Hilda (2018) s02e04 Episode Script

Chapter 4: The Eternal Warriors

- [birds chirping]
- [theme music playing]
Hilda ♪
[woman vocalizing]
[lite rock music playing]
When I was younger ♪
I was afraid to use my voice ♪
- David.
- Now that I'm older… ♪
- David!
- [lite rock music stops]
- Huh?
- What are you listening to?
Just some popular music.
You know, hard rock. That sort of thing.
Are you all right?
You’ve been acting a little nervous.
It’s my first time camping
outside of the wall.
- What if we run into Trolls?
- Don’t worry.
We have a deer fox.
[Twig barks]
Hilda! You brought a stowaway?
It’s a three-day trip! I couldn’t
leave him in the flat that long.
Oh, I don’t want to get in trouble.
I’ve been looking forward to the
Sparrow Scouts advanced camp out
ever since I was a Fledgling Scout.
Finally, we can chart our own
course, make our own camp.
Oh, sweet independence!
So, in the wilderness,
Twig would protect you from the trolls?
Oh, no, he’s terrified of them.
[Twig yelps]
[Raven leader] All right, Sparrow Scouts,
the wilderness camping expedition
has begun.
I’ll see you all at the meetup spot
the morning after next.
[Raven leader] Happy backpacking!
Uh, that doesn’t look like
the recommended course.
I know. This way we can go
and see the Screaming Stones!
Legend has it, deep in the Forest of Nott,
there’s a mysterious pile
of stones that… well, scream.
How do you know they’re not trolls?
Trolls don’t come anywhere near
these woods.
Supposedly, the Screaming Stones
keep them away.
So, you want to go see something
that even trolls are afraid of.
Oh, don’t be scared.
It’ll be fun.
[suspenseful music]
[Hilda] Last one across
has to build the campfire.
- [Hilda grunts]
- [Frida laughs]
[birds chirping]
- [bird squawks]
- [screams]
We can make that, right?
Come on, David.
I’m trying.
My legs won’t work.
I think they’re a bit tired
from all the fun we’ve been having.
It’s okay,
we can take the long way around.
[light music playing]
Look! Those must be the Screaming Stones!
I don’t hear them.
- We need to get closer.
- It’s getting dark.
We better make camp.
You’re right.
I thought we’d reach the stones today.
[Hilda] I guess we did take the long way.
[Hilda] They had locked the doors
and windows,
but there was one way in
to the house that they forgot to seal off…
[Twig yelping]
And just when they thought they were safe…
The skeleton crawled out of the fireplace,
snatched their little dog and dragged it
whimpering back up the chimney!
Oh, hi David.
What are you up to?
Telling scary stories. Come on in.
Right before bed?
It’s a campout.
It is customary.
I’d love to, actually.
But… I’m going to, um,
go get another log for the fire.
[both] Hmm.
So, their dreadful screams
pierced the darkness…
[Hilda screams]
[Hilda] …and the dog,
the poor little dog whimper.
[Hilda whimpers]
They screamed for help,
no matter how hard they tried.
Then, they scoot.
[lite rock music playing over headphones]
What? I like lite rock,
I know people hate it
but it calms me down.
[Hilda screams]
This rock is just too lite.
I’ll have to go a little further away.
Why can’t I be brave like them?
[sighs sadly]
Just built wrong, I guess.
[Twig yelps]
No! I can be brave.
Who’s afraid?
Not me! Not David
- [Twig screams]
- [David groans]
- Ha!
- [both] The The Screaming Stones!
Don’t be scared, David!
[indistinct chatter]
[Torgund laughing]
Fear not young one, come on out.
You are in no danger,
I found you and your pet
at the foot of the mountain.
Oh. At least you’re a familiar face.
Are you Vikings? Like in the olden times?
Yes! My name is Torgund,
Warrior of Thunder!
And this is my clan.
[Torgund's Clan cheers]
Oh, I must have hit my head really hard.
Yes, you did!
But we patched you up,
all in all,
your injuries are not that bad.
Look at Olaf!
His injuries are also not that bad.
Is there anything I can do to repay you?
We could use a battlefield messenger.
Heh, right.
Well, good luck with that.
I’d better get back to my friends
before they worry.
- Big, big worriers, they are.
- What?
