Historia de un Crimen: Colmenares (2019) s01e06 Episode Script

Aparece un testigo

[voices murmuring]
[panting continues]
[car engine starts]
[tires screeching]
[Oneida] What's wrong with you, Alonso?
I just imagined myself following him,
ready to render justice.
An eye for an eye.
But I couldn't do it.
I froze.
Just watching him walk away.
I can't even do it in my mind.
I'm betraying my heritage.
What am I going to do
with this feeling I have in my soul?
[sobbing continues]
Calm down, honey.
Calm down.
Luigi is here.
[theme music playing]
- [muttering]
- [telephone ringing]
Prosecutor González's office.
Yes, who's calling?
- Have you seen González?
- What's wrong, Ramsés?
- Did you lose your husband?
- It's urgent. I need to talk to him.
[man] Look. You should go home.
Make him a nice dinner.
He'll be right over!
[man chuckling]
[distant barking]
[doorbell ringing]
[Ramsés] Prosecutor?
[González] What can be so urgent, Ramsés?
Suddenly and magically,
the black hand that controls everything
in this country disappeared?
Tell me, Ramsés, don't choke on it.
A witness turned up who says
he saw everything that happened
in El Virrey Park.
He says he witnessed Colmenares' murder.
Did you hear what I just told you?
- Aren't you glad? It's a miracle!
- We'll wait and see, Ramsés.
Why are you telling me this?
I don't have the case anymore.
My hands are tied.
There's nothing I can do.
Technically, you still are prosecutor
for the Carlos Cárdenas case.
Give me five minutes.
JUNE 2012
Why did you wait so long
to say what you saw?
The events happened over a year ago.
I didn't think it was important at first.
It's normal to see fights in the area,
especially on Halloween.
- People go crazy.
- So, why now?
I saw that lady,
Colmenares' mother, on TV.
That face full of pain
I'd never seen that sadness before.
So I knew what I saw was important
and I couldn't keep quiet.
But what did you see?
A murder.
I was walking to the park to meet a friend
- when a couple caught my eye.
- [Laura groaning]
[Laura panting] Stop running!
[distant dog barking]
[whispers] I need you.
Get that motherfucker!
- What did you do, Laura?
- No, no, no.
[Laura grunts]
[Laura yells] Luis!
[man] Stay out of it.
Stay out of it. Stay out of it!
[Luis grunting]
[man] Can't you handle it by yourself?
How many times have I told you to stay
away from my girl, you piece of shit!
[Laura] Stop, stop, stop!
She wants to be with me!
[Luis] Enough. Enough.
Luis, enough! Stop!
- What the hell are you doing, Laura?
- Wait, listen to me!
He's using you!
What are you talking about?
- I really love you, Laura!
- [Laura] Shut up!
You let a girl hit you!
And stay down!
Fuck you, you fucking rich kid.
- Come again?
- Asshole.
[Laura yelps]
What did you do?
We were supposed to scare him.
- Let's put him in the car.
- No, let's get out of here!
Get this motherfucker in the car now!
[Laura] Luis?
Luis? Luis?
Luis? Luis?
[tires screeching]
Laura, look at me. Look at me.
You have to say
he fell into the canal, okay?
[yells] Laura!
He fell into the canal, okay?
[car door closes]
[engine starts]
[whimpering] El Negro fell down!
[Laura sobbing] El Negro fell!
What happened next?
This is where I last saw the young woman.
[González] Laura Moreno?
Tell me the exact place
where you saw the couple embrace.
So here is where
Laura confronted Colmenares.
[González] She told him
to stop being paranoid about her ex.
He hugs her, calms down,
and bang they beat him up.
Laura, what did you do?
- No, no, Luis. No!
- What did you do?
Colmenares and Laura came from over there.
[camera shutter clicks]
Yes, the guy was running like crazy
pa-pa, pa-pa, pa
He stopped here because the watch
his dad gave him fell off.
Stop running!
[González] Here's where Laura
calls Cárdenas to tell him where she was.
We're near 15th.
Okay, hurry up!
Laura confuses Colmenares, right?
