Hightown (2020) s02e05 Episode Script

Dot Dot Dot

[ALAN] Previously on Hightown
I want to.
[RAY] Ethan, I believe in you.
Would you be willing
to wear a wire with Kizzle?
Did I do good?
I could float you a little
something to sell inside.
How you gonna get me
the product in here?
- [CHARMAINE] Don't worry about that.
- Welcome to Emerald City, brother.
Three shark tags went offline.
You thinkin' the Scrodfather?
- You trust Renee?
- Why wouldn't I?
- [DOCTOR] You're pregnant.
- Schedule the abortion.
Pretty sure who the father is.
That's the problem.
I fuckin' loved you.
We put the Cuevas cousins away before.
We can do that again.
You can touch me if you want
for a little extra.
We got you for soliciting and engaging,
and it's recorded in 2K.
You cooperate, or we take you in.
[LESLIE] Why don't you
make it easy on yourself
and tell us something about Jorge?
Charmaine. She supplies for them.
- Where does Charmaine get it?
- Some guy in New York.
Daisy's gonna get us Frankie and Jorge.
I thought a lot of things about you ♪
I stayed awake
just thinking about you ♪
But now I'm away ♪
You had to stay ♪
Tomorrow's a day of mine ♪
That you won't be in ♪
I tried to say I was just having fun ♪
But I really knew
that you were the one ♪
And now that I'm gone ♪
I see I was wrong ♪
I should have known all along ♪
That time would tell ♪
A week without you ♪
I should forget ♪
Two weeks without you ♪
And I'm still thinking about
the things that you said ♪
Vacation just another love-in ♪
Vacation I hope you love me ♪
Vacation would you think of me? ♪

I think I'll leave
without saying goodbye ♪
I think that you know the reason why ♪
What if I was to stay? ♪
Would things turn out
some other way? ♪
I'll never know anyway ♪

Hey. What are you doing? Come here.
[SCOFFS] I overslept.
I have court today.
Come here.
Last night was amazing.
You really never did that?
Beginner's luck, I guess.
Is that, like, kind of a big deal
that you let me do that to you?
Um, I mean, not really. Well, kind of.
You really wanna have this conversation?
The butch conversation?
I don't know, do I?
What's the butch conversation?
[LAUGHS] Never mind.
- I'm sorry. I have to go.
- [JACKIE] No.
- Yes.
- [JACKIE] No, no, no, no, no.

- ♪
[JORGE] You like 'em?
- They're nice.
- Excuse you.
Can I please talk to you?
You've been so good to me, princess.
Come on.
Bring me that beautiful face.
I don't deserve you.
I know you don't.
I just been stressed, you know?
- I know how it goes.
- No.
You don't know how it goes with me.
Oh, shit.
I promise.
That'll never happen again. Okay?
Yeah. Okay.
I love you, baby.
- I love you too, Daddy.
- Ha! Ha!
Guess what. Guess what.
- We got a date tonight.
- Oh, yeah?
'Cause I got us a place
out by the beach, whoo.
- [LAUGHING] Okay.
- Yeah! Ha-ha!
[BOTH] Mm.
- See you later, okay?
- All right.



Wah gwaan?
Mi deh ya, yuh know?
Haitian, but, you know,
you pick up some things around here.
What you here for?
Think they might be in some trouble.
Need to find them before it
turns into some bad trouble.
You see 'em?
Yeah, I saw them. They were here.
Stayed, I say, maybe a month or two.
Then a couple of days ago, gone.
Where to?
[SUCKS TEETH] Come 'ere, now.
People come and they go.
Him too.
He been through before.
Come for see them.
Hear what they talk about?
Good lookin' out.

