Hill Street Blues (1981) s03e08 Episode Script

Requiem for a Hairbag

Item nine.
Beadie, would you please check the request for me? Item nine.
A reminder that we are presently embarking.
Into the dark and perennially turbulent waters.
Of the holiday shopping season.
With its attendant oppressive effect, psychologically speaking, on our median population.
So, in addition to the anticipated increase.
In your, routine robberies, batteries, assaults, and generally suicidal behaviors, let's be aware that shoppers also provide.
A particularly.
Vulnerable target.
For scenarios with a more seasonal flavor.
For instance, the ersatz.
Salvation army bucket.
Or the snatching Santa.
Item ten.
Also, coincidentally, pertaining to matters of a holiday nature, the winner of our Thanksgiving Turkey raffle, courtesy of wisniewski's poultry, is Andy renko.
You can pick up your bird this afternoon.
I'd like to pick up your bird.
I heard that, missy.
Item 11.
The undercover operation in waverly alley.
Concerning fraudulent auto-related.
Personal injury claims.
Appears to be ripening.
To a fruitful conclusion.
Officer belker excuse me, detective belker, aided by detectives larue and Washington.
Will stage a bipartisan raid.
In the middle part of the afternoon.
To serve arrest and search warrants.
Uniform officers assisting.
Will be our transfers from midtown.
Kolzicki and Nichols.
Item 12.
The last item, people.
Requiem services for detective Stanley mizell.
Will be conducted this morning.
At veterans memorial park.
Your attendance is requested, but for the following, who will remain on call.
Nichols and kolzicki.
It's a real shame we're gonna miss it.
As regards dress for said occasion, though formal wear.
Is not compulsory, consider, if you will, the appropriate dignity.
And respect to be afforded.
The surviving members of the family.
Which is a lot more than Stan ever did.
An addendum to that.
Officer schnitz informs me.
That contributions to date.
To the Stan mizell memorial fund.
Total a paltry $78.
Setting aside, for the moment, any and all.
Subjective sentiments one may have held.
With regards to the decedent.
The particular issue in question here.
Is the continued care for.
And future education of.
A slain fellow officer's.
And I find the current level of donations.
Disappointing in the extremest.
All right, that's it.
Let's roll.
And let's be careful out there.
Lord, Bobby hill, if you can't Would you watch it? Motate your body any faster than that - Goodness.
- How are we supposed to deal with any situation.
That might require our presence above the mezzanine level? Renko, I've been shot, stabbed, beat up, kicked, left for dead.
And I swear, nothing Nothing is as bad as this is.
Look, just use this phone here and call the doctor.
Yeah, I gotta I gotta call my doctor.
Yo, Leo.
Where's that mizell thing at? Right around the corner, Neal.
I'd like to make an appointment with Dr.
Hey, Bobby, you all right, man? All right? This poor man.
Has an eruption on his posterior.
The size of a Texas-league Would you Ruby-red grapefruit Would you shut up? - Would you shut up? - Thing I have ever seen Shut up.
H No, not Thursday.
Right now.
Well, when will the doctor be in? Ma'am, is there any way that you could reach him? Now, you listen here, my good woman.
This particular situation falls under the category.
Of a medical emergency.
That's right.
I understand that.
- J.
, I appreciate this.
- You tell that doctor to ask - My pleasure.
- What time? - 2:15.
- The next time he wants.
To talk to a police officer! - 2:15 with j.
'S doctor.
- Good.
Think you can hold off till then? Well, what choice do I have? Come on, let's hit the streets.
Dispatch, we have a 9-11.
Armed robbery in progress.
See surplus store.
Corner people's drive.
124th street.
I'm expecting a report on mizell.
From Jerry fuchs this morning.
We'll go over it as thoroughly as possible.
And decide which points need investigation.
Is there a problem with something? We heard the d.
Gave up To the federal, captain.
You heard correctly.
Yeah, well it's kind of tough getting revved up.
After something like that.
That does not change the fact, j.
, that we have an investigation to conduct.
I won't have anything missed just because.