Grabs him by the neck
so he can't run away again.
That's where the hot dog scene happened.
You looked at me just like Laura did.
Where are you?
- And here
- [camera clicks]
Jessy gets into an argument
with Colmenares
pa-pa-pa, pa-pa-pa
You two quarrel, and it's my fault.
I've got nothing to do with what happened.
What do you mean I don't listen?
[González] And Laura
fed up with all the drama,
decides to call her ex
to get El Negro off her back.
- [Laura] Luis! Luis! Luis!
- [Luis] Let me go! Let me go!
That's when everything went to hell.
My dear Ramsés!
It all matches up with the testimonies.
- Ramsés, we don't have much time.
- [camera clicks]
[man on recording]
He attacked him and, without a word,
hit Colmenares very hard
with a bottle across his face.
We can take this to trial.
It's very late.
Very, very late.
JUNE 2012
[engine starts]
[tires screeching]
- Hold it!
- Hold it! Hands over your head!
[police] Get out of the car!
Okay, okay. Calm down.
New developments in the Colmenares case
have shocked public opinion.
Carlos Cárdenas
has been arrested this morning
at his home north of the capital.
Those who thirst and hunger
for justice will be satisfied.
[people clamoring on TV]
Thank you, son. Luigi, thank you.
[TV news anchor] Carlos Cárdenas,
former boyfriend of Laura Moreno,
is accused of murdering
Luis Andrés Colmenares,
another Los Cerros student.
[clamoring on TV continues]
What are you looking at?
Don't you have anything better to do?
[TV reporter]
After leaving a club
- [Mr. Moreno] Calm down, honey.
- I won't calm down!
[reporting continues]
You don't care what they say
about me on the news.
You told me you'd help,
and what have you done?
- Nothing!
- I swear I'm doing all I can.
[González on TV] We have new
and decisive evidence in the case.
Luis Andrés' killers
will feel the full weight of the law.
- Because this
- What we always knew has been confirmed.
Our son was cravenly beaten to death
and he was left helpless
at the bottom of that canal.
And now the accomplices to that crime,
Luis Andrés' so-called friends,
are going to have to pay,
and they will pay.
[computer beeps]
[beeping continues]
[bag zips]
Can I say something?
- Can we talk?
- I have a class. What do you want?
Bro, I wanted to say
that you were right about Cárdenas,
and I apologize.
It's okay.
Now that things are clearing up,
I don't want all this
to damage our friendship.
Man, you really are stupid, aren't you?
Are you high or something?
Don't you see?
With Cárdenas in jail, we are all fucked!
What do you mean?
Look, if they put Jessy in jail
just for what she saw,
why wouldn't they be coming for us now?
Think, you idiot!
I already have a lawyer, bro.
And you should get one, like, right now.
[music playing]
You won't beat me with looks, reporter.
Who's your star witness?
You've been a valuable ally
in this crusade for justice.
You are one of the few
who gets what this case is about.
I like telling stories,
and this is an especially good one.
No, this isn't a good story.
This is the only story.
The age-old struggle of the people
against oligarchy.
The eternal struggle of good versus evil.
Prosecutor, save the speech
for the hearings and give me something.
This trial is about the marginalized.
About all of us who are called "Negro,"
as if it were something bad.
As though we should have fewer rights.
As though justice was not for us.
That has to change.
This case is only the beginning.
It's the moment
to shoulder the weight of history.
[Salazar] I'm trying to
but if you don't give me information,
how will we help each other?
I'm not like the others.
My back is not crooked.
Maybe you can help yourself.
JUNE 2012
[indistinct dialogue]
Hey, what's your problem?
What, asshole? What?
You have something to say?
You don't know
who you're messing with, prick.
What's going on? Are you crazy?
This isn't like outside.
Come on.
You aren't worth shit in here.
Get off me.
Let me break it down for you.
A guy like you can have
a very bad time in here.
If you want special treatment,
it will cost you.
[doorbell rings]
Hello, Jorge.
I wanted to apologize to everyone
for what's going on.
I can imagine how hard it has been
for all of you.
No, I don't think you can.
