Hilda (2018) s01e08 Episode Script

Chapter 8: The Tide Mice

1 - [birds chirping.]
- [theme music playing.]
Hilda [woman vocalizing.]
[instruments playing.]
All right, David, go on up.
Ah! Oof! And that's what happened last year when I tried to audition for The Warblers.
I never even made it to the stage.
That's why I play percussion.
But you guys can actually sing.
- You should be warming up your voices.
- Good idea.
- [whistle toots.]
- [clears throat.]
Do, re, mi Fa, so, la, ti, do What? You're an amazing singer! Thank you.
I really hope I make it in this year.
I'm sure you'll make it.
You've got nowhere to go but up this time.
- How can you be so sure? - [door opens.]
David, you're next.
Take your time.
Mind your step.
He cleared the potted plant.
Now all he has to do is sing, and he's in.
- [fly buzzing.]
- [piano music playing.]
[inhales, coughing.]
Ah! It's in my mou Oh, David.
The way I see it, this was your best audition yet.
You made it all the way onto the stage.
And yet I still managed to humiliate myself.
- [burps.]
- [fly buzzing.]
Come on, there are three more days of auditions.
- You should go again.
- I agree.
Remember that old saying, "If at first you don't succeed" "Try to pretend it never happened.
" [girls laughing.]
Promise you'll audition again for The Warblers? I promise I'll think about it.
[Twig trills, barks.]
Hey, boy! [chuckles.]
I missed you, too.
[Twig whining.]
Are you lonely without Mum sitting there drawing all day? - [whining.]
- [sighs.]
Come on, let's go visit her at the new job.
[bell jingles.]
There you go.
Let me know if you need anything else.
- Mum! - Hilda! How was your tryout for The Warblers? I think I did okay.
But David, he got onto the stage and then he Excuse me, but where is your troll repellent? Camping gear, aisle 2.
- So, now, what happened with David? - Um, uh, do you work here, miss? Yes.
How may I help you? Uh, well, there's a giant creature stalking Trolberg, comes out after dark.
Flashlights? Aisle 13.
There's a spill in aisle 7.
It's sticky and it's spreading.
That's all I know.
Okay, I'll get the mop.
Sorry it's so busy here.
Only an hour till closing time.
Why don't you go over to the library till then? Okay.
Oh! Is anybody even working here? I'll be with you in just one moment.
"Edmund 'the Troll Slayer' Ahlberg: An Unauthorized Biography.
" Come on, Twig.
Let's find a cozy place to read.
[copier whirring.]
[Twig grunts, sniffing.]
[growling softly, whining.]
What is it, boy? [gasps.]
Whoa! This must be where they keep the good stuff.
"How to Aid and Keep Thy Friends Forever.
" Huh.
- [coughing.]
- [grunts, sneezes.]
I guess nobody's opened this one in a while, huh, boy? [growls softly.]
"You can solve a host of vexing problems for your friends with these spells and charms.
" That sounds helpful.
Let's see.
"How to banish a boil.
" Ugh! "How to wilt a wart.
" No, thank you.
Oh! "How to ensure a friend's success in a chosen endeavor.
" Now that's interesting.
Maybe I should try this one on David, just to help him get through his next Warblers audition.
I know it's a long shot, and you can't believe everything you read.
- It's a lot of instructions.
- [Twig whines.]
How did you find this room? Just looking around.
Am I not supposed to be in here? Mmm.
Well, I guess it's okay.
But these books are not for circulation.
Reference only.
And leave the reshelving to me, got it? Got it.
All I really need is this one page.
[copier whirring.]
What the? All right, boy.
Let's see what it says.
"This enchantment is easily performed by the inexperienced novice.
" That's me! "It requires naught but an enchanted tide mouse.
" Whatever that means.
"Step one: acquire enough of your friend's hair to fashion a small net.
Step two: procure an item belonging to your friend that represents the undertaking in question.
" I'll get us a snack.
"Make sure it is sized to fit into the aforementioned net of hair.
" - His whistle.
Perfect! - [David.]
