Historia de un Crimen: Colmenares (2019) s01e03 Episode Script

Los cuerpos hablan

[hammer thudding]
[doctor] Careful.
Thank you, gentlemen.
Move that over there.
Your son was murdered.
[thunder rumbling]
[theme music playing]
All this time in this profession
has taught me that the dead never lie.
Doctor, scientifically speaking,
what indicated that it was a murder?
In my professional opinion, the wounds
were premortem, before his death.
They could have beaten him.
He ran away and fell headfirst
in the canal.
According to the first report,
this right front parietal wound
was caused by a blunt force
with defined edges
like this one.
Doctor, do you agree with our thesis
that lividity in Colmenares' back
proves that the body
was moved after death?
I completely agree with your thesis.
Livor mortis occurs
between the first 20 minutes
and three hours
after the heart stops pumping blood,
pooling in the vessels
where the body lies.
From that fact, the lividity in the back,
and that the body was found facedown
means someone turned it over.
They killed him somewhere else.
[González] And then they dumped the body
in the El Virrey Park canal.
Don't you think the living will have
something new to say with all this?
[cell phone ringing]
- Fuck!
- Who's calling?
Don't know. Don't care.
- Why don't you get it?
- I don't know that number.
[cell phone ringing]
We're having dinner.
- It's a call.
- Okay, get it.
Thanks! Hello?
[thunder rumbling]
[Mr. Colmenares] Everyone is here.
Who could have hurt Luigi?
I left him alone, Oneida.
I left him alone.
[thunder rumbling]
If I had been more present
if I hadn't left that day,
Luigi would be alive.
There is no "what if."
[both sobbing]
Forgive me, love.
There's nothing to forgive.
I promise you, together we will find
who did this. You hear me?
What's up?
Hello. What do you want?
I want to see you.
With all that's been going on,
we haven't had time to talk.
- No, Carlos
- Hey, baby.
- Did they summon you again?
- Yes, and everybody else.
I'm not sure what else they want to know.
But you do know what you're going to say.
What I said the first time.
What do you think?
The important thing here is
that everyone sticks to the same version
so there's no trouble.
- No big deal.
- There are no other versions, Carlos.
It's just so you take care of yourself
and don't get creative.
Look, it seems the new prosecutor
is nothing like the first one.
I want you to know I'm here for you.
Whatever you need, okay?
[indistinct chattering]
[thunder rumbling]
My friend, my heartfelt condolences.
Thank you.
You don't know what it's like
to lose a son.
Your own blood.
It doesn't have to be this way.
You know, in this country,
justice isn't always served.
You just say the word,
and we'll get justice
the way we do in this land.
An eye for an eye, my friend.
It was a good party, right?
Or so I've been told.
When you're young like that,
you have a good time, right?
You never stop drinking and partying.
You look like you drink a lot.
Just the normal amount.
That day, we just had a couple of beers
and some vodka.
- We were just tipsy.
- Tipsy?
In my time, we called that tanked,
drunk, wasted.
Different times.
[Tato] Negro.
I'm a virgin.
Me, too.
Another drink.
Well, here it is,
to you "seeing God" tonight.
[people clamoring]
Why did Colmenares leave
the club abruptly?
I don't know.
He wanted to grab a bite
or was just tired of the party.
[Jessy] Negro.
[Jessy] Negro!
What's your fucking problem?
- Fuck you!
- [Jessy] Hey, hey, stop!
- He's drunk. We're sorry!
- Get lost, you asshole.
[Jessy] What is wrong with you? Shit!
- What is it?
- Fuck off, Jessy.
[Jessy] I won't fuck off. Tell me.
Luis Andrés, what's wrong?
Shit, talk to me. What's wrong?
[Luis] Leave me the fuck alone!
What did you do
when Colmenares left the club?
I went with him to get a hot dog.
And that's when Laura Moreno tagged along.
OCTOBER 31, 2010
- Hey, watch out.
- I'm fine.
Do you remember
what happened two years ago?
- What?
- Tell me, what happened two years ago?
When we met, Jessica.
Yeah, I remember.
- It was a bad moment for me.
- A bad moment, right.
- Yes, it was a bad moment.
- You looked at me just like Laura did.
Excuse me?
- You looked at me just like Laura did!
- I heard you. Fucking brilliant.
[inhales] You feel bad about Laura,
and two years later, it's my fault, right?
- No, you don't get it.
- I don't get it? Explain, then!
You looked at me
like you felt sorry for me!
And that feels like shit!
I'll never forget that, Jessica.
You know why I didn't want to be with you?
Because I would never want
to hurt you, man.
- Oh, okay, so you deserve an altar.
- No, I don't deserve shit.
- I've changed.
- You know what?
The thing is I'll always be
just El Negro to you.
