Hill Street Blues (1981) s03e07 Episode Script

Little Boil Blue

A personal aside, en passant, people Or gentlemen, I should say.
If a mere one 10th of the rumors I've heard are true, last night's bachelor festivities At the club como charted new frontiers For bizarre off-duty behavior.
Intoxication-wise, interpersonal relation-wise and otherwise.
In particular, those portions of the evening's program, which included, among other things, green felt, femmes de pauvres, tire irons.
And which, unfortunately, carried over to a nearby public thoroughfare.
At minimum, guys, next time Let's take it off the hill, shall we? Additionally, people, with regards to events of last night, it appears that we've got a make On a '75 grand prix, four-door, black on maroon, license: Baker, Donald, uncle, 737.
This vehicle was observed.
At time and place of occurrence.
The observer, a civic-minded street Princess known as chantelle.
In so far as said vehicle is registered not to j.
Larue, but rather to one James feeny, also known as Jimmy feeny, also known as jimbo, also known as Jimmy the nose Flaherty.
Also known as procaine James.
May I remind you that although, detective Stanley mizell may never have won a popularity contest in this department, and although I personally, when he was assigned up here in '78, felt obliged on one occasion to, somewhat modify his orthodonture You too? Nevertheless, he was a police officer, and he was slain in the line of duty.
In which further regard, the family has established a memorial fund.
Contributions are invited.
Hey, next time chantelle takes a bust, let's remember we owe her one? All right! Yeah.
Item 14.
A new undercover operation will commence today in.
With detective belker undercover to investigate The recent rash of auto-related personal injury scams Being perpetrated in the vicinity.
The m.
Of said scams involving, among other things, the recruitment of various waverly vagrants by an unknown consortium For pratfalls against the fenders of unsuspecting and passing motorists, resulting in false injuries, fraudulent medical examinations, doctored x-rays, consequent liability suits And, often, substantial out-of-court settlements.
Supporting roles in this investigation are to be provided by Sergeant Henry goldblume and officers hill and renko.
The latter hopefully cognizant of the, fact That in acting particularly, less is oftentimes more.
All right, that's it.
Let's roll.
And let's be careful out there.
Can you believe this Stan mizell memorial fund? Yeah.
The guy was my partner five months.
He never paid for one haircut, one meal, one suit of clothes the whole time he was here.
The first week I'm in south ferry, I'm in the ladies room washin' up.
Mizell pops out of a stall and cops a feel.
And he got what he deserved death.
Captain captain.
Look, about last night, the party and then afterwards outside I heard about it, j.
I may not like what happened, but I don't blame you specifically on any level.
Work on feeny this morning, anything you can get.
Thanks, captain.
Next time I send you out for pipe tobacco, Ballantine, could you try to avoid the Bulgarian brands? The clerk said Boris, prince of krum, was excellent, sir.
Frank, I've been hearing a rumor of prostitutes on premises at the club como last night.
There was also a cop murder last night.
Which would you have me attend to first, Howard? Just issue a goldarn memo, frank.
When the need arises, men, move ten dollars from one pocket to the other, and What? Judas priest, man, how do you spell relief? Frank.
Frank, chief Daniels wants to see you and Jerry fuchs on the mizell homicide.
Division? He's coming here.
Anybody belong to this apple juice? Henry? Yuck! Ooh! Wretched.
It must have fermented.
Ew! Morning, Howard.
All right, who's the joker? Where is it? I gotta be at the urologist's in half an hour.
We have a 9-11.
Armed robbery in progress.
See surplus store, corner people's drive, 124th street.
Frank, I'm instructing you to keep Jerry apprised at every phase of this investigation.
Mizell was special narcotics, so that's only fair.
At the same time, Jerry, I want you to cooperate fully with frank.
I'll need his files, all his 347s.
Anything he needs, understood? Understood.
That'll do it, gentlemen.
Frank, on a different matter.
You don't have to bother with this, Jerry.