I got cookies! [Hilda.]
"Step three: go to a tide pool.
[wind whistling.]
Place the hair with the item at the edge.
Chant these words out loud with vigor.
" Huxar fi constuffia Huxar hasla hagot schluvina [wind whistling.]
Okay, well, we did everything it said to do.
Now we're supposed to leave it be until the light of dawn.
[birds chirping.]
Come on, boy! Let's go see if we've got a tide mouse.
- [grunts.]
- [sniffing.]
Oh, well, that was a fun thing to try, but I'm not surprised it didn't work.
Let's go.
- [bubbling.]
- [Twig whining.]
- Hold on, Twig.
- [whines.]
- [Hilda.]
- [trills.]
If you're not an enchanted tide mouse, then I don't know what is.
Okay, we've made it to the last step.
"Deliver the enchanted tide mouse to your friend.
Due to the power of the enchantment, the tide mouse shall remain unseen to all but the enchanter.
" Seems like a stretch, doesn't it? [doorbell rings.]
You're up early.
- [gasps.]
- [yawning continues.]
What? Do I have a bug on my head already? No, no bug.
You're totally fine.
Phew! Want some breakfast? You know, I've been thinking about giving The Warblers one more try.
Sure, I've had two disastrous auditions, but third time's a charm, right? Right! [piano music playing.]
You can always count on a Sparrow A Sparrow flies straight as an arrow Well, David, that was surprisingly wonderful! Welcome to The Warblers.
See you tomorrow for our first rehearsal.
Really? Wow! Okay, see you then! [chuckles.]
- [whining.]
- Hey, boy! Hilda, I got off early from work today.
I thought we could have tea and play a game of Dragon Panic if that sounds good to you.
Definitely! We haven't played it at all since we moved.
Things have been a bit hectic.
Here, I made us a new scorecard.
Your doodles are the best, Mum.
Thanks! I can't help myself.
I miss seeing you at your drawing table.
I just haven't been able to get any design work in Trolberg.
So it's the hardware store for now.
But my luck will change soon I hope.
- [dice rattling.]
- Oh, I'm sure of it.
[upbeat music playing.]
Somebody out there Is doing better than me They're kicking back Sipping on an ice tea Don't mind me I'm doing as I please I'm hanging in the trees Mum, you're home! Hilda! You're never gonna believe this.
I've been hired by the Trolberg Bellmakers Corporation as a graphic designer on their citywide ad campaign.
So, no more hardware store? Nope.
This job is huge.
They're rolling out a whole new line of personal-use bells.
Jingle bells, sleigh bells, bicycle bells, dinner bells, doorbells, cowbells, you name it.
This is kind of a dream come true.
And it just came out of nowhere.
Somebody out there Is doing better than me Somebody out there Is buzzing like a bee Somebody out there Is doing better than me They're feeling free, feeling free Feeling freer than me And it all keeps coming back to you And it all keeps coming back to you And it all keeps coming back to you And it all keeps coming back to you - [knocking at door.]
- [Twig grunts.]
We need to talk.
You're the expert on all things weird, so maybe you could explain what's going on with David.
He seems fine to me.
Better than fine, even.
Trust me, he's not himself.
There's this occasional creepy-eye thing.
Bizarre noises.
And I swear I saw steam rising from his head.
Do you have any idea what could be going on? Not really.
Oh, those are all classic symptoms of enchantment.
But who would enchant him? Well, I may have used a little enchantment on him.
What? But it's not a dangerous one.
It's from a library book, for goodness sake.
Uh, did this book say anything about potential downsides to the enchantment? To be honest, I just copied the page I needed.
I didn't read the rest of it too closely.
Did you follow up on footnote number 35? - Uh, no.
I was kind of in a rush.
- [Alfur scoffs.]
Never, ever ignore a footnote.
We need to check it immediately.
I didn't know this room even existed.
Libraries are thrilling temples of the unexpected! Here it is.
"How to Aid and Keep Thy Friends Forever.
" Okay, let's find out what it says in the footnote.
