Hill Street Blues (1981) s03e21 Episode Script

Buddy, Can You Spare a Heart?

Last time I was down was 1977.
It's 1983.
I thought you and I might try living together.
I don't think so, Howard.
Simone's a loan shark down in mid-town.
Simone's an embarrassment to this entire city.
He's bankrolling a lot of other action Dope, death.
They just found piece 12 of buddy jennette.
They want you to call rollie Simone.
Want you to sell him your paper.
Had a loan for 28 grand.
Make the paper out to me.
- What's your name? - Bill.
Nice name, bill.
What's the matter, captain? It's your father.
He passed away.
The murder in the shelter, Franklin.
I don't know anything about the murder.
I'm a very old man.
Get away from me! Get away from me! You owe me.
And now tonight on hill street blues.
Lordy, mama.
I have died and gone to heaven.
What does this look like to you? Stolen property.
When we made the funeral arrangements, your company promised me a flame that would never go out.
I wouldn't want to be responsible.
For making someone as lovely as yourself.
Feel anything other than wonderful.
No way you're going to make that nut.
Without doing something illegal, which, if you're going to do something wrong, don't make it a nickel shot.
Collette, I would very much like to take you to dinner this evening.
Kill him! Go ahead, kill him! You've got your guns.
Kill him! Item 12, with regards to paychecks, which I'm afraid none of us will be cashing today, people.
What can I tell you? Councilman langella's filibuster.
Against the city budget compromise.
Is now in its 63rd hour.
With neither voluntary withdrawal.
Nor heart attack considered imminent.
What about assassination? Yeah! It is being voted on as we speak.
Mayor d'Angelo, you'll be pleased to learn, applauds our "valorous devotion to duty in this crisis.
" Yeah, eat this, Mario.
Item 13, on only a slightly less gory note.
Package 14 containing Mr.
Jennette's left forearm and hand, was discovered in a phone booth on Plymouth last evening.
Yeah, trying to make a call.
For those of your keeping score, detective benedetto, in the tradition of the great Italian masters of the past, has contributed the following.
Richie, give me a hand with this.
The The shaded areas mean it's still out there.
People, while I sternly remind you.
Of the laws of this country against gaming.
Detective benedetto has asked me to pass along.
The following data, which he assures me is for news information only.
Single action play on particular organs and extremities.
Is still available.
On the over-and-under, 18 is the dead number.
A 5-1 is being offered.
On total packages.
Recovered by June first.
- Give me 20 on the heart.
- Springtime, love it.
Moving right along, item 14 The population of county psychiatric.
Was reduced by about 37 yesterday morning.
When our multiple personality guy.
Of a couple of days ago, Reggie, also known as t.
, also known as etc.
, etc.
, escaped.
Ergo all radio motor patrol units.
To be on the lookout.
Vicinity of men's shelter.
On 133rd street flophouse.
All right, that's it.
Let's roll.
And hey, hey, hey, hey! Let's be careful out there.
All right, the pancreas stays 1-1.
Liver's still out there.
Both the feet.
Five dollars here says it's going to be the waist.
The waist? Where did you learn biology? Never mind.
Ten dollars on the heart.
I love it.
The romantic.
The next thing to show up is going to be the heart.
What, are you mad at Marie? Just trust me, okay? I ain't standing around here for the climate.
Got no takers on the pancreas? - You got it.
- Five dollars on the heart.
Ooh, another one.
What is this, Valentine's day? Hey, Leo.
Rico, where you been? I was starting to worry.
I slept over at my sister's place.
It's okay.
I'm making it.
Every hour gets easier, you know? Good.
Come with me.
I've got something for you to do today.
I'm going to put you on a desk.
Hey, all right.
You know, I always wanted a desk job.
Andy, go for the third stall.
The latch is broken.
It came up in conversation.
Don't look in the mirror.
You're too ugly.
Don't look underneath there.
Move a little bit to the right.
All right, boys and girls, let's see what's behind door number three.
Very funny, you sick jerk.
Watch out! I sure hope we get a lot of calls today.
Because there ain't nothing I'd rather be doing.
Than running around this city.
After dangerous criminals.
With out the benefit of one red centavo.
I know, renko.
The way things going these days, I guess we're lucky it's only temporary.
Temporary is not putting pork and beans on my table.
Temporary is not paying my utility bills.
