Hilda (2018) s03e07 Episode Script

Chapter 7: Strange Frequencies

[radio static]
[radio static intensifies]
[crickets chirping]
[tense music playing]
[radio static continues]
[radio static fades]
[uplifting opening theme music playing]
[birds chirping]
[clock ticking]
[eerie music plays]
[Frida's nisse] Hey! Psst!
Wake up!
- [gasps]
- Ah!
[Frida sighs]
Hello. I don't believe
we've officially met.
No time for introductions!
[Frida screaming]
[grunts, moans]
[Frida] Um
I like what you've done with the place.
With my things.
You're not getting it, are you?
I've been robbed.
It doesn't look like it.
[sighs] My timer. I was asleep in bed,
timing my slumber as I always do.
When I woke up this morning, it was gone!
Haven't been able to time anything since.
Breakfast, crossword puzzles,
trips to the toilet, this conversation.
I guess now you know how it feels
to have something stolen from you.
Yeah, because somebody's stolen
something from me.
No! I mean
because you're always stealing from me.
I don't steal your things, Frida.
I borrow them. It's different.
You sure you didn't misplace it?
I'm sure.
Honestly, this doesn't surprise me.
Nisse-on-nisse robbery
has become more and more commonplace.
We never used to like each other,
but at least
we didn't steal each other's things.
Mm. I'm sorry. That's horrible.
But who do you think
could have taken your timer? [screams]
- Hey, my timer! Stop, thief!
- [laughs]
It's one thing that nisse take our stuff,
but have you ever heard of
a nisse stealing from another nisse?
Uh, no.
They're all so stubborn
and bad at communicating.
If only we could get them
all in one place,
have them really listen to each other.
I suppose we could trap them
in a big net or a cage.
We'll hold a town hall meeting.
Or that.
I can be their moderator.
Oh! I've always wanted
to moderate a town hall meeting.
You have?
Yes. The closest I ever got to it
was the time I moderated that meeting
between you and your stuffed animals.
I still can't believe
how many concessions I had to make.
[door opens]
[Johanna] Oh, come in. Come in.
I'm so happy to see you both.
Hilda hasn't been outside in days.
Please take her out somewhere, anywhere.
Is something wrong?
Have a look yourselves.
[pensive, mysterious music playing]
[radio static]
Hm, hm, hm, hm, hm.
Hm. Yes.
Um, Hilda?
Is everything all right?
[music continues to play]
[exhales] Oh. Hey, guys.
Have you heard? The nisse
have been stealing from each other.
Nisse don't steal. They borrow.
Trust me. This is different.
Frida came up with a genius
and wee bit overambitious idea
to hold a town hall meeting for them.
We were hoping you would come?
Uh, sorry, guys, but I'm a little busy
with what I have going on.
And that is?
[sighs] Look. I know
how all this may seem,
but I haven't gone crazy.
Whew! That's a relief,
because you look like you've gone crazy.
The past few days, strange frequencies
have been coming in through my radio.
Alfur and I have been working
to decode them.
[grunting] At first, I was skeptical too,
until I started looking into it.
I thought maybe it was a variation
of the Knudson Lagerkvist cypher,
but as I began trying to decode it,
it proved to be something
much more complex.
- "Such is the life of an adventurer."
- What's that supposed to mean?
It's something I say.
I said it to my dad before he
[gasps] I thought something weird
happened to him. This confirms it.
He must be trying to reach me.
He must be in trouble.
How do you know he's in trouble?
Why else would he be communicating
with me in code?
- Uh
- Um
Ah! My radio. There you are.
- Tontu, it's my radio.
- Hey!
Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't realize.
Oh wow. Look. A white woff! [grunts]
It's mine!
[both grunting]
[all grunting]
[all scream]
[loud thud]
- [all sigh, moan]
- [radio static]
[Frida] Listen.
That's much better.
You know, it's actually kind of beautiful.
Ah! This could mean
You're all going to leave immediately,
so I can listen to my radio in peace?
No. This could mean
if the signal is stronger here,
my dad is somewhere in Nowhere Space.
- Hey!
- Huh? [laughs]
[blows a raspberry]
- My radio!
- My radio!
[upbeat adventurous music playing]
[all grunt]
[woman gasps]
[Hilda] Ah!
[music continues]
[both grunt]
[Hilda] Ah! [grunts, pants]
- [both grunt]
- Hm.
- [dance music plays on radio]
- Oh, uh, uh. [sighs]
- [Hilda panting]
- Ah!
[both grunt]
[grunts] You know, on second thought,
maybe I will attend
that town hall meeting.
[sighs] That's the spirit.
And how, may I ask,
do you plan on getting the nisse
to come to your little meetup? Huh?
I know the one thing that always gets me
to come to Frida's parties.
[scruffy nisse] Free food!
That's right!
Wait. It also says
something about a town hall meeting.
"A chance to talk out your problems and"
I can't read the rest.
Uh-uh. All that's important
is that you'll come.
That depends. Will there be Bloops
at this town hall meeting?
Yes. Of course there'll be Bloops.
Then I'll be there.