We weren't willing to go the full yard.
What about safe deposit box? We're picking up the warrant in an hour.
Meeting at the bank.
You let me know as soon as it's done.
Excuse me, Francis.
The Stan mizell file, courtesy of captain fuchs.
Just in time, Phil.
I, took the Liberty of perusing it on my way here.
From the front desk twice.
To say it lacks detail is something of an understatement.
- Call Jerry fuchs.
- Right away, Francis.
Yeah, file that one under fuchs covering his rear.
Wheels within wheels, j.
That's out of my league, baby.
Hey, that's pretty good.
Not great yet, but pretty good.
Hello, fay.
Well, hello, fay.
Fay, I'm just on my way out Crime, frank.
I mean, it's everywhere.
- Like a cancer.
- Fay They mug.
They murder.
They rape.
Fay, please - They even burglarize.
The homes of police captains.
- Police captains? - We've been robbed, frank.
I was taking frank Jr.
to school - Is he all right? - Yeah, he's fine.
But they've obviously been casing me.
They knew my whole schedule.
My god.
- What happened? - Well, I dropped frank Jr.
off, and then I went to my aerobics class.
And when I got home, boom.
I mean, the silverware, the television, the stereo.
They took the photo albums.
I mean, all the way back to our wedding album.
I mean, what would they want with something like that? I tell you, when I walked in that door, and saw what they'd done, I I felt so violated.
Fay, I know exactly what you mean.
When they dismembered my buick, i felt physically defiled.
Phil, would you get me detective Walsh at Midtown, please.
I'm sorry.
I hate to bother you with this No, it's no bother, but you're insured, aren't you? Detective Walsh, captain furillo calling, please.
It's not that, it's You see, they not only took things.
They also left something.
A small token of their esteem.
In the living room.
On the rug.
I mean, what kind of a demented creature.
Would do something like that? Francis, he's on.
Yeah, captain furillo.
For detective wal Yeah.
I don't know, fay.
I'm just glad you and frank weren't there to find out.
Listen You go back there, and somebody'll be there right away.
Fay, you might try.
Some pine oil and a spot of vinegar On the spot.
I used to have a cocker spaniel.
Yeah, I'm holding.
One more thing.
Remember our home movies? You know, the films of you in high school.
And, the ones of us? The front lines of the urban battleground.
Have grown increasingly ambiguous.
With the passage of time.
We find ourselves in the position of fighting.
Not only crime, but poverty, hunger, injustice, and a host of other social ills.
And it was to this pitched battle.
That officer Stan mizell dedicated his life.
A warrior to the end.
A victim of the war.
To which each and every one of you.
Has pledged yourself.
A staunch link.
In the last line of defense.
Between a free society.
And a lawless frontier.
Would any of you gentlemen care to do the honors? You can proceed, Mr.
With pleasure.
Give 'em hell, mizell.
For starters.
One incredibly hefty.
Roll of mint condition Ben Franklin special editions.
Must be at least 20,000 there.
Try 40.
Whatever you wanna say about old Stan, he had initiative.
One Saturday night special.
One pair fur-lined double-locking handcuffs.
Definitely not department ordinance.
One, two bags.
Unidentified powdery white substance.
My guess confectionary sugar it ain't.
He epitomized that which all of us.
Strive to achieve.
Dedication to service.
Strength of character.
Loyalty to his friends and colleagues.
But first and foremost, Stan mizell was a family man.
A loving father to his children.
A devoted husband to his wife, Abigail.
One pair ladies' underpants.
Ventilated for comfortable summer wearing.
Was he the life of the party or what? Our last item.
What collection would be truly complete.
Without a deluxe assortment.
Of incredibly personal photographs.
Unbelievable, man.
Hey, wait a minute, wait a minute.
I think I know this girl.
Which one? This one? Yeah.
I don't know.
It's kind of hard to tell with the mask.
Words seem inadequate.
At such a time as this.
Opportunities for heroism.
Are rare enough in such a world as this.
Let us simply remember.
The actions of a hero.
And be grateful.