Forget every word I just said.
- Fuchs gets nothing on this case.
- What? I don't want him involved, frank.
A homicide took place on the hill, and it is your job to take care of it.
We just spent 20 minutes talking about full and open communication.
Don't you think that's gonna be a little awkward? Captain fuchs's hindquarters are flapping in the breeze on this one, frank.
Under the circumstances, it would hardly be appropriate To let him anywhere near this investigation.
What are you talking about? This, for openers your eyes only, frank.
A copy of mizell's autopsy report.
Barbiturates, percodan, cocaine And every other damn thing in his body.
The man had a raging case of gonorrhea.
We're gonna be burying some very dirty blue underwear tomorrow, frank.
I've worked with fuchs for 12 years.
He's a decent cop and a friend.
I'd rather not work behind his back now.
There's a key in there too.
Safe deposit.
Run it down.
Not everyone's as happy in their occupational niche as you are, frank.
Meaning? Meaning, I've been watching Jerry fuchs operate for a year and a half now.
Regular little empire he's building over there in special narcotics.
I like a man who's ambitious, frank, as long as he's a team player.
But fuchs has been carrying on like he's not answerable to anyone.
Maybe it's time for us to bring him down a peg or two.
Tell the truth.
Is he after me? He's after me, isn't he? I mean, if he said I was ambitious, he's gotta be after me, right? Is there something you should be telling me right now that I don't know about, jer? I swear on my mother, frank, i was gonna bring mizell in.
Didn't I tell you that last night? In the alley, didn't I? I said two weeks.
I need all that stuff, jer.
When can you get it to me? I gotta think this one out, frank.
If he's after me, I gotta play it the same way.
I gotta protect myself.
From what? Frank, we've been friends a long time.
I gotta wrestle with the angel on a couple of things.
Not good enough, Jerry.
6:00 then.
Hey, 6:00.
It's gonna take me half that long just to get everything together.
You're asking me as a friend.
As a friend, sure, okay.
But you better stay straight with me.
If you're sitting on something, I'm gonna find out about it anyway, so you may as well tell me now.
6:00, frank.
I got some choices I gotta make.
What do you want? We have a complaint about noise, sir.
Could you open the door? I got a noise complaint since 1969.
You the man I see about that? You make him go to work.
Make him go.
The counselors get him jobs.
He don't go.
He's got screamin' in his ears.
Okay, but then She won't even go to her own work.
She got a good job.
Yet she'll mind my business.
Like $1.
75 an hour gonna help.
Like a grown man gonna pack boxes.
That a job for a grown man? It's a training program! Some people don't understand! I did my trainin'.
I did my service.
- A lot of people did.
- You? - Yeah.
- In 'nam? Yeah.
- How many people you shoot? - That's none of your business.
What's your problem, man? Nothin'.
He was such a wonderful young man, just happy all the time, you know? He went over there.
When he came back, it's like he couldn't do anything anymore.
He couldn't sleep.
He got bad dreams.
He's gettin' violent.
He he started goin' for therapy over at the v.
, but it was like too much had happened, or I don't know.
Nine years, he still gets the flashbacks.
He goes over to the v.
Vet center.
Seems like nobody can help Vernon.
And he's so ashamed.
Ashamed I see him this way, ashamed he's no man anymore.
Look, if it means anything, when I got back, I laid on my bed for three weeks.
I just three weeks? That the gospel? Twenty-one days? Yeah, it was driving me crazy.
You know, people, buddies, everybody wantin' to ask a lot of questions.
I didn't want to talk to anybody, so I just stayed in the house.
Then I figured it didn't mean anything, Vietnam.
You just have to walk away from it.
Look, this is not something for the police.
Try to get along.
You're hurtin' my arm! I'll break your arm! Come on! I got the store owner in the back.
He's bleedin' to death.
Get him in here! You move, and you're dead! Two gunshots! One serious! Get him into O.
get Dr.
D5 lactated ringers.