You haven't seen this man, have you?
No. I have seen this cat though.
He owes me money.
[train nisse] Will there be train food?
What's train food?
Yep. Lots of train food.
Good. I love trains.
Excuse me. Have you seen this man?
Is he very into trains?
Not especially.
Then I don't know him,
and I don't want to know him.
When I talk to myself ♪
I think about the things
That no one ever talks about ♪
Like how life just keeps on givin'
Despite all my bad decisions ♪
I'm still here and I'm still livin' ♪
- I used to always ♪
- Complain about ♪
- Trapped in a maze ♪
- Could not get out ♪
We're all talking to ourselves
About things we cannot help ♪
So talk to me
'Cause I'm talking to myself ♪
- I used to always ♪
- Complain about ♪
- Trapped in a maze ♪
- Could not get out ♪
We're all talking to ourselves
About things we cannot help ♪
So talk to me
'Cause I'm talking to myself ♪
["Talking to Myself"
by The Linda Lindas ends]
Looks like we're all set.
[clock ticking]
- [gentle sad music playing]
- [sighs]
Don't worry. They'll come.
Will they though?
- [music continues]
- [crickets trilling]
[screams] What was I thinking?
You can't make a nisse do anything.
Oh, sorry, Tontu.
That's all right.
- Ah!
- [elf nisse] Uh, excuse me.
Thank you.
[magical chimes]
[all grunting]
- Ha-ha!
- [grunting]
[nisses chattering]
- [nisse 1] Move down a bit.
- [nisse 2] I'll sit here.
- [nisse 3] Move over.
- [small nisse] You're in my seat.
[white nisse] Excuse me.
[clears her voice]
Please, everyone, take a seat.
- Get off my chair.
- I was here first.
- [grunting]
- [indistinct chatter]
Now, let's all settle down.
If I can just have everyone's attention.
- [howling loudly]
- [chatter fading]
[barks gently]
Thank you all for coming.
It's recently come to my attention
that nisse have been stealing
from other nisse.
Now, I know you guys
don't enjoy each other's company.
- That's an understatement!
- True.
Still, that doesn't mean
you can't be civil to one another.
Communication is key.
How many of you, for instance,
have held a simple conversation
with another nisse?
[indistinct chatter]
What is she talking about?
That's what I thought.
Now I have you all in one place,
why don't we start talking?
[indistinct chatter]
Someone stole my eggbeater.
- I was promised train food.
- My yellow duck's been missing for months.
Sorry. Not all at once!
Please, raise your hand
if you wish to speak.
- My cheese ball!
- My sticks!
Sh! I need to call on you first.
[chatter fades]
Yes. You, go ahead.
That nisse over there stole my timer!
Well, do you have anything
to say for yourself?
Yes, that I resent this outrageous slander
upon my reputation.
I wasn't stealing it.
I was only borrowing it
with the intention of keeping it
on my person for all eternity.
This was a bad idea.
What do you mean?
I think it's going splendidly.
[Frida's nisse] My timer!
[both grunting]
- [gray nisse] No! Get off!
- Oh! Hey! Hey!
Stop it!
[grunting stops]
This is no way to settle your problems.
You nisse have to learn
to listen to each other.
- [nisse 1] I'm good at it.
- [nisse 2] Listening.
Now, why don't we try
a role-playing exercise?
Tontu, I want you to imagine
you are not yourself, but instead, Tontu.
- No, not you. Tontu.
- [grunts, thuds]
I'm Tontu.
[sighs] Yes, I know,
but I was talking about
[sighs] Never mind.
We'll try a different approach.
This is the Talking Stick.
That stick can talk?
My stick can talk?
No. Only the person
holding the stick can talk.
- [nisses gasp]
- [nisse 1] Okay, then.
Hey, my radio!
- She talked without holding the stick!
- [all gasp]
Oh! I talked without holding the stick.
[grunts] That's mine!
Hilda, no!
- [grunting]
- That's mine!
And mine! [grunts]
Give me that!
[nisse 1 grunts]
I haven't got time for this.
[brown nisse] Let go of my tennis racket!
[all squabbling]
- Stop it!
- Mine!
- Give it back to me.
- My meeting!
[nisse 2] That's mine!
My snacks!
My stick!
- [shattering]
- [nisse 4] My yellow duck!
[upbeat adventurous music playing]
- Aha!
- [grunts]
[grunts] Give it back.
[both grunting]
Yes, Twig!
- [all grunting]
- [tennis ball nisse] Hey, that's mine.
[gasps] What do we do?
- We leave. Here, take my hand.
- [Hilda] Wait for me!
[all] Whoa!
You'll have to kill me first!
[raven leader] Hey, now!
What's all this?
Oh! My sash!
[nisse 2] Yes. [grunts]
[all grunting]
- [all sigh]
- [Twig whimpers]
Oh dear.
Well, that was a total disaster.
No thanks to you.
At least I got my radio back.
My radio.
[radio static]
and I, Victoria Van Gale, am back.
Van Gale?
[Alfur grunting]
[Victoria] Sorry again
for the last couple of cryptic days,
but it looks like I finally got
our microphone situation fixed.
