Hindsight (2015) s01e02 Episode Script

Square One

Previously on Hindsight If you could go back and change one thing about your life, what would you do? I'm having a very vivid dream that it's 1995, and I'm marrying Sean today.
It is, and you are marrying Sean today.
Lolly, I am here from the future.
What are you talking about? When I woke up this morning, I thought that I was marrying another man.
- Who was it? - Andy Kelly.
I know he was dorky, but he got cute.
Are you on the phone in the middle of my wedding? I'll call you back.
You take me for granted, so next week, I'm a VP.
You slept with my brother.
I'm sorry.
And you're gonna break his heart.
Just talked to Lolly.
Now she says she can't see me anymore.
How does this affect you at all? It has been a tough couple years, and there was no one I needed more than you.
But we hadn't spoken to each other in years.
We're still getting married today, right? I can't.
I can't deny that running out of the church today was harsh.
Let's go! But sometimes it's best to make a clean break and move on.
Or not.
Sean, wait, wait.
What? I know this looks awful.
Is that what you think? This looks awful? It is awful.
I couldn't say yes, Sean.
In front of the whole world, I couldn't say something I didn't believe was true.
What is the truth, Becca? Did you ever even love me? Of course I loved you.
But that doesn't mean that we're gonna make it.
So now you know the future? It's just a feeling I had.
A total certainty that we would collapse.
I wish I could explain this better.
- I just - Don't bother.
You've actually made yourself very clear.
Give me my ring back.
Well, that was the worst thing that's ever happened.
The worst thing that ever happened was when they canceled My So-Called Life.
That's right.
You work in a video store.
Best job ever.
All I got to do is hang out and watch movies and eat candy.
I'm getting to paid to do what I do anyway.
Are you gonna get in trouble for this? I don't know.
Time travel.
Time travel.
Back to the Future.
So good.
Not about time travel.
I know, but it's so good.
So good.
"I Carried a Watermelon"? Going on the pile.
Are there really flying cars in the future? Really? No, you dope.
There are no flying cars.
I still feel awful about Sean.
Maybe you should get some sleep.
I can't go to sleep.
Who knows where I'll wake up.
I could wake up anywhere.
You might not be there.
Then what? What about Nightmare on Elm Street? You can try to stay awake, but eventually you have to fall asleep and confront your worst fears.
And then you die.
I have not seen that movie in 20 years.
God, it would be so amazing if there were a way you could just, like, watch a movie instantly, like, the moment you think of it.
Really? You can really do that? You can watch a movie, or anything you want in the world, on your phone.
What? Where? On the little screen? No, the whole phone is a screen.
It's called an iPhone.
Is it in your eye? No, not like an Not an eye phone.
Like, letter "I", letter "P.
" It's hard to explain.
It's about 10 years away, but it's amazing.
I miss it.
Have I made a huge mistake? Did I basically destroy my life, and everyone hates me now? Not everybody hates you.
Sean hates me.
Look, I am totally on board for whatever you want to do.
But can you just tell me what happened with you guys? Sean was just so angry with the world.
He never found himself as an artist, and nothing I did or said made it better.
So I let my job eat my life.
He never became the husband I wanted him to be.
And I never figured out how to be a wife.
I'm so tired, but I can't go to sleep.
Clap on.
The clapper.
Do people still use the clapper in the future? Lolly, people don't use the clapper now.
That sucks.
Where am I? What year is it? Is it 1995? Was yesterday my wedding day? Did I run out of the church? Is this all a dream? What are you talking about? I'm sorry.
Your face.
I was just messing with you.
Don't do that.
That is so mean.
It's october 9, 1995, you traveled through time, and you called off your wedding, and everything is perfectly normal.
It's just the first day of the rest of your life.
I've got mail.
Okay, Rebecca Brady, you called off your wedding and wiped the slate clean.
You're on your own now.
Might as well light a fire under your career.
My god, my green razor.
I loved this razor.
I ask Simon for the promotion.
Who knows? Maybe he'll give it to me.
I am just gonna put work out in front, forget everything that happened to me yesterday, and Do I look like Six from Blossom? I don't have anything to wear.
You have clothes here.
Play clothes.
All my stuff is still at Sean's.
Well, you can borrow whatever you No.
This isn't really about clothes, is it? Well, um I can go and get your stuff for you if you feel like you can't deal.
Best friend's work is never done.
I have to go to work.
- Okay.
- Okay.
So much stuff.
I miss you, iPhone.
