Hill Street Blues (1981) s03e13 Episode Script

Gung Ho

Item 16 stakeouts.
Could we please curtail the aerobatic displays? And I trust who was ever paid to distribute these flyers from gung-ho Chinese takeout Will show an equal zeal in collecting and clearing them from the room.
Heard you, man.
Item 16 stakeouts.
Continuing detectives cooley and koester, lucky strike bowling lanes.
Resumed oshei and baird, Ramirez check cash.
Beginning today fulton game arcade, belker.
Tataglia and dorsey stand backup.
Item last you've no doubt heard of the unfortunate events Culminating in the arrest the night before last of officer John balch.
With regard to officer balch's alleged assault On repossession agent Joseph imperiale Whilst said agent sought to depart officer balch's driveway With officer balch's Chrysler lebaron, payments on said vehicle being several months in arrears, I've been asked to read this open letter from Walter hogarth, President of the patrolmen's credit union.
"No one is more acutely aware of the many claims January makes "On the patrolman's depleted purse than is your credit union.
"Your credit union is subject to the same strains and drains.
"Your credit union is no more than the aggregate of its members' finances.
" "And your credit union cannot allow its authorized agents" "To be assaulted with crowbars and tire chains -" "in the performance of their assigned responsibilities," "however unpleasant these may be.
" People, there's a kernel of truth in that.
Let's keep in mind that we only buy more trouble, and in January that's all we can afford, when we wreak vengeance on the bearer of bad tidings.
Having said which, I allow myself the, speculation That if there's justice in the universe, the deity has reserved a special circle in hell for the repo man.
All right, that's it.
Let's roll.
And let's be careful out there.
I'll catch you in a minute.
It's the kind of pain, frank, that makes a man want to break formation And lay waste to whole villages of undesirables.
Why don't you have it taken care of, Howard? Wouldn't I like to! My man can't see me until 3:15.
Hey, lieutenant.
I'll tell you what.
Try these guys right here, okay? Four dentists, no waiting.
Really? Here.
And, they're not too stingy with the laughing gas either.
Ma, I sent the check.
Yes, I did.
Well, I-i, I mailed it on Tuesday, so they should probably have it by now.
Look, I gotta be on stakeout in 20 minutes.
I can't talk Ma, please, you gotta calm down! Yes, I will call them.
As soon as I hang up with you.
Listen to me now.
I don't care what they said! They will not put his bed out on the street! I promise you that.
Look, I gotta go right now.
I love you and don't worry.
Something wrong, detective? No.
I got 102 bucks in my checking account, and I owe my old man's nursing home 300.
They keep Hawking my mother for the money.
They keep telling her they're gonna throw him out on the street if we don't pay up.
I I don't know what I'm gonna do.
Can I float you a loan? No.
No, I insist.
You just pay it back when you can.
What's the matter? A little oral discomfort here, Mick.
You need a good dentist? No, it's all right.
I got one.
There you are.
Thank you very much.
Well, it's January.
Say no more.
Did you or did you not say, "meet you at the brakers for breakfast"? I told you, man.
My car wouldn't start.
Car wouldn't start.
Then call on the telephone.
I tried to call, too, and your line was busy.
Till 5:30 in the morning, Joe? Yeah.
Forget about it.
Hey, hey, luce.
Come on.
Wait a second.
I am not one of your bimbos.
Get that straight.
And, besides, it's the morning of my birthday.
I know.
Hey, did I hear someone say birthday? No, you did not.
Big girl, isn't this the time they celebrate your natal event about this time of year? No, little guy, it is not.
If you blow the whistle, renko, I mean it Excuse me, Lucy? Yes? Would you come with me? I have a little surprise for you.
A surprise? Yeah, just have a seat.
D Yeah! Be nice! Yeah! What kind of a person would do something like that? There goes the gun.
Check it out! This your idea? Yeah, you like it? Dispatch.
We have a 9-11.
Armed robbery in progress.
See surplus store, corner people's drive, 124th street.