And putting gas in my hog.
Temporary is Well, look at this.
Look at this.
202 north on Jefferson, - in pursuit of foot suspect.
- Look at that man run.
Let him turn, let him turn.
Go for him.
Go for him.
Okay, buddy.
Hold it right there.
Hey, I said hold it! Wait a minute.
Freeze! Dang! Come back here! That sucker.
Lordy mama, I have died and gone to heaven.
What do you think this is? Looks like stolen property.
To me it looks like unclaimed currency.
Look at this.
"Corman, 327 dollar box.
" "Junior, 365, 50-cent straight.
" Now, you know as well as I do.
That Carmen and junior ain't coming back for this.
Renko, I know what you're thinking.
Just forget about it.
No, no, no, before you run to any rash conclusions, just think about this.
If we don't turn this in, ain't nobody gonna ever know.
Get in the car.
All right, all right, all right.
I'll tell you what.
I'll put this in the back seat.
We're in no hurry to turn it in, and it ain't going nowhere, and it'll give you and me a chance.
To think this thing over.
Thought about it.
Now, get in the car.
Yeah took over my papers.
I don't care what feldstein said.
Just going through some lean times.
That's all.
28 grand? That's jive, man.
I just came before last week.
I think you're gonna let me see that paper.
Yeah, I know who it is.
12:30? I'll be there.
Man's on the hook.
All right.
You see what I'm talking about, Howard? I tried to show some initiative, and look at the low priority my project gets.
How's that, sport? This top-tip guy from the radio station got it.
And who do they give me for an assistant? A common junkie.
Two days ago.
He thought there were turtles coming out of his chest.
Well, ray, one might argue.
That a dj and a junkie.
Are not worlds apart.
On the evolutionary ladder.
Besides, the scientists.
Have been quite successful.
In training your apes, your orangutans, even your Gibbons.
To perform all sorts of perfunctory tasks.
This is not a perfunctory task, Howard.
This is my project.
Well, just the same, this boy might surprise you.
Excuse me.
Lieutenant, a woman just called in a robbery.
She said two men got approximately $800 in cash.
From her husband's liquor store.
One of them was black, about 6'1", had red shirt and black pants, and the other one was Caucasian.
And was about 5'7", slim, dark hair and clothes.
And both men were armed.
Good work.
What's the address? The address.
Fay, it's a lunch, not a showdown.
And I still think it's a good idea.
Sure, you can talk things over, clear the air.
Joyce isn't trying to take your son away from you, fay.
She's just concerned about frank Jr's welfare.
Nobody says you're not.
Look, I really have to go.
You're going to be fine, fay.
I promise.
When a broad finds out she can get away with busting your chops, then it's good night, nurse.
Have you talked to Simone? He got the paper from feldstein night before last, saw the fake markers on me for 28 grand.
Wants to have lunch today, talk about a payment schedule.
I have to warn you about this guy, Neal.
Yeah, I know, captain.
He's bad.
Just don't want to see you end up.
In 18 different packages.
It's only 14 so far, captain.
Sure your cover's air tight? No problem.
It's taken care of.
We loaded the computer.
To make it look like Neal's finances are in the doghouse.
Didn't have to tell many lies about that.
What about feldstein? Somebody sitting on him? Mo told me he's hopping the next plane to Miami.
Believe me, that little runt's the least of our problems.
No, no, heart.
No, a chicken's heart is too small.
You got anything bigger? I don't want a rump roast.
I want a heart.
I'm veterinary school.
It's a class project, okay? Calf's heart? How big is it? Okay, wrap it up.
I'll be down this afternoon.
What's doing, babe? Who wants to know? Come on, j.
Turn off the icebox routine.
It's just an assignment.
Hey, from where I sit, it doesn't look like you mind it too much.
Look, man, I know benedetto rubs a lot of people the wrong way.
I used to feel the same way myself.
But I gotta tell you something, babe.
If it weren't for that guy two days ago, I wouldn't be sitting here right now.
Hey, what is this, Brian's song? Okay, you brought a tear to my heart.
The guy is a snail, Neal.
He leaves a trail of slime everywhere he goes.
Well, if it isn't ray milland.
What are you, up there between suspensions? That's real cute, sal.
Why don't you call me when you get your oil changed.
No, you're dead right, Neal.
Guy's a dreamboat.
