Hill Street Blues (1981) s03e22 Episode Script

A Hill of Beans

Previously on hill street blues.
You're getting old real fast.
You're gonna make it.
You're in your 53rd hour.
We want you to call Riley Simone, moe.
Want you to sell him your paper.
I'm not.
Setting up Riley Simone for no police action.
I don't know how moe could've let things get this far.
Simone, the last payment I made Neal.
Let's do both of us a favor, and you keep your mouth shut.
Suddenly it was all clear to me.
And I want this baby.
You owe me.
The Grant proposal you submitted was for.
A local youth recreation program.
What's 50 lousy g's worth of basketball in high tops? Don't do it, man! I'll kill you! And now tonight on hill street blues.
I heard they got this typing class down in Metro j.
Rico, that's terrific! That satchel had over 50,000 bucks in it.
What exactly was your destination? Hill street precinct station.
No no! You mean the payroll? You know, I feel awkward not being able to bankroll.
Any of this, counselor.
I'll let you make it up to me.
In some mindlessly extravagant way.
Would you and Joe be free this evening? I think that could be arranged.
It's a girl, frank.
The amniocentesis.
She's a perfectly healthy baby girl.
Was I a disappointment to you, furillo? Well, let me tell you something.
I don't live for your approval.
Simone? How's that manigot? You like that? How about a little.
Red with that? Item 11.
Another corpus selecti.
The mortal remains of local shylock.
Moe "the mouse" feldstein.
Were discovered during the wee hours.
Of the night shift.
A la buddy jennette, moe was minus one right hand, the forefinger of which upon discovery.
Will presumably be pointing in the general direction.
Of Mr.
rowland Simone.
Item 12.
Detective Neal Washington remains in post-op.
At mercy hospital this morning.
An undercover transaction with the aforementioned.
Rowland Simone went sour last night.
A suitcase with roughly $400,000 worth.
Of street-value cocaine was appropriated.
Detective Washington taking a bullet in the process.
Resulting in a fractured collarbone.
And associated minor trauma.
From which he is expected to make.
A complete and rapid recovery.
Hastened, one would hope, by the cards and flowers of his cohorts.
Now, all donations to which should be.
Referenced to detective larue.
Following this A.
's dispatch.
Bringing me to our last item, people.
On a riveting update from.
The city budget office.
"With our "sincerest apologies, "for all concomitant "and pay-related inconveniences, "this office is pleased to announce "the summary withdrawal "of councilman langella's filibuster.
"Thereby accessing full approval "of the current metropolitan.
Fiscal expenditure outline.
" Now, for those of you whom bureaucratese.
Is not a second language, the above loosely translates as, "don't spend it all in one place.
" Hey! Our backpay'll be arriving.
By special courier before the morning's out.
In cash.
Hey, hey, hey! Let's be careful out there.
Hey, a little happy hour action calls.
Dinner for two at the cloister.
20 buck bottle of wine.
Finally something with a cork in it? What about you, Bob? Restock the fridge.
Pay the rent.
Real Hugh Hefner? Hi, Leo.
Rico! Hey, rico, let me take a look at you.
Hey, so how do I look? You look good.
Hey, great.
I had some stomach cramps this morning, but my sister made me some soup.
But, now you feel okay? Yeah, hey, every day and every way.
And I'm getting better and better.
Say Leo, you think you could spare me.
Off cop tips this morning? Why, what's up? Um.
Well, I heard they got this.
Typing class down in Metro j.
You know, real career stuff.
And it costs 12 bucks.
Rico, that's terrific.
Sure, we'll we'll put the cop tips on tape recorder.
Hey, great.
You know, it costs 12 bucks, and so far I got seven.
So far you got 12.
Hey, Leo, I don't know about that I consider this an investment.
Hey you've been like a mother to me.
So, you'll take care of me in my old age.
What's the deal here? Hey, rico? You're gonna make it, pal.
Yeah, maybe I will.
Maybe I will.
That's an awesome reclamation effort, James.
Fine thing you do, Leo.
Yeah, other side of the mountain, part six.