Type and cross match six units of whole blood.
Go! Watch it, man.
That hurt! I ain't gonna watch nothin' man.
Don't bother about him.
He don't mind bleedin'.
The gunshot victim is hemorrhaging.
Hey, that's an intern.
tanzer and Dr.
Leonard are in surgery.
Please get him in there, please.
- Dr.
sweeney can handle it.
- Watch it, man.
This hurts! - You be quiet.
- Dr.
webner, call the operator.
webner, call You know, while you're at it, you ought to just grab somebody and get that little fella On your tushy reamed.
I can manage, renko.
What, are you savin' it or something? We're in a hospital.
- I'm busy, they're busy.
- Doc, would you take a look at my partner for a second? He has a work-related ailment sort of operating on one hemisphere.
- Renko! - Sorry, but I'm not officially on duty at the moment.
One of our city's finest, doc.
Just risked his life in a shoot-out of tremendous proportions.
- Man.
- Well, if he's a police officer.
Could you step this way, please? Dr.
webner, call the operator.
My! I've never seen one like it before.
Well, can't you just Lance it or somethin'? My.
No, it's too early.
You'll have to wait another day at least.
No, doc, no.
Please, can't you just do anything? I'd really appreciate it.
Well, um, yeah, I I suppose I could try.
- This might hurt a little.
- Just do it.
There you are, Mr.
You know, Dr.
schimmer has been looking all over for these.
I'm very busy at the moment, nurse.
Yes, I can see that.
Susan is going to take you back up to the fifth floor Where they're gonna give you some jell-o.
- You don't want to miss jell-o.
- Okay, but then I'll have to feed the ducks.
- Right.
- Hey, who is that guy? Isn't he a doctor? My.
That is rather horrid.
- Did you get it fixed? - Nah.
Maybe tomorrow.
It's not ready.
- What is that thing? - What do you think it is? I sit on it.
I lost him.
Well, he was in bad shape, doc.
- It wasn't your fault.
- I'm not so sure about that.
What? I should have stopped the carotid bleeding.
I don't know what sir, I don't think you know what it is you're sayin' here.
I could've saved him.
I may have botched it.
Now, look here, doc, you're broaching serious issues of proximate cause.
We all know it was this piece of garbage that killed him.
Come here.
Now, see, if people think it was some kind of a medical accident, and some lawyer hears about it, this guy could get off in 18 months on assault.
But if we write it up d.
, we solve all kinds of problems and tell the truth besides.
Officer, what you just suggested Comes under the heading of criminally fraudulent filing, which happens to be a felony in this state.
You're needed in treatment, sweeney.
As for you, what's your name? Renko.
Well, officer renko, your captain will be hearing from me.
And, you make a cool 40 bucks for your trouble.
Look, it's the simplest thing in the world, pal.
You stumble in front of a late-model car.
You fall down and scream like your back is broken.
They come and cart you off to a doctor friend of mine for a five-minute examination.
- I'll do it.
- Beat it.
Mind your own business.
I'm sorry.
I I don't mean to seem out of line, or nothin', mister, - but I couldn't help overhearing your proposition.
- I said, beat it.
I even got a trick shoulder.
It pushes right out of the socket.
I'm just what you're lookin' for.
You're too short.
- Big guy makes a better splash.
- Yeah? I like that.
You do auditions.
Hey, what about me? Here.
Here's a couple quarters.
Go kill yourself.
Hey! You thing! You filth! Yech! Fay? Anything wrong? My best pair of boots just got saluted by one of your wine stewards.
It's part of the terrain.
Why don't you go in the ladies' room and clean them off? I've been in your ladies' room before.
What's that? My article on John gennaro.
So soon? I'm so mad, frank, I could spit.
The inside story of gennaro's death wish.
Was it drugs or suicide? My god.
By fay furillo.
They did a hatchet job on me, frank.
I mean, everything I wrote, they turned it around.
They made John look like some sort of crazed, masochistic weirdo.