Yeah, cop rico.
Excuse me.
I found something real strange in my front yard this morning.
Yeah? Yeah, you know, I've been hearing on the news.
About those pieces of that guy you've been finding.
I think this might be one.
No kidding? Could you hang on a second.
Hey, I think I got another piece of buddy jennette.
Hey, did you get the address? Yeah, that's right.
Could I have your address? Yeah, 117 north hurdle.
117 north hurdle.
All right, I got it.
All right, we're going to send somebody over right away.
Hey, I'll take that, kid.
Hey, thanks, j.
Don't mention it.
You're getting old real fast.
You know that? Okay, ladies, let's see what kind of sense of humor the boys have.
Okay, baby, do your stuff.
I'm sorry, but you're too late.
You could've had the thrill of your life.
Ha ha ha.
What's that? Who knows? There's so many gadgets on this thing.
I don't know.
Everyone in the building is accounted for, sir.
- Evidently the room was empty.
- Anybody hurt? Couple guys caught a little something.
Nothing serious.
Howard, do you think we ought to evacuate the building? Negative, frank.
We've completed a perimeter check of the entire building, the rooftop and the parking lot.
There is no evidence of terrorist activity.
All right, Henry, use anybody who's free.
Get a list of everybody issued a visitor's pass in the past 72 hours.
Let's run a check on them.
I want forensics up there powdering, and I want the bomb squad in here with dogs.
To check for any other devices.
Check the heights and midtown.
There's no reason to assume.
This is just an isolated incident.
Howard, let's get all the civilians.
Down to the parking lot.
Till we get a clearance from the bomb squad.
Okay? Just to make sure.
Go easy, would ya? - You okay? - I'm fine, captain.
I just got hit with a couple of splinters.
It's all right.
Can we all go back to work now? Hey, I'm fine.
Could I ask you what that beeping sound was.
Before the whole explosion thing? Explosive sensor.
Tk's most recently developed sub system.
Well, I have to apologize.
For almost getting the whole thing blown up.
This model is designed to withstand much larger explosions.
No harm done.
Anyway, I feel bad, wanted to tell you.
I'm very sorry to hear it.
I wouldn't want to be responsible.
For making someone as lovely as yourself.
Feel anything other than Wonderful.
Yeah, ray, what? Frank, I want you to hear this.
Just came in.
It's me, t.
Just thought I'd call you.
And see how you like my surprise package.
Don't worry if I missed you this time.
'Cause I've got lots more.
And don't think you can stop me.
I can get in and out any time I want to.
The vision of your brains.
Splattered on the ceiling.
Fills me with ecstasy.
You get the name straight, okay? It's me, t.
Me, t.
Jeez, that guy's got a problem.
The man who escaped county psychiatric yesterday.
Sounds the same.
No luck getting a trace? We're not set up for it, frank.
He'll call back.
You can bet on it.
That'll be 3.
What are you going to do with it, larue? I mean, after you finish snookering benedetto? What do you mean, what am I going to do with it? Best thing is to boil it.
Then you grind it into a pate.
You stuff blintzes with it.
I'm telling you, you never tasted anything so good.
What, I look like some kind of an urban cannibal here? That's buddy jennette's heart, a human being.
Thanks, Mac.
Sit down.
You hungry? No thanks.
You sure? Positive.
Thanks anyway.
What is it, Neal? You seem nervous to me.
Am I right? A little bit.
Well, forget about being nervous.
We're going to work everything out, all right? Okay.
Neal, gotta tell you, went through your paper here, ran your credit.
I don't know how mo could've let things get this far.
Simone, the last payment I made Neal, let's do both of us a favor, and you keep your mouth shut.
Because I gotta tell you, I heard every lie you're going to tell me.
All right? Now, I'm going to do the talking.
Now, I say I don't know how mo let things get this far.
In terms, you got 28 grand in debts.
Simon, I only borrowed Shut up, Neal.
This includes vig, which makes your nut 700 a week.
This isn't open to discussion.
All right? Now I've got something else to tell you, Neal.
Seven yards a week, ever week, no way you're going to make that nut.
Without doing something illegal, which if you're going to do something wrong, don't make it a nickel shot.
You follow? Now, I'm going to tell you about a situation, and I want you to tell me.
Could you do anything good with it? All right? I'm listening.
All right.
