Hill Street Blues (1981) s03e14 Episode Script

Moon Over Uranus

Item 12.
Kudos and felicitations due this A.
M To three of hill street's very finest, winners in what we old-timers used to call the Irish sweepstakes, I.
, the semiannual promotions list.
You will henceforth marshal newfound respect For sergeant Michael north, promoted from patrolman.
Night sergeant Wallace Peterson, and lieutenant, formerly sergeant, Henry goldblume.
Item 13, operation big broom enters a second planning stage this morning When chief Daniels makes a walking tour of dekker from a 130th to 135th.
If you'll recall, mayor d'Angelo Visited this choice patch of "hill-dom" two days ago And declared it "the worst damn block in the city.
" The chief's job will be to determine which of the five blocks his honor meant Whereupon each of us, starting tomorrow under lieutenant Howard hunter, will commence massive defoliation Yes, people, it is an election year.
Backups this A.
: Bates, coffey, Regan, Phillips, ballentine, Brewster.
Item 14 is a cautionary tale concerning last evening's full moon.
Or rather a pale and reportedly pock-marked imitation thereof Which appeared on a front yard in pittsfield shortly after the 1:00 A.
conclusion Of officer Mel sandowski's bachelor soiree.
Shocked to see the famed Celestial provocateur in such exotic close-up, a Mrs.
friedkin from across the street called the county sheriff's office, which proceeded to arrest hill street's own planetary adventurer, Andrew j.
Renko, on charges of public exposure.
You want to see it again? You want to see it again? - Could everybody shut up and leave me alone? - Come on, Andrew, sit down.
We've seen it.
After several phone calls, captain furillo Reluctantly admitted ownership of the officer gone amok, and he was released O.
The charge was subsequently dropped.
Not as precipitously as the pants, but nonetheless dropped.
End of cautionary tale.
Item last, on a more somber note.
Midtown lieutenant Jack donleavy's daughter Kathleen Was raped and knifed shortly after 2:00 A.
M In the parking lot of mercy hospital, where she's a nurse.
A rather sketchy description, a large Caucasian male with light brown hair is about it.
But forensics match the valdez rape-homicide And the pellegrini rape-assault of last week.
Now donleavy's put 28 years into this department, and as far as I know he's universally beloved.
His wife died three years ago and this is his only kid So let's put a star next to this one? All right, that's it.
Let's roll, and let's be careful out there.
It was not an obscene gesture.
It was a friendly gesture directed at my friend Mel sandowski on his departure.
And the authorities renko? Yes, sir.
My office.
I hear you like motorcycles.
Yes sir, I got a big hog at home.
And fresh air? Motor patrol, captain? You're gonna put me out there on a Harley with the big boys? Close.
Two wheels.
But I was thinking more of a Vespa.
That's a scooter, captain.
Scooters are for women.
No, it's not for women, renko.
It's for issuing parking tickets.
You write up a book of these a day, 20 a month, and then we'll talk.
Captain, sir, don't you think you might be overreacting just a little bit? Overreacting? I'm in perfectly good humor.
I'm always in good humor when the sheriff's department phones me at 1:30 in the morning.
I'm always in good humor when one of my men demeans the badge.
That's all, renko.
Yes, sir.
- Sir, what about Bobby hill? - He'll be temporarily assigned with tataglia.
Good day, officer.
We have a 9-11.
Armed robbery in progress.
See surplus store, corner people's drive, 124th street.
Can I see you a minute, frank? Yeah.
Come on in, Jack.
How you doing? Good as can be expected, I guess.
The latest on Kathleen sounds better.
We're all grateful she seems to be out of danger.
What've you got on this one, frank? You know the book, Jack.
You're family of the victim.
I can't please, frank.
You gotta let me in here.
I know what happens after 12 hours, after a day or two goes by.
I'm not gonna let that happen this time.
Eight men on the case full-time.
It's absolutely top priority.
I'm sorry.
I hope you'll understand.
She's my only, frank.
I see her in there with all those tubes We'll get him, Jack.
All smashed up.
Now, you got a kid of your own, frank.
What would you do? Frank excuse me.
Chief Daniels is waiting for you and Howard in his car.
I have to go.
Please, give us room to work.
