Hill Street Blues (1981) s03e06 Episode Script

Stan the Man

County marshals are evicting at 717 woodruff Avenue starting at 9:00 A.
This is a 30-family edifice designated for immediate and comprehensive urban renewal.
, the wrecking ball.
Area patrols, let's be sure and check on passer-bys for traffic congestion.
Let's be aware that tenants are at the risk of theft In the course of the moving process.
And let's have hill and renko, coffey and bates keep a presence outside the building.
- Let's.
- Will you stop fidgeting, Bobby? Item 9.
The cadets of group c At the police academy have asked me to announce The crowning of a of a new champion In the annual eat till you barf contest.
Said individual consumed 14 pork chops, seven helpings of potato salad, seven buttered rolls And a half-quart jar of Swedish dill pickles Before succumbing to the natural intestinal rejection.
Now, this surpassed the, long-standing record Formerly held by, cadet Lucille bates.
Lucy, records are made to be broken.
Item 10.
Congratulations and best wishes for the future To our own officer Tommy geraci Who'll be tying the matrimonial knot at noon, Saturday! In connection with the festivities tonight at the club como, two announcements.
Andy Sloan, who will be officiating the party Until the crap game begins, cordially invites everyone on the day shift, with the obvious exceptions, who are asked, with Sincere apologies, to understand the necessity of male-only activity on such occasions.
That's right.
That's right.
Also, a reminder from captain furillo that despite the physical removal of the badge, with the advent of after-hour civilian pursuits, it is still worn in spirit, and that means keeping the party indoors and superficially civilized.
All right, that's it.
Let's roll.
And let's be careful out there? Man, what kind of game you trying to run now? Damn, I hate eviction duty.
Try not to view the experience with a jaundiced eye, Robert.
It may go smooth, it may go routine.
I'm gonna take my morning sit-down, then you and I will Sally forth to greet this beautiful day as a friend.
Well, there goes someone having regular sex? Yeah.
Check this out.
Guy came after me with a hammer.
Look, I'm collecting for Tommy's stag.
We're askin' 20 bucks for the booze, the room and the entertainment.
That gonna cover the penicillin? Twenty bucks? We're also askin' 10 bucks per man for Tommy's present.
What are you gettin' him? Ten bucks per man.
- That's thoughtful.
- I am naked! I am buck naked! I'm naked! I'm naked, I'm naked, I'm naked! Got a name? Hey, ya got a name? I am naked! I'm looking for Jesse brochart.
Resisting and assault.
Hiya, miss Davenport.
He's in holding.
Thank you.
I'm naked, I'm naked! I'm stark naked! Buck naked.
Buck naked.
I don't wanna go to jail.
Buck naked.
Back off! Back off or I'll break her neck! Back off! Nobody's taking me to jail.
We're gonna hold court right here.
Back off! Back off! Back off! - Let me go! - It's all right, Joyce.
You're gonna be all right.
Leo, call an ambulance.
We have a 9-11.
Armed robbery in progress.
See surplus store, corner people's drive, 124th street.
D d.
D name? Raoul.
And-and Seymour did it to me.
It could've been the reds.
It could've been the ludes.
Could Belker.
Hi, ma.
Ma? Ma d.
Ma, calm down! I can't help if I can't understand.
What do you mean you don't have the strength? I wish the marines He was hit by a car? God.
Is he all right? You're sure it's just a broken finger? Never mind.
Did he see Dr.
lehman? Good.
What was he doing? Ma, how's somebody his age gonna chase cars? I'll come over tonight.
We'll get this all straightened out, all right? All right.
That's my girl.
I'll see you tonight.
Give my love to pop.
D Dr.
lehman, please.
This is Michael belker calling.
Hey, ask him if he's got any nembutal, man.
Button it! Would he be in later on? Do you think he could make me one of his calls? I'm at the hill street station.
No, it isn't.
It's for a member of my family.
No, that would be great.
Whenever he can.
Thank you very much.