It's a suitcase, we'll say.
Some property was involved in an arrest.
You follow? Speak to me when I speak to you, Neal.
- Some property.
- Some property.
Took a fall, and is in the police property room.
In my precinct? Mid town.
Now, suppose it belonged to a cousin of mine, whatever the situation is, and this individual wanted the suitcase back, now, this is the situation.
Where I feel you could be of help, Neal.
No, I don't think so, Mr.
You don't think so.
Why is that? It's tough to get into another precinct's property room.
It's tough.
I hope it's tough.
Otherwise, why would I wipe out a $28,000 loan? And if a person showed some initiative, he could walk away with another fin in his pocket, which I'd also understand.
If there were added expenses.
With whoever you had to fix to get in.
I don't know, Mr.
Listen to me, Neal.
You don't know.
Do you know the name buddy jennette? Yeah.
This is a terrible thing which happened to this guy.
You know something, Neal? He owed less than 28,000.
Follow me? Let me think about it.
Think about it.
Use some imagination.
Because I want to hear from you today.
What's going to happen to all that money.
When we turn it in, nobody claims it? Just going to sit down at county property.
And mold until the statute's run out.
And the city will get it like it's supposed to.
So a, we got a city the size of this one.
And b, we got me and you.
Now, who do you think is more deserving of $2,942.
We're not taking the money, renko.
It's just wrong.
Wrong? I'll tell you what's wrong.
This is wrong.
Now, I don't know why it is.
That I have to be fair to this city.
When this city is under no obligation.
To be fair to me.
It's not the same thing.
And just why isn't it? I don't know.
Can't we just drop it? Yeah, okay, okay.
First I want you to hear my side.
We take the money.
We split it.
That's 1,400 just down the middle.
Okay, now we got Bobby hill.
He's got two hands.
With the right hand, he's down there at the landlord's.
He's down there at the power company.
He's down there at the phone company.
He's paying off all his necessities now.
And meantime with his left hand.
He's down at He's bought himself a new suit.
He's buying himself a Pearl necklace for his girlfriend.
He's buying a couple of cashmere sweaters, maybe a new pair of those new balance running shoes, hundred dollars a pop.
Those are out now? Yes.
I don't know, renko.
Of course I haven't even gone into my own financial state, such that it is.
I didn't want to put any unfair pressure on you.
Renko, why don't you just keep the money, keep it for yourself.
All right, supposing I did this.
Supposing I did keep all the money, and then in an entirely unrelated transaction, supposing I made you a gift, which amounted to, say, half the proceeds.
Would that soothe your already overheated conscience? If we're going to do it, it's on the both of us.
- We're in it together.
- I'll take that as a yes.
But I'm telling you, renko, it's a one-time only proposition.
Absolutely, Roberto.
It's as if our auntie died and went to heaven.
211 at jocko's, genesee and chippewa.
Three of the most overused words in the English lexicon 211 at jocko's.
Will you lighten up? I'm light.
I'm up.
22o2 responding.
Look, I was at the stoplight.
She reaches in the window, grabs my privates with one hand.
And my wallet with the other.
And what are you laughing at? Nothing.
I chased her here.
That guys says I'm the one causing trouble, grabs me and starts asking questions.
In the meantime she's running out the back.
What do you know, jocko? Guy comes in here screaming and yelling.
How do I know what's going on? Come on! You wouldn't even let me use the phone! It's out of order, man.
Sir, did you get a good look at the woman? Not really.
How much money did you lose? $26.
Sir, if you want to come in and make a complaint, we'll take you through the paperwork.
You saying it's a waste of time? I can't be the judge of that.
Depends on what else you got to do, sir.
Well, I'll tell you.
That man might as well have been an accessory.
This place should be closed down.
Sir, this place has been closed down.
More often than the Detroit auto plant.
Let me have a seven and seven there, jocko.
What's so funny? That you fellas short out there? That is our police vehicle outside, yes, sir.
Why? Skoal, brother.
Mother, what have they done to your child? Hey! Son of a come back here! First they'll find the car.
Then they'll find the satchel in the trunk.
And then I'm going to jail.
We're not going to jai You are suffering from acute delusionary paranoia, and I am suffering from heart palpitations.
I get this dream that I'm in the joint.
In the jail with the people that I sent away.
I'm going to call up a unit, have them come down here and pick us up.