Going up? No, thanks.
I got to quit smoking.
Becca? My God, Becca, no.
Everybody's been talking about you all morning.
What happened? You and Sean seemed like you were so in love.
Andy and I were up all night, like, in shock.
You know, sometimes your gut just tells you, something's not right.
Yeah? Yeah.
Well, at least you still have your great job.
I would kill to get out of the floater pool and on to a desk like Simon's.
I don't think anyone needs to die, Melanie.
Well, well, well, if it isn't our new VP of publicity.
Give me a hug.
Right this way to your new office.
I'm ready.
Make yourself comfortable.
I'll be across the hall in my office.
Thank you, Simon.
Excuse me? What are you doing in my office? Did you really think I was just gonna promote you? You've been at this company for, what, five minutes? What have you ever done to deserve a promotion? I work very hard.
I get inside your head.
I anticipate your every need.
I come in early.
I stay late.
I almost have no personal life because I never punch out.
You should do all that and more.
You gen-xers, you're so entitled.
Life is work.
No one promised you a rose garden.
That's a song.
Simon says go get me some coffee.
Simon says go get me some coffee.
I hate you, I hate you, I hate you, I hate you, I hate you.
There is no way I traveled back in time 20 years, called off my wedding, and restarted my whole life just to get your coffee! There has got to be something more than this.
But what? So what did you? I got him his coffee.
I can't believe I fell for it.
I know him.
Like, what made me think that he was just gonna hand me a promotion? You got to admit, it's a little funny.
It's not funny.
It's funny.
Lolly, does this stack of unfilled tapes look, um, invisible to you? Yeah, sorry.
No, I meant to get to those.
I was watching Dumb and Dumber.
Sure, of course.
I just keep thinking I have, like, 19 years of experience working for him in his company.
I could be running the place in five years tops, right? Lolly, contrary to all appearances, there's more to this job than just sitting around, you know, watching your favorite movies, ch-chilling.
You should get back to work.
I have to go deal with my parents anyway.
No way.
I'm coming with you.
Sebastian, can I go? Your shift goes until 10:00.
Don't worry.
It's not busy.
Yeah, but you made your own schedule.
Lolly, he's right.
Don't just phone it in.
I am not.
I will totally work tomorrow.
It's 10 flights.
I am not getting on that elevator.
Who knows where I'll end up? You can take it.
I'm taking the stairs.
Your mom's gonna blame me for all this, you know? She blames me for everything.
No, she's just gonna give you a ton of crap for how much this is costing them.
I'm already tired.
Do you have any idea how much money we've just poured down the drain? I knew you would make this about money.
Please, I would not try to take the moral high ground right now if I were you.
Your father and I work very hard.
And if I'd known you could be so capricious about all this Georgia, I thought we agreed we weren't gonna yell at her.
Well, I'm not yelling.
She deserves to know how I feel.
But it isn't about you.
Why don't you just talk to Becca? Find out what's going on instead of speculating on the phone all day long with your 10,000 closest friends? Excuse me.
Are you trying to tell me that when I turn to my friends for support, it's gossip? It would have been a mistake! Haven't you ever just wanted to push the restart button and start over? Yes.
Then I wouldn't have you.
And I wouldn't have this delightful mess to clean up.
Why didn't you call us? I have been beside myself.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
I'll return the gifts.
I'll let you take care of everything.
Moo goo gai pan? I can't, I can't, I can't.
I can't.
What, because of Becca? You realize that she canceled her own wedding? I mean, she's She's not really right in the head.
She's in the next room.
She's always gonna be in the next room, one way or another.
If this is a blender, can we keep it? I really want a blender.
Emily Post says we have to return them all.
I hate her.
"Best wishes.
Andy and Melanie.
" Andy Kelly.
I should go return it to him.
Well, can't you just mail it? He lives three blocks from here.
You want to see him.
I was gonna marry him.
I'm trying to think of what to say to someone who just called off their wedding.
Well, most people are going with, "how are you?" Which is not actually really a question.
Yeah, that's got to suck.
Yeah, I wanted to return this.
Um You should keep it.
Emily Post.
You should open it.
Really? Yeah, I want you to.
I've been infatuated with Becca ever since we were just kids, jumping off the end of the dock at Spring Lake.
It's us.
Sean wanted me to bring this back to the store.
I never saw the picture.
What? I am so sorry.
I didn't realize.
I mean, the frame is the gift.
I just think those weird pictures that come in there are creepy.
You know, it's like who are these smiling people that we don't know? So I don't know.
