Hilda (2018) s01e05 Episode Script

Chapter 5: The Troll Rock

1 [birds chirping.]
[birds chirping.]
[vittra screaming.]
- [birds chirping.]
- [theme music playing.]
Hilda [woman vocalizing.]
[Magnusson whistling tune.]
Oh, hello! [grunts.]
Ha! Welcome to parents' night.
I'm Principal Magnusson.
Oh! Ah.
Uh, thank you.
Thank you for coming.
Make sure you stay for our grand finale.
[inhales, imitating drums.]
[imitating drums.]
A dedication ceremony for our new statue.
[Hilda chuckles.]
He seems nice.
He is! He is! He's one of our city's great founders, Edmund "the Troll Slayer" Ahlberg.
Oh, how I do love civic art dedications.
Now, I don't want to give too much away, but I may read a poem.
Mm, lovely.
[nittens meowing.]
This is my nature collection: nittens.
I swear I picked these out of your hair myself.
You did.
Ugh, I could do without seeing them again, to be honest.
Yeah, but no one else around here has ever seen nittens.
Besides, I couldn't bring a rock collection 'cause David did one.
Oh, great job, son.
That box is filled right to the brim.
Oh, sweetie, this is the best work you've ever done! Hiya! I'm so proud of you, Hilda.
I know you were nervous about school, but it seems like you're adapting very well.
Thanks, Mum.
Of course, it helps to have Frida and David around.
Hilda, there you are! When you were three minutes late, I was afraid you weren't coming.
Come and see my project.
[Alfur sighs.]
They grow up so fast, don't they? - Alfur? - Oh, don't worry.
Now that you can see me, I'll keep you company when Hilda's with her friends.
See? All that paperwork was worth it.
- Shh! What are you doing here? - [grunts.]
Writing a report on Hilda's school.
The elves are very interested in what she does all day.
- They are? - Oh, yes.
Life in the elf counties is quite dull now that you two aren't obliviously stomping on our houses every day.
I'm not sure it's a good idea for you to be here.
No one else can see me.
It'll be fine.
[sighs, whispers.]
All right.
Just keep a low profile.
I could hardly do otherwise.
[clears throat.]
We'd like to begin with a short film about the history of our school.
Trevor? Yes, Ms.
[light switch clicks.]
[distorted music playing.]
Over 300 years ago, Edmund Ahlberg founded a school based on the proven values of structure, discipline, and treating every student - exactly the same.
- [snoring.]
His vision still guides us today - [crashes.]
- [all gasp.]
- [light switch clicks.]
- My nature collection! What happened here? Looks like someone threw David's rocks at the projector.
Someone? - Why are you saying it like that? - Mm-hmm.
Are you saying I did it? You were the one standing closest to the rocks, Hilda.
I would never! I love rocks! This an odd-looking one.
Wait, this looks kind of like a Looks kind of like it could be dangerous.
This one's liable to put an eye out.
I'd better put these away so they don't tempt whoever did this to try again.
Is everything all right? Actually, I wonder if we could chat, privately, once I get all this cleaned up.
Oh, certainly.
I didn't do anything, I swear.
I'm sure we can straighten this all out when we talk to her.
- Your mother can be very persuasive.
- Oh, thank you, Alfur.
But why would Ms.
Hallgrim blame me? She loves me.
- Uh, Hilda, can we talk for a second? - Sure.
Excuse me, Mum.
Here's the thing.
Uh, Ms.
Hallgrim doesn't really love you.
She doesn't? Um, it's just you're not the best at following the rules.
But how could King Olaf Tryggvason have lost the Battle of Svolder when he had the superior fleet? Hilda, please raise your hand.
Also, this is science class.
Hilda, this is a troll drill.
Follow the procedure.
Trust me, if a troll were here, this wouldn't help you at all.
Who cares how much the apples cost? The real question is why one man needs to buy so many apples.
Is he feeding some kind of apple monster? Hilda, school's over! I can't believe no one else was bothered by that apple thing.
That's not how school works, Hilda.
We answer the questions they give us, we don't think up new questions.
But that's the fun part.
Why would they even ask us questions they already know the answers to? That's just the way it is.
I think Ms.
Hallgrim might want to transfer you to the class of students with behavioral difficulties.
I don't have behavioral difficulty.
David, would you say I'm disruptive in class? No, I wouldn't say that in class.
