Hindsight (2015) s01e03 Episode Script

I Never...

Previously on Hindsight It's october 9, 1995.
You traveled through time and you called off your wedding, and everything is perfectly normal.
It's just the first day of the rest of your life.
Give me my ring back.
This isn't just happening to you.
It's happening to me and to Sean and to everyone.
Andy Kelly.
We set him up with what's-her-name, that annoying temp from your office.
You slept with my brother, and you're gonna break his heart.
So in sum, I quit.
You realize if you quit, you're just throwing away the last year of your life.
I'm gonna break your heart.
Lolly, go for it.
In a parallel universe, I'm leaving tomorrow on my honeymoon with the woman I wanted to be with for the rest of my life.
You were right.
I love my purple docs.
I want to grow old in them.
And to think you didn't believe me.
You don't have to gloat.
I always believed you.
Just, if there was any shred of doubt before, it's gone.
So now you understand why I didn't want you and Jamie together? Yeah.
No, I totally get it now.
So tell me about this kiss with Andy.
What was so great about it? It was just so unexpected.
Like, Andy has not kissed me like that in the four years we were together.
I mean, don't get me wrong, his kisses were always really nice.
This time, there was, like, a thing that happened with him that I have just never felt with him before.
Like, a I don't know how to describe it.
Then Show me.
Show you what? Show me how Andy kissed you.
Lolly, I'm not kissing you.
I wasn't asking you to kiss me.
I was merely pointing out that we are in a video store.
You can show me exactly what this epic kiss with Andy looked like.
Pick a movie.
I have one.
The Notebook.
Never heard of it.
You will.
We are literally surrounded by movies, and you're picking one that hasn't even been made yet? You'll understand when you see it.
He loved her.
Like, he wrote a letter every day for a year.
And her parents hid them all from her.
Then she got engaged to another man.
She never saw the letters? None of them.
Seven years went by, and then he saw her on a dock, and he went up to her It was pouring rain He goes up to her, and he picks her up and kisses her, like, a My God, it was so good.
Did Andy pick you up? No, but he knew what he wanted, and without hesitating, he went for it.
That is a Notebook kiss.
What do you think it meant? I don't know.
But I can't stop wondering if maybe this is why I came back, like to be with this version of Andy Kelly.
Well, too bad he's with Melanie.
Yeah, but that doesn't matter.
I mean, we both know they don't end up together.
Becca, look.
You called off your wedding to Sean, not to mention a week in Aruba, and that's fine, 'cause it's your life.
But do you really have the right to change the course of other people's lives? Lolly, I am not planning on ruining anyone's life here.
I'm just I just need to know if he felt the same That thing that I did.
Well, there's only one way to find out.
I'm picking up what you're putting down.
I'm gonna go ask him.
I'm going.
Good luck.
Sex, lies, and video store.
Would you like to hear our new releases? Yeah, hey.
Can I talk to Lolly? It's for you, Levine.
You do realize that physically being in the store doesn't actually qualify as working, right? Need to get laid, dude.
Hello? Who needs to get laid? - A sad little man.
What's up? - Whoa.
Do you know that place on 57th? It's, like, really impossible to get a table at? The Russian tea room? Yes, exactly.
Well, across the street from that is this coal oven pizza joint that we're going to tonight.
Actually, I can't tonight 'cause someone called in sick, and so I have to work.
That's a drag.
Um, well, we'll do coal oven pizza another night, then.
Yeah, great.
We will.
Well, then I'll Maybe I'll see you later.
Yeah, see you later.
You're not working tonight.
So who did you just lie to? Hi.
- Hey.
- Hey.
What you doing in there? Just playing a little D&D with the guys.
That's right.
You used to play Dungeons & Dragons.
Used to? No, I just meant I forgot that you're into that.
That's sounds like fun.
Um, I can just come back when you're not so busy.
No, no, I got a second.
My character's on a short five-minute healing rest, so Okay.
I was just thinking maybe that we could talk about the That thing that happened yesterday that I 'm still trying to really process.
Yeah, that That was all my fault.
I wasn't looking to place any blame.
