Hill Street Blues (1981) s03e20 Episode Script

Spotlight on Rico

Give me an order, lieutenant.
Kiss me, nurse wolfowitz.
Previously on hill street blues The officer goes into the cell And then he chokes him.
I swear, captain, I never touched the guy.
I'm pregnant, frank.
Paul grogan.
Do you each promise to love.
And comfort one another.
In sickness as well as in health? We will.
We do.
Frank, how could you do this to me? What's the matter, sal? You can't hit someone when they say you're funny? D dum dum-dum-dum d.
Hey! Spotlight on rico.
And now, tonight, on hill street blues.
You're gonna make it.
You're in your 53rd hour.
Aah! Frank, I'm processing detective benedetto's.
Temporary transfer to your precinct.
I thought you and I.
Might try living together.
I don't think so, Howard.
Excuse me? T.
Had a knife, and he threw it in a room when he ran.
The murder in the shelter, Franklin.
I don't know anything about the murder.
I'm a very old man.
Come on, hold this thing up.
I can't see the damn th! All right.
Item six.
Hey, didn't that guy used to sing back-up for Frankie valli? Will someone calmly inform Leo.
About the condition of his charge? Thanks, Bobby.
All right, item six, people.
Now, we'll jump ahead of police business.
To address the contents of your pay envelopes.
I wish you would.
In which I have two statements to read.
From city treasurer fuzco.
"The irresponsible behavior of certain city councilmen "has forced the city to issue promissory vouchers.
In lieu of salary checks.
" All we do is make ourselves miserable chewing on this.
Every everything I hear suggests the impasse.
At city council should be resolved.
In the next 24 hours.
In the meantime, there's a list.
On the upstairs board of supermarkets.
Which are extending credit to city employees.
Another piece of Lawrence "buddy" gennett.
Has surfaced behind Antonio's pizza disco.
In the ferry last P.
Now, this makes an even dozen segments.
Of Mr.
gennett to make gift-wrapped.
Post-mortem appearance.
Now, since pieces three, five, and eleven.
Surfaced here on the hill, said discovery may have.
Local implication.
Press speculation about the involvement.
Of one Roland Simone.
Of mid-town notwithstanding.
With vouchers, but it was parked on the street.
Was not in the red.
There wasn't there wasn't.
Signs posted anywhere.
Is this something we can all appreciate, Robert? They towed his car away, sir.
There's a visit today from James willett frame.
He's the American sales representative.
Of coldwell and lewiston armors, limited.
Show him the weapons line at roll call.
Shortly after we adjourn.
Sign up sheets posted.
Clear your availability.
With yours truly or lieutenant calletano.
Now, the lieutenant announces the debut today.
Of operation "cop tip.
" Now, this is a citizen participation program.
Underwritten by radio station w.
Paying $25 a throw.
For information leading to arrests.
I understand.
Our pay situation.
Would prompt.
A gloomy outlook, but as a last item, let's note on the other side of the ledger.
This wonderful spring day.
55 degrees at 6:50 am.
With the promise of 72.
A cloudless sky.
Sap rising, even in old trunks like this one.
Now, it's a good day to be alive, even with an empty pay envelope.
Of course, this improved weather brings.
Concurrent rises in youthful transgressions, public intoxications, and stoopside drama.
Patrols are advised.
All right.
That's it.
Let's roll.
Hey, hey, hey-hey! Let's be careful out there.
Look, rico, now, where's my.
If I don't pick up my car by 10:00, they're gonna charge me for an extra day.
Bobby hill, do you realize.
Can be directly traced to the distraction.
And interruption of a daily routine? Bill, your boy downstairs.
Is having some real problems.
He's in the home stretch.
He's in his third day.
Thank you.
He's gonna make it.
You know, you're living a dream-world, pal.
First time that kid breaks a shoelace, he's right back on the stuff.
How's your glass house, j.
? What's that supposed to mean? Figure it out.
Come on.
There was turtles.
They was coming out of my chest.
Those aren't real.
These were real.
Whoa Okay.
Big ones.
Not like the crown of war.
Like the ocean.
It's all right.
It's okay.
No I don't think so, man.
I don't think so.
You're gonna make it.
You're in your 53rd hour.
It hurts too much.
