Hilda (2018) s03e02 Episode Script

Chapter 2: The Fairy Mound

[uplifting opening theme music playing]
[Astrid laughs]
Careful, Auntie Astrid! You'll fall off!
Don't worry about me! [chuckles]
Auntie Astrid?
[menacing music playing]
- [loud bang]
- [screams]
[screams, pants]
[Frida] Thanks.
[David] Mm. Mm.
Morning, sleepyhead.
Ah. The last one.
I'm sorry it's so late.
If you can't sleep in on holiday,
when can you?
Hilda, you've got to try
these potato pancakes.
Maybe she can if you leave some for her.
Are you okay, Hilda?
Yeah, I just had a weird dream.
Well, I, for one, feel very refreshed.
Maybe all your charms and whatnots
do have healing properties after all.
Well, of course they do.
What's everyone's plans for today?
David and I need to do
some souvenir shopping.
There's a lovely little shop
just opposite the post office.
Say hello to Bjorn
for me if you're in there.
He owes me a lot of money.
This must be the place.
Ah, it's got everything,
chocolates, hats, postcards.
You go ahead. I'm gonna wait outside
if that's all right.
[mysterious music plays]
Well, I couldn't decide
which one to get, so I got a bunch.
I got this.
This is so weird.
It's just an awesome key ring.
It's a fairy. Look at this statue.
What's it look like to you?
Oh, do we have to get into this again?
This place is practically Fairy Town.
Don't you think it's weird
that neither my mum, or my great-aunt,
has ever mentioned that?
I mean, look at this.
So what are you saying?
I'm saying that fairies are real,
and they're in Tofoten,
and we are going to find them.
But I think we wanted to look
in the shops a bit more.
Well, we can ask around
about them on the way.
- Excuse me.
- Huh?
Can you tell me anything about fairies?
Oh. Um well, now, let me see. Um
- There aren't as many as there used to be.
- They're invisible.
They're very, very small.
And they have wings.
Contrary to belief,
they do not have wings.
We call them "the Fae."
- "The Fair Folk."
- "The Good Neighbors."
Why the Good Neighbors?
For the same reason you say "good boy"
to a dog that's about to bite you.
They live in the trees.
They live in funny little hills
called fairy mounds.
They kidnap children
and whisk them away to the Fairy Country.
And when one goes to Fairy Country,
they're never seen again.
[menacing music plays]
Do you want chocolate sauce or strawberry?
I don't get it.
Everyone in Tofoten has something to say
about fairies, but none of it adds up.
Maybe they're just not real.
There's a reason
they're fairy tales and not just "tales."
Wait. Look.
This is it.
[gentle uplifting music plays]
A fairy mound.
So they are small.
[both laugh]
Now that our investigation into fairies
is over, can we find something fun to do?
Something's still bugging me.
Why are you so hung up on this?
[sighs] I don't quite know.
Not everything
is a mystery to be unraveled.
We should probably get back.
Kick around on the way?
Go ahead. There's just one more lead
I want to check out.
- [David] Oh! Go on
- [Frida chuckles] Oh!
Hello. Sorry to bother you.
I wanted to ask you
about the horseshoes on your house.
What about them?
Well, they're for fairies, right?
To keep them away?
Sorry, sir. It's just I'm trying
to find out more about fairies.
You dare speak their name
and bring bad fortune to my doorstep?
I didn't mean
Leave my door!
Foul wisps and people of the night.
- I'll go. I'll
- And you freely call them here to my home!
Jonas. Pipe down and get back in your hut.
[door shuts]
I'm sorry you had to experience that.
He's easily upset.
Auntie Astrid, why didn't you
ever say anything about fairies?
Fairies? Oh, just a lot of stories
to sell cheap tat to the tourists.
They eat that stuff up.
You mean, they're not real?
But that old man, he
I wouldn't pay too much attention
to the things he says.
Speaking of,
it's probably best we don't mention
this incident to your mother.
Why not?
You know what she's like.
She'd only worry.
Oh, I forgot to ask.
Do you still like camping?
[inspirational music playing]
[Frida] What are you doing?
