Historia de un Crimen: Colmenares (2019) s01e02 Episode Script

Una madre busca justicia

- [faint voices overlapping]
- [party music playing on speakers]
[car horn honks]
OCTOBER 31, 2010 - 3:32 AM
Hey, Laura. Are you with?
Okay, where are you guys?
Have her send the address.
Where is that? Give me an address 15th?
Traffic is terrible on 15th.
In the upper or lower side of the park?
Upper, okay. This way.
Not this way!
Let me drive! It's this way!
- Hello? What?
- Stop! Let me drive this thing!
Speak up, I can't hear you.
- What?
- [Laura over phone] El Negro fell down!
What do you mean he fell down?
Repeat what you just said.
Laura Moreno screamed,
"El Negro fell down."
And then the call dropped.
That's the only thing we talked about
during that call.
And what happened next?
We got to where Laura was.
I got out of the car.
Did Laura say anything?
3:39 AM
- Laura!
- [dog barks]
Laura, where did El Negro fall?
What do you think happened to Luis Andrés?
He fell.
And why do you think that?
Because that's what Laura told us she saw.
And why do you think Luis Andrés
ran toward the direction of the canal?
- Luis! Don't, Luis!
- Let me go!
- So, what did you do?
- I called Jessy.
El Negro fell down!
What did you see in the canal?
[Laura screams] Luis!
I beg your pardon?
I'll repeat the question.
What did you see in the canal?
[water running]
[theme music playing]
NOVEMBER 1, 2010
[man] Mr. Colmenares,
do you confirm that this is the body
of Luis Andrés Colmenares?
Sign here.
We'll give the body to the mortuary.
[door closes]
[sighs] Oneida.
Why did you let me see him like that?
Look at me.
Why is my Luigi so beaten up?
I don't get it.
NOVEMBER 2, 2010
- [car horns honking]
- [siren wailing]
[indistinct chattering]
[crowd cheering]
- [Luis] Who are you looking at?
- [Laura chuckles] No one. It's cool.
- [Luis] Let go!
- [Laura] Don't, Luis!
[Laura screams] Luis!
[indistinct chattering]
I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry.
What did Luigi say before he fell?
Tell me.
I spoke with the coroner's office.
The body won't be here today.
[secretary] I'm telling you,
he won't see anyone after 5 p.m.
I'm sorry, but I don't make the rules.
All we are asking is five minutes
with the prosecutor.
I will gladly give you
an appointment for next week.
Let me check his schedule. Let's see.
Well, that would be in five days,
Tuesday the 8th at 3 p.m.
So, please write the file number there,
Mr. Colme
- Miss!
- Oneida!
Why won't you let me bury my son,
Mr. Prosecutor?
Sorry, ma'am,
I can't talk to you right now.
I need you to tell me why my son's body,
Luis Andrés Colmenares,
is still in the coroner's office.
The case from El Virrey?
I'll call you back.
Given the circumstances
surrounding the case,
the coroner's office
has kept the body longer than usual.
- Because of the wounds on his face.
- Among other factors.
Why won't you tell me what's happening,
Mr. Prosecutor?
Mrs. Colmenares.
Out of respect for your son's memory
and out of respect for you,
it would be wrong of me to try and explain
something so sensible in such a hurry.
- Come back tomorrow
- Just tell me.
I need to know.
The coroner's report is clear.
Your son died accidentally from a fall.
Tomorrow, you'll get the body
and a preliminary report.
I'm sorry for your loss.
Yes. So
No. No
Yes, but you
- [birds warbling]
- [thunder rumbles]
NOVEMBER 3, 2010
[birds chirping]
- [glass shatters]
- [gasps]
[Luis' brother] Mom?
Are you okay?
Yes, I'm okay. I'm coming.
- [Luis] Nice to meet you.
- [Laura] Nice to meet you. Laura Moreno.
[Luis] Yes, I know.