Hey, hey, benedetto.
What a stroke? You set a big meeting, and you get rid of.
All your backups.
Why didn't I think of that? That's not the way it was, larue.
Hey, man, it was tactical genius.
You must've really thrown him.
Shove it, cupcake.
I feel.
Just as bad as anybody! You almost got my partner killed, you fat greaseball.
We got a date, sal.
You put it on your calendar.
Dispatch, we have a 9-11.
Armed robbery in progress.
See surplus store.
Corner people's drive, 124th street.
First thing I'm gonna do, Bobby.
I'm gonna take my cash money.
Down to a place of public entertainment.
Spend it freely and at an alarming rate.
Sweep the finest.
And foxiest Lassie on the premises.
Off her feet for some grandiose demonstration.
Of my personal generosity.
Repair to the privacy.
Of her boudoir or mine.
And for the next 48 hours, spend it on the brink.
Of some hitherto uncharted plateau.
Of physical expression.
Well now, I think I'm gonna start off.
With about 15 bags of groceries.
Renko, I feel like I haven't eaten for a month.
That only goes to show you the difference between.
You and me, my friend.
The naked and the fed.
All units, 211.
Corner That's us.
2202, we'll respond.
Hey, you gotta help me, please.
All right, just calm down now.
Come on.
Stand over here.
Against the car and tell us what happened.
All right, there were two of them.
They hit me when I was coming out.
I didn't even see 'em! Sir, take it easy, please.
Now, what was the nature of your complaint, sir? I was just getting a donut.
I mean, they must've known I was making this run.
They should never have giving me cash.
Did they assault you when you got back in the car? They must've been waiting for me.
That satchel had over 50,000 bucks in it.
I'm gonna be killed for this.
No, now, I wouldn't say that, sir.
This sort of thing happens all the time.
Now calm down.
What exactly was your destination? The hill street precinct station.
The hill street station? No, no, there must be some mistake, sir.
You see, that was our destination.
There's no mistake.
You mean the payroll? You mean, you gave it to 'em, just like that? You little bug? I oughta take your head.
And crush it in between my hands like a grape.
Do you have any idea what you've done? You are a miserable excuse for a human being! Please! I already got hit once! I'm sorry.
Renko, there's nothing we can do about it! Lord.
I have nothing.
I have no money.
I might as well just go Lie down on the street and die.
Benedetto, in here, please.
Good morning, frank.
Excuse us, please.
Know what I found next to my coffee this morning, frank? Know what this is? It's a minefield.
Column one.
Another loan shark, piecemealed on the hill.
Column three.
A detective wounded, and a suitcase of narcotics from the midtown property room.
Taken off in a botched operation.
Over here, a leak from the medical examiner's office.
On a John Doe, name of Sonny Crockett.
Held over 48 hours without releasing identificaiton.
Small detail.
It happens to be illegal.
Not to mention, installments 15 and 16.
In the continuing saga of buddy jennett.
Now you tell me, frank.
What do we do about it? Excuse me, chief, if I might inject.
A little scenario here.
Moe sells his paper to Simone, okay? The mouse seems a little anxious.
Maybe rowlie's thinking.
Couple days later, rowlie picks up.
We're holding moe's leg-breaker.
In the morgue on a John Doe.
He figures maybe the mouse is rolling over.
He'd be right.
Rowlie whacks him.
Now the mouse gave him Washington, a cop.
Rowlie sets up a meet for the powder? Now, all he's gotta do is put out the word.
Ten to one, we got taken off.
By a couple of hot-dog freelancers, and Simone's already traded for the soda.
In a separate transaction.
Frank, what the hell is he babbling about? I think he means that rowland Simone is responsible.
For a good half of that front page.
And what do you think? Well, I'm not disagreeing.
Ask me? We got enough on Simone.
To put him away for conspiracy right now, chief.
Then what're we waiting for? Let's bring him in, frank.
Let's do it.
Are we minimizing our chances of getting him.
On attempted murder of Neal Washington? A bird in the hand is priority one.
Priority two is a full-bore offensive.
On these other charges.
