Hightown (2020) s02e04 Episode Script

Daddy Issues

[MAN] Previously on Hightown
- [DOCTOR] You're pregnant.
- Pretty fucking sure
who the father is that's the problem.
- [RENEE] Stop it!
- You're fired.
[RAY] The only thing I know
how to do is be a cop.
Could you help me out a little bit here?
If a civilian could find out
who supplied Coco Connor
before this death, that would work.
Go make us some money, honey.
[JACKIE] You know that girl
Jorge was banging?
- [LESLIE] Daisy.
- He's her pimp.
Oh, she's gonna make a nice little CI.
I'm working with Frankie and Jorge now.
But I could float you a little something
to sell inside.
I want to make you feel good.
[THERAPIST] What's your dad like?
[JACKIE] He's an old-ass fisherman.
Lost part of his finger on a tuna boat
and still made his quota that day.
I want to go to the Drug Diversion Unit,
do that easy time in green.
Not giving you anything
'til you give me something.
[OSITO] Kizzle he's in
Nickerson State Park.
So can you make it happen?
[SINGER] I thought a lot
of things about you ♪
I stayed awake
just thinking about you ♪
But now I'm away ♪
You had to stay ♪
Tomorrow's a day of mine ♪
That you won't be in ♪
I tried to say I was just having fun ♪
But I really knew
that you were the one ♪
And now that I'm gone ♪
I see I was wrong ♪
I should have known all along ♪
That time would tell ♪
A week without you ♪
I should forget ♪
Two weeks without you ♪
And I'm still thinking about
the things that you said ♪
Vacation just another love-in ♪
Vacation I hope you love me ♪
Vacation would you think of me? ♪

I think I'll leave ♪
Without saying goodbye ♪
I think that you know the reason why ♪
What if I was to stay? ♪
Would things turn out
some other way? ♪
I'll never know anyway ♪

On your feet. Move. Move!
I know I ain't done shit.
[CO] Come on, Delgado,
you fat-ass, get up.
Hey, easy. Ah! Ah!
Hey, what are you looking for, man?
[CO] Shut the hell up
unless you want a beatdown.
You fucking snitch.
[OSITO] Talk to me. Tell me something.
[CO] You think you're special?
Well, you're not.
With me, inmate.

Hey, son. You're not
our problem anymore.
But you fuck up,
I'll see you again real soon.

Oh, shit.
I got transferred.
Welcome to Emerald City, brother.
Name's Vernon.
[JOAN] I don't give a damn
'bout my reputation ♪
Living in the past
it's a new generation ♪
How many short lobsters
you think are sitting
on the Gemma Rose right now?
[ED] Come on, we're here to ask
about shark poaching,
not write bullshit notices of violation.
- [JOAN] Oh, no ♪
- Not me ♪
And I don't give a damn
'bout my reputation ♪
[ED] While we're still young, Jack.
[JOAN] Never said I wanted
to improve my station ♪
And this is where the magic happens.
You really think the Scrodfather's
gonna talk to you?
because believe it or not,
we respect each other.
He knows every fleet, every fisherman,
every goddamn fish in the ocean.
And that's how you solve cases.
Or didn't they teach you that
down there at the State Police?

Hey, now, Eddie Murphy, huh?