Rifle team.
Rifle team, ready position hut.
D - captain.
- Detective Walsh.
Just wanna let you know, I spoke to your wife Or your ex-wife.
We're onto this burglary hard.
I appreciate it.
And as far as that, little calling card they left is concerned, I wouldn't worry about it.
No? Primitive form of disdain.
I'm sorry about missing your phone call this morning.
But I was, hung up.
If it was about the mizell file It was.
I'd like to talk to you in my office, - if you can get away.
- Sure.
- Furillo! - Councilman.
I just got a fascinating message.
About a safe deposit box.
One that belonged.
To a recently-deceased police hero.
You're not gonna believe what was in it.
- For instance? - I don't want to spoil it for you.
The point is, you backed the wrong horse, bucko.
I've got enough to pin cover-up on Daniels, with or without your help.
I am going to bury you and your chief deeper.
Than we just planted that piece of dirt back there.
So ask yourself, frank.
Was he worth it? Mrs.
- Yes? - Excuse me, I'm sorry.
I'm, captain furillo.
Hill street.
I wanted to offer my condolences.
He gave the job everything, you know? He tried so hard.
He was an impressive man.
You hear what the captain said about daddy? I hardly saw him the last few weeks.
He said it was something big.
I mean, you really needed him, didn't you? He was important to you.
He certainly was.
We have to go home now.
Thank you, captain.
You want garbage? I'll give you garbage! Here's your stinking garbage! You getting them new trash cans, all right? Okay, okay.
I'll buy 'em a couple of new cans.
Did you hear that? He's gonna get you new cans! So stop the airmail! Yeah, right.
Come on.
There you go.
Have a nice day.
He's getting you new cans! Man.
Joe, did you leave the back door open? Man.
There goes another radio.
You're kidding me.
- How's the tush? - I got.
A 2:15 appointment with the knife.
Hey, Howard.
Some funeral? Indeed.
You, you going somewhere? What're you implying, Henry? Implying? Nothing.
It is 11:25 in the morning.
Have you ever known me to goldbrick on company time? - I think not.
- I'm sorry I asked.
Believe me.
A man just pays a little extra attention to his grooming.
After burying the dead.
It is the natural response against the inevitable.
Encroachment of decay and entropy.
Lessons of war cut deep, Henry.
Rites of passage.
In death Find life.
Ooh, the p.
No, no line on an I.
We're sending a footprint over to county.
What a cute little baby.
What a cute little baby.
- Thanks.
- Give me that little footsie.
Youth authority's sending somebody over.
And now let's have this one That's it.
Good little fella.
Now stand him up here.
Here you go.
Get your little footsie here.
That's it.
Good boy.
Now this little footsie.
Ooh! Such a good, good baby.
We've got such good prints here.
Well, look at that.
It's public enemy numero uno.
At last the law has caught up with you.
Look at this little thinker here.
Hiya, buggie.
What a cutie? Hold still.
Okay, come on, baby.
Let's have a smile.
No lead on the parents, Lucy? No.
Not yet, captain.
I just can't understand why anybody.
Would wanna dump a kid like this.
Especially a quality baby like that.
Why don't you just go canvas the neighborhood? Somebody may have seen something.
Here you go, luce.
- Thanks.
- Yeah.
Boy, he sure is cute.
What're you doing here, hairbag? Mick, thank goodness.
A friendly face.
- What is it, alf? - Soliciting, Mick.
Mick, this handsome middle-aged man.
Asked me for a match.
I said, "How about you and me?" what can I say? I'm a hopeless romantic.
You get a complaint from the John? His lawyer's handling it.
- Let me talk to him.
- Take him.
Come here.
Stand straight, would you, please? And don't give me that goofy look.
I'm very disappointed in you.
Mick, I don't know what to do.
I'd like to change.
But I I can't.
Come on, now.
Don't don't do that.
It's very simple.
First thing is, you gotta find yourself a job.
It's not so hard, either.
All you gotta do is look.
Well, I had a job offer just the other day.
Waiting tables.
