Hilda (2018) s01e13 Episode Script

Chapter 13: The Black Hound

1 Hilda Whoa! You're not a crazy rumor after all.
- You're real! - And also hungry.
- Last to join, first to get eaten.
- What? Ahh! Frida! Run! You know, all he wants is something to eat.
- No kidding.
- So let's feed him.
Feed him what? - Please don't say us.
- These! Come on! Hilda? David! And who's that? Frida? It's It's the Black Hound! He He's here and he's huge! - He tried to eat us.
- What? But he's eating my snacks instead, so everything's fine.
For now.
We need to get everyone out of here, immediately! Attention, Sparrow Scouts, due to an unexpected, um, wildlife situation, we are breaking camp early, but we will do so in a calm, orderly fashion.
The Black Hound! - Oh, no! We're all gonna be eaten! - The Black Hound! Remember, you should be packing, not panicking.
- Here, let me help you.
- I've got it.
- You were right, you know.
- About what? About my new so-called, huh, friends.
Oh, for goodness sake, will you just let me help? Fine.
Hold the end like that.
I I wish I could have spoken up to those marra the way you did.
Oh, yeah, that felt pretty good until we almost got eaten by a giant hound.
I'm sorry.
I've been acting like an idiot.
Finish packing this, please? I'll be right back.
- What? - Where are you going? I've got to find Tontu.
I can't leave him out there with the Black Hound.
He could get eaten.
I'm so out of the loop.
Uh, who's Tontu? I'll explain later.
Hilda! What on Earth are you doing? You will stay here and pack up your gear this instant or you will not be allowed to come on future camping trips.
Mum's here.
My parents don't know I'm out here.
- Uh, could you give me a lift? - Of course.
Ah, I'm just so relieved that everybody's safe.
Not everybody.
- What? - Nothing.
Oh, I'm sure they'll catch that thing soon.
A creature that big shouldn't be too hard to find, right? Right.
I know you're disappointed about not getting the camping badge, but don't worry.
You've earned plenty of other badges this year.
Huh? - What are you doing? - Shh.
All right, Frida, here we are.
This is Tontu.
He's a nisse? Yes, and he was thrown out of his house by mistake.
You're sure he didn't do something bad? - I'm sure.
Trust me.
He - Hilda I trust you.
So, does that mean you'll help me look for him? Yes.
I'm in.
- See you tomorrow? - See you tomorrow.
Just to follow up on what your mum said about your badges, do you even have a single badge? No.
Then I have the perfect plan to get you one.
Of course I want you to earn the Fund Raising badge.
But maybe I should go along.
That thing is still out there, remember? Good point.
But there are safety patrols in every neighborhood now.
- And he's only been seen at night.
- Even my parents are okay with it.
See? We'll be fine.
All right, but stay together at all times and stick to the busy streets.
You may end up with even more badges than I earned my first year.
Good luck, Sparrow Scouts.
Hello, we're collecting for Sparrow Scouts' jumble sale.
Tontu said he used to live in a yellow house with a duck pond before he was kicked out.
- Hey, who are those guys? - Safety patrol.
They're searching for the hound.
What are they going to do to it when they find it? Oh, you're not dead.
Uh, why are you dressed like a Sparrow Scout? Because I am a Sparrow Scout.
Oh, good! I've got a donation.
Wow! People are being really generous.
No, not my Fluff-bun! I mean, ahem I don't care.
Um Keep him.
It's never a good idea to throw away your real friends.
Tontu? Tontu, are you in there? Twig? Tontu! Hilda! It's Tontu! Uh, just make sure you meet us at the Sparrow Scout Hall by 3:00 or else you won't get credit for the badge! Sure thing! Tontu! - Yes, that's me.
- No, it's not.
I assure that it is.
- Well, I'm looking for a different Tontu.
- But we're all called "Tontu.
" That's confusing, but good to know.
How come you're out here anyway? Nisse are being banished all over town.
