Hilda (2018) s01e04 Episode Script

Chapter 4: The Sparrow Scouts

1 Ready to go to your very first Sparrow Scout meeting? Almost.
Oh, I hope you like the Sparrow Scouts as much as I did at your age.
Come on, we don't wanna be late.
- What are you doing? - Looking for my sweater.
You're wearing it.
No, my good sweater.
Guess I'll have to wear this one.
Hey, I knitted you that sweater! Hilda I promise to be trustworthy, useful and helpful to others, to be a friend to all people, animals and spirits, to never be a snob, to be courageous, to do a good thing every day, to smile and to whistle and to keep the Sparrow Scout law.
Now that you've taken the oath, you may wear the sash.
- Frida, would you help me do the honors? - With pleasure, Raven Leader.
Welcome to the Sparrow Scouts.
It's an unofficial tradition to initiate a new recruit with a game of Stingball! Ow! Hey! Ow! Ooh! All right, Sparrows, circle up! Your first badge challenge of the year is the Friend of the Park badge.
Earning it will require a team effort.
- You will be divided - You sure have a lot of badges.
The only badges that matter are the ones I don't have yet.
Each team will be responsible for a clean-up and beautification project in Trolberg City Park.
Each project must be completed in the course of one weekend.
Any volunteers for team leaders? Very good.
Leaders, choose your teams.
- I'll take Hilda! - Thanks.
No, heh, thank you.
I need 20 points to earn my Level Three Friendly and Helpful badge, and you're worth at least five.
- I am? - Yep.
Invite a new kid to join in a game or activity: five points.
Mmm! And to complete my team, I choose David.
Yes! - David, bug.
- Where? It's, um It's gone now.
Whew! You'll really like being on Frida's team.
She really knows what she's doing.
That's good, 'cause I've never been on any kind of team before.
Never? I've lived my whole life in the wilderness.
My mum and I were the only humans for miles around.
Good to know.
Uh now, our assignment is to clean up this plot of land at the far edge of the park and plant a garden.
Listen, the sooner we do this, the sooner we get that badge.
Let's start tonight.
Who's up for midnight gardening? I admire your enthusiasm, but organization comes first.
And daylight is also good.
I'll work up a project plan and see you both in the morning.
See you, Hilda.
So, did you earn a lot of badges when you were a Sparrow? Well, I had the most badges in my flock by the time I moved on.
I still feel quite proud of that.
Then I'm going to get at least one more than that, starting tomorrow.
Come on in.
Hold on.
Is that a deer fox? Yep.
This is Twig.
I've read about them, but I've never actually seen one.
Look at those antlers.
Adorable! And surprisingly sharp.
He can be fierce when he needs to be.
Can't you, boy? Hilda, aren't you going to introduce me to your friends? - Mum, this is David and Frida.
- It's nice to meet you.
Just an FYI, but according to my schedule, we have 30 seconds for small talk before we need to move on.
I get it.
You've got a badge to earn.
Well, here are some cucumber sandwiches.
I made enough for everyone.
My favorite.
Thanks, Mum.
Looks like nobody's set foot here in years.
Nobody human, anyway.
So, this wall is supposed to keep out the trolls? Yep, the countryside around the city is full of them.
Please, I don't like to think about it.
Trust me when I say we have nothing to worry about.
- Trolls turn into solid rock in daylight.
- It's true.
It wouldn't matter if there were a hundred of them on the other side of this wall.
A hundred? Frozen in stone, plotting their next move, lying in wait for their chance.
I'm too young to die! The point is that we're perfectly safe.
Let's get to work.
Okay, then! Welcome to your first Sparrow Scout badge challenge, Hilda.
So, where do we start? We start and finish with my super detailed action plan.
- Was she raised by elves? - Definitely.
Phase one, complete! Wow, she is efficient.
Whoa! These reeds are stinky.
Ah! I kind of like it.
Ugh! Let's get them to the mulching center before it closes.
Hilda, come on! We'll finish up tomorrow.
Coming! Whoo, that is a special odor! Hmm, moldy onion with overtones of rotten turnip.
Yeah, very good.
But it's all the same to the Big Chipper.
The Big Chipper? Our state-of-the-art mulching machine.
Isn't she a beaut? Titanium frame, automated conveyor belt, and razor-sharp mulching teeth.
It's a smooth ride to the top and then, pow! Straight to the Big Chipper's big dumper! That baby can mulch anything into a thousand tiny pieces, and I do mean anything.
Okay, kids, dump your stuff in the bin over there.
I'll load it in for tomorrow night's run.
Good work today, fellow Sparrow Scouts.
We're right on schedule.
- See you tomorrow for phase two? - Planting and beautification? Exactly! So here's the plan for today.
First, we Oh, no! All our work! That's weird, right? Uh guys What's that? Ow! Ooh! Ah! Call off the beast! Only if you surrender the garden spade! Easy, Twig.