Run down every lead you've got on feldstein, ginette, and the Washington shooting.
Pull out the stops.
Put double-shifts on the phones.
We'll nail that slime with whatever sticks.
I'm releasing a statement at two o'clock that.
Simone's been brought in.
You'd better move fast, frank.
If you wanna make the five o'clock news.
I want two uniforms along for the ride.
Coordinate with esterhaus.
Never had a partner hit before, captain.
I want this chump as bad as you do.
No problems.
You got my word.
Fascinating story.
In the morning paper here, frank.
About an ex-client of mine, name of Sonny Crockett, being stashed persona non persona.
In the county morgue for the past two days.
Yes, it is fascinating.
Not that I was planning a memorial fundraiser, frank.
But any reason why I wasn't informed? The continuing investigation.
Of his former employer, moe feldstein.
You'll find that story in column one.
You're pretty good at keeping secrets.
Since I'm no longer bound by client privilege, I'll let you in on one of mine.
Right before Joe coffey's grand jury hearing, I had a confession from Crockett.
In the Lynn Tatum homicide.
Coffey might like to know he's off the hook.
Why don't you go tell him? Fair enough.
I, thought we might have lunch today.
You're on.
How's the Hilton? I'll make a reservation at the galley.
I was thinking more about room service.
Can understand why I couldn't reveal.
Crockett's confession until now.
But now, this means I'm totally cleared.
In the Tatum death, right? No civil liabilities? No asterisk next to my name? I mean, it's over, right? I'll notify the d.
'S office.
And Mrs.
Tatum's attorneys within the hour.
'Cause, Davenport, I mean, you don't know.
Thank you, thank you.
You're welcome.
What do you know? The system works after all.
I mean, just like that, like it never happened.
Hey, coffey, bates, we're outta here.
I don't know what's wrong with people nowadays, ma'am.
I mean, I was just trying to do her a favor.
dulcimer, I fail to see how.
Taking a woman's purse qualifies as an act of charity.
But I was trying to return it to her, don't you see? She left it on the bus seat, she was headed out the front exit.
So I grabbed it.
I ran after her.
According to Mrs.
Jenkins and the driver, you ran in the wrong direction.
No, that's not true.
I went out the back door, only 'cause I was afraid the bus was gonna take off again.
See, I figured I would catch up with her again on the street.
Your arrest report paints a slightly different picture.
That's 'cause the minute I stepped off the bus, this lady started screaming bloody murder, and before I could explain to her, the policemen came along.
I don't know what else to tell you, ma'am.
I've never been arrested for anything in my entire life.
It's true you have no outstanding warrants.
As an out-of-state resident, there's a good chance.
Any priors wouldn't show up yet anyway.
There aren't any priors, Ms.
I may be new to this city, ma'am.
But I never thought that it was a crime.
To try to help your neighbor.
Your court date's set for two o'clock, Mr.
If I can persuade the a.
A, would you be willing to accept a plea bargain? I'm sorry, I'm kind of new to this.
You enter a guilty plea.
In exchange for a lesser charge.
Say, disorderly conduct.
I'm not trying to be difficult with you, ma'am.
I it just strikes me as somehow wrong for me.
To have to apologize for being innocent.
You probably get a lot of bad apples.
In your line of work, Ms.
But I would really appreciate it.
If you could at least try to see it my way.
Okay, Leonard.
What do you say we run through it one more time? Guy standing there.
Ask him what he wants.
Got a badge.
Cheese it, Arnie.
It's the cops.
Let's go, rowlie.
I'm eating.
When he's finished.
He wants to finish? Hey, I can understand that.
Looks pretty good.
Let's see what you got there? Lunch already.
Ooh, you must've been up.
Pretty early.
Some manigot.
A little calamari.
Some marinara.
Ooh, just like mama used to make? Do you got an appointment? We don't have to have a problem here, do we? No.
Not at all, rowlie.
Only maybe you could eat a little faster? There you go.
You done? You done, Simone? How's that manigot? You like that? How about a little red with that? I gotta tell you something, rowlie.