Ray, you want to copy the 4-17s, and all the pink sheets, and then get phone numbers where he can be reached you'll be at the hospital? I just want to catch that animal, you know? That's what I feel inside.
I want to catch him, and I wanna Kathleen we'll give it our all, and we'll get him.
On this single block alone, you figure a drug transaction every seven minutes, felonious violence 40 times a week, have eight or ten major brand names of heroin Openly available for the asking One of the popular ones is named the chief, chief.
You know Forbes, you hear stats like that, the weight feels good.
Sir? I'm packing the old s & W .
38 today, Howard.
Sir! It's nice to have you come around.
Here is 1737 dekker.
Now, this is locally known as the black hole of the hill.
It's the worst shooting gallery in the city, chief, open for your inspection.
I had a few of the eaters do a little carpet sweeping an hour ago.
I'd kind of like to have a little look-see.
How 'bout you, Forbes? Coming.
Well, what do you think, old sport? Is the chief about to approve the most massive inner-city housecleaning Since we put it to those geeks in haiphong harbor or am I Herbert hoover? Nice imagery, Howard.
Come on, frank.
Give an old eater a break.
This could be my shot at a captaincy.
All units! All units! Report! Have you been fired on? What the hell's going on? Who's all right! The chief got bit by a rat.
He must've stuck his hand in a nest or somethin'.
He was cool.
He got off six rounds with his own revolver.
Just a Nick! Nothing to worry about.
I think I winged the little bugger in the left haunch there.
There were drops of blood.
You definitely scored a hit, sir.
Just a Nick, chief.
But "just a Nick" Raises a specter of rat fever, plague I want this building sealed off.
I want animal control notified.
I want ten of our own men to assist.
I want that rat found And delivered to the department of health for testing.
Chief, there are probably a thousand rodents damn it, Howard! I told you that I put a .
38 into his hindquarters.
If that's not a cross painted on his back, I don't we'll get right on it, chief.
Come on, you gotta be kidding me.
Benedetto, division vice.
I'm sorry there, detective benedetto, but I woulda trashed this If you woulda showed up two minutes ago.
But as it is, I've been writing it, so I'm afraid I have to be responsible for it.
What, are you makin' me laugh? I get 50 of these taken care of a year.
Well, then take care of it.
I guess I could get you for littering now, couldn't I? You know what you are? You're a fat punk on a scooter.
Looks like you have an equipment problem there, brother.
So do you.
Well, my friend come on, right here.
I'm gonna kick your butt right in your uniform.
I'll tell you what.
I got a job to finish today.
If you want a piece of me, I'll be at mulligan's after 6:00 tonight.
I know Pete's death was pretty rough on you.
You ever thought about quitting or leaving? I worked too hard to get here.
I never kidded myself about what this job could be.
Then it happened, and it was rotten luck.
Hey, look at that.
That's pretty obvious.
I'll write this one up.
- License and registration.
- It's my uncle's car.
I don't know why he Bobby, he's got a gun! Hold it right there! It ain't my car.
It ain't my gun.
Just get out the car, slowly now.
I swear.
It ain't my gun.
I swear.
Come on.
Go ask my uncle, John rovere, he's got a permit.
What're you doin'? "Kathleen donleavy.
" All right, pal, you got some explaining to do here.
You could just stick a fork in me now, Jack, 'cause I'm done.
- Hi.
- Hi.
Nancy McCoy, office of corrections.
I was told that you're holding Leonard Smithers.
Captain furillo.
He hasn't exactly been a model of cooperation.
I could use your help.
I heard you got somebody! No.
No suspects yet, Jack.
Somebody who had my daughter's card! Let me see him, let me talk to him.
It's being handled.
You'll get everything as it comes in.
Damn it, frank, she's my kid! Gimme two minutes with him.
No, Jack.
I've got it.
You have my complete sympathy for everything that's happened, but you can't do anything here but hinder us and hurt yourself.
Get him, frank.
How much do you know about the donleavy situation? I know about Smithers and Kathleen donleavy's credit card.
He won't tell us where he got it.
Maybe we should go talk to him.
Sergeant goldblume? Lieutenant goldblume.
What can I do for ya? Well, the man at the desk said I should talk to you.
I want you to arrest this guy I know.