These kids give you any idea when they might show? No, no.
They just said I'd be sorry.
What time were they here? About noon.
I guess you gotta admire their initiative? What for? Running a shakedown? No, no.
Most of these kids just panhandle.
But, see, I'm already payin' protection.
I've got a maintenance contract.
Yeah, three gross of towels a week.
I don't even have a sink.
After we straighten out this, maybe you ought to contact our organized crime division.
Be sure you leave me the number? Hey, belker! Come on in here with us.
No, thank you.
You guys go ahead.
Aw, come on.
Come on, Mick.
Come on.
We're havin' fun.
We can fit.
- All right.
- We're on the light.
Come on.
All right.
Group shot.
Group shot.
Okay, Robin, you sit on my lap.
All right.
When the light flashes, everybody say, "cheese.
" Say, "parcheesi.
" There's the light.
One, two, three.
Parcheesi! You know how Houdini died? Getting hit in the stomach when he wasn't ready.
Well, maybe you should start working on your disappearing act.
You know, I can't believe it.
You can't take a joke.
You have no sense of humor.
You have the sensitivity of a rock.
Hey, I sprung for 50 bucks, right? When I'm totally broke.
I thought you'd like it.
Joe, you embarrassed me.
Don't you see that? And besides, now people might think that we're doin' it.
That makes a lot of sense.
I get you a stripper for your birthday, and people think we're gonna be makin' it.
You know what your problem is? You're sublimating your sexual needs into anger, and, projecting it all onto me.
Great, Joe.
Real deep.
211 on an armored car.
Perpetrators reported traveling northbound in two vehicles, one a late model oldsmobile.
Consider armed and dangerous.
Yeah, this is unit 2203.
How much did they get? Do you believe, 1.
6 million? 1.
6 million.
What would you do with all that dinero, Robert? I don't know.
Exercise your imagination.
Well, I guess I'd pay off all my debts, all my family debts.
Maybe I'd buy a-a house.
You know, I'd buy me a house maybe somewhere out in the country, overlooking a lake.
I see.
What's the matter? Nothing.
Nothing is the matter, officer hill.
All right, officer renko.
All right, fine! It's just if somebody gave me that kind of largesse, you can bet I'd give some to my partner.
I would give you some, renko.
After I'd begged.
After I'd humiliated and degraded myself.
Unit 2236 in pursuit of late model oldsmobile.
It's all right.
Skip it! Roger Donald 14073 eastbound 137th and Van buren.
That's four blocks from here.
Unit 2202 joining pursuit of the oldsmobile northbound Jefferson at 134th.
Consider armed and dangerous.
Proceed with caution.
Repeat officers pursuing oldsmobile now moving north on gateway Avenue.
Two to three occupants.
Considered armed - Police! Freeze! - Renko, he's got a gun! Freeze! Don't kill me! Don't kill me! Don't kill me! Don't kill me, please! Get down! I'm Christina Beck! Get down! Put your arms out in front of you.
Shut up! Shut up right now! Christina Beck? I think the other one is Lynn croyden.
The guy with 'em didn't make it.
Who shot him? Mike ruggieri from the heights.
The guy came out blasting a shotgun.
Nobody had a choice.
They do the armored car? Dollars to doughnuts.
Accomplice, got the money though.
Couldn't find a dime in the car.
They've been advised.
Interrogate them in separate rooms.
See if they want to talk before their lawyers get here.
Francis, the two security guards died.
There was some initial confusion, but, apparently, they were both d.
We'll interrogate on the basis of double felony murder.
Have ray come to my office, would you, Phil? We're about to be hip-deep in media.
Is that how you want to be booked? Just uhuru? Do you have lawyers you want contacted? I want a public defender.
Kl 5-3935.
Is that your lawyer's phone number? What's your lawyer's name? You don't talk to me, you hear? You want a traitor, you talk to the scared little white girl! - Hey, homecoming queen, what you gonna do? - Get her out of here! You got a lot of nerve.
Spittin' in somebody's face.