I mean, it-it's lurid And it's distorted, and I'm gonna sue.
You didn't know what they do to feature articles in this kind of publication? No, I didn't.
I mean, I wrote a very sensitive, humane article about a great actor.
They turned it into a first-rate sleaze job.
I am a journalist.
I'm not a ghoul.
Well, next time you'll be wiser.
If there is a next time.
You know, gennaro's estate could sue me.
It's happened.
And 7:30.
furillo, I was, um I i was just looking for John larue.
I accept.
You accept? You wanted drinks and dinner, you got drinks and dinner.
Is 7:30 good for you? Tonight? Read that.
We'll talk about it later.
Hello, fay.
Hi, ray.
Did you see that? I'll bet you a 20 I park in her garage tonight.
I want my lawyer.
The cuffs are on too tight! I want my lawyer! I'll be right there, Leo.
Freaks! Communists! Robots! We picked up the car in the mizell shooting.
He was in it with a police .
Name's James feeny.
He cop to anything? He's got four words.
I want my lawyer.
Car impounded, pistol going to the lab? Covered on that, captain.
Get a search warrant on his home address.
Got it.
First call Jerry fuchs.
I want him posted on this.
All right.
Al, I had the brace off in front of 20 people, and I was dukin' with the guy.
Under the most extreme form of provocatory duress.
No, no, no.
All I see here is a possible supplementary suit against mizell's estate.
No, no.
I'm thinkin', man I'm thinkin' we should settle on the whiplash and run.
John, you have never been in a stronger position.
Hey, you didn't just return a former luxury car to your brother-in-law.
The veins in his neck were throbbin' so hard, I thought he was gonna pitch an embolism.
If I'm lucky, the guy sues me.
Otherwise, he breaks my legs.
I mean, I can't blame him.
He loans me some beautiful wheels.
They come back junk.
The doctor diagnoses an overheated imagination Caused by acute financial difficulties.
You short of cash, John? Would, um, a thousand dollars help you out? Hey.
Hey, al, I I couldn't.
I mean Come on, now.
It's absolutely routine.
It's an advance against your settlement? I mean, you pay a a nominal rate of interest.
What kind of rate? A couple of points a week.
Not to worry.
A man with a gun in a bar.
101 Santa fe Avenue.
Possible hostages.
Hey, pepitone, Garcia.
Coffey, bates, see lieutenant hunter at the scene.
Let's go, luce.
What's the beef? Some guy's got eight people, and about half a dozen weapons in there.
He's mad at somebody.
You in there, this is the police.
Surrender yourself now and we'll consider this nothing more than a minor misunderstanding.
If you should insist on continuing, however, I cannot be responsible for the immediate consequences.
You want us? Hey, you want us? Then just come on in! Deploy Casey on the overpass.
I want Charles on that roof over there.
Put lytel and beckwith, over there by those side windows.
I want Peterson around the back.
Any response, Joe? He's still not picking up, lieutenant.
I understand you and bates had an encounter with this character several hours ago.
What sort of profile can you give me? The guy's a vet, sir, and he's got a lot of problems left over from the war.
Judas, man! The last planeload left that peninsula nearly a decade ago.
Let's deal with present tangibles, shall we? Howard, this is ray Saunders from the south side veteran's center.
He's Tucker's counselor.
No chance for a clean shot, sir, not without goin' in.
A shot? Isn't that a little premature, lieutenant? There are eight innocent people in there with him, Saunders.
What do you think their answer would be? Look, I've had over 400 hours of sessions with Tucker, lieutenant.
Believe me, the only person he'll hurt in there is himself.
Alessi, I want you out in back with Peterson.
Now! Let me talk to him.
He'll answer me.
Start dialing, coffey.
This is ray, Vernon.
I gotta talk to you, man.
It's ringing.
We can work this out, Vernon.
Pick up the phone, Vernon.
Let's talk about it.
Pick up the phone, man.
I gotta talk to you, Vernon.