[people clamoring]
Girl, do you think it's romantic
that the guy kills himself
when he learns that you're using him?
You bitch!
Well, when you put it that way, it sucks.
I'm talking more like Romeo and Juliet.
I know, but it was nothing
like that, stupid.
Laura Moreno is no Juliet.
Firstly, that bitch
had to be crazy in love with El Negro,
and no fucking way that happened.
I don't care that everyone calls me
a bitch on this campus.
But what I can't accept is you saying that
El Negro killed himself because of me.
Come on, girl, we're clearly just teasing.
- Why did he kill himself, then?
- What?
No one believes he ran and fell.
Who does that?
El Negro didn't kill himself.
I told you, he didn't kill himself.
[bell tolling]
[thunder rumbling]
[accordion music playing]
[Oneida sobbing]
[thunder rumbling]
[thunder rumbling]
[water running]
[indistinct chatters]
What's wrong?
I don't know what's wrong with me, Mom.
Are you seeing things?
It's normal.
That's normal.
[thunder rumbling]
I would be worried if you weren't.
What do you think happened to me
when your dad left us?
I saw your dad's shadow everywhere.
All the time.
Everyone thought I was going crazy.
But here I am.
God is my witness.
And my dad's shadow
never tried to tell you anything?
Look, Oneida.
The dead walk among us.
Listen to me.
I swear it on all the angels in heaven.
If Luis Andrés' "yoluja"
wanted to tell you something,
he would say it plain and clear.
Exactly as I'm talking to you right here.
[telephone rings]
[Salazar] "A press release from the local
town hall clarifies the circumstances
around the lifeless body of the young man
found four months ago
in the canal in El Virrey Park, in Bogota.
The young man from La Guajira,
Luis Andrés Colmenares,
told his friend Laura Moreno he wanted
to end his life, but she ignored him."
"The case would be just like any other
if his death weren't linked
to the use of psychedelic drugs."
You want to speak, or should I?
- They are lying, Daddy.
- Who's lying, honey?
Can I finish, Dad?
That night, there was alcohol, yes.
- But drugs? We never
- How much alcohol did you drink?
- I told you.
- How much?
Dad, it was a party!
- There was obviously alcohol.
- Look, Laura. I know you.
You're hiding something.
If you won't tell me, I can't do anything.
Thank you for having me, Mr. Prosecutor.
I don't know if you heard,
but the media is saying that
my son killed himself.
Do you think that's possible?
From his psychological profile
and from the testimonies,
I think it is very unlikely.
Then why are they telling lies?
Mrs. Colmenares, the media
is looking for ratings. That's it.
So, who do I believe?
Because the media
wouldn't just make up things. [Inhales]
It was the town hall of Chapinero
that started the story.
I'll tell you again.
The forensic evidence
and the testimonies indicate
that your son fell accidentally
and suffered a blow, which killed him.
And the wounds?
Do you think they're normal?
Those wounds are consistent
with those types of accidents.
Hmm, and the first rescue personnel
in the tunnel, why didn't they find him?
Because they didn't see him.
Human error.
[drawer opens]
Look, ma'am.
In this report, you'll find every detail.
I know what you are going through.
A loss like this is hard to accept.
I speak from experience, believe me.
In circumstances like this,
the pain is so overwhelming,
it ends up clouding our judgment.
But from someone
who's spent half his life
stuck in this building,
I can advise you
to keep on living yours.
There are people who have spent decades
wandering those halls
in search of an answer.
Keep that copy.
Thank you for your time, Mr. Prosecutor.
Thank you, Mrs. Colmenares.
Hey, some Caribbean woman
won't stop calling,
saying that some Prosecutor Sarmiento
ruled it isn't a suicide.
- Write the retraction, okay?
- So, who killed him?
No one. It was an accident.
If you want, I can call the lady
and the prosecutor for a statement.
[sighs] The Forum Section
doesn't do these type of pieces.
Just write the retraction, Salazar.
Can you put me through
to Prosecutor Sarmiento, please?