I mean, it's just, you're getting out of a serious relationship.
You know, Mel and I have been together for eight months now.
I wouldn't want to throw that away.
Just not that kind of guy.
I know.
I know.
That's why I was That's why you what? Becca.
Andy didn't tell me you were stopping by.
How are you? I'm good.
So sorry you lost your job.
No, no, I quit.
What are you gonna do now? I'll I'll figure something out.
It's tough out there.
So did Andy tell you the big news? Becca, I have been promoted to Simon's new assistant.
Ha-ha-ha, that's great.
We're so excited.
I hope that's not weird for you.
No, of course not.
It's congratulations, Melanie.
It's a really great opportunity.
It is.
It really is.
I feel I don't know Blessed.
So are you going tonight? What's tonight? Lois from the office is having a birthday party.
No, I don't think I can make it.
But wish her happy birthday for me.
I'm not going either.
Honestly, I don't think anyone from the office is going.
I mean, maybe she has some non-work friends that'll be there.
No one shows up to her party.
What did you say? I said I meant, what if no one shows up to her party? I mean, poor Lois.
She'll be devastated.
I should go.
I'm her friend.
Then I guess I'll see you there.
I thought that you weren't going.
You talked me into it.
I did? Yeah, and I just didn't want to be the only one there.
Besides, it'll give us a chance to catch up.
You can tell me all about everything you've been up to.
See you tonight.
Well, that's not gonna be weird for me.
I can't believe you're dragging me to Lois Lane's party tonight.
What It could be fun.
You just said nobody shows up.
Last time.
We will be there this time.
We will bring the fun.
We should bring pillows.
That's how boring this is gonna be.
I mean, full disclosure: I'm kind of rooting for a cat fight between you and Melanie.
And in case you didn't already know this, we are getting seriously wasted tonight, deal? I can agree to those terms.
Just no tequila.
I want to have fun tonight and not think about the consequences.
You know how tequila makes me black out.
Scout's honor.
No tequila.
Lolly, program it.
No tequila.
I heard you.
Repeat it.
She's gonna get tequila.
Look, Becca.
Phoebe's here.
Hello, Lolly, Becca.
Why are you so dressed up? I have plans later tonight.
But I figured I'd stop by here first and return my bridesmaids dress.
I'm pretty sure bridesmaids are supposed to keep their dresses.
Traditionally, yes, but I read this article that it's bad luck to keep the dress if the bride gets cold feet at the wedding.
Couldn't you have at least dry-cleaned it first? Planning on wearing it? Never mind.
Thanks for coming by, Phoebe.
It was good seeing you.
Say HI to your mom for me.
Since you brought it up, I have to admit that I sort of volunteered to check in on you.
Everyone's really concerned.
- Yeah.
- But don't worry.
I won't tell them that I saw you drinking at home.
It's called pre-partying, Phoebe.
Do you pre-party often, Becca? What is with the intervention? Lolly and I are just having a drink before we go out tonight.
Yeah, we're actually going to this killer party.
It's crazy exclusive, but luckily Becca had a sweet hook-up with the hostess, so it's gonna be wild.
You know, we might be able to pull a few strings and get you on the list.
You would do that for me? I mean, I do have a few hours to kill, and I'm not one to pass on a fabulous party.
Are you sure you could get me in? Drink? Yeah.
Are we early? Nope.
We're right on time.
I thought you said this party was exclusive.
It is.
You see anyone else here? Hi, Becca.
Thanks for coming.
Of course.
I wouldn't miss it.
This is Lolly.
My cousin Phoebe.
You guys know Melanie.
You're Andy Kelly's girlfriend.
Yes, I am.
Okay, looks like you two could use a refill.
What are we drinking? I'll have another zima.
Hey, Rick, round of drinks over here, stat.
Anything strong.
Do you see two of me? I'm down a waitress tonight.
Come order at the bar.
He's very pleasant.
First round's on me.
Becca, no, no.
Sit down.
You're not paying.
You lost your job.
Melanie, for the last time I did not lose my job.
I quit my job.
You quit your job? Here we go.