Man, I revealed everything I saw,
everything I know.
Now that Cárdenas is in jail,
I'm not sure Laura told us the truth.
If you had nothing to do with it,
why apologize?
I've been going over that night.
And I should have looked out for him.
I couldn't imagine something like this
would happen.
Luis Andrés was my best friend.
And I miss him.
- Hello, One.
- [Oneida] It's too late now.
According to the witness,
Luis Andrés tried to flee
from his attackers.
But he fell to the ground
and was severely beaten.
What did they do to my boy?
The place where it happened
Carlos Cárdenas was guided there
with help from Laura Moreno.
He appeared with two more guys
who severely beat Luis Andrés.
That's how they killed him.
Both forensic reports agree
that Luis Andrés died from suffocation
after being submerged in liquid.
- The beating happened before he died.
- What do you mean?
The truth can be hard to hear.
Not knowing what happened to my son
is much worse.
[Charlie] Where the fuck are we going?
My theory is your son was still alive
when they put him in the vehicle.
They drove him around till they came up
with their gruesome plan
to make it look like an accident.
[scoffs] Shit, Charlie. He's still alive.
- Really?
- This is a fucking shit show, Charlie!
[Carlos] This piece of shit.
[Charlie] Let's drop him off at an ER.
Are you stupid or what?
Did you hear yourself?
Do you want to end up in jail?
This shit show has to look
like an accident.
- What do we do, man?
- I don't know! Let me think!
- [man] Man, let's get out of here.
- [Carlos] We can't leave him here!
There would be too many questions.
The Virrey Park Canal, man. That's it.
- No, man.
- Look at this asshole.
He's fucking drunk. Totally wasted.
We're going back to the canal.
How could they put my son
back in the canal?
We were looking for him all night.
Unfortunately, a bribe is enough
to defy all logic.
Fortunately, time puts things
in their correct places.
- I'll see to that.
- [telephone ringing]
Nice to meet you.
Diego de La Torre.
I'm your defense lawyer.
And where is my mom?
There are a lot of people
in a social media group called "LACE."
They are upset
and wouldn't allow your mom to enter.
But she sends you this.
Are you okay?
No, I'm not okay.
Ahem. Look
I don't know how the fuck
I ended up in here, but I'm innocent.
Are we clear? So I don't have to be
in this shithole one minute longer.
- Get me the fuck out of here, please.
- Carlos, Carlos.
Look. Innocent or not,
things aren't that easy.
I see two options here,
and I will give them to you
so you can think them through.
First, you can plead guilty
to the charge of involuntary manslaughter.
I don't think they'll give you
more than three years in prison.
Maybe even less.
Now, if you plead not guilty,
we would have to go to trial.
That could go on indefinitely.
The nature of the case
and the media impact it has,
I can't guarantee
that they will give you house arrest.
So, think about it.
I don't have to think about it.
How could I plead guilty
when I'm innocent?
[man] "I am the wheat of God.
May I be ground
by the teeth of wild beasts
that I may become pure bread of Christ."
[voice singing]
These are the words
from St. Ignatius of Antioch
[singing continues]
[voice whispering]
[voice echoes]
You are not rain.
You are not shadow.
Your death is the death of many.
[voice whispering]
[whispering stops]
[footsteps fading]
The reporter is waiting for you.
Leave me alone, Dad.
I don't want to see anyone,
especially not reporters.
I feel the same way,
but this isn't just any reporter, Laura.
He's from one of the biggest magazines
in this country.
You have to get out there
and show your face.
People have to see you and listen to you.
They have to know your side of the story.
It's the only chance you have
to show them who you really are
and not that fabricated image
the media has created.
What image, Dad?
Do you think I would hurt you?
Honey, trust me, please.
[footsteps approaching]
Good afternoon.
Good afternoon.
- Francisco Salazar.
- Laura.
I have to
You can keep it in your pocket.
- [camera beeps]
- [Salazar] Should we start?
[Salazar] Laura, there are many versions
of what happened that night.
People don't know what to think.
What people need to know is
what happened that night was an accident.