Get anything yet?
I spoke to every Cape Verdean
I ever met.
No one's heard of Charmaine,
let alone knows where she was staying.
You know, it turns out,
it's a lot harder
to shake down minorities
without a badge.
And that's why everybody hates us.
Racist motherfucker.
What about you? You get anything?
Checked out a few boarding houses.
Found out that, uh,
Charmaine and her sister Aileen
were living with a bunch of Jamaicans
up to a few days ago.
One of those cash-only summer laborers
coming in and out
all the time kind of places?
- [ALAN] Mm-hmm.
- Shit, that's a smart play.
And Jorge Cuevas came to see her.
Whoa, we saying that she's
slinging for him?
Or maybe she's got Wayne's connect.
Charmaine's top dog.
- Maybe.
- Okay, what about Osito?
Think he can shed some light?
That motherfucker
already lied to me about her.
I'ma cash that chip in later.
Fair enough. You know she's on the Cape.
Where the fuck she staying, man?
That's the million-dollar question.
Yeah, he know he just a number ♪
And he good with that ♪
Play along 'cause he know
I got a super WAP ♪
Why you cheatin'?
I'm not! Stop!
- Yo, I gotta take this.
- [AUTOMATED VOICE] Collect call
from Massachusetts
State Correctional Facility.
I accept the charges.
[OSITO] What's good with you, Lil G?
[CHARMAINE] Nothin' much.
Sun's rising up in here.
Over here, they say
we got a flurry comin',
but I'm ready for it
to heat the fuck up.
Probably gonna be sooner than you think.
So what you got going on?
[CHARMAINE] Fucking with some HGTV.
Oh, yeah? What you watching?
You know that one on, uh, channel 330?
The Garden Show?
Legit. I'ma check it out.
[CHARMAINE] Yeah, you do that. Peace.
[NURSE] Planned Parenthood.
Yeah, hi. This is Renee Segna.
Um, I'm running late to my appointment,
but I'm still gonna make it.
Are you fucking kidding me?
- Do you have eyes? The fuck was that?
- Fuck you!
You were driving too fucking fast.
You fucking cunt, I'm pregnant.
If something happens
to my baby, I will kill you.
You know what? Forget about it.
My car's a piece of shit anyway.

[NURSE] Planned Parenthood.
Hi, um, this is
this is Renee Segna again.
Um, on second thought,
I'm not gonna make it
to my appointment today.
[NURSE] Would you like to reschedule?
Um, no.
I'm gonna
I'm gonna keep the baby.

