Hilda (2018) s01e11 Episode Script

Chapter 11: The House in the Woods

1 Hilda Iron pines.
Big ones, too! I must be in the Great Forest.
It's so peaceful out here.
It feels like I'm home again.
Makes me wish Mum had never moved us to Trolberg.
Mum! She'll be so worried.
I should be getting back.
Wait, where am I? Is this what being lost feels like? Moss, of course! It always grows on the north side, which means this way? Huh.
Wood Man! Thank goodness.
What are you doing out here all alone? Wood Man? Ah! I'm not alone.
Please, don't interrupt.
Barch reads faces.
I'm trying very hard not to give anything away.
This is great.
I need help finding my way back to Trolberg and then I run into you.
What a lucky day.
Don't generalize.
I just lost another hand.
Not to be a bother, but when were you planning on heading back? Eager to leave the woods, city girl? No, I'm not, uh It's just Mum will be really worried about me.
You'll have to wait until I'm back on top.
It may be a while.
Ugh! If you're really worried, we could send your mum an email.
- Email? - Sorry, elf mail.
It's a relay system of elf couriers.
Goes all the way to Trolberg.
That would be amazing.
Here you go.
Official elf mail stationery.
Oh, thank you.
- Ready to send.
- Perfect! I'll email this out as soon as possible.
Now, can we please Aw, man! I just lost something valuable.
- Really? What? - You.
You bet me in a game of elf poker? Here, take me away.
I'm all yours.
Not them, him.
So typical.
Humans always overlook us forest giants just because we're on the smaller side.
I'm sorry, that was rude.
And so is kidnapping! Wood Man, help! Sorry, he won fair and square.
What?! It's sizeism, plain and simple.
You'd never overlook an old giant.
There, you should be comfortable in there.
When do you think you'll next need food? A few months or so? I eat multiple times a day.
Eh? A tiny thing like you? No way! Barch! Game over already? Ah, just taking a break.
Wood Man lost a whole human.
- Can you send this to Trolberg? - Ha! Classic Wood Man.
Ah, no problem.
- Are you Mum? - No, but I know her.
Well, that works.
Sign here.
Oh, Twig.
None of the neighbors have seen her.
Where could she be? Mum! Finally, you're back.
I Oof! Mum! I have a message from Hilda! I'll phone around.
Maybe she's with David and Frida.
Oh, I wish I knew she was okay.
I can't believe it! He bet me, and right after I asked him for help.
Little help! Wood Man, you came to rescue me.
Sort of.
I was hoping you'd help me reclaim some items I've lost.
You lost me to the giant on purpose? You think I'd go all in with three acorns? I should be the offended one.
Huh! Now, see if you can find the rope ladder I "lost" a few weeks ago.
What's taking her so long.
Found it! Hoo! Finally! I missed you.
You lost that crown? I would prefer not to lie to you.
Now, if you wouldn't mind You! Hilda! Go.
Hey! Oh, no! My belongings mostly.
Leave them! Would you have robbed a proper giant this way? I bet not! Oh, listen to me, calling them "proper giants.
" All that for nothing.
Except you, I guess.
Can we please to go Trolberg now? Of course.
Which way is Trolberg? - I thought you knew.
- Sure.
Before the chase.
Now I'm all turned around.
No? Oh, well, thanks for checking.
Please keep an eye out and let me know if you see her.
Of course.
I know adequate supervision can be so hard for a single parent.
Twig, what if she's What if she's Alfur? Oh, finally! "Mum, fell off weather spirit, got lost, ran into Wood Man, and now on way home.
Please don't worry.
Can't write more.
Paper is very tiny.
Love, Hilda.
" Twig, Hilda's safe! Well, ish.
I don't entirely trust that Wood Man.
I wish I could get to her, but nobody's getting out of the city right now.
That's not entirely true.
I think Twig and I can help.
The Hilda I knew would never have gotten lost.
You have gone city.
I have not gone city.
Trolberg is just where I live now.
The wilderness will always be my real home.
Also, you're equally lost.
Not true.
You're the one trying to get somewhere in particular.
It's almost dark.
We'll have to settle down for the night soon.
Ah! I was hoping to find something a bit more comfy.
You were always hard to please.
I found out who sent the email, and I think I know where to find him.
Hmm, put out snacks next time, yeah? Hello? Barch? My name is Alfur of the Northern Counties.
I think you mailed a letter for my friend.
Could be.
I, uh, mail a lot of letters.
No, you don't, just the one for that blue-haired girl.
Yes, yes, that's her! Could you tell me where she went? You'll have to win that information.
Please? We really need new players.
Who's dealing? Now can we lie down? Fine.
Let me at least try to gather some great pine needles.
What's that? And you wanted to sleep on the ground.
