Hill Street Blues (1981) s03e05 Episode Script

Officer of the Year

Item 10, folks! If only my professional police officers Were as attentive and as well-mannered as my cadets.
Item 10, which may be of particular interest to those among you Who have some knowledge, passing or otherwise, of a string of massage parlors and adult bookstores On the south end of hay street.
Said establishments have experienced a rash An unusual number of holdups in the last two weeks.
So, should any of you be regular patrons of the, uh, Scandinavian holistic massage institute, don't be surprised to find det.
Belker behind the counter on your next visit.
Larue and Washington will be across the street on this one And additional units may be required on short notice.
Item 11.
Officer renko, if you don't mind.
A memo from lieutenant Rosemary zurilli, who will be conducting interdepartmental aerobics Starting tomorrow morning before roll call.
In addition to exercises and general fitness, lieutenant zurilli will be giving advice along the lines of diet and nutrition.
I advise you to consider the relative benefits, appearance-wise, mobility-wise and cardiovascular-wise.
It couldn't hurt.
Last item.
There will be a very special brunch this morning For our own ray calletano, who has been named hispanic officer of the year.
So, before we're all catapulted Into another grueling confrontation with the urban wilds, let's take a moment to congratulate lieutenant calletano For this highly prestigious and much deserved award.
All right, that's it.
Let's roll.
And, hey, let's be careful out there.
Come on.
Let's go.
I can't.
I can't find my memo book.
I left it right here before I went to roll call.
Some jerk probably thinks he's being cute.
Luce, would you just relax? I'm relaxed.
You'd think you were getting ready to go to Jupiter or something.
It's no big deal! I know it's no big deal.
Miss Davenport? About this afternoon, is there anything we should bring with us? Just the arrest report and your memo book.
Property will supply the rest.
This is the first time I'm on the stand.
I've done a lot of preliminaries before.
It's just that I've never gone to trial.
Don't worry.
It's really not very different.
Chief Daniels, my esteemed colleagues, it is with great I would like to offer my Sincere congratulations on this hispanic thing.
Good job.
Thank you, Howard.
Anything wrong, amigo? To tell you the truth, I'm not looking forward to making this speech today.
Oh, well, when you analyze the situation, ray, there is no reason for you to be nervous.
After all, you're the hombre of the hour.
You get up there, you express your appreciation, you elaborate on how much the department has meant to you, then you sit down.
Now, how tough could that be? When you put it like that it's easy, but Besides, given your somewhat limited command of inglés, no one expects you to be Noel coward.
We have a 9-11.
Armed robbery in progress.
See surplus store, corner people's drive, 124th street.
You live with somebody, you work with somebody every day, and then all of the sudden, out of the clear blue nowhere, they start in to criticizing your physical constitution.
All I said was, maybe it wouldn't hurt you to get more exercise.
For your information, I am in top physical condition.
I don't need to put on no leotard and show up at the crack of dawn To prove it to anybody, thank you very much.
Let's drop it.
On whose life, Bobby hill, do I have to swear That I get up and do 100 push-ups the minute my feet hit the floor Every single morning? Look at this.
This is 2-2-0-2.
Assault in progress.
Moving vehicle.
Foot pursuit.
People's parkway and central.
I got it! Why me, lord? Why? Sucker! Keep movin', and I'll break it.
I know what you're thinking, Bobby hill, but I tripped on the stairway, and then the cars were comin' Uh-huh.
I'm gonna get him to the car.
Order a backup.
I can show you the exact spot on which that occurred.
Renko, I believe you.
Go pick up the lady.
Give you a chance to show off your physical constitution.
And don't forget to pick up the blade.
Go pick up the lady.
You all right, ma'am? I'm terrific, officer.
How are you? It's a good thing me and my partner showed up when we did.
I guess I should fly into a my hero routine.
Right? No, ma'am.
That won't be necessary.
Just a simple thank you would do.
I'm sorry.
I'm afraid being assaulted this early in the morning kinda makes me cranky.