I told 'em I'd have to think about it.
That's terrific.
Where? The dark room.
The dark room? That's a flesh pit.
The waiters dress up like executioners.
I know.
It's so butch.
Who was with you? Bank official.
A couple of attorneys.
- I.
- What a mess.
- Yeah.
- How you doing? This is a joke, Jerry.
No dates, no names.
It's the file.
An undercover cop is required.
To write a complete report.
Of his movements, observations, and contacts.
Every day he's on the job.
That's all there is, frank.
Jerry, how could you let him? Don't use that tone of voice with me.
This isn't school, and I'm not a damn kid.
I had to give mizell a free rein.
In two weeks, he was gonna close the biggest Get off it, Jerry.
He wasn't about to close anything.
He was an outlaw, and he was running you.
God, look at this stuff.
Drugs, hypodermic.
$20,000 in cash.
That's the kind of police work he was doing.
And it was only a matter of time.
Before he made you pay for it.
What are you gonna do with it? The file? Take it to Daniels right now.
- Why? - Because it's my job.
Frank, I'm caught between two.
Fat cat city legislators.
Who wanna be mayor.
That's what I'm guilty of.
20 years, frank.
20 years we've known each other, and you're gonna hurt me for that? I wouldn't've done it to you.
I wouldn't have let myself get into.
Your situation, Jerry.
There you go.
Police officers, ma'am.
This is a search and seizure order.
We're gonna have to ask your patients here.
To vacate the premises.
, you wanna get the files in there? - Right, a to z.
- Mick, what're you doing here? - What're you doing here? - Mick, you're barking up.
The wrong tree.
Mick, this guy is clean.
His credentials are impeccable.
He has got a degree.
From the university of New Delhi chiropractic You wanna put a cork in it, renko? - Tell 'em, j.
- I hope you don't have.
- Any stock in this place, Andy.
- Nichols, you wanna.
Get some pictures over here, please? Hey, by the way, where is your partner? This is a cruel and cold thing you're doing, j.
Renko, either give us a hand or stay out of the way.
What is the meaning of this? Okay? What is the meaning of this? You're under arrest, dark-breath.
I got a warrant You can't do this! - What're you doing? - Hey, hey, hey, whoa, whoa.
- Don't do that! - Those files.
This is doctor's office.
If I were you, - I'd call a lawyer.
- I am a doctor.
In the middle of very delicate surgery.
He's a doctor - You wanna zip up your lip - I cannot be being disturbed.
- Hey! I'm talking to you! Tomfoolery! This is very bad.
Hey, hey, let's check out the back.
No, please don't go back there.
You can't go back there! You're under arrest, doctor! Don't go back there! - Bobby! - Hey, hey, Bobby my man.
How you doing there? Is everything all right? Bobby, Bobby, Bobby, I'm sorry.
I did everything humanly possible This is what I'm trying to tell you! - Do something, renko! - Be quiet.
Come here, Mick.
Now, lookit.
I can guarantee you, my partner's.
Not gonna last another ten minutes on the street, without getting the relief that this.
Alleged perpetrator was about to perform.
It's really that bad? You've not met officer Nichols, have you? You did this I'm gonna get you, j.
I'll kill you for this! All right, doc.
Get it done fast.
Thank you.
Very nice.
Is it asking too much.
Or could I possibly have a little privacy? We should not leave a suspect unguarded.
- That's by the book.
- Renko, don't just stand there.
Do something! Look, we'd better get some documentation on this.
Okay? Hey, Bobby, you might be staring at a major malpractice Hey wait, what're you doing? Don't worry, I only shot your good side.
Renko! Aah! Yeah? Are you Cindy? Yeah, what do you want? Is this your baby? I don't know nothing about a baby.
Well, the lady downstairs says she's seen you with 'em.
- She's crazy.
- What is it? - What's wrong here? - It's nothing, mama.
What's the little whore done now? I didn't do nothing.
We were looking for the mother of this abandoned child.
I'm gonna kill her.