What's the charge this time
outsmarting an officer?
I don't know, Gustavo.
You tell me what you've been doing.
I'll tell you what the charges are.
He ever tell you the time
that he tried to bust me for fraud?
He was selling flounder for haddock.
- Everybody knew that.
- Tell it to the judge.
Oh, wait, he thought
it was bullshit, too.
Oh, you mean the judge
who mysteriously retired
back to Portugal three months
after your trial?
[GUSTAVO] Can you blame the man?
Who wants to live in a dump
like New Bedford, huh,
where everyone's on the take?
[JACKIE] All right, so, listen,
we got some reports
of shark poaching on the Cape.
Come on, I'm a businessman, huh?
You think I want to bother
with that shit?
Of course not we just thought
if anything was happening,
you'd be the guy to talk to.
Well, for one, there's no uh,
real domestic market
for shark meat.
But some Asians in New York
go crazy for it.
They use the fins for soup
and the rest
for hard-on remedies and whatnot.
We know all that. We need a name.
[ED] For old times' sake.
And maybe I don't go spot-check
the Gemma Rose right now.
I heard a few things
about a Billy Moran.
Like what?
Oh, come on, that's your job.
[JACKIE] Billy Moran?
You fucking kidding me?
What a waste of time.
No, no, no. It-it makes perfect sense.
Billy was into some
wicked-weird shit before.
And I got a deckhand on one
of his boats owes me a favour.
Billy is Gustavo's competition.
Gus is just trying to get a free leg up.
I'm gonna talk to my deckhand friend
- when we get back to the Cape.
Jesus, you're such a stubborn
old goat, you know that?
At least buy me a Portuguese coffee
while we're all the way out
in fucking New Bedford.
Hey, you gonna see Rafael
while you're here?
I wasn't planning on it.
I-I'm just saying, if-if you want to,
I'm happy to go with you.
Ah, come on, don't look at me like that.
Like what?
[SIGHS] Fuck it, let's just go.
Fishery Service! Don't move!
Don't worry.
I can't even move a goddamn bowel.
What's new?
You know, just just doing my thing.
Long time, Ed.
How you holding up?
Are you kidding? Fucking great.
- Whoa, man.
That a late night or an early morning?
Oh, that's rich coming from you.
You know what? You're right.
Knock yourself out, Dad.
you came all the way here
just to see your old man?
Uh not me, no.
Ed Ed's looking for a career drinker
to watch the Pats games with, right?
[RAFAEL] Oh, shit, I'll watch
the game with you.
Huh? We'll go to Sully's,
eat some wings.
Maybe Jackie here can teach us
how to pick up chicks.
I'm afraid those days are behind me.
Ah, whatever.
- How's Mum?
- [RAFAEL] Ugh.
You know
always mad about something.
You should call her.
Oh, fuck. No, I do call her.
Yeah. Not my fault
she doesn't tell you anything.
Listen, we got to get back
to work, okay?
Take care of yourself, viejo.
Come on, Jack.
Un abrazo.


It's good to see you, flaca.
Yeah, you too.
All right. [CHUCKLES]

[WOMAN] Ever since Anna was a baby,
I would imagine what it would
be like to lose her.
I know that sounds crazy, but, I mean,
doesn't every parent do that?
It's something I would test-drive
every once in a while,
just to imagine what the pain
would be like, but, um
It's unimaginable.
Thank you, Martha.
Anyone else like to share?
- Hi, I'm Ray.
- [ALL] Hi, Ray.
My son, Nick
he took it really hard
after the divorce.
He started acting out and
hanging out with a rough crowd.
It all just happened right
in front of my eyes, you know.
I just didn't do enough.
And let's face it,
I was never a great father.
Anyway, um, he's gone now.
He's incarcerated.
He's doing four years for dealing drugs.
I got a lot of shame
about this, 'cause
I mean, I don't even know
if I should be here.
I'm listening to your stories.
Some of you have lost your
sons and your daughters,
and here I am with my son,
the drug dealer.
So, in a way, I've lost him, too.

- [WOMAN 1] All right, see you.
- [WOMAN 2] See you.
Hey, you're smart to bring your own.
You know, coffee usually
sucks at these things.
I work at Dibby's, so it's
free, even on your off-days.
Oh, wow, that's awesome.
- [WOMAN] Yeah.
- Hey, um, I'm Ray, by the way.
- Hi.
- [RAY] How you doing?
I liked what you said in your share.
Made me feel better.
My, um
my son was a dealer, too.
- Oh, really?
- Yeah.
I mean, he made mistakes, sure,
but he didn't have to die like that.
Oh, wait, wait, what happened?
Some scumbag killed him, shot him,
right in the face, in his own damn car,
over fucking drugs.
- I am so sorry.
What was your son's name?
- Collin.
- Collin?
Collin Connor. Everyone called him Coco.
Hey, do you know who was
supplying him the drugs?
- Why's it matter now?
- No, I'm sorry, it doesn't.
I was just wondering if your son
and my son knew each other.
- Oh.
- So
Collin was mixed up with a lot
of people over the years,
but last I knew, it was
with this Black girl.
- Black girl?
- Yeah.
- Was supplying him?
- I mean, yeah, I think so.
- Yeah.
- She live around here?
Well, she didn't grow up here,
I could tell you that much.
I mean, I'm not
I'm not racist or anything,
but you know what I mean.
Yeah. Yeah, I know what you mean.
What was her name?
Who even cares anymore? You know?
[RAY] Yeah. I know.
It's okay.