Thank you.
You know, ma'am, if you don't mind my saying so, this isn't exactly the finest neighborhood For a woman of your obvious socioeconomic stature to be strolling around in.
Well, I much would have preferred my car to break down In front of the hotel Marquis, officer, but I really didn't have a lot to say about it.
Hey, renko! Whenever you're ready.
Ma'am, I know this isn't what you had planned for today, but me and my partner are gonna have to have you come down to the station And make a statement on this.
We'd be glad to have a tow truck come take your car.
What the hell.
Morning's kinda shot anyway, huh? D number four, your time is up.
You want another half hour, it's 17.
Do I look like a Jeannie to you, hairbag? Just tell her that Max is here.
Ooh! I'm sure she's holding her breath.
Unfortunately, she's booked solid for the next two hours.
I could give you Vanessa or bernice.
I'll wait for Jeannie.
Suit yourself.
I'm telling you, man, it's a miscarriage of justice Putting that little bozo in a massage parlor.
Life can be cruel, baby.
Hey, belker wouldn't know a good massage if it came up and bit him.
Matter of fact, that is belker's idea of a good massage.
I gave you 17.
50, you give me this? Hang it up, Tarzan! You brought 'em in with you.
Keep it down in there, number four.
You infested me, you pig! Hey, would you be quiet! You got a beef, bring it in here.
You're damn right I got a beef! Just look at this! Will you shut up! What? This! What does that look like to you? A speck.
It's moving! It's a moving speck.
It's a crab, you moron! This whole place is infested, and now so am I! How am I supposed to explain this to my wife? Tell her you went to the beach on your lunch hour.
I'm calling the state board of health! I'm gonna have this place shut down! You're gonna be hearing from me! It does appear to be moving.
Not anymore.
Come on, pal, move it.
I said move it.
Not bad, bro.
You want me to frisk her for ya? What I would like you to do is shut your face before I relocate it In the vicinity of your butt.
Nice place you've got here.
Well, it's a little quiet here today.
Leo! I got a personal assault case and an impounded vehicle.
I need some forms excuse me.
Do you have any idea how long this is gonna take? Half hour.
All day.
I also need to see a policewoman to deal with this woman's cuts and bruises.
Excuse me.
I have an appointment with my lawyer for lunch.
So if I could just use the phone, perhaps I could cancel that.
Thank you.
Is he here? Please tell me he's here.
- Who? - Frank Jr.
he's missing.
- What do you mean, missing? - We had a fight at breakfast.
He wanted to go camping with the Benjamins, and I told him he couldn't.
He stormed out of the house in the kind of mediterranean rage He could have only inherited from He forgot his lunch box.
When I went by the school.
Frank, I called everyone, I walked every inch of the neighborhood.
Fay, kids have been playing hooky from school since the dawn of time.
In a couple of hours he'll get hungry and hightail it home for lunch.
But what if something happens to him? What could happen to him? Well, I don't know! I mean, this isn't some little street-smart urchin that This happens to be a very sensitive little eight-year-old child Who happens to be far too trusting for his own good.
Lieutenant ganeles, please.
Captain furillo.
- What was he wearing? - Um He had on blue jeans and a white t-shirt, one of those gray sweatshirt jackets, the kind with the zipper in the front, tennis shoes and a ca a baseball hat.
Hi, Ted.
Frank furillo.
Just fine.
And you? Good.
Listen, Ted, I have a small problem here.
My son, frank Jr.
, he's eight Uh, he took a powder from the house this morning.
- His mom is a little concerned.
- A little? Give me a description.
I'll see if I can find him.
Four feet one or two, brown hair, brown eyes, blue jeans, white t-shirt, sneakers, one of those sweatshirt jackets Gray, zip up the front.
And a baseball cap.
Dark blue.
Oh, I expect him to come waltzing in in a couple of hours under his own steam.
Hey, you want me to If you could put the word out, that'd be great.
Maybe a phone number.
555-823 3-1.
Fay? Frank Jr.