Can you hear me, Vernon? There's a nothin' to talk about, Saunders.
Talk to me, Vernon.
Tell me what you need, man.
I need 20 cops bustin' in here with rifles, counselor.
I need someone to kill the screamin' in my head, man.
He rang off, captain.
Yes, hold on.
Got a patch in from the captain, Howard.
Stay back.
Yes, I'm aware of that, Howard.
Chesley's already apprised me.
No, I won't authorize it.
Not yet.
Have you sent for his wife? Well, we'll just have to take that risk, won't we? Get her.
I trust you had a productive session with your client, Ms.
Yes, thank you, captain.
I take it that means he's consented to plea.
Not exactly.
You're aware that we've placed feeny at the scene of the shooting.
Yeah, I am.
In addition to which, ballistics has positively I.
'D the piece Found at his residence as the one that got mizell.
Your client doesn't have a hell of a lot of leverage going in, so if you're gonna deal, I'd do it while you still can.
Strictly off the record, okay, captain? Strictly off the record? I admit my client was at the scene.
I even admit he was involved in the incident, but strictly as a matter of self defense.
But there are other dynamics involved in this.
Other dynamics? Well, we'll hash it all out later with the d.
- What the hell's going on here? - I gotta make a court date.
Ray, get me Daniels.
His office just called.
They said the d.
Would be over at 5:00 to talk about the, mizell homicide.
Call him right back.
All right.
My, aren't we looking a little testy today? What are you doing up here? Duty calls, incarnated as a 15-year-old rape artist with three priors.
Joyce, you just got out of the hospital.
I admire devotion to duty, but do you think this is smart? I think so.
I think if I don't get back up on the horse again fast, I may not get back on at all.
Don't you think 24 hours bed rest might be in order? I had nightmares about this place all last night.
Some rest.
Besides, I have an Italian bodyguard with a killer right, remember? Excuse me.
The chief is out for the rest of the afternoon, frank.
I just left word.
Thanks, ray.
What's happening? I just had a chat with feeny's lawyer, who was doing an excellent impersonation of the cheshire cat.
I have the feeling the only person further out in the cold In the mizell case than I am, is mizell.
Better go see my little monster.
First rate, frank.
I admire a man whose reach exceeds his grasp.
You'll have to excuse me, councilman detweiler.
I'm really jammed up here.
Well, I understand you're having a problem with the, mizell case.
I'm not sure I follow you.
Well, with your suspect, actually, James feeny.
Why don't you just get to the point? Well, what if I were to tell you that the d.
'S office, on direct orders from your chief of police, is going to allow Mr.
feeny to walk.
- Why would Daniels do that? - To cover the dirt.
Frank, the story on officer mizell is beginning to, spread.
Your suspect could make it front-page news.
Everybody knows that chief Daniels is gonna run for mayor next November.
A candidate who already has lew hogan And Jefferson heights around his neck Can't afford another scandal.
I have feeny cold.
Yes, and, Hitler took Moscow, didn't he? Hold it.
I'm tired of being led around by the nose While you types play footsies with one another under the table.
If I'm gonna be in charge of this investigation, i need all the cards, starting with yours.
I'm telling you what I know, furillo.
Then tell me what you're getting out of all this.
Me? I'm not getting anything.
I've just informed a police official about an attempted cover-up, a cop who will do his darndest to protect the integrity of the force.
And put a knife in Daniels's political balloon along the way.
I I get it.
You're running for mayor too.
I filed this morning.
I'm the best man, furillo.
I could do the police a lot of good, especially you.
And you can get out of here now.
Don't slide on this one, captain.
You could get a butt full of splinters.
I didn't see you.
I'm sorry.
You all right? Somebody call somebody call an ambulance! Hurry! Can you feel that? I'm pinching your arm.
Can you feel that? All right, give him some room.
Stand back.
What happened? He came out from the Did you hit him? Is that the idea? If you hit him, go stand against the car.
Back up, sir.
