Hilda (2018) s02e02 Episode Script

Chapter: 2: The Draugen

- [birds chirping]
- [theme music playing]
Hilda ♪
[woman vocalizing]
The street’s closed all day?
Sorry. Orders of Ahlberg
and the Safety Patrol,
We have to fill in
these Vittra tunnels right away.
It’s the only way
to secure our city’s borders.
What about the Vittra?
- Get 'em boys! Go for the ankles!
- [man yelling]
We’re managing.
Look, if you want
to avoid the construction
and get to the docks, it’s simple.
Just take Kittelsen Road,
then follow the wall all the way around…
to here.
That’s halfway around the city.
That sounds like a you problem.
Now, if you’ll excuse me.
Hold 'em off, Donnie, I’m coming!
He acts like he wants to protect the city,
but all he’s doing
is causing more problems.
I bet he has some secrets,
and I know just where to find them.
Come on, Twig, let’s go!
[rats squealing]
[Rat King] Well, well, well!
You come once again to the Rat King,
seeking secrets.
Do you know anything about Erik Ahlberg,
the new head of the Safety Patrol?
Mm… Perhaps. But, I require, in exchange…
a Fried Cod Sandwich
from the Salty Maiden!
That’s all?
You’ve clearly never tried their cod.
Oh! And make sure it’s a good one.
One that’s had time to age properly.
[Twig whines]
You can usually find them
in the dumpster out back.
That shouldn't be a problem.
With extra sauce if possible!
Ooh… sauce.
[birds chirping]
- Excuse me.
- Mm?
- May I take a look in your dumpster?
- Hmm.
Wood Man?
Wood Man! What are you doing here?
I didn’t know you were in town.
That’s because I didn’t tell you.
Last time I was gambling you proved
to be quite distracting.
You lost me on purpose to a giant
so I’d help you rob him.
We can argue specifics later.
I need to focus.
I’m going to leave a winner,
even if it takes all night.
Oh, double dragons.
[wails, sobs]
Sticks here takes it.
I'm ahead of schedule.
I’ll be going now.
It’s bad form to leave
a game of Sea Bones after a big win.
But very profitable.
You sure about that?
Now hold on,
there’s no need to be uncivil.
What’s worse form?
Leaving a game early,
or beating up someone
who won fair and square?
But if you walk away now,
we’re never letting you play again!
Oh, yes that’s more than fair
After losing that badly?
I’d be scared too.
And don’t come back!
[Wood Man sighs]
Yes! A cod sandwich!
Is Mom not feeding you enough?
Oh, no, I went to see the Rat King
to get information about Ahlberg
and he told me
Is this one of your longer stories?
I’m on a schedule.
I need to leave now
if I’m to find the Draugen before sunset.
[Wood Man whistling in tune]
- [whistling continues]
- [Hilda panting]
Wait, what is a Draugen anyway?
Draugen, plural,
are the spirits of drowned sailors.
Doomed to sail on a ghost ship,
forever separated from their loved ones…
and decent fresh produce.
Those poor souls.
You think you can find them?
I truly hope so.
If you’re going to help the Draugen
then I want to come with you.
Well, now that you mention it…
I did wonder how I was going to sail
this all by myself.
This is what you won?
Did you think they were that angry
because I’d won a hat?
Now come on.
- Not him.
- [Twig whines]
Sorry, but if Twig doesn’t come,
then neither do I.
[exhales sharply]
- But he has to wear this scarf.
- Is it lucky?
No. But it is adorable.
Tighten the main sheet. Ease off the vang.
Pull in the big rope,
loosen the little one.
Aye, aye, Wood Man!
Climbed on big boat and sailed away ♪
Heard the waves
And the water calling out for me ♪
Going over yonder
Where the water is wide ♪
Following the stars
In the big night sky ♪
Let the tall ships sail ♪
As the wild winds wail ♪
If I ever I make it home
I’ll tell the tale ♪
Let the tall ships sail ♪
As the wild winds wail ♪
If I ever I make it home
I’ll tell the tale ♪
I’ll tell the tale ♪
I’ll tell the tale ♪
Aah! What a lovely day.