[JANELLE] Meatballs or meat sauce?
[OSITO] Meatballs.
[JANELLE] Cats or dogs?
I'm a cat man.
They're aloof. I like that.
Their bad attitude
is their best quality.
[OSITO] Yo, you mind if we take a break?
Anytime you're sitting,
you could just do this.
Keep it moving to promote
faster healing.
I was thinking I should start
walking more, like you said.
Think you could hook me up
with some extra yard passes?
I can get you as many as you need.
That's enough rest.
Keep it moving, Delgado.
Get a side of mayonnaise over here?
[BARTENDER] Yeah, you got it.
I didn't say anything.
Didn't have to with your little salad.
So how's the family?
- Don't do that.
- What?
- I know you don't care.
- Of course I care.
I care about little, um
Little, uh, baby Alan Jr.
- Mm.
What up, Quinones?
[JACKIE] I got something big yesterday.
Where are you? Can you talk?
Got somebody with me right now.
Meet up somewhere in a little bit?
Yeah, text me a spot.
Yeah. Will do.
What was that about?
What's your deal, man?
What do you mean, what's my deal?
[RAY] I mean, you're acting like
I'm the biggest asshole over here.
Because you are the biggest asshole.
Yeah, okay, fine,
but you're sitting here
with the biggest asshole.
So what's that say about you?
You're allowing this to happen.
So what's that about, huh?
Why are we even here?
Because you begged me.
Mm, you're so full of shit right now.
Just admit it.
We're good partners,
and you like having me around.
Just own it. And take me to see Jackie.
Don't ask. You got something?
Yeah, we've been on Jorge
for a few days.
Turns out, he's pimping
his girlfriend, Daisy,
and some other girls from the club too.
Sounds like a side hustle.
I'd rather hear he moves carfentanyl.
Yeah, well, we jammed Daisy up
on the prostitution,
got her to talk.
Anything actionable?
Apparently, they're using
this girl Charmaine
as the connect to a supplier
in New York City.
It's funny, man.
Alan and I have been
looking at Charmaine.
That's Wayne Grasa's niece.
Well, Daisy said she can get me
Jorge and Charmaine's phone number.
She does that, you can pull tolls,
identify new targets,
work your way towards a wire.
- [JACKIE] Yeah.
- [RAY] I mean,
maybe she gets you a tap
inside Xavier's.
And from there, we build
a case on Frankie and Jorge,
and the icing on the cake
is fucking New York.
Yeah, a federal case
against a high-level player,
now, that'll work.
How certain are you that this, uh,
girl Daisy is ready to play ball?
She's ready.
Sorry, give me a sec.
Hey, Ed, what's up?
Hey, Jack. Got something.
You remember Freddie Souza?
Freddie Souza. Uh, yeah.
The deckhand who works with Billy Moran?
Yeah, he's got a buddy
on the Nick of Time,
which is owned by the Scrodfather.
[ED] Apparently, the Nick of Time
caught a great white
on their haddock run.
[JACKIE] Shit. For real?
Yeah, the plan is to load it
onto a truck to New York
and then off-load it at
a processing plant in Brooklyn.
Wow. Holy shit.
So we're heading there right
now to intercept the off-load.
Gonna bust the buyer too. You in?
Fuck yeah. See you in a minute.
Hey, sorry, I-I got this thing
at Fishery Service.
Uh, would it be cool if I go
out of town for a night?
- Go make the agency happy.
- [JACKIE] All right.
Hey, Quinones.
Good work.
Oh, oh, oh-oh ♪
I just wanna be loved ♪
By a girl like you ♪
[JORGE] Hmm.
[FRANKIE] How's that going?
What, Daisy? We get into it.
Little bit of this, little bit of that.
I'm taking her to the spot tonight.
- You like her?
Papa, what's not to like?
You tuned her up pretty good.
Yeah, I might have gotten
a little hot with her.
She gave me some fuckin' attitude.
- About what?
- I don't know.
Some shit with a customer,
and then she got all bitchy.
But I should have never
touched her face, you know?
I fucked up.
You said you were gonna tone that down.
The shit with the girls, primo.
She's gonna do what she wants,
and don't act like dick
never got sucked in this place
'til I got here.
We had those girl cops
in here last week.
They're looking for a weak spot, bro.
So I need to know, your girl, she cool?
I mean, she's fuckin' dumb,
but she ain't fuckin' stupid.
You ever tell Daisy anything?
Are you fuckin' serious right now?
You trust your girl, I trust mine.
Well, well, well, well ♪

Is it the way I move? ♪
Uh ♪

That's why you think I'm bulletproof ♪

Uh, or is it in my cool ♪

You think I'll put a spell on you ♪
Boo ♪
Take a mile ♪
Look, man, I don't want no trouble.
Just minding my business.
There's some trash
over by the south fence.
You got about 25 seconds to pick it up
and put it where it belongs.

Still you see me coming through ♪
Yeah ♪
Oh, let it rain ♪
Whoo-ooh-ooh ♪
It won't rain on my parade ♪
Oh, let it rain ♪
Ooh-ooh-ooh ♪
It won't rain on my parade ♪

Get this to the kitchen. Mix it up.
I got you.
For the next pickup.
Yeah, but there's something else.
Some cops came by my aunt's house.
Black dude, Alan something French,
and a white dude, Ray something Italian.
[CHARMAINE] Yeah, mouthy one
who arrested my uncle.
They ain't have shit, but still.
You'll take care of that, right?
Don't worry about what we do.
Remember, you getting rich
because of what I do.
Because of my connect.
You mean your tío Wayne's connect.
Fuck Wayne.
Who's paying his lawyer bills,
keeping his commissary tight?
Hmm? Me.
Who got my sister set up nice? Me.
So who's the head bitch in charge?
Not motherfuckin' Wayne.
I'll get y'all y'all shit.
But just so you know,
you're gonna have to pay me
a ten percent waste fee.
- A waste fee?
- [CHARMAINE] Mm-hmm.
The fuck is that?
For wasting my motherfuckin' time.
This bitch.
That's right. This bitch.
Y'all gonna take care
of that other thing, right?
Of course.