Do you know why you're all being banished? We don't talk to each other, you know.
No, nisses don't enjoy each other's company.
Yep, I've seen that.
I was kicked out, and it wasn't my fault! My house-man threw me out for no reason.
I was framed.
I didn't trash that house.
A lot of other nisses are saying the same thing.
I'm sure the rest of them are lying.
I'm not totally sure how this works, but isn't there a lot of unused or hidden space outside? Can't you make a cozy nest there? The place of which you speak is vast and cold.
Who knows where one would emerge? The nisse who ventures there is likely never to return.
Maybe the guy you're looking for went back to the woods.
Why are you so bothered anyway? He's no worse off than when you met him.
He's not your problem.
Oh, no! I'm supposed to be at the Scout Hall right now! Come on, Twig! Sorry I'm a little late.
Raven Leader just left.
We stalled for as long as we could.
But at least you found Tontu, right? No.
News just in.
Trolberg city officials say they have reason to believe that three people have been eaten by the hound.
Details to We don't need to hear that before bed.
Let's focus on something positive, like the badge ceremony tomorrow.
Oh, right, I almost forgot.
I knew you'd make a great Sparrow Scout.
I guess it just runs in the family, right? I'm really very proud of you, you know? I think I'll go to bed now.
Oh, Mum is going to be so disappointed.
And today I blew my last chance at a badge because I was busy looking for Tontu.
I can fix that.
Great! How? You both need to sign a Disappointment Deferral Agreement.
And we can add in additional clauses that address hidden resentments or blaming tendencies.
It's very simple, really.
Alfur, humans just don't work that way.
And thus we arrive at my own feelings of disappointment.
Here we are, all cozy, and poor Tontu is out there in the rain with that thing.
My guess is that thing is actually a barghest.
What's a barghest? A kind of wild, giant dog! Though, what it's doing in Trolberg is a mystery.
Barghests usually live deep in the mountains.
If that's the case, then he's lost and probably scared.
And definitely hungry.
You're sure it's okay to get a ride with David and Frida? Mum, I'm sure.
Then I'll go straight to Scout Hall after my client meeting.
I am so excited! See you at the badge ceremony.
You know, I think I'll walk to the ceremony and look for Tontu.
Maybe the day won't be a total loss.
Yellow duck, yellow house! Hello? Sorry, I already gave my donation to some Sparrow Scouts just the other day.
Oh, no, it, it's not that.
I was just passing, and I was wondering did a nisse ever live here? Well, of course, dear.
Not anymore, though.
Would you mind if I asked what happened? Well, I caught him stealing, didn't I? Stealing? Are you sure? Do you think you could possibly have been mistaken? Oh, no.
There was the most dreadful racket, like someone was smashing up my kitchen.
I came down to see what was going on, and there he was.
He'd ransacked the whole place looking for something to steal.
He must have gotten bored with all the things he'd swiped over the years because that was everywhere, too.
That's why I said I had so much junk for your jumble sale.
I mean, donations.
Thank you very much for your time, ma'am.
- Tontu! - Oh, hello.
Oh, so you're fine.
I've been so worried.
Oh, you don't even care.
Can't believe your mum let you go out on your own with that monster on the loose.
It's not a monster.
It's a barghest.
And Mum thinks I'm getting a lift to the ceremony with David and Frida.
I couldn't bring myself to tell her that I'm not getting any badges because of you, basically.
- Why lie about something like that? - Why lie about why you were kicked out? That nice lady said you trashed her house.
She's lying.
I'm completely innocent.
I know you're capable of it.
Every nisse says the same thing.
But they're all probably lying.
And of course that's what they'd say about you.
Ugh! I've spent so much time looking for you and worrying about you because I felt I ought to help you.
Now I don't know if I should've bothered, and you're not even grateful that I did.
What? This is what I look like when I'm grateful.
I have to go.
Listen, why don't you check this place out? The Scout Hall must have loads of Nowhere Space, right? If it's not good, just meet me afterwards, okay? Frida.