You've got to let it catch fire first,
otherwise it's no good. [blows]
[Tontu] Oh.
[sighs] This takes me back.
I'm just going to get a blanket.
It's getting chilly.
Um, if you have a handkerchief
or a pocket square going,
that would be quite agreeable.
[gentle mysterious music playing]
I don't want to go home.
- Can we move here?
- [Johanna laughs]
[gasps] Oh.
You don't really want that.
What about Frida and David?
You like school.
Yeah, I know.
Why did you even leave in the first place?
Well, it's a small town.
I suppose I outgrew it.
Trolberg is big, exciting.
But when you had me, you moved
into the cabin. Why didn't you come here?
[sighs] Oh.
It's It's hard to explain.
Mm. Feels kind of nice.
Come on.
Let's head in before we get soaked.
[rain pattering]
- Hm.
- [door opens, shuts]
[steps approaching]
[menacing music playing]
[gasps, pants]
[menacing music intensifies]
[frog croaks]
- [high-pitch sound]
- Uh?
[wind instrument playing]
[music swells]
[David] Mm. Mm.
Breakfast cheese is the best cheese.
Will you pass me
the lingonberry jam, please?
More coffee, anyone?
I'll take some, please.
- [Frida] Could you pass me some of those?
- [David] Mm.
[Frida] Thank you.
[David] Can you pass the butter, please?
Are you coming?
Change of plan. I need to show
you guys something. Come on.
[adventurous music playing]
[Hilda, David, Frida] Hi, Mr. Pooka.
[Hilda] My aunt came here last night.
I followed her while everyone was asleep.
It's a hill.
It's not just a hill. It's a fairy mound.
Not this again.
How do you know?
It has to be, right? Look at it.
I thought we decided
it was all just stories.
Also, where are the fairies?
Some villagers said they're invisible.
Could be a paperwork thing like elves.
Even if that's true,
why would your great-aunt visit
a fairy mound in the middle of night?
I don't know.
But she's the only person in town
who doesn't want to talk about them.
Maybe she protects them.
I think it's just a weird hill.
They look like your great-aunt's charms.
Yeah. She was doing something
with them last night.
[mysterious music playing]
Ooh. I've got a bad feeling.
Hm. You know, I think I actually agree.
Come on, David.
[menacing music playing]
[Hilda] Hm.
[menacing music swells]
[music fades]
Thanks for setting the camp up.
The kids loved it.
You used to pretend you could hear
red wolves howling in the distance
and say, "It's a good job
we're protected by this magical tent."
[chuckles] Yes, I did do that.
You know, it's nice to be here.
It really has been too long.
Well, your old aunt's still here
and going nowhere fast. Fingers crossed.
Don't just stand there.
Come dip your toes in.
What's wrong?
[sighs] Well, it's just
You were worried about bringing her here.
There hasn't been an incident in
Since you left.
It's not just that, it's
I never really forgave you
for not coming with me to Trolberg.
Tofoten is my home. I couldn't leave.
But you needed to,
and we found that boarding school
I know. And I wouldn't change
the way things went.
Nor should you want to.
No. No, no. But I do wish
that we could have done this more.
[both] Oh!
Do you remember how to catch huldrefish?
I think so.
We're putting them back okay?
Hilda's not gonna be impressed
if she finds you roasting one on a stick.
- Ah! [grunts]
- [gasps]
[both laughing]
[Frida] David? [echoing]
[Hilda] David? [echoing]
Didn't the ice cream man say
something about fairies abducting people?
You're spooking yourself.
David hasn't been abducted.
He's just wandered off.
You haven't talked about anything
except fairies for the last 24 hours,
and now you're skeptical?
I'm not skeptical.
I'm just suddenly hoping I was wrong.
We're probably just
a bit turned around anyway.
David. Where are you?
[mysterious music playing]
[both] Ah!
- David!
- Where have you been?
Where have you been?
[muffled laughs]
- Okay. Let's see.
- [laughing]
Excuse me while I get cleaned up.
[Alfur grunts]
You two look intense. Having fun?
Oh, well, I do believe
I am moments away from claiming victory.