What if the teacher were talking? It might be disruptive.
No, I mean, would you say that I am disruptive when I am in class? Oh.
What? Really? But I don't mind.
That way, Ms.
Hallgrim's too busy to call on me.
Oh, look, it's Frida's parents! Perhaps we should go say hi.
Good idea.
But I'll say hi.
You say nothing.
Are you talking to yourself? No, I'm talking to Al uh Yeah.
Yeah, I am.
Hello, I'm Johanna, Hilda's mother.
Oh, Hilda! You're the ones who lived out in the wilderness.
Of course! That explains it.
I can't believe Ms.
Hallgrim thinks I'm a problem student.
Mum was so proud of me for adapting to school.
Maybe we can get you out of trouble if we find the culprit.
Who do you think broke the projector? [clattering.]
The rock! David, you have a troll rock in your collection! - A troll rock? - Shh! - It's the one with the nose.
- But it's so small.
Well, it was small.
I guess it has grown a bit.
[insects chirping.]
[distant dog barking.]
It's a baby.
Where did you find it? Near the wall, when we were doing our Sparrow Scout project.
It must have come through the vittra tunnel we found.
The daylight keeps him in rock form.
He woke up when the curtains closed.
- And when he got shut in a desk.
- Right.
But once the sun sets, we'll have no way to turn him back into a rock.
The sun's setting now! We'd better get him out of here right away.
Hilda, a troll in Trolberg is kind of a big deal.
That's why we have a huge wall around the city.
I heard about a kid who got caught with a troll rock and went to jail for 50 years.
- What if it's an accident? - Then you get a hundred years.
They really, really don't want anyone doing it by accident.
Then we'll have to get it out of the school and back over the city wall.
Hallgrim's back! How are we even going to get into her desk? I've got an idea.
You want me to pick a lock and let a baby troll out of a desk drawer? [scoffs.]
You certainly like helping trolls, don't you? - It just tends to come up a lot.
- [clattering.]
- [clattering.]
- Hmm? I'm going to jail! Hmm.
- [all exhale.]
- [footsteps.]
Oh, no! She's going to tell my mum I'm a problem student.
Graphic design! Why, that is a fascinating field.
You must be very talented.
To be honest, it's been a bit of a rough go since moving to town.
So sorry to interrupt, but would now be a good time to talk? Oh, uh, sure.
Hilda, can you come with us, please? [awkward laugh.]
Maybe you could send your parents to distract her.
I can't.
I've been trying to keep my parents away from her, too.
They want to ask for extra work to bring my math score from 99 to a hundred.
What is that? Oh, Mum, look! Ms.
Hallgrim is free! Ms.
Hallgrim, I'm glad we caught you.
I'm sure you're aware that Frida's math score has slipped.
Hallgrim's watching me.
It's up to you to get the troll rock.
Take Alfur.
Get him onto the desk and let him do the rest.
[soft thud.]
He tickles.
[Frida's mum.]
But we really do consider this to be extremely important.
Now, go.
Hurry! [whistling.]
Are you off my hand yet? Yes, for quite some time, actually.
- [clattering.]
- [Alfur shouting.]
[Frida's mum.]
Surely you'd agree a student's achievements should be limited only by her willingness to strive.
- Hurry, David.
- [Alfur grunting.]
Alfur, where are you? Is everything okay? - Peachy! - [lock clicks.]
- Done.
- Yes! Hey, what about me? Oh, no! We're too late.
[baby troll snarling.]
[David gasps, shouting.]
[all gasp.]
- David, are you all right? - I'm fine.
- I'm just, uh, dancing.
- Yes, he is.
- I'm dancing, too! - Me, too.
I'm watching them dance.
- [baby troll grunting.]
- [objects crashing.]
[objects crashing.]
[baby troll shouting.]
What? It's gone.
[baby troll gibbering.]
Where did it go? Where did what go? Uh, the dancing bug, it's gone.
I don't want to dance now.
- He's loose! - [baby troll shouting.]
What is going on? Uh, it must be one of those earthquakes that only furniture can feel.
Oh, I've read about those.
They're very real.
[baby troll gibbering.]
[baby troll snarling.]
[thudding, clattering.]
[all screaming.]
Oh! Ow! [shouting.]
Oh! [screaming continues.]
Hi, Frida.