I know.
Awful, isn't it?
- What do you mean?
- Draugen like to appear during storms.
We’ll never find them on
an annoyingly perfect day like this.
I have an idea.
[Hilda] Hello there!
Excuse me!
Excuse you, indeed.
I was just wondering if we could
bother you for a change in the weather.
A little drop of rain, perhaps?
Once, in my youth,
I was very happy to squall on cue.
But I’m an adult now,
and long past indulging
such banal requests.
[exhales sharply]
[clears throat]
I understand it’s now considered
quite indecent
to precipitate in front of others.
It’s completely natural!
Oh, certainly. But is it proper?
- See, it worked!
- [Weather Spirit] Proper?
We are elemental forces!
We shouldn’t concern ourselves
with questions of propriety.
Wait, did it work?
See for yourself.
[suspenseful music playing]
[bones cracking]
[Hilda whimpers]
Welcome aboard, swabs!
[all laughing]
Special Draugen grog,
to celebrate your arrival.
[gulps, spits]
Ugh, wait, is this just sea water?
We’ve been out here a while.
Our actual grog ran out some time ago.
Hold on, is that a deerfox?
Oh. It’s bad luck
to have a deerfox on board a ship.
Everyone knows that.
- Told you.
- We’re already dead, Nicholas!
How much worse can our luck get?
No respect.
- [Twig sniffs, barks]
- [gasps]
I do like its scarf, though. Adorable.
- Thank you.
- [clears throat]
We have traveled a long way to find you,
and now that we have,
we can help finally get you home!
[all laughing hysterically]
We don’t want to go home.
Back on dry land, we’d be simply ghosts.
Out here we are Draugen!
Free to roam the sea
to our once beating hearts’ content!
Who's with me?
- [Draugen Crew cheer]
- Wait!
If you’re happy out here,
then why did Wood Man want to
Um… This really isn’t necessary.
- [gasps]
- Caught this one
trying to steal our coral sextant.
Wood Man! You said you wanted
to help the Draugen!
Actually, you said that.
I said I wanted to find them.
Wood Man…
I assume this is the part
where you punish us?
I admire your boldness.
We could use more of that around here.
Well, I’m sorry I respect the rules.
We’re not going to punish you.
We’re going to make you Draugen!
Uh… How exactly do we become Draugen?
Same way as the rest of us.
[Hilda groans]
See? Deerfox.
- Bad luck.
- [Twig growls]
We're also quite short on winch oil.
I drank it all!
- Take your time.
- I can't believe you.
I thought you wanted to help,
but you were just being selfish. Again.
Is it selfish to steal a magic
coral sextant to put in my dining area?
I’m giving it a nautical theme.
- Yes! Absolutely!
- Fine.
[Hilda yells]
No offense, but I’d really like
to avoid being drowned or eaten.
Isn’t there some kind of loophole?
Sorry, no loopholes!
[clears throat]
- Don’t you dare.
- It's just…
Tradition dictates that,
if a captive sailor can beat the Draugen
in a race back to safe harbor,
then they shall be freed at once! Oop!
I’m guessing you’re challenging us
to a race then?
Eh, sure, why not.
Ready, set…
We’re doing it! We’re pulling ahead!
They did seem rather confident
for people with holes in their sails.
That's cheating, isn’t it?
Do I look like
I have a book of ghost rules?
I do. At home.
Beautiful leather binding.
But that's not the point.
[thunder rumbling]
So, we’re running away
and assuming new identities then?
Excuse me! Hello!
- Oh, you. Back to disrespect me further?
- [Hilda] I’m sorry for sailing away.
You were making some excellent points
on the true nature of weather spirits.
Could you continue?
- Ey? Really? You want to hear my opinions?
- [Hilda] Yes.
All of them. Hold nothing back.
Our natural functions should be a
source of pride, not shame.
Any creature, great or small,
should feel lucky to have…
There you go,
all the hot air we could want.
Haul in the sheets! Helm to starboard!
We’re not losing this!
[tense music]
We won!
You might want to tell the Draugen that.
They’re not slowing down.