A hale and hearty young man like you
turning down a chance
to show bravery in battle?
Sorry, it’s just,
the thing about bravery is…
I’ve not got any.
How fortuitous.
We came to this valley
seeking the legendary
Medallion of Sigurd.
They say all who touch it fear nothing
for the rest of their days!
You’re saying I could be fearless?
Only one thing stands in our way.
- The Knudsen clan!
- [Torgund's Clan scream]
Those brigands stole the relic
before we could claim it!
So, what are you going to do?
Slay every last one of them!
[Torgund's Clan cheers]
Oh. Well, that seems… very fair.
Come, David.
A battlefield messenger you shall be!
Soon your troubles will be over!
[Torgund's Clan cheering, laughing]
[exhales sharply]
[Twig grunting]
I know, Twig.
But I’m tired of holding Hilda
and Frida back.
I have to touch that medallion!
[Twig whimpers]
[Knudsen Clan laughing]
This prize has freed us from fear!
And now we shall bring it home
to do the same for our countrymen!
[Knudsen Clan cheering]
That’s it, the medallion!
- [laughing]
- [metal clanging]
Don't look, Twig!
I am here to relieve you
of your ill-gotten spoils.
Oh, you mean this?
Give it to me.
Or what?
You didn’t stand a chance before.
Now you have less than none.
[Knudsen Clan laughing]
Aw. You think you can
- No fear!
- [Knudsen clan cheering]
[Torgund's Clan screaming]
Fight smart!
They have the power of the medallion!
Oh. This is scary.
But if it works,
I’ll never have to be afraid again.
Messenger boy! I summon you!
Oh, cruddlesticks.
Here goes.
[Twig whimpers]
[exhales sharply]
[lite rock music playing over headphones]
Don't let your love fly away! ♪
Fly away! ♪
Don't be afraid to seize the day! ♪
Ah! Excuse me!
Coming through!
Phew. Hi.
Tell Bjarnsen to bring up the right flank!
You got it!
Excuse me.
Bjarnsen? Message for Bjarnsen!
[Bjarnsen] Over here!
Ha, ha!
Uh… Bjarnsen?
- Yah?
- Torgund says to bring up the right flank!
I just did!
Oh. Um, good job!
Wait! Bring this to Elof.
Sure. You got it.
Axe for Elof?
Those stones are really screaming!
Whoa indeed.
Isn’t it glorious?
This is what we have fought for!
The gift that will free us
from the bonds of fear
to be greater warriors than ever before!
Come and claim your share!
This is your chance, messenger boy!
You’re one of us now!
[birds chirping in distance]
- Oh.
- Ah.
Rise and shine!
Time to take the day by the horns!
Better get a move on if we want
to get to those Screaming Stones, eh!
[both] Huh?
Yah! Ha! Yah!
Foolish plants!
No grass will stand in my way!
According to the Sparrow Scout handbook,
we could affix a safety tether
- and rappel
- Hey!
[both] David!
Ah, what a bracing chill!
Don't let your love fly away! ♪
Fly away! ♪
Don't be afraid to seize the day! ♪
That’s right!
I like light rock
and I don’t care who knows it!
- [Twig grunting]
- Twig, what is it?
[Frida] A bear!
Not to worry.
All we have to do is quietly and calmly
[David screaming]
That’s right, run, you fuzzy coward!
Okay, something’s amiss here.
Look, the screaming stones!
There they are!
I don’t hear any screaming.
- [panting]
- Maybe they only scream at night?
I’ll get them to scream!
Wake up we came a long way to see you lot,
let's hear some screams
or I'll give you something
to scream about!
David! Be polite!
- Uh, what’s that?
- Hide!
What's he up to?
I’ll find out what he’s up to…
- with my fists!
- No!
Let’s follow and see what he does.
Why not just beat it out of him?
David, what’s the matter with you?
You’ve been acting well… different.
Yeah, I’m fearless now, so?
I proved myself on the field of
battle alongside my Viking clan!
We slaughtered our enemies,
and then we got the Medallion of Sigurd
and it took away all our fear!
I don’t know what I expected
but it was not that.
It’s impossible.
There haven’t been Vikings around here
for hundreds of years.
Ha, ha!
If you don't believe me,
gaze upon the broken bodies
of our vanquished foes.