Get your hands off me, you pig! Let go of me! Lock her up.
Let go of me, you pig! In may, 1981, I helped three other people rob a gun shop In Santa fe, new Mexico.
In November, 1981, I planned and helped rob a convenience store In York, Pennsylvania.
In February, 1982, I was present when a bank was robbed In Newark, New Jersey.
Nobody was hurt.
This is very interesting.
Right now I've got a fresh double homicide.
Where can we find I won't implicate anyone else.
I will not give information on anyone else's whereabouts.
Tell us some of the places you've lived then.
Where were you living I went underground in 1970 after the broome street explosion.
Not 1970.
Over the past two weeks.
I lived at 1428 dekker till Tuesday.
And then I lived at the hotel crane.
Christina Beck? You requested a public defender? My name's Joyce Davenport.
I suggest you stop talking with the sergeant and that we confer.
Miss Davenport, Ronald schuster is here.
He'd like a conference with you and your client.
Christina, I want you to know that you've done nothing to compromise yourself Or anybody else.
You have done nothing but respond To a charged and a dangerous and a stressful situation.
Uhuru's authorized me to say that she feels no betrayal.
Christina, we also want you to know, that political solidarity aside, we think it's just plain good sense to coordinate strategy, so we can maximize our leverage and benefit from whatever cooperation anybody might give.
Hey, Christina, are you hearing me? It's over.
Nothing is over.
I think for the moment if we can agree that all dealings with the authorities Should be through counsel Absolutely.
All right, Christina? I have to tell you.
You cut quite a figure in my emotional life When I was training for the law.
I guess even before that.
You're gracious to say so.
How are we gonna do with her? Christina Beck? Seemed to me you got through.
She was willing to cooperate.
With whom? I think she'll let us bargain for her.
She'll let me bargain.
We'll coordinate in about half an hour? Listen, I'm afraid lunch is a goner.
I'm sorry.
Suppose any of those addresses she gave us are live? I'd try the hotel crane especially.
That was their most recent.
Send bates and coffey.
They have any names?- better add an open warrant.
Worked there for more than 10 years.
Moved through a network of affiliated organizations which include the p.
, the p.
, the fourteenth of October group, a black separatist organization which calls itself uhuru Agent Davis? Are you captain furillo? Could I talk to you for a minute? Certainly, you may.
Can you run it down for me? Six of them in two cars got $1.
6 million From a johnstone armored car about 8:30 this morning at fourth street downtown.
They shot and killed both guards.
We have two robbers.
The third's dead.
This William Jones? Correct.
Now you know as much about it as we do.
What about the guards? Is that execution style? That's the way that Frazier and Jones always do it.
In the back of the neck at close range.
Excuse me, captain.
I thought we might cancel the lunch breaks.
- Good idea, Phil.
- I also thought we might try this Chinese takeout.
Well, what can I order for you, gentlemen? F.
Agent Davis, sergeant esterhaus.
How do you do, sir? Fine.
Let me tell you.
The litmus test of Chinese cooking is dumplings in hot oil.
- Great.
- I was posted to a trade legation in Shanghai.
I got hooked.
Excuse the interruption.
You can bank on it, captain.
They took that armored car off.
I think you could also safely assume that at least some of these names were involved.
For you to run down.
I don't know how current this information is.
It's certainly worth checking out.
That name, right there? That's the purchasing agent.
- Lenore Kramer.
- She gets the cars.
She gets the safe houses.
- How do you know? - Was that a, car rental on a phony card? Yes.
That's the way she does it.
That's the way anyone would do it.
Listen, I'd pick her up if I were you.
Do we have any federal paper on her? Nothing current.
Phil? Yes, Francis? Let's see if we have any warrants, city warrants, outstanding on lenore Kramer.
If not, let's pick her up on charges.
What charges? Conspiracy.
What's going on, gentlemen? We're getting some Chinese eatin', captain.
Man, these menus are like a novel.
Let's just order two dozen from column "a", two dozen from column "b", and then let's get back to work, okay? Yes, sir.
