
Like, money laundering,
witness tampering.
Huge fleet.
- Multimillion-dollar operation.
- [LESLIE] Wow.
I can't tell you how many
notice of violations
I've written on that asshole
over the years,
and I still have not been able
to make a real case.
Oh, well, you will. You'll get him.
I'm headed to New Bedford
in the morning to question him.
Oh, shit. I want to come.
Can I go? Please?
Please, please, please,
please, please, please?
I don't care. You can
do whatever you want.
Well, that's good you feel that way
'cause that's what she always does.
[LESLIE] I've started to notice that.
What the fuck was that?
- What, are you testing me?
- [FRANKIE] You tell me.
- I saw the way you looked at him.
- Oh, my God.
I can't fucking win with you.
What do you want from me?
- Do you love him?
- Oh!
You're jealous.
You're jealous of Ray. Really?
That's pathetic.
- Answer the fucking question!
- No, I don't love him!
- Then prove it to me.
- [RENEE] How?
How, Frankie? How do I prove it to you?
Because I've done everything
that you wanted me to do, okay?
I wrecked his fucking life for you.
What else is left?
You want me to kill him?
Fine, get the fucking gun,
and I'll do it,
but I can't take any more of this shit!
- Wha what?
That was some ride-or-die shit, huh?
Yeah. Yeah, it really was.
Come here.
Look at me.

There is nothing between
me and Ray, okay?
You have to trust me.
Then you won't care if I press charges.
Do what you got to do, okay?

- Oh.
Baby, I'm sorry.

Are you sure you want
to do that, though?
You don't think that
makes you look weak?
You think?
Fuck him. He's a waiter.

- I promise you
that he meant nothing to me, okay?
He was a mark
a stupid, pathetic mark.

Everything I did
was for you
my king.

[LINDA] All right, now,
you have to reheat it
in the oven, not the microwave,
or else it'll get very soggy, okay?
- Okay, thanks, Linda.
- [LINDA] All right. Anytime.
- Anytime. You too. Come on.
- [LESLIE] Oh.
- Thank you, Linda.
- [LINDA] Mm-hmm.
Nine a.m. sharp, Jack. I'm serious.
Don't worry. I'll take
her straight home.
Tomorrow will be fun.
I really have missed you.
I missed you, too.
This one might be easy on the eyes,
but she's no Ed Murphy.
I'm really not.
- See you tomorrow.
- All right.
Drive safe.
Thank you. Thanks again.
- Oh, please. Are you kidding?
- You're very welcome.
- Thank you.
- You be careful out there.
- [JACKIE] Yeah.
Hey, uh, I got to take this real quick.
Okay. Yeah. Wait in the car?
- [JACKIE] Yeah. Thanks.
- Okay.
- Hey.
- [JACKIE] Hey, what's up?
I-I-I didn't think
I'd hear from you again.
I want you to know
I'm not doing this for you.
But I also want you to know
Junior wasn't your fault.
He was your friend, too.
I appreciate that.
[DONNA] It's just, um
Ah, it's been harder than I thought
Junior being gone.
I know.
Uh, anyway
I saw you at the club today.
You di Oh, shit. [CHUCKLES]
Look, Jorge's a douche.
He deserves whatever he gets.
What, did something happen
between you and him?
No, no, no, not with me, just
I heard some stuff
about him and his girl.
You mean Daisy? What did you hear?
I heard he pimps her out.
I mean, look, I-I don't know.
The girls in this place,
they talk so much shit, but
I thought you should know.
Look, I got to go.
I want to get home in time
to put Mackayleigh to bed.
Yeah, yeah. No, of course. Yeah, yeah.
Oh, and, Donna, thank you.
- [DONNA] It's cool. Bye.

You know that girl Jorge was banging?
- Yeah.
- He's her pimp.
Oh, that fucking piece of shit.
- Fuck.
- I know.
- It's so good.
- It's so good.
Oh, fuck, she's gonna
make a nice little CI.
Yeah, she is.
So what do you want to do now?
I don't know. What do you want to do?
I thought I was taking you home.
[SINGER] The way you put me out ♪
I'm going under ♪
The way you do it to me ♪
Wait, stop. Wait, wait, wait.
I want to make you feel good.

Let me do it.

[SINGER] The way you do it
to me, motherfucker ♪

[RAY] Thank you.
Hey, bud. Thanks for making the drive.
Just get in the fucking car.
So this is what it's like to have a dad?
You get to be the one
to pick him up from jail?
You know, technically, it wasn't jail.
It was protective custody.
I didn't have anyone else to call, Nick.
Who the fuck gets in a fistfight
- in a restaurant, anyway?
- Ah, it's complicated.
- Well, it always is with you.
- Nicky, don't start right now.
You know, you're fucking unbelievable.
You know, maybe
if you weren't such a prick,
- you'd have a friend to bail you out.
- Nicky.
I'm really trying here, okay?
And I promise you, tonight,
that was just a blip.
[NICK] Just stop. Just fucking stop.
Okay, fair enough.
I get it.
Just do me a solid just
don't tell Mum about this shit.
You're so full of fucking shit, Dad.
I mean, you haven't changed at all.
- [RAY] Nicky.
- Don't fucking talk to me.
Look, I don't care what you do.
You can lie to me.
You can disappear for months
at a time, whatever.
Just leave Mum out of it, huh?
You know, she gets her hopes up
thinking you've changed,
thinking things will be better,
and then you shit all over us.
So, for her sake,
just stay the fuck away, huh?
I'm sorry.
Yeah, fuck off, Ray.



What the fuck is going on?
What the fuck are you doing here?
I messed up, man, okay?
I fucked over the whole unit. I'm sorry.
'Cause of you and your bullshit,
the Cuevas cousins
are back on the street
selling that shit, killing kids.
Body side won't even let us
near the case,
so fuck you and your apology.
Hey, hey, hey, I know you're pissed.
I know. I get it.
You got every right.
But I'm dying here, man,
all right, Alan?
I'm not cut out for this normal life.
It's fucking killing me.

The only thing I know
how to do is be a cop,
so can you, uh,
just help me out a little bit here?
Just give me something, give me
a lead, give me anything.
First of all, you are an asshole.
Yeah. Yeah, okay, you know what?
You're right. I am an asshole,
but I'm good at what I do.
And we put the Cuevas cousins
away before you and me.
We can do that again.
Look, as far as brass
is concerned, you are toxic,
fucking atomic.
I couldn't bring you in even
if I wanted to, which I don't.

Of course, it don't matter
what I say, though.
You gonna do what you want anyway.

I can't advocate anything illegal
Of course not.
That being said
if a civilian happened to come across
some useful information
for the department
and he brought it to me
in the spirit of civic duty,
I'd be a fool not to
at least hear him out.
Is there specific information
the civilian should be looking for?
[SIGHS] If he could find out
who supplied to Coco Connor
before his untimely death
that will work.

So you want to get a bite
to eat or anything?
Fuck off, Ray.


[HAMILTON] You've got a nerve ♪
To be asking a favor ♪
You've got a nerve ♪
To be calling my number ♪
I'm sure we've been
through this before ♪

Can't you hear me? ♪
I'm bleeding on the wall ♪

Can't you see me? ♪
I'm pounding on your door ♪

Can't you hear me ♪
When I'm calling out your name? ♪

When I used to go out ♪
I would know everyone that I saw ♪
Now I go out alone ♪
If I go out at all ♪
When I used to go out ♪
I'd know everyone I saw ♪
Now I go out alone ♪
If I go out at all ♪
When I used to go out ♪
I'd know everyone I saw ♪
Now I go out alone ♪
If I go out at all ♪

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