Back up on the sidewalk.
Let's go.
Sorry, ma'am, let's go.
Back on the sidewalk.
Now, did anyone see what happened here? Did you see what happened? I saw the whole thing, officer.
Pick up the phone, Tucker.
Your wife would very much like to speak to you.
He's not answering, lieutenant.
You're running out of time, Tucker.
The line just went dead.
Sweeney feels he can get a percentage shot off through the side window, sir.
Someone's coming out! Hold your fire! He's got a gun, and he wanted Okay, okay.
Take your time.
Here, sit down.
Sit down.
Come on.
Sit down.
Take your time.
Take your time.
You're safe.
You're safe.
Listen to me.
Listen to me.
What does he want? He said he'd release all the hostages.
On what terms? He wants his wife and some cop he called 21 days.
- I think he means me, lieutenant.
- Negative.
It's against policy to exchange police officers for hostages.
Eight for two.
That sounds like a fair deal.
Joe, a policeman's function is arbitration and action, not catering to the whims of some lunatic with a weapon.
He says he'll release all the hostages if we give him his wife and Joe.
I say it's a good risk.
Only if they agree.
He seems more anxious to make a point than to hurt anyone.
Okay, go.
The captain says it's up to Joe and Mrs.
Tucker, but under no circumstances does he get anyone else.
Joseph, in two more minutes i could secrete a weapon It's all right, lieutenant.
This is not a situation that you play according to hoyle.
Time is on your side, wilna.
Time and love.
I hope you're right.
I promise you, the longer you're in there with him, the better our chances are.
How you doin'? Pretty well.
This whole thing's gonna turn out all right.
Can I get an amen? Amen.
How long have they been out of view, alf? Do you feel they're at risk? Then have Howard's men track for position.
I don't want to right.
I'm gonna be talking to the d.
'S people For a couple of minutes, so you coordinate with Leo.
But this is authorization.
Do what you have to out there.
What can I do you for, captain? I'd like to see your degree, Dr.
Captain? Your medical degree.
I'm sorry, sir.
I don't understand.
Didn't you make a diagnosis earlier today at county? Didn't you try to talk an intern into writing up a shooting victim d.
? Well, sir, yes, I I raised the possibility with the gentleman, sir, with an off-the-cuff suggestion.
An attempt to coerce a physician into criminally fraudulent filing Is hardly an off-the-cuff suggestion, mister.
You're lucky you still have a badge.
The guy was dying in the car.
So a little street justice was in order, right? You opened this department and precinct to all kinds of trouble.
You risked your partner's reputation for one thing Sir, I'm not gonna stand there while a killer gets off! You're a lazy cop, and that's a lying cop! You get your head up or get out of this business.
Is that it? Yes.
I don't understand why I gotta wear this thing.
Your arm is hurt very terribly.
Please to fill this at fontain pharmacy.
This is two blocks that way.
- What's this for? - The pain.
- I don't feel any pain.
- The pain will begin later.
- I don't have any money.
- They will extend credit.
We need the record of medication.
What about x-rays? Not to be concerned.
What do you mean, not to be concerned? Don't I need some x-rays? You are an inquisitive little bum, aren't you? We took a special kind of X-ray while you were sitting there.
Now go to this pharmacy.
Then come to see me next week.
That's it? That's it.
Very much.
Thank you.
Right this way.
Gloria currin you know, representing Jim feeny.
This is Leon freed, drug enforcement administration, and, of course, captain fuchs.
This where the captain finds out what everybody else already knows? Very simply, Ms.
currin's client's in a position to do the d.
A lot of good.
He can make cases for us in six different cities, captain.
The guy does escrow on coke deals.
- He also killed a cop.
- Allegedly.
And while I wouldn't think this is the best place to discuss the merits of our case You'd be lucky if you make it manslaughter.
I will say that in declining to prosecute, we've considered that a policeman's life and reputation are involved.
Meaning, I put your cop on trial alongside feeny, the stories I hear, feeny comes out second.