Doctor coming? Hey, babe, what's the deal? He'll be right with you, okay? Thank you, sweet thing.
Get the call on service, Maureen, and tell the guy we're waitin' on the parts.
Good typist? Couldn't come in under your own steam, j.
? You gotta call in your pulling guard? What do you mean? Come on.
I just got off the phone with her.
Here, take the compact.
Hey, hey, whoa.
Wait a second.
You telling me I can't call my own sister to say hello? There are the keys.
Take the compact and get the hell off the lot.
That's a nice car, if you're a midget.
Come on, babe.
Let's go.
Wait a minute.
This is how you treat your own brother-in-law? You give him the bum's rush? Hey, look, man.
I was kinda thinkin' about that big baby over there.
That's the car I drive.
You hear that, Neal? Look, rob, you don't want to sell me a car, so be it.
What do you mean, sell? Money in the bank.
Why? What happened? I was rear-ended by an exec from Timmons textile.
Double vision, whiplash.
Lawyer says we're lookin' at some serious numbers.
The guy good coverage? Company car.
A couple of weeks, I'll probably be rollin' in it.
Leastways, according to my lawyer.
I don't know.
What do you think, Neal? Maybe I should buy a compact.
They're cost-efficient you'll get a few extra miles on 'em.
But, that baby out there, it, runs like a dream.
Hey, don't Hey, are you all right? Yeah.
That TV.
What a shame.
You're a pool ball, and I'm a pool cue, and I just do like this.
Hey, he hit me! The lousy jerk hit me! How come he hit you? That guy upstairs, he's crazy.
Come on.
I want him arrested, now.
All right, all right.
Kramer, wait.
Wait a minute, Mrs.
You owe me $84.
Just let them board the bus.
So all of a sudden it means I got money? Because I'm being evicted? I'll try and pay you look The five dollars a week like I always done.
Just 'cause I'm moving doesn't mean I became a crook.
Let her get on the bus.
Don't treat me like a criminal.
I gave groceries for 20 years on credit.
Okay, I'm sorry.
You're sorry? My business what's gonna happen I can't tell you my god! It's ruined.
What did they do? I'm sorry, ma'am.
He kinda dropped it before he got away.
First my house, and now my TV.
It's the only company I got.
If you'd just the hell with that, pal! You're under arrest! Everybody calm down till we get this worked out.
There's nothing to work out! These are the last people on the floor, and I gotta padlock this door! You're not doing anything until my grandmother gets good and ready to leave.
Y'all wanna be quiet, or y'all wanna go downtown? Make a choice.
Worchak, I understand your problem.
But forget the arrest, okay? We got enough trouble as it is without pushin' for a riot.
grundy, we've got our orders to follow, so if you could get your things and move 'em downstairs I am not going anywhere without her.
That's that.
grundy, it seems as though we have a I don't believe a policeman's uniform's Ever been in this house before.
I can believe that, ma'am.
Don't you wanna come and go as a family? I couldn't stand the commotion.
I couldn't stand gettin' used to it.
My legs are gone.
They're just like rubber.
And I can hardly see.
No, I believe I'll stay right here.
Why don't you take some of your things downstairs, and just have one of the young kids come back and stay with her? Come back later.
Officer Just do some of the other floors and come back later.
Seems like you still got some raisin' to do.
No, I raised Jerome's parents, and I raised Jerome.
I believe I've done my portion.
Step out for a second.
grundy, I'm terribly sorry about all of this, but I'm afraid you don't have any choice.
If you don't go now on your own, then they're just gonna come back and take you.
That wouldn't be fitting.
The lord has his ways, baby.
The lord has his ways.
Yes, he does.
Yes, he does.
Yes, he does.
D Michael, there's no point in sugaring the pill.
Your father had a senile episode this morning.
But he's been doing better, hasn't he? This was the first flare-up in around a month.
You've asked me for my opinion.
Let me give it to you.
Your father's arteries have hardened.
He's not getting enough blood to his brain.
What? And his condition is not reversible.
Overall, he's gonna get worse.