I'm gonna kill her! You dumped the baby, you little tramp! Aah! Aah! In the street 15 years ago! You want your mother! You got your mother! D Linda? May I speak freely? I wish you would.
Since meeting you, I've realized.
That there is a part of my life.
That has been a-w-o-l.
For longer than I care to admit.
It's time I checked out of the b.
And went t.
I long for kitchen detail.
And the sound of little feet marching.
Are you re-enlisting? I wanna make an honest woman out of you.
I want you to be my wife.
My darling Howard.
I love you so.
Then it's yes.
No? Howard.
My parents.
Are very old-world.
And I I I just could never marry anyone.
They disapprove of.
Well, how could they disapprove of me? We're of different faiths.
Course, there is a way.
You could convert.
Convert to what? To judaism, of course.
You mean You mean, like that colored singer? - Howard! - Well, don't get me wrong.
I think he's a marvelous entertainer.
- The mizell case.
- Thank you.
I think you'll find.
Jerry's day notes incomplete.
I see.
In fact, you're gonna find.
The entire mizell file incomplete.
So, I hope you'll consider.
Captain fuch's conduct.
In the largest possible context.
He's given 19 years of distinguished service.
Point taken, frank.
Now, let me ask you for some judgments.
If you were Fletcher Daniels, and you were considering.
This whole situation.
From that vantage point, tell me what course you'd pursue.
If I were Fletcher Daniels I'd bail out of the deal with drug enforcement.
I'd bring mizell's killer back to the hill, charge him with murder, and give him due process.
It'd mean exposing some dirty linen.
A department that's substantially clean.
Can stand that.
It ought to be able to stand it.
Wachtel and gerber.
All wachtel and gerber.
They've been shooting you an awful lot of.
Business here, doc.
Some real interesting cases, too.
You got six different people here.
With the same broken foot.
Okay, okay.
Two year ago, I come to the country.
I'm already a doctor, okay? And, I'm looking for a lawyer to help me.
With my naturalization processes.
And you found two of 'em, right? Wachtel and gerber.
Hey, curry-breath.
Your immigration status is hanging by a thread here.
Talk American.
I tell you anything.
Just tell me about wachtel and gerber.
They're sending me.
These peoples.
I know this is very bad.
Because they are not sick.
I can tell.
I am a doctor.
But they're telling me, "No green cards, ponzik, if you are not seeing these peoples.
" they were blackmailing you? All the time, they were blackmailing me.
That's very strange, because according to your files, you were pulling in 10%.
Of a $15,000-a-week turnover.
God, I love this country.
I want to be an American doctor.
Yeah, well, you know, after giving my situation.
Considerable thought, I have decided that.
Your original offer of $6,000.
Would just about cover my expenses.
How soon can I pick up the check? No, no, Mr.
wachtel will not be handling the case, as it turns out.
I, kind of figured that if you and I.
Got together directly and saved everybody a lot of paperwork.
And kept my premiums from going into orbit in the bargain, I'd take the six if you get my drift.
Yeah, $2,000 even's reasonable.
How soon can I get the check? Henry.
Old sport.
I wanted to apologize.
If I seemed a bit harsh with you earlier.
Listen, it was nothing.
I was wondering if I could ask you.
A direct and personal question.
Fire away.
What is it like being a Hebrew? Well.
I don't know, Howard.
What's it like being a human being? Well, it's not a cakewalk, Henry.
Yeah Don't you want to feed your baby? No.
You sure are some tough piece of work.
Did you ever have a kid? What difference does it make? You never had some baby keep crying on you.
When you did everything you were supposed to? So you left him out in the street? I put him in a cop car.
I knew he'd get took care of.
- You knew that? - Yeah.
Your baby cries so out he goes? You don't pick him up? You don't hug him? I was gonna hit him! It was gonna be just like.
My mama did to me.
Don't you understand that? You'd better burp him.
It's okay.
Well, well, well.
Just the man I've been looking for, j.
I've been huddling with the claims adjustor Hey, sorry guy, look, I'm really busy? - Catch you later.
- What're you talking about? You are under arrest, cheese-breath.
