Hilda (2018) s02e05 Episode Script

Chapter 5: The Windmill

[opening theme song playing]
[egg cracks]
Do you want something
to eat before you leave?
No thanks, I'll grab an apple
on the way out.
Wow, the kitchen's looking tidy!
Tontu's storing some stuff
in Nowhere Space for me.
It's really freed up a lot
of cupboard room.
Just look at these surfaces!
Tontu, could I get a spatula?
The big one!
[Tontu blasts in and out]
Oh, and a bowl too.
- [Mom] Thank you.
- [Tontu] You are very welcome.
[laser beams]
Oh Tontu, could you take me
to Frida's house through Nowhere Space?
It'd save me a lot of time.
I'm not letting people in anymore.
What? Why?
It's a sacred space for all Nisses.
It's not there to be used so casually
by humans.
You're letting Mum use it
as a giant kitchen cupboard.
True, but she doesn't want to go in.
And besides.
She makes me breakfast.
It's driving me crazy knowing
there's this whole secret world,
all around us and he won't even
let me stick my head in.
It's not fair!
It's just a lot of nothingness, right?
You wouldn't say that if you'd seen it.
Hey, did you ever meet your Nisses?
What are they like?
I have no interest in meeting mine.
Not after all that trouble with the book.
I don't think my house has one.
Oh, I'm sure it does!
They're just very private, you know.
In the old days people used to make
offerings to them
so that they'd take care of their homes.
Okay! Let’s focus on getting
our Birding Badge today.
Keep your eyes peeled
for a Scarlet-Capped Warbler.
It’s worth ten points
if we can get a photo.
[machine hisses]
[bunny chirps]
- [tractor whirs]
- [tree thuds]
What are they doing?
Clearing trees for a housing development?
[birds chirp]
- [thuds]
- [animals chittering]
[tractor whirs]
[birds chirps]
It’s the Scarlet-Capped Warbler!
Oh, I missed it! Come on!
[bird chirps]
[bird chirps]
[all pants]
Well this is creepy.
- [Hilda] Come on, David!
- Wait up!
[bird chirps]
Hi, um
we're sorry to disturb you.
We were just following the birds and
Wait. I know that voice.
It's you!
- It's you!
- It's you!
It's who?
Victoria Van Gale!
That crazy weather woman?
Well, that's not quite
I feel I must apologize for
the circumstances of our last meeting.
I got a little carried away
with aspects of my work.
That’s one way to put it.
But things are different now.
I’ve changed.
How can we trust you after last time?
We can’t!
Come on guys, let’s go.
Ms. Van Gale?
Please, call me Victoria.
do you mind if I photograph
some of these birds?
We’re working on our
Sparrow Scouts Birding Badge.
Be my guest!
Why don’t you all come inside
for a minute?
I don’t get many human visitors.
Okay, that might be nice.
[Victoria] By the way,
there’s a Speckled-tailed Swallow
who’s made a nest in the rafters.
Might make a good photo
for your badge work.
Indeed it will!
I don’t have a good feeling about this.
[bird chirps]
[bird chirps]
Welcome to my humble abode.
This is where you live now?
Yes, well.
Things rather went downhill
with my last house,
if you take my meaning.
So, this is me now.
Completely off-grid.
Just myself, the woods and a few friends.
[birds chirp]
[owl hoots]
[raccoon chirps]
[bird chirps]
You're not doing experiments
on these animals, are you?
Heavens no, of course I'm not!
I've just been taking them in
from that building site down the road.
You put up a couple of squirrels
for the night and before long
you've got a reputation.
[camera clicks]
[camera clicks]
Woah, what a wonderful collection
of books!
They're all I managed to salvage
from the weather station.
The sad remains of a once
formidable personal library.
Hmm. What’s that?
Oh! I forgot to say,
I bake now.
Can I tempt anyone to a pastry?
Come on, David, you love pastries.
Here we are.
I’ll be outside taking photos of birds.
Suit yourself!
[camera whirs to focus]
[camera clicks]
[door slams close]
This is so good.
Hilda, could I borrow you for a second?
I don’t understand.
They’re just doors.
Basement doors.
Which means they lead to a basement,
and basements are never good.
My dad keeps his collection
of nutcrackers in ours.
[door creaks open]
[mysterious music]
Okay, there’s literally nothing here.
I’m telling you
something ran down here.
Something weird.
