Hilda (2018) s01e06 Episode Script

Chapter 6: The Nightmare Spirit

1 Hilda I hate dark, creepy tunnels.
They tend to be filled with things that are horrible.
You'll be thanking me when we get our Sparrow Scout badges for subterranean urban exploration.
That's not a real badge.
Not yet, but Raven Leader will be so impressed with us that she'll have no choice but to create one.
Ooh! We'll be the first Sparrow Scouts to earn a badge before it's invented.
There should be a badge for that.
Frida? Hilda! Flipping head lamp! At least the last thing I ever did was be right! Oops.
Sorry, Warren.
David, your friends are here.
Bug check.
Bug check complete.
Now what are we going to do? We could ride bikes.
Too boring.
Why ride bikes around the same old streets when there's a great big world out there? There's so much we've never seen, so much we don't know.
There's mystery everywhere you look.
Like, who's that girl? And what dastardly scheme has she been up to? That's just some new girl on our street.
Yes, but what's her name? I don't know.
Aha! See? She's a mystery.
Hilda, when you lived in the wilderness, you knew everyone because it was just you and your mum.
But here in Trolberg, there's a lot of people we don't know.
You just have to get used to it.
I'm telling you, there's something odd about her.
She's always alone.
She never talks to anyone.
I've never seen her go into a shop.
Have you noticed the more you talk about how odd she is, the more odd you sound? She's just a teenager.
Most teenagers are a bit weird.
So? People think elves are weird, but they're actually quite fun.
Well, Alfur's fun.
The rest are rather dull and tedious.
Come on! Wow, she moves fast for someone who walks so slow.
Gah! How'd she do that? You said yourself, teenagers are weird.
This is getting too spooky.
Let's just go to the park.
You scare awful easy for someone who's always got a bug on him.
Sorry, I'm a bit jumpy.
It's probably on account of having nightmares all week.
All week? What do you think is causing them? Uh, don't take this the wrong way, but you, obviously.
Me? You're always dragging us to see something weird or telling us about some creepy thing you read, like how Trolberg has so many rats.
And that they get their tails tangled up and become the fearsome Rat King.
That's why I had a nightmare about rats! I'm sorry, David.
I didn't mean to scare you.
Then why did you call it "fearsome"? What's wrong with "fearsome"? Not to worry.
I'll help rid you of your nightmares.
Really? - How? - We're going to find the Rat King! How is this meant to help me? The best way to overcome your fears is to face them.
Like trolls.
When you actually meet one, you realize they're not scary at all.
Well, not that scary, except when you're staring into that giant, drooly troll mouth and consider they could eat you in one bite.
At least I know what my next nightmare will be about.
Once you've seen enough scary things, you don't get scared anymore.
That's one of the perks of being an adventurer.
Come on.
This is just like my nightmare.
Less scary in real life, isn't it? Uh, what's that? Help! Ah! Ooh.
See? There was something to be frightened about.
Yes, but it wasn't rats.
So, in a way, we're both right.
Ra Wha - What is it, David? - Ra Ra Ah, visitors.
Have you secrets to trade with the Rat King? Secrets? We are the keepers of all secrets rats overhear from humans, and we always wanna hear more.
Have you secrets to trade? I suppose the polite thing would be to tell him a secret.
After all, we are guests in his home.
Who's got a good one? Okay, okay, I'll do it.
Uh-huh, uh-huh.
Oh! Ooh, yes! Fascinating! We never would have guessed.
What a delicious secret! Oh! And have we got a good one for you.
The one responsible for your friend's nightmares is the teenage girl.
The one walking around the neighborhood? I knew there was something off about her.
Oh, we're so bad! No pudding for us.
He's fun.
Frida, do you read me? - Over.
- I'm in position.
But, Hilda, how could this girl be causing David's nightmares? - Over.
- I don't know.
That's why this time, we cannot lose her.
Sorry, Bertrand.
I'm not myself.
Frida, something's happening.
Do you see anything? Over.
She's here.
David, get in position.
This way! She was just here, I swear.
Go, Twig! Target acquired.
Way down at the end of Nutten Avenue, turning left.
Also, I just remembered I'm terrified of heights.
Hilda! Get on! Um, that's all right.
Don't worry, I've got a helmet for you.
Quickly, we're losing her.
Twig's got her scent.
She's headed for the Huldrawood.
- What? - Yeah, she can do that.
Stay, Twig.
Hilda, wait! We're so close.
We can't stop now.
No, I mean, according to the Sparrow Scout manual, you really ought to use a bowline knot.
Oh, good thinking! And as David's head fell off his body and tumbled screaming down the rocks, he realized his head was bouncing directly into the mouth of another troll! That's too good.
Hey, listen here, you.
Oh, my.
That was eerie.
I I mean, I'm not scared, but I can see how you'd think that.
She told my nightmares to her friends? That's not fair.
I deserve a royalty or something.
Don't you think? Definitely.
But first, we need to find out just what's going on.
I believe you'll find that book to be of interest.
"Tales of the Marra.