She's probably just got
the TV on too loud.
- Yeah.
- [RENEE] Yeah.
[GASPS] Oh, my God.
Look at my little lady-killer.
- [FRANKIE JR.] Hey, Nana.
- Hi.
All right, thanks, Mum.
I'm working late tonight,
so I'll pick him up in the morning.
Just make sure he's had his breakfast,
and no sugar cereal.
- I know the drill.
- Okay.
But I don't have anything
for dinner tonight.
Yeah. [SIGHS]
Just plain cheese.
He doesn't like pepperoni.
What about the tip?
Lights out by 8:30.
And, seriously,
no candy before bed, okay?
Remember what happened last time?
Something's different about you.
- What?
Did you get your boobs done?
What? No.
It's okay. They look very natural.
Okay, can we stop
talking about this, please?
- Hmm.
- Here's his stuff.
[CHUCKLES] All right. Mwah.
I'll pick you up in the morning, okay?
- Okay.
- Okay.
- [CALLIE] Okay.
- Love you. Have fun.
- [CALLIE] Say, "Bye, Ma".
- [FRANKIE JR.] Bye, Ma.
- [RENEE] Bye.
- [CALLIE] Come on, kiddo.

Drug Diversion Unit, huh?
So it's all drug dealers up in here?
It's not drug dealers.
It's drug addicts.
Nonviolent motherfuckers.
Dudes who don't need to be in prison.
They need to be in rehab.
What these motherfuckers do,
they put the rehab in the prison.
So you get clean while you do your time.
What's wrong with that?
Shit's private.
Some CEO making 60 Gs a month
off you and me being here.
You think they gonna let
a Black man be free
in this country
when they making money off us?
Nah, bro.
They want us in here real talk.
So how long you in for?
Judge say 36 months if I'm good.
Then I got to go to a halfway house
for who the hell knows how long.
Indeterminate sentencing.
Now, that shit's fucked up.
[VERNON] Mm-hmm.
I ain't even have my trial yet.
And we know it's gonna be
a while before that door opens.
So you one of these
nonviolent motherfuckers?
Man, I'm just some dude
out of Opa-Locka, Florida.
- Mm, so you a Southern boy.
- Never felt like home, though.
Always felt like the town freak.
It might because you're Black
with blonde hair.
I just started listening to beats,
sipping on a little dirty Sprite.
- So you was on that lean.
- [VERNON] Yeah.
But, you know, in FLA,
pills is everywhere,
so I graduated to Oxys right quick.
Next thing you know, fuck it,
I'm straight shooting dope,
and I steal anything
that wasn't tied down.
My nasty ass stole
a girl's retainer once.
You must have slung some all that time.
Little somethin'-somethin'
to get my piece,
but never really made no real money.
I been in and out of lockup
since I was 16.
Shit. Vernon, you fucking tragic.
One good thing about Emerald City,
they loose with that Suboxone.
Since I been here, I've been clean.
[CO] Delgado.
Let's go, man. You got physical therapy.
Oh, shit. Y'all got doctors
in this motherfucker?

Baby ♪
Reach into my grave ♪
Ready to get started?
- Thanks, Thomas.
I'm Janelle, your physical therapist.
We're gonna start rehabbing your injury.
You the one that gets me my pain meds?
I help people heal their injuries,
not ignore them.
There's no quick fix here.
How's your leg feel now?
My left leg hurts when I walk,
but, um
my third leg's ready for some exercise.
- I need a male assist.
[CO] I'm on the way, Janelle.
Look, no, hold on, hold on. I
I'm sorry.
I shouldn't have said that,
all right? I apologise.
My mama didn't raise me
to talk to a lady like that.
It's just
this place makes you crazy.
The way you're moving now,
you'll never heal right.
If you work hard,
maybe you'll change that.
But in here, you respect me.
You pull that business again,
and you'll be limping your way
back to GenPop.
Got it?
[THOMAS] You okay?
[JANELLE] We still
need that male assist?
No, ma'am.
- [JANELLE] Thanks, Thomas.
- Mm-hmm.
We're good.
You need to lose weight.
Best thing for that leg
is exercise and a good diet,
so stay out the commissary.
That processed food will kill you.
And then I can get you a pass
so you can spend more time in the yard.
Now, let's see what we're working with.
Make your way over to the parallel bars.

- I got you.

You're stronger than you think.
You can do this.
Now, hold on with just your right hand.

All right. It's on, motherfuckers!

