Hilda (2018) s01e09 Episode Script

Chapter 9: The Ghost

1 Hilda Friend emergency! Clear a path! - She called you, too! - Yep.
Come in, quick! Whoa! It's worse than my room! Frida, what happened? Usually your room is as neat and tidy as it is in this photo.
It was like this when I woke up.
What do you think could have caused it? Frankly, this mess has poltergeist written all over it.
Oh, no, no, no! I cannot have a ghost in my house right now.
I'm too busy running for class president! Frida, it's all right.
Whatever this is, I'll get to the bottom of it.
- You know why? - Because you're my campaign manager? Yes.
But more importantly, I'm your friend.
And that's what friends do.
Oh, I knew I could count on you.
Now, the first thing we need to do is clean up this room, and then we see if the ghost returns to repeat his mischief.
How are we going to monitor the room while I'm sleeping? Ooh! I've got an idea.
You do? I think my dad's got an old video camera that might help.
Perfect! You can take care of that while we clean the room.
Now, let's get to it.
I never thought ghost hunting would involve so much room cleaning! My favorite book is missing! The Legend of Great King Condon.
Never heard of it.
It's about a boy who grew up to be a wise king, full of grand adventures and pithy wisdom.
Also, the battle scenes are quite bloody.
- That does sound good.
- It probably just got misplaced.
I'm sure it will turn up.
Why does your father have all this? He bought it when I was born to document my many accomplishments.
If you want to watch the first time I poured milk in my cereal, it's all on tape.
Didn't spill a drop.
There, we're rolling.
Just let it run all night, and tomorrow we can check the tape for the ghost.
I'll do my best to act natural.
Whoa! That ghost really outdid itself.
Frida, it looks like you made the mess.
I did.
Did the ghost possess you? No.
I don't think so.
Did you make yesterday's mess, too? Well, uh, yes, yeah.
Then why did you call us in such a panic? Because the mess is supposed to be gone when I wake up! And why would that be? How should I know? It's just how rooms work.
Oh, no! That's not how rooms work, is it? No! No, it's not! Of course.
Now that you say that, it makes sense.
It's just that's how my room's worked my whole life.
I never thought to question it.
I can't believe youthought rooms clean themselves.
Quiet, you! You're supposed to be smart.
- Oh! - Ow! - Get off! - Stop it, both of you! Where did you learn that? Hmph! Sparrow Scouts.
Wrestling badge.
Now, it's true rooms don't normally clean themselves, but this room did.
So maybe there was a ghost.
But he wasn't messing up the room, he was tidying it.
- Then why did he stop? - I don't know.
But at least it means there's no ghost here now.
- That, that's good, right? - I suppose.
- What about all of this? - Take it from me, you'll get used to it.
Vote Frida! Class President! I pledge to add healthier and tastier choices for the cafeteria menu.
Really? How are you gonna do that? Well, I'm very, very I'm very organized and my My many skills will be useful in new efficiencies.
Excuse me.
I'll just show you, uh, my charts.
Oh, no! Oh! - Are you not feeling well? - I'm fine.
I've just, uh, got something on my mind, not that that's a problem for me.
No, sir.
I never get mixed up.
Excuse me, Frida.
It looks like you handed in last week's vocabulary homework by mistake.
Oh That's all right.
Class president's not for everyone.
Vote for Frida.
Vote for Frida! Vote for Frida! Vote for Frida! I have to drop out of the race.
What? Why? I can't give a speech about my accomplishments when I don't even know what they are! My whole platform is about how organized I am.
We definitely shouldn't have said organized twice.
How do I know anything about myself is true? All this time, I considered myself to be a tidy person, but it was the ghost all along.
A ghost didn't earn your Sparrow Scout badges or get good grades for you.
You did that.
But maybe if I had to clean my own room, I wouldn't have had time to focus on badges and grades.
That's a good point.
Maybe Icould be a top student if I had a ghost.
Maybe without the ghost, you'll get grades like me! David, that's not helpful.
Calm down, Frida.
It'll be okay.
And you're not dropping out of the race.
I guess I could try writing some kind of speech.
Um Oh! Uh, maybe I could focus on the theme of change.
I, myself, have, um, changed.
And as class president, I will, you know, make a change.
- Something like that? - Nothing is going to change.
I'll fix this.
I promise.
How? We are going to find that ghost and bring him back.
- We're what, now? - Is that even possible? Trust me.
I'll find a way.
I suppose you always do.
Uh, excuse me.
I'm looking for some info on Uh, no, a-actually, we're trying to get a ghost to come back.
I wasn't recommending that.
It just slipped.
Um, we're looking for a ghost that used to clean Frida's room.
What else do you know about it? Did the ghost leave anything? Take anything? He did! He stole one of my books.
A lot of ghosts are just looking for stuff that belonged to them.
What about loved ones? Don't ghosts come back to visit them? Sometimes.
But the good thing about loved ones is they eventually die, too.
Then everybody's together again.
That's why the hardest thing about dying is leaving all your stuff behind.
Makes sense.
Are you saying that my book belonged to this ghost? - Was it an old book? - Yes! It was an antique.
Must be a hundred years old.
Inside the cover, someone had written "This book belongs to Craigie Williams.
" - Probably Craigie Williams.
- Yes, I know.
I always wondered what became of him.
Sounds like he died.
Yes, I know! So, the ghost of Craigie Williams stole his book back.
Now we need to figure out where to find him.
Plot 572 of St.
Guglows Cemetery.
You've memorized every grave? No, of course not.
Oh, you know, I should probably look him up.
Where are those city records? Craigie Williams, St.