I hope you ordered double for lenore Kramer.
Wait till you hear the mouth on her.
Identify yourselves.
Miss Kramer, I'm officer hill.
This is officer renko from the hill street station.
We have a warrant for your arrest.
Show me your identification.
Read me the warrant.
Conspiracy? Let's go, ma'am.
You have nothin'! You don't even have the barest fragment of a connection.
Pathetic fascist after-death spasms.
You go ahead.
Coerce your usual suspects.
Oppress your usual suspects.
Ma'am, you want to be quiet and just get out this door, please? Yes, cave dweller.
Yes, leopard suit.
Redneck lackey.
Fat piece of garbage.
Errand boys of genocide.
All right, ma'am.
All right, ma'am.
All right, ma'am.
"Otay," buckwheat! You just keep your mouth shut.
Let's go.
I'm top gun in these parts.
You'll have to be fast to outdraw me.
Remember to cock the gun when you draw.
Ready? Draw! You missed me, sidewinder! Let's go again! Pretty dangerous company, Mick.
He's not so fast.
Well, so far this morning, I've destroyed 20 alien planets, 57 battle stars and a couple hundred thousand Nazi submarines.
I'm ready to beat my quarters into plowshares.
I'm going across the street.
Anybody want anything? No.
All right, you bighorned dude.
I told you I was the fastest draw.
Get set.
Draw! You got me! You ought to retire on me.
I you went for your gun before I was ready.
That's all.
Try again.
That'll be 22.
47, sir.
That'll be a buck, 10 apiece.
A buck, 10 apiece for what? - The cookies, man.
- The cookies.
Well, they're on the house, pal.
Hey, man, this is my place, and they ain't on the house.
A buck, 10 apiece, money man.
Have a cookie.
You want a cookie? Hey! Hey, cool it, buddy! What's wrong with you? Don't get stupid, stupid! Police officer.
Hey! Come here! He shot a police! Mick! Pete! Pete! Help! Somebody call the police! Man's been shot! My god! My god! Go get the car.
Move! Move back, will you, please? Move back! - Who'd you rent the car for? - John wilkes booth.
Or which car? The Pontiac? Lee oswald.
You think it's funny, lenore? You think murder's funny? I think you're funny.
I think I think you're disgusting and pathetic.
You drag me in here on some kind of senile information.
There were cars and apartments rented, lenore.
You do have a history.
No, she's a real estate agent now.
God, I wish I had been the purchasing agent.
'Cause I'd bet it'd take your usual six years to run it down.
Yes, Mick.
Yes, I understand.
Keep us in touch, will you? Thanks.
Gung-ho! Please, put it over there on that table.
There's no change.
He's still on the operating table.
It's going to be awhile yet.
Of course, sure.
Here, keep the change.
Gung-ho! Thank you.
Our men are armed and on ready alert.
We can hit the bricks in less than 30 seconds.
We can be anywhere in this precinct within 10 minutes.
How's that coming? Dental treatment will just have to wait.
Mark my words, frank.
This one's gonna end up on the street.
Captain, we drew blanks on agent Davis's list of possible safe houses.
The one on Haley burned down four years ago.
And borellis and smiljanich found a day-care center at lombard street.
Agent Davis's information seems a little dated.
Francis, we've got signatures of the, rental car agreements.
Department graphologist says there's no way lenore Kramer could've forged those names.
Damn! Thanks, Phil.
Cleveland, march 21st, 1968, arson.
Army recruiting center.
You were the buyer.
- Maybe.
- You've got that blood on your hands.
San Francisco, February the 2nd, 1969.
Bomb went off in a Van parked outside a draft registration office.
Assault on a government official in New York.
Rec-records destruction in Tulsa.
Go ahead.
Run it.
Let's talk about your old munitions buddy.
Norman downs, you remember him? The guy you're supposed to be in love with? The guy blew himself up? Tell me something, lenore.
Was he better in bed than he was making bombs? All right.
There were apartments rented, and there were cars.