Why, what's he done? He killed my cat.
It's against the law to kill somebody's cat, isn't it? Yeah, it is.
Did you actually see him do it? I know it's him.
He used to be my boyfriend.
What's your name and address, miss? Mary Hicks.
I live at 41 wait a minute.
Yeah? 41 dekker.
I'm a waitress.
And your boyfriend? He used to be my boyfriend.
I only knew him for a couple of weeks and he started acting crazy.
I couldn't talk to anybody without him calling me a tramp.
So I told him I didn't want to see him anymore, but he won't leave me alone.
His name? Richard Brady.
He's a mechanic at solly's automotive service.
Mary, I don't think there's anything we can do about your cat, not if there weren't any witnesses.
Could've been struck by a car.
He left it hanging in front of my door.
He wanted to make sure that I saw it.
He follows me home from night school.
He calls me up in the middle of the night.
He says that I'm his girl, no matter what.
I think he wants to kill me.
Has he ever assaulted you or forced his way into your home? Or made any kind of threat? Well, he grabbed me once by the arm.
But he's never physically hurt you, or said he's gonna kill you? No.
Mary, I'm gonna be assigning you what we call a case number.
Now, if Mr.
Brady ever makes any kind of overt threat, I want you to call the police dispatcher the number's right there, and you'll get immediate assistance.
That's it? I wish there was more that we could do, but from what you've told me, he hasn't broken any laws Nothing we can arrest him for.
But what about me? What do I do? Change your phone number, the lock on your door.
You can move.
But I haven't done anything wrong! Why can't you just tell him to leave me alone? Mary, unless he actually he killed my cat! I'm sorry.
It there's nothing I can do.
You want to tell me about the young lady's credit card? I found it in a alley.
You know something, smitty? You're about the best parolee I've had in a very long time.
Yeah? You keep your appointments, and you do very good in your job.
In fact, I was gonna recommend to the board that we cut you back to one visit a month.
You're okay, miss m.
It'd be a shame if you had to go back to prison.
But I didn't do nothin'! That was my uncle's gun.
It was his car! Smitty, nobody cares about the car or the gun.
A cop's daughter was raped.
They know I had nothin' to do with that.
You had her card.
And you're withholding information on where you got it.
Now they can make you a part of that.
I got a lawyer coming.
You can't do this to me.
Lawyers don't figure in this.
Smitty, if you want to help yourself, you've got to help these men find the man who did it.
Otherwise, it's back to prison in ten days.
Maybe I could get hurt if I said something.
Nobody's going to know.
- Isn't that right, captain? - That's right.
It-it was Martin white.
I got the card from Martin white.
Move him into holding.
Ray, pull the file on a Martin white.
Put his photo together with four or five others.
Take them down to Kathleen donleavy at the hospital.
I want a photo I.
All right, frank.
Do you think you can get smitty released as soon as possible? He's just a sweetie.
I'll see to it.
You You do good work, miss McCoy.
Feeling is mutual, captain.
If you ever have trouble with one of my boys again, just give me a call.
I'm in the book.
Coffey, bates.
Your presence is requested To assist in a public disturbance call at 714 north park.
Possible weapons discharged.
I don't know, the guy's always been so nice, but I swear it was a gunshot.
He's right here.
There's two of you.
We're from the police department.
Yes, I know.
Has it started yet? Has what started? Chaos.
Chaos in the streets.
See, I've been monitoring all morning on the shortwave, and all I could get is a food riot in Botswana.
petrakis, we're gonna have to come in and look at the premises.
I knew they'd listen to me sooner or later.
Listen, I can only open the door for twenty seconds.
Not a fraction longer.
So, you're gonna have to slip in as fast as you can, okay? Yeah, yeah.
All right.
Quick! Quick! Come on.
All right.
Okay, what do you think? We got our discharge right here? Yes.
You see, that was the nine millimeter.
It went off, you know, while I was cleaning it.
See, look, it didn't even dent the wall.
Yeah did you know Did you know that I can make seven pair of shoes out of that old whitewall? Bet you never thought of that? And look, see, ultra-Violet rays.
The body can't manufacture vitamin d without it.
I can go I can go months without seeing the sun.
And I put in air vents just last week.
They're up on the roof, disguised as badminton poles.