Did you vandalize our project? Did you dig up my friends? Your friends? The stinky weeds! Stinky weeds? How insulting! We're not weeds.
We are vittra! What are vittra? Ugh! Typical above-grounder.
"What are vittra?" Well, if you must know, we live underground.
Once a year, we have to hibernate near the surface just to catch a little sunlight.
But then you come along and yank us right out of the dirt we live in.
You're a bunch of hooligans! We are Sparrow Scouts, friendly and helpful to all.
Friendly and helpful? Ha! We made a mistake.
Well, I don't usually make mistakes.
Oh, well, you sure made a whopper this time! I We My team We didn't know.
Didn't care is more like it! Okay, that's not fair.
We do care.
Caring is my main extracurricular activity.
That's why I have all of these badges, because I care a lot.
Yeah, well, that - Ha! - Give that back! Ha ha! Eat dirt! That's every badge I've ever earned in my life! Ah! You'll never catch me! Ha ha! I will, too! Frida! Frida! Frida! What do we do? What do we do? Frida would know what to do, but she's not here to do it.
You'll stay up top and mind the rope.
I'll go and find her.
You mean, I'll be here, all alone? Twig will stay with you.
Whatever you do, don't let go of your end.
When I come back with Frida, we'll need it to get back up.
- Okay.
Should I lower you down? - No, thanks.
I'd rather jump.
Keep a good grip on the rope.
That's easy enough.
Although, my hands tend to sweat when I'm nervous, which makes them slippery, which could be a problem, but Whoa! That's a cool rock.
Good plan.
You handle the rope, I'll handle the meaningless distractions.
Ooh, look.
Whoa! Whoa! Ew! Frida! Oh, it really does stink in here.
Frida! Where are you? Don't want to get lost myself.
Frida? Frida? Mmm! Looking for that other girl? Where is she? Around.
Hey! Wait! Hilda? What the? Yeehaw! Ha ha! Ha ha! Nyah, nyah! Whoops.
Oh! Look, we could do this forever.
Or we could cut a deal.
I'm listening.
I'll help you find that irritating girl if you return my friends.
Huh? Deal, but we'll have to hurry.
Your friends are scheduled for mulching.
Mulching?! - Hey, mister.
- Shut up, little kid! - I found something weird.
- Okay.
Frida! You really wedged yourself in.
Well, that's what you get for using an old rabbit hole instead of a proper vittra tunnel.
It's not always easy to tell the difference.
Well, then I guess you're not as smart as you think you are.
You're very rude! And you have all the charm of a rock-chewing slug! That's enough! I could use a hand, you know.
Come on.
And pull! Ooh! You have no right to wear that! Oh, I'll wear it until I get my friends back! - What? - Come on, guys, we have to hurry! Bye, mister.
David! Hey, boy! I can't believe you found her.
He helped me.
Hey, we made a deal! And now we're going to fail the badge challenge, thanks to your deal.
Yeah, but it kind of saved you from being stuck underground forever.
O Okay, that's a fair point.
Thank you for coming after me.
That was really brave.
It's just this wasn't part of my action plan.
- So I freaked a little.
- Or a lot! - So, what's your action plan? - It's pretty simple, really.
Save the vittra from the Big Chipper, come back here, stick 'em in the ground.
- All by yourself? - Sure.
- No.
- No? Not all by yourself.
- David and I are coming with you.
- We are? And I'm coming, too.
That's the spirit! - See? We're all in this together.
- Ugh! Not really.
I'm in it to make sure you lot don't mess it up.
Giddyup! Hyah! Let's just go.
Oh, we're too late! It's closed for the night.
Maybe we could come back tomorrow.
Look! - It's now or never.
- She's right.
Come on, David.
I'm not a fan of heights.
Sometimes under is better than over, you know.
Heeyah! Careful! Come on! Ha! Frida, catch! Ooh, at the top! Georgie-boy! He's the last one.
Got you! Whoa! - Hilda! - Georgie-boy! I can't look.
Yes, you can! Push! It's okay, Hilda! We've got you! Then we're coming down! Hilda, are you okay? Whoa! A traumatic fall for sure, but I'm fine.
That has to be worth at least a hundred points for the Catch Your Falling Friend badge.
Really? No.
There's no badge for that.
Well, there should be.
I can't believe your friends slept through all of this.
Ha! There's not much that can wake a hibernating vittra except pounding a stake in its head.
Yeah, sorry about that.
You have to admit, above-grounders aren't as bad as you thought.
You pulled up my friends in the first place, so don't expect a prize just for bringing them back! But a deal's a deal.
David, Hilda, and I failed to complete the assigned badge challenge.
But upon further analysis, I've concluded that as failures go, ours was pretty successful.
Hilda insists that we should have gotten a Friend of the Vittra badge.
I explained there's no such badge.
She said we should invent one, but I told her, "You can't just make up your own badges.
" Or maybe you can.
Good night, little rock.
Good night, Bertrand.

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