This is way worse than I thought.
Forgive me, Becca, for bringing this up in front of your friends, but obviously you are spiraling out of control.
You're turning into one of those slackers.
Phoebe, I am not spiraling out of control.
I am just trying to take some time to figure out what I want.
It's called reevaluating my life.
What is so wrong about that? You're right.
I apologize.
Lois, I love your new haircut.
It's the Monica.
Everyone is getting the Rachel.
It's the same haircut.
Time to get this party started.
Everybody grab a shot.
Hold it up.
Mine mine's spilling.
Don't hold so high.
Eye level, yeah? Is this tequila? Yes, it is.
I have a feeling you're gonna want to black this night out.
You said no consequences.
To Lois.
I hope that you have a night that none of us remember.
Whoo! I've never Had a one-night stand.
Just to clarify, do I take a drink for every one night stand I've had, or does one drink cover them all? Lois! You've been holding out on us.
One drink will do the trick.
Becca? I've never had a one-night stand.
Okay, okay, okay, okay.
Moving on.
Who's next? I've never Had sex on a plane.
I've never been arrested.
I've never had phone sex.
Whoo! I've never been skinny dipping.
Had sex with another woman.
I've never sucked the venom out of a snake bite wound.
Are you serious? I've never had sex With a celebrity.
Who'd you have sex with? Ian Ziering.
All right, I've never had sex on the beach? Yes! Finally, a good one I can drink to.
Details, please.
I was with Sean in Aruba.
- Becca - We were on our What? You were on your what? Did I say Aruba? I meant to say that we were on the Jersey shore.
That story took a sad detour.
Who's next? Melanie.
Okay, I've never Made out with someone else's boyfriend.
I mean, who hasn't done that? Right? Excuse me.
We're looking for Sleepless in Seattle.
Why? Because we'd like to rent it.
Have you seen that movie? Yes.
Then why would you willingly subject yourself to that torture all over again? Is there a problem? We can take our business to Blockbuster.
Romantic comedies are on the back wall.
It's alphabetical.
I couldn't help but notice you admiring my list.
No, I was actually looking at Lolly's list.
It's It's pretty random.
More like predictable.
Answer this question: Are you willing to take a risk tonight? Probably not.
It'll haunt your dreams.
Far out.
Thank you.
But really, I'm not here to rent a movie.
I was actually here to Here to visit Lolly.
Is she, um Is she on break or She's not working tonight.
No, I thought she said someone called in sick.
The only employee who calls in sick around here is Lolly.
All right, cool, man.
Thank you.
I'll see you around.
I wouldn't take it too personally.
She comes and goes as she pleases.
Well, let's see, do you know Do you know what all these films have in common or Yeah, they all suck.
But I mean, she had to put them together for a reason.
And I actually don't have anything going on tonight, so lay 'em on me.
I'll watch them all.
I can't in good conscience let you pay for those.
Tell you what, it's a slow night.
You might as well just watch one of them here.
No, no, I No charge.
Besides, you know, Lolly will probably stop by later anyways.
She usually does.
You're also a little curious about the list, too, right? Vaguely.
Well, that was fun, but I feel like I know way too much about all of you.
But, like, not so much about Becca, though.
What? I drink.
I did, a few I drank.
Okay, okay, okay, okay.
Last one.
Here goes.
I've never Done anything to ruin a really great friendship.
Kind of an oddly specific question.
And a bummer.
Should I drink? Okay.
Game over.
Can I talk to you for a sec? Whoops.
What are you doing? I'm sorry.
I'm sor I'm sorry.
I just we've had this whole relationship-ending elephant in the room for a few days now, and you've declared the topic off-limits.
And you think a drinking game is the best time to talk about that? Well, when you put it like that, no.
Are you okay? Are you having fun? I mean, I was.
Until that whole sex on the beach question got in my head, 'cause it just reminded me that Sean is in Aruba, and instead of having sex on the beach, he's heartbroken and lonely, and it's all because of me.
Well, if it makes you feel any better, there's a pretty good chance.
Sean is still having sex on a beach right now.
