Hilda (2018) s03e01 Episode Script

Chapter 1: The Train to Tofoten

[Astrid] "I've been thinking about you
lots in these interesting times."
"Clearly, we have so much to catch up on."
[gentle music playing]
[Astrid] "Tofoten is so lovely
in the summer."
"The woffs are migrating again,
and the meadows are all in bloom."
"I miss you both dearly."
"Hope I'll be seeing you soon. Astrid."
[uplifting opening theme music playing]
[music fades]
[indistinct loudspeaker announcement]
[indistinct chatting]
- [locomotive whistles loudly]
- [dog whimpers]
It's a bit noisy in here for you,
isn't it, boy?
[locomotive whistling]
Don't worry. It's going to be nice
and relaxing where we're going.
- [dog whines]
- Huh?
- [Hilda] Frida.
- Hi.
- I was just looking out for you.
- I'm not late, am I?
No, you're good.
My mum's just picking up the tickets.
[Tontu sighs]
Ooh! Nice shirt, Tontu.
Is it too much?
It's just right.
Five return tickets to Tofoten, please.
But there are six of us.
[softly] Alfur, they can't see you.
That doesn't make it right.
You know, I have to say
Fine. Sorry. Make that six tickets.
The more, the merrier.
Thank you.
Thanks again for inviting me, Hilda.
It was nice of your mum
to let us come on this trip.
You can thank
my Great-Aunt Astrid when we get there.
I can't wait for you to meet her.
What's she like?
She can be an experience.
I think you'll like her.
Ah, Frida, you're here.
Got the tickets?
All six of them.
- Now we're just waiting for
- [boy grunting]
Excuse me.
[both] David.
Sorry, I'm late.
The train hasn't left yet, has it?
I guess it hasn't. You're still here.
[whistles loudly]
All right. Grab your bags, everyone.
All aboard.
[uplifting inspirational music playing]
[upbeat music playing through headphones]
David. Get your feet down.
You're going to get us in trouble.
I don't think he can hear you.
[Johanna] Are you sure
none of you want to play?
Tontu's too good,
and it's starting to not be fun.
Nine, ten. [grunts]
I reached the treasure cave.
And I play
my Dragon's Gambit card, and you lose
five life points. [chuckles]
Oh. I'm dead, then.
I think we're good, Mum.
So, when was the last time
you visited Tofoten?
I don't remember you mentioning it.
No, I've never been.
Oh, so you can hear us?
My Great-Aunt Astrid's always visited us.
How come?
We never got around
to making the trip, I guess.
But Mum says that it's beautiful.
It's where she grew up before Trolberg.
I guess we're all in the same boat, then.
Or the same train.
I'm looking forward to hanging out
with you guys and relaxing.
A real holiday. No weird stuff.
[loudspeaker rings]
Next stop, Tofoten. Mind the gap.
We're here.
[wheels screech to a halt]
[inspirational music playing]
This way. Come on.
Nice station.
Huh. No one else got off.
- I thought your aunt was going to meet us.
- [gasps]
Can that tall thing
really be the Hilda I know?
Auntie Astrid!
- [chuckles] It's good to see you.
- Ha.
Always look someone in the eyes
when you greet them,
or a devil might think
you're talking to him.
Johanna, you finally made it.
Mmm. It's been too long.
Auntie Astrid, these are my friends,
David, Alfur, Frida, and Tontu.
- Hello.
- Hello.
Feverfew and salt-of-water-spirit
for good fortune.
[gasps] You can see me.
Oh, I signed the paperwork
a long time ago, young man.
I'm surprised it's still valid.
Oh, don't mind, Loam.
She's here to carry your bags.
Onwards and this way.
Hilda, I'm so glad you're back to normal.
I was worried about what to cook
for you if you were still a troll.
[ethereal music playing]
[camera shutters click]
I can't believe
how familiar it all still is.
It might look the same,
but things have changed quite a bit.
Lots of folks have moved on or died.
Most of the old houses
are holiday cottages now.
It's a tourist hot spot.
Ooh, I can see.
- [quacking]
- [crowd gasping]
What are the horseshoes about?
Oh, that's just an old Tofoten tradition.