Oh well. As a friend of mine
is fond of saying,
such is the life of an adventurer.
I thought she fell into an endless void,
never to return.
At least that's what I hoped.
I don't understand.
[radio static]
It's getting late.
I better get going,
or I'll be late for supper.
Me too.
Sure you don't want to call
and say you're eating here?
It's pizza night.
Well, that solves the mystery of the who.
We still don't know the where.
I don't care anymore.
Don't care?
All this time, I thought
Dad was really in trouble, but he's just
Mum was right.
Stop! I'd still like to hold on to that,
if you don't mind.
[sad music playing]
[Victoria] From up here in my tower,
here's a special song
for all you wayward souls out there.
[Victoria singing gently]
Lay down your head ♪
Heed my warning ♪
Let the airwaves tell my tale ♪
Left with regrets ♪
And misgivings ♪
With no wind in my sail ♪
Hope to return ♪
But I'm not certain ♪
What the future may unveil ♪
[song fades]
[gasps] Oh!
[song fades]
Tontu, have you seen Alfur?
Then again, I never signed the paperwork.
[yawns] Morning.
Here. You can have our radio back.
[chewing] Hm?
I don't understand.
Is there something wrong with it?
- No.
- Well, then, what's the catch?
There's no catch.
I thought you might like to borrow it.
It's called sharing, Tontu.
I know,
but I haven't seen it in action before.
Nisses don't share.
Hm. They don't, do they?
Was it something I said?
Oh. Hi.
[exhales] Okay. Nisse don't share.
Did you come all this way
just to tell me that?
Hilda, I know the nisse don't share.
That's what got me
into this mess to begin with.
I've an idea.
But I need your and David's help.
Trust me?
[grunts] Oh! Oh.
[nisse 1] Doesn't this look nice?
[nisse 2] "Lending library."
So, I can take anything I want?
Yep. But you have to put it back
when you're done.
Um, do you know where I can find
an embroidery hoop?
Oh, I
It should be under "sewing."
Uh [laughs]
I can't believe this nisse
lending library idea actually worked.
It really is remarkable.
No one's fighting.
This could change everything.
And to think it was all my idea.
Ah, really?
But I shared it with you.
- Huh?
- [laughs]
Think we can leave?
The nisse seem to have a handle on things.
Here. Why not unwind
with a game of Dirigible Fleet?
Hey, I think that's mine.
Your turn.
- Oh! You punctured my dirigible.
- [Frida laughs]
[David] Hm. Hm. Nice one.
[pensive, sad music playing]
Hilda, I'm sorry you didn't find
what you were looking for.
I'm sorry too.
I got so caught up in it all
that I nearly messed everything up
for you guys.
Besides, it's better to know the truth,
even if it's not what you want to hear.
Ah, can you keep it down?
My new favorite radio show
is about to begin.
And what's that?
It's about a dad looking for his daughter,
but I'll never know if he finds her
if you keep talking so loud.
- What?
- What?
Huh? Oh, no. It's not you.
No, this daughter's name is Hilda.
- Wait.
- [sighs]
[radio static]
this is Victoria Van Gale signing off
until we meet again.
But remember,
beware of the hooded figures.
They're always watching,
always closer than you think.
And now, since I promised
my fellow castaway a regular segment
in exchange for coconuts, here he is.
- [Anders] Hilda, if you're out there
- [gasps]
If anyone's out there, I need
- [radio static]
- Wait, what's that?
[Victoria] Oh no. One of them's got in.
It's spotted us. Hide!
[audio from radio stops]
- [loud thud]
- [all gasp]
That was not our best landing, Cedric.
I've got good news.
[grunts] We've just returned
from triangulating
an extensive network of elf radios.
Were they adorably tiny?
I suppose to you, yes.
Now we should be able to narrow down
the location of Victoria Van Gale.
And my dad.
We heard him on the radio.
He's with Van Gale.
Wherever they are,
they're both in great danger.
Then this isn't just a curiosity.
It's an emergency!
I'll need one of those maps.
[gentle tense music playing]
Hm. Fifteen elf degrees north.
Forty-three elf degrees west.
Mm. Ah!
[tense music intensifies]
Van Gale said something
about hooded figures.
- He's in the fairy mound.
- What?
- You sure? How'd that happen?
- I don't know, but he's in trouble.
You're not planning
on going back in that thing, are you?
I think I have to.
I was afraid you'd say that.
If you're going back in,
someone's gonna have to pull you out.
[music continues]
- I'm in.
- Me too.
- Hm. Tontu?
- Huh?
How quickly can you get us to the station?
- Wait. I didn't mean
- When your mom finds out about this
You won't tell her, will you?
I'd feel a lot better
if your mother was signing off on this,
even just a verbal agreement.
Alfur, you said yourself,
this is an emergency.
All right.
Ready to go?
Everyone, hold on.
[all grunt]
[music fades]
Who wants cucumber sandwiches?
- [tense music plays]
- [Alfur grunts]
I'll have one!
Where are they?
[music intensifies, fades]
[upbeat ending theme playing]
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