He was your cop.
- It's federal, frank.
- What terms? We waive prosecution in the death and all adjunctive matters.
Gets him for three years.
- After which? - Witness relocation.
But we send him right back for trial, captain, the minute he doesn't cooperate.
I mean, if you could think of it in terms of priorities.
Don't read me a lesson in civics, Mr.
We had an appointment, captain fuchs.
Just for the wrap-up, frank, could i get all your paperwork on mizell? - Captain fuchs.
- When can I get the paperwork, captain? Call me tomorrow morning.
The d.
'S been romancing feeny for three months.
I understand that.
I also understand that someone with the worries you had this morning Would be delighted to see this investigation closed.
That's not gonna happen, Jerry.
What is it with you, furillo? You want to crucify me? You wanna make your career by burying mine? If you didn't keep a tight enough rein on mizell, if he was freelancing, that's just bad administrative judgment, jer.
But believe me, if you're thinking about some kind of cover-up All I'm doing is obeying orders and letting the damn thing drop.
You're the only one who's pushing the issue.
Let me explain something to you, friend.
All that happened in that room today was that the d.
Declined prosecution.
That means we don't do mizell's laundry in public.
But he was a cop, and he was killed.
For internal circulation, never mind the possibility that feeny loses his voice as a federal witness, Daniels is gonna have a report.
That means he's gonna give you the opportunity To make just the mistake you've been thinking about by holding back your files.
I don't understand this, frank.
What the hell's going on here? Come on, Jerry.
For god's sake, open your eyes.
It's called a power play.
Between detweiler and Daniels and the mayor's race, you might just end up with your head on a platter.
Yeah? Well, maybe I'll just have to play some politics of my own.
Guys like Daniels and detweiler make their careers On the backs of middle-level grunts like you and me.
I'm telling you this as a friend, Jerry.
Your only alternative is to play it straight, by the numbers.
You gotta believe me, frank.
I don't deserve a hanging party.
Look, if the files are embarrassing, take the embarrassment.
I can't believe they're any more than that.
You're just too good a cop.
But if you hold back or sanitize them, Daniels can scapegoat you anytime he wants.
You'll spend the rest of your career in his hip pocket.
You'll have 'em on your desk tomorrow morning.
What's the trouble, 21 days? My back hurts.
Lord gives us crosses? Vern, what do you say we just get out of here and go get a pizza or something? Hey, it's all right.
Listen to her.
She's got a talent for it.
She's got a callin', you know? Just keep it up.
Keep it up.
- I'm sorry.
- Then keep it up! Hey, why don't you lighten up, Vernon? Lighten up? Lighten up? Okay.
Okay, man.
Here's the plan, 21 days.
Here's the point.
Now, I'm gonna count down from five.
When I'm finished, I'm taking you out, man.
I'm gonna blow you away.
That that's my plan.
If you got a plan b, that's your problem.
Okay? Vernon.
So, now pick up the piece, Turkey.
Or if you ain't got a hair to do it now pick it up.
Forget it, Vernon.
I'm not gonna shoot you.
Forget it? Forget it? You forget it, 21 days! Hell, this is gonna take you all until tomorrow afternoon to put this one behind you.
It's gonna take a lot of positive thinkin', man! Now pick it up! I'm not doin' it, Vernon.
Come on, man.
Hey, m-maybe you don't mind gamblin' with your own life.
What about gamblin' with hers? Yeah.
Come on now.
Stop it, Vernon! Yeah, yeah! Come on, 21 days.
I'm counting, man! - Vernon, I said stop it! - Five, four, three! Come on, man! Do it! Do it! Do it! Vernon! Vernon! When I went away and I got my uniform, on the way over, I remember i was thinkin' about how When I was an old guy, I'd take my grandson up in the attic and I'd show him the uniform.
But after I got back, after those three weeks When nobody wanted I went out in the woods and I burned it.
I burned my uniform.
Long day, luce?
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