Dinner's ready!
Mmm. That smells delicious.
I need you to come with me
to the prosecutor's office tomorrow.
Oneida, the case is closed.
We did all we could.
Leave it there.
Leaving won't solve anything this time.
I lost my son, too,
but going to the prosecutor's office
every day won't bring him back.
- Get that in your head, woman.
- Luigi never left.
[sighs] He's right there,
watching you go again.
It's never too late to give him
the attention he deserved.
- [thunder rumbles]
- [rain pounding]
[Latino pop music playing]
[indistinct chattering]
[woman] Jessy? Jessy, hi.
It's terrible, what happened.
I've been meaning to tell you.
What happened?
On Halloween.
- [clicks tongue] On Halloween?
- Yes, with El Negro.
I'm very sorry.
Thank you.
[woman 2] Who is that?
Colmenares' ex-girlfriend.
- What?
- Laura didn't come to class today.
- [scoffs] And? Is she on her period?
- Shit!
[whispers] She's acting weird.
Wouldn't you act the same?
After all the shit with El Negro?
Dude, I was also friends with Colmenares.
I'm also fucked up by what happened,
but that's no reason to delete
all the photos I have with him.
- [sighs]
- I have to go to class.
- Fuck off!
- Man, just check her social media.
She erased every single photo.
All of them.
The ones from the trip, from Halloween,
from the university,
all the photos she had with the guy.
They're gone.
Nothing strange.
She must be fed up with the gossip
from people like you.
What? That she saw something?
What the fuck is your problem, Grillo?
You were right there with me.
You know what happened. Fuck off.
[elevator bell rings]
Prosecutor Sarmiento!
There's no answer here
as to why my dead son
turned up 16 hours later
in a different place from where he fell.
It doesn't explain either
why the first responders didn't find him.
The only thing clear in this report
is that it's full of lies
and inconsistencies!
Mrs. Colmenares,
if that is your version, file an appeal
so the case will be reopened.
This is no way to proceed.
My son didn't die in an accident,
and you know it.
You liar. You are a lying prosecutor!
If you don't want to file an appeal,
following due process,
please leave now
or I'll press charges for slander.
All I'm asking is for justice.
But I forget justice in this country
is only for people with big names!
What do I do? Change my skin?
My name? Huh?
Maybe then justice will tell me
what happened to my son!
[music playing]
[Oneida] I won't leave you alone.
No matter what,
I'll find the truth.
Nothing or no one is going to stop me.
- I swear. In God's name.
- [water trickling]
- [telephone ringing]
- [printer whirring]
What's up, Ramses?
[telephone ringing]
- The kid from Virrey?
- Hmm.
Didn't Sarmiento have that?
There was an appeal put forth.
- Put it in the pile.
- I'd take care of it right away.
We concur with the previous ruling.
I can have the document
in half an hour for you to sign
and, by the end of the day,
in the judge's quarters.
What's the hurry?
Reading the forensics report,
it's evident it was an accident.
Sarmiento wasn't born yesterday.
And we don't want Mrs. Colmenares
sitting out there every day.
Thank you very much, Ramses.
Let me tell you something.
This job has taught me
the only certain thing is uncertainty.
I'll take a look
before you get too excited.
We searched three times
for the kid's body.
[mariachi music playing]
I performed the first search
with my partner.
We looked everywhere
but didn't find anyone.
The kid's girlfriend made the second.
She says she went down to the canal.
The third was performed by the responders.
They went into the tunnel,
but they didn't report seeing anyone.
That's the strange part, really.
Why did that kid turn up a day later
where we had already searched?
You should have seen the look
on those kids' faces from Los Cerros.
They were paler than the dead one.
[footsteps approaching]
- What did we agree on, Ramses?
- We agreed you'd take on this mess.
- The lady is already out there waiting.
- Why didn't you tell me? Let her in.
She let herself in.
My name is Antonio González.
The new prosecutor
in charge of the investigation.
