Hilda (2018) s01e12 Episode Script

Chapter 12: The Nisse

1 - [birds chirping.]
- [theme music playing.]
Hilda [woman vocalizing.]
[muffled chatter.]
[door opens.]
[kids laughing.]
Looks like no Frida again.
Have you seen her lately? No.
With school being out, I haven't heard from her in a while.
This is the third week she's missed.
Needing some time alone is one thing, but this is badge work we're talking about.
Do you think she's still mad at us? Sparrow Scouts! Sparrow Scouts! As I'm sure none of you need reminding, in just a few short weeks, we will be holding the Sparrow Scout badge ceremony, where, of course, we'll invite all your parents to join in celebrating your achievements as you're awarded the badges you've worked so hard towards over the last year.
I'm glad we're in this together, David.
It would look pretty bad if I was the only one who didn't have any badges.
What? I've earned lots of badges! When? How did you find time to do that? What have you been doing to not have time? Hanging around with you.
But before that, I am happy to announce [drumroll.]
the end-of-year camping trip! - [kids cheering.]
- Yes! And with it, the opportunity to earn the coveted Camping badge.
Ooh, I've always wanted that one! Me, too since today.
Oddly, I don't think Frida has that one yet either.
Then we should go and see her.
She won't want to miss out on this.
[doorbell rings.]
Oh, it's you.
- Of course it is.
- Hey, Frida.
Sorry for just turning up like this, but guess what.
Raven Leader just announced the big camping trip! Uh, where are you going? To your room, obviously.
Well, glad to see you've sorted the whole tidying thing.
Oh, hey! You still have your clay troll.
I remember when we made these in year one.
Uh, listen, guys.
I already knew about the end-of-year camping trip, obviously.
Kind of tells you when it is in the title.
But I think I'm actually going to be busy on that weekend.
And what's one badge anyway? [chuckles.]
Good question.
Well, if you can't go camping, do you at least want to hang out today? It's been a while.
Oh, well, the thing is - Um - [knocking at door.]
- Was that the front door? - [knocking continues.]
- [Kelly.]
Boo! - Ah! Hey, Fri-Fri.
You ready? Hey, Kelly.
I didn't like that.
- Uh, you guys, this is Kelly.
- Hey.
We kind of had plans today.
- Are you coming? - Oh, y-yeah.
We could.
I mean, we, we were gonna do some stuff, but we could No.
I mean, are you going to come out of my house? So I can lock the door? Oh.
So, what do you want to do now? [sighs.]
Sleeping bag? Check.
How about this one? Ooh, looks pretty good.
I don't know what's happened to all our old camping stuff.
I'm misplacing everything lately.
Maybe I lost a box in the move.
What's left on the list? The most important thing.
- It's just overnight, Mum.
- It's good to have options.
Ugh, what a lot of rubbish! [man.]
My brother's friend said his cousin saw the beast last night right in the street! - What? - [chuckles.]
Even my mum thinks she saw it.
It creeps me out.
Uh, remind me why we're not taking the bus again.
[Twig whines.]
Don't stare, Hilda.
It's rude.
Why is he sitting on the ground? He doesn't look comfy.
That's a nisse, a house spirit.
They live inside people's homes and normally they're invisible.
But because he's outside, it means he's been banished, and it will be for a good reason.
He must have done something bad.
Maybe you could buy him a muffin or a hot chocolate or something.
No, Hilda.
You mustn't talk to them and you mustn't feel bad for them, okay? They steal and they'll tell you lies to make you feel sorry for them.
But the Sparrow Scout oath says to be a friend to all people, animals, and spirits, and to do a good thing every day.
Wouldn't that be good? A good thing would be to do as you're told.
Maybe I'll sort this out later.
Now, some are calling it "the Beast of Trolberg.
" Some are calling it "the Black Hound.
" With more alleged sightings filed overnight, the one thing we know for certain is that it's got the city talking.
But what is this creature? You know, Hilda, I'm starting to wonder if maybe this isn't the best exact time for you to be going camping, what with this this this thing out there.
What? This thing? "Experts confirm photograph of beast is someone's cat, just quite far away.
" Well, it came over the fence right here, all quick as the wind.
Terrible, it was.
I came dashing out.
Turned out it was just this bin bag, but, oh, it shook me up something terrible.
- Emotional words there from - [TV turns off.]
See, Mum? It's fine.
[birds chirping.]
Hilda, what have you done with all those snacks I bought? I thought you were having trouble getting them in the bag.
I did.
I left them right there.
They're not here now.
Well, where did they go? Did someone eat them? Did you eat them, Mum? No! Did you eat them? Did you eat them? [groans.]
It's probably for the best.