What do you have, a crystal ball? Michael, how long have I treated your family? Your father's had this condition for 15 years.
We medicated him.
We had him on as much of a diet as he would accept.
Why hasn't anyone told me? Because there was nothing to say.
He was leading a normal life.
There is one thing we have to say now though, Michael.
Your mother cannot give your father the care that he's going to need.
What about a nurse? Home nurses are $95 a shift.
Would a nurse help? I know you love your parents, Michael, but bankrupting yourself is not going Thank you very much for your time, Dr.
Yeah, Mick.
How's miss Davenport? They think she may have a broken cheekbone.
I'm sorry.
I'm grateful it wasn't worse.
I heard you cleaned that guy's clock for him.
I need a couple of hours personal time, captain.
Of course.
Is everything all right, Mick? I gotta go to the bank.
I gotta get a loan.
I gotta get a nurse for my father.
How old is he? Eighty-two.
He needs help, and I can't I'm their only son, and i can't afford to help them.
Mick Howard.
Nurse wulfawitz.
How do you feel? Pretty chipper overall.
It seems a few of my self-absorbing stitches don't want to self-absorb.
I see.
You left these in your hospital room.
My marine dog tags.
I've been waiting to return them.
Waiting for you to call.
Well, I meant them for a present A token of a soldier's esteem.
Why haven't you called me, Howard? Well, what's this libel you're circulating about my stitches? How are you, doctor? Just fine.
Give me some light, nurse.
Are are you gonna take 'em out now? Aren't you gonna use some anesthetic or I would like to get a picture of this for their representative.
One hundred percent self-absorption, my foot.
D there you go, lieutenant.
You can still dance in the roxy chorus line.
That won't scar much at all.
Thanks ever so much.
Howard! Don't you put your pants on.
We were discussing phone calls.
Well, I thought I guess it was just plain fear.
I I tried to dial the number so many times.
And I willed that phone to ring.
Well - Do you want us to see each other? I do.
I am such a fumble-tongue! You know, I'm very articulate in command.
Give me an order, lieutenant.
Kiss me, nurse wulfawitz.
I want you to meet my parents.
Coming through.
Just keep away.
I mean it, Sonny! Please, Mr.
Don't, Mr.
I just want you to be able to hear me.
Come your boss, I'll be able to hear perfectly.
I promise you, my boss said I could speak for him.
So, I'm listening.
We're in close touch with the housing authority.
They're trying to address the situation right now.
Housing authority, phooey.
For five months, all I get from them They're gonna move us to the hotel crane.
You know the hotel crane? I took a bus last week.
I saw it.
The people who break in and beat up live there.
What's the point I move? I should wait for the night they beat me up? I'd rather jump.
It's only temporary, Mr.
Don't talk to me temporary.
I want to see a picture of building i can live in like a mensch.
Hurry up and jump! I want to see a lease.
That's all I got to say.
- We get you a bowl of soup? - Get me a safe place to live.
Jump! Hey! The boys! The man? Please, watch your language.
Come on.
All right, all right.
You want some wine? Grab a glass.
All right, all right.
I'm into wine now.
What kind of wine is this? - What is this? - This? A little insurance grift.
That's beautiful.
And what's good with you, boychick? - You are, sid, baby.
- You are.
You boys ready to gain some weight? Hey, always.
Okay, I think I can put you in touch with that chef tonight.
You hear that? Way to go, Sidney.
Now, I've reserved five pounds hey, whoa, whoa, whoa.
We can't get that fat.
That's right.
- You were talking about a deuce, right? - That's our Max, baby.
Okay, that's so.
I think I can piece the rest out.
I just wanted to give you boys the shot? What a guy? We appreciate that.
No, that's okay.
I think we're gonna be doin' a lot of business together.
I mean, this one particular guy, he's a one-shot, but, I mean, I'm very well connected with their nationality.
Sid, how ya doin'? Hey, look who's here.
You're early? How you makin' it? Fine.
I'm just talkin' with a couple friends.