It it's in my bones.
53rd hour.
Home stretch.
Bet on me.
Bet on me.
What, you don't want me behind you? Friend of mine got cold-cocked that way.
Yeah, my sap slipped.
I'm gonna be up here a little while.
Why? Got some work to do.
Look, I kicked a few butts in my time, and I had my butt kicked? We're gonna be in the same tent, I want you to know I'm okay.
With what happened.
Which, I don't know why you wouldn't be, since you cleaned my clock.
So where's that leave us, Mr.
benedetto? Scooter-demon.
You tell me.
I'm thinking about it.
You want a free shot? Maybe some time at night.
When your back's turned.
Andrew, Bobby.
Homicide at the Butler mass shelter.
See what you did, renko? Hey, country.
Look, I got some work to do here.
I don't wanna be worrying about my back.
Don't worry about your back, pal.
Worry about your personality.
Frank, I'm processing detective benedetto's.
Temporary transfer to your precinct.
He's come up with a plan to implicate.
Roland Simone in a major drug situation.
Simone's a loan shark down in mid-town.
Simone's an embarrassment to this entire city.
He's bankrolled a lot of other action.
They just found piece 12 of buddy gennett.
And I'm determined to stop him.
The detective's proposal couldn't have been more timely.
Now, it routes through the hill.
He'll fill you in on all the details.
He's to get full cooperation, frank.
Gee, my phone must've been out of order.
If I wanted you at this meeting, Jerry, you would've been notified.
Is this about rollie Simone? The plan that I called you about? With my detective? And I was grateful for the input.
It's my best judgment, however, Jerry.
Implementation should come through this office.
Your detective's been re-assigned.
You're not gonna give me joint venture.
I wouldn't think you'd be bringing up joint venture.
Not with Stan mizell's egg still on all our faces.
Look, if you're gonna kill my career, do it all at once.
Don't piece me out! Don't buddy gennett me! Do you really think this is an appropriate place.
For a career counseling session, captain? Ride downtown with me.
How are your people on this voucher situation? All right.
So far.
No nonsense while you're up on the hill, benedetto.
Understand? No pool.
No over-and-under.
No garbage about gennett's body.
Gotcha, captain.
Guess him and the chief aren't getting along.
Just run it down.
We, busted 20 keys of soda.
In midtown a couple months ago.
Simone had to be the banker, but there's no way to make him.
Now, I want him to think he's holding paper on a cop.
Make an approach, get the stuff back.
It's in the midtown property room.
Why? Hey, Simone's no dope, captain.
Midtown cop approaches him, he's gonna smell a rat.
There's a shylock up there, this, mouse feldstein.
" I'm gonna pop him.
Have him sell his loans to Simone.
Then we run in the cop's note with the rest of the paper.
Cop should preferably be colored.
That's most of mo's clients.
This kid hill's got guts.
Hill's a motor patrolman.
He doesn't know anything.
About detective work.
You'll work with Neal Washington.
Whatever's right.
I know what you did to officer renko, detective, and I know what officer hill did to you.
Yeah, well, everything's okay.
I squared with both of 'em.
That's not the point.
If you were on my roster, you'd've been out the next day.
We don't have any wild west show up here, and we don't have any freelancers.
You operate under this precinct, you're gonna clear procedure, and you're gonna go by the book.
Understood? Gotcha.
That's the "b" answer.
The "a" answer is "yes, captain.
" Neal? No.
Just Neal, j.
Would've taken two minutes to pick up my car.
Take it easy, we're on a homicide call here, pal.
So where's he going? Nobody's gonna charge him.
For an extra day.
Scotty! Hey, pal.
This guy's in some kind of trance over here.
Something T.
Killed him.
He ran off.
Okay, buddy, we're gonna have to frisk you here now.
Had a knife, and he threw it in a room when he ran.
Who is t.
? He is in the back.
Get away from here, because he's crazy.
And he said the old man took his Take it easy.
Hey, where's wash? Doin' a run, but with sal benedetto.
How the hell would I know? What does this guy look like, all right? He has A blue windbreaker.
And he has blue eyes.
And he has a cool mouth.
Hey, hey buddy.
Come here.
Come here.
Do you know this guy? I've seen him.
What about this guy "t.