- Luis, Luis!
- Let go of me!
[yells] Luis!
Jessy, what do we do now?
- We can't leave him alone in that state.
- I'm not running anymore.
These fucking shoes are killing me.
It's your turn, don't you think?
[Laura] Luis!
Please, pick me up on 85th and 15th.
Right, he ran off suddenly for no reason
and he fell into the canal.
What do you want me to tell you,
Mr. Prosecutor?
I told you, he was very drunk
and started running like crazy.
That's what happened.
- [car honks]
- Why didn't you run after him?
You were his friend, right?
Have you ever tried running while drunk
and wearing high heels, Mr. Prosecutor?
No, I haven't had the pleasure.
And what did you do
when Luis Andrés left the club running?
I ran after him.
[panting] Luis!
[yells] Luis!
[Luis groans]
Stop! Stop running!
I'm fine. I'm fine.
Stop running, please. [Panting]
[phone ringing]
Hello. No, it's Laura.
We're near 15th.
In a park.
It must be on the upper side of 15th.
Okay. Hurry up.
This is the most precious thing I have
from my dad.
I always look at it when he leaves.
[vehicle approaching]
- Luis, don't.
- Let me go.
- Let me go! I said let go!
- [Laura grunting]
[yells] Luis!
[González] So, your boyfriend
started running just like that?
For no reason? And he fell into the canal?
I told you, Luis Andrés
and I weren't dating.
We were only beginning
to get to know each other.
Why did you run after him
if you weren't dating? I don't get it.
I don't think Colmenares
was one of those "players,"
getting chased by women he barely knew.
Luis Andrés was very drunk.
He was acting erratically, and
anyone would have done the same thing.
His friend Jessy didn't run after him.
And from what I've heard,
they were very close.
They had an argument at the hot dog stand.
Ask Jessy.
I can only tell you
that Luis Andrés escaped my grasp.
He ran away,
got lost in the darkness
and fell into the canal.
He went into the darkness
and fell into the canal.
Yes, that's consistent
with what all of them said.
One last question.
Why did you end up
with Luis Andrés' cell phone?
[Laura] Luis!
I don't know.
[car honking]
[music playing over stereo]
No, I can't.
- Stay a little longer.
- No. I want to leave.
Just a little longer.
I want to leave the country, Guti.
Hey, Tato, what's up?
[Tato over phone] Hey, Jess,
how was the interrogation?
Mine was terrible.
Those motherfuckers.
It was fine.
That prosecutor is an asshole, right?
- What did they ask you?
- Dude, everything.
How I had met El Negro, about the party
Same old shit.
The weird thing
is he kept asking about Laura.
And about you.
The guy seemed obsessed.
He asked about Jessy Quintero?
What the fuck, that old prick!
Dude, the worst part was that
- [Tato sighs]
- What, man? Speak up!
He just said it out of the blue.
He tells me
that the prosecutor's office knows
that what happened to El Negro
wasn't an accident, it was a murder.
And that you and Laura
are the only witnesses.
Hello, Jessy, are you there?
[cars honking]
[clock ticking]
- [man] That'll be 30.
- [music playing on speakers]
[man] Go right ahead.
Don't forget it's only 20 minutes.
Good evening.
I'm looking
for the Colmenares interrogations.
Doesn't a ring a bell.
- Thank you.
- Hey, journalist!
Good luck with that homicide.
Jessy? Can I talk to you for a second?
I just wanted to
- Hey, what's wrong with you?
- Don't touch me!
Me? Not much.
But they saw you with Cárdenas.
Do you think it's okay
to be with that guy right now?
And you're telling everyone
you had nothing with Luis Andrés.
Were you so ashamed of him?
Carlos just wanted to know how I'm doing.
Seems he's the only one
who cares about me.
The only one.
I don't even know if I should believe
what you said happened that night.
only you and I saw what happened,
so get off my back.
[book thuds]
[Luis] Mom.
[Laura] What took you so long?
[man] I couldn't drink
because I was taking antibiotics.
That's why I was the designated driver.
Hey, Laura. Are you with him?
It took a while to get to where Laura was
because, firstly,
there was a lot of traffic on 15th.
[inhales] And then we just
couldn't find them very easily.
- [Tato] Laura!
- Eli, come here.
[Laura] Stay here, right here.
- [man] Laura!
- [Tato] Negro!
[Jorge] Negro!
[Laura] Luis!
[Laura cries]
I didn't see a body where Laura pointed.
According to what you heard and saw,
what do you think happened to Luis Andrés?
He had an accident, yes.
Luis didn't see the canal
because it was so dark.
And he fell down.
[clicks tongue]
And why do you believe that?
Because that's what Laura told me.
Where were you during the first search?