It’s not as bad as it looks.
Everyone on my side survived.
There he is!
What is he doing?
[suspenseful music]
- They’re coming back to life!
- This can’t be real.
Oh, it’s real all right.
He’s undone our great victory!
I’ve got to tell Torgund!
[both] Torgund?
How dare those ingrates come back to life?
After we generously gifted them
such honorable deaths!
[Torgund] It’s an insult is what it is!
Prepare for battle!
We can’t let Knudsen
reclaim the Medallion!
[Torgund's Clan cheers]
Perhaps, you could just take your prize
and go.
Everybody could go home alive!
Doesn’t that sound fun?
What’s fun about that?
Thank you for telling us, messenger boy.
We’ll need you!
Gladly, sir!
They're gone.
Show yourselves, Knudsen clan!
Those cowards must have run away.
Let’s hope so.
Afraid to stay dead, are you?
[Torgund's Clan laughing]
[Frida and Hilda gasp]
[tense music playing]
- Charge!
- [Torgund's Clan screaming]
Ha! Ha, ha!
This does not seem to be going that well.
[Viking screams]
[both] Aah!
- David!
- I shall avenge you, friends!
What are you doing? You’ll be killed!
That’s fear talking.
But I’m bound by it no longer.
Fear can be good!
For example, it stops you from pointlessly
getting your head lopped off.
But I’m brave now, just like you wanted!
Fear was holding me back.
And I was holding you back.
David, please, forget all that.
Just don’t do this!
Torgund’s side is getting slaughtered!
Don’t you see?
[Hilda] They need fear
to make them fight smart.
No, they need me to help!
- [groans]
- David!
Don’t worry, I’ll be
[both gasp]
No! This is all my fault!
Wait. The Swamp Man!
You're right.
- Twig, lead us back to the swamp.
- [Twig yelps]
Uh… Don't go anywhere.
- [Hilda panting]
- [Frida] Where is he?
Swamp Man!
Swamp Man! We need your help, Swamp Man!
- [water boiling]
- Ah!
- [both gasp]
- [Twig whimpers]
It’s Sigurd.
You wouldn’t like it
if I called you flesh girl.
I’m sorry,
but our friend really needs your help.
He got his head cut off.
Calm down. I’ll take care of it.
Like I do every night.
Are you saying they slay each other
every night?
- How long has this been going on?
- What’s the difference?
Feels like forever.
And you just keep saving them?
I’m not saving them.
I’m gettin’ back at them.
Those Vikings stole my medallion from me!
So, I’ve been making them fight for it
over and over again!
If that battle we heard
happens every night…
then it was never the stones screaming.
Oh, you mean that pile of stones
in the swamp?
That’s just my rock collection.
Can’t you take the Medallion back?
What would I want with that old thing?
It makes you an idiot.
Besides, isn’t it hilarious?
It just seems a shame that they should do
nothing else with their lives.
Now that I say it out loud
it does seem silly…
Perhaps I should put an end to it.
- Well, this is grim.
- Yeah, welcome to my life.
Here. Take care of your friend.
I don’t need the extra bother.
Wait. How do I get David’s fear back?
The effects of the medallion
only last until death.
So, you’re in luck.
Uh. It’s heavier than it looks!
- David! Oh, it worked!
- Phew.
What's going on?
[all screaming]
Try again. The face goes in the front.
It’s not that hard.
The last thing I remember
was leaving your tent
and falling down the mountain.
All because I couldn’t handle
some scary stories.
I’m such a pain.
Not at all.
I’m sorry we made you feel bad
about being afraid.
We like your fearful old self
just the way you are.
So, you’ve been using this to revive us
and our enemies
to make us fight endlessly?
That’s right.
That is one solid gag!
Thank you!
See, they appreciate it.
You know, you guys are all right.
Give it a try.
Me! Me! Try it on me!
What happened?
I just slayed you!
- What?
- Who’s next?
- [Vikings] Me! Me!
- [Torgund laughing]
Any of you lot want in on this?
No thanks.
I think David’s been killed enough
for one day.
Don't let your love fly away! ♪
Fly away! ♪
Don't be afraid to seize the day! ♪
Don't let your love fall apart! ♪
Fall apart! ♪
Don't be afraid
To fight for your heart! ♪
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