David, I don’t trust Victoria
any more than you do.
But maybe this time you’re looking
for something that isn't there.
She’s gone a bit loopy yes,
but look at this place!
I don't think she's hiding anything.
Maybe you're right.
I'm losing it!
- [thumps]
- [screams]
[ominous sound]
[electricity zaps]
I told you.
I told you.
Alright, alright, congratulations.
[electricity zaps]
What are these things?
[suspenseful music]
[both screams]
I wasn't quite sure the cinnamon
would work,
but it really does.
- [muffled screams]
- Do you hear that?
[continues screaming]
What on Earth were
you two doing down there?
Oh I don't know,
just discovering your secret laboratory!
I knew you were up to something!
What are you talking about?
She's insane!
She's creating monsters in her basement!
Look at that thing!
he sort of looks my Nisse, Tontu.
Well that was the idea.
A Nisse can be quite helpful, you know,
and I could definitely
use the help around here.
I built this chap to be my assistant.
You built him?
Rigorous scientific methods.
He just tried
to eat us!
He’s a little grabby,
I’ll admit.
But, overall,
he’s made my life easier.
That’s more than I can say for my Nisse!
He could make my life easier
if he’d just let me back
into Nowhere Space.
You mean to say you've actually
seen Nowhere Space?
Only a few times.
Fascinating. I
Oh, dear, see what I mean?
This place is falling apart!
I can barely keep up with the repairs!
Come on, fetch the putty!
What if we help you out?
Fix this place up a bit?
Why? Why would we do that?
Because it would cover a whole bunch
of Sparrow Scout badges.
Care for animals,
interior design!
But she’s got her creepy pretend
Nisse to help her!
Oh, come on, David.
He can’t do everything
that needs doing.
I admit I would be eternally grateful
if you could pitch in.
[water splashes]
Right way ♪
When it's all on my doorstep right way ♪
When it's in the palm of my hands
Right way ♪
When it's all at my fingertips
Right way ♪
[owl hoots]
So she built this Nisse
herself out
of wood and grass and who knows what.
She built a Nisse?
He’s not real?
[Hilda] No, but if he was I bet
he'd let me into Nowhere Space
and the best part is,
he does whatever she asks.
I need a nap.
[Hilda] I mean, anything can be
an entrance to Nowhere Space really.
The space under a wardrobe,
the gaps between the floorboards,
a crack in the wall.
Really! How fascinating.
I've finished shelving the books!
I used a subject-based
classification system,
but it does veer into books
Now. Just this crack
in the wall to fill in
and I think we're all done!
No, you've done more than enough for me.
Now, I must do something for you.
Who's hungry?
[door slams open]
[Frida] Victoria, this is delicious.
You really shouldn't have.
Nonsense, it's just a small gesture.
The very least I could do
for everything you've done for me.
Um, no thanks.
David, you should really should try one.
Okay, fine.
Mmm. Yeah. That's really good.
There’s another tray of them
in the kitchen.
Be a dear and fetch the pastries.
No. That’s alright, I’ll get them.
I owe you an apology.
I still think you’re crazy,
but I guess you’re not dangerous-crazy.
Well, thank you for that.
[door creaks open]
Oh! I can fix that.
[pours drink]
[door creaks open]
Oh, good,
you’re just in time for the gifts!
- Gifts?
- [clanks]
As a further token of my gratitude,
I wish to offer each of you a gift.
you may take home any book you like
from my now
beautifully organized library.
don't think I didn't see what a liking
you've taken to some of my little friends.
I present you with this.
I know you’ll take good care of them.
- David!
- [gasps] What?
David, David, David.
For you,
Multi-purpose grease?
For your versatility.
And now I believe you should all go home.
There’s a thunderstorm due any minute.
How can you tell?
Oh, you know what they say
once a meteorologist,
always a meteorologist!
Now hurry, before the rain starts!
[door slams close]
[Frida] Well, that was nice.
And look, it’s about to rain,
just like she said.
She’s still amazingly accurate
with the weather.
Alright, guys, there’s something
I need to show you.
Oh, no.
I totally forgot to pick out a book!
I'll catch you tomorrow, okay?
I've got to get home for my second dinner.
- My mom will be mad if I'm late.
- Hilda.
Show me tomorrow!
- [sighs]
- [thunder rumbles]
[rain pours]
[suspenseful music]
Have you settled on something yet?
There’s just so much.