It sort of reminds me of my old cabin.
No neighbors for miles.
I hope they don't mind being disturbed, at such late hour, too.
I hope they have a kettle on.
Wood Man! Huh.
How about that? My favorite tea, too.
- Wood Man, you can't just - Ah! We're dreadfully sorry for storming in! Please accept our apology! She doesn't speak for me.
Hmm, I guess nobody's here.
All the more reason to make ourselves at home.
Tea? Ugh! I prefer peppermint, thanks.
Now, that's odd.
Wood Man, where are you going? To sit by the fire and enjoy their records.
They have a fire? It certainly appears so.
And records? Oh! I love this one.
I I wonder if they have a guitar.
Ah! There we go.
It is cozy here.
I wonder if I could convince Mum to move back to a place like this, far from the city, just us again.
If you ask me, all houses are basically the same.
Roof, floor, walls, people saying, "Stop walking in like that, Wood Man.
" You don't understand.
Our home was special.
Let's just set out first thing in the morning.
You made me breakfast.
I did not.
Well, we might as well fill our stomachs before our journey.
Do you even eat? What a rude question.
That was the most satisfying meal I've ever had.
Now, come on, we've already been here too long.
Mum must be losing her mind by now.
City life has made you weak.
Oh, it's not that.
It's stuck.
What is going on? Well, that's generally not how windows work.
Maybe we can get out through the attic.
I guess it's worth a shot.
I don't think this house wants us to leave.
Do you think that's why it tried to make us so comfortable, with the tea, the music, the food? Oh, she's not here! Well, that was six hours of reckless gambling for nothing.
More thieves? Come on! Lead me to your blue-haired friend.
Oh! How ironic.
That's what we were hoping you would do.
Raven! You're here! I know! What a peculiar coincidence.
Oh, unless you're also searching for Hilda.
I knew it! You're with that blue-haired girl.
Well, you You are free to go.
Any idea where to look next? That giant was our last lead.
Mine, too.
Good idea, Twig.
White cowboy hat.
Could you please stop doing that? It's quite distracting.
We're stuck here.
We might as well take advantage of the situation.
There must be something you need.
Well, I did promise a friend I'd find her missing book.
A ghost stole it, I think.
You lead a peculiar life.
This is it! This is the book! But if I can't get out of here and return it to Frida, there's really no point.
Good deeds are overrated.
Tea cake? I don't want any treats! I want to see my friends and family.
Um, sorry, we're not able to open Twig! Raven! And Alfur! Wait! Don't let it close the door.
I'll explain.
How peculiar.
- Anything you want? - Seems that way.
Personally, I don't see what the fuss is.
You weren't that excited to get back to Trolberg anyway.
And there are worse places to spend your days than a magical house that fulfills your every desire.
So, all I have to do is ask for a blank notebook? Oh! Or, say, something shiny? Ooh! I don't think you even have to say it.
See? Wow! You get it, Twig.
It doesn't matter if you give me books about trolls, new colored pencils, cucumber sandwiches, or all my favorite things! You will never be my home! Wait a minute.
Everybody, request more things.
It doesn't matter what, just do it as quickly as you can.
Oh, I wouldn't wanna be greedy.
Just trust me.
It's working! The house is having trouble keeping up.
Wood Man, we need your help.
Just a moment.
I'm trying to picture the perfect end table.
The grain could be better.
Please, get with the spirit of the exercise.
Fine, fine.
Hilda, I'm having trouble thinking of more things to want.
Ah! Me, too! Simplicity has always been one of my virtues.
Ah! Come on! Don't stop now.
We've almost defeated it.
Just ask for, I don't know, a diamond monocle.
Already did.
Oh, look, you selfish house! All I really want is a way home! That's new.
Oh! It worked.
But is this really your house or just another trick? Hilda! Mum! We're really home! I was so worried about you.
I'm so sorry.
I came as soon as I could.
There were complications.
Still, seems everything worked out.
I guess it did.
Eh, I wanted it in mahogany anyhow.
What What just happened? Well, the simplest version is I just wished to be home and I ended up here.
I guess Trolberg is my home now.
Well, obviously.
For now anyway.
And someday your home may be somewhere else.
But that doesn't mean you leave your other homes behind.
The wilderness will always be a part of who you are.
- That's why we're such good friends.
- We are? Repeating myself makes me anxious.
I'll stop by next time I'm in town.
Make sure you do the same.
Just walk on in.

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