Hilda (2018) s02e03 Episode Script

Chapter 3: The Witch

[birds chirping]
[theme music]
[foreboding music]
Where is she?
We've never had to wait this long
for the librarian.
I know! She's usually right here.
Or she pops up from behind,
with a book on the Ahlberg Family
you didn't know existed.
- [shouts]
- [yelps]
- Oh.
- Maybe she's busy re-shelving.
Oh, look! Her cart.
[Frida gasps]
She never lets it pile up like that.
Something weird
is definitely going on here.
Come on.
She must have dropped this.
But now where has she gone?
[Hilda] Hm.
The secret room has a secret room?
Apparently so.
[tense music]
These spell books are old.
Really old!
I kind of feel bad
that David is missing out on this.
You know he would have turned back
about five secret staircases ago.
[both gasping]
[light music]
[both] Whoa!
Who are they?
Isn't it obvious? They're witches.
This must be The Witches' Tower!
So cool!
Legends and rumors always place it
out in the Huldrawood somewhere,
but nobody's ever been able to find it.
Because it was underneath
the library all along!
The Witches' Tower.
That means the Librarian must be a witch!
- [Kaisa chanting]
- [grunts]
[chanting continues]
She's definitely a witch. Oh!
[Hilda grunts]
I assume your arrival indicates
that at long last,
you'll reshelve the missing book,
The Skeleton Whisperer by Petra Pakulski.
I don't actually have the book yet.
You're running out of time, dear!
It's been 29 years, 364 days…
And 22 hours!
Unacceptable, a book checked out
for so long.
I know, but
No buts.
But, really, shouldn't the borrower
remain responsible?
Are you not the keeper of books?
I am. I am the keeper.
We'd hoped it wouldn't come to this,
but as you know,
in the case of a book overdue by 30 years,
responsibility passes
from the borrower to the keeper.
"Who for the crime of mislaying sensitive
and potentially dangerous magical texts"
Yeah, yeah. Is to be cast immediately
into the Void of No Return.
Oh, come on.
We don't do that kind of thing anymore.
[foreboding music]
We do do that kind of thing anymore.
And if the book's not returned
in the next two hours, then
Two hours? I thought
Time doesn't lie, dearie.
Clock's tick, tick, ticking.
[guitar plays]
I take it you actually know
who has the book.
Yes. Yes, look, I've got the, uh…
Well, I, I did have the card somewhere
but it doesn't, uh…
Pilkvist! It says M. Pilkvist.
[women gasp]
Do you know these urchins?
Sort of.
This is highly irregular.
Nonwitches tainting our sacred halls!
Actually, I'm technically a witch.
I summoned two enchanted Tide Mice so…
And nearly stole two souls by accident.
I remember now.
One botched spell does not a witch make.
It takes years of study and practice.
[witch 1] And attention to detail
and fondness for research.
And as I recall, you couldn't figure out
how to fix your mistake.
Well, no. Frida figured that out but
Enough of this!
Throw them all in the void
and be done with it!
Nobody is going in the void!
I am going to get that book back
and these two are going to help me. Right?
- Mm-hm.
- Right.
Very well.
Two hours!
Good luck.
You'll need it where you're going.
You shouldn't have come here.
This was very stupid of you.
Hey, we found that card you dropped.
- We saved you.
- I didn't need that thing.
I've known full well who's got that book
for a long time.
Then why didn't you collect it?
Hilda, look.
They're all picture of witches
with their familiars.
You and Twig would fit in
pretty well up there, don't you think?
Okay, we're here.
"Arch-Sorceress Matilda Pilqvist.
Enchanter of Livelihoods,
Grand Alchemist of the Dark Communion
of Halgar,
First Bloodsister of the Order
of the Black Candle,
- tormentor of the"
- Yeah, okay, we get it.
She's accomplished and scary.
Arch-Sorceress Pilqvist
isn't really one for visitors.
If you want to speak with her,
you have to get through this labyrinth
kind of a thing.