A moment, trooper?
[RENA] Can't you see
what I'm trying to do? ♪
This is me breaking up with you ♪
I'm young, and I wanna try
someone new ♪
This is me breaking up with you ♪
Not getting married not having kids ♪
Why should we go on
longer than this? ♪
I'm sorry, baby it's time to go ♪
If I'll ever settle down
I just don't know ♪
- Oh
- Shh, shh, shh.
[RENA] This is me
breaking up with you ♪
- [JACKIE] Fuck.
[LESLIE] Holy shit.
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
Anytime you need a moment, I'm all ears.
- Oh, shit. Donna came through.
Daisy's real name is Britney Chin.
- [EXHALES DEEPLY] Britney Chin?
- [JACKIE] Yeah.
Mm. Okay, solicitation, fraud.
She did eight months
for trafficking class A
back in 2016.
Oh, fuck, yeah.
She's still on probation.
Oh, Britney Chin,
we're coming for you, girl.
Oh, shit, it's almost three.
What? What? What's happening at three?
While you were out chasing pirates,
I set up a meeting with a CI.
Actually, I think you might know her.

Hey, girl.
- [RENEE] Hey.
- [LESLIE] You look good.
- Yeah, so do you.
- Thanks. Cutting sugar.
Mm, that's the answer. [CHUCKLES]
"Not a cop", huh?
[JACKIE] Hey, Renee. Good to see you.
- What's this about?
- We're just checking in.
Seeing how everything's
working out with Frankie.
It's fucking amazing. Thanks for asking.
Good. I'm happy for you.
And, look, we owe you a lot, okay?
You helped the department
weed out a bad apple
Okay, cut the shit. What do you want?
We've been hearing rumors
about prostitution at Xavier's.
We wouldn't want something
like that to blow back on you.
Yeah, right.
Right, I know what you want.
But those days are behind me, so
We know you would never betray Frankie.
That's not that we're asking.
We want Jorge.
We hear he's the one who's pimping.
I don't know what you're talking about.
But if Jorge were doing
something like that,
it's not on me and Frankie.

I don't have eyes in the back
of my head, you know?
We know.
We just wanted to give you a heads-up.
- So can I go?
- Of course.


That was interesting.
That was Renee throwing Jorge
under the bus.
So what's the play?
Work the Daisy lead,
catch her in the act,
get her to talk.
Like a sting operation.
All right, so how's that work?
Shit, we used to use Ray
for things like this.
Look how that turned out.
Now we got to train someone else.
I mean, how hard could it be
to find a guy
who wants to get a blow job?
[ALAN] Hey, Ray, what's so
important you had to drag me
all the way out here to the sticks?
Coco Connor's supplier was a Black girl.
You got a name?
No. No, no, no. But hear me out here.
How many Black females have you
and I arrested on the Cape?
It's not many, right?
So who's got juice? Jericha Smith?
No, she's doing eight years
in Framingham.
Okay, okay, what about
that girl in Harwich?
Um Patricia Sinclair.
Nah, she's been out of the game
for a while.
She's got her CNA.
Well, good for her.
[ALAN] Hmm.
Dealing with carfentanyl,
Wayne Grasa was the connect.
What females run in his circle?
Hey, you remember
the girls at Wayne's house?
- The sisters.
- Ah, come on, those are kids.
I mean
You know, the older one
was kind of a piece of work, though.
I'll think about it. Hit up my CI.
Who's that?
I ain't got to tell you shit.
Don't you look mighty chipper?
You like your new spot?
Those easy-time greens
are working out for you.
Ain't gonna lie.
This rehab shit is dope.
Got me stretching
and bending like a pretzel.
You know, next time
they got you in there
touching your toes,
remember who put you in here.
And know that I can
take you back out again.
I gave you a damn body, man.
Ain't that enough?
It's enough when I say it's enough.
Now, tell me about Charmaine Grasa.
So you don't know the girl
that was in Wayne's house
the day you got shot.
I hear you right?
Little chick. Wayne's niece.
Yeah, I seen her,
usually on my way out.
Well, any chance she took
over the family business
once Wayne got pinched?
You think Wayne is gonna let
a female take over?
Come on, man.
Well, any chance she uh, you
know, struck out on her own?
And don't lie to me.
How the fuck should I know?
I never said more than two words to her.
are fucking useless.
Enjoy your yoga while it lasts.

Excuse me.
Can I see the, uh, visitor log
for inmate Emmanuel Delgado?

Charmaine Grasa.
That lying motherfucker.

[EMCEE] All right, gentlemen,
let's welcome Jasmine to the main stage.
[SINGER] I know I said
that I wasn't gonna call you ♪
But things got manic and I thought ♪
That I should warn you ♪
Damn, girl, you made all this?
That's why they call you Platinum,
'cause you expensive, baby.
Mmm, mmm, mmm.
Oh, baby, you're gonna get me
all revved up again.
I'll see you soon, Dale.