For a man of your reputation, your table manners are rotten.
Come on.
Hey, j.
Hey, hey, sleeping beauty awakes.
How you feeling? I don't know.
Gonna have to take inventory.
Hey, so it shouldn't be a total loss, we chipped in and got you something.
Hey, that's nice.
Think you might open it for me? Yeah, sure.
Man I was just talking to the doctor.
Yeah? Yeah, I wanted to get the straight skinny.
What'd he say? Well, he said there's some good news and some bad news.
What's the bad news? You're gonna die.
That's a shame.
Yeah, but the good news is.
It's gonna take another 50 years.
Here you are.
Man, you shouldn't've.
Well, you know, those hospital toothpicks, they're the worst.
Feel better already.
It scared the hell out of me, Neal, almost losing you.
I don't know what I'd do with myself.
Partners, right? Think I'd let you down like that? Nah, I guess not.
Damn right.
You must have me pegged for a real phi beta kappa.
What we have is you on tape.
In separate conversations.
With moe feldstein and Neal Washington.
Arranging to buy that suitcase.
Time and place, amount agreed to.
I'm sad as you to hear about moe.
He was a dear friend.
That transaction was taken down, and an officer was wounded.
At that time, for your information, I was at my sister's wedding anniversary.
I got, um, give me the list.
I got a list here of 50 people who can tell you the same thing.
And I'll also tell you, captain, why I was there.
Leaving aside how I feel about.
My sister and that scum she's married to.
All right.
Maybe there was gonna be a meet.
Maybe also I got a phone call the day before.
Telling me not to show.
It's a set-up.
I'm walking in there with my eyes wide open.
Call from who? I don't know.
A voice.
Somebody who knew my phone number.
I tell you, I get a call like that? I listen? You didn't recognize it? It was dark.
I couldn't hear so good.
You gotta worry about your man going down.
I can understand that.
You want my advice? You start looking for the guy who dropped that dime.
Book him on conspiracy.
And suspicion of the murder of buddy jennette.
Buddy ginnette? I told you everything I know.
Is that a fact? What'd you tell Neal Washington about buddy jennette, rowlie? Ring any bells? Do you know the name buddy jennette? Yeah.
It's just a terrible thing which happened to this guy.
You know something, Neal? He owed less than $28,000.
Frank, I got six units on the payroll heist.
Any progress? Nothing solid.
The courier gave us a description.
White late-model Van.
Three digits off the plates.
There's an a.
What about suspects? I got him going over the books.
He didn't get a very good look.
Good, stay with it.
All right.
Frank! Fay, I'm just on my way out it's a girl, frank.
The amniocentesis.
It is a perfectly healthy beautiful baby girl! That's wonderful, congratulations.
I did the right thing, frank.
I can't tell you how happy I am.
I'm hkappy for you.
A girl, frank.
Isn't it grand? I've been thinking about some names.
Fay, could we talk when I have a little more time? I sure.
It's okay.
It's just, I have so much to tell you.
I'm sure you have.
I'll call you.
Wonderful news.
Gorgeous, fay.
She'll be the light of your life.
They say she's perfect, Phil.
Every precious inch of her.
A little girl.
I can just see her now.
A little angel.
How lucky you must feel.
Well, I highly recommend her, Phil.
Come on, why not? You oughta try it.
I wish.
Well, come on, Phil.
You know, it's not.
Out of the question.
It's just a feeling, fay.
It just didn't seem to be in the cards.
You know what saddens me? I finally reached the place in my life.
Where I know, with absolute conviction, that I can be the kind of father to a child.
That I've always wanted to be.
You know, there are fathers, and then there are fathers.
I mean, as it stands right now, my little girl's not gonna have.
Any kind of father at all.
And, um I'd consider it an honor if you'd be her godfather.
I mean, if you could be there for her.
When she needs someone to look up to.
'Cause I gotta tell you, honestly, I can't think of another man in the world.
That I would prefer her looking up to than you, Phillip freemason esterhaus.
I don't know what to say.
Say yes.
You know, I feel awkward not being able to bankroll.
Any of this, counselor.