I never would've got through all of those.
Oh, no, there's plenty of time.
I'll go and get some more.
Actually, if you're going to do that, I think I might drop by Frida's one more time.
[man on TV.]
And the winner of the one-person tent is Julia Mark Gunderson! - [audience cheering, applauding.]
- This show is awful! I know, right? It's great.
[knocking at door.]
I'll be right back.
Oh! [gasps.]
Ugh! Ignore it.
Let them knock.
It's not gonna be for you anyway.
- Uh, who was it? - Nobody important.
[Tontu snoring.]
Um, hello! [snoring continues.]
- Hello! - [yelling, thuds.]
- [groans.]
- Sorry.
You're a nisse, aren't you? Yeah, I think you're thinking of someone else.
I'm Hilda, by the way.
Wh What's your name? Tontu.
- It's nice to meet you, Tontu.
- [groans.]
So, what's your story? My mum says nisse are normally invisible and live in people's houses.
If I tell you, will you leave me alone? Mm-hmm.
[Tontu inhales.]
For starters, we're not invisible.
In every home, there's a lot of wasted space.
The space behind bookcases, gaps in the floorboards, the tops of cupboards you can't quite see.
- That kind of thing.
- [Hilda.]
So, in everyone's house, the sum total of that space manifests itself as a kind of extra room, one that only a nisse can enter.
That's where we build our nests.
So, how come you're not in your nest? [Tontu.]
The owner of a house has the ability to banish a nisse from their property forever if they catch them doing no good.
So, what did you do? Nothing! I was wrongly accused.
Can you not just find somewhere else to live? Most places have a nisse already, and nisses are very protective of their territory.
Hey, I've got an idea.
Why don't you come and stay in my house? I'm sure my mum won't mind.
No, but your nisse definitely will.
That's the good thing.
We don't have one.
Really? Trust me.
If there was a magical house spirit living in my house, I'd know about it.
- Well, this is it.
- [Twig grunts.]
- [door closes.]
- [growling.]
Where's a good place for you to get inside and do your thing? Uh uh behind this bookcase, perhaps? [Hilda.]
Is it okay if I come, too? I couldn't bear to know that there was a room in my house that I'd never seen.
Okay, fine.
Just take my hand.
Whoa! Wait! [screaming.]
Whoa! Hey, this is Mum's old flashlight! Oh, and here's my science homework.
I told Ms.
Hallgrim it disappeared.
What are all these holes? They're entrances, or exits, to all the nooks and crannies in your home.
[Twig whining.]
So, everything that gets lost into the sofa or falls on the back of something ends up here? [Tontu.]
That's the long and short of it.
Well, this is all pretty confusing and weird, but it sure is cozy in here.
How does an armchair fall down the back of the sofa anyway? [Tontu.]
Things left unused or unloved for long enough have been known to be mistaken for offerings.
Believe it or not, there was a time when we nisse were rewarded for the things that [creature munching.]
Hey, Tontu, look at this.
These guys look just like you.
Are they nisse? I think they Tontu? [Tontu.]
I told you there'd be someone here already.
[munching continues.]
Hey! Those are my clothes! [roaring.]
[nisses grunting.]
[shouting, growling.]
[Tontu whimpering.]
[growls, whimpers.]
[Tontu shouting.]
[Tontu shouting.]
- [groans.]
- [both grunting.]
[nisse shouts.]
Whoa, whoa! - [door opens.]
- [Tontu whimpers.]
What in the? Mum! You're not gonna believe this, but - Get out of my house! - [Tontu.]
I'm gone.
Mum, wait, I know this looks bad, but he doesn't have anywhere to live, - and I was thinking that he could - Not a chance! Mum, I'm really sorry.
I just wanted to help him.
I thought We'll talk about it when you're back, okay? Maybe I'll have been able to rebuild our kitchen by then.
I hope he's all right out there.
All right, Johanna, get a grip.
Have fun! Oh, hold on.
- [gasps.]
- [insect hissing.]
There, all good now.
Off you go.
You have a good time, okay? I'll see you in a couple of days.
I will.
Don't worry.
And don't do anything too fun until I'm back! Um, uh, Raven Leader I don't want to be an alarmist, but is this definitely, well, safe? It's just that they haven't caught, well, you know, um, the beast.
- [nervous laugh.]
- [chuckles.]
I understand your concerns, but, really, there's no reason to worry.
This is private Sparrow Scout property, well inside the town walls.
If there were any dangerous creatures in these woods, I'd know all about it.
I tried Frida again earlier.
I don't know why you bothered.
She made it pretty clear she had better things to be doing.
I know.
I just I really thought she might change her mind.