Give me a couple minutes, okay? Okay.
Why don't your friends meet your friends? What? Hey, maybe they don't want to meet you.
We already know each other.
Is that right? You know this character? - Yeah.
- We're in the same racket.
Hey, it's a big world.
A lot of noses.
What's he callin' himself? Hey, I don't care if he calls himself Shirley temple.
No, no, no, no.
I just you know what I'm gonna do? I'll call 'em garbage and cans.
Hey, Ace, let's you and me go into the John.
That's right.
That's where you got your start, isn't it? - Come on.
- Come on, guys.
We're all adults.
Let's not.
You don't change, do you? You're still a hundred percent tube steak.
He's my action.
The hell he is.
We've been working him three weeks.
I don't care if you're workin' him three years.
He's narcotics.
He's mine.
You beat it! Where do you get the stones tellin' him we know each other? You're such a deep thinker, larue.
What, did I blow your cover 'cause one dealer knows another? People say you screwed your career behind booze, but I think you're stupid.
Come on.
You swing on me.
Because I'll rip your arm off and put it down your throat.
You're high, ain't you, maizel? Yeah, you're using.
How'd you hurt your neck? Bangin' your head Against the wall in your nowhere job in your nowhere precinct? Let him go, man! Hey, 86.
Nobody needs this.
Teddy, Steve.
I'll start makin' my appointments in separate restaurants.
Where have you been all your life, detective? Excuse me? You haven't generated a credit record.
You seem to have been an underground man.
I got my car there, my utilities.
No credit cards.
I always paid cash.
I know it's a paradox, but your not having borrowed before Makes you a poor candidate for a loan.
The other problem, of course, is salary.
For a $10,000 loan, unsecured, we'd like to see you bring in About half again your present income.
So would I.
I'm afraid the credit history alone gets you a no.
Well, it doesn't make me happy to say that, detective.
You have an excellent reason for the loan, and my guess is you're a decent risk.
If you can find a cosignator, come back and see me.
Would you give me some idea where else I might apply? Loan companies are your obvious bet, but they like you to have some property.
- I got a car.
- It's 12 years old.
You really haven't My god! What is it, a stickup? Try to stay calm, and don't move.
- Is it called in? - It's automatic.
I have a heart condition.
Everything's gonna be fine.
I want you to tell me when they leave the teller.
- All right.
- There's gonna be cars outside in about 30 more seconds.
- My god! - Who's your favorite baseball team? - The Saint Louis cardinals.
- Who is your favorite player? Stan the man.
There they go.
Get down.
Everybody down! Just stay down! Police officer! Freeze! You know the drill, detective.
Stick close to your desk.
Looks to me like about 24 hours.
I want to thank you, detective.
I'd like to know a little more about this loan.
So you can tell me I'm a jerk, I'm an underground man? I want to know if you're being realistic.
Is it just the start of what you'll be spending for your father's care, or I want to get him a nurse.
The application says what it's for.
It's for a hundred days.
Is he terminal? Is he not expected he's my father! Look, I'm gonna cosign this note for you.
Why? 'Cause I pulled a gun And killed somebody to save your lousy bank a couple grand? You're an honorable man, officer belker.
We put that under additional information in the file.
When can I get the check? Stop by in the morning? Thank you.
Frank, you got any juice at housing authority? Not so you'd notice.
My jumper wants you to bring him a picture of someplace He knows is safe and a signed lease for an apartment there.
- He doesn't trust anybody at housing.
- Where do they wanna place him? The hotel crane.
I mean, my guy's the only guy on a ledge.
But 18 out of 30 apartments, they were people with social security.
Put 'em in a zoo like the crane, they might as well go off a roof.
You trying to get this guy down, or are you acting as his real estate broker? I'm trying to give you a sense of his frame of mind.
He doesn't feel he has anything to lose.
He's gonna jump.
All right.
I'll get back to you.
Ray, would you get me the housing authority, please? I'm telling you at the start, Jerry, I will not have my men or their cover jeopardized by territorial jealousies.