Badminton poles, pretty good.
You mind telling me what the hell you're talking about? I mean, what is all this stuff? What? What do you mean? You mean, you're not here about my report? You see, I sent it to all the precincts in the city.
I sent diagrams, maps, contingency plans Well, good lord, man, society is strangling on its own internal poisons! I mean, the whole shuddering mess is getting ready to fall at our feet! And the only ones who are gonna survive are those who have planned for it.
Okay? Me.
Joe, he's got dynamite.
Of course I have dynamite! How do you expect me to defend myself With 14 firearms and 3,000 rounds of ammo? You are under arrest.
What? Possession of illegal firearms and explosives.
I don't understand that! No, no, no.
I'm trying to help you people by example.
See? Okay.
Keep your hands up there.
Listen, I've thought of everything.
I thought of defense, mobility, communication, entertainment, sanitation All right, look over there.
See? I have a 15-megawatt generator, I have $10,000 in gold sovereigns, and look, look, see? Look.
I have I have encyclopedia britannica, a complete set, with the yearbooks.
Now, I've even devised a plan to repopulate society By propagating myself to the power of ten! Okay? Yeah? How? Joe, I think I know how.
I'm only lacking one thing.
I need 50 good women.
Don't we all.
Baker, please come to admitting.
What do you want? Officers hill and tataglia, it.
We're working the investigation.
We'd like to talk with your daughter.
Why? What've you got? If we could just have a moment with her, sir You mean without the old man around.
Well, maybe she doesn't want me to leave.
Maybe I'm gonna stay whether you like it or not.
Daddy, it's okay.
All right, baby.
If you say it's okay.
I'm gonna be right outside, if you need me.
You'll come back when they're done? You bet.
Don't let 'em wear you down.
Go easy on her.
Kathleen, I have five pictures to show you.
They're of different men.
If you see the man who hurt you, I want you to point to him, okay? God! Kathleen, if you could look at all the pictures.
I saw him.
It was the fourth one.
Please, if you could point to him.
God! It's all right, baby.
Your daddy's here.
Daddy Your daddy's here.
Your daddy's here.
It's all right, it's all right, it's all right, that's all right.
She got him, didn't she? She got him.
It's okay.
It's okay.
In your urban areas you got two basic types of vermin: You got your Norway rats, you got your wharf rat.
Those are the plague-carryin', baby-bitin', basement-inhabitin' type of rats which we happen to be trappin' right here.
Farley's wife makes the bait in her kitchen.
Yeah, she does.
Yeah, she does.
Popcorn, cheez whiz and peanut butter.
They just can't get enough of it.
There's two more, farley.
- There's two more! - Didn't I tell you? Yeah, but look, you figure this is gonna take long, farley? Well, now, that's hard to say.
A day, maybe two, maybe a week, maybe never.
You know, I had this rat once, as big as a hedgehog.
He was bitin' some residents of a flophouse Over on 110th back in, '62.
Big sucker! I nicknamed him, "bohannon, the boss rat".
Hey, farley - Damn, Toby, I'm trying to tell them about bohannon.
But we're all out of traps, farley.
Well, why don't we go to the truck and get some, Toby? That's a good idea, farley.
You guys just hold the fort here, while me and Toby go to the truck.
Come on, Toby.
You know, you're embarrassing, Toby.
Y'know, I got three years of college, Neal.
I got two medals of valor, three citations for bravery, and after twelve years of dedicated service to my community, where do I find myself at the ripe old age of 36? I'm in some stinkin' ghetto boiler room Chaperoning the captain ahab of the rat kingdom and his retarded first mate.
Man man, did you know that f.
Scott Fitzgerald Wrote the great gatsby by the time he was 29? Man.
I remember this big fat, ugly rat grinnin' at me Through the slats of my crib when I was about two years old.
Ooh, man, I can't handle this, j.
Man, do you think this could really take a whole week? Man.
Ten million rodents in the big naked city, man.
Hell, trying to find one particular rat with a .
38 slug in his hindquarters That may take a month, and then some.
Take it easy, man.
It's over here.
Go go see.
I'm goin', I'm goin'.
Come on.
Eww, man, that's disgusting.
Man, that sucker's gotta weigh at least four pounds if an ounce.
