Historia de un Crimen: Colmenares (2019) s01e05 Episode Script

Un rumor en los cerros

[González] Please, continue.
[sighs] As you know,
my son had met Laura only a month ago.
They met on a trip on October 1st.
He told me everything.
My son and I were very close.
We were very, very close.
Hey, Mom, has my dad been to Asia?
I don't think so,
but with all that traveling,
maybe he has.
I want to go to China.
- China?
- As soon as I graduate.
And from there, to Everest.
And are you taking your girlfriend?
Oh, Mom, who knows?
One day, Laura wants to go to Everest,
and the next,
she won't have lunch with me.
- So what?
- She's not over her boyfriend
this guy Cárdenas.
I'd better go with you.
We're going to China.
Look, Luigi, I don't want
to sound like a nagging mom,
but it looks like she's using you
to make her ex jealous.
No, she's not like that.
Honey, with age comes wisdom.
- You shouldn't trust anyone.
- Not even me?
You don't trust your son?
"That's so sad, Oneida,"
as Dad would say.
- So funny.
- [both chuckle]
Besides, that Cárdenas guy
has nothing on me.
And why are you just telling us this now?
Because at first, I thought it was just
a young love thing.
But some days ago, my son Jorge told me
that Los Cerros students are saying
that Carlos Cárdenas was at the same club
as Luigi that Halloween night.
I think Carlos Cárdenas could have
hurt my son out of jealousy.
And how are you sure
this is not just a rumor
that Carlos Cárdenas
was at that club that night?
Because I saw him with my own eyes
when El Negro got into a fight with Laura.
What do you mean "in a fight"?
They were arguing. [Scoffs]
She ditched him in front of everyone
from the university.
[González] What do you mean "ditched him"?
Let's go. I don't want to seriously.
What's up with you?
[González] Did you notice anything else
about Carlos Cárdenas' behavior
that caught your attention that night?
It was too long ago.
Would it help if I told you
this is a sworn statement?
At some point, I got sick,
so I went to the bathroom.
When I was in line,
I saw Luis Andrés leave.
Negro! Negro.
- What's wrong?
- [Luis] Jessy, get off me.
What's wrong?
Describe to me with every detail possible,
without excluding any fact,
what you did next.
I went to my brother's room
because it was strange
to hear the same name over and over
Carlos Cárdenas.
[theme music playing]
That's when I heard everything.
The history of humankind starts
with a fight to the death
between two opponents.
The instant one detects the fear of death
in the eyes of the other,
he attacks ruthlessly.
In this power struggle,
the fear of dying becomes the engine
that drives the eternal duel
between the master and the slave.
Luis Andrés Colmenares was cruelly killed
for trying to break
this millenary submission,
for defying with his smile
the tyrannical world in which he was born.
They killed him
for kissing an attractive girl
who was allegedly above his class.
They killed him over a forbidden kiss.
In the university hallways, they only talk
about a preppy guy named Carlos Cárdenas.
According to several sources,
he couldn't restrain his jealousy
when seeing his ex-girlfriend
in El Negro Colmenares' arms.
So it begs the question,
if everybody knows
who killed Luis Andrés Colmenares
why is his killer still free?
Who took my things?
Salazar! Come here.
[telephone rings]
This is your office.
This is the most successful issue
this year.
And social media is exploding.
Thanks to your work, Colmenares
is getting the attention he deserves.
It's not every day you discover a story
with the potential
to really impact the world,
so don't rest until you get that impact.
I want to interview Laura Moreno.
Go ahead. You're the journalist.
[man on radio] What do you think about
the third suspect in the Colmenares case?
The student from Los Cerros,
Carlos Cárdenas.
It's terrible. It's about time those
two girls from Los Cerros told the truth,
no holds barred.
My question is what evidence
does the prosecution have
to accuse Carlos Cárdenas?
According to Actualidad Colombia Magazine,
Cárdenas has an explosive temper,
is jealous and very class biased.
- A violent young man
- Turn that off!
It's forbidden to listen to those lies
in this house!
Just like you, I come from a province.
I've worked very hard
to be the lawyer I am today.
I'm not being cocky.
I want you to understand
that when I heard about your son's case,
I completely identified with it.
Luis Andrés, like me, came from the bottom
but was heading right for the top.
We feel
very thankful that someone
as prominent as you
is taking interest in our son's case.
Mrs. and Mr. Colmenares,
with all due respect, I'd like to ask you,
are you aware of the caliber of opponents
you're going to face in this legal battle?