Agent Davis, may I see you for a minute? Okay, lenore.
Where's her counsel? She refused one.
It might interfere with her martyrdom.
I'm letting her go as soon as the paperwork's done.
Why? The signature on the car rental form isn't hers.
We checked it against a Washington file.
In fact, we don't show anything connecting her with the movement for the last three years.
Look, furillo, I know this girl.
Just let me work on her a couple of more hours.
The paperwork can take a couple more hours! Frank, frank, look at this.
The license number we got on the car at the dorsey shooting Matches the license of the second vehicle used in the armored car robbery.
Same people? You sure? Yes.
They checked the $50 bill the shooter gave the store owner.
It's from the million, six.
Dorsey walked right into it.
You've probably heard a policeman was shot.
How is he? Not good.
They've tied the shooter's car license to your people.
Captain, unless you figure they can break the laws of time and space, our clients could hardly be capable of If you'll be quiet, I'll tell you what I think they're capable of.
You're right.
Their only connection with this shooting is moral and practical.
As a legal matter, they're innocent.
If they give information that leads to accomplices, they'll be doing themselves a lot of good.
I'd like to hear some specific numbers.
I want some specific information, and I want it fast.
That's all.
What's your take on him? Captain? Has he got juice with the d.
'S office? If he says to deal, they'll deal.
Clearly, Christina and uhuru have to make their own decision.
But it's our responsibility to indicate to them just how, strong a card this is.
If either chooses to provide names, address, we use it to buy as much as we can for both of them.
Deal? Deal.
See you in a little while.
Despicable affair, Henry.
What? It started off with a small, unattended occlusal of the lower number one bicuspid, and now it has eaten clean through to the pulp.
There's a pointed analogue here, Henry How years of liberal permissiveness have allowed a few destructive malcontents To burrow into the enamel of American society.
Judas! We are the dentists of society, Henry, fighting a losing battle with urban decay.
Did you say go slow releasing lenore Kramer? No.
Let her go.
I'm putting it through.
I don't think she's gonna sign the false arrest waiver.
That's the least of my problems right now.
How's dorsey? He was gut shot.
They need blood? Mick says they're okay for now.
I watched this woman spit poison, frank, and Davis spit it right back at her.
There was a time when lenore Kramer and I probably read the same books, marched in the same marches.
Now she's just a robber.
I'm just a cop.
Is that what happens to every idea, frank? That what happens to everything? I'll speed up Leo with the paperwork.
It's okay.
I think they're enjoying it.
Frank! What's the problem, fay? My life! It's in a shambles, frank.
I'm a mess.
I'm useless! Well, the judge and I never mind.
I've been compulsively eating since 8:00 A.
Fay and now frank Jr.
! What about frank Jr.
? Well, he wants to trade me in on a new mother.
Why? Because I'm not tall.
I'm not perfect.
I'm not beautiful.
And I don't treat him like a little prince the way certain people do.
Certain people? Ms.
Davenport, as for instance.
Come off it, fay.
I don't think Joyce has even seen him since the ski trip at Christmas.
Well, she certainly made a hell of an impression on him.
He thinks she's the best thing since pac-man.
And who's food is this? Why aren't they eating it? Fay, I think maybe you're exaggerating a mild schoolboy crush here.
Am I? Every time I say anything to him, he throws Joyce Davenport in my face! That's all I hear! I mean, 20 times a day, he compares me to her.
I mean, she's the good fairy, and I'm the wicked witch of the west Who tells him that he has to clean up his room or-or turn off the TV.
I know I'm being stupid, frank, but Well, I lost one popularity contest to that woman a-and I I just don't think I can handle another.
L-let's just go in the office, all right? Come on.
Saigon Sally's, 1968.
Looks malleable enough for the old jawbone.
Not bad.
Fay, being a single parent, it's not a popularity contest.
You're telling me.
It's nothing to be concerned about.
It happens to all boys his age, and it never lasts.
With me, it was Lana Turner.
