Historia de un Crimen: Colmenares (2019) s01e04 Episode Script

El dolor, la justicia y el ideal

To remember this the rest of our lives!
[all cheering]
[camera shutter clicking]
[theme music playing]
Leave your things here.
- [policewoman] Age?
- Twenty-one.
- Occupation?
- Student.
- Marital status?
- Single.
[policewoman] The hairpin.
Go ahead.
[policeman] Spread your arms.
[wand beeping]
[rapid beeping]
[policeman] Take off your necklace.
Take it off.
- My necklace?
- [policeman] Take it off.
- No. Not my necklace.
- [policeman] Take it off.
No. Not my necklace.
[policeman] Please.
It was a gift from my grandma.
Keep going.
[keys jangling]
[faint laughter]
[keys jangling]
[prisoner chuckling]
- Look! Fresh meat!
- [prisoners jeering]
Hello. I didn't know you were here.
[radio host]
We now have a special guest.
A man that has waited for a year
to find justice for his dead son,
Luis Andrés Colmenares.
It's Alonso Colmenares.
Welcome to the show.
Do you think today is the first step
in catching those responsible
for your son's murder?
[Mr. Colmenares] Yes. We finally
feel hopeful that we will find the truth.
Jessy Quintero and Laura Moreno
have to stay in prison
until they tell what they saw.
[radio host] What do you think they saw?
They witnessed a cold-blooded murder.
They know who did it.
[radio host] Why don't these girls,
one his friend, the other his girlfriend,
tell the truth and point out the murderer?
That's what I don't understand.
Especially Jessy, who was so close to him.
We can't imagine
who they are covering for.
The pact. Tell them about the pact.
The students from Los Cerros
know what happened,
but they made a pact of silence.
[host] A pact they can't hold.
Justice will make them talk.
[Mr. Colmenares] Yes. What I want to know
is who could have done this to my son.
He was well-behaved. Everyone liked him.
He was a good friend. And a wonderful son.
[trickling continues]
- [thunder rumbling]
- And they took him from me.
They took Luigi from us.
[host] We empathize with your pain.
We'll follow the case closely.
A crime, shaking up the whole country.
Fucking shit!
Where are you going?
- To the bathroom, may I?
- It's 10,000.
But for you, 20,000.
How am I supposed to pay?
They took everything outside.
I don't know. That's not my problem.
[inmate 2]
Everyone finds their own way in here.
It's all good. Please.
May I use it, please?
[Jessy] I'll pay whatever you want.
As soon as I can, I'll pay.
I really need to go, please.
Do you think I'm stupid?
If you don't pay, you'll pee
in your pants, you fucking rich kid!
It looks like all she has is hair.
[inmate 2] Get paid with that.
- [prisoners clamoring]
- [laughs]
[Laura] I'll pay!
I'll pay for both of us.
But don't hurt us.
[woman cackling]
- [whistling]
- [inmate laughs]
- [metal rattling]
- [keys jangling]
I did care for El Negro.
What do you mean?
You didn't care about him.
You were using him.
All I know, Jessy,
is you're not the good guy here.
So don't do what you did that night.
- What the fuck are you saying?
- You turned a blind eye!
Like it wasn't your problem.
He was your friend!
I ran after him.
I don't carry that on my conscience.
We have two options
either we help each other
[metal bangs]
Or we pull each other down. You decide.
I don't have any reason to deny
my relationship with El Negro.
But I don't have to give you
or anyone
explanations about my private life.
[Luis] Mocha coffee with some cinnamon.
I just wanted some coffee.
I know, but you should get used to it.
With me, things are like this.
I'm serious.
I think there are two types of people.
The ones who settle for a little
and the ones who want the best.
I can't imagine which type you are.
I'm not about being cocky.
It's about looking further ahead, always.
Setting goals, looking for the best.
Like, being the best student
in the university, for example?
- [chuckles]
- The teacher's assistant, the athlete,
the one with a double major, all that?
Yes, but you are missing
the most important thing
to date the most beautiful
and worst student in Statistics 2.
- Hey!
- [both laugh]
I'm not that bad.
I work hard on what I like.
Why are you studying engineering?
I don't know.
Because of my parents, I guess.
I've never thought of anything else.
And you?
I want to do something for people.
And if that doesn't happen?
[chuckles] Look.
When you set your mind on something
and you really want it, you get it.