They are very powerful
and influential families.
We have the truth on our side.
In this country, truth is of no use,
especially when you alone
confront Bogotá's oligarchy.
Who told you we are alone?
These people are going to do everything
humanly possible to evade justice.
Believe me, if you allow me
to take Luis Andrés' case,
I'm not going to allow this
to go unpunished.
Counselor, we appreciate
your interest in the case.
Just so we know,
how much would your fee amount to?
These kinds of cases are invaluable.
That's why the firm
has decided to do it pro bono.
[Mr. Colmenares] Thank you very much.
[woman] Excuse me.
The governor is on the phone.
Tell him I'll call back.
I'm in an important meeting.
He says it's urgent.
- Would you excuse me for a second?
- Sure.
I'm sorry.
- I don't trust this guy.
- Why?
All he wants is exposure.
Well, if we get justice through him,
let him have all the exposure he wants.
Negra, we should accept help.
We won't be able to win
against those people by ourselves.
Now everyone wants to help.
[Oneida] If this torture ends someday,
there will be nothing left of my dead son.
[Ramsés] Judge Barragán rejected
the arrest warrant for Cárdenas.
Six testimonies
and half the country
pointing at Colmenares' killer
aren't enough for Barragán.
The judge says the evidence we submitted
is based on speculation and rumors.
- What does he want?
- Physical evidence or a sworn confession.
I called Cárdenas for interrogation again.
- Where are you going?
- To show Barragán some physical evidence.
[González] Excuse me.
Nice to meet you. Jacqueline Andrade,
counselor for Carlos Cárdenas.
My client won't come to the interrogation.
This judicial order doesn't compel him.
It's the third interrogation
he has missed.
As his counsel,
you know the legal implications of that.
He's not going to testify, as we don't
have a complete copy of the case.
- Okay, what I'm saying is
- Stop.
Sorry, I couldn't hear.
You said you were the secretary
for Cárdenas' counselor?
I'm Carlos Cárdenas' lawyer.
I will gladly see you when you show me
your professional diploma
and the certification
from the National Law Council.
We have to get that warrant
no matter what.
[Carlos] When I got to the bar
to meet my super date,
it turned out that the person
at the table was my brother.
That's how we found out we were gay.
It was awful.
But imagine if I arrived at the bar
and the person at the table
was Laura Moreno.
That would be super fucking scary!
She's hot.
You already know what jail is like.
I don't know if you want to go back there
over some love triangle
between Cardénas, Colmenares and Laura.
They are using you.
Laura is using you as an alibi
to cover for Cárdenas.
If you don't talk, that's a cover-up
a serious crime.
Let's do this.
I'll do the talking,
and you tell me if what I'm saying
is true or false.
In the early hours of October 31st, 2010,
you were with Luis Andrés Colmenares
and Laura Moreno at the hot dog stand.
[González] When Luis Andrés ran away,
Laura told you to mind your own business.
Jessy, don't.
Stay out of it.
This is between Luis Andrés,
Carlos and me.
I don't know why you didn't go
after Luis Andrés.
I don't buy that story
about the high heels.
You partied all night in those high heels,
and when you had to run after your friend,
your feet hurt.
Laura threatened you
so you wouldn't follow her,
am I right?
What did you really hear when
Laura Moreno called you
with your dead friend's phone?
[González] Was it loud when they cracked
Colmenares' skull?
- You know what I think?
- [man] You can't do it by yourself.
[González] You're scared of talking
because you know what Cárdenas
is capable of.
- [Laura] That's enough, stop.
- All I'm asking for is a yes.
Give me something on Cárdenas
and you're home free.
Honey, please.
Don't touch me.
How many years are you willing
to spend in jail
for something you didn't even do?
- Assistant Prosecutor Ramsés Gordillo?
- Yes.
I'm Agent Arias
from the Attorney General's office.
What can I do for you, Agent?
There is a complaint against
Prosecutor González for legal abuse,
and the attorney general
has started an official investigation.
I came to pick up all the documents
on the Colmenares case.
But of course.
I imagine you have the documents.
I understand, but this only allows you
to check the file.
I don't have to give it to you.
You can check the 3,800 files
that the prosecutor handles
or you can fill out form G-34
issued by the head of prosecutors,
the attorney general,
and signed by the judge in charge,
and I'll have the copies ready this week.
How about that, Agent?
Very good.
Dude, I'm scared shitless.
- Cárdenas can't do shit to us.
- What are you talking about?
Everyone on campus
is saying the guy killed him.
I'm not coming back next semester, Tato.