[inhales, exhales]
And can you smell that?
[inhales] I can.
Another old Tofoten tradition
is fantastic baking.
[David] Oh, I can't wait to try some.
[mysterious music plays]
And here we are.
[gasps, chuckles]
- What do you think?
- [sighs]
[softly] It's perfect.
[Astrid] Chuck your bags anywhere.
Make yourselves at home.
- [camera shutters click]
- Ah! [grunts]
It feels so strange to be back.
Like it's been forever,
yet no time at all.
Why don't you kids
go and pick out your rooms?
[all gasp]
That means you too, kiddo.
You don't want to get shortchanged.
Can we pick any room?
I'm having this one.
[gentle mysterious music playing]
Uh guys?
[Hilda] Whoa.
What are these?
Hilda, is your great-aunt a witch?
- [Astrid] No.
- [all gasp]
But I have always
been fascinated by the craft.
This is where I make my charms.
I made some especially
as welcome gifts for you all.
What are they for?
They have healing properties,
bring good luck, keep your mind clear.
And they're very popular
with the tourists.
[sighs] You keep them close.
How is business anyway?
Oh, now that I do mail orders,
I can hardly keep up.
[gasps] Which reminds me.
I've got to do a post run.
[whistles loudly]
You're not staying?
You don't need an old lady
hanging around cramping your style.
Aunt Astrid.
I'll catch up with you later.
But you should eat,
go exploring, relax. It's your holiday.
Well, speaking of witches,
I've got some studying to do,
so maybe I'll
No, you won't.
We're definitely going exploring.
- Come on.
- Oh!
- [doors creeks open]
- Hm.
So, what are we gonna do?
We [fingers crack]are going to relax.
- [upbeat music playing]
- [gasps]
Hey. Wait for us.
[Frida] Hilda.
What exactly are we doing?
We're exploring.
We're just running around.
That's what exploring is.
I know,
but if we're not aiming for something
[sighs sharply] Fine.
What are you reading?
- Just some witch stuff.
- Oh, can you show us some new spells?
Ha, sorry, David.
I've taken an oath to use magic only
when it relates directly to my studies,
outside of dire emergencies, of course.
Why doesn't that surprise me?
[stone splashes]
This isn't much of an adventure, is it?
We're not on an adventure.
We're on a holiday.
You wanted to hang out
with nothing weird happening.
Yeah. I did say that,
but [sighs]I just think
there's got to be more to this place.
Like what about those horseshoes?
There's a mystery in that right there.
Excuse me. Why do all the doors
in Tofoten have horseshoes on them?
Aye? Oh, that's to keep the fairies away.
[chuckles] Did you hear that?
Fairies. This could be a fairy adventure.
We could be
[magical chimes]
Was that an emergency?
Now, this is
what I was looking forward to.
[loud sneeze]
[groans] Sorry. Allergies. I'm not used
to being around all this grass. [chuckles]
All good. [chuckles]
[sneezes, grunts]
Ah! I think I'll take this inside.
[grunts] Aw.
Oh, you're here.
I thought you were exploring.
Well, we were,
and now we're here doing nothing.
Reading isn't nothing.
[music plays through headphones, fades]
- Oh, my batteries died.
- [door closes]
What happened?
Why are you all so miserable?
[sighs] It's my neighbor, the Pooka.
I want to borrow an egg cup.
An egg cup?
Yeah. An egg cup. But a big one.
A big egg cup?
And a spoon.
Sorry. I can't help you.
He's a shape-shifter.
But not a very good one.
He always looks like himself.
[in a different voice]
Came to borrow an egg cup.
- What's in the bag?
- [in normal voice] Nothing.
Show me.
- No.
- Show me!
[both grunting]
[both gasp]
I wasn't going to eat it.
I wasn't going to eat it!
Is that?
It's a woff egg.
Its poor mother
must have dropped it on a flyover.
Oh dear. This is going to need
to be returned to the nest right away.
But [sighs]
I'm a little worn out after that post run.
We could take it.
Where's the nest?
Oh, it's not far.
A mountain just west of the village.
Bit tricky to get there
if you don't know the route.
Your mother used to go there a lot.
You remember the way, don't you, Johanna?