A witch's maze.
Have you ever been through this labyrinth?
Uh, do you know anyone
who's been through it before?
[Kaisa] No.
[all yelp]
Look at this place.
We have to open this. Obviously.
Look out!
[Hilda clears throat]
Step aside, ladies.
- I've got this.
- Where did you get that?
This should be entertaining.
Easy now…
That felt cool.
- [hisses]
- Uh, Hilda?
I think the plant must have
the key to the door.
We just need to defeat it.
I don't think that…
Can I borrow this?
Hey, what are you doing?
Come on!
How did you know how to do that?
I noticed a pattern of interlocking keys
engraved on the handle. Look.
I also noticed you weren't really
getting anywhere with the hacking.
[Kaisa] Very well observed.
Now let's keep moving.
Maybe we leave this behind.
["New Kid" by Ex Hex playing]
Here comes Johnny,
He's your answer man ♪
Says he can read you
Like the back of his hand ♪
Says he can make you understand ♪
Watch out, he'll be your best friend ♪
Saw him in the woods skipping school ♪
Talking trash and being rude ♪
Says he can make you understand ♪
Watch out, here he comes again ♪
You're the new kid in town ♪
Everybody tryin' to knock you down ♪
They thought it hurt
When they did it to me ♪
I just laughed
And I turned the other cheek ♪
Just trying to get your kicks ♪
And no one understands ♪
You're a warrior, a warrior, a warrior ♪
You're a warrior, a warrior, a warrior ♪
You're a warrior, a warrior, a warrior ♪
How did you know
that it wouldn't swallow us?
Well, for one thing, if it was carnivorous
it would have been eating the other fish.
Well, it got us safely across.
Thanks, Frida. Oh!
[Hilda] You are a witch, aren't you?
Couldn't you use magic once in a while
to help out?
- Hilda!
- What?
Being a witch
is a lot more about knowledge
and knowing the true shape of things
than it is about spells and powers.
Well, that's really useful.
We're here.
We are definitely about to be attacked
by some kind of living snowman
or ice monster.
Close enough. Any ideas, Frida?
Throw snowballs at him?
We don't have time for this.
You girls go ahead and get the book
while I hold him off.
On our own?
You'll be fine.
Will you?
Just meet me back here as soon as you can.
I'll handle this.
This isn't expected.
- [Tildy] Look, Cornelius.
- [purrs]
We have visitors!
Are you Arch-Sorceress Matilda Pilqvist?
Oh, please, call me Tildy.
Would you like some tea?
We've got to find that book.
I'm not sure we have time for tea.
There's always time for tea!
Now, what are your names?
Hilda, and this is Frida.
Have we met before?
I, um, rang your doorbell once.
I remember your adorable pet.
Oh, he's more than a pet, dear.
He's my familiar.
Um, what are you…
I'm looking for my kettle.
I find it's always easier
to really see things
when you're looking down the sights
of your favorite crossbow.
If you're going to look for something,
is there any chance you could look
for a certain library book
that you borrowed exactly 29 years,
364 days, 23 hours, and 41 minutes ago?
Oh! Did those three fussbudgets
send you here to make me return a book?
Uh, we sort of volunteered, but yes.
We're here to get
The Skeleton Whisperer by Petra Pakulski.
I haven't seen that book in years.
But you tell them I'll find it
and return it when I'm good and ready.
I work on Tildy time.
But if we don't return it on their time,
they're going to banish the librarian
to the Void of No Return.
And us, possibly.
Where is this librarian you speak of?
She stayed behind to fight
your flame monster.
Flame monster?
You mean Eldrid?
Why is she fighting him?
Because he's the final guardian
of your maze, right?
He's not one of my monsters.
He's a landscaper!
He's doing some work on my ice garden.
- [gasps]
- [groans]
You know each other?
Know each other?
Kaisa was my student.
A very promising one at that.
Why wouldn't you come in
and say hello, dear?
I, uh…
I hate to spoil this reunion
but we're really running out of time here.