That's not how I heard the story, frank.
Maizel says he's made the best of a bad situation.
Everyone had seen everyone else.
It was obvious they all knew each other.
The most dangerous thing would've been for him to play dumb.
He's lying, captain.
He had plenty of room to walk.
We're just gonna go around and around with this.
Can we just tell them to get lost? Still Mr.
personality, aren't you, maizel? Still on the hill, aren't you? That's enough.
Seems to be for him.
Shut your mouth, maizel! Let's make some decisions here.
You guys aren't lookin' to get married.
All you have to do is work together.
I think in terms of budget for the buy and everything else, it would make sense if we went joint venture.
- Is that liveable? - How does the bust go? - Whoever makes it.
- No dice, maizel.
The bust is coordinated and made in concert, understood? Turn around.
Is that understood? You know, you're a hell of an impressive guy, furillo.
Do you do that for the mirror at night? Get outta here.
I'm sorry, frank.
That's not nearly good enough, Jerry.
What's going on? Hey, come on! You had him.
You know, he's always been a bad egg.
He's also my best cop.
He's also out of control.
Look, he's under a lot of pressure.
He's on top of some very heavy stuff right now.
I mean, that guy this afternoon? Maizel says he's part of a whole thing at the airport.
And your guys fall into him, because larue's got the same bookmaker.
You're not addressing the problem.
And you're not realizing What it's like to go 18 months under! You live with crazies, frank! You get a little crazy! Not like this.
Ten days Two weeks, I'll be able to bring 'em in.
I mean, this here, this'll work out fine for everybody.
You'll see.
Your guys'll be able to sit on him.
Bring him in, Jerry.
Two weeks, tops.
Neal, j.
Two minutes.
furillo? Attorney wachtel.
Alan, please.
Well, how are you? I'm delighted to see you again.
I'm fine, thank you.
Just waiting to see my husband.
Have you reconciled? No.
I guess I just call him that out of habit.
Has there actually, been a divorce? Afraid so.
Four years ago.
- and, if you don't mind too intrusive an inquiry, what's your alimony, fay? My alimony? Yeah.
I mean, are you satisfied with the settlement? They're never engraved in brass, you know.
Listen to me.
Business, business, business.
What I really wanted to know is whether i could take you out to dinner some night? I don't know.
Well, think about it? But think about both things.
Hey, al.
How's it going? Frank, I have the housing commissioner.
How long will this just a few minutes, really.
I have the most important thing to tell you.
Wait in my office.
What do you know? We just got an offer from Timmons's insurers.
Yeah? Let me hear some numbers.
Six thousand.
You feel light-headed? Do we take it? Are you kidding? Six thousand within 24 hours of the incident Means they think they could be lookin' at a $50,000 settlement.
A hundred if it goes to trial.
For a stiff neck? Shh.
Keep your voice down.
You don't know who's stringin' in a place like this.
Let me tell you something, John.
When you had the presence of mind to faint after that accident, you opened up the whole spectrum of neurological possibility.
I mean, they don't know whether they're looking at a spinal damage, cranial trauma.
I could drop a dime this minute.
I can get you a check for $15,000.
You're gonna have to babysit me, al.
When a guy's been tap city as long as I have I understand.
I understand completely.
Now, you just keep visiting that neurologist.
You leave the talking to Timmons's people with me? John? You see this guy here? Yeah.
Got hit by a cab.
Well, you know, technically, I, can't But, will you let him know that I'm an attorney? But if those units are vacant, commissioner I understand they're in the federal purview.
Henry on two.
Commissioner, you mean to tell me That with a man about to take his own life, you're not prepared to The housing he was offered wasn't safe.
That's right.
We'd be giving into blackmail.
You're a man of great imagination, commissioner.
It's been a pleasure talking with you.
- Yeah, Henry.
- You'd better get down here, frank.
Henry, i-i have nothing to give the man.
I'm batting zero.
I've gotta be able to tell him you're coming.
- All right.
- I'm afraid we're gonna lose this guy, frank.