? Yeah, he ran away from home this morning.
Believe me, it is nothing to worry about.
I've done it myself a few times.
I appreciate it, Ted.
Say hello to your wife for me.
I'll be here.
He's putting out the word to all his uniforms.
In the meantime, I want you to go home and just wait.
If anything happens to him Nothing's happened to him, and nothing's going to happen.
Go home, and I'll call you a little later.
Don't worry, fay.
Running away from home is as American as apple pie.
I hope you're right.
Just to be on the safe side, why don't i have dispatch put out his description.
Good idea.
Good to see you again.
Drink up, gentlemen.
Enjoy yourselves.
Thank you.
How are you? What is this? Huevos rancheros.
Don't you have anything else? Sorry.
That's the menu.
I could get you some more refried beans.
How are you? Oh, hi.
Well, here's to you, ray.
I never drink more than one Margarita.
Oh, come on, ray.
You're not gonna be a killjoy at your own fiesta.
I guess one more wouldn't hurt.
If I could have your attention, please.
Several years ago I was instrumental in establishing a program To promote hispanic officers To positions of prominence and visibility within the department.
This occasion Marks the great strides that we've made in that area Since the inception of the program, and I think that we can all take great pride in our progress.
At this time Frank furillo has a few words to say about our officer of the year.
Uh, chief.
If you don't mind, sentiment-wise, i can speak for all of us on the hill.
I don't mind at all, Howard.
Anything? Thank you, chief.
If I might digress for a moment, I remember back to a day in dartmouth.
I was arguing the con side of a debate Concerning statehood for Puerto Rico.
The lines were drawn, the battle was clean, and I, uh I won the thing.
But having had the good fortune to work with ray calletano, I can say now with a clear conscience That I am damn glad we took that island over.
Ray calletano is a credit to his people.
He is one of the finest puerto rican-Americans in the department.
And without further fanfare, I give you ray calletano, a man that I am proud To call amigo.
Chief Daniels, my esteemed colleagues, it is with great pride that I accept and thank you for this award.
At a time like this I feel That there is only one thing that I can say.
Why huevos rancheros? And why margaritas? Why do you assume that all hispanic people like that kind of food? I don't like that kind of food.
I'm not Mexican.
I'm not even puerto rican.
You go to all this trouble to give this banquet in my honor, and no one even bothers to find out that I'm Colombian, not Mexican or puerto rican.
And furthermore, phrases like credit to his people And fine puerto rican-American Tend to stick in the throat of a man Who has been a citizen of this country for 22 years.
And why is it that when you're down here today to honor me As hispanic officer of the year, I look around a room full of ranking officers And the only other hispanics I see Are waiters and busboys.
As far as I'm concerned, you can keep your award.
Oh, no! I'm telling you! He was screaming in Spanish, throwing guacamole! I heard it was all because he hates margaritas.
Pina coladas.
Margaritas, coffey.
Pina coladas is a Caribbean drink.
Where do you think he comes from, Leo? Cuba.
Cuba is the Caribbean.
Forget about it.
He's Costa Rican.
What's everyone looking at? Look, lieutenant, I know this is none of my business, but Maybe you'd like to talk about it over a nice, hot cup of Margarita coffee.
Teresa, you're a businesswoman.
Can you afford to close your shop long enough To make eight or nine court appearances? You gotta consider the bottom line.
You'd be better off legally if the guy had raped you.
As it is, the cops saved the day just in time to get the charge knocked down To aggravated assault.
That won't put anybody away for six months.
Officer renko? What do you think I should do? Well, I don't do a whole lot of thinkin', ma'am.
I'm too busy showing up at the scene of a crime Just in time to mess up the judicial process.
I tell you, you take all them gray-suited lawyers, you round 'em all up, put 'em on a boat to indochina, you wouldn't have no more problems with the criminal justice system.
What are you getting so worked up for? That won't solve anything.
I don't wanna close my boutique.
I don't wanna mess up my pretty blonde hair.
I don't wanna get involved with some stinkin' crime out on the street.