I know things won't be easy,
but you have to push forward, right?
You know, I just got out
of a very long relationship.
[chuckles] Yes, I know, with Cárdenas.
I'm in no hurry. I can wait.
He wants to get back together. And
I'm not sure what I want.
Well, if you need someone
to help you decide, I can volunteer.
- Come on, Negro. [Chuckles]
- What?
- Can I call you Negro?
- It's not like I'm white.
Oh, my God.
What are you doing for Halloween?
[faint yelling]
I didn't want anything serious.
What the fuck are you saying
about Jessy and Laura?
Don't touch me.
[Tato sighs]
- What?
- Stop the bullshit.
You know what happened that night.
Exactly, idiot.
I know El Negro left the club alive.
With both of them.
And then he turned up dead.
In a canal!
- Grillo, it was an accident.
- There was no accident, asshole!
Don't touch me, idiot. Accident?
Didn't you see the photos?
Didn't you see how they fucked him up?
- [yells] Grillo, what are you doing?
- They fucked him up, man!
Go fuck yourselves. Both of you!
El Negro was our friend.
We should have been there for him.
But we did nothing.
[yells] Nothing!
He would have been there for us.
He would have!
[ballad playing]
The justice our leader talks about
makes no distinction for race,
social position, or last name.
That's why it is represented as blind.
This is your moment, González.
Those who looked down on you
will now respect you.
Justice needs men like you.
Men who come from the bottom.
Men of the people.
Like Gaitán.
[ballad continues]
There is no other topic.
It's the news of the day.
And it's going to be the news
of the month. [Chuckles]
It has every dramatic component.
- How is that?
- An innocent victim as the good guy.
A girl from a wealthy
and powerful family as the evil one.
Unrequited love, a crime.
It's a soap opera.
And people love that.
Keep going with the case.
Dig in, do your research.
Do whatever it takes
to get more information.
And you have space
for your article this week.
Yes, sir. I will get on it.
Who is going to do the Forum Section?
But if you can't handle both things,
let me know, and
I'll find someone
for the Colmenares piece.
No problem. See you.
[gate creaks]
[policewoman] Is Laura Moreno here?
- [baton banging]
- [prisoners groaning]
Laura Moreno!
- That's me.
- [lock jangling]
[policewoman] Come with me.
[Carlos on phone] Baby.
- Hello, baby! [Sobbing]
- Baby, listen to me. Don't cry.
You need to stay strong.
What happened was meant to happen.
- You have to take care of yourself now.
- I know.
I wanted to visit you, but I don't know
if that would incriminate you more.
My love, you know
how things went down, right?
It's going to be all right. You'll see.
Look, they don't have anything on you.
You have to stay calm. Your dad
is taking care of everything, okay?
My heart is with you and you know that.
- I love you too, baby.
- I love you.
I have to go, okay?
You need to stay strong.
- A bunch of kisses for you. Good night.
- Bye.
OCTOBER 7, 2011
[door opens]
Put these on, please.
- What for?
- For your own safety.
[press clamoring]
[camera shutter clicks]
[clamoring continues]
[cell phone ringing]
[female reporter] In a few minutes,
the hearing for Laura Moreno
and Jessy Quintero will begin.
They could be taken to prison
for the murder of Luis Andrés Colmenares.
They could be facing
up to 30 years in prison.
[female reporter 2]
is Mauricio La Rota,
famous defense attorney
for politicians and corporations.
Claudia: What time will you be home?
We're waiting for you.
The Colmenares family.
[female reporter 1]
What is Laura Moreno's role in this case?
[press clamoring]
[male reporter]
Attorney La Rota has arrived.
who killed Luis Andrés Colmenares?
The prosecution
has the murder theory.
- They should answer that.
- What do you expect for today?
That Laura Moreno goes home,
where she should be.
[clamoring continues]
The tension level
in this audience is high.
In that room,
some of the most important lawyers
of this country will face each other.
The justice our leader talks about
makes no distinction for race,
social position, or last name.
That's why it is represented as blind.
However, in this country,
justice is far from impartial.
Here, the balance is tipped towards money.
Luis, Luigi, "Negro,"
or whatever you want to call him
is the other side he represents
the other side, the side of truth.
Beyond this miserable and
If you don't convince the judge,
you'll make him cry.
But you have to save
the speech for the trial.
Learn this, Ramses.
A prosecutor is always on trial.