[SMITH] Uh-huh.
Uh-huh. Yes.
You. Come here.
Yes, I understand. I'll take care of it.
That was the colonel.
Can you tell me why he just
called me about Ray Abruzzo?
Couldn't say.
According to Frankie's lawyer,
Abruzzo's been harassing
the Cuevas cousins.
Popped Frankie in the mouth
in a bar a while back,
and now he's going after
Wayne Grasa's family.
You know anything about this?
Who knows why Ray does anything?
Don't shit in my ear, Saintille.
I know you went up to Boston with him
to Wayne's sister's place.
Look, he came to me with some intel,
and based on that,
I made a judgment call,
and it paid off.
One of Wayne Grasa's nieces
is wearing some pretty big
fuckin' pants.
She's Frankie and Jorge's supplier.
We're not gonna talk about this again.
None of it ever happened.
But you cut him loose. Clear?
Yes, sir.

- You good?
- Hmm?
You want a snack?
No, no, no. I'm good.
Man, I haven't been on
Gustavo in a long time.
Maybe when I get him,
I'll take a vacation.
"Ed Murphy, you finally
caught the Scrodfather.
What are you gonna do?"
- "I'm going to Disney World".
God, this chick has really
got you by the balls.
I haven't seen you like this
since Devonne.
It's good. I'm glad.
It's good to see you happy.

[STRIPPER WHISPERING] She's always like,
"Oh, I don't do drama".
[LAUGHS] You do.

Who did that to you?
Was it a customer?
'Cause if it was, it's not okay.
I'm tough. I'll be all right.
Tell me the truth.
Was it Jorge?
Yeah. But we're okay now.
We talked about it.
Do you love him?
He's my boo, you know?
But I told him next time
he pulls shit like that,
it'll be the last.
You're a good girl, Daisy.
There's not gonna be a next time.
I'll talk to him for you.
Thank you, Frankie. I appreciate that.

- Yo.
Check it.
That's what's up.
You sure you good with this?
Yo, I'm a'ight, bruh.
'Cause old habits is hard to break,
especially when they
staring you right in the face.
This shit?
This shit ain't calling my name.
I been clean a minute.
Just 'cause I sell dope ,
don't mean I gotta use it, right?
I lost people to this shit before.
We all done lost people
to this shit before.
Plus, it's not even like that, man.
I'm just trying to survive
in this motherfucker,
some kind of way.
Same as you.
I feel you.

[ALAN] Hey, man. How you doing?
[RAY] Come on in.
I knew you were low,
but literally underground?
[RAY] Uh, you come here
just to break my balls or what?
Yeah, man, look, um,
Smith found out about what we were doing
and jumped all the way up my ass, man.
[LAUGHS] Fucking LT.
Fuck that guy, right?
Look, man, you don't get it.
I gotta cut you loose, all right?
- Sorry.
- Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Wait a minute. What the fuck?
You just rolled over?
You're the sergeant.
Fucking right I'm the sergeant.
Look, you're over here living footloose
and fancy-fucking-free.
It's different for me.
I got responsibilities.
Fuck you think was gonna happen?
Yeah, motherfucker, honestly.
I figured you and I
would work this hard.
We'd nail the Cuevases, and, uh
I'd be back on.

Look, man, what you said before,
you were right.
I like you, man.
We closed a lot of cases together.
But it ends there.
There's no "we".
Those days are over, man.
You're never getting back on.