Just a minute.
Excuse me.
You wanna know what I think? Miss hyler, if you are truly interested In my personal opinion on this matter, I'd be glad to give it to you.
If you think you are inconvenienced now, just think where the hell you would be If me and my partner hadn't showed up this morning.
We went in after that guy at considerable personal risk.
I could have been shot, stabbed.
I could have been plain stomped to death.
I don't mind doing that.
That's my job.
But it just kicks the wind out of me to think that I went through all that And I'm risking my life so some Turkey can go out there next week, get behind a bush and jump out on somebody else.
Sorta makes me wonder why i bother to get up in the morning.
Well, that's all very inspiring, officer renko, but not particularly pertinent to my client's situation.
Come on, Teresa.
That's all very inspiring, officer renko, but not very pertinent to my personal situation.
Regular epidemic around here today, captain, temper-wise.
You heard about ray.
Where is he? In the locker room.
You'd better check your desk first, captain.
Is there any word about frank Jr.
? No.
I've been doing some reading.
I thought you might wanna talk about it.
There is nothing to talk about, frank.
My career is over.
I made a fool of myself in front of my friends, in front of chief Daniels.
Madre Mia.
Personally, I think your reaction was understandable.
I don't think anybody meant to be malicious, but there wasn't an abundance of sensitivity involved.
I don't know what came over me, frank.
Something inside just boiled over.
I was at one of these functions about seven years ago, when I was still drinking, sitting next to commander Swanson, and all night long he kept telling these bad ethnic jokes, one after the other.
I'd had a little too much to drink.
I'd had a lot too much to drink I wasn't drunk, frank.
I'll admit, those two margaritas loosened my tongue, but I wasn't drunk.
And I meant every word I said.
I know you did, ray.
Well, by the time Swanson got to About his fifth paisan routine I finally took exception, I was so annoyed.
How? Rumor has it I poured a double scotch on the rocks down the front of his shirt.
Really? Then I stormed out of there, came back here, wrote one of these and Fortunately, no one would accept it.
You're damn good at your job, but you're no less human than the rest of us, and nobody expects you to be.
If it'll make you feel any better, i think you made some valid points.
Thanks, frank.
Yo Ramón calletano ofrezco mi resignación? Ray, aren't you carrying this latino thing a little bit too far? Judas h.
, man, if you're gonna throw in the towel, sit on a sword, not a goldarned tamale.
I got four guys in the alley, you got five.
What's that, Einstein, 4.
5 guys? Luce, I promise, you're making too much out of this.
I wouldn't be surprised if we didn't even get up there.
Cases like this, most of the time they make a deal at the last minute.
So I might be going through all this for nothing? That's what I've been trying to tell you.
So why do I worry until I have to worry? Exactly.
Would you please recount exactly what took place After you witnessed my client's alleged drug purchase? Joe officer coffey and I Had just pulled up And the guy took off down the alley.
- The guy being? - Your client.
- Clarence Jenkins.
- Please continue.
Well, the other guys the buyers Took off in all different directions.
We went after Jenkins down the alley.
And he dropped this envelope in a trash can and then kept going.
So we finally caught him and got the envelope out of the trash can.
Officer bates, how many people were in the alley when you and officer coffey arrived? I think there were four or five.
Four or five.
Then you don't recall the exact number? Well, it was three months ago.
Officer bates, I'm aware that the details of the situation May have slipped your mind in the time that has lapsed.
In fact, given the ephemeral state of your memory, how can you be certain my client is the person who dropped the envelope Into the trash can? Because I saw him do it.
Then your memory is only selectively flimsy.
I'm just telling you what I remember I saw.
Prior to the convening of this trial, - did you rehearse this testimony with officer coffey? - No.
What if I were to tell you that, just 10 minutes ago on this witness stand, while you were being sequestered, officer coffey testified That you did in fact discuss this case extensively On your way to the courtroom today? Would that change your answer? We talked about it Then you now admit that you did discuss the case with officer coffey.