Yeah, but was Lana Turner dating your father? You're his mother.
He knows that.
That's an attachment nobody can break or wants to.
Will you tell that to your son? I'll have dinner with him tonight.
You know, this is good.
You like it? Wait, there's another box here.
Come on, pal.
Just sign, or we'll take you in.
You know, first you get Andy a hooker for his birthday.
Now you gotta give me a performing slab of beef for mine.
You just don't realize that most people are not stuck in this glandular development.
Have a nice day.
I never knew you were such a prude, luce.
A prude? Great.
I just don't like it, you know, when somebody makes a spectacle of me for a cheap laugh.
Hey, it wasn't cheap! Here.
You drive.
- Hey, luce.
- What's the matter? Man, I split my pants.
You're kidding.
Let me see.
Come on! Let me see.
Take 'em off.
What do you mean, "take 'em off?" I'm not takin' 'em off.
Just take 'em off.
There's a tailor three blocks down.
I'll take 'em in for a quickie.
Or would you rather walk into the precinct like this? Come on.
I'll drive.
Man, I was hoping to get another winter out of these pants.
This leaves me with one pair left.
Well, if you weren't so busy spending your money on the nightclub circuit, maybe you would have enough to buy another uniform.
All right, luce, I've had it! You don't own me, so don't tell me how to run my life! So just can it! And hurry up with the pants.
- Hey, Joe! - Luce, what're you doin'? Lucy! What's the matter? Did you lose your sense of humor? I got a look at the wound, captain.
I haven't seen too many that were worse.
I don't think he's gonna make it.
I gotta go.
I'll call you when there's more news.
Yeah, right.
I was the wrong type, but I gave anyway.
Maybe you oughta sit down.
Baker, please come to admitting.
He's been in there five hours, Mick.
I mean I mean, that's good, isn't it? I-if he's held on this long hey.
We weren't gonna talk about it anymore, remember? That was the deal.
But he's got a chance, right? - We don't talk about it.
- Mrs.
barker, please come to admitting.
barker, please come to admitting.
You got any hobbies? Your boyfriend tell me about your boyfriend.
Come on.
You gotta have a boyfriend.
He didn't like the idea of me being a cop.
Do you have a girlfriend? Me? No.
I think I'm too hard to live with.
No, you're not.
I mean, I think you're just right.
It could be their fault, you know.
Look at that.
These guys are just great.
They hit the vein clean every time.
You know what you ought to do when you get home? Eat some peanut butter and drink plenty of juice.
I guess I should get used to giving this stuff? I'm sorry.
Samuels, call your service.
Mother's living out in Arizona.
We've been trying to reach her since the shooting.
The brother's in town, but he's on vacation.
- We know where? - His plant thought taft lake.
But I've tried all the lodges, and I haven't been able to Keep trying.
They're gonna hear it on the radio.
Miss Davenport.
You wanted to see me? Schuster was just in.
We think Christina knows more, but Ms.
Croyden is prepared to come forward.
- How much time? - Fifteen minutes, 20 Max.
I'll talk to my client.
Frank About dorsey, I'm sorry.
Counselor My client wouldn't agree to share.
We've made a separate proposal to the captain.
So I've been informed.
You want me in there? No, thank you.
Not necessary.
Could you excuse us, please? What do you want to hang around here for? Why don't you just take off? No.
Are you sure? You don't need to be here.
Please, Mick, you gotta stick by me.
I, um I don't want to be alone yet.
We could get a cup of coffee, and I, um, I could take you through the paperwork if you feel up to it.
Yeah, I think so.
So let's go over this.
The three still out are Frazier, Thornton Williams and Timothy Smith.
Frazier's friend's address is 393 dennoyer.
If the address leads to arrests, it could be worth eight years off a sentence.
Subtract another five for the names, another five for in-court testimony, and then let's assume, we do some business on your background The repentant lost sheep of the upper middle class, combined with the fact you're a mother, a child six years old, that's probably worth another five.
Off a sentence of 35 years, and assuming you never pulled a trigger, we're down to 10 or 12.