Look, man.
Find a hobby.
Remodel, work on a car.
Do whatever the fuck you want.
But if Smith finds out
you been interfering in this case again,
there's gonna be two cops
in this fucking basement.
And God help you if it comes to that.
You okay, man?
I mean, you-you gonna need
a welfare check
later on tonight?
No, I'm good.
I'm good.
[ALAN] All right, well, you let me know.
[CASHIER] Welcome to Remy's.
Can I take your order?
Like a, uh, double cheeseburger,
large fries, chocolate milkshake.
I'm gonna have the nacho sticks also.
And could you please
put extra cheese on those?
[CASHIER] Total comes to $16.84.
Thank you.
[CASHIER] Please pull up
to the next window.
Detective Abruzzo?
Oh, hey, uh Ethan?
Yeah. How you been?
Oh, yeah. Long day, you know. I'm okay.
How 'bout you? You staying clean?
Hey, uh, you got any more work for me?
I could use the 50 bucks, you know?
Yeah, actually, um,
you know a girl named Charmaine?
She's behind all the fire
that's been going around town.
Yeah, my boy Brian slings for her.
- [DRIVER] Come on!
- Move the fuck up!
- No kidding.
Think you can set up
a meetup with your boy?
Yeah. Totally.
[RAY] Yeah, all right. Thank you, man.
Yeah, I mean, if it weren't for you,
I'd still be sitting in a cell
for running over your partner, you know?
Anyway, I'm off in a half hour.
Just wait for me out back.
Oh, yeah. Keep the change.
Ah, thanks, man.
I don't do it for the money ♪
I do it for the love ♪
I don't do it for the money ♪
I do it for the love ♪
I don't do it for the money ♪
I do it for the love ♪

I gotta take off.
What do you mean, "take off"?
Jorge's got this romantic thing planned.
Dinner, night at the beach
I'm gonna be short a girl.
He said it'd be okay.
Oh. Okay, well, in that case.
No, look, it's fine.
Have fun. Just
know the presents don't mean shit.
He's never gonna change. Okay?
Thanks for the tip, Mom.

[CHUCKLES] You scared me.
[BOTH] Mm.
You okay? You look different.
Yeah. Yeah, I'm fine.
some bitch cut me off earlier,
and I scraped her bumper,
so freaked me out a little, I guess.
[FRANKIE] Oh, I'm sorry, baby.
You need anything?
Huh? No? No?
- No?
No. No, I'm okay.
You're sure?
It's just, um
you ever get tired
of all the bullshit?
The bullshit?
Yeah, you know, the
the club and the girls and
the other stuff we do.
You know, it just gets tiring, you know?
Sometimes I just wish
I could be a housewife
with a bunch of kids and
didn't have to worry
about this shit, you know?
So you wanna go make a baby right now?
Is that what you're saying? Hmm?
I don't know what I'm saying.
I mean, have you, though,
thought about having any more kids?

Can we talk about this some other time?
I gotta run.
Yeah, of course.

[ED] All right, listen up.
Our targets will be off-loading
a Carcharodon carcharias,
otherwise known as a great white shark.
On my signal,
New York Fishery Service
will take the north side;
Environmental Conservation, the south;
my team, the west and the main door.
When that truck shows up, we go in hot.
Until then, let's wait in our cars
so we don't freeze our balls off.
[RON] Hey, guys, do you wanna
stop by Yankee Stadium
on the way home tomorrow
so I can take a dump
in the parking lot? [LAUGHS]
- Yo!
- [RON] Leslie?
- Back off!
- Leslie?
Is that the hot chick
you were with the other day?
- Oh, my God.
- [RON] Oh, fuck me.
Lesbians always get the best pussies.
- Ow! Fuck! Jackie
- [ED] Hey! Knock it off!
I'm surrounded by fuckin' children here.
- Stupid.
- Fucking stop it.