[sighs] Yep.
[uplifting inspiring music playing]
I can't believe she's got us
running one of her errands already.
When we get back, I won't do anything
that doesn't involve lying down.
[sigh] It's so hot.
[grunts] Get away. Shoo.
I say let them do their thing.
- [sneezes]
- All right, everyone, help yourselves.
- Ooh, thanks.
- Thanks.
- Mm.
- [David] Oh. Oh, yeah, lovely.
- [Hilda] Mm.
- [David] Mm. Thank you.
[Twig groans, barks]
Twig? [gasps]
- Ah! Ah!
- [Twig barks]
- The egg. [grunts]
- [upbeat adventurous music playing]
- [barks]
- [grunts]
- [music fades]
- [panting]
You'd get away faster
if you gave yourself proper legs.
Obviously, I thought of that.
Wow. That's really impressive.
How do you even do that? It's amazing.
It's a gift. [grunts]
Incredible. Can you turn yourself into,
I don't know, a dog?
I don't usually take requests, but
[grunts gently]
What about me? Can you do me?
[grunts gently]
[grunts] Not bad.
What about a snake?
- [Hilda] Thank you.
- Hey!
Sorry, Mr. Pooka. [grunts]
Hilda, thank goodness you're safe.
Of course I am.
Were you worried about the Pooka?
He seems pretty harmless.
No, not him. It's this place. I
[thunder rumbles]
It's nothing. Let's just get on our way.
[mysterious music playing]
- Is that
- The Pooka.
- Guess he has nothing better to do.
- [thunder rumbling]
Come on. Not far now.
In here.
[all panting, grunt]
[grunts] This way.
- [Alfur] Wow!
- [Hilda] Whoa.
- This is the place.
- [Hilda, Frida gasp]
[ethereal music playing]
[snoring continues]
[softly] Everyone
be very, very quiet, okay?
Uh Uh ah-choo
[both sigh]
[softly] Wow.
Go, Mum.
[inhales, grunts]
[softly] This is amazing.
[softly] Look. That nest is empty.
[softly] It's hatching.
Meow. [squeaks]
Meow. [squeaks]
[ethereal music continues]
- [gasps]
- [reverberating] Oh!
Look at them all.
[all grunt]
[David] Watch out!
- What do we do?
- [grunts]
There's only one way out of here.
Everybody, copy me. [grunts]
You'll be fine. Just hop on a woff.
[both grunt]
[grunts, screams]
- Whoa.
- Whoa.
Wait! Who's got Alfur?
Oh! This is nothing at all
like riding a pigeon!
Mum. I feel like you've done this before.
Woo-hoo! Yeah!
Whoa! Whoa! Whoa!
- [laughs]
- [Pooka] Yeah!
Whee! He-he! Whee!
- Did you see Tontu flying upside down?
- [all laugh]
David, I didn't think
you were going to come down.
No one told me how to get off.
I've still got baby slime on me.
Can I tempt anyone to dessert?
I couldn't.
[all] Yes, please.
Oh. All right. Maybe just a bit.
Here we are.
- Yes, that looks delicious.
- [David] Oh. This cake looks so good.
I can't believe the moves
you pulled on the woff.
It's strange.
I used to do that a lot as a girl,
but I'd almost
completely forgotten until then.
I am glad you all had a good time.
I'll have to thank that Pooka
when he's next round.
Green plates go in the bottom cupboard.
On it.
Oh. [chuckles]
You've done those very nicely.
Well, I learned from the best.
Go on. The little hairy one
is itching to start your board game.
[Hilda] Auntie Astrid?
I wanted to say
thank you for having us all here.
It's been just my mum and me for so long,
and it's really nice to feel like
[inhales] Like I You know, like I have
Hilda, you've always had family.
[Alfur grunts]
[music playing through headphones]
[door opens]
What are you doing?
Nothing like rummaging
through someone's bookshelf.
[grunts, blows]
Let's save the instruments
for the morning, shall we?
[yawning] Good night, Hilda.
[mysterious music playing]
Do you mind if I leave
the light on and read for a while?
[softly] Fairies.
[gasps softly]
[upbeat ending theme music playing]
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