How is that supposed to make me feel better? I don't know.
I do know that you are not supposed to be with Sean right now.
You are supposed to be right here.
I mean, look at Lois.
She is having the best night of her life.
And that is all because of you.
So forget Aruba.
You already lived that life.
I'm starting to feel like I didn't really live much of life at all.
Seriously, even nervous Lois has had a one-night stand.
Well, if that's what's bothering you, have a one-night stand tonight.
That's not what this is about.
Maybe it is.
Maybe a one-night stand represents all the things you think you missed out on.
I mean, we both know the old Becca never would have considered having one.
Maybe you're right.
I mean, what's the point of having a do-over if I'm just gonna be the same old Becca? Well, let's find you a target.
Whoo! Okay, what do I do? How about hot Todd? One of us should talk to him eventually.
Don't you think? Stop pointing.
No, I can't have a one-night stand in our local bar.
Even I know that rule.
That is a good rule.
We stick to that rule.
Well, let's go someplace else.
We can find your random guy, you can have your one-night stand, and with it, gain some of that elusive life experience that you think will validate your existence.
- Let's do it.
- Okay.
- I'm ready.
- You're ready.
I got to go.
Simon beeped me.
It's an emergency.
What can I say? He needs me.
Happy birthday, Lois.
Thank you.
Good luck with that.
Are you guys leaving too? No, we just thought we'd change up the scene a little bit, but you are coming with us, birthday girl.
- Yes you are.
- You are coming with us.
Count me in.
I thought you had plans tonight.
It's nothing important.
So you're really gonna do this? Yeah.
Why not? This is my second chance at life.
I am the new Becca, and I am gonna live this life, and I am gonna have sex with a stranger tonight! Not him.
Plenty of options here.
Okay, what do I do? I just go up and pick one of them? Okay, pace yourself, Becca.
This is not a grocery store, okay? First we get a table, a few drinks, let them come to you.
You're smoking hot.
Just so you guys know, I've been practicing the macarena at home, so if the DJ plays that song, I'm fully prepared to join in.
I won't be participating in that.
Hey, ladies.
Welcome to Crystal Lounge.
Everyone gets a complementary palm reading with their first drink.
I've never had a palm reading.
Okay, of all the places in the city, you take us to a club with free psychics? The psychics aren't free.
They're just included.
So what can I get you? Whiskey.
A rum and diet.
Can I get a menu? Sure.
Okay, so I've already seen the future, so I am gonna be at the bar.
Work it.
I'll get your drinks.
Back wall.
It's alphabetical.
It's finally over.
That was That was awful.
I mean, it wasn't that bad.
Did we just watch the same movie? Okay.
I'll admit, you know, maybe Lolly and I don't share the same taste in film, but you know, it's not like we have to have everything in common.
Are you dating her? Honest, I don't I don't know.
Do you think she might be into, you know, someone else? Works at a video store? I-I I don't think so.
But, you know, who knows? Yeah.
Actually, it's obvious she's not coming in, so I'm gonna I'm just gonna head out.
I appreciate it.
Come on, man.
We can watch one more.
You already said you didn't have anything going on tonight.
I have something that might enhance our viewing experience.
It's pot.
My friends and I, we took a vote.
It was unanimous.
You are the pick of the litter.
I think.
So why did you get first pick? I called dibs on you the moment I saw you.
That's romantic.
My friends and I, we're in town on business.
We work hard, we play hard.
Right now, it's time to play.
We're staying at the Waldorf-Astoria.
Ever heard of it? Yeah.
So what do you do, Victor? I hate when this happens.
I don't like to say what I do for a living too soon.
I want a woman to like me for me, not because I am hugely successful.
That's okay.
You don't actually don't have to tell me what you do.
I work for Enron.
Okay, you're about to enter a new crossroads in your life.
And you're about to miss an important turn that could send you on a new path.
I'll watch my step.
Could I get another rum and diet coke? Sure.
Diet coke.
Excuse me.
Paige, I need two more readings on table eight.
Can you handle that? Yep.
And since you consider yourself to be an actress, could you at least act like a psychic? Get into the part.