- Oneida Colmenares.
- Take a seat, ma'am.
No, I'm fine.
Where are you from?
From Villanueva.
We are from the same land.
I'm from Ciénaga.
My cousin lives in Villanueva.
They call her
This is all the information
I've collected from my son's case.
I'd tell you to double-check
the testimonies
This investigation
is very important to you, isn't it?
Believe me, it's important to me, too.
But I got the file a day ago.
I'm doing the preliminary revision.
Give me a couple of weeks.
Couple of months, at the most.
We'll sit down and go over this calmly.
It's been a year since my son's death.
And believe me, I can't take
any more lies and obstructions.
So you better think about
whether you're the one for this case.
Every time I start a case,
I like to tell my clients this story.
A woman looks for justice.
And to get it, she is convinced
she must go through a door.
However, like at any door in this country,
there is a guard
who denies her entry and says,
"Right now, you can't come in."
So she asks him, "When?"
He responds, "In the next few days."
So she sits down and waits.
Days. Months. Years.
She loses everything she has,
bribing the guard
who'd taken her money to lead her on.
She waits and waits until she dies.
Wait, I'm almost finished.
Just before she dies, she asks the guard,
"Why is it that if everyone
is looking for justice,
no one came to this door all this time?"
He says, "This door was just for you."
And boom! He shuts the door.
What the hell do you mean?
You know, I'm not sure what it means.
But every time I tell the story,
people leave quietly and let me do my job.
[crickets chirping]
We don't have authority to do this.
You sure?
No, I'm not sure.
That's why I think it's going to work.
- What's that?
- What?
- Polyester?
- It's cotton.
Take it off.
[water lapping]
- That was 50 kilograms.
- Fifty-three.
- How much did Colmenares weigh?
- Seventy-four kilograms.
If the water didn't move the body,
what dragged it so far away?
The million-dollar question.
- The virgin just appeared.
- [gasps] Huh?
Let her tell us what happened.
[water trickling]
The answer is in my body.
[rescuer on recording]
When we came into the tunnel,
each of us had a powerful flashlight.
My partner Peñalosa and I
took positions on opposing sides
of the tunnel.
The water was no deeper
than 20 centimeters.
[door opens]
There's no camera in the area
with footage of October 30, 2010.
They are either damaged
or the footage was erased.
If a tree falls in a forest
and no one hears it, does it make a sound?
Sure, but what does it have
to do with this?
[rescuer on recording]
We made the flashlights cross each other.
I didn't see Luis Andrés Colmenares' body
in that tunnel
because his body wasn't there
when I looked.
[telephone ringing]
If no one saw the tree fall,
in practice, it doesn't exist.
It's that simple.
Do you think this is nothing?
This is proof that nothing happened.
We are either blind or there is something
they don't want us to see.
We are fucked.
This lady doesn't know when to stop.
[telephone ringing]
- Hello, Mrs. Colmenares. Did you?
- I have a message for you.
- From who?
- From my dead son.
He wants you to know
the answer is in his body.
- She's lost it. So sad.
- What did she say?
That her dead son wanted me to know
the answer is in his body.
What does she want us to do?
Examine the body?
What are you looking for?
- [papers rustling]
- The forensic report.
It can't be.
[Antonio] Mrs. Colmenares!
[panting] Lividity!
What are you saying?
We have concrete proof that lets us know
what happened to your son.
We need to exhume your son's body.
[panting] Come with me, please.
To my office. I'll show you.
Based on a true story.
The events and characters involved
in the death of Luis Andrés Colmenares
have been fictionalized to portray
one of the most controversial cases
in the history of Colombia.
The scenes are not
a true representation of reality.
Some names have been modified
to depict a fictional version
of a very well-known story,
without harming the good name
and privacy of those people
who are not known to the public.
Some dialogue and characters
have a narrative purpose.
The procedural truth
about the Colmenares case
lies in its files and judicial decisions.
[instrumental music playing]
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