Were you Daddy's good little girl?
What do you think?
[JORGE] Okay.
Did you keep your thong on
when he fucked you, baby?
[WHISPERING] And it's soaking wet.
'Cause I was thinking about you.
I want to fuck you so bad.


I'm sorry, mami. My head is killing me.
What's wrong?
We need to talk about Jorge.
Okay. What about Jorge?
You know he's running girls
out of the club?
Where'd you hear that?
I didn't hear it from anyone.
You know, he's not exactly
keeping it secret.
We still have heat on us, okay?
And your cousin is putting
you and me in danger.
It's stupid.

[FRANKIE] You're right.
You've always had my back,
and I appreciate it.
And Jorge
I love him, but he could get
crazy sometimes.
I'll talk to him.

[LOUDER] When?


- I'll talk to him right now.
- Thank you.

- Yes, please!
You want that?
Hey, you, come here. Let's dance.
- Ooh, yeah.
- Hey.
[DANCER] See you inside, Jorge.
What's up, primo?
[FRANKIE GROANS] We need to talk.
About what? You good?
No. I'm not.
I just found out Osito got
moved to a different unit.
- How he pull that?
- How the fuck do you think?
Hablando, cabrón.
The thing is, I don't
have people over there,
so it's gonna make things harder.
Well, we'll find a way, man.
We always do.
- There's something else.
- Yeah?
The running girls out the club, primo,
it's got to stop.
With cops sniffing around,
we don't need
the extra headache, ¿tú sabes?
After all the shit
that we been through,
you don't trust me.
I trust you with my life.
But I need to protect my family, bro.
Renee got into your head. Okay.
[SPEAKING SPANISH] No, no, I don't
want no problem with your wife.
- [SPEAKING SPANISH] We are fine.
- No, no, no, no Renee, no.
This is not Renee. This is me.
[SPEAKING SPANISH] You understand me?
Okay, no doubt. No doubt.
But, listen, at the end of the day,
it don't matter what I say
or what your nena says,
you got to do you.
No one tells me what to do.
Let's get that straight.
Of course not.
Man, you're the fucking man.
Look, you you want
to protect your family,
and I say you are
protecting your family.
Look at this place. It's your place.
Frankie Cuevas from Banana Boat Island
is paying the fucking IRS, man.
I mean, you're not paying them
everything, but, shit
What does that have to do
with the girls, primo?
But I am who I am,
and I like what I like.
But you know what? You got it, boss.
I'll tone it down.

Ron Stark!
Jesus fuck, Jackie,
what'd you do that for?
Oh, come on, you know
you miss me, penis-head.
It's nice to know you been
thinking about my penis.
Oh, God, stop.
It's bad enough I already know
what it looks like.
Hey, be nice.
My my fragile ego can't take
too much more of that.
Okay, but, listen, I need a favour.
No, you mean another favour,
'cause the last time I checked,
you never got me that drink
after I gave you access to the boat log.
Listen, I-I'll buy you two drinks
if you hook a sister up one more time.
And trust me, it's fun. Cop-related.
Don't you got, like, fancy
friends at your fancy new job?
I need you to buy a blow job
from a stripper.
Shit, why didn't you just say that?
[RAY] What's up, partner?
Motherfucker. [EXHALES DEEPLY]
Where you at with that
Black girl tip, huh?
What the fuck you doing here, man?
I know your routine.
You talk to your secret CI?
You still looking at Charmaine Grasa?
Actually, I'm on my way up there now.
Going to Charmaine's
aunt's house up on Boston
Charmaine's last known physical address.
[RAY] Yo, that's great.
We leave now,
we'll be there before noon.
[ALAN] "We"? Motherfucker, ain't no we.
This is not Starsky & Hutch,
and we not rolling up
in no Gran Torino.
- Get the fuck out.
- Whoa. Wait a minute.
I'm the one who brought you Charmaine.
Yeah, you did.
And if the theory on the table's correct
and Charmaine's our new player,
I doubt she's at her
aunt's house 90 minutes away.
So I don't need help
asking some old lady
where her niece is at.
You remember when Jackie got shot?
We did everything right.
We followed protocol.
And then, bam, that just
blew up in our face, didn't it?
Now you're telling me that
you're gonna drive out there
alone with no backup
and question a family member
of Wayne fucking Grasa?
- Fuck you, Abruzzo.
- What?
Think you slick as shit.
Trying to school me and all that?
I know what you trying to do,
and the shit ain't working.
Okay, fine, I know, I know.
But I'm not bullshitting you, though.
You got a family.
Go ahead, call me an asshole
for wanting your kid to have a dad.
[CHUCKLES] Really?
But only 'cause
I feel sorry for your ass.
Works for me.