We did discuss it, but Officer bates, if two suspects were Confined together, alone, in an interrogation room So that they had ample chance to compare their stories And agree on what they would say before questioning, would you be likely to believe anything they told you? I guess not.
I mean So, officer bates, given the fact that this is exactly what you and officer coffey did Immediately prior to this trial, and given your sporadic lapses of memory concerning the details in this case, and especially given the fact That, when questioned a few minutes ago, you did not divulge the entire truth As to the nature of your conversation with officer coffey Given all of this, officer bates, how can you expect this court To have any faith in anything you've told them today? I have no further questions, your honor.
Six, your time is up.
Can I help you? Yeah.
I'd like to see Jeannie.
She's booked.
I can give you Vanessa in 10 minutes.
Well, uh, when's Jeannie gonna be free? Not in your lifetime.
Well, she must be kinda popular around here, huh? Yep.
I don't know what it is with her.
She must really be something special.
Yeah, she's something special, all right.
She's my wife! Hey! You can't go back there! There you are, you tramp.
Get your clothes on! I'm taking you out of here! Who said you could come in here? You mess with my wife, fat boy? Is that what you're doing? This guy says he's your husband.
He's not my anything.
I kicked the creep out three months ago and he won't leave me alone.
I told you if you came back around here I was gonna call the cops.
I'm not leaving without you, Jeannie.
I don't know what your problem is, but this area is off-limits Unless you pay your 17.
You heard him! Get out of my life, you creep! Did you ask for her special, fat man? Did you get everything you want? I am a legitimate, licensed masseuse, you slime! Sure you are! I bet you got a wife back home somewhere too! She know you're getting your oil changed every afternoon? Get outta my way! Mister.
Mister, are you all Heart attack.
We got a heart attack in here.
Dispatch, angel one.
Give us an ambulance at 2524 north park.
That's 2524 north park.
Come on.
Come on! Roger, angel one.
He's breathing.
You stinkin' creep.
You almost killed my best customer.
What you said this morning, all the brothers have been talking about it.
We're proud of you, man.
You said something that we all wanted to.
Muy bravo, bro.
Ray, I don't think you have anything to worry about Concerning your little fusillade this morning.
No? Why, you're a 20-year man, hombre.
With your pension and a little security work on the side, you'll be in serious centavos until you're 85.
I have had serious reservations about remaining a cop today.
What else is new? I risk my life catching criminals Only to have some college-educated attorney throw the case out of court.
It don't make sense to me.
Officer renko? What, did you forget something? Yes.
I forgot my responsibilities.
I'll I'll catch up with you later.
Responsibility to what? To you, to other women, to myself.
Uh, I would like to press charges against that man, if it isn't too late.
No, it's not too late.
Of course, there's a whole lot of forms to fill out.
I don't mind.
Then I don't mind helping you.
- Thank you.
- Tell me why you did it! - In here? - Just forget it, luce.
Whose business is it anyway if we talked about the case? Just forget it.
This is bogus! Sit down and shut up! You can't bring me here against my will! I want justice! I ain't sittin' down and shuttin' up till I get some! Why did you have to tell her? What for, huh? What for? She asked me.
Where do you get off dumping this on me? If this guy walks, it's because of you.
What's the trouble here? Luce is all bent out of shape because she blew her first court appearance.
Now she's blaming old motormouth here.
You the man in charge? I'm suing the police.
This guy refused to sign a citation.
I got somethin' you can citate! When I tried to bring him in, he resisted arrest.
And a lot of help you were.
What was the violation? - I didn't violate nothin'! - Go ahead, tell him, luce.
He's your collar.
Driving with a mutilated license.
- A mutilated license? - That's a lie! That's a damn lie! Show him! You see? That license don't mutilate for two more years! Don't start in with that absent father routine.
I do the best I can under the circumstances.
You're right.
We're not helping each other talking like this.
I'm sorry.
We'll find him.
Everything will be all right.
Yes, I'm sure.
I do too.
Call me if you hear anything.