You do know people don't really come here to hear about their future, right? They come for drinks.
If you don't like it, there's hundreds of out-of-work actresses that'd be happy to have your job.
Otherwise, table eight.
Got it.
I believe true love-making must include a third participant.
I would be honored if you'd join us.
Us? I'm a little nervous.
This is my first time.
For most people, it's all about sex, but not me.
I prefer to spoon.
For hours.
Do you like to spoon? I do not.
Quick question before we begin.
If my palm reveals when I'm going to die, will you tell me? No, I won't I won't tell you.
I look at your body, you know what I see? Potential.
I mean, you got a long ways to go, but the foundation, it is there.
You want to feel something? Do you? You do.
Touch this.
Touch it.
Go ahead, touch it.
Touch it, touch it, touch it.
That's hard work paying dividends right there.
You know what you need, Jamie? You need a relationship guru.
Yes, I do.
I've always wanted one of those.
Where do I find one of those? You're looking at one.
Dude, really? What qualifies you as a relationship guru? Isn't it obvious? It's really not.
I've seen over 2,000 films in my life.
There's not a single relationship predicament that I haven't been exposed to.
That's priceless knowledge.
So are you in? Or are you out? I'm in.
I don't know what that means, being in, but I'm in.
You want my first piece of advice? Yeah, absolutely.
Lay it on me.
You can do better than Lolly.
She's a flake, and she'll stomp on your heart.
I'd kick her to the curb.
I appreciate the candid advice from from the guru, but I don't I don't want to kick Lolly to the curb.
I mean, I know we're still getting to know each other, but I really like Lolly, and, like, I think she likes me.
So why'd she Blow you off tonight? If I had to guess, I I'd have to say someone's trying to keep us apart.
I mean, the thing is, I really like Jamie, and I didn't want to blow him off tonight.
I mean, I love coal oven pizza.
Who doesn't, right? But when I saw these purple doc martens, it It kind of freaked me out.
So I guess I just need a little guidance.
What should I do? I just read palms.
Before you get started, I just want to warn you I've heard every pickup line in the book tonight.
There's a book? Apparently.
That's good to know.
Just curious what was your favorite pickup line? If you had to choose one.
If I could change the alphabet, I'd put you and I together.
Not bad.
That was solid.
Did you like that? Did you get the one where the guy checks the tag on your shirt and says that you were Made in heaven? Yes, I got that twice already tonight.
It's a classic.
I tried that one back in the summer of '92.
Yeah? How'd that work out for you? I'm still in therapy working on rejection, but I'll survive.
Just for the record, I didn't come over here to hit on you.
I was gonna order a drink.
That's too bad.
So you're not really a psychic? I know.
No, I'm an actress.
I mean, I've been working on and off since I was, like, eight years old.
Have I seen you in anything? I doubt it.
But I don't know.
Maybe some national commercials.
A few little roles here and there.
And so now you're playing a psychic? Yeah, I am.
Kind of sucks.
But covers my rent, and that's all that matters right now.
You're so pretty.
Thank you.
You know, another pet peeve I have is when somebody holds the door open for you, but you're still, like, so you have no choice but to speed walk or do that little skip thing.
My God, try doing that in heels.
Okay, you want to know my pet peeve? Lingering.
Like, when you're at dinner, and pay the bill, why won't anyone get up? Like, it's time to go.
Let me ask you a question.
Does it feel like we're lingering right now? A little.
Want to get out of here? I love Becca so much.
I mean, she is my best friend in the world, but she keeps telling me what I should and shouldn't do.
I'm sorry.
Are you, like, her puppet? 'Cause that's what it sounds like.
Yes! I I am starting to feel like her puppet.
I mean, she thinks she knows everything that's gonna happen.
No, that girl doesn't know anything.
Are you finished? Becca! Hey.
Hey How long have you been standing there? Long enough.
And I'd appreciate it if you'd stop sharing our personal information with a stranger.
Okay, okay, "A," she is not a stranger.
She's my friend.
- And "B" - Your friend? She is giving me very good advice, which is more than I can say for you right now.