You have achieved your level three Helpful and Friendly badge along with your Fund Raising, First Aid, Stonework, and Young Entrepreneur badges.
I think we can all agree that's very impressive.
David for his Fund Raising and Cycling badges.
Oh, and also his Friend to Insects badge.
There's a bug on your head.
And that concludes this year's badge ceremony.
Hilda! - Tontu? - We've gotta go, now! It's the Black Hound! Please keep calm! Keep calm, everybody.
Oh Come on! Hilda! Jump! Through here! In here! Frida's lost book? Ah! In here! Oh! This is Frida's room.
Come on! - In here! - Wait! This is my house! Actually, it's my house.
So I would ask you kindly to leave.
Jellybean? Jellybean! It's you! Jellybean? This is my dog Jellybean.
I haven't seen him since he was a puppy.
I found him a long time ago when I was little.
He was lost.
I did what nisses do with lost things and took him home.
I looked after him in secret for a while, but when my parents found him, they took him off me and I never saw him again.
I've never understood why.
They must have known what he'd grow up to be.
I never knew he would get so big! But is he dangerous? He ate people, didn't he? Yes.
Three at last count.
Hold on.
So I guess he sort of ate them.
Hilda? Hilda! Oh, are you all right? It's okay, Mum.
This is Jellybean.
- This explains everything.
- Really? He was taught how to use the nisse spaces when he was a puppy, so of course he's been using them to hide and move around the city.
Every time he goes through a nisse's nest, he's so massive, he takes everything with him.
And then he trashes whatever room he happens to arrive in.
It all happens so fast that he's gone before you know what's going on.
That's why you're all getting kicked out.
He's been framing you.
Are you saying that's what happened to me? Wouldn't I have seen him? It's a wonder you can see anything at all with that haircut.
What's that? - Those are the men looking for the hound.
- You have to get rid of them.
Hilda, maybe it's best if we just Mum, no! I know what you think, but he's really a very dangerous animal.
He's a puppy.
He's no different from Twig.
Hilda I know I don't have a badge to prove it, but I am still a friend to animals.
He hasn't hurt anyone and I won't let anyone hurt him.
- He's panicking.
- How far are the city walls? If I could get him outside, maybe they'd let him go.
Follow me.
Jellybean! Everyone, seat belts.
Jellybean! Mum, go faster! Oh, I can see the town gate.
We're almost there.
What happens if he catches up with us? I can't see a thing! Oh, the brakes aren't working! - Tontu, quick, take my hand.
- Whoa, whoa, wait! I know what you're thinking.
It's too dangerous.
- Tontu, we're going to crash! - Okay, okay! One, two, pull! What on Earth just happened? That place is the place we never go to.
Sorry for dragging you through there.
It was necessary.
Don't apologize.
You saved our lives.
And we escaped, too.
- But where are the others? - We got separated.
They could be thousands of miles away right now if they even made it out at all.
Here, I've got something for you.
I finally found my sewing kit, so I thought I'd make an addition.
Look, I'm sorry that I pressured you about getting badges.
I already know that you're the kindest, bravest, most selfless girl it is possible to be.
You don't have to prove anything.
Thanks, Mum.
Your hot chocolates are ready.
No marshmallows for you.
Loads of marshmallows for you.
This report will set off a golden age of elf exploration! Just think of all the missing paperwork that may have fallen into Nowhere Space! That's probably David and Frida.
I'll get more hot chocolate.
I'll get some biscuits and Dragon Panic.
Is that a kind of a badge? Please find a reason for this not to be on my arm before the next Sparrow Scout meeting.
- Maybe Tontu could, you know, "borrow it"? - Not a chance.
I know! Twig could snag it with an antler.
Or we could pay a visit to the lindworm and have it lightly scorched.
What happened? This was once a cozy little house.
The girl who lived here befriended a giant.
- I guess she learned her lesson.
- Not likely.
Odds are she'd do it again.

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