Guglows Cemetery, plot 572.
That's just what you said before.
Was it? I don't think so.
Listen, Hildie.
If you're planning to do what I think you're planning to do, you'll need this.
And this.
But be warned, you're talking about deliberately raising the dead.
Piercing the veil between this world and the next.
Are you saying I shouldn't do it? Is it important? Quite important.
Then, yeah, sure, knock yourself out.
Don't worry, it'll be, um, fun.
What's wrong? Frida's counting on me.
I promised her I'd fix this, but what if we can't find the ghost? Ah, this is precisely why an elf would never make a promise without a written document.
That way, you can include disclaimers that absolve responsibility in the event the promise cannot be upheld.
But that's awful! Why even make a promise at all? You're admitting defeat before you even start.
No, you're protecting yourself against defeat.
You know, this isn't much of a pep talk.
- Can't you just say, "You can do it"? - Sure.
You can do it! Statement for encouragement purposes only.
You may not actually be able to do it.
- What a rubbish idea this is.
- Come on, David.
- Hilda's being brave.
Why can't you? - Because I'm not brave! You know, a bit like how you're not tidy.
You'll just have to get used to not being perfect, like the rest of us.
David, please.
Frida, don't listen to him.
Look! Now what? Roll this back and forth on the grave.
Are you crazy? No way! David, please.
Frida needs us.
I know, but there are limits, aren't there? This is what friends are for.
She never complained about helping you with the troll rock and the marra.
"Deep in the earth your moldering bones for posterity lay, but on this night, they stir and moan when you come out to play.
" Well, come on! Wow, what's going on? Frida, what are you doing here? You know me? So you are the one cleaning my room! Yes, that was me.
Every night I visited your room to enjoy my favorite book, The Legend of Great King Condon.
Oh, reading it always brought back fond memories of when I read it as a child.
I was so pleased that you treasured the book just as I did.
To show my appreciation for you keeping it safe, I cleaned the room for you every night.
Then what? You got tired of that and took the book for yourself? Certainly not! I was cross when I saw it was gone.
But without it there, I had no reason to return.
Is there anyone else who wanted it? Um Ooh! Engilbjort! It's your brother! Did you steal my old book? - What's it to you, Craigie? - I knew it! You always were jealous of my books.
It's not fair.
They were all passed down to you.
- That collection was worth a fortune.
- I was the reader in the family! Bah! Mother and Father always liked you best, that's all! Excuse me.
I don't want to get in the middle of your whole, uh, thing here, but we need to get that book back.
- And who are you? - The rightful owners.
Oh, well, we'll see about that! Do you wish to challenge me? Um Yes.
We all do.
Excellent! A wrestling match for the book! Don't tell me that.
A dispute with a ghost can only be settled by a wrestling match? What? We need the entertainment! Engilbjort! Engilbjort! Engilbjort! Engilbjort! - Why did you have to include us? - Sorry.
We need to work together if we're to have a chance.
And you have a wrestling badge.
We need every advantage we can get here.
Engilbjort's a grown-up.
Or, you know, she was.
Ready? I suppose.
Now remember, keep it clean.
Three, two, one Hey, that's cheating! Engilbjort, that's a warning.
Hey, ghosts do say "boo.
" - Ah! - The boy is out! The girl is out! Ah! You can do it, Hilda.
Ah! Ah! The winner! Hey! - But she cheated! - Look, kid, it's almost sunrise.
We gotta wrap this up and get back in the ground.
Frida, don't give up.
There's always something we can do.
Hey! What are you doing? I'm lying on your grave so your bones can't get in.
Give us Craigie's book! This isn't fair.
I won.
But you also have to be back in the ground by sunrise, don't you? Me, I can lie here all morning.
Sure is great not being dead.
Here you are.
- Thank you.
- You did it! You did it! You got The The Squire's Folly? This is the wrong book! That's the one I stole.
I don't know anything about any other book.
I don't suppose you'd consider coming to clean my room anyway? What am I? The ghost of a maid? Ha! Frida.
I'm so sorry.
I failed Frida.
I'm a bad friend.
Nonsense! You're an excellent friend.
There's none better.
Should you have included a disclaimer? Well, of course, you should always include a disclaimer.
But she'll be all right in the end.
Ugh! This corpse frost does not want to come off! And now, your next candidate for class president Frida! How is she going to handle the speech? She's strong.
She'll be all right.
I hope so.
Frida? Has anyone see Frida today? I don't know what's the matter.
Maybe you can talk to her.
Frida, it's just a messy room.
No, it's everything! My parents think I'm perfect.
It's really quite important to them.
To be honest, it's important to me, too.
If I'm not perfect, then I don't know who I am.
Look, I don't know who took that book, but you don't need it or the ghost.
You're still you.
Still our friend.
Oh, really? A friend to David who won't stop poking fun at me.
And a friend to you who builds up my hopes for nothing! You know, you're not making it easy to be your friend right now.
You think it's easy being your friend? I'd say I'm pretty low-maintenance compared to you.
Ha! Well, I don't drag people into dangerous situations just for the fun of it.
Well, at least I know how to have fun.
Right, because you're the cool wilderness girl, all free-spirited and everything.
You think you're too good to play by the rules just like the rest of us.
Hey, I wrestled a ghost for you.
We all wrestled the ghost because you told me it would get my book back.
But it didn't, did it? It was just a horrible, terrifying thing we all had to do for no reason.
Sorry I ever tried to help.
I'm sorry you ever moved here! Come on, David.
Let's go.
You could just learn to tidy your own flipping room! He's not wrong.
Ugh! Just go!
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