[JACKIE] Looking good. Looking good.
Why is your chest so greasy?
It's not grease. It's sweat.
Is it working?
I don't know. It's pretty greasy.
It's not I'm I'm a
little fucking nervous,
and you guys are being
really mean to me.
Okay, I'm sorry. You're right.
I'm sorry. You're gonna be great.
I wouldn't have asked you if
I didn't think you could do it.
[EXHALES DEEPLY] That's better.
All right, so what's the plan?
this is Daisy.
You're gonna go in.
You're gonna get
a private dance from her.
Then you're gonna get her
to move to your car.
So we'll be watching.
We'll be listening.
Once the money is exchanged,
we'll roll up.
Does that make sense?
- Yes.
- All right.
Let's test this fucker out.
Speak into your mic.
Uh, testing. One, two, three, four.
- [JACKIE] It work? Good?
- Good.
See? Hey, you're a natural, Ron.
Who else has had more
experience paying for sex
than you, huh?
Okay, listen, no, seriously, though.
You're gonna keep your head on
in there, okay?
The Cuevas cousins are some real ones.
- So
You be careful.
- I got it.
- You got it.
- I got it.
- You got it.
All right?
Fucking get off me. All right.

He'll be fine.
Ten bucks he comes in his pants.
Hey, how are you?
[BILLY] Put your right hand out ♪
Give a firm handshake ♪
Talk to me ♪
About that one big break ♪

Spread your ear pollution ♪
Both far and wide ♪
Keep your contributions ♪
By your side and ♪
Stroke me, stroke me ♪
Could be a winner, boy
you move quite well ♪
Okay, come on, Ron.
[SINGERS] Stroke! ♪

[BILLY] Stroke me, stroke me ♪
You got your number down ♪
Stroke me, stroke me ♪
Say you're a winner ♪
Man, you're just a sinner now ♪

Put your left foot out ♪
Keep it all in place ♪
Ready to ride, cowboy?
- You want a private dance?
- Yes.
- All right.
[BILLY] You make my backbone slide ♪
But when you find you bled me ♪
Step on by, keep on ♪
Stroke me, stroke me ♪
Give me the business all night long ♪

Wow, you are
you are a very good dancer.
[DAISY] Thank you.
You can touch me if you want
for a little extra.
Well, how about you touch me?

Yeah, she's sussing him out.
- Yeah.
- Come on, Daisy.
[LAUGHS] Are you a cop, cowboy?
It's 'cause of the mustache, right?
Nah, I-I-I get that all the time.
Look, I know I look like
a a serious ass-kicker,
but, you know, in reality,
I spend all day on a boat.
Blow job's 200. Full service is 300.

Cool. Yeah.
Uh, that's that's great.
Um, you know, it it doesn't
feel very, uh, private in here,
and and I-I was thinking
that maybe we could go out to my car.
That'll be another 50.

350. Guess you want everything, huh?
Oh, I want the "hole" enchilada.
The H-O-L-E.
- The hole enchilada.
- Oh.
Uh, uh, Daisy?
Cease and desist, love.
That was a donation, not a payment.
State Police.
You seriously kidnapping me right now?
We got you for soliciting and engaging,
and it's recorded in full 2K.
Blow job's 200. Full service is 300.
That was entrapment.
That was strike two solicitation
on top of a probation violation.
How do you think that's gonna go over
with the judge, Britney?
What judge? You don't have a case.
[JACKIE] Oh, come on,
you don't believe that.
You got two options.
You cooperate, or we take you in.
[LESLIE] Why don't you make it
easy on yourself
and tell us something about Jorge?
I'm not a snitch, bitch. Are we done?
The fuck we are. You're under arrest.
[JACKIE] No, wait. Hold on, hold on.
Listen, Britney, I know
we put you in a tough spot.
It's a lot to take in. I get that.
Why don't you take some time.
Think about it, okay?
Just take some time.
[LESLIE] Twenty-four hours,
we don't hear from you,
we'll walk into the club
and put you in bracelets
in front of everyone.

You need to let me keep the cash.
He's expecting it.

I really hope I hear from you.
Suck a dick.

Get me a drink.

Another. [SNIFFLES]


Everything okay?