No, don't do that, renko.
I just have to think, man.
I'm sorry.
I just have to think.
We're just going to tell them.
That we got the call to go to jocko's.
Before we turned in the dough.
That's just good, renko.
And because we made no arrests.
And started no paperwork.
And just happened to stash the cash.
Underneath the spare tire, they'll believe us.
I swear, if we get out of this, I'm never doing nothing wrong for as long as I live.
You didn't do anything wrong.
You never got the chance.
My goodness.
Is it? Thank you, lord.
Thank you, lord.
Baby, baby, baby.
Bobby, check to see if the If our spare's all right.
- Hah.
- One time.
Um, sir, would you happen to have seen Downstairs.
All right, hold it right there.
What do you want? You know what? You picked the wrong car to joyride in here this time.
- Renko, renko, take it easy.
- You're tough.
This delinquent has caused me inconvenience, morbid thoughts, and putting my cardiac system at risk.
Do you live here? Yeah, I live here.
Right over there.
Can you see that? It's out.
I'm not going to insult your intelligence, Mr.
You're right.
It's out.
Well, it shouldn't be out, Mr.
When we made the funeral arrangements, your company promised me a flame that would never go out.
Did we say that, exactly? Yes, you did.
The eternal flame, you called it.
You got a copy of your contract, Mr.
belker? You bet I do.
We'll get to the bottom of this.
Yeah, that explains it.
You got the eternal flame.
I know that, the eternal flame.
Well, it's like this.
You see, Mr.
belker, we here at mount sinai gardens.
Offer three different varieties of flames.
In our family torch series.
Got your eternal at 7.
95, like your father has here.
You got your perpetual at 8.
98 per, and finally your perpetual eternal at 10.
98, which features your 3/4-inch all-weather wick, stainless steal support housing, copper delivery system.
Belker, I'm getting a serious migraine here Just a minute.
What are you saying to me? Are you saying that the perpetual eternal flame.
Is the only one guaranteed 24 hours a day? Seven days a week, 52 weeks a year.
But let me tell you one thing I learned about death, my friend.
Death is a natural process.
One way or another, nature's going to have its way with you.
I mean, you take your coffins, for example.
You could plunk down four grand.
On a zinc-lined mount Zion deluxe, and you could seal it triple tight, and you're still going to get residual seepage.
What I'm telling you here.
Is you could buy eternal, you could buy perpetual, you could buy perpetual eternal, but if you don't have a wind break, you could buy a perpetual eternal perpetual, and your flame is still going to get blown out occasionally.
Now, you take your all-weather wind break, your copper delivery system, and your 3/4-inch wick, and you cram it, Farnsworth.
Now, he ain't springing for dime one.
Now, I've got a perfect view.
Of this cut-rate bone yard of yours.
From the 36th street overpass.
Every day on my way to work.
All right? And I don't care.
It's 4:00 in the morning.
There's a hurricane blowing out here.
I catch the flame on my partner's dad's grave.
Out for one second, and you're going to be perpetually eternally dead.
Not perpetually, not eternally, but perpetually eternally dead.
Now, you got it? Let's get out of here, man.
We have done it frank, bow to stern.
Gabriella here.
Has come up with blank snoot.
No unexpended.
Pyrotechnical devices on the premises.
How accurate are those dogs? Well, they're accurate enough.
To sniff out a box of .
38 caliber shells Which officer smiljanich.
Was storing against departmental regulations.
In his locker.
I've spoken to the man.
You know, I am guessing.
That this is your standard.
Shop-class pipe bomb, fulminated Mercury packed with plaster.
And if our bomber had been up to snuff, he could've taken out three stalls.
And a towel rack.
Let's not give him a second chance.
Okay, Howard? Cop tips.
Who's this? Hello? Is this a little kid speaking? Hold on.
Wait a second.
Hey, lieutenant.
Could you say what you said again, please? Said he's a bad man.
Needs to be put in jail.
You can put him in there now.
He's sleeping.
No, say what you said at first.
He made a bomb, and I watched him make it.
The bomb for here? Went off in the station? You were hurt? He hates you.
Get him to tell you where he is.
Tell me where you are, little kid.
Your address.
Hotel grand, 524.
Five, two, four.
Where is this guy? He's upstairs.
He's sleeping now.
I'm scared.