- [baby troll groaning.]
- [mice squeaking.]
Hilda! Hilda! - Who said that? - It's a ghost! She's doing this.
She's a witch! I knew it.
- [banging.]
- Ah! There it is! - [baby troll gibbering.]
- [gasps.]
[laughing, snorts.]
And I thought tonight would be boring.
- Hilda, what are you doing? - I I can explain.
- It's there! - [baby troll gibbering.]
[baby troll gibbering.]
Ow! Oh! [nittens meowing.]
Hilda? Uh hi.
[baby troll laughing.]
Hilda! Hilda, get back here! Come on! [gasps.]
Hilda! [woman.]
So, you're Hilda's mother.
What did that monster of yours do to my son? He's so fearful now he won't even go near a bird.
[people shouting.]
Why am I itching? Oh, I knew those nittens were a bad idea.
[locker door opens.]
[baby troll shouting.]
- [water trickling.]
- [gulping.]
[baby troll gibbering.]
[baby troll gibbering.]
[all panting.]
Where'd he go? [panting, grunts.]
[Magnusson chuckling.]
Oh! Whoops! Hope you're not leaving yet.
You wouldn't want to miss the statue unveiling.
Ah! Oh, no, of course not.
We're just, uh, racing to the girls' room.
And also the boys' room.
Good, good.
You know what they say about sculpture.
"The chisel is the lightning that brings life to the clay of the stone.
" You know what? That would go well in my speech.
I'd better go rehearse again! Oh! [laughing.]
Break a leg! Oh, wait! No running in the Hallgrim! - Don't forget about - The statue of dedication, I know! [laughs.]
[nittens meowing.]
Why am I itchy all of a sudden? [all panting.]
There! It's in the ventilation system.
You'll have to crawl in after it.
[Frida clears throat.]
Allow me.
A Sparrow Scout is always prepared.
Vents are so much bigger in films.
I've got an idea.
[gasps, gulps.]
Hilda, I'm very fond of you, but I'm afraid I must decline.
- Then what do we do? - [distant troll roaring.]
[all scream.]
- [Hilda.]
- [Hallgrim.]
Hilda? We need to chat.
- [Hallgrim groaning.]
- [nittens meowing.]
Mum's quite good at finding nittens if you need help.
No, thank you.
I've been concerned about Hilda's behavior for a while.
But tonight, Hilda has proven that she simply cannot fit the mold of a proper student.
And she's dragging Frida and David down with her.
I recommend moving Hilda to a small transitional class that can offer more personal attention.
I'm sorry, Mum.
I guess I haven't adapted as well as you thought.
Hilda, you're staying right where you are.
Huh? Ms.
Hallgrim, I don't know what got into Hilda tonight, but the fact that she dragged her friends into it is an excellent sign.
Did you hear that? Hilda, this kind of interruption is just the sort of thing I'm talking about.
- Please continue.
- [thumping.]
Hallgrim, Hilda needs her friends to grow.
Ever since they met, she's learned a lot from them.
If you pull Hilda out of their class, you'll be setting her back.
Well, perhaps we can give Hilda a little more time to - [baby troll shouting.]
- Hilda, get down! [shouts.]
[all shouting.]
What on Earth? Ow! [shouting.]
What's going on? [grunting.]
Got you! [gasps.]
Is that a troll? Yep, but I'd be more worried about that one.
[thunder rumbles.]
[baby troll whining.]
A troll in the city! - We've got to sound the alarm.
- No! We don't want a crisis.
- This is a crisis! - Don't.
It'll cause a panic and fighting, and David will go to jail for a hundred years.
She doesn't want to cause trouble.
[troll roaring.]
Hilda, get back! [roars.]
[Hilda grunting.]
Ah! [baby cooing, laughing.]
She just came for her baby.
See? How did you know? I'm afraid that's the sort of thing she excels at.
So, Ms.
Hallgrim's letting you stay in our class? And she's not telling anyone about the trolls? - How did you swing that? - We've come to an understanding.
Your daughter really is a remarkable girl.
[Magnusson shouting.]
I have terrible news! Horrible news! It's a catastrophe! Oh, my heart hurts.
Oh, please, no! - Why? - What happened? The statue dedication is canceled! - [Magnusson sobbing.]
- [grunts.]
[Magnusson wails.]
[thunder crashes.]
[theme music playing.]

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