" He's yelling about? Look, I don't know.
You know, they're bums.
They come and they go.
I don't know, maybe.
All right.
Hey, you.
What's your name? Buddy, come on, come on.
What's your name? Reggie.
All right now.
Let me see some I.
, okay, Reggie? He doesn't have anything, j.
Just a piece of gum.
He doesn't even have a wallet.
Okay, now Reggie, look.
What you're gonna do here, okay? You're gonna go to the station.
With me and my friends, okay? You got him? Yeah.
Renko? Let's go look for that knife? Okay.
All right, Reggie.
I gotta put these handcuffs on you, buddy.
That's okay.
I don't wanna be here.
Because he might come back.
And now for the piece de resistance.
Gentlemen, I would like you to meet.
Coldwell and lewiston's.
Now, that's cute.
Looks like my cousin Judas h.
I hope you like.
He's on a promotional loan to your department.
For the next two weeks.
Well, what exactly does he do? Tk4600.
Can be programmed for any number of tasks.
Primarily, his function is surveillance.
Particularly handy in hostage situations.
It's completely bullet-proof.
We send it to an area where an officer.
Is likely to be grossly endangered.
I see, James.
Now, what does he do once he's there? First of all, the chest cavity.
Contains a dual two-way stereo speaker system.
Enabling you to, initiate.
A dialogue with a suspect.
Now, thereby eliminating you having to rely upon.
Telephonic means of communications.
Dialogue failing, there's a 45mm turret.
In the arm extender.
And for particularly.
Nasty chaps, a flamethrower here.
Now, let us suppose.
You have a hostage situation.
In your basement holding facility.
You would send tk into the area.
Using this control like so.
Off you go.
Now, you see, the device also contains.
A hidden video camera, which transmits an image to this screen.
Giving you an instant summation of the situation.
The number of hostages in relation to suspects.
And areas Don't send the turtles! No, don't send the turtles.
I gave it to poe.
I gave the stuff to poe, come on! I've been banking with you people for nine years.
You can't cover my check for two days? Yeah, well, I think your policy stinks.
Okay, fella, again.
What did t.
Stand for? How is it you know him? Hey, hey.
I asked you.
How is it you know him? Look, you want me to just kind of.
Skip ahead to the hundred-dollar questions? Problem here? Yeah, we got.
A possible suspect of murder here, captain.
Some guy named t.
Stabbed this other character, and dumped the knife on the premises.
We haven't found either one of 'em yet.
His record's clean as far as the name he gave us.
But I'm running his prints.
Now, you ask me.
He's our man.
We need to get the weapon.
I'd like a lawyer.
Davenport's up here.
Maybe she's available.
Hill? Escort the man to interrogation.
And sit with him until she gets here, okay? Sorry, babe, but I'm hooked up with benedetto.
For the next couple of days.
What? What? Hey, what're you talking about? Some loan shark busted out of midtown.
They just needed some local color.
That's all.
Man, benedetto's a slime.
Come on, man, I wouldn't trust that clown.
As far as I could throw him.
Hey, hey, look.
I gotta run, babe.
Talk with you later.
Hey where the hell.
Does that leave me for the rest of the week? We've gotten our first dozen calls.
On the "cop tip" line, j.
I'd like you and belker to check them out.
What? Me and belker? Yes.
I wanna know right now, frank.
What's he gonna call her? Call who? Now, he can call her Joyce.
He can call her Ms.
He can call her auntie Joyce.
He can call her wonder woman for all I care.
But I will not let my son call her mom.
Now, is that understood? I will not.
Could we just.
Start from square one? Could you tell me what happened? Frank Jr.
wants to move in with his new mother, as he chooses to call her.
I caught him sneaking out of the apartment.
This morning with two suitcases.
And all his video game cassettes.
I see.
Did you have some kind of argument? No.
It just came out of nowhere.
Maybe he feels that if you're entitled to another child, he's entitled to another mother.
You think that's it? I mean, really? You think maybe he's just jealous? Well, that could be part of it, fay.
You're gonna have to let him find a place.
For Joyce inside himself.
I mean, without changing his love for you in any way.
I know, frank.
I mean, she's his step-mother now.
I know, but I just don't want him to call her mommy.
He shouldn't, and he won't.