- What? - You have the right to an attorney.
If you cannot afford an attorney What the hell is this? - One will be appointed for you.
- Keep your paws off me, - you filthy little ape! - Anything you say can and will.
Be used against you in a court of law.
Larue? Hey, larue.
What's the charge? Felony fraud.
Grand theft.
Conspiracy to defraud.
You're a dead man, larue.
Well, I hope you got other career plans, because I'm hitting you with a civil suit so hard, it'll cross your eyes.
This is false arrest! Malicious prosecution! Unnecessary force! Abuse of office! You don't can it, you're gonna be.
Talking out the side of your neck, dog-brain.
Nice cufflinks, Alan.
Morals charge, or just felony bad taste? Come on.
Where'd you get the shiner, joycey? Doing push-ups on the curb? Comment on any unsubstantiated rumors.
Concerning the activities of officer Stan mizell, except to say.
It is the intention of this department, as it has been from the beginning, to pursue every aspect of this investigation.
With full vigor.
We play no favorites when the public trust.
Hangs in the balance.
Chief Daniels, it's been suggested.
That because you're running for mayor.
Against councilman detweiler Um, we're not here.
To discuss councilman detweiler.
Or his affinity for the finer points.
Of political gamesmanship.
It's my feeling that my job as mayor is I mean, of course, chief of police, is to execute.
The duties of my office, not to be running for offices I don't currently hold.
I have discussed this matter.
With the district attorney's office.
And I can assure you.
The suspect in the mizell homicide.
Is in our custody and will remain so.
Pending a fair trial Quite a performance.
Adjectives like "Slick" And "Nimble" spring to mind.
Excuse me councilman detweiler on line three.
Tell him I'm out.
Excuse the vernacular.
He's in a bit of a lather.
Tell him I'm out for a month.
He said something about seeing your head.
On a pike out front of city hall.
Just hang up on him, Phil.
Yes, captain.
! Ms.
We have your mugging suspect out of holding.
Thank you, sergeant.
I'll be there.
What's the councilman so upset about? He thinks I stabbed him in the back.
Did you? This is Mrs.
Youth authority.
- Aw.
- Be careful.
I know.
I wanna thank you for the fine job you've done.
This must be Cindy.
Cindy, would you go with this officer, please? - Bye, Cindy.
- Bye, Cindy.
That's a good argument for birth control, isn't it? It sorta makes you wish you had one of your own, though, doesn't it? Yeah, sometimes.
You have any, candidates in mind for the father? Will you give me a break? I don't even have a boyfriend.
Looking for volunteers? You know, sometimes I think.
That you don't know anything at all about babies.
Or women or anything.
Excuse me, sir.
My name is Andrew renko, and, I believe you have a Turkey here for me.
I'll be right with ya.
I tell you, it is kismet, Bobby.
I've got a couple bottles of "Pouilly foocy" in my fridge - "Fuisse.
" and if you and a lady of your choice.
Would like to join me and my Theresa this evening, we will partake of the finest.
Of this city's prize gobblers.
Here he is, pal.
34 pounds.
Ain't he a beaut? He's alive.
Of course he is.
You don't freeze a bird like this.
I just thought you'd like to take a look at him first.
I didn't know anything about this, fella.
They just called my name in a raffle.
This thing's leaking all over the seat.
- Your boil? - No, fool, your bird.
My bird? Hey, will you just.
Do something about it, Bobby hill? Just clean it up with a towel or something like that.
You know, you would think that the guy.
Would have some sense.
And know how to wrap the damn thing.
All I want to do is get that poor carcass home, cook it up, and get it off my conscience.
The look in that poor creature's eyes.
Will haunt me until my dying day.
Any unit in the vicinity? Ambulance traffic.
Vehicle vs.
96th and Decker.
That's us.
2202 responding.
All right, I'll take this one.
Excuse us, please.
Councilman detweiler.
She ran r r Right out.
She ran Directly Mr.
detweiler, if you'll have a seat right here, we're gonna have to book you.
You have the right to one telephone call.
No more than three minutes in length.