What happened?
Nothing, Daddy. I'm fine. [SNIFFLES]

Just a jerk customer.
[JORGE] Poor baby.
Come on, let's go have a talk.

Tell me.
It's not a big deal.
He tried to do some
freaky shit, that's all.
The bald prick.
He looked like a cop. Was he a cop?
No. Of course not. I'm not an idiot.
- You would tell me he was.
- Yes, of course.
Why are you getting all defensive?
I'm not!
Here, take your money.
I have to get back on the floor.
Where the fuck do you think
you're going?
We're not done here.
You know you're not really
my dad, right, bro?
Don't give me no fucking attitude.
When I ask you a question,
you answer me the first time.

Get the fuck out of my club,
nasty-ass ho.

Hi. This is Renee Segna.
I was just checking
on my furniture delivery.
Oh, amazing.
Fuck you, too.

[RENEE] I'll call you back.

Now you know what happens to people
that get on my fucking nerve!
Let me get a drink.

[ALAN] You know the drill, man.
We're just here to verify
last time the girls was here.
Maybe get a new address.
Uh, we're not trying to spook anyone.
- Yeah, yeah. Okay.
- Right?
- Yes?
- Uh, good morning, ma'am.
I'm Sergeant Alan Saintille
with the Cape Code Interagency
Narcotics Unit.
Are you Ruth Grasa-Monteiro?
Yes. Uh, what can I do for you?
We was just wondering
if you could answer
a few questions about your nieces,
uh, Charmaine and Aileen?
- What's this about?
- Uh, routine stuff.
Shouldn't take long.
Um, we're following up on a related case
and was wondering, when's
the last time you seen 'em?
Seen them? They're right here.

Just, uh, a standard
welfare check, really.
You do that every time
you arrest someone's uncle?
[CHUCKLES] You got me there.
But, uh, how you been?
You know, how's school?
How you think? School sucks.
You know, it's been so long,
I almost forgot.
Uh, you guys go around here?
Nope. Auntie Ruth homeschools us.
You want to see the paperwork?
Not right now.
So you guys, um, share a room, or
Yeah. Want to see?
Smell my drawers while you at it?
That won't be necessary.
Aileen, you like living here
at your Auntie Ruth's?
- Yeah, it's cool.
- [RAY] What do you do for fun?
I like playing video games.
Here at Auntie Ruth's?
Auntie Ruth's, the mall,
my friend's house, my cousin's house,
Best Buy, video game store,
sometimes the library.
Okay, we got it. Thank you.
So, listen, we were wondering, um
when's the last time
you guys been to the Cape?
Cape Cod?
I was just there.
I went to visit my boy Osito in prison.
He's a good friend of yours?
Used to come visit at my uncle's house.
Figured I'd go say hi,
see how he's doing.
Yeah, you guys stay on the Cape at all?
I told you, we live here.

You guys hear about all the
carfentanyl deaths on the Cape?
All these kids your age,
they're just dropping like flies.
You know, you just touch
that stuff, it could kill you.
That's dangerous
fucking business, isn't it?
Sure sounds like it.
If we're all done here,
we got to get ready for church.
Oh, of course, of course.
Uh, we got to get going, too, right?
It's a long ride back to the Cape.

Fucking Osito tipped her off.
You figure?
Hey, wait a minute.
Hey, is that is that your CI?
Yeah, don't say shit.
I don't want to hear it.
Yeah, no, no, man.
Good for you. Good for you.
You know, you flipped the big man.
- Mm-hmm.
- Hey, just don't let that shit
come back and bite you in the ass, okay?
[SCOFFS] I need career advice
from you, I'll let you know.
All right, so what you thinking here?
I'm thinking Charmaine is smart as hell.
And she's in with Osito.
You see the way her kid sister flinched
when I asked if they stayed on Cape Cod?
They're definitely staying there.
Question's where?

Looks like we got ourselves a live one.

What is wrong with straight girls?
Why does a chick like Daisy
protect an asshole like that?
Daddy issues. I mean, she is a stripper.
Ah, no.
Everyone's got daddy issues,
hon, not just the strippers.
- Not Jackie Quinones.
- What about you?
You're the one who fucked Ray.
- Oh! Fair point.
- Mm-hmm.
- My dad is a cop.
- Ah.
- I rest my case.
- Yep.
So, you know, emotionally
unavailable and violent.
But I learned a lot from him.
Think I got my drive from him,
my competitive spirit.
Your dad know you like women?
Yeah, yeah. Yeah, he's cool with it.
- Really?
- Mm-hmm.
I thought the Latinos
weren't down with that stuff.
Aw, you're so cute when you're racist.
I'm serious.
Uh, I don't know, you know?
I'm an only child.
Probably wanted a boy,
so I think, in a way,
he related to me more because
I wanted to fuck chicks.
[SCOFFS] I don't know, that is
literally all he wants to do,
so, you know, barf.
Oh, yeah, no, let's
keep talking about that.
I mean, we can if you want.
Ah, it's fine.
Just wish he hadn't put my mum
through all that shit, you know?
But whatever.
I mean, they're still married,
so, like, what the fuck do I know?