If you don't, you'll look guilty.
What do you want me to do?
Act like nothing happened?
Sorry, I'm not like you.
Are you talking about Cárdenas?
What do you think?
[Oneida] First
that girl should be locked up
in a dungeon,
not in a golden cage.
Second, everyone is saying
the same thing
the press, the radio, the TV,
the Internet
that Cárdenas is above the law.
Some say that he is a nephew
of the Minister of Justice
or the Minister of Economy.
Others say he's related
to the Ambassador of Japan.
Mr. Prosecutor, tell us what's happening.
Honestly, Ms. Oneida, this case
this case was rigged from the start.
The forensic blanks in the first report.
Sarmiento's incorrect ruling.
Cárdenas' corrupt lawyer.
And to top it off, this morning,
the attorney general
tried to remove me from the case.
Clearly, this is not just another case.
This is a fight against the black hand
of Colombian oligarchy.
Let's see, you're saying
that no matter what we do,
we're going to lose?
And there will never be justice
for my son?
I have to confess
that with this case,
something very strange has happened to me.
When Saul was riding to Damascus,
chasing Christians,
he was hit by a very bright light
from the sky,
and, boom, he was thrown from his horse.
And there, lying on the ground,
he heard a divine voice who said
"Saul, why are you chasing me?"
And with those words he understood
what his calling was on this earth.
And when he stood up,
he was no longer Saul.
He was Paul.
The apostle of our Lord.
I can tell you with complete certainty
that your son didn't fall into that canal.
But I did.
And from that moment on,
I know my calling on this earth
is to find out what the truth is,
what happened that night,
and bring those responsible to justice.
Thank you so much, Mr. Prosecutor.
You're one of the few people we can trust.
[Oneida] So, what is the next step
to arrest Cárdenas?
[González] I'm not sure.
Before the law, we're going to prove
- that you can get justice without money
- [lighter clicking]
Protected only by truth and faith.
I don't get it.
Why does this have to happen to me?
I don't get it.
what if we consider
the prosecutor's offer?
The offer?
You don't believe me either?
No, sweetie, I didn't mean that.
No, Jessy!
[cell phone buzzing, ringing]
Why aren't you saying anything?
I'm drowning in here.
I can't take any more
of what they say about us.
My love, believe me,
you are better in there than out here.
I'm so sorry, baby.
I know this is all my fault.
No, don't say that, love.
Don't say that.
Listen, my lawyer
has good contacts
inside the Directorate of Prosecution.
And they're going to remove
that motherfucker González.
Without that lowlife,
everything will be back to normal.
So, today,
I was reading the letters you sent
when we were in school.
Do you remember?
And there was this one
where you told me you wanted to go to
to a deserted island with me,
and it would be just the two of us.
Far from the world. Far from everything.
My love, that sounds better than ever.
Someday, my love.
Someday, baby. Someday.
Why don't you look out your window?
I'm out here, in front of your apartment.
Yes. [Chuckles]
[Oneida] When Luigi passed away,
he never stopped communicating with me.
And what did your son's spirit tell you?
He told me to seek justice.
To do everything I could
so his death would not go unpunished.
But once I thought I had justice
in my hands,
I let him go.
I let my child go.
I know I made a mistake, but
I didn't want to see him suffer.
You understand?
Do you often dream about water, ma'am?
Yes. How did you know that?
When we die for the second time in Jepira,
we become shadow
to be reborn as something else.
But sometimes we become rain
and we get mixed forever
with the river of time.
My God. What have I done?
What did I do to my son?
You can summon him
and ask him how he's doing.
[woman] He's not shadow.
He's not rain.
He's here among us.
He is between two worlds
demanding justice.
Is he all right? Is my Luigi all right?
He isn't alone. There are many others.
They're not shadow. They're not rain.
They want you to help them.
Help them?
Me? I can't.
They're all the souls in Jepira
who demand justice.
They want to speak with you.
You're taking advantage of my pain,
like everyone else.
I'm not crazy, all right?
My pain is real.
[sniffles] You are a false piache.
A liar.
[line ringing]
All set. It's done.
The Director of Prosecution confirmed
that lowlife González is off the case.
I told you that with me in charge,
that prosecutor wasn't going
to be on the case long.
So no one is laying a finger on your son.
Relax. You can sleep tight.
Do you have something to write with,
Judge Barragán?
Did you bring the document?
[Salazar] When the slave prefers death
over his own miserable life,
the fear in his eyes is gone.