All right, don't be scared.
Come and get him.
He should be dead.
I want you to kill him.
We're going to send someone to see you right now.
I'm scared.
I have to go.
It could be a prank, but I don't think so.
Me neither.
Cover the outside.
D Lieutenant, what if there is a bomb in there? Luce, it's probably just some kid playing with the phone.
Lieutenant goldblume from the police department.
Would you open up in there, please? Go away.
I'm going to have to have this door open right now.
Help - Kick it.
- What about the kid? There's no kid.
Kick it.
Kill him.
Go ahead, kill him.
You've got your guns.
Kill him.
, I want you to move back from the window.
You don't understand.
I'm ready.
I've got a hold of t.
And if you don't kill him, I will.
I'll push him out.
No, don't! No, you let t.
Fool you into thinking he was dead, and he wasn't.
He wasn't.
He came back.
He came right back.
Please, god, he's got to die.
God, he's gotta die.
I can't stand it anymore.
I can't.
I can't.
Reggie? Reggie? There is no t.
You're only going to hurt yourself.
Come on.
Let me give you a hand.
Is t.
Dead? Yeah.
Take it easy.
We got you.
It's so quiet.
They're all gone.
I used to look forward to going to sleep.
The only time I got away from them.
What's your name, son? Carl.
Carl brown.
Was my friend once.
My best friend.
But he took over.
'S the one who escaped from the hospital.
Put the bomb in the building.
It's okay.
Nobody got hurt.
They all took over.
They wouldn't let me come back.
I got so tired of listening to them.
Didn't think Reggie could do it.
I'm so glad he did.
It's so quiet.
It's Neal Washington, Mr.
I made some calls.
Turns out you could probably get that item you were interested in.
Right? But it's going to be a little more expensive than you were Fella I talked to said he'd need 15 gs on his end.
He's from midtown, right? Is that doable for you? Solid.
Well, we're ready to roll whenever you Good.
Action? Action, sal.
All right.
Listen to me.
You don't start telling the truth, you're going to buy yourself a work stoppage.
That's not a threat.
That's a realistic evaluation of the situation.
And something you people don't seem capable of.
Did you reach Simone? Ready to go, captain.
Meet's on for 6:00.
- Who's running backup? - Jekilek and cysnicki.
Simone going to make this pickup himself? - He said so.
- No, I think he's gotta send a beard.
Is your conversation setting up to meet with him on tape? - Every word of it.
- So we still have him made.
Unless we die talking.
We're on our way to pick up the goods, captain.
Hold it! What's this story about your going in without a wire? I think I'm going to pass on it, captain.
I don't think that's a good idea.
I want him hooked up.
Simone's sure to pat me down.
A wire could give me away.
And lack of one could get you dead.
Simone's a butcher.
And I don't send my men in unprotected to butchers.
Captain, there's going to be backups.
That's it, Neal.
Coordinate through Phil.
Good luck.
Yeah, okay.
Hey, benedetto.
Check it out, gentlemen.
Now, I don't know too much about anatomy, but that sure looks like a heart.
Lame, larue.
No sale.
Hey, whoa, whoa, what are you talking about? We don't dig bookies that welsh up here.
That's buddy jennette's ticker.
Yeah? Then where is his udder? What do you mean? I think the man believes that's a cow's heart, j.
Could be.
Renko, go in there Don't tell me again.
I'm going.
I'm going.
- Something, Andy? - Yes.
Captain, I thought you just might enjoy.
Seeing what me and Bobby hill picked up on the street today.
Obvious numbers operation.
We got the slips.
We got the money.
We got everything.
- Good work, Andy.
- Thank you, sir.
Sir, you know, it occurs to me.
There's a strong possibility.
That the contents of this bag.
Might provide a goldmine.
Of information to our vice officers.
I'm sure it will.
I'll get it to them right away.
Bobby hill was exceptional in the performance of his duties, driving that car, chasing down that individual, transporting that money.
I don't want you to think just 'cause I come in here alone I want to take credit for everything.
I'll be sure to give him an apple.
Yes, sir.
Thank you, sir.
You know he'll appreciate that.
Sir, it is a shame.
To waste all that money.
It's just going to sit there on some shelf.
Until the city comes to claim it.
Not enough money there.
To keep a municipal dump truck in tires.
You mean, too bad we can't keep what we find.