I'll let you make it up to me.
In some mindlessly extravagant way.
Take a promissory note? I'll take anything you've got.
Window washer! Sorry! Meter's running, pizza man.
What? I forgot your mineral water.
Come on in.
Thank you, sir.
You all right? Elevator's out.
I took the stairs.
That was a mistake.
Let me take this.
Thank you, sir.
I'll be all right.
It happens all the time.
Appreciate it.
Thank you, sir.
Listen, maybe you should wait till they fix the elevator.
That's a very good idea.
Thank you.
I will.
Is he all right? I think he'll live.
What? That was a a big mistake.
I'll call the desk.
No, no, I'll be all right.
It happens all the time.
Just just need to To catch my breath.
Have that.
What what else can we do? Maybe a pillow under my feet.
If those perpetrators are ever delivered.
Into the hands of justice, and I have anything to do with it, they had better beg for mercy, 'cause I am gonna personally hang them.
By their personal parts from a flagole.
Over a cavern of hungry crocodiles.
And assorted other animals of a similar nature.
I pay my car payment Monday.
I'm gonna lose my car.
Hey, what's the color of that Van we're looking for? It is a white Van, Bobby hill, with the numerals "737" on the license plate.
None of which happen to coincide with that Van up ahead us.
Yeah, but this has got a missing bumper.
And a taillight's covered up.
I'm gonna pull it over.
My friend, you are wasting time.
That could be better spent looking for a more.
Specific criminal element.
Come on.
Perhaps I spoke too soon.
Unit 2202 now in pursuit of red Van.
License unknown.
Southbound, Van ness and 4th.
Let's get on it.
Get on it.
Hold on.
Respond with backups Hey! Your mama's gonna visit you in the hospital.
You move one muscle Now get up against here.
Take your hands off me! I was only hitchhiking.
They're diablos.
Two plates under the seat.
It's a match.
Well well well.
It looks like we got ourselves.
A couple of payroll desperadoes.
I don't know what you think you got here.
I haven't done nothing.
You know me.
I've been a girl scout for the last two years.
The courier I.
'D the valdez brothers in a lineup.
We sweated them, and they both gave you up, Jesus.
We have sworn statements from both of them.
What do I need the money for? It so happens we have a theory about that.
Federal agent Ramsey.
Big times, Frankie? I'm impressed.
Martinez and I were supposed to become.
Acquainted two weeks ago.
We were scheduled to discuss the disposition.
Of a certain $45,000 federal Grant.
When Mr.
Martinez failed to appear, I took the Liberty of tracking.
His recent financial odyssey.
If I may.
December 19th.
He receives payment of the Grant, which he immediately invested in silver futures.
He scored an impressive $60,000 profit.
By January 24th, at which point.
He transferred all the money to treasury bills.
It was time for some conservative strategy.
Two weeks later, he began investing.
In commodities futures.
Everything from plywood to porkbellies.
With considerable success.
Until yeah.
February 23rd.
Pearl harbor day.
For Mr.
Martinez's little embezzlement campaign.
Betting on a short-edge, Martinez puts his whole pot in bean futures.
But a cold snap fails to materialize, and Mr.
Martinez's investment goes right into the toilet.
At this point, he becomes aware I'd begun making inquiries.
He's turned down for a covering loan at the bank.
Hence the need for a quick financial transfusion.
Hence, the robbery.
What do you have to say, Jesus? Say the man did his homework rather well, Frankie.
I don't know when you plan to start taking this seriously, but for your own sake, I hope it's soon.
Maybe I've got a problem here.
But you guys got a problem, too.
I don't see where, Mr.
Not you, g-man.
The guys that didn't get paid.
Who wanna know where the money is.
Maybe I can help you there.
And maybe you can help me.
Sounds like cohabitation agrees with you, Howard.
Well, actually not, old sport.
Nurse wolfowitz and I just couldn't make a go of it.
I'm sorry.
My sun is rising.
Considerably further to the east these days.
Buffalo? I am seeing the most fascinating woman, Henry.
She's bright.
She's beautiful.