Beyond this miserable
and limited life, there is justice
- [knocking on door]
- pain and the ideal.
[man] The judge is here.
They start in five minutes.
[camera shutter clicks]
Good morning.
We begin this 10:00 a.m. hearing
on the indictment
of Jessy Quintero and Laura Moreno.
Let's start by hearing
the arguments of the prosecution.
Please, Mr. González.
[camera shutter clicking]
There is a famous phrase
from our great leader and martyr
murdered by Colombian oligarchy,
Jorge Eliécer Gaitán.
"Beyond this miserable life,
there is the ideal"
Pain and justice.
That's what I see in Luis Andrés' mother.
Pain for an inexplicable
and terrible loss
and the desire for justice.
The only thing Mrs. Oneida wants
a year after her son's death
is to reach the truth.
That's why we are here.
Our justice system owes Mrs. Oneida,
Mr. Alonso and Luis Andrés himself
that truth about his death.
And the only two people
who can tell us the truth
are the last ones to see him alive.
Jessy Quintero and Laura Moreno.
Laura Moreno, who was captured
when she intended to leave the country.
[spectators whispering]
My objective in this hearing
is to prove that they lied
in their testimonies.
They gave false versions of the events,
they covered for the killers.
That's why I request they are kept
in prison until they stand trial.
But what happened between 3:00 a.m.
when Luis Andrés goes out
to buy a hot dog with his classmates,
and 3:45 when the alleged fall
in the canal was reported?
A drunken impulse,
like these ladies stated,
or something darker they have to hide?
Please, listen carefully.
[Laura on recording] I don't understand
why they always ask the same thing.
I saw everything,
but I have nothing to do with it.
We are the only witnesses.
More me than Jessy.
But she is like my witness.
[González] It's Laura herself
who tells her friend Gutiérrez,
"I saw things, I am the only witness."
Witness to what!
Sorry, Your Honor. Ahem. Let's see.
These telephone interceptions
are clearly illegal.
Up until yesterday, my client
was here as a witness, not a suspect.
Precisely, Mr. La Rota.
The purpose of the interceptions
was to find evidence,
which links them to the case
as co-authors of the crime.
What crime, Your Honor?
Mr. La Rota, the prosecution
is compelled to look for evidence
to support its accusations.
Let's listen to the recordings.
[Laura on recording] Hello.
[Gutiérrez on recording] Laura,
I've been calling you all afternoon.
[Laura on recording] Guti, it was awful.
The prosecutor was so mean to me.
He intimidated me
and even threatened me.
He almost had me crying.
He is a motherfucker.
"A motherfucker."
[Gutiérrez on recording]
Do they know about our affair?
[Laura on recording] Look, Guti,
you don't have to say anything private.
Tell Jessy to get a lawyer.
I won't go back to the interrogations.
I can't take this any longer. I'm leaving.
Okay, first of all
Apologies, you are not a
To clarify, my client was going to take
a three-month trip to study English,
not to escape, as the prosecutor here
intends to prove.
No, that's your version, Mr. La Rota.
The facts are different.
This is just 10 percent of the evidence
the prosecution has.
But should we listen to Jessy's opinion
on the interrogation?
- [Jessy] What did they ask you?
- [Tato] Dude, everything.
How I had met El Negro, about the party
Same old shit.
The weird thing is he kept asking
about Laura and about you.
The guy seemed obsessed.
[Jessy] He asked about Jessy Quintero?
What the fuck, that old prick!
- "Prick."
- [Tato] Dude, the worst part was that
- [Tato sighs]
- [Jessy] What, man? Speak up!
[Tato] He just said it out of the blue.
He tells me
that the prosecutor's office knows
that what happened to El Negro
wasn't an accident, it was a murder.
Hello? Hello, Jessy, are you there?
Jessy's silence alone is incriminating.
She is not upset
by her friend's revelation.
She is silent
because she knows it's true.
Sorry, Your Honor, but the prosecutor
is manipulating evidence
and drawing absurd conclusions.
No. What I'm doing is selecting
and interpreting.
Everyone can draw their own conclusions.
Dead bodies can speak.
And Luis Andrés' body tells us
that he was brutally beaten to death.
Seven skull fractures.
Two in the lower jaw.
[spectators whispering]
One in his palate.
Another two in his vertebrae.
There are a lot of inconsistencies
in the witnesses' statements.