Just tell him I'm on my way.
Fay, we have a guy up on a tenement roof, and I have to be down there.
I've got some very exciting news, frank.
What? You remember that interview i had with John gennaro? Yeah.
The one that you arranged for me? I remember.
It sold.
That's great.
Guess for how much? Fay, i-i can't imagine.
Come on.
Fay five hundred dollars.
Add a zero, mister.
Really? Five big ones, frank.
Can you believe it? I mean, I must've spent it 10 different ways on the way over here.
What do you think, springtime in Paris? Maybe a new car? A new car? Well, I'm just fantasizing.
But, I mean, it's so wonderful! I wouldn't go out buying a new car.
What? Never mind.
We'll talk about it tomorrow.
Talk about what? Forget it.
Just congratulations.
Forget what? The 1,900 I loaned you last year when you front-ended your current car.
What about it? Well, I just thought before you go out on a buying spree I don't believe you're bringing that up now at this time.
I was skipping it.
You insisted.
Who knew you were gonna slap a lien on me? I'm not slapping a lien on you.
This is my day of triumph! I'm getting national publication! Forget it.
I'm sorry I said it.
I really couldn't be happier for you.
I can understand why.
Fay I can pay my own way, mister! I got money in the bank! Stand back.
Stand back.
Jump! Jump! To the right, captain.
You want anything in the meantime, you just say so.
- There he is.
- You're Henry's boss? Yes, I am.
Why don't you listen to him and come on down? This is his news he's bringing? No, it isn't, Mr.
It isn't.
We may have something in the works for you, Mr.
Hey! Hey, you with that car! Get that car outta here! Let's go.
Move the car.
Councilman Well, officer hill, I see you've got everything under control.
How's our jumper? He hasn't jumped.
Now I'll show you what a good councilman can do.
Excuse me.
Why don't you let me help you down, Mr.
seligman, so we can talk? I can talk fine from here, thanks.
I don't come down without what I said.
Excuse me, please.
I think I can help on that.
I'm your councilman, Mr.
What did he say? This is councilman detweiler, Mr.
I think we have an arrangement for you, old-timer, if we can all get off this roof.
Now, the the radio people said that you That, you wanted to see a photograph.
This is - 144 dekker, the heights.
Some citizens, they couldn't keep up with the taxes.
seligman, it's about as safe a neighborhood as you're gonna find in this city.
I oughta know.
We're gonna be the next thing to neighbors.
- What about the lease? - A solid year.
- What about the others? - It's a 14-unit dwelling, my friend.
I accept.
Not bad for a drunk, furillo? What I'd like to think we proved today is not That Arnold detweiler takes care of his constituents.
I I hope by now that isn't something that needs proving.
I think we've proved that institutions can and do work If the people in authority help bring them alive, if only they help make them responsive to the needs of the people.
Councilman, what about no, no, no.
I'm sorry, Gary.
I've gotta get home to dinner.
My missus is gonna kill me.
Excuse me.
Well, officer hill, keep up the good work.
You'd better get up to 403.
Apparently the place was secured.
It's it's like she just decided to die.
How you feel, Tommy? Not as good as I'm gonna.
You guys are comin', aren't you? Wouldn't miss it for the world.
- We'll see you there.
- I swear, Robert.
I hate to lose a night from my rotation.
Just think of those two poor women Cheryl and Teresa Both deprived of my charms.
You know, renko, sometimes you're funny, and sometimes you're just a fool.
Now, Bobby hill, you're off your feed tonight, and I would like to know the reason why.
I closed that old lady's eyes today, renko.
And I'm also having a lot of pain in my butt.
Are we talkin', hemmies? No, it's on the outside.
I think I'm growing a boil.
Well, then, let's go get it lanced.
No, it's not ready yet.
You know, I had one of these things six years ago.
There was one day I was afraid I wasn't gonna die.
Feelin' lucky? D hey! Man, where you been? Hey! I got you something important.
You gonna love this.