You might still have a life left.
You better hurry up.
Uhuru's going to beat you to it.
Go ahead.
Go ahead! Hey, why not? Attention! Attention all occupants of 393 dennoyer street.
This is the police.
You are ordered to come out with your hands up.
You will be taken into custody.
You will not be hurt.
There are people in there that want to die.
Let me try.
This is captain furillo of hill street station.
I repeat.
You are completely surrounded.
Come out with your hands up.
Nobody's picking up.
Ballentine! The fire department in place? Yes, sir! And all the tenants of the adjoining apartment building have been evacuated, sir.
All right.
All personnel, prepare for deployment of tear gas.
Attention! Harold Frazier, Thornton Williams, Timothy Smith And all other occupants of 393 dennoyer street, come out now with your hands up.
This is your final warning.
Line's working, but still nothing.
Brewster, konicki, proceed with c.
Everybody has the green light.
Commence firing! All personnel, commence firing.
Cease firing.
Cease firing.
Michaels says they could all be suicides.
Or rather, this one, Frazier, opened fire on the other two, then shot himself.
He fits the description of dorsey's killer.
Hey, captain, you want to see somethin'? They must've burned up over a million dollars here, captain.
Just threw kerosene on it, you know? Frank frank, dorsey's brother called.
He heard it on the news.
He's going to call their mother.
Well, we tried.
Captain? Yeah, Neal.
Just doin' a little survey here.
How do you feel? As a matter of fact, not too well.
How 'bout you, lieutenant? Fine.
What'd you both have for lunch? Ham sandwich and a coke.
Mu shu pork.
Excuse me.
Gung-ho? Ray, do me a favor, would you, please? Call fay and explain to her why she's sick or is about to be sick? Tell her I'm in no condition to have dinner with frank Jr.
Nice pants, Joe.
Real Ivy.
Hey, it's a look.
Leo, you know what I love about this guy? He's kept his sense of humor? Good old Joe, never loses his sense of humor.
Hey, are we still having dinner tonight, or what? I promise I'll go home, and I'll change.
Okay? If that makes you happy.
Yes, we're having dinner.
It's my birthday.
What do you think? What's this? A line? I'm afraid so, captain.
The mayflower's on high seas here, and the crew's come down with scurvy.
Howard? Frank, the mere taste of chloroacetophenone Plays pin the donkey with the old duodenum.
I whiffed no tear gas, Howard, and I'm sick as a cow.
You know what this is, don't you? It's lenore.
She's trying to poison us.
She's gotten into the air-conditioning ducts.
It's just a theory, right? Here.
What is it? Flat ginger ale.
Settles the stomach.
I think that's an old wives' tale.
You're talking about my mother.
If I die, promise me you'll sue.
Count on it.
Good? I think I should go home.
I'm humiliating myself.
That's absurd.
I love the sounds of peristalsis.
I scared myself today, frank.
Why? I hated that girl so.
Christina Beck? She's partly responsible for a lot of people dying today.
You know, there was a time when I was just as fascinated with abstractions, just as sure I had a hotline to the truth.
I wanted to hurt her for all that smugness.
I wanted to make her know the pain she had caused with her dilettante ideas.
And at the same time, I felt Old.
I felt old.
And the whole time I was with her, I just wanted to cry.
What'd we walk? I bet you we must've walked 10 miles.
Twelve maybe.
Do your feet hurt? Nah.
Orthopedic shoes.
This one's mine.
So, um, are you sure you're not hungry? We could still get something to eat.
Jews and Italians, you kinda eat your way through grief.
I sorta got no stomach for it, you know? Yeah.
Well, um What are you gonna do? You gonna come into work tomorrow? Yeah.
I think.
'Cause if you don't want to, you don't have to, you know.
I'll worry about it in the morning.
Okay, then.
So, you okay? I mean Gee, my eyes are a mess.
No, they're not.
They're fine.
You feel like walking a little more? Yeah, sure.
One more time around the block.

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