Her entire job is to pretend like she knows what's gonna happen in the future.
She is not your friend.
Okay, excuse me, but from what I'm hearing, it sounds like you do the same thing.
How much did you tell her? My God.
No, no! No, no! That's it.
Stop, please.
Guys, that's it.
Gosh, okay, just go somewhere and just cool off.
Paige! My office right now.
Okay, I don't know what girl drama is unfolding, here, but I just wanted to say good night.
What, you're leaving? I'm going to the Waldorf.
No, please don't tell me.
No, Phoebe, you can't go home with that guy.
He's such a douchebag.
It's not going to lead to anything.
I don't want it to lead to anything.
I'm so tired of getting my hopes up for these random blind dates.
Every week I meet another man who's supposedly marriage material.
Each one ends up being more disappointing than the last.
That's why I blew off my blind date tonight.
You never told me you had a blind date.
Because it wasn't a big deal.
Besides, the guy has a girl's name.
I mean, seriously, can you picture me ending up with some guy named Courtney? Who's Courtney? Phoebe's future husband.
Is this really happening? Did I just ruin Phoebe's life? Okay, no.
Nobody's life is ruined.
So how are you gonna fix this? Is this my responsibility? I mean, Phoebe came out with us on her own free will.
Am I gonna have to monitor everyone's decisions for the rest of my life? Okay, is this the new Becca talking? Because if it is, I'd like a brief sidebar with the old Becca, who would already be sprinting out that door to stop Phoebe from going home with that guy.
Phoebe, hey.
Phoebe, can I borrow you for a second? Don't go too far, gorgeous.
What are you doing, Becca? Okay, where was your blind date tonight? The French Quarter Cafe.
Why? Courtney might still be there.
The blind date? Becca, I have a perfectly good man right there.
You cannot go home with that guy.
Why not? For starters, he's pointing over here high-fiving his friends.
It's kind of flattering.
What about Courtney? Don't you think he deserves an explanation? How would you feel if you were stood up on a blind date? You ready? Our chariot awaits.
Yes, let's go.
Did he tell you how he and his friends voted you pick of the litter? Yes.
And how he called dibs on you? Yeah, he said those things to me too.
Those are just part of his cheesy pickup lines.
Are we doing this or what? You can bring your friend, too, if you want.
That could be fun, the three of us.
I think we're done here.
That means you can go now.
Yes! Come on.
That's a wrap, man.
I got to lock up the store.
Door's so far, though.
But I was right about Lolly's list.
How is that? It was a complete waste of time.
None of those movies had anything in common, unless the answer is so grade school simple as, you know, they all have popular directors Spielberg, Mann, Wyler, Reiner, and Crowe.
Wait, so you You didn't get it? What? Of course I got it.
I was just testing to see if you did.
So obvious.
All the movies prefer an unreliable narrator with the juxtaposition of the time lapse.
It's each one equally quixotic.
Just rewatch them.
You'll get it eventually.
You think so? I know so.
See you around, Sebastian.
Later, buddy.
Was he in there? No, they said he waited for over an hour.
Now I feel terrible.
My God, Phoebe, I am so sorry.
This is all my fault.
I ruined everything.
Why are you so upset? I've been, like, on 30 blind dates in the past six months.
They never work out.
I'm sure this one would have been just as bad.
Besides, I had so much fun with you girls tonight.
What happened to Lois? She went home with some guy who had a mullet.
The swinger? Now that you mention it, there was another woman who got in the cab with them.
I should be going home.
This was really fun.
Don't sound so surprised.
I just I just mean we should do this again sometime.
I'd like that.
Night, Phoebe.
Love you.
Well, you tried.
I'm sorry you didn't get to have your one-night stand.
Well, I'll live.
What are you gonna do now? I'll find a way to get Courtney and Phoebe together.
I mean, if it really was love at first sight, all I need to do is get them to meet.
Well, maybe they'll find each other.
Fate? If it's meant to be.
I used to believe in fate.
Now I don't think anything's predestined.
Well Well, if you really believe that, then why were you so sure I was gonna break Jamie's heart? Because it already happened once.