Reanimation: A Comprehensive Guide
You know, for someone
who’s scientifically minded,
you have a lot of books on black magic.
Yes, they're good reads.
A fun break from all the rigors
of science.
[Frida] Well, the practice of magic
can rigorous too.
Uh-huh. Good point.
I wonder where my assistant’s got to?
[ominous music]
what are you up to Victoria.
[thunder rumbles]
It's a plan.
There's some kind of secret machine.
The windmill is the machine.
[window creaks]
[ominous music]
- [window creaks open]
- [rain pours]
[dad] Everything alright in there David?
[knocks on door]
Sorry, Dad. I was just rolling around.
I think I'm going
to head back out for a bit to
Oh no, you're not. It's bath night.
Oh, right.
- Then, I will just be in my room.
- [door slams]
The window.
Nope. Not doing that.
I've got to show this to Hilda
before it's too late.
But how can I if I can't leave
my flipping house?
Um. If there's a Nisse
that lives in my room,
this is my offering to you.
Would be really good to talk to you.
Oh, plop it!
[can clanks]
[Nisse beams out]
Is that multi-purpose grease?
You know, I was skeptical at first,
but I really think Van Gale
- [Hilda screams]
- Hilda!
David. Wha? How?
I am so confused.
Thanks for the lift!
I've got to show you something.
So the windmill is some kind of
secret machine?
Yes, and that creature of hers
has something to do with it.
It’s worse than that.
What do you mean?
This is old magic.
Really old.
The kind that you don't want to mess with.
[paper rustles]
[thunder rumbles]
[Tontu] She didnt build that Nisse,
she conjured it!
Why would she go through
all this bother for a Nisse?
- No offense.
- None taken.
She wants to get into Nowhere Space!
You cant let her use this thing.
Then we've got to go now.
But we should get Frida first.
No time.
We've got to get there
as quickly as physically possible.
You mean?
This is a one time thing okay?
[water drips]
Thank you.
[thunder rumbles]
It is time.
So I think I've finally settled
on the book I want.
Get out of there:
Situational Risk Assessments
and the Science
of Knowing Just When to Leave.
David was right.
You are mad.
Oh it's not like that at all.
Please don't take offense,
I just had this feeling
that you might try and stop me.
[door bangs close]
[trunk thuds]
[lips kisses]
[machine whirs]
Tonight we make beautiful history.
[electricity zaps]
[windmills whooshes]
[machine bangs]
What is all this?
It was that building site down the road
that gave me the idea.
There’s no space left in Trolberg you see.
But Nowhere Space.
It's an untapped resource!
We could build homes there,
and we wouldn't have to bulldoze
what's left of the woods to do it!
[electricity zaps]
Why do the Nisse need all this glorious,
infinite, empty space for themselves?
- [pants] We're too late.
- [Frida] David! Hilda!
Why are you still here?
She has a lot of good books you know.
It was really hard to choose.
Where is she?
She went inside!
What's going to happen exactly
if we can't stop this?
A sustained breach like this?
It could suck the whole city
into a vast, endless nothingness.
I wish I hadn't asked.
I'm so glad you could be here.
You’ve got to turn
this thing off right now.
I’m finally on the brink
of doing something wonderful.
Something truly good for the world!
- [David grunts]
- Ow! You're making it tighter!
I’m sorry.
David, look out!
I’ve made some mistakes, I know.
But this!
This will make up for all of that.
You haven’t changed at all.
Hilda, look what I’ve done!
You wanted to explore this place
just as much as I did.
Not like this I didn't and you know it.
This isn't your world.
And yet here I stand.
[machine zaps]
It's happening.
I don't understand.
My calculations were perfect.
[windmill whirs]
[windmill bangs]
My My machine.
Victoria we've got to go!
- [teeth chattering]
- [shrieks]
Where's Hilda?
We’re going to miss our chance!
Just go.
Victoria, no!
[birds chirp]
I guess we owe you an apology.
It's okay.
You see the best in people.
I think that’s a good thing.
Most of the time.
I just really believed that she changed.
[leaves rustle]
It's all yours now.
Trying not to care ♪
I still know it's not fair ♪
[teeth chattering]
- Wherever you go ♪
- Shhh.
They say you are there ♪
But this is nowhere ♪
This is nowhere ♪
This is nowhere ♪
This is nowhere ♪
Hi, from nowhere ♪
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