Tato and I walked the whole length
of the canal with two police officers.
[González] And why didn't the officers go
into the canal?
[man] Because they insisted
they didn't have the equipment needed
to go down there.
[Tato yells] Negro! Luis!
What did you do
when they refused to go into the canal?
I went down there myself.
It's dangerous to go down there
by yourself
into that canal.
I couldn't just stand there,
thinking Luis Andrés could be down there.
[water trickling]
[yells] Luis!
[Mr. Moreno]
Sweetie, what are you doing here?
[Laura] I'm afraid.
Afraid of what?
Of that prosecutor.
He's a lowlife, he's
- He's capable of
- Sweetie, that guy is a two-bit lawyer.
Don't be afraid of him.
Of anything or anyone else.
I know what happened is serious
and of course you'll have
to answer many questions.
Dad, they're saying what happened
to Luis Andrés wasn't an accident
but a homicide.
Look, honey.
Don't worry.
Nothing is going to happen to you.
I won't let anything happen to you,
I promise.
No matter the cost.
[Mr. Colmenares] Gentlemen.
Our son's murderers are out there.
That's why we don't understand
why there aren't any arrests.
No indictments, no suspects, nothing.
What are you playing at, gentlemen?
Science already ruled
that your son was brutally murdered.
I want to be very clear.
Either the killers are homicide geniuses,
or there are dark, powerful, hidden forces
that are trying to cover it all up.
My gut says it's the second one.
Let's stop lying to ourselves,
Mr. Prosecutor.
We all know who's behind this.
All the testimonies
of Luis Andrés' classmates
match Laura Moreno's,
if that's who you're talking about.
The inconsistencies in her depositions
are irrelevant details
with no legal implications.
There was something strange
the day of the funeral.
Laura Moreno arrived there,
wearing heavy makeup
and being all dramatic
so that everyone would see her.
Then she walked up to the empty casket,
and I heard when she apologized to Luigi.
[whispers] Forgive me.
I can't request an arrest warrant
from a judge
because some girl cried the wrong way,
you understand, Mrs. Colmenares?
I need hard evidence.
She put on that show for Luigi
when they dated, and she used him.
For me, to convince me
that Luigi had fallen.
She's putting it on for you.
What more do you need?
Why do you insist on saying
they were dating?
This girl keeps saying otherwise.
[scoffs, inhales]
Another one of her lies.
That girl
trapped my son and used him.
Only a mother can notice these things.
This is hard evidence
that this girl is lying to us.
Well, science and truth are on our side.
I want to be clear on this.
What is taking us
through the path of justice
is something stronger and more powerful
than ourselves.
I'm sure, Mr. Prosecutor,
that it's not a coincidence,
you being in charge of this case.
- [Ramses] Good day.
- Good day.
Why is Laura lying about her relationship
with Luis Andrés?
For the same reason Jessy omits
the argument she had
with Luis Andrés that night.
And that alias Tato contradicts
the coroner's report
on how much alcohol they drank.
They made a pact of silence.
A pact of drunks.
Let's question again
the one who didn't drink that night.
[González] I thank you for coming again.
You're welcome. I want to help.
For due process,
I have to ask you the same thing
I did on the phone.
Are you willing to see
a picture of the body?
We need you to say it for the recording.
- Yes.
- Yes, what?
Yes, I'm willing to see
the picture of the body.
Do you still believe what happened
to your friend was an accident?
Obviously not.
Why the change of heart?
Laura lied to all of us.
She has to be hiding something
because she is the only one
who knows what really happened.
And she's done nothing but lie to us.
Of course!
She just used El Negro
because she's with another guy now,
with Gutiérrez.
In an emergency operation,
the first thing to do is collect the facts
from the witnesses.
Tell me, what did Laura Moreno tell you?
Since the police didn't want to help,
I went into the canal myself.
[indistinct police radio chatter]
[Laura] It was very dark, so I called you.
[Piedrahita] Are you saying
you went down there yourself?
I looked at her shoes, and they were dry.
I'm sure that girl didn't go down there.
- Do you think she's lying?
- [Piedrahita] Yes.
It's very difficult to go into the canal.
It's slippery.
Something else, Firefighter Piedrahita?
Something you
remember that is useful?
It's more of a feeling.
When she was telling me what happened,
I thought it was strange
that she was so calm.
[on recording] It was as if she was
talking like she had lost an object
- Salazar
- and not a person.
Is the piece
on this week's personality ready?
Yes, it's in your inbox.
And I want a piece
on the history of Colombian biking.
I'm on that, too.
- And do me a favor.
- What is it?
Clean up your desk, okay?
[slurping, gulping]
We can stay here all day and all night
until you stop lying.
- I'm not lying to you.
- What?
I said I'm not lying.