Um, also I think maybe the three of us should get together and, lay down some guidelines.
Two against one.
All right.
Maybe just the two of you.
But you're gonna have to get together.
And come to terms sooner or later.
She can call me.
I'm in the book.
Under furillo.
Or I'll call her.
Faye Nothing like one in the oven.
To bring a flush to the old cheek.
Beckon, mother earth.
Stick it, Howard.
Pregnant women, they're They're hormones run amok.
What can I do for you, Howard? I'd like an extra half-hour for lunch, old sport.
No problem.
I'm having lunch with Linda wolfowitz.
It may be a significant repair, frank.
You gonna propose? Well, I don't exclude that possibility.
I thought I would broach co-habitation.
To begin with counselor? Lieutenant.
Frank, do you have a moment? Marriage agrees with you.
Thank you.
It's important.
I want you to meet Franklin butterbaum.
He's a teacher.
He's 82 years old.
Joyce tell him about t.
And the murder.
J Was a wicked, wicked boy.
He was a bully.
And there were times In the past 20 minutes, I've talked.
To a black prostitute named angel, a computer programmer named Ruth, and now a retired schoolteacher.
From west Texas.
They all saw the murder.
They all this t.
In one way or another, and they're all scared to death of him.
At first, I thought it was a put-on.
How did it happen, Franklin? The murder? I don't know anything about the murder.
I'm a very old man.
Please leave me alone.
What happened to the knife? I don't know.
He He Jimmy knows.
He might tell you.
He's much stronger than I am.
We'd like to talk to Jimmy, Franklin.
Can you help us do that? No.
Jimmy? Jimmy? With a "v.
" What happened to the knife, Jimmy? Hey, what's with the knife? Everybody wants to know about the knife.
You saw t.
Put the knife somewhere? Yeah, maybe.
Are you as afraid of t.
As the others? Hey.
Yeah, my life's not rough enough as it is.
Without you guys all over my back? Jimmy.
Could we talk to t.
? Well.
Frank? Is that an act or what? I've read about multiple personality disorders before, but that's the first time I've ever seen one.
I'm phoning county medical.
We'll give them custody until the arraignment.
Even if it's an act, it's way out of our league.
Excuse me, gentlemen, but aren't you.
Jumping the gun here? There's no conclusive evidence tying him to the murder.
We have to find that knife.
You got my car.
License and make.
'81 Camaro.
142 ohg.
It's 90 bucks.
No checks.
It's $25 for the ticket.
$65 for the tow.
My bank's all the way across town.
You're telling me you're cops, you don't know.
We don't take checks? You ever listen.
To that radio, mister? We didn't get paid today.
We got vouchers.
Let me just give you a check.
By the time it gets to my bank, the money will be there.
Hey, Marty, it's getting deep in here.
You'd better bring me my boots.
I'm tapped.
You understand? I'll make the check good.
Just give me a little more time.
Yeah, like when we need some help from you, and what do we get? We're private.
We're on contract.
You know, you guys are really scum.
You're the scum of the earth.
You may be getting off.
On your little bureaucratic parlor trip here, but as far as I'm concerned You're nothing but a Between your ears! Hey.
I'm real upset.
I'm gonna have to see my therapist.
I gotta get out of here, renko.
Hey, no offense, Washington.
I just hate to see a smart guy like yourself.
Stuck with a derelict.
Larue's got a few rough edges.
So what? I know guys in midtown vice.
Take his career bio to the head for.
Light reading material.
Suspensions, 502's.
Bottle problems.
You take away the rough edges.
All you got's a fake rolex and a cheap pair of loafers.
Come on.
What do you want? You, feldstein.
Open the door.
Detectives Washington and benedetto, Mr.
We got a warrant.
Just open the door, you little geek.
Show me the warrant.
Come on, show me.
You really wanna see the warrant, Mr.
feldstein? Yeah.
Yeah, I wanna see the warrant.
All right.
Here's your warrant, moe.
Come on.
Hold the thing up.
I can't see the damn th My nose! You're crazy, you're killin' All right, let's see here.
Well, it says something about usury.
I think that means loan sharking, moe.
And, something else about Man, I can't quite make this out.
You know? It's something about.
Utilizing the public utilities.
In the commission of a felony.