Hey, you guys having any trouble
with your cell signal?
Nope. Full bars.
And put your fucking phone down.
Oh, my God. It's amazing!
Champagne. Is that for me?
I told you. Only the best for my girl.
[DAISY] A fireplace!
- [JORGE] Mwah! Yeah.
Oh, my God.
[JORGE] That's right.
Double sinks?
A walk-in shower?
[JORGE] Hey, baby, I tell you,
I take care of you, my girl.
Yes, you do, baby.
[GASPS] A Jacuzzi.
Jorge. Wha
[JORGE] What the what the fuck?
What the fuck, man?
Jesus Christ, Frankie, man,
did you have to fucking do that?
[FRANKIE] I told you,
no more girls at the club.
But you don't fucking listen, do you?
You know, you always
fucking' call me a hothead,
but this is bullshit, man! For what?
She was loose.
Sold you out right to my face.
Told me how you tuned her up.
If she can't keep that to herself,
what the fuck else she saying, huh?
Eventually, you would've
tuned her up again and again.
And then what?
You know what? Fuck that.
If it was fucking Renee,
would you deal with it the same way?
I always do what needs to be done.
That's why I'm the boss
and you're the fucking retrasado
who needs to be cleaned up after.
Now, do we need to talk about this more?
[FRANKIE] Good. Chuleta!
What's this motherfucker doing here?
I was waiting in the room
for, like, three hours.
[FRANKIE] Now, listen up.
I'm headed to a hotel bar
where a Plymouth cop
will say I've been all night.
And you
are going back
to the club you never left
to close out with Renee.
Get her out of here.

[LESLIE] This is Leslie.
You know what to do.
I swear it didn't mean
what you thought it did.
I mean, you know, uh-uh, maybe a little.
It-it's like a-a-a figure of speech.
Don't be weird, okay? It's a word.
A word that can mean
a lot of different things.
I love my friends
[RON] Hey. Hey, hey, hey, hey.
And-and we're friends, right?
I mean, what the fuck even are we?
- [RON] Is that him?
- Yeah. That's him.
Just call me back, okay?
[ED] North team, go! South team, go!
Jackie, get off the fucking phone!
The truck's here!

National Marine Fishery Services!
[JACKIE] Don't move! Hands up!
- Stay right there. Do not move.
- [ED] Stay right there.
[JACKIE] Hands up. Don't move.
[RON] Hands where I can see them!
[ED] Freeze. Don't fucking move.
- [JACKIE] Stay right where you are.
- [OFFICER] Hands up!

- [WORKER] Hey! Hey!
What the fuck?
Fucker, come on.

Where is it?
[SCOFFS] What the fuck?
Where's the fuckin' shark?
- The fuck you talking about?
- What are you transporting?
You just fucking saw it, right?

Uh, club's closed.
What are you doing here?
I'm the fuckin' manager. I'm closing.
Aren't you supposed to be with Daisy?
Hmm. What happened?
Did you beat the shit out of her
because she cut your meat wrong?
Keep your fuckin' nose
out of my business.
Now, you see, Daisy's my employee,
so she is my business.
And every time you fuck up her face,
you're fucking with my business.
[JORGE] Heh! Look at this shit.
You think you got rocks
'cause you're Frankie's girl?
Why do you hate me so much?
Is it 'cause I didn't
fuck you back in the day?
Oh, it is.
You're still butt-hurt
about that night at Connie's party
a hundred years ago?
You still think I want that pussy
after you passed it all over town?
Fuck you.
You know, I should take that
fuckin' whore mouth of yours
and fucking rearrange it.
You threatening me now?
You know what?
When I'm fuckin' threatening you,
you'll fuckin' know about it.

Does that make you feel
like you've got a big dick?
'Cause I've got a big dick too.
- Oh!
Oh, fuck!
I'm sorry! I'm sorry! Fuck!
- You dumb bitch!
- Jesus Christ!
You fucking shot me!
- I didn't mean to
- You fucking shot me.
- I'll call 911.
- No!
Call Frankie! Call Frankie!
[RENEE] Okay, I'll call Frankie.
Call Frankie. Oh.
Oh. Oh, my God. Oh, shit.
Call him. Call him.
What are you waiting for?
What are you doing? What are
you doing? Call fuckin' Frankie!
The fuck you doing?
Help me, you fucking bitch!
You fuckin' bitch, Renee!
Okay, okay, listen, listen. [GROANS]
Renee, please, please. Come back!
Come back. All right. Come on, bitch!
Renee! Okay. All right.
I'll-I'll-I'll stop, Renee. [GROANS]
- Renee, please. Please.
- Oh, fuck. Fuck.