Why do say you went into the canal?
You didn't.
For the thousandth time,
I did go into the canal.
The water came up to my ankles.
I couldn't see anything,
so I called out for him many times.
Is that right? Did anyone see you go down?
Now you're going to say Luis Andrés
was not your boyfriend.
He wasn't my boyfriend.
[inhales] Luis Andrés and I had just met.
Why do you insist on lying?
[Laura] What is that?
The picture of the necropsy.
The body of your friend.
You can't make me look at those pictures.
Where is it, Ramses?
What are you looking for?
That's how they left your friend.
How did he get this wound? And this one?
And this one? And this other one?
How did they kill Colmenares?
You saw how they beat him to death!
Your hands are dirty!
How did they kill Colmenares?
Mr. Prosecutor!
[footsteps approaching]
[Mrs. Salazar] Are you coming to bed?
I'm finishing up something
for the magazine. I'll be right there.
You've been working too hard all week. Mm?
- [chuckles]
- You're all banged up, Negro.
They're exploiting you.
Let's see.
Have you seen those bags under your eyes?
You look like a panda bear.
And I don't want to sleep with a panda.
They also called Luis Andrés "Negro."
Who is Luis Andrés?
An incredible case I'm looking into.
Did they promote you?
Negro, you're barely able to cope
with the magazine.
I don't get why you keep running around
with your conspiracy theories.
This is a serious case.
It's real journalism, not that shit
I'm forced to do for the magazine.
This is the story I've been waiting for.
The implications in this case are huge.
And the craziest thing is that
no one else is doing it, just me.
And tomorrow,
I'm going to show it to Jiménez.
[whispers] Blondie.
This story is going to change our lives.
For you, for Samuel, for all of us.
Okay, Pilar and Jairo,
you're doing the city corruption case.
Ramírez, good job
on the military murder of civilians,
but let's make sure
we have a follow-up piece.
Everybody, it's going to be a great issue,
but let's get to work!
You have the Forum Section ready, right?
- Yes.
- We're doing the hacker thing.
The profile for Sofía Vergara,
the thing about what Chávez said,
and short pieces, please.
Catchy, you know, as always.
I have an investigation case.
Well, we're all ears.
- No, I can tell you in your office.
- No, let's do it here.
- It's the Let's see
- [paper rustling]
Halloween night, 2010,
a young Guajiro man,
Luis Andrés Colmenares,
disappeared under strange circumstances
and turned up dead 16 hours later,
dead in the Virrey Park canal.
You know that sordid events
aren't in our editorial line.
Yes, but at first,
they said it was a suicide,
but then the prosecutor's office stated
it was an accident.
And a year later,
thanks to the persistence
of Colmenares' mother,
the case was reopened.
And now the word
around the prosecutor's office is
that it could be a murder
involving two wealthy young women
from Los Cerros University.
And I don't think it's a common murder.
We're talking about a humble family
doing everything in their power
to explain their son's death
in a country where we know
impunity is close to 99 percent
of cases
and that justice comes
to those who can pay.
I think that's the story behind the story.
Go ahead, then.
Start right now.
[cell phone rings]
Hey, what's up?
Laura, I've been calling you
all afternoon.
I was in the interrogation.
That prosecutor was so mean to me.
He spoke to me terribly, he threatened me,
he almost made me cry, Guti.
Yeah, I know, that guy is a motherfucker.
I really don't know
what they want me to say.
[inhales] I saw everything, Guti,
but I have nothing to do with it.
And where are you? I want to see you.
No, I can't take it. I'm leaving.
I'm getting out of here.
How come? When are you leaving?
[Laura] Today. I'm on my way out.
My flight leaves in a couple of hours.
I got her!
- Ramses!
- Yes?
Where can we get a judge?
What are you saying?
They're fleeing, Ramses. They're fleeing.
I've got them by the neck! In extremis!
Thank you, Mr. Prosecutor.
God bless you.
[Mr. Colmenares] What happened?
Divine justice.
Lovebirds! Gross.
[announcer over PA]
Passengers for group F may begin boarding
using the line to the left.
[officer] Ms. Jessy Quintero?
- Yes?
- We have a warrant for your arrest.
[Jessy] Excuse me?
- There must be a mistake.
- [officer] Over here, please.
Laura Moreno?
Come with me, please.
Based on a true story.
The events and characters involved
in the death of Luis Andrés Colmenares
have been fictionalized to portray
one of the most controversial cases
in the history of Colombia.
The scenes are not
a true representation of reality.
Some names have been modified
to depict a fictional version
of a very well-known story,
without harming the good name
and privacy of those people
who are not known by the public.
Some dialogue and characters
have a narrative purpose.
The procedural truth
about the Colmenares case
lies on its files and judicial decisions.
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