You gonna love this! Tommy Tommy, I'd like for you to meet What'd you say your name was again? Arlene.
Arlene and ginger.
Go on.
So, how are you doing? Things are gonna be fine.
So, you're the man of the hour? I'm more like around 90 seconds.
Honey, don't you worry about that.
That's right.
Don't you worry about that, 'cause he ain't.
Ginger, you gotta promise me one thing.
What's that? You won't fall in love with me, because I'll just break your heart.
I'll be next.
Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey! I got I got $30 right there.
Hey, I got $30 right here.
I bet I do, bet I don't.
All right.
Seven comin' up.
All right! I'll tell you.
I'm with you boys in spirit.
That's for sure.
Give me some of that spread.
There we go.
Bettin' 40.
D I bet I do, bet I don't d d don't drink liquor don't snort a toot d d come on, baby shoot, shoot, shoot d bettin' 40.
Bettin' 40.
Put your money up.
You gonna play? You just can't sit there.
If you're gonna sit there, get on and sit somewhere else.
Hey, man, you ain't said you're faded, brother.
- A yard says the man can't.
- Bet I will, bet I won't.
I got you! Yeah! Some of that belongs to me.
New shooter.
New shooter.
I ain't do too bad.
Give me the dice.
Give me your dice.
Who's got the dice? Right in the front.
All right.
New shooter comin' up.
Got 200.
Yes! I got two Franklins here says I can.
Hey, easy, my man, easy.
No sweat.
That must be a strange feeling.
You want the Mr.
nowhere contest, right, maizel? - It's down the hall.
- What are you, larue, a few bucks ahead here? I'm gonna have to sit down till you blow all of that.
When's the last time you left a game with money in your pocket? - When there was a raid? - I can walk whenever I want.
And I bet you don't need a drink either, do you, larue? Because, I mean, you do that for pleasure.
- What's the matter with you? - Ladies and gentlemen, it's the soul shaker.
I'm sorry.
I lost you in the lights, boy.
Must've been a real good shipment, sucker.
Got you wired nice and tight.
No, no, no, no.
Back off, Neal.
Hey, maizel, why don't you teach me some kung fu? Come on, guys! Maizel! - Let me go! Let me go! - Run from that! Let me go! Let me go! Let me go! Get outta here! You all right? Yeah, I'm all right.
Get out.
Break it up.
It's over.
It's over.
Now, let's go back.
Hopped-up, junko narc.
He can't even find the door.
I'd like to It's over with, man.
Let's just party, all right? Everybody party.
Come on.
It's over.
, this fool's takin' a damn crowbar to your car, man.
Don't everybody go out there! Maizel! Maizel! Come on.
This way.
Maizel! No, man! Don't! Don't! Maizel! Stop him! Do something! Maizel! Look, you better stop it, man! Maizel, I gonna kill you, man! It's my brother-in-law's car.
All right.
All right.
Maizel, look at this! Watch me! Watch me! Maizel! Stop it! All right! What do you think? - Come on! Let's do it! - Wait, wait, wait! - Come on! Let's go! - I'm ready! Stop it! Be cool, baby! Stop it.
Stop it.
Pull it! Let him go! Pull it! Relax.
You need help, man.
You're sick.
Hush up! Hush up, man.
Come on.
Look at ya, ya junkie! Be cool, maizel.
Put it down, Stanley.
Put it down, Stanley.
I can buy two more of those tomorrow, you know.
Let it go.
You're sick, daddy! Sick! Let it go, man! You go near sid, and I'll kill ya! I'll kill ya.
All right.
Come on.
Let's go.
Come on.
How you feeling? All right.
I ache.
This, isn't broken, frank.
That's wonderful.
I'm so grateful to you.
Don't be silly.
When he had me, all I could think You'd come to take care of me.
I was so proud.
I love you.
Took his weapon, then shot him.
Maybe the same piece.
You heard about the fight between him and larue? Yeah, I got it on the way.
I want j.
In for questioning.
Two weeks, frank, I was gonna bring him in.

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