I'd like to see your driver's license right here Francis.
Television people are arriving.
Keep 'em out there, Phil.
I'll issue a statement.
He was so drunk he could hardly stand, captain.
Frank? I I want.
My personal physician.
To look after this woman.
We'll take care of her.
I'll take full responsibility myself.
We can just call the hospital.
I'll make it right.
Is this your current address? Frank? I just heard.
- A moment? - Sure.
Damn it, frank, you had detweiler pegged.
From the get-go.
I should've listened.
And seen to it.
The poor drunken wretch got eased out to pasture.
It would've been for his own good.
And about our meeting earlier.
I appreciate the input.
We did right, bringing the mizell thing.
Out in the open.
We'll get it behind us, and we can spend our time.
Getting this department back on its feet.
What's gonna happen to Jerry fuchs? Well.
He probably shouldn't be thinking.
In terms of upward mobility.
But he's very secure in his present position.
Speaking of which, the commander's test.
It's gonna be given in a couple of weeks.
You were planning on taking it, weren't you? I hadn't given it much thought.
I would.
It's good to see you on the move again, frank.
What? Well, the drinking.
Your personal problems.
I admire you putting all that behind you.
Shows conviction.
Shows potential.
I'm gonna have to keep my eye on you.
Excuse me.
Hospital just phoned, Francis.
Detweiler's victim? She didn't make it.
Tough luck, Arnie.
You know, I've been thinking.
I could take my 20 years in a few months.
Wouldn't be so bad.
Play a little golf.
Go fishing.
Jerry, if Daniels gets his wish, he's not gonna be chief of police too much longer.
I wouldn't give up on the department just yet.
I guess stranger things have happened.
With some frequency.
Francis Detective Walsh messengered this over.
Thanks, Phil.
Ma? Ma? Well, calm down.
She's not gonna sue.
She's a nurse.
How many stitches? Well, she had to provoke 'em then, because pop would never What'd I tell you about that? I told you that, when the time comes, I would take care of that.
We agreed that this would be my decision.
No, you will not go without me.
You are stabbing me in the heart with this.
All right, I'll take care of it.
Just tell me where it is.
And and what is it? West knoll.
Nursing home.
What time is the appointment? Don't cry, ma, please? It'll be okay.
I'll call you later.
How you feeling? I'm feeling just great, thank you.
Yeah, well, um I thought you might like to have these pictures back.
And, well, I don't blame you if you say no, but I was hoping you'd let me.
Buy you a drink so I could apologize.
You know, I realize that you think.
Your backside is god's gift to mankind, officer hill, but it was only a joke.
Listen, lady, I was in a lot of pain today.
And you embarrassed the hell out of me, so excuse me if I don't think.
It was so damn funny.
You know, I was always told that the guys up here.
Loved a good gag.
But I guess you must be one of the ones.
That can dish it out but can't take it.
- Maybe I am.
- And maybe I misjudged you.
Maybe you did.
Are you always this unforgiving, officer hill? Hold it.
Just hold it a second.
Look, maybe Maybe I was a little out of line.
Maybe we could talk about it.
Over that drink.
Good night, Mick.
How's it going? Not great.
Your dad? We tried some home nurses with my father, and it just didn't He keeps slugging 'em.
I'm going out to look at some nursing homes.
Some of those are - Some of them are very nice.
I know.
You were cute.
Cheer up, furillo.
None of us is getting any younger.
Or better.
Guy makes me wanna wash.
Who? Daniels? You hate to be on the same side with him, even for different reasons.
He gives you that knowing grin.
So he's a politician.
You knew that already.
Yeah, trouble is, so am I.
What's the problem? Seems to me you handled yourself.
Pretty well these last few days.
You got the case reopened.
You protected Jerry fuchs None of which would've done me a damn bit of good.
If Arnie detweiler hadn't gotten drunk.
And run over an old lady.
Luck is the residue of hard work.
You're all heart, counselor.
I lost my heart, pizza man.
I gave it to that skinny Italian kid.
With the funny haircut.

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