- Yes.
- Yeah.
Too bad.
Thanks, Andy.
Well, I guess that's about it.
Isn't it? You hungry? Want a sandwich or some milk? - What's your name? - Speedboat.
That's your street name.
Your real name.
- Bobby.
- Bobby.
Hey, you know, that's my real name, too.
I like speedboat.
You live in that basement all by yourself, speedboat? - Yeah.
- Where's your mom and dad? My mom's in jail.
I don't know nothing about no dad.
Did someone put you in a foster home? Yeah, I hated it.
I escaped.
They tried to put me in juvie hall after that.
I got out of there, too.
I don't need nobody to take care of me.
What are you going to do when you get older, speedboat, when you get to be a real man? Where do you see yourself? I don't know.
Nowhere, I guess.
Well, I did it, good buddy.
That money is now officially in police custody.
Now, tell me.
Don't you feel better about that? Well, I must admit to a certain spring in my step.
How's our little car enthusiast? Fine.
We're just having a little talk.
Before the youth authority gets here.
Tell them about his talent for mobility? I swear, I cannot figure out.
How those little munchkin-like legs.
Got down to those pedals.
And saw to drive.
Kill you for that, pork chop.
Kill that pork chop.
He's a tough man, speedboat.
It could always end up the other way around, you know? So there'd be one less nigger in the world.
That's all.
Bobby, the youth control people are outside.
Shall I escort this lad to the front desk? Sure.
Besides, can I take another second? Of course.
Speedboat, this is for you.
It's got my number on it.
They'll give you phone privileges where you go, and I want you to use it.
Call me up anytime, and we'll rap.
Okay? About what? Anything, man.
Sign these two, too.
Hey, iggie, what, you think you're a train? Too-too.
That larue he ought to be doing whoopee cushions in a hemorrhoid clinic.
I was pulling that cow heart gag when I was 12.
Afraid that's about as good as they get on the hill, sal.
We're not up to midtown yet.
You know? And this one here.
Just in case you guys got two 16-year-olds.
Waiting in a car to go to Miami.
Don't think I ain't thought about it, ig.
Weighs out at 20 pounds, 12 ounces.
Here's your lab report.
And here's a sample, if you want one.
Stuff is pedigreed.
Ooh, I ought to get a filling.
You guys be careful.
Yeah, Simone's who better be careful.
Later, ig.
D You want same business as last time, bill? No, Colette.
What you're doing is just fine.
You have a strong back, bill.
In Vietnam, man with strong back.
Said to be strong in the mind, strong in the rub, strong in everything.
Was it bad for you? The war? Very bad.
My father die.
My brother die.
I have to work in the streets since I'm 12 years old.
When the communists come, there's only one seat on the airplane.
My mother says, "Colette, you go.
" I live my life for all my family now.
I work hard, save money, go to day-time school, learn English.
I'm happy now.
I give some happiness to you, too, bill.
Actually, it's Howard.
My name is Howard.
Nice name, Howard.
I would very much like to take you to dinner this evening.
Of course I'll pay for your time.
I like that, bill.
You talk to big man up front first.
Okay? Of course.
Yes, bill? You are very beautiful.
Thank you.
Sal, we're going to be eligible.
For our pensions, soon.
Makes you think they'll pay us that either.
Very funny.
You sure Simone meant this year, sal? Hey, burns and Allen, what time you got? 8:30 pm.
All right, shut it down.
Tell the others.
Hey, we're in no rush.
You want to give him another half hour? Go on, take off.
I'll get Washington.
Simone must've took a pass, kid.
Sure sounded ready on the horn.
Yeah, they're like cats? They're like gypsies.
They hit a crack in the sidewalk, and it's "I ain't going nowhere today.
" Come on.
Get in.
Get your hands out the escort! Hey, what the hell is this? You, give me the bag.
Come on! Now the keys.
Move! Now, sal! Don't do it, man! I'll kill him.
Let's get out of here! They got me! Lot of blood.
There's a lot of blood.
It's all right, Neal.
I don't wanna die.
Hey, you're not going any place, man.
Don't worry about it.
Will you cut it out? You're just putting yourself into shock.
Sal, don't tell them I'm scared.
Hey, if you were scared, Neal, you never would've gone for the guy's gun.
Please don't tell them I was scared.
Okay, all right, just try to relax.
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