Suddenly, the age-old tactics
of domination through violence
become obsolete,
challenging the oligarchy to find new ways
of subduing the people.
In today's world,
corruption and lies have replaced fear,
exchanging the law of the jungle
for unprecedented corruption.
[crowd] Ms. María del Pilar!
Ms. María del Pilar!
Justice! Justice!
[woman on TV] Breaking news.
Carlos Cárdenas' mother,
accused of Luis Andrés Colmenares' death,
has been arrested along with her lawyer
for obstruction of justice charges.
What are you looking at?
If Colmenares, from heaven
because that's where he is
he was a great human being,
and they took his life for no reason.
If he is listening to what I'm going
to present in this hearing,
it would make him sad
that his case is so infested
with corruption,
with the only purpose
of handing his death to impunity.
Focus on the procedure, if you would.
The charges against these two ladies
Address the defendants with respect!
With all due respect, Your Honor,
but we're talking about
obstructors of justice
who tried to silence Carlos Cárdenas,
alleged killer of young Colmenares,
by preventing him
from giving a sworn statement.
But this is just the tip of the iceberg!
By using their influence
"pulling strings," as they say,
they illegally obtained
Luis Andrés' autopsy.
And they stole
they stole Laura Moreno's statement!
Your Honor, please
I want to remind Ms. Andrade
that being a lawyer
is not for becoming a criminal!
It is for rendering a social service!
Okay, now
Now, I'm going to continue
if Your Honor allows it.
I'll remind you, an iceberg
of similar proportions sank the Titanic.
My God.
But that the National Director
of Prosecutors himself,
Luis Gerardo Betancourt,
lends his name to carry out this plot
Yes, a plot.
You heard correctly, I said a plot.
To carry out this plot
to obstruct justice
so that Colmenares' death goes unpunished,
this is an unprecedented iceberg!
It's a corruption plot so big
that if it were to be known,
would sink the whole system!
[voices overlapping]
Silence! Silence!
These allegations are very serious.
The allegations are as serious
as the crime!
It is evident in the documents
that Your Honor has,
which can be checked,
that neither Mrs. Cárdenas nor I
have participated in anything illegal,
because all the information
we have on the case,
we have obtained through due process
as part of the defense.
As for my client,
Mr. Carlos Cárdenas
he was not obligated to give a statement
to the prosecution
because there isn't, as far as I know,
a single piece of evidence
linking him to the case.
as for Laura Moreno's statements,
I procured them myself.
I went to her house and interrogated her
because I needed information
to defend my client.
And, yes, I met
with the Director of Prosecution.
But that meeting was held
under every legal parameter.
So, Your Honor,
I would like to request at this time,
I would even demand,
those phone interceptions be erased
because they not only violate
counselor-client confidentiality,
but they were illegally obtained.
González, this is not a trial.
This is a preliminary hearing.
Are you finished, counselor?
Yes. I'm done.
All right. Due to the time
and the need for deliberation,
I order Mrs. María del Pilar Cárdenas
and Counselor Jacqueline Andrade
be held in preventive detention
until I reach a verdict.
Your Honor!
Thank you.
[indistinct murmuring]
Mr. Moreno!
Mr. Moreno.
Mr. Moreno, how are you?
What are you doing here?
- I'm Francisco Salazar. I
- I know exactly who you are.
That's why I asked you.
You think I haven't seen all those lies
you've been publishing about my daughter?
I'm just reporting.
If that's the case,
why haven't you bothered talking to her
before publishing all those lies?
That's exactly why I'm here.
I'd like to interview your daughter,
if possible.
Don't you think it's a bit late for that?
Mr. Moreno, my card.
[engine starts]
Think about it!
And we'll set a date for the interview.
I think it's important that Colombia
listens to your daughter.
What do you think?
- [man 1 on TV] Morning
- [man 2 on TV] Morning
[man 3 on TV] What's at risk here
[TV news anchor]
We present to you the next report.
[TV reporter] The mysterious death
of young Colmenares in a Bogotá park
has been a matter of much controversy,
not only because of the strange
circumstances surrounding his death
but because many say
his soul haunts this very park,
allegedly pleading for justice.
The officers at the police station
have even put up this cross
to ward off evil spirits,
for, according to them,
every night, strange things happen.
El Virrey Park in Bogotá has become,
for some neighbors and visitors,
a place of terror.
Before I give my verdict,
I want to reveal an irregular incident
which occurred two days ago and of which
the prosecution has knowledge.
[Judge Barragán]
We're here, Sofi. Come down.
What's up, Sofi?