" "The marra are nightmare spirits who are said to haunt the Huldrawood.
" Look, that's them all right.
I don't understand.
How did the librarian know exactly what book we needed? That's her job, isn't it? True.
It says here that the marra visit sleeping humans at night and create nightmares out of their fears.
So, I'm not just having nightmares.
There's also an evil spirit in my room.
I think I felt better before you started helping.
Look, David.
It says here the marra will pass over you if you strap yourself into bed with a leather belt.
No good.
I am deathly afraid of belts.
Luckily, it's never been a problem since I'm very good at fitting into trousers just right.
Belting yourself into bed is no way to live.
I'm going to have to talk with this marra.
We're going to settle this once and for all.
Well, Hilda is going home now.
I am going to bed early as soon as Hilda leaves, which she is doing now.
Hold on, there.
Oh, there's no bug on you.
Ha, never mind.
Good for you, son.
Phew! Shh! Hilda.
You've got a bug on you.
I bet you picked it up from that David kid.
You were right, that bowline knot is fantastic.
And your story worked.
My mother thinks I'm sleeping over at your house.
Here's the plan.
I'll sleep in David's bed so the marra will think I'm David.
You'll hide under David's desk where the marra won't see you.
Just to make sure the marra doesn't go after you, you'll belt yourself into the sleeping bag.
Now, the marra always enter through the keyhole, so Alfur will guard it.
According to Alfur's records, the marra has no paperwork on file with the elves, so she won't see him when she comes in.
Alfur will wake you up, even though you can't see him, either.
Frida! You'll use the marra's weakness, the leather belt, to hold her in place long enough for us to talk.
Dream on.
Like I'm gonna let myself get trapped by some little kid? - Huh? - Yep! You! You're that crazy girl who's been chasing me all over town.
And you're the one who's been giving my friend David nightmares.
Uh, duh! His nightmares are the best.
There's so much to work with.
He is scared of everything.
That's not funny.
Oh, whatever.
You like scaring him, too.
The Rat King told me David was, like, practically crying when you went to see him.
You know the Rat King? I'm trying to help David get over his fears, you're just making them worse.
So, I want you to leave David alone.
Yeah, right.
The girls love his nightmares.
I'm not giving that up.
Oh, so you pick on David because it's easy.
I bet your friends are secretly laughing at you for not stepping up your nightmare game.
- Excuse me? - Don't you think they'd be more impressed with a nightmare from someone harder to scare? Like who? You? Unless you're afraid of a challenge.
Ha! Go to sleep, then.
You'll see whose nightmare game is on point.
You can take your best shot if you promise to leave David alone.
Mm deal.
But if you wake her up before I'm done, the deal's off.
Got it.
- Sleep tight.
- Oh, I will.
I'm gonna sleep so tight, you won't believe how tight I'm going to s-sleep.
Well? I'm trying.
It's not easy falling asleep on purpose, you know.
Is that Hilda snoring? Ugh! Mum, are you up? Hilda, you let the spiders in! It's all right, Mum.
I can use these for my bug collection.
Maybe I'll get a Sparrow Scout badge.
You're not frightened? Not really.
They're cute in that ugly sort of way.
You'll make a fine between-meals snack.
Forest giants aren't known to eat people.
Are you trying new things because your life's in a rut? Eating people won't fill that void.
Whoooaf! Hey, "whoaf" sounds a bit like "woff.
" Is that why we call you a "woff"? I bet it is.
What scares you, crazy girl? But you must have a secret.
Hilda! Down here! This way! Hurry! Ooh! We don't ride woffs, we ride bikes.
That's right.
The street hasn't got a woff lane, has it? W Wait! Ah! Hilda, can't you ride a bike? Even I can ride a bike.
Ah! It's not my fault! I'm not from here! No, you're not! Huh, I guess she's not coming.
Ah! Help! Help! - Where's Hilda? - Shh! Don't wake Hilda, or else David will keep having nightmares.
What are you talking about? It's okay, though.
Uh, she's she's fine.
No! Help! Help! Help! I can't make her do this for me.
If she can handle them, then so can I.
Hilda! Wake up! Hilda, are you all right? You were crying out in your sleep.
An adventurer never cries out in her sleep.
Uh, but what are you doing in David's bedroom? Mum wants me to stay close to home for a couple of days.
Sorry you had to wake me.
Did you have a nightmare again? Actually, no.
Sweet dreams all night.
Literally about sweets.
- The marra didn't come back? - Nope.
It's no fun giving nightmares to someone who's brave enough to ask for them.
How did you know? About my secret? I know the Rat King, remember? We trade each other's secrets on the reg.
See you.
What secret? Uh, it it doesn't matter.
But it did remind me that seeing as I don't really know how things work around here, I'm awfully lucky to have you two as friends.
So, from now on, I won't force you to do anything scary you don't want to.
But we do want to.
We like that about you.
Really? Y You, too, David? I suppose I don't mind, as long as I get to have dreams about sweets.
So, got any new adventures planned? Well, if it's not too boring you want to teach me how to ride a bike?
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