What the hell's wrong with you, man? I'm just getting the guy's attention is all.
Please, come on.
Let go! Hey, look, I'm sorry I'm taking so long, moe, but the light, it's not so good out here.
You know what I mean? Yeah.
Yeah, see, I got the door open, okay? Please, let go! Hey, sal's little helpers.
You creep! You're an animal! What do you want from me? Nice place you got here, moe.
We're gonna have to take you down to station, Mr.
Well, what do we got here? Let's see.
A big mess.
That's what we got.
Hey, you don't mind if we take your paper along, do you, moe? Can I help you gentlemen, or are you just browsing? Is this your arm-buster, moe? Or is the circus just in town? I got it covered, Crockett.
Catch you later.
Crockett? You're Sonny Crockett? No, I'm Martin Luther King.
Hey, whoever you are.
I think you entered the wrong premises.
The toilet's down the hall.
Go on, take a walk.
Good idea.
Freeze! Man's dead.
Yeah, I knew something was wrong with him.
Thanks, my man.
You just saved my butt.
No problem.
Hey, moe? You got any rope? Wanna tie the guy to the center of my car.
Gonna mount the fat slob on my wall.
Hey, that's a joke, moe.
A joke? Relax a minute.
I'm gonna drop a dime downtown, and then we're gonna get my partner here.
Over to emergency.
Isn't this delightful? Linda, let me speak directly to the point.
How did chaucer put it? "When that aprill, with his shoures soote, the droghte of march had perced to the roote.
" Howard? You were going to get.
Straight to the point.
Well, I'm not a young man, Linda.
But my fancy's.
Turned to love.
More specifically, I was thinking that you and I might attempt.
A more intimate.
Domestic arrangement.
I thought you and I.
Might try living together.
I don't think so, Howard.
Excuse me? No.
I in fact, I think we should reconsider everything.
I I think we should stop seeing each other.
Or we could leave things exactly as they are.
Howard? You have so many Some wonderful, wonderful qualities.
But we just aren't compatible.
You're angry at me.
I'm not angry at you.
No, I'm angry at myself.
Because I let things go on so long.
I'm always like that, Howard.
I store up my grievances.
Or perhaps we could Work together to improve ourselves.
I I can't make a life with a man so Myopic.
Howard, you have your interests, and that's it.
I mean, no one cares about the longevity.
Of the m-16 as a weapon of war.
Certainly not my parents.
I mean, they don't want to see your Magnum .
That was months ago.
Howard, do you realize.
At the hospital Christmas party, we began with 14 people at our table, and ended up with you, me, and the history.
Of fidel Castro's mountain campaign.
Well, I can't help having.
A grudging admiration for that brigand.
I That's not the point.
I see that.
It doesn't matter.
Is there someone else? Well, I'm seeing someone, but I can't tell how serious.
That's going to become.
A doctor? A urologist.
Jewish? It so happens.
But, Howard, that isn't why.
I'm so sorry.
That this is ending like this.
You're such a good, sweet man.
I'm gonna get my lenses checked.
You guys wanna tell me what this is all about? Simple, moe.
You're gonna retire.
You can make your own arrangements in Florida, or we could put you on the group plan upstate.
This is a nickel beef.
You're telling me I'm gonna go to jail? You can count on it, moe-ski.
Three years, 36 months.
And you ain't no chicken no more, baby.
Hey, fellas, I'm just a b-team player in this racket.
Come on, what're you picking on me for? We want you to call rollie Simone, moe.
Want you to sell him your paper.
No way.
I'm not setting up rollie Simone.
For no police action.
What, do you think I'm crazy? Life could get real tense on the home front, moe.
You got kids in college? A wife who plays mahjong.
Look, I'm gonna do it We think you're smart, mouse.
We think you know when you're all done.
And the best way to get out of the game.
Simone's a smart cookie.
Now, he knows this guy you shot, this rocket, maybe he worked for me.
He hears rocket's dead, he's gonna know I'm jammed up.
He won't come near me with a fork.
Simone ain't gonna know Crockett's dead.
Unless you tell him, moe.
We're putting Crockett on the stiff train.
No one's gonna know he's dead for 48 hours, moe.
Now, you sell Simone your paper, you get out of dodge, you're in great shape.