- What are you doing? - [yelps.]
How did you even get in here? You're still up for the thing tonight, right? Um, uh, well I told everyone you were coming.
If you've got other plans No! No! Of course I'm coming.
I I'm just, uh ready when you are.
Now listen up, Sparrows.
You're to stick with your groups.
I cannot stress that enough.
I'm looking at you, Willy.
Willy? Huh? Use your maps and compasses.
Find your markers and be back in one hour.
Right, off you go.
- Willy! - [grunting.]
Look! There's a marker.
Looks like we're the first ones here.
They still haven't caught that Black Hound yet.
It could still totally be here right now, stalking us! What? I thought that thing wasn't real.
Yeah, that's what I heard, too.
It's definitely real, but my dad says it's probably just a lost mountain spirit.
My brother says it's a demon and it only eats girls.
What kind of demon only eats girls? [boy.]
How should I know? One with terrible taste, I imagine.
Hey, Hilda! - Where are you going? - Shh! [Tontu.]
Who's there? Show yourself! But let me tell you, I have a branch and I will use it! What are you? Wolf? Troll? Oh, worse.
It's you.
Oh, and now there's two of you.
What do you mean worse? I only tried to help you.
You got me into a fight and then got me banished all over again.
Admittedly, it didn't go incredibly well.
What are you doing out here anyway? [Tontu.]
I thought I wouldn't be bothered by people asking what I was doing out here! [harrumphs.]
[Tontu shouts, groans.]
Hey! That's better, isn't it? What's that interesting sculpture, Tontu? [Tontu.]
That's my tent.
All right, so I'm not very good at camping.
I'm headed back to town tomorrow anyway.
I miss houses.
- What was your house like? - [Tontu.]
It was a big, yellow house.
It had a big garden and a duck pond with a duck that I really liked.
That sounds lovely.
I wish I knew a duck that I liked.
They all want to peck my fingers.
I wish I could just go back there.
- [Raven Leader.]
David! - [gasps.]
- [Raven Leader.]
Hilda! - [sighs.]
We'd better go.
You must be hungry, right? I have more snacks and food back in my tent than a human or nisse could possibly ever eat.
- We can sneak out and bring you some.
- We can? Come on, David.
Hilda! David! Oh, there you are! We were just looking for you.
- Ah! - Shh! You're gonna wake everyone! This is a bad idea.
If we get caught We'll only get caught if someone hears you worrying about getting caught.
Come on! Are you sure this is the right way? We've been walking for ages.
Um, I think I'm sort of, mostly, kind of sure-ish? Look, that's Tontu's fire! Obviously.
I told you I was sure.
And then I freeze her to the spot.
She can't move.
And then along comes David, flashlight.
What? Just turn it off.
But when Mom turns around, surprise! It's not her mom at all.
It's a big pile of boiled eggs! And she hates boiled eggs.
And they all crack, and each one has her face inside.
And then suddenly [gasps.]
she's an egg.
Frida? [laughing.]
So then, I made his arms turn into a pair of snakes, and he was trying to run away from himself all night.
[all laughing.]
Until, that is, I turned his legs into snakes as well! [cackling.]
I can't believe this.
I knew there was something about Kelly.
She's a marra! This isn't what Frida's like.
They must have done something to her.
We've got to save her.
She doesn't look like she needs saving to me.
David? David! [girl 2.]
All right, all right.
Listen to this, ladies.
I was nightmaring this girl last night.
I started out with a basic turn-around, you know, a lost kind of deal.
So she doesn't know where she is, and then I freeze her to the spot.
I'm done! Why would you be friends with them? Doesn't she remember? [leaves rustling.]
Oh, no.
I left our flipping flashlight.
[leaves rustling.]
[David gasps.]
Hilda? [David.]
The The The Black Hound! [whimpering, panting.]
David! I should have known you guys would turn up.
David! Hilda! What are you doing here? [panting.]
The Black Hound, it's coming! We've got to run.
It was right behind me.
It's [croaks.]
Oh, boy, do I have some stories to tell about this kid.
He's the easiest scare I ever had.
Back off! I don't know what's going on, but we're taking our friend and getting out of here.
Come on, Frida.
Why don't you back off? Frida's hanging out with us right now.
And you know what? She's having fun.
In fact, at this rate, she might make a pretty good marra one day.
Frida, I don't get it.
I understand if you don't want to hang out with me anymore, but why would you hang out with them? You're my best friend.
You always looked out for me when I was scared.
But I'm not scared now, especially not scared of you! [growls.]
What's scary about a sad bunch of creeps with nothing better to do than sit around being nasty about people behind their back? [creature growling.]
[beast roars.]
[theme music playing.]

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