I just I just replaced it, but I just meant to say thank you for the gift.
I can't believe I did that.
I can't believe you did that either.
Yeah, but then again, I've been kissing him every day for the last four years.
It was just like this entirely reflexive impulse took over.
What if Melanie saw us? What if Andy tells her? He's so honest.
Like, relentlessly honest.
It's borderline kind of annoying, actually.
Like, it's okay to keep things to yourself sometimes.
Well, unless she saw you.
How was it? What? The kiss.
It was nice.
It's always nice.
He's nice.
It was too quick to mean anything else.
How is this gonna look? Not good.
Sean and I just broke up.
I mean, ten years ago in my heart, but 24 hours ago to everyone else I know.
This is like eating a driveway.
I like it.
I don't think he'll tell Melanie.
It doesn't sound like there's anything to tell.
Is this gluten-free? What's that? Never mind.
Everyone's doing it now.
'Cause I still want to look good.
Becca, my God, hi.
How are you? I'm fine.
It was so sweet of you to come by yesterday to return our gift, but Andy is so nice, of course he insisted you keep it.
Of course.
Andy's the sweetest.
So will you let us know if there's anything you need? Great.
Becca! Got to go.
I got this meeting with some creature that Amy Bloomberg is sending over here.
I can't even pronounce this name.
Anton two-head-something.
Anton Dubasi.
Anton Dubasi, future best-selling novelist, philanthropist, media mogul, close personal friend of Hillary Clinton, Elon Musk and Jay-Z.
I think he's a journalist.
Another Hunter S.
Thompson clone.
Find me a CV and a copy of his manuscript so I can read his first and last page.
And I'd like some Alpine Lace cheese and a diet coke.
His novel's called Quarantine State.
It's about a welfare mom in San Francisco Stop.
I don't care.
Can I come in? I just came to get her stuff.
She couldn't come herself? - Sean - Whatever.
It's there.
So How are you? Good.
I'm genuinely asking.
How do you think I am, Lolly? You just want to hear that I'm fine.
Everything's normal.
She has nothing to feel bad about.
That she hasn't ruined my life.
That's a pile of lies.
Look, I'm sorry.
I'm not really sure why, but I am.
You should be sorry.
If you knew she wasn't going to go through with it, you should have told me.
I didn't know.
Yeah, right.
You're her best friend.
She tells you everything.
Not everything.
Look, Sean, I didn't know, okay? And the way you ran out of that church like it was a game.
Well, I mean, wouldn't you rather it went down like this instead of getting married to someone who wasn't sure? She had misgivings.
Better now than later.
It wasn't the right time.
You dodged a bullet.
You know what? It wasn't supposed to be a gunfight.
This was supposed to be our life.
In a parallel universe, I'm leaving tomorrow on my honeymoon with the woman I wanted to be with for the rest of my life.
But instead, I'm here with you and your sound bites about how it wasn't meant to be.
Well, it was meant to be.
Sean? You have a vote too.
If you feel like that, do something.
Anton, do you want some coffee? Could you get him some coffee, please, Rebecca? How do you take it? Light and sweet.
Have a seat.
Which is why I feel our public position on Rwanda is completely unjustifiable.
My next project after Quarantine State will examine the situation through the eyes of a family of refugees.
I really loved your manuscript.
I just thought the character of Diane was so brilliantly drawn.
She is such a crusader.
Thank you.
So powerful.
What a compelling character.
We think the novel is a real tour de force.
Wait, I'm sorry.
I know you have to go, but I just still really wanted to talk about your manuscript.
I'd be delighted.
How about tonight? Ripley Hotel Bar, Okay.
See you then.
None of this is gonna work.
I need to look professional, but fun.
Creative, but organized.
Intelligent, but not geeky.
Okay, glasses or no glasses? Just wear a cardigan.
A cardigan? Lolly, this is a big deal.
This guy's gonna become a mega star.
I thought you said he's a novelist.
Yes, but he also starts a literary journal and gets involved in philanthropy and produces documentaries.
I met him the first time around when I was too busy trying to get home to pack for my honeymoon.
He tried to talk to me, but I was too distracted.
I didn't pay any attention to him, and I've always regretted it.
Well, how could you have known he was gonna become a mega star novelist? It's an oxymoron.
Lolly, I knew everything about this guy.
I know what he drinks, I know where he hangs, I know his favorite band.
All I need to do is dazzle him with my maturity insight, and then he'll offer me a job, and I'll run his foundation, and I'll become the woman behind the scenes steering the ship.