I just know you're the kind of guy.
Who's saved a few bucks, mouse? Hey, I'll be lucky if he gives me 40 cents on the dollar.
Hey, we're gonna take care of you, moe.
And a loan for 28 grand.
Make the paper out to me, okay? And when rollie asks about it, you be sure and tell him.
Washington's a narcotics cop.
With money problems and a bad habit.
Whatever you sell that paper for is yours.
Look, you know I've been good to you people.
I mean, I loan cops at half-fig all the time.
Look look here, cops on the hill? Bobby hill? Julio Sanchez? Bobby hill? Yeah, I loaned him four yards.
He was having some family problems.
Let's make a phone call, moe.
Come on, rhoda.
Yeah, come on.
Forget about it.
Watch this.
Aah! What are you doing over here with that thing? You have burnt both my legs! I'm sorry, lieutenant.
Bates! I didn't Bates, have you read the manual on this device? No, I haven't you think this is.
Some kind of a toy for you to play with? Judas h.
Do you know that the predecessors.
Of the tk4600.
Have soft-landed on Mars? Low-rent, anthropomorphizing.
Get that thing away from me! I'm gonna remember that chump stink.
I'm gonna remember him 'cause if I ever pull him over, if I ever get him in my car, I'm gonna put him through cop hell.
What's up? Aw, this I have never seen this individual.
As angry as I have just seen him.
This is what happens when you let someone I didn't let anybody tow my car away.
Hey, Bobby, what? You got tow problems? Yeah.
Why didn't you say something? Kaminski's on 137th, right? Yeah.
Hey, stick? Sal.
Listen, I got a friend.
Whose car's tied up at your place.
Yeah, it's Camaro hey, shut up! A Camaro.
142 ohg.
You got that? Yeah.
Well, I want you.
To cancel the papers on that and get it over.
To hill street station.
Look, slob-face, you don't give me that.
I wanna see the car parked out in front in 20 minutes.
And I want you to drive it over here personally.
You got it.
It's on the way.
All right, let's move.
Crockett's in the morgue under a John Doe.
We have a promise they'll keep him.
For as long as we need to finish with Simone.
The officer involved is going along so far.
Yeah come on, Jerry.
I heard that song this morning.
We'll keep you informed.
Captain? Bobby, I don't know why you borrowed $400 from moe feldstein.
But I'm obligated to tell you three things.
First, you're party to a criminal act.
Second, the fact that he's a loan shark.
Only makes the problem worse.
And third, it's against the rules.
Of this precinct and my own ideas.
On how an officer ought to conduct himself.
Captain, I had some problems in my family.
The bank wouldn't give me a buck, and I had no other choice.
I'm not kidding myself, Bobby.
I know cops.
Go to shylocks.
But they leave themselves.
And the force open to coercion and blackmail.
It was the first time.
I wasn't gonna do it again.
Well, the second time's always a lot easier.
And usually for a bigger amount.
I get the picture.
Because if it happens again, I'm gonna have to let you go.
That's all.
Reggie? They're gonna take you to county medical.
I think you'd be more comfortable down there.
Aah! Hold it! Easy! T.
! T.
! T.
! Get away.
Get away.
Put the stick down, t.
There's nowhere to go.
God, I'm so thirsty.
Someone get him a glass of water, okay? God, I'm so Thirsty.
Here you go.
Man T.
'S dead.
He drank poison.
My name's Pete.
I can't see.
I I've been blind since birth.
I know where the knife is.
There's a loose board in the corridor.
It lifts up.
The knife's underneath it.
I heard t.
Put it under the board, you see? He didn't realize.
That I could hear him hiding the weapon.
My name's Pete.
And I can't see.
Come on, Pete.
Neal and that fat greaseball benedetto.
Score a major coup.
We get a walking tour of Said this was gonna be the French connection, let's just follow up the rest of their tips.
And get it over with.
Tips? You call these tips? We got one self-confessed jaywalker.
A guilt-ridden hairdresser who stole.
A shopping cart five years ago.
Don't forget the speed freak.
With the hot lead on the whereabouts.
Of Patty hearst.
Belker, what the hell are you eating? Bermuda onion and liverwurst.
Yeah, well it smells more like Bermuda onion.
And dead rat.