Gaps in the forensics report.
But mostly, there is evidence
that Laura Moreno's statements
about how Luis Andrés died
are impossible!
[cell phone rings softly]
[La Rota] Excuse me.
Thank you.
Your Honor,
can we please tell the prosecutor
to present his evidence
without the speeches?
I remind you this is a hearing,
not a trial.
The counselor is right.
This procedure can't continue forever.
[González] Okay, Your Honor.
So I will focus on four basic points.
One, the new forensic report proves
that Luis Andrés
suffered multiple fractures,
cuts and blows to the face.
Wounds qualified as "premortem"
suffered before death
and made by a blunt object.
[Laura yelps]
Laura had Luis Andrés' cell phone.
[González] And she could never explain
how or when she got it.
Three, after being face down for 10 hours,
there should be discoloration
on the abdomen.
The lividity on Luis Andrés' body
was on his back.
[man] Laura
[González] This proves
that Luis Andrés was face up
several hours after his death,
on a hard surface.
the first rescue team didn't see the body,
and they inspected the area
with flashlights.
[water trickling]
Because there was no body there.
The body was placed there hours later
and was found by the family.
Then Laura's version of his fall
could be corroborated.
Now a brief conclusion,
so Mr. La Rota can go run his errands.
[judge] Silence.
[González] Science proves it.
Luis Andrés' body screams it!
A cold-blooded murder occurred
between 3:00 and 3:45 a.m.
of which Laura and Jessy knew about.
They neither reported it
nor tried to stop it.
The charges perjury and concealment
of a crime for Jessy Quintero.
Perjury and aggravated murder
for Laura Moreno.
Considering Ms. Laura Moreno was captured
as she was trying to leave the country,
and that these young women have said
they don't want to cooperate
with justice,
I ask they are kept in custody
in a penitentiary.
[spectators whispering]
[indistinct chatter]
To the charges brought up
by the prosecution,
how do the defendants plea?
[camera shutter clicks]
Not guilty.
Not guilty.
The defense has the floor.
Okay, to start ahem
I promise I won't fill this room
with eccentric speeches
or incorrect quotes
from political leaders.
I will only declare that my client
is not guilty of covering up a crime
simply because there was no crime.
The tragic death
of Luis Andrés Colmenares
was the result of an accident,
as many of his friends have declared.
Laura's only sin was being with him
until the end.
Beyond this dramatic and fantastic story,
the prosecution forgets a detail.
He offers no evidence,
which clearly demonstrates his story.
He doesn't have a suspect.
He doesn't have a motive.
For that reason,
I ask for the liberty of the defendants
until the start of the trial.
If for some reason that can't be granted,
at least I would request
the benefit of house arrest.
[man] I concur with Mr. La Rota.
On the lack of reasonable evidence
against the defendants.
But I want to clarify
that Jessy doesn't have to pay
for the accusations against Laura Moreno.
If the conduct or testimonies
of Laura Moreno generate doubts,
she should answer for them.
But not Jessy,
who, as the prosecutor himself says,
only accompanied Luis
to the hot dog stand.
Jessy is not a menace to society.
And she's willing
to cooperate with justice.
So I request freedom for my client
or the benefit of house arrest.
Thank you.
[clock ticking]
This court finds that the prosecution
has enough arguments
to link Jessy Quintero and Laura Moreno,
and to keep them in custody.
[judge] Silence!
However, as they have no prior record,
they will be granted
the benefit of house arrest
until the trial takes place.
[spectators murmuring]
We are going to beat this.
[La Rota] It's absurd to think
these girls could be behind a plot
to cover up a murder. [Inhales]
The prosecution has no motive or suspect,
so they decide to accuse the only person
who helped Luis Andrés right to the end.
[González] In this country, money talks.
Whoever can afford
superstar lawyers has the power.
Simple as that.
But justice is on the side of truth,
as Gaitán used to say.
How do you respond to the ruling
of house arrest for Jessy and Laura?
We can't understand it.
The prosecution proved
that they were obstructing justice
and hiding information.
They have to pay for that silence!
Mr. Colmenares,
did your son have any enemies?
Someone who would want to hurt him?
My son only had friends.
They all liked hanging out with El Negro,
as they affectionately called him,
because he was a happy,
outgoing young man.
And also very responsible.
What do you expect from the trial
of the girls from Los Cerros?
We hope the truth comes out.