[man] Your Honor, it's urgent
that you tell me where you are.
It's very important
that we speak right now.
Whatever you have to say, say it now.
I've heard the defense is going
to submit a habeas corpus
to obtain their freedom, Your Honor.
That will be ruled by law on Monday.
I hope you rule by law,
because I have to tell you,
if you set Cárdenas' mom
and his lawyer free,
you should be concerned for your safety.
If I have to take your words as a threat,
I will decide by the law.
The rest I'll leave to God.
Get in, Sofi! Quickly! Let's go!
And he said,
"Don't misunderstand my words.
I'm just looking out for you, Your Honor."
And he hung up.
I want it on record
that the threat I received
didn't influence my decision.
We are live. Can you give us a statement?
We'd like details
of what happened in there.
We'd like details, please.
[crowd] Justice!
That's right, we continue our broadcast
from the courthouse
where a couple of minutes ago,
the judge granted liberty
for María del Pilar Cárdenas
and Jacqueline Andrade.
Mr. Alvarado!
We are live. Can you comment on the case?
What can you say
about what just happened?
Justice in this country
has shown its true colors,
a corrupt, racist and class-biased system,
which gives privilege to the oligarchy.
Finally, the judge rightfully rejects
the evidence
submitted by Prosecutor González.
What worries me
is that it seems his ambitions
go beyond the judicial issues.
You just need to see the stories
he comes up with.
This is a joke!
Those crooks are on the street again.
You have nothing to say?
What do you want me to say?
I think we should listen to Alvarado.
Let's publish the picture of the autopsy.
And let everyone see my son?
It's the only way
people are going to understand
that Luigi was killed in cold blood.
[cell phone buzzing, beeping]
I thought this was going to be easier.
I wanted to see you one last time.
But why, baby?
If they find us guilty
the death of Colmenares
will always be between us.
But you told me
you'd never leave me.
I'll wait for you on our island.
Do you swear?
I will always be there.
I swear.
I love you.
I love you.
I love you, too.
[keys jangle]
This is too much.
Blondie, I'm sorry.
You shouldn't have seen that.
I didn't know they would send that here.
I'm not talking about those pictures.
She's part of the investigation.
- It's not what you're thinking.
- Yes.
It's exactly what I'm thinking.
At the pool hall,
they told me about a woman
who can read facial expressions
and can tell when someone's lying.
I don't think a witch is valid evidence.
- Come on, Ramsés, you
- Prosecutor González?
I'm here to inform you
that you're off the Colmenares case.
with all due respect,
for a prosecutor of your caliber,
I can't let you touch that file
until I get a reply
on the legal action I took
against the National Director
of Prosecutors, Betancourt.
Why don't you help me out
and tell him to start handing out his CV?
You follow?
That order comes from the top.
It's signed
by the National General Prosecutor.
As chief of the unit
assigned to the Supreme Court,
I come to inform that you,
Criminal Prosecutor Number 11,
have been removed from the Colmenares case
for your irregular handling
of the investigation.
Please hand over every file from the case.
We can't do anything.
Follow me, please.
Here it is. I'll tell you.
This right here
We live in a world
where bribes bring justice.
[voices overlapping]
Greed turns us into heroes instantly.
Show me how you're going to tell
Luis Andrés' mom
her son's murder is going unsolved.
Why? Because it's not in the interest
of the prosecutors.
Show me.
You are one step away from being out.
Don't tempt me,
or I'll help give you the last step.
It's all here.
Thank you for your collaboration.
[thunder rumbling]
[woman chanting echoes]
Not shadow.
Not rain.
Not shadow.
Not rain.
Hello, Mom.
How have you been?
It's freezing here in the capital.
No, Mom. I stopped smoking,
like, six months ago.
How's your hip?
Good. No.
It's not going well, Mom.
I'm having a bad time.
I came over here
so people would respect me
and respect you, and
I couldn't make it.
Same as what happened to my dad.
I'll call you later, Mom. Bye.
[phone beeps]
I saw how they murdered
Luis Andrés Colmenares.
Based on a true story.
The events and characters involved
in the death of Luis Andrés Colmenares
have been fictionalized to portray
one of the most controversial cases
in the history of Colombia.
The scenes are not
a true representation of reality.
Some names have been modified
to depict a fictional version
of a very well-known story,
without harming the good name
and privacy of those people
who are not known to the public.
Some dialogue and characters
have a narrative purpose.
The procedural truth
about the Colmenares case
lies in its files and judicial decisions.
[instrumental music playing]
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