No wonder you work alone.
Nobody in his right mind could stand to be around you.
Stop the car.
What? Over two hookers.
In a cat-fight? Come on, you gotta One of 'em's got a straight razor, stop the car! Help! Let her go! Come here! Drop the knife! Drop it! Drop it! Drop it! Shut your face and move! Belker! Look at this! $200.
I wore it twice.
You're gonna pay for it, you little twerp.
Yeah, I'm straight.
I'm down.
How's it feel? It's like a like a train run over my head.
Yeah, eat something.
Maybe you'll feel.
A little better.
Hey, you know something, Leo? Last time I was down.
Was 1977.
It's 1983.
Yeah, right.
Hey This ain't no day at the beach, man.
No, it's not.
Staying straight's.
No picnic either, rico.
1983, man.
I did it, didn't I? I'm clean, man.
I wanna thank you, bro.
I wanna thank you, see? Thank you, Leo.
Paragraph one-one.
Summary of functions and operations.
Tk4600 is a motorized.
Prehensile tractor device capable of performing.
Hazardous operations.
Independent of physical contact.
I don't understand it.
I just can't open up around people.
Inside, I am bursting.
With affability, affection, and good humor.
But when it comes time to show it, it just Dies.
I don't know what to do.
Looks like you and I are cut from the same block.
Of non-ferrous material, old pal.
We'll never get to feel.
The warm sensitive touch.
Of another human being.
All I want is to want to be with Is that asking too much? What do you know, rollie? I'm good, mouse.
How do you feel? I'm a sick man.
I got, like, this This fist on top of my stomach, y'know? Don't fool with it.
Go get it looked at.
He looked at it.
Gave me orders.
Your doc? That's what I called you for.
I'm telling you, the doc ordered me.
I gotta get out.
Calm down.
Calm down.
He said nothing.
Moe's I got 118,000 in paper.
Make me a price.
All my dough's on the street, moe.
Best I can do is 15 cents on the buck.
You're gonna give me 17 and change for 188,000? What're you, a sick man? I love it.
It's all on the street, moe.
That's the best I can do.
I gotta get 60 cents.
Come on.
20 cents.
Best I can do.
Give me 40 cents.
I'll stop being a sick individual.
Can't make it, moe.
You know the last thing my old man told me? Don't try to squeeze the last dollar.
Out of a situation.
You make too many people mad.
20 cents? I'd rather stay sick than stay in the trouble I'm in.
26 cents, and that's good night, mouse.
Come on, mouse.
When do I get the cash? When I get the paper.
I'll meet you in an hour.
Hope you get a heart attack, you Guinea creep.
What's your name? Bill.
Nice name, bill.
You come here before? No, never.
Well, bill.
You like oriental girls? Yes, very much.
Very feminine oriental girls.
Indeed, of the three great races, the asiatic aah.
No like feet? Like feet.
Much tension in the feet.
Get out now.
You vietnamese? Yeah.
How you know? I served in the army.
For three years there.
I'm from tan binh.
Near da nang.
Really? I was stationed in da nang.
You know annam Pearl restaurant? My mother used to work in there.
Your mother worked in annam Pearl? Was your mother sue? Not sue.
Still, it's amazing.
What a world.
What's your name? Colette.
You wanna do front side now? Colette.
Well, Colette.
Some days, I miss Vietnam.
Very much.
I know.
Me too.
That was a country too beautiful.
To have a war in.
Do you remember those big white birds.
That used to fly over the rice fields.
Just before sunset? Yes.
Do you know what kind they were? No.
All I remember.
Is that they used to Swoop and glide, the whole group.
And at that moment, they were like.
The only sounds and movements.
In the world.
I remember asking myself, "how could a country at war "be so silent? How could it still have birds?" What's the matter? So stupid.
I'm homesick.
I'd like to go back and conquer.
That whole country for you, Colette.
Beat those commie geeks back to Hanoi.
What do you want from me now, sal? You ripped my nose off.
You deprived me of my livelihood.
Now you call me at 2: 00 at night.
What's left? You wanna break my heart? I wanna apologize, moe.
You owe me.
I took a a bloodbath today.
I didn't even clear enough to pay for the plane ticket.
To Miami.
Moe, don't worry about a thing.

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