Left this at the coffee machine.
We handle a hundred lost children a year, frank.
Ninety-eight of them turn out with happy endings.
He knows how to use a phone.
Why hasn't he called? Is he tall enough to reach a slot on a pay phone? There is no more irrational creature on this planet Than a frightened parent, frank.
Can't think straight.
Can't do anything but worry yourself sick.
I'm speaking from experience.
I never knew what gut fear was till Josh was in the hospital.
You were there with me, frank.
Henry, I've been a cop for 18 years.
Eighteen years of murders and rapes and senseless brutality.
After a while, we learn how to distance ourselves You know, build walls So it can't touch us and so we can sleep at night.
But this He's all right, frank.
I know he is.
D am I beat.
Any chance I got a slow day tomorrow? You don't have a slow day till June.
Sometimes I wish I wasn't so good at what I do, you know.
Listen, I gotta tell you how terrific you were today.
I mean, you saved that guy's life.
You were sensational.
Well, thank you very much.
You know, I got this friend rosanne.
She'd go nuts for you.
Now she's got a tootsie for him.
You believe this dame? What line of work is she in? She's a dentist, belker.
She's got a good job.
Yeah? She's an exotic dancer over at the crazy horse.
They really make the dough, let me tell ya.
This is priceless.
- Let me give you her number.
- Quick, Neal, give me a pen.
She's home Sundays and mornings.
Or you can leave word with her landlord.
Well, gotta run.
- See you tomorrow? - Yeah, sure.
Call her, okay? You two would be perfect for each other.
Neal, it's criminal.
Locked in with merchandise like that, and an exotic dancer in the bullpen, and he's gonna go home and eat a TV dinner.
Hey! Freeze! Police officers! Police! Freeze! Move back! Move back! You killed the wrong guy! You stupid cop! That's not a crook! That's enrico! He owns the place! No, no, no! I can't bel you killed the wrong guy! You had to buy the gun, huh? You big stupid! You want to be a big hero! You couldn't wait for the police to come, huh? You had to show everybody how brave you are! Look at how brave you are! There's no way you could have known.
If you hadn't fired first, I would have.
Detective, I'm connally from officer-involved shootings.
This is lieutenant Stevens.
We'd like to talk to you now.
Look how brave you are! Where are you taking him? No, no, no, no, no! Please leave him here with me! Leave him here! I'll take care of him! Enrico! Enrico! It's okay.
It's okay.
O dios mío! Let's take it inside, huh? Not gonna get anything done out here.
Yeah, okay.
My writing hand feels paralyzed for life.
I haven't done so much paperwork since my divorce.
Don't say I didn't warn you.
I know.
So, what happens now? We go to the courts, file a bunch of papers.
Then what? If you're lucky, he'll cop at arraignment tomorrow In front of judge Maurice mo, let 'em go Schiller and be done with it.
But if not, there's the preliminary, which isn't so bad.
You just answer a bunch of questions like, what were you doing there? Have you ever seen this guy before? Do you always wear that kind of perfume? What? What has the perfume got to do with it? You know how these defense lawyers are.
They always try to make it look like you enticed the Oh, yeah.
Well, what do you think? Is it too enticing? I can't answer that on the grounds of self-incrimination.
Anyway, there's the trial and the preliminary Are you hungry? - Pardon? - I'm sorry.
I didn't mean anything.
Well, I it's a rather familiar question, you know.
No, I Well, ma'am, what I'm trying to say, miss hyler, is that you and I ought to be able to go get something to eat dinner or something Since we're gonna be spending so much time together, legal-wise, that is.
Well, um, yeah, to answer your question, officer, I'm famished.
Second man came running out.
He stopped about here.
We yelled for him to freeze.
He turned around, pointed the shotgun right at Neal.
How much time would you say lapsed Between the first gunman and the store owner? Couldn't have been more than two, three seconds.
Detective Washington, do you concur with the facts that's been given? Yeah.
That's exactly how it happened.
Captain furillo, we've gotten the same account From five civilian eyewitnesses.