Maybe this is why this is happening to me To get my career on track.
Okay, door A, I ignore Anton, go home to my husband, nothing ever happens.
Door B, I impress the hell out of him, he hires me, everything is different.
Good luck.
These with the black blazer? I guess.
It's a little Amanda Woodward.
I love her.
I know.
Me too.
Seems pretty conservative, though.
Okay, consider my source.
I'm getting fashion advice from Mrs.
Purple Doc Martens.
I don't have Purple Doc Martens.
Yes, you do.
You love them.
You practically sleep in them.
Do I have a belt here? I don't know.
Check the box from Sean's How was he? I mean Mad.
Should I go see him? I should go see him.
I was a coward not to go myself.
Door B.
Let's get some drinks.
What would you like? Laphroaig 25, if they have it.
Laphroaig? I drink laphroaig too.
I have to say, Sunday Bloody Sunday is my favorite.
Although Zooropa is a very underrated album.
You know, I was with him when he wrote that album? - No.
- Yes.
Yes, I was in Kilkenny.
I was at a writer's retreat.
I was teaching a seminar in Trinity College, and just ran into him in a pub.
You know, he's just He's just one with the people.
You know? He's not like, "I'm Bono.
" He's just a regular bloke, you know? I think he's gonna become the face of fusion philanthropy.
I've never heard the phrase "fusion philanthropy.
" It's rare to meet someone so young with so many broad ideas.
I have an interesting offer for you.
At least, I hope it's interesting.
Room 828? You think I'm young enough to fall for a move like that.
Becca No, no, it's very suave.
I'll give you that.
But unfortunately for you, I already know better.
Can I refresh your drinks? Actually, I'll take the whole bottle.
Charge it to room 828.
How could I have made such a rookie mistake? I mean, why else does a 40-year-old man meet a 23-year-old girl in a bar for drinks? Well, maybe you're just a rookie.
What? Doesn't matter how old you are.
I mean, some people are just operators.
I mean, you thought he was gonna offer you a foxy job.
You were optimistic.
That's not a bad thing.
He's a dog.
Guys are dogs.
I mean, even I know that, and I am factually only 23.
No, but I thought I knew.
Like, I was so sure.
This was supposed to be a slam dunk.
I mean, why travel 20 years back just to be propositioned by some douchebag in a hotel bar? Well, maybe this wasn't the reason, you know? I mean, time travel to fix your career? Snore.
I would not watch that movie.
Why is Jamie here? Did you tell him we would be here? We come here all the time.
It's not like it's hard to find me.
Am I allowed to talk to him? I am not gonna make this anymore clear to you.
What's done is done, but I do not think that you should be with him.
I know, I know.
You know everything.
I'm not saying that.
Yes, you are.
I mean, come on, Becca.
What if this is all just, like, a, Whoo-hoo, crazy dream? Pinch.
What? You said you believed me.
I I don't know what I believe, okay? I believe that you believe.
But come on, Becca, how can either of us be absolutely sure? I mean, isn't it enough to just say, "yes, I hear you? I'll be careful?" You can't promise that.
Jamie's problems get really out of control, and you couldn't handle it.
Well, thanks for trusting me.
Trust you? Lolly, you're like a pinball.
You're bouncing around all over the place.
I mean, aren't you supposed to be at work right now? What up? I'm gonna go play a new song.
I'll be back.
You guys okay? Yeah.
Do you think I'm irresponsible? Is that a trick question? Hey.
It's you.
Irresponsible? No, no.
Maybe flighty? Well, isn't that the same thing? Did you do this? Do what? I saw you At the news stand.
And then here at the bar on my wedding day.
I didn't get married, but I'm guessing you knew that? How would I have known that? I've only just met you.
I-I felt something, Lolly.
I felt something, too, I just I'm just I'm bad at this, Jamie.
Okay, I am bad in relationships.
It's just, I'm disorganized and I'm unreliable and I get really claustrophobic Stop, stop.
Please, just stop, stop.
You said it yourself.
I'm flighty, so Yeah, but I didn't mean it as in, you know, that I don't want to be with you.
I'm gonna break your heart.
Lolly, go for it.
I got to pee.
Why'd you call it off? What makes you think I'm the one that called it off? Lucky guess? Damn it.
Where's Lolly? The bathroom.
Okay, well, tell her I had to go back to work.
Have fun.
I'm here.
What's the 911? I need you to dispense with a problem I'm having.