No, no. You fucking bitch!
You shot me! Come here!
You fucking bitch!
Let me out! Let me
out, you fucking cunt!
Come on!
Where the fuck is this guy?
Uh, drug dealers are always late, man.
[RAY] Hey. Hey, hey, hey.
Remember what we talked about, okay?
You introduce me as a friend,
we chitchat, we make a buy,
and then we're gone.
- Yeah.
- Easy.
Yo, Brian.
This is Ray.
You the guy who got my son's ass kicked?
I'm sorry. What the fuck?
Do we have a problem, Ethan?
No, you got a problem.
I heard you're not a cop anymore.
Okay, Ethan. Listen to me.
And when were you gonna tell me that?
Hold on. Hey, don't [GRUNTS]

[ETHAN] Tooth for a tooth, right?
I got you and Kizzle
to thank for this one.
So, Ray
did I do good?
You fuck.
- [JORGE] Oh, God.
You fucking cunt. I'm gonna kill
- Cunt!
[JORGE] Let me out!
I'm gonna fucking kill you.
I'm gonna fucking kill
I'm gonna kill
[SOBBING] I'm gonna fuckin' kill you.


[RENEE] Hey, guys.
How are you?
So, um
there's a really big mess in the office.

I want you guys to clean up in here
and then take out the trash.
You know what I'm saying?
Why da ras we would do that?
When's your work visa up?
[RENEE] And how much
do you make in a season?
Around 10,000.
Wouldn't it be nice
to double that in one night
and be back on a plane
to Jamaica tomorrow?
Thirty thousand.
Hey, wah oy. Where ya go?
No, bitch, this fucker weigh 300 pound.
Your hungry-lookin' ass
gonna help with lift him.
Ya see me? Come.
Trouble in paradise?

Jesus, Jack. What is
your fucking problem?
We never should have come to New York
on that bullshit tip.
Freddie Souza got bad intel.
It's nobody's fault.
[SCOFFS] There it is.
Freddie fuckin' Souza!
Bad intel?
Ed, he fuckin' lied to you, man.
You got played by a fuckin' crackhead.
Scrodfather and fuckin' Billy
are just trying to get
a leg up on each other. They used you.
No. You're wrong. I got the picture.
[JACKIE] This could've been
taken any time, man.
Did you check the timestamp?
Do you even know what a timestamp is?
Scrodfather's been playing you
for 30 years,
and now he probably stole
half the fucking ocean
while you were counting
haddock in Brooklyn.
What the fuck, Jack?
I had real things going on, man,
people relying on me,
and I left to come babysit your ass.
So you're the only one
gets to be a fuckup?
- Got it.
- I'm just saying.
- You're slippin'.
- Slippin', huh? Ah.
Are you saying I'm too old for this job?
I fucked up. That's on me.
But the last time you shat the bed,
you flipped your car
and almost killed a woman.
You make amends to her yet?
That's, uh, what, the ninth step, right?
Jesus, I know more about
that fucking horseshit than you do.
Fuck you, Ed.
Fuck you!
[RENEE] Thirty thousand each.
You're gonna ditch the car
at the airport,
then take his body to the spot
off 6A I told you about.
- Mm-hmm.
- Good.
He needs to disappear
like he never fucking existed.
Who does?




What the fuck are you doing here?
I love you.

I fucking love you, Ray.
She takes you nowhere ♪

Her nails dig deep in ♪

She draws your blood out ♪

It tastes like metal ♪
You can't escape her ♪

Engulfed in fire ♪

The black clouds rise again ♪

You drown and you drown in teeth ♪
For miles ♪

And punctured skin ♪

Remember why ♪

Remember she's ♪
Got claws ♪

Yeah, she's ♪
Got claws ♪

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