We need to find this book!
Uh, is there a finding spell we can use?
A brilliant idea.
I think maybe you should do it.
The magic will be much more effective
if it comes from you.
It's your problem to solve after all.
I can't.
That's why I didn't come in.
Why I've been putting off
getting that book from you.
I didn't want you to know that I'm…
That I'm not the witch
you taught me to be.
That I'm just… Just a…
A librarian?
Kaisa, dear.
Things never turn out
quite how you expect.
You're the keeper of the books.
And that's a wonderful surprise.
Tildy, is there any chance your familiar
might have the book?
What's that in your mouth?
It's here!
The Skeleton Whisperer.
And we've got a minute to spare.
Then let's return that book.
- [gasps]
- Good gracious!
We did it! We got the book.
I'm sorry.
It looks like you've missed the deadline
by 1 minute and 52 seconds.
- What?
- [gasps]
Sorry, dear.
Time can get a bit messy
when you translocate like that.
[kids yelp]
Lloyd, open the void!
Oh, come on, now.
Nobody's going to the Void of No Return
over a library book.
Aren't you a little bit impressed
that they managed to make it through
my maze
when so many seasoned witches have failed?
I admit it's a bit impressive.
[Tildy] They solved my puzzles,
met my monsters,
recovered your book,
and convinced me to return it.
If they're a couple of minutes late
after all of that, so what?
Uh, quick question. Are they in or out?
I shouldn't leave this open too long.
No! This doesn't change anything.
Abigail, come now.
There's no reason
to be stubborn about this.
This isn't about stubbornness
or being a stickler for the rules.
It's been too long.
Far too long.
There are dark forces beneath us
that must be kept at bay.
You all know this.
Uh, excuse me!
The void needs to be fed!
And it's very grouchy when it's hungry.
Use some magic to stop us falling!
I can't!
You're a witch!
There's got to be something you can do!
Okay, that's good.
But we're still falling.
There's a spell I can cast
but I don't remember the incantation.
I need a book.
- [growls]
- Oh!
You always find the right book for us
when we need it.
We can get one.
Uh, "astral visions"?
"Physiognomy, divination, fashion"?
"Blood and sacrifice, celestial medicine,
That one!
It's too far away!
Okay. Just tell me which book to get.
Uh, 759.94.
Ethereal Structures
and their Applications.
I see it!
You did it!
I did, but I
I can only hold it
while I'm doing the incantation!
We need another plan.
I think I've got one.
Come on!
She can't move!
Uh, all right stay with her.
I'll be right back.
- [snarls]
- [yells]
[chanting, gasps]
[continues chanting]
Go crazy!
- [chanting]
- [grunts]
Very clever.
So, do we need to find another spell book
to get us back up there?
Nope. I think I've got this one.
Everybody, stay still.
[Tildy] What a wonderful demonstration
of witchcraft.
You made it out.
Thank goodness!
Yep. And that thing down there
shouldn't go hungry for some time.
Assuming it likes vegetables.
All this aside,
there's still the trespassing misdemeanor
for the nonwitches to deal with.
Oh, you insufferable nitpickers.
I waive the charges.
Besides, surely you see that one of them
is a natural witch.
Or she will be one day, as long as
the three of you don't put her off.
So, what do you say, Frida?
What? Me?
But I don't do magic.
No, but you have what it takes to learn.
And you,
you've got the spirit to be
an invaluable familiar to Frida.
Hm. I can do that.
So cool! I'm going to learn magic!
But who's going to teach the girl?
I will.
Just what we need. A Tildy in training.
I heard that.
But first, tea and board games
back at my place.
Eldrid is burning for a rematch.
Remember I'd forgotten
That I met you before? ♪
It was your friend, distant friend
I really got to know ♪
Before you waved your witch's wand ♪
Won't you start
Facing your dragon tonight ♪
Won't you stop counting the matches
That never would light ♪
Ooh ♪
Yeah, you waved your witch's wand ♪
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