Fuck, I want to fuck you
so much right now.
Is this Officer Quinones?
Uh, yeah, this is Jackie.
Thanks for calling me, Britney.
I want to talk, but just to you.
All right. Yeah. Just me.
Um, can you can you get to P-town?
Yeah. Okay. In, like, 30 minutes?
[JACKIE] Yeah. I'll text you an address.
Oh, shit, she wants to meet me, alone.
- Holy shit.
- Yeah.
That's amazing. You gonna be okay?
It's your first solo CI.
- I think I can handle it.
- Okay.
'Cause I want you to come home to me.
- Oh, shit, I got to go.
- Okay.
[JACKIE] Here, take my keys.
I want you waiting for me
when I get home.


Thanks for coming, Britney.
- Did I have a choice?
- Everybody's got a choice.
Yeah? Are you on probation?
You from here?
No, no, but I've
I've been here a long time.
Yeah. What about you? Where you from?
I'm American, bitch.
I meant where did you grow up?
Can we sit down?
My feet are fucking killing me.
[JACKIE] Yeah, yeah, sure.
[DAISY] I'm from shithole Lowell.
My parents came there for a better life.
Guess what. We're still fucking poor.
[SIGHS] I got the fuck out.
Yeah. I hear that.
So what happened in 2016?
I had this boyfriend.
One day, we were driving,
we get pulled over.
He asked me to tuck some shit,
and somehow I get charged
with trafficking.
At least he makes cute babies, though.
You got kids?
Just one.
My parents took custody of her
when I went to prison.
I can't go away again.
I'll never get her back.
Jorge do that?
Takes two to tango, right?

Look, I could use the kid thing
to get you to cooperate,
but I don't want to do that.
The Cuevas cousins have killed
at least two women
that we know of.
You're not safe.
But if you help us, I can protect you.

And you won't say shit
to my probation officer?

Okay, then [SNIFFLES]
what do you want to know?
The drugs.

He works with this
Black girl, Charmaine.
She supplies for them.
I heard him on the phone.
Where does Charmaine get it?
Some guy in New York.
They just call him New York,
like, the dumbest code name ever.
Yeah. And this is this is
really good stuff, Britney.
Um, any chance you know
Charmaine's phone number?
- No.
- Or Jorge's business phone?
I could get them.
That yeah, that'd be amazing.
Is that good enough for now?
He's gonna be looking for me.
Yeah. Of course.
Um, but I'm gonna check in
with you tomorrow
after you've seen him,
make sure you're okay.
I'll be fine. I'm tough.

- [LESLIE] Hmm.
- Wake up.
Daisy's gonna get us Frankie and Jorge.
Oh, my God, I'm gonna
make sergeant by 40.
Oh, that's so fucking hot.

[LEWIS] Did you believe in us? ♪
Did you believe in trust? ♪
'Cause I've been thinking it over ♪
And you're aware that I want you ♪
When we're alone in the dark ♪
And I could take you right now ♪
You're the way that I want you ♪
Moving for me ♪
Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey.
It's cool. It's cool.

I want to.

I-I-I don't, uh, really
[CHUCKLES] I don't really
[LEWIS] And I could take you
right now ♪
You're the way that I want you ♪
Moving for me ♪
You say ♪
Believe in ♪
Trust in ♪
Us ♪
You say ♪
Believe in ♪
Remember ♪
Us ♪


[LEWIS] Don't wanna give this up ♪
You know that this
could be something ♪
We could dance in the echoes ♪
Echoes ♪
[LEWIS] You say ♪
Believe in ♪
Trust in ♪
Us ♪
You say ♪
Believe in ♪
Remember ♪
Us ♪

You say ♪
Believe in ♪
Trust in ♪
Us ♪
Did you believe in us? ♪
Did you believe in trust? ♪
'Cause I've been thinking it over ♪
And you're aware that I want you ♪

You say ♪
Us ♪
You say ♪
Believe in ♪
Remember ♪
Us ♪

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