We have the right to know
who killed our son.
And we have God on our side.
[Salazar] Samu! Darling! Happy birthday!
How was your day?
You missed my party.
I know.
Did you have a good time?
Look, Mom gave me this elephant.
Whoa! It's amazing!
- You know what we should do?
- What?
[whispering] We should go to our rooms
because if your mom finds out
we are having a party without her,
she won't like it.
Let's go, slowly. Don't wake her.
[crickets chirping]
- Did you know him?
- No.
Who killed Luis Andrés Colmenares?
That's the question
the whole country is asking.
- [woman] Honey.
- Hi.
- What's wrong?
- Hey, are we going to hang out?
- I gotta go.
- What is it?
- Problems.
- Tato.
- Later.
- Hey.
OCTOBER 31, 2011
[woman] Hail Mary, full of grace,
the Lord is with thee.
Blessed art thou among women,
and blessed is the fruit of thy womb.
[Salazar] A year after
Luis Andrés' body was found,
his family is still uncertain
as to what happened.
[woman] Holy Mary, Mother of God
[Salazar] The events leading to his death
are not clear yet.
The thesis of the prosecution
A bloody crime,
covered up by his classmates.
What really happened that tragic night?
Who could have a motive
to kill an outstanding student?
An unconditional friend.
A loving son.
[recorder beeps]
[utensils clinking]
[water trickling]
Who killed this guy?
Who killed Luis Andrés Colmenares?
You are obsessing too much over this.
The whole country is obsessing over this.
- We haven't seen you in months.
- Come on, blondie.
We talked about this.
It's an important job for
Yes, I know, this article
is going to change everything,
and it's going to be better for Samuel.
I know who I married.
I know when you put your mind to it,
you get lost in your world
and can do wonderful things.
But Samuel is a child.
He doesn't understand.
Okay, maybe I'm obsessing,
but I have my reasons.
This tragedy can happen to anyone.
You or me.
I can't ignore Oneida's and Alonso's pain.
- Oneida and Alonso?
- Luis Andrés' parents.
I'm going to ask you a favor.
Put yourself in Oneida's shoes.
Imagine they take Samuel from you.
And you know you will never see him again.
Doesn't that hurt a bit?
And doesn't it hurt you a bit,
not being there for him?
Missing his birthday?
Not spending time with him?
You understand that, right?
Don't scare my mom away.
She came to pray for you.
- Okay, Mom, you're all set.
- Thanks, darling.
If you need anything, let me know.
You can take the water. I don't need it.
It's for Luigi.
He's always thirsty.
How long are you going to hold on
to that pain?
The justice of men is not important.
God's justice is what matters.
How can you ask me
to stop fighting for the truth?
[sighs] I'm doing this for Luigi.
You're doing this for yourself.
So you have a reason to live.
But Luigi doesn't need you anymore.
Let him go.
Think of Jorge and your husband.
Think of all you have left.
I don't know how to do that, Mom.
- [sighs]
- Tell me, how do I do that?
Take refuge in Maleiwa.
Accept your pain
as a signal from the Jepira.
That infinite place exists,
and it's expecting him.
Offer Luigi's yoluja in prayer.
[mouse clicking]
[keyboard clicking]
It's time to start your way to Jepira.
When you get there,
don't be afraid to take
the spiritual treasures of Maleiwa.
And give yourself to infinity.
someday, my Luigi
[sobs] we'll see each other again.
With no face and no shadow.
What's wrong with you?
Speak up.
Some students from Los Cerros
are saying online
that Carlos Cárdenas, Laura Moreno's ex,
was at the Halloween party that night.
And I just remembered something,
it was like a week before Halloween.
I heard him on the phone with Laura.
And what did you hear?
I heard him mention Carlos Cárdenas.
Look, I have nothing against Cárdenas.
Please, listen to me!
Calm down. Things aren't solved
by fighting but by talking!
Do you hear me, Laura?
Based on a true story.
The events and characters involved
in the death of Luis Andrés Colmenares
have been fictionalized to portray
one of the most controversial cases
in the history of Colombia.
The scenes are not
a true representation of reality.
Some names have been modified
to depict a fictional version
of a very well-known story,
without harming the good name
and privacy of those people
who are not known to the public.
Some dialogue and characters
have a narrative purpose.
The procedural truth
about the Colmenares case
lies in its files and judicial decisions.
[instrumental music playing]
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