Though I'd be a fool to guarantee clear sailing, at this time I don't anticipate any problems.
Thanks, lieutenant.
Anything else I can do, captain? I don't think so.
Go home and get some rest.
Hey, Neal.
Feel like dinner? No, man.
Call you later? Sure.
You be at your crib? It's okay, babe.
It's okay.
You really okay? Yeah, I guess.
I just want you to be prepared.
You're gonna get a lot of heat from the media in the next couple of days.
What can I tell 'em, except the truth? Press relations will help you with any statements.
I'll set that up tomorrow.
Look, it's probably not a lot of help I know, I know.
I did everything just like I was supposed to.
If I had to do it all over again, I'd do the same thing.
So what does it get me? I'm a good cop, captain.
And an innocent man is dead.
And you know what's the worst part? I don't feel a thing.
You will.
Might be 3:00 in the morning, it might be a month from now, but it'll hit you.
You'd just better be ready for it.
What about tonight? You have someone to go home to? I just feel like spending some time alone, captain.
I'll work it out by myself.
You have my number.
Don't hesitate to use it.
Henry? Still nothing, frank.
All the precinct night shifts are being briefed, all the hospitals, the bus company, the cab companies And the driver alert program.
Joyce is up here, I guess on her case.
- Thanks.
- Frank? Frank.
Frank, I'm sorry.
I couldn't stay at home.
Frank, I'm going crazy.
I mean, I feel so helpless just sitting and sitting.
Where is he? Please, god, don't let anything happen to him.
Is anybody home, in case he calls? Yes.
My mother's there.
Frank, if anything should happen I mean, I just I just think we should be together now.
- You wanna stay here a while? - If I won't be in the way.
No, I want you to.
How about a cup of coffee with a veteran in these things, huh? I'd I'd like that, Henry.
You took a cheap shot at me this morning.
If you have a specific problem, officer bates, perhaps we can discuss it.
You're damn right I have a specific problem.
You manipulated me, made me look like I was lying.
I wasn't, and you knew it.
Don't blame me because you didn't do your job, officer.
Oh, great.
That's perfect.
That's your job? To make the truth look like lies? You care about winning, and you don't care who you drag through the mud to do it.
Officer bates, I want you in my office right now.
Captain Now! I talked to assistant district attorney Rogers this afternoon for 20 minutes.
In his expert opinion, your testimony was shaky, unprofessional and poorly prepared.
I understand it being your first trial, but all the more reason why you should've been extra careful.
She didn't have to make me look like a jerk.
She didn't make you look like anything.
Again, according to a.
Rogers, her cross-examination was competent no more, no less.
Captain Go ahead.
I'm listening.
Do you think you're being completely fair? If you want to discuss fairness, bates, let's start with your implication that my objectivity is compromised By my personal life.
That is simply unfounded on any level, and you know it.
The bottom line is that she did her job and you didn't.
I think you know that as well as I do.
That's all.
Hi, bill.
Boy, don't I wish.
Listen, just one thought.
You know that haunted house that kids play in over at 441 Ramsey? Could you send a car to check it out? Sure thing.
I appreciate it.
No problem.
Why didn't you tell me this morning? I was too busy trying not to go crazy.
All I've been able to think about are all those phone calls I've made over the years.
and Mrs.
so-and-so, I have some bad news.
I used to imagine the horror of being on the other end.
Frank, I'm sure he's fine.
I'm just sure of it.
Is there anything else I can do? I just have a few loose ends to tie up here.
Then I'm gonna take fay home and climb a new set of walls.
You get things straightened out with Lucy? She was hurt.
And she was a lot closer to being right than she got credit for.
I could have made my point without tearing her to shreds.
Well, she'll be stronger herself the next time.
That's what I'm afraid of.
Frank, there's a situation out here I think you oughta look into.
Don't go away.
I won't.
What's the problem? We've got a perpetrator cited for inflicting unnecessary anxiety.
I think he wants to discuss a plea bargain.

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