I didn't want to take the risk.
Bottom line is, you and Jamie should not be together, okay? I'm not your puppet, Becca! That was a little dramatic.
Well, I mean, you're the one wielding all this, like, future knowledge as a warning of what's gonna happen, and then you just pick and choose whatever works for you.
What are you talking about? You keep changing the future, and for some reason, you're allowed to.
I mean, no one showed up to Lois' birthday party Let's change that.
I broke your brother's heart.
Let's stop that from happening.
And you can't just drop a bomb on me like our friendship ending and then refuse to tell me what happened.
Is that what this is about? I just have to know.
You don't understand, okay? That was one of the worst things that has ever happened to me.
To you? It happened to us, Becca.
It's my story too.
So why can't you just tell me what happened? Because I don't know if I can stop it.
This is just This is too weird for me.
I think I need a time-out.
How was work? You okay? I have a confession to make.
I didn't work tonight.
I'm sorry I lied to you.
But I was confused, and I To be honest, I'm still confused.
But you deserve to know the truth, and the truth is I really like you.
I know we don't know each other very well, but I would like to change that.
I kind of feel like I got to know a little bit about you tonight.
Yeah, I've always been kind of flaky.
No, that's not what I mean.
I mean, yeah, you are.
You're insanely flaky.
But I went to the video store to hang out with you tonight, and in a way, I still feel like I kind of got to.
I watched all the movies on your list.
You watched all those movies? But some of them aren't even good.
Well, did you figure out what they all have in common? Yeah.
I mean, except for the director's names.
Steven Spielberg, William Wyler, Rob Reiner, Michael Mann, Cameron Crowe.
I mean, it's so simple, but so perfect for a girl named Lolly Levine.
That's a lot of alliteration from anxious anchors.
Hey, Rick.
Can I get a beer? Where's your little sidekick? Lolly and I needed a time-out.
I'm Becca.
I'm Todd.
Turn your head, now, baby, just spit me out A mocha latte with an extra shot, please.
Got a non-fat iced latte for Courtney.
Excuse me.
Are you Courtney? Yes.
I'm Phoebe.
Looks like someone's taking a shameful walk this morning.
Where'd you find the guy? Right here.
What? What happened to the whole strict no one night stands in the local bar rule? I made an exception.
Who was it? Guess.
Grumpy Rick? Ew.
It was Todd.
Ha! You slept with hot Todd? Wah! You slept with hot Todd? Yeah.
How was it? It was really fun being another person for the night.
But it does not compare to sex on the beach with Sean.
And at the end of the day, I cannot stop thinking about that kiss with Andy.
So? Are you ordering food or what? She'll have what I'm having.
No problem.
Thanks, Paige.
Um, how did the psychic get here? Okay, she is not a psychic.
She's an actress, and she's actually super cool.
And since you got her fired That was you.
I remembered that grumpy Rick was down a waitress, and I called him last night, and he hired her.
She'll grow on you.
I have a question.
What happens when Sean gets back from Aruba? I don't know.
I care about him.
And I know he loves me.
I just hope we can be friends.
Andy? I don't know.
If you really want to know what happened to our friendship, I'll tell you.
But the thing is, I went through it.
And I meant it when I said it was one of the worst things that has ever happened to me.
And you're right.
It's one of the worst things that's ever happened to us.
Which is why I don't want to go through it again.
And I don't want you to have to go through it.
That is why I have not told you.
You don't have to tell me what happened.
On one condition.
Promise me you won't let it happen again.
I promise.
I will do everything in my power to prevent our friendship from ending.
Like I said Maybe none of this is predestined.
Well, I guess we'll find out.
Next time on Hindsight Coming this fall to a theater near you, a girl travels back in time to find a boring entry level job.
The Oar and Anchor, they always do a great costume contest.
You guys should totally come.
Becca's just cranky 'cause she can't figure out what to do with her life.
And also I'm sleeping with her brother, so there's that.
Actually, I have a new thing too.
I really like Jamie.
And I don't want anything bad to happen to him.
If things ever get weird with us, you know you can talk to me.