[people screaming]
- Ooh! Oh!
- Sorry!
Slow down! Hooligans.
[Hilda panting]
Why are they still after us? We won!
Wood Man?
Do you know anything
that pairs well with pink coral?
You can’t escape us!
You can have your sextant back!
We don’t want it anymore!
- That’s a lie!
- Just stop chasing us!
Too late for that!
You’re joining our crew,
whether you like it or not.
This is highly unorthodox.
Draugen are never supposed
to set foot back in Trolberg.
Oh, Nicholas, come on,
I’m trying to conjure a mood here.
Wait. "Back in Trolberg."
The Draugen
were all residents of Trolberg!
Fun fact. But does it help us?
It might. But first…
[Draugen Captain] They’re getting away!
[screeches, honks]
- [door opens]
- Hilda!
- There you are. Where have you
- Sorry, Mum, no time to talk!
- [Hilda panting]
- Wood Man! What’s going on?
Explanations aren’t really my strong suit.
Bye, Mum, love you.
I’ll be back soon, okay?
But where are you going?
[Johanna gasps, whimpers]
Ugh! Hilda!
[old woman gibbers]
Slow down, please. Who almost hit you?
A girl! She had blue hair,
a sort of squirrel with horns, and
Blue hair. Why am I not surprised.
They were being chased by a large,
ghostly sailboat. Like that!
[people screaming]
[Wood Man and Hilda panting]
A rune stick.
You’re going to raise the dead?
Don’t we have enough dead people around?
You stay here,
if the Draugen shows up, stall them!
Okay. I’ll do my best!
[Hilda] Deep in the earth,
your moldering bones.
For posterity lay,
but on this night, they stir and moan
when you come out to play.
Update! It’s not going well.
[Twig whines]
Wait. What’s happening?
[suspenseful music]
I’m behind as well.
[ghosts grunting]
You! Who do you think you are,
waking us up all at once like that!
Abigail? Is that you?
[ghosts murmuring]
[Wood Man] Oof! Ow!
Papi, it's me! It's Nic Nic!
[indistinct chatter]
- What's going on?
- Well, the first thing you told me
about the Draugen is that
they were separated from their loved ones.
When I realized
they were all from Trolberg,
I thought of a way to reunite them.
You’ve been gone for three hundred years…
and you couldn’t be bothered to write?
You know how it is at sea, Dad,
you lose track of time.
Oh, sure.
for a few hours, not three centuries! Ugh!
This always happens, every time you
go out with your sailing buddies!
I'm… I’m so happy you’re home.
[both sobbing]
Me too, Dad.
Keep up, Deputy!
Huh? What is going on here?
[crowd murmuring]
A bit rude to leave such a mess.
Almost as rude as me
leaving without saying goodbye.
Yeah. Wait, what do you mean…
Don’t worry, everybody!
The ghost ship that was haunting
our streets has been vanquished!
Gerda, get the camera!
- We’ll need a photoshoot.
- Hey!
You can’t take credit for that!
- Why not?
- Ugh!
Everyone! You want to know
what Ahlberg is really about?
He's… Uh… Well…
Oh, wait a sec.
I forgot to give this to the Rat king!
- Oh, what is it?
- It’s… horrible…
- Whoops.
- If you’re finished,
I suggest you make yourself scarce
before I do you
for possession of hazardous materials.
And now as I was saying…
- [grunts]
- [rat squeaks]
Rat King? I know you’re down there!
You got your disgusting sandwich,
now, where’s my dirt?
Here's the thing.
I dug deep, oh, believe me I did!
But even my best sources
couldn’t root anything out.
Your man’s squeaky clean.
Thanks for the sandwich.
Looks like this is going to be harder
than I thought.
Come on, Twig.
La, la, la, la, la, la, la ♪
La, la, la, la, la, la, la ♪
Let the tall ships sail ♪
Let the tall ships sail ♪
As the wild winds wail ♪
As the wild winds wail ♪
If I ever make it home
I'll tell the tale ♪
Let the tall ships sail ♪
Let the tall ships sail ♪
As the wild winds wail ♪
As the wild winds wail ♪
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