Hey, man Neal What would you say if I told you that that's the bucker that got Daniels? Hey, man, I'd say you was daydreaming, babe.
I mean, that dude is clean in the hindquarters.
See? - Yeah.
- Yeah, he is.
- Look again, man.
- Yeah.
Frank, I know you're busy, so I'll make this fast and to the point.
It's about frank Jr.
Well, he came home early from school Tuesday and He kinda caught me au naturel, if you know what I mean.
Fay, you're his mother.
It's not the first time he's seen you like that.
It's the first time he's seen me like that with a naked judge.
Paul grogan? No, Sandra day o'Connor.
Of course it was Paul.
We didn't expect him for three hours.
But it seems that the furnace blew up at school and they sent the kids home early.
And, when he heard me screaming, he must have thought I was being attacked by a burglar or something and You were screaming? And he got that boomerang That you gave him for Christmas out of his toy box And then he came running into the bedroom.
God, frank, you should've seen the look on his little face when he saw it was Paul.
Well, darn it! Paul was having his rug shampooed and hotels are so expensive and Well, how was I to know that damn furnace would blow up? As I recall, fay, you ranted at me For a full week last year for a similar transgression.
That was different.
Don't you start with me, buster! You have absolutely no idea how difficult it is for a divorced mother To have a normal sexual relationship.
What with tucking them in at night, and getting them off to school in the morning And juggling babysitters You want me to have a talk with him? I don't think he's in any mood to talk.
I left over eight messages on his answering service and he hasn't returned one of them.
Frank Jr.
doesn't have an answering service, fay.
I meant Paul! You see, after frank Jr.
Hit him with the boomerang, he locked himself in the bathroom.
And Paul and I had a rather heated discussion on child rearing.
He's cut me out of his life, frank.
I'll tell you what.
I'll have a talk with frank Jr.
, you take care of his honor.
How? I can't even get him on the phone.
Well, can your insurance rates handle another traffic court appearance? Just kidding.
yeah, furillo.
Hold on a minute.
Fay, I really have a lot of work to do here.
I'm sure you'll think of something.
Hey, Mick.
Got an address on the rape suspect.
Take tataglia, coffey, bates, hill, as backups? Lieutenant goldblume.
He was waiting for me when I got home And he stopped me on the street, and That's when he showed me the knife.
It was like a hunting knife.
Did he pull out the blade, Mary? Did he take the knife out of the sheath? No, not really.
I mean, he didn't actually He just held it in front of me, really weird, like, and started talking.
He said that he bought it especially for me And how sharp it was, and how he was gonna give it to me sometime as a present.
And he just stared at me the whole time, kinda smiling, and said that it was gonna be a surprise.
He's gotta be locked up, lieutenant! Please! I mean, he wants to kill me! I know it! Mary, the d.
Would throw it out in two minutes.
He'd be out on the street in five, even angrier than he is now.
And I know you don't want that.
What can you do? I can have a talk with him.
You want me to talk to him? Just where'd you get your dang license, lady, at the bottom of some box of crunchy granola? Hello there, Mrs.
Come on, come on, come on.
Are you gonna give me a ticket or what? - No, ma'am.
I am not.
- Why not? I've had enough problems with your ex-husband today.
Now see, I'm sorta on his list this week, so if it's all the same to you, I'll just consider That light that you ran to still be Amber.
It was red, renko! I made an illegal left-hand turn between 4:00 and 7:00, and I made an illegal u-turn.
Now, come on, give me the ticket.
You want a ticket? Yes! Ma'am, may I ask you why it is that you would want a ticket? Because I want to go to court to fight it.
You want to go to court and fight it.
Well, how 'bout if I don't give you a ticket? Then you don't have to go to court and fight nothin'.
Listen, mister.
I got a 5:00 manicure.
So you just start writin' that ticket.
Richard Brady? Yeah? Lieutenant Henry goldblume.
Hill street.
Boy, one unpaid parking ticket, you guys send out the big guns.
I'm afraid it's a bit more serious than that, son.
I'd like to talk with you about Mary Hicks.
What about her? Is she all right? Well, actually, she's presently upset, Richard.
She's filed a complaint about you.
About me? I should've guessed.
You know, lieutenant, some girls really don't know how to handle rejection.