A sorry, a problem in your apartment? A problem named Lance.
Lance was so nice.
I'll be back in an hour.
Just make sure he leaves.
And erase all evidence of him.
Simon, no, I am sorry, but I have done this way too many times for you.
I'm not doing this anymore.
Becca, if you're gonna give me a song and dance about the job description, could you put a pin in it till tomorrow morning? This is a time sensitive problem.
Or maybe you just don't understand that.
I understand.
I do.
I understand.
You are so insecure, it makes you feel big to order people around.
People hate that, Simon.
Your friends, your boyfriend, all the Lances.
They hate it.
And I could waste my 20s cleaning up all your messes, or I could be out there living my life.
You realize if you quit, you're just throwing away the least year of your life.
I realize that.
And I really think you just never learned how to serve another person's needs.
Actually, I think that's all I learned, which is why I think I owe it to myself to try something new.
So in sum, I quit.
No, you're not gonna quit.
And that's the end of the discussion.
Get back here! I'm sorry, but you didn't say "Simon says.
" IPhone! If this is Becca, leave a message.
If it's not, I don't want to hear from you.
Lolly! If you're there, pick up.
I just quit my job.
I can't believe.
I just did it.
I was just like, my God, I'm out, I'm done.
Am I nuts? I'm nuts.
Anyway, it felt good.
Look, I'm sorry that we argued before.
Of course I love you and I trust you, more than anyone in the world.
So Where are you? I guess Call me, page me? I don't know, call my pager.
This is Andy.
Leave a message.
Um I just wanted to call and apologize for the The thing I did.
I've been going through a lot lately, obviously, and I guess I acted on impulse, which was inappropriate, and I know you're seeing Melanie and I'm sorry.
I crossed a weird line.
It was weird.
I feel weird about it.
So Call me if you want.
Um Sorry for the weird message.
This is Becca, by the way.
Did I say that? Okay.
You will? I'll tell her right this minute! No, no, no, no.
I'll tell her tomorrow.
I come in peace.
I quit my job tonight.
Jesus, Becca.
I've been asking myself all week, what did I do wrong? And it's not me at all.
It's you.
Something inside of you just wants to torch it all.
Don't you? Our honeymoon.
I'm still going.
You can cash in the ticket.
Or whatever.
Or you can come.
We can just sit on a beach and pretend we just met.
Go back to the beginning.
Everyone knows the beginning's the best part.
Mom! Georgie! Mom.
Becca? My God, are you okay? I'm good.
I'll run with you.
Come on.
I'll run.
Let's walk.
Let's walk.
I should have called you.
I feel terrible for how much money this is costing you.
No, I'm the one who should be apologizing? I shouldn't have made it about the money.
It's not about that.
I mean, it matters, but I've been searching my soul trying to figure out what it is I am really feeling.
You know what? I'm jealous.
Of who? Of you.
You wiped the slate clean.
I mean, it was embarrassing and it was expensive, but my God, it was bold.
Now you have your whole life ahead of you.
And I am jealous.
Yeah, but anyone can start over.
No, at a certain point, it's too late.
You're entrenched.
You own property.
You have responsibilities.
Things are carved in stone.
And you wanted that.
I mean, you strived for it.
Stability isn't bad.
- It just - I quit my job too.
You what? Yeah.
Okay, see, I'm not I'm not getting hysterical.
This is your life.
But you what? I know you must think I'm losing it.
I definitely think you're losing it.
Also, Sean invited me to go on the honeymoon with him.
Of course he did.
Maybe I should go.
Just sit on the beach.
Maybe you should.
Do you think? Becca.
You are clearly going through something I cannot understand.
I mean, I know what I would do.
But I think that this is a choice that you're going to have to make on your own.
You got it, capitan.
And I need you to update the client addresses in the rolodex.
On it.
What's with you? What? I'm in a good mood.
Sue me.
Hey, Lolly.
I've got these Doc Martens that don't fit me right.
They're purple.
Did you get my message? I'm sorry it was so weird.
I didn't know Just wanted a second chance at that.
Next time on Hindsight.
I was just thinking that we could talk about the thing that happened yesterday.
Why were you so sure I was gonna break Jamie's heart? 'Cause it already happened once.
You deserve to know the truth I've never made out with someone else's boyfriend.
What's the point of having a do-over if I'm just gonna be the same old Becca? Maybe a one-night stand represents all the things you missed out on.
I am the new Becca, and I am gonna have sex with a stranger tonight! Not him.