She's wonderfully different.
She's vietnamese.
No kidding.
Where'd you meet her? At my confucian studies seminar.
I have bursitis.
Isn't anybody watching.
The cop tip line? I've just seen a dude flash a nickel bag.
To a brother at 3rd and dupont.
My name is posar Johnson.
I'll be by to pick up my 25 today.
Hello? Cop tips? I'm calling about a man.
Who lives downstairs from us.
Always parks his car in the red zone Yeah, I want to report a Jimmy fermento.
Lives at 205 north utica.
Apartment 4-d.
He's the one that shot that cop last night.
Ooh, run, Jimmy! The wall! Hands high! Spread 'em.
Come on.
I wanna hear one word out of you, golf ball.
Rowlie Simone.
Now, was it Simone sent you after the bag? What bag? Man, what Simone? Who was the bozo you were with? Your partner? I'm telling you, I don't know what you're talking about! You shot a cop.
You know what kind of time that buys? No! Look! That wasn't me! That wasn't me pulled the trigger! Who? Joey.
Joey link.
He's the one pulled the trigger.
So what? I bet it was your idea.
To take the cops down to begin with.
No! No, man.
It was supposed to be a set-up.
Me me and Joey were supposed to get the bag.
For somebody else.
Man, that's all! I didn't even know there was cops that had the bag! Somebody who! Simone? I don't know! It's a friend of Joey's.
Who?! Okay.
Okay, iggy.
Iggy, that's all I know.
I don't know the last name, honest.
He's a cop.
He's a cop out of midtown.
I didn't even know what was in the bag, man.
Come on, move.
Have any threats been made.
To induce you to plead guilty? No, sir.
Any promise other than the promise.
That in exchange for your.
Providing captain furillo with the whereabouts.
Of the fruits of your crime, you will be sentenced to a term of incarceration.
Not to exceed two years? No, sir.
Defendant's plea of guilty is accepted.
Remand to sentencing.
Set a date for a probation report.
Docket number n-693772.
Leonard dulcimer.
Charged with 1130.
30 of the penal code.
Grand larceny of the person.
Your honor, may we approach? Step up.
Look, I know this is going to sound.
Like a fairy tale.
But I've got an innocent man here.
Thank you.
Hello, Frankie.
What do you figure, eight months? Eight months a year? You wanna say something nice to the probation lady? No.
Hey, no sweat.
Got a lot of friends in clarktown anyway.
Play a little cards.
Watch some TV.
Get a vacation anyway, you know.
I really thought you were gonna make it, Jesus.
Was I a disappointment to you, furillo? Well, let me tell you something, bro.
I don't live for your approval.
You had it all right there at your feet.
Federal Grant.
A power base.
Explain it only way.
No racist remarks? You didn't want to make it.
You got scared.
You don't know beans.
From the look of it, neither do you.
The way I look at it, when I come out, rockefeller's gonna have nothing on me.
Which one of your people do I deal with? Yo, bro, I'm not going to the moon.
You need me, I'm just a phone call away.
Hey, al Capone can do it.
Why can't I? Take care of yourself, Jesus.
Yo, Frankie? Stay healthy.
I don't know what to say.
Davenport, you saved my life.
I gave you your day in court.
That's all.
Now scat.
Go home.
Davenport, I'm sorry, but I I don't have any way.
To get back to work.
I'm broke.
I was wondering if maybe you could lend me.
A couple bucks for a cab.
Till I get my next paycheck? Forget about a loan.
Take it.
Hey! Will you stop that kid? He just took my purse! All right.
All right.
Hold your horses.
You guys here to pick something up? You could say that.
First we got something to give you.
You're ignatius mursky, right? Right.
This is a warrant.
That's right.
You're under arrest.
What? What, is this a joke? What's the charge? Conspiracy, robbery, attempted murder.
Hey, read it on the paper.
Hey, that's crazy.
I'm on your side.
I don't do things like that.
Listen, you got no right coming in here like this.
I'm midtown.
You don't have the authority.
Get out of the cage! There's gotta be a mistake.
No mistake, chump.