I moved out on her about two weeks ago? And ever since then, she's made life a living hell for me.
She's been calling me up at work, at home, even in the middle of the night.
According to miss Hicks, it was she who asked you to move out.
According to miss Hicks, you were harassing her.
Lemme tell you something, lieutenant.
Mary's a really nice girl, I mean that.
She's got some really fine qualities.
But telling the truth ain't one of 'em.
She said you stopped her in front of her house this afternoon And threatened her with a hunting knife.
And you believed that garbage? You want to know the truth? I stopped by her place for about two minutes To pick up this lousy light over here.
And when she started getting all weird with me, I-i split.
I'm telling you, man, the girl's a little warped upstairs.
I moved out on her.
Then there's no reason for you to be having any further contact with her.
Why don't you tell her that, pal? She's the one that's got the problem.
Thank you for your time, Richard.
Are you puttin' it to her? Is that it? Is she gettin' a little cop action on the side? - Just stay away from her! - You got grounds for an arrest, you go for it, pal.
Otherwise butt the hell out, you hear me? Somebody wanna get some cuffs out, please? You got him? Yeah.
First a wacky survivalist and now this What are we, the suicide squad? A piece of cake, luce.
The charges against you are significant, Mr.
petrakis, but your record's clean, and you've pretty much been a model citizen in a lot of ways.
I can probably get you probation and a fine Listen, they've confiscated my weapons.
I need my weapons.
Did you have permits for any of them? Permits? All right, what good is paper gonna be when people start Looting and burning the town halls? Your preliminary Is scheduled for 9:30 tomorrow morning with judge Marshall.
Listen, my life is in danger in this building.
Can't you see that? I mean You see You see, it's vulnerable to attack from the north side.
You see, they could they could come in the ducts.
All right, it's obvious that no one has planned for the unthinkable around here.
petrakis, you're charged with 15 felony counts, any one of which can put you in jail for a year.
If you cooperate with me, there's a chance you'll go home With nothing more than a slap on the wrist.
But if you insist on behaving the way you have been, if you keep talking on in rambling, paranoiac fantasies Do you know what's missing? Do you know what's missing in modern man? I'm gonna tell you what's missing in modern man Is not the will to survive But the very idea to survive.
Don't you s Okay, all right, all right, all right.
Let's just say you get in your car and you drive out to the desert.
It breaks down 30 miles from the nearest water.
It's 105 degrees in the shade.
And you have nothing with you but what you had in your pockets When you first got in your car.
All right, question: How do you survive? First, I'd stay with the car, wait for night.
Then I'd siphon off gasoline from the tank and set the spare on fire Nice black, oily smoke, just in case somebody might see it.
I wouldn't take cover from the sun in the car, too exposed.
I'd get under it.
Close it off with rags, sand, anything.
I'd save my urine to cool my exposed skin.
And do what I could to get some sleep.
At sundown, I'd tear the fabric off the car seats for protection against the night cold, then start cross-country using the north star as a guide.
I'd keep a nice, even pace, so I wouldn't get blisters Or maybe sprain an ankle in the dark.
Now you tell me, mister, what you're going to do To keep yourself alive in that courtroom tomorrow morning.
You're the first.
The first what? The first of 50 women Destined to perpetuate the species and save civilization as we know it.
You see, I have this refrigerator at home.
Get on down there! Move it! Get on down there, or I'll knock you in the face! The donleavy perpetrator? Yes, sir.
You people are batting a thousand today.
Thank you.
Larue! Howard? Chief, it was good to see you back out on the street, sir.
Thank you, Howard.
Feeling great.
I want to give your man an attaboy, frank.
Want to do it in front of you.
The man's stepped on his private parts so often, when he does something right we ought to Sir? Well Good for you, John larue.
Thank you, sir.
Did you follow the trail of blood? Was that how you found the The rat.
Yeah, yep.
Yeah, it was.
It was the one, definitely.
The sucker was limping like crazy.
I knew I winged the bugger! Excuse me.
We just got word from the health department, chief.
Ray, that cannot be an accurate report.
What report? The laboratory says that the rat that bit you Was rabid.
Rabid? It's highly unlikely.
Hydrophobia is the next thing to being eliminated.
In addition to which, it's only carried by creatures of the wild.