- There! - [Frida and Alfur gasp.]
It's a whole page of info! It's probably just a lot of blah, blah, blah, right? I mean, who would put anything important in the footnote? [scoffs.]
Whoever wrote this book, that's who! Uh, side effects include blanked-out eyes, occasional growling, or a fine mist rising from the enchantee's scalp, typical signs that the soul is preparing to be forfeited to the enchanter for all eternity.
You're stealing their souls! Oh, no! That's horrible! Oh, I guess that's one way to keep your friends forever.
This is not at all what I meant to do.
Please tell me there's a way to stop it.
Hold on.
It looks like there's some kind of 30-day trial period.
"If the enchanted tide mouse is returned by the end of the 30 days, the enchantment is broken.
Please be advised that the official disenchantment requires certain actions on the part of all involved.
" Such as what? - It doesn't say.
- Is there another footnote? No, but Aha! There is an asterisk.
Yes! "See appendix one for instructions.
" That is the tiniest fine print I've ever seen.
[Alfur gasps.]
It's a masterpiece of confusing clauses, that's for sure.
What does it say we have to do? "Step one: the witch must first perform" Wait! We need a witch to make this work? W We don't know any witches.
Hilda, you cast the spell.
That makes you the witch.
What? No.
I'm afraid yes.
"The witch must first perform this chant out loud with vigor, but it only works if you do it at moonrise.
Once the disenchantment has begun, it must be completed within an hour in order to take effect.
" Oh! There's a footnote to the asterisk of the footnote! "Do not forget to feed the disenchanted tide mouse a small morsel of bread at the end, or it will never leave you in peace.
" - Good to know.
- The 30 days are almost over.
We've already missed moonrise for tonight.
Then tomorrow night's our last chance.
- During The Warblers' concert? - I'll keep an eye on the clock.
When it's time for moonrise, I'll signal you by striking my triangle three times, then you can break out the chant.
But I'll be on stage in front of an audience for the first time in my life.
- I'm going to seem a little crazy.
- You're going to seem a lot crazy.
Welcome back! What a great evening of fund raising and frivolity.
And now, for our grand finale, "Sparrow Scouts Forever.
" [applause, cheering.]
[music playing.]
Oh, Sparrow Scouts are proud to be - [growling.]
- A friend to all humanity To animals and spirits, too We pledge to be of use to you We do a good thing every day For that's the Sparrow Scouting way You can always count on a Sparrow A Sparrow flies straight as an arrow [moody electronic music playing.]
Birds of a feather flock together We are Sparrow Scouts Forever Sparrow Scouts forever Sparrow Scouts - Oh, Sparrow Scouts forever - [triangle ringing.]
Rot cavoya nin feultay With vigor! Sparrow Scouts forever Rot cavoya nin feultay Ah! [all shouting.]
It's a mouse! it's a mouse! Run! [woman.]
Ah! Please help me! [man.]
Jonathan, get it off! Ooh, I've got one! [screaming.]
- Hilda, what is going on? - I'll explain on the way.
Hurry! - [engine starts.]
- [tires screech.]
So, you cast an enchantment, and now our souls are in mortal danger? N Not if we finish the disenchantment before the hour is up.
- [growling.]
- [gasps.]
I don't feel so good.
You're starting to take possession of their souls.
Oh, no.
Mum? [tires screeching.]
[tires screech.]
What just happened? [wind whistling.]
[bell jingles.]
Say this chant twice.
Lo fesi jalvali.
Got it? Ready? [both.]
Lo fesi jalvali, lo fesi jalvali [coughing.]
[breathing heavily.]
Hilda, I know you meant well, but what were you thinking? I thought I'd found a way to give you guys a lucky break, that's all.
Well, that's That is very sweet.
But also deeply terrifying.
I'm sorry.
Next time, I promise to read all the footnotes.
I forgot the very last step.
Here you go.
Now, be free! Well, I could use a cup of tea and a cucumber sandwich.
Anybody with me? - I am.
- Me, too.
Let's go home.
[engine starts.]
[theme music playing.]

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