[Tontu] Fjallmarr's revenge.
Move back 15 spaces. [chuckles]
- [Alfur] Fine. One, two
- Where are the kids?
- They're not back yet.
- [knocking]
Oh, I'll get it.
I think it's for you.
I would like to borrow a casserole dish.
What for?
Not for washing my feet in.
I don't think so.
Wait. If you let me borrow one,
I could tell you where those kids went?
What? Has something happened to them?
The dish, please.
Hang on.
Ah! [giggling]
[Johanna] There.
Now, tell me.
They went through the gate,
towards the pine thicket,
across the broken bridge
to the fairy mound.
[upbeat adventurous music plays]
Is that my casserole dish?
[mysterious music playing]
[Hilda] Where are we?
Did you see anything you recognized?
Nothing. I've just been wandering
around the same as you.
These mushrooms seem familiar.
I don't get it. I just want to see
a building, a tree I recognize.
[Hilda] Hm. Does this look
like the way we came?
[Frida sighs]
[Frida] I've got a bad feeling.
- Guys.
- [gasps]
What is that?
I have no idea, but let's keep
as far away from it as possible.
[David] Great plan.
[eerie music playing]
[music intensifies]
[all gasp]
[all sigh]
[Johanna] Hilda!
[upbeat adventurous music playing]
[grunts] Frida!
[mystical music playing]
[gentle chimes play]
[mysterious music playing]
[softly] They're everywhere.
We have to get out of here now. [grunts]
[menacing music playing]
[Frida gasps]
[menacing music intensifies]
[music fades]
You knew.
- Johanna, I
- You knew.
You knew there was still a fairy mound
in Tofoten, and you didn't tell me.
We can talk about this later,
but right now we need to dig.
Now what?
- [all scream]
- [Hilda] Run!
[all scream, gasp]
- [music intensifies]
- [loud bang]
What is that?
I don't know! But just keep [screams]
[loud bang]
[mysterious music plays]
[ghostly voices] Hilda.
You're safe!
Oh, thank goodness you're safe.
- [dices rattle]
- [Alfur sighs]
One, two, three.
- I win. I win! Ah! Ah!
- [door shuts]
- [stomping footsteps]
- [door shuts]
What happened to you guys?
I can't believe you kept this from me,
from us. Why didn't you say anything?
I didn't want to pique Hilda's interest.
I knew that if she knew, she would
I thought it was safe.
That the mounds were gone.
Why didn't either of you say anything?
And how did you know
how to get us out like that?
Because something similar
happened to me once.
- [mystical music plays]
- I was younger than you.
And fascinated with the idea
of the fairies of Tofoten.
It was all just make-believe,
of course, until one day, I saw something.
You saw a fairy.
I followed it.
I followed it too far,
and it almost took me.
Aunt Astrid got to me just in time,
but after that, I was terrified
of the fairies and of this place.
So that's why you left.
And why I never brought you here.
For a long time, I was just afraid,
but when you were born [sighs]
I could never forgive myself if
What if the same thing
It's okay, Mum.
[sighs] I can't even think about
what would have happened
if we hadn't gotten you out.
What were those things in there?
[Astrid] Those are the eyes
of the Fairy Isle.
The mound disorients you, brings you
to a place between here and there
until you find yourself
in the island's gaze.
If that had happened,
you would've been lost.
Thankfully, you all had
the charms I made for you.
What were you doing there last night?
After you started asking about fairies,
I thought I'd better check the protections
and charms I'd put in place
to make sure it wouldn't lure anyone in.
Well, they didn't work very well,
did they?
Are you sure
you don't want to stay another night?
I think we've had
enough relaxation for one weekend.
At least let Loam carry your bags.
Why didn't you tell me?
Because you wouldn't have come.
- [sad music playing]
- [sighs]
Goodbye, Auntie Astrid.
I really did have a nice time. Mostly.
Goodbye, Hilda.
And remember,
if you ever need to feel like
there's someone else there,
I'm only a phone call or a letter away.
[upbeat mysterious music playing]
[music peaks]
[music fades]
[upbeat ending theme music playing]
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