Now, do you wanna.
Come out of that cage like a good boy, or do I get the pleasure of dragging you out? Can I lock up? No, you can't.
It'll be taken care of.
Now let's go.
Come on.
There are six diamond rings back there.
Fit right in your pocket.
Just tell 'em I was gone when you got here.
Turn around.
Come on, take it easy.
Uncle John's storybook theater.
Hey, we don't wanna miss the start.
Once upon a time, there was a down-and-out.
Property clerk named iggy mursky.
Poor iggy.
14 years in the midtown property cage, and all he's holding is 16 and a half g's a year.
Zero career promos.
House and car payments that leave him about 8 bucks a week walking-around money, and an old lady bugging him for cable TV.
You leave my family out of this.
Shh-shh-shh! Poor iggy.
All he's got to look forward to.
Is a two-bit pension and a first-rate.
Mid-life crisis.
Till one day, everything changes.
A heavy soda bust.
Very heavy.
20 pounds of Peruvian flake.
Is stashed in an airline travel bag.
In iggy's property room.
Now, let's give iggy the benefit of the doubt.
Okay? Let's say he's minding his own business.
He's got his nose buried in the morning sports.
He's having his Danish and coffee.
When, hark and behold! He hears a voice.
I ggy What is that, iggy wonders.
Hey! Dummy! Over here! It's me! The bag! This guy needs professional help.
I'm a pocketful.
Of dreams, iggy.
Pure Peruvian flake worth 400 g's on the open market.
Now this is a fairy tale? Let's say iggy fights it off.
I mean, 'cause you didn't offer us.
A bribe before, right, ig? You ain't that kind of guy.
I ggy Listen to me! They'll never need me for evidence.
Hey, they'll plea bargain my case! It'll never come to trial! Stuff me full of baking soda, iggy! Sell off the coke! Live it up for a change.
Mai tais.
With them little funny umbrellas.
I'm your one chance for happiness, iggy.
Go for it! Come on, cut it out.
Only trouble is, iggy, they don't plea bargain the case.
They set a date for the preliminary hearing.
Now you're getting real nervous.
Then Washington and benedetto need some scenery for a bust.
They check the bag out.
It's perfect, iggy.
It's your out.
You tip Simone off to queer the bust.
You hire that scuzzbag Jimmy fermento.
To take down the cops, and nobody'll ever know you made the switch.
Except we pop your boy Jimmy.
He's a nickel hooker.
He gives you up in about a minute and a half.
That was my partner you had hit, you little creep.
My partner.
Two inches lower, he'd be dead now.
I didn't have anybody hit.
The hell do you think I am? I think you're a slug who'd better make.
His best deal right now.
Like I'm some mastermind.
Like I'm a big genius.
I got 3,000 grand.
It was all benedetto.
Benedetto? He figured out the whole thing.
From the start.
Everything in order, Mr.
benedetto? Yeah, everything's just terrific, ma'am, thank you.
Forget it, benedetto! Yeah, right.
So far as we can tell, frank, he's holed up.
In this small waiting room off the safe deposit box area.
The room's 10 by 30, captain.
It's a series of cubicles with some chairs.
There's one ventilating duct, 9 by 12 there.
And no windows.
How's the lady? No visual access.
Benedetto's turned up pretty high, frank.
There's no telling what he's capable of.
I made that rat the minute he walked into the squad room.
Big noise from midtown.
What do you say we deal with the present, okay, j.
? Sure, sure.
Bastard sets up one of his own.
Any contact with him at all? Not since first exchange.
He's got a clean shot at anything.
That goes by that door.
It's kind of hard to initiate a dialogue.
Through a wall and a set of bars.
For some, Henry.
Perhaps for some.
For god's sake.
Textbook scenario, frank.
I believe those among us.
Who have been regarding t.
As a glorified domestic.
Might be pleasantly surprised.
This is not space invaders, Howard.
I mean, you don't negotiate human lives.
With some overpriced gumball machine.
4600 is not designed.
To supplant your negotiating function, lieutenant.
Merely to enhance it by giving you.