Unless this rodent was a commuter.
The laboratory says you are to begin injections immediately, chief.
- Time is very important.
- Injections? It used to be fourteen of them, right into the solar plexus, with a needle about that long It was like a pole vault! Howard.
Of course, things may have improved by now.
Hate needles.
Ever since I was a little boy.
Well, that's my point.
They should re-autopsy that rat.
I mean, putting a man like this through that sort of pain Where am I supposed to go? They have taken the vaccine to your doctor.
He's waiting for you at his office.
Well, better safe than sorry.
Helluva note, frank? Helluva note, chief.
You saved my life, larue.
My pleasure, sir.
Check your gun, lieutenant? Hear you got that rape pinch here? Yes, sir.
Hi, Jack.
You got him, frank? Yeah, we got him.
Just give the whole thing to Phil.
All right.
Hi, Jack.
He give you a fight? A little bit.
How's Kathleen feeling? She's had a shock, she's had a trauma.
Why don't you stay with her, Jack? There's nothing for you here.
We've both had a trauma.
That's what father Driscoll tries to explain.
We've had an assault on our flesh and our spirit.
It's gonna take us time to get over it.
How long has it been since you've slept? This is a beautiful girl.
This was a beautiful girl.
I could show you communion pictures, you'd say "who's that little angel?" Seriously.
No, I'm serious, frank.
You'd say, "who's that little angel there?" Why don't you go home, Jack? Yeah, I gotta go.
I'm not any good to her without my strength.
That's right.
That's what the father wants me to realize.
What? What? Put 'em down.
- My keys! - God, it's the survivor.
The poor jerk shot the wrong guy.
Hey, how 'bout that survivalist guy? Petrakis? You know, it's like one time, we went to visit my uncle's grave, a couple of stones down, there was this inscription, "now will you believe I'm sick?" What's the connection? This guy's telling everybody how dangerous life is, and he gets blown away in jail.
Cut it out! You know what I'm talkin' about.
All you do is Thank you.
So, what do you think? You like the place? It's nice.
Well yeah, it's the place to go.
Have a few brewskis.
Ooh! I ordered rye.
She gave me the wrong shot.
She's kinda the Jack donleavy of barmaids? Is that your idea of a sense of humor? That was funny.
I mean, that's a real sick remark.
Okay, but funny.
Hey, does belker ever come in here? No.
No, he pretty much keeps to himself.
Hey, what's doin'? Hi, Mick.
Hey! How're ya doin'? Sit down.
You want a drink? Yeah! I'll have a beer.
She'll be right back.
Hey, Robin.
I told you this was a great place? We got a quorum now? How 'you doing? - Good.
- Hey, angel, another draw over here! 6:00.
Where do you want it? Look, maybe I got a little excited this mornin', you know? And maybe you being a cop and all, I coulda figured some way to eat that ticket.
Look, I got a problem, Mr.
I'm trying to get my emotional age up to the double digits.
Hey, when do you wet yourself? When do you tell me about your bad heart? I'm trying to get us disengaged.
Listen, you're a fat-mouth faggot and I'm gonna take your head off.
One of these days I'm gonna learn how to offend a better class of people.
You suckered me, man.
Yeah? Tell me about it.
Write me a letter.
All right, country.
You want to give me another ticket? Frank? I've been invited to interview for a job.
What is it? With the justice department.
I have to fly down to Washington tomorrow afternoon.
It's kind of sudden, isn't it? It only just came up this morning.
Clark's very excited about it.
He says they have to fill the position by Monday.
I wasn't sure I could work out the logistics.
In a ghoulish way, that poor survivalist getting killed cleared the decks for me.
Who's Clark? I told you about him.
He taught me procedure in law school.
Remember? Yeah, I think so.
You must've made quite an impression on him.
For him to keep you in mind all this time.
Actually, it was the other way around.
I think every girl in the class had a crush on him.
Was the crush reciprocated? You're jealous.
He was married.
Is he still? What? Married.
I didn't ask.
It didn't come up.
I just wish you hadn't sprung it on me like this.
Frank, it only just happened.
Well, what if you get the job? I'm not going to do anything until I talk it over with you first, pizza man.
Probably won't get it, anyway.
Probably will.

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