Audio and visual access.
Where there was none hitherto.
I'm open to other suggestions, Henry.
Yeah, we're gonna go places, baby.
We're gonna see things.
It's gonna be all right.
Don't worry about nothing.
You gotta be kidding me.
Hey, 86 the robot, will ya? You jerks, you got no class whatsoever.
Then come out, benedetto.
We'll put it away.
Come on, sal, talk to us.
What do you need? What do I need? A lear jet to banana-land, a case of suntan oil, and Mrs.
dobson here to be blind and 20 years old.
How's my chances? A lot better than Washington's were, you maggot! Hey.
Hey, that was a mistake.
Hey, is he out there? Hey, Washington! That was a mistake! You weren't supposed to get hurt.
Hey, look Look, I'm sending the broad out.
Good for you, sal.
Yeah, good for me, you froot loop.
Back off with the vibrator, will ya? Never mind.
Go ahead, sweetheart.
Take off.
Up, out, go on.
Go on.
Man hands in his trump card.
We're gonna lose him.
Always gotta do things for yourself? All right, listen.
Listen up, you jerks.
I got another box.
Of my first guarantee, Walter fisk.
And one over at union federal.
Name of Arthur Logan.
Give the dough to the p.
All the stiffs never knew how to turn a buck.
Benedetto, listen.
Yeah, what is it, captain? Hey? What's the good word? What? A good cop's a straight cop's.
An honest cop's a happy cop? Yeah? Well, you can take a high colonic.
I'm proud of what I did.
I lived real good.
And, give some to mouse feldstein's.
Old lady.
I cooled the mouse out too.
You got it? Hey, you got the right idea, sal.
Do the right thing! Sorry, my fault entirely.
You know, that little robot is gonna be sorely missed.
Around here.
First time t.
'S equilibrium problems.
Have surfaced.
I trust it merely needs some fine-tuning.
Guess that means that you'll be gone Of course you'll be gone, too.
Back across the briney.
I was wondering.
I know it's unconscionably late of me to ask.
Would you and Joe.
Be free this evening? I think that could be arranged.
Excuse me.
You know You and I could even I mean, I haven't actually.
Had a chaperone since I was 21.
I'd be delighted if we could Make it a threesome.
Okay, well if that's what you'd like, sure.
Does that sort of thing interest you? What's that? Threesomes, I mean, would Joe be interested? You know, I think probably I could speak for him.
In that, I think.
He's probably busy.
In fact, you know, now that I think about it.
I'm gonna be tied up.
As it were.
Heard you lost one.
He won't be missed.
Going somewhere? I took the Liberty of packing for you.
I also took the Liberty of booking.
A luxury weekend for two.
At the lake tokawama hotel.
Bless you, my child.
All of which presupposes I wouldn't get all my cash and credit cards stolen.
Did you file a report? Frank, I just wanted us to get away for a weekend.
Now we're tapped out.
I'll cut a check.
Before there was you, counselor, and your timely loans, there was frank, do you see what I see? I hope so.
Jesus just kept his word.
Money just got returned.
Thought maybe you could use yours.
Lieutenant, I see you with a halo over your head.
Cash solvency! Don't be extreme.
Hey, Leo.
Hey, how'd your registration go? You get into your class? Yeah, registration.
Exactly, you know, I I wanna talk to you about that.
You understand? You understand me? Yeah.
You're high.
Hey, no, hey, you understand me, Leo.
You'd better go away.
Hey, why, what's the matter? You know.
I know.
Yeah, you You think I don't know? Hey, let me tell you something.
Let me tell you something, Leo.
I'MMA tell you.
Hey, don't hey, don't you think I know? Y Didn't I didn't I go to school? I I got to school, you know.
I I tried to ride the bus, yeah.
I did, you know, I walked.
I walked.
And if I don't fall.
You know, and the car don't splash me none.
You should've made it.
I I probably should've.
But it's just a little splash, you know.
Go away.
Wait up, hey, hey, Leo.
Psst! Hey! I probably should've I probably should've made it, you know.
Laney? Okay, Leo.

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