I bring it up because there are
many inconsistencies,
and people think they are lies.
For example
did you really go into the canal?
Firefighter Piedrahita
says that isn't true
because she saw your shoes
and they were completely dry.
What's your answer to that?
If that firefighter
had done her job properly,
none of this would be happening.
I did go into the canal.
It's nasty and full of rats.
I don't care what they say,
I know I went into the canal
to look for Luis Andrés.
And how do you explain that he turned up
more than 100 meters from where he fell?
I guess
the current dragged him.
That day, it rained a lot.
I personally didn't see
since I was at the club,
but people told me
it rained a lot that day.
It always rains on Halloween.
I can't tell you what happened
after the last time I saw Luis Andrés.
But the firefighters went down
to the tunnel.
But they didn't enter the tunnel.
It is claimed he was beaten
before his death
and moved afterward.
I can only tell you what I saw.
Luis Andrés ran away
and fell into the canal.
Laura, I know these questions
are very difficult.
I'm just telling you
what people want to know.
For example,
there are questions about how you ended up
with Luis Andrés' cell phone.
I don't know.
That's something
I can't answer because I don't know.
do you think one can cover
for someone else out of love?
Why are you asking that?
Because a lot of people believe
you and Cárdenas never really broke up.
Carlos and I are very good friends.
We met in primary school,
and we haven't been involved
in over a year.
When Luis Andrés' accident happened,
he was not my boyfriend.
Why would I cover for anyone?
If I knew anything else, I would say it.
Knowing I could get 30 to 50 years,
why wouldn't I talk?
It's my life on the line.
My dreams.
My goals.
I'm 22 years old.
I'd be getting out of jail when I'm 52.
Why would I want to cover for someone?
Not for love or for anything else.
- Cover for a family?
- No!
I know it sounds mean and cruel,
but it's the truth.
And why doesn't anyone believe me?
Why do they believe everyone but me?
I'm sorry.
That's okay.
[Laura sighs]
We can stop now.
[on recording] That day, it rained a lot.
I personally didn't see
since I was at the club,
but people told me
it rained a lot that day.
It always rains on Halloween.
[indistinct dialogue]
You fucking rich kid!
Wait here.
- [prisoner 1] Murderer!
- [prisoner 2] Murderer!
[prisoner 3] Murderer!
Come here, daddy. I'll show you something.
Come over!
[prisoner] Come over!
[all prisoners clamoring]
Stuck up!
Come here, boy!
- Guard!
- Relax, nothing's going to happen.
- I won't hurt you.
- Guard!
Come here!
- Guard!
- [prisoners yelling, whistling]
We're not murderers like you!
- [groans]
- [whimpers]
[prisoner 1] Get up, Barbie!
[prisoner 2] Get up, girl!
[prisoner whistling]
- [prisoner] Piranha!
- [sobbing]
[Mr. Moreno] But how the hell did you miss
this star witness from the prosecution?
With Cárdenas in jail,
everything points to my daughter!
[attorney over phone] Calm down, please.
When will they understand
they had nothing to do with this?
She's paying for something
this guy allegedly did.
You're right. If Cárdenas is found guilty,
your daughter could be involved.
That won't happen, counselor!
You know why?
Because I won't let it happen.
We are collecting all the evidence
to prove her innocence.
Look, counselor, let's cut the bullshit!
You very well know
that justice only goes so far.
So go get the evidence,
do whatever it takes,
and put together my daughter's case,
because she is innocent.
And we will prove that,
no matter the cost!
Do you understand? Even if I go bankrupt!
I understand perfectly.
You have to promise me
you will get Laura out of this,
or else I'm gonna unleash hell
on everybody.
Is that clear?
ON 29, 30 AND 31 OF OCTOBER 2010
[indistinct chatter over radio]
[light switch clicks off]
[door closes]
[siren wailing]
JUNE 2012
Based on a true story.
The events and characters involved
in the death of Luis Andrés Colmenares
have been fictionalized to portray
one of the most controversial cases
in the history of Colombia.
The scenes are not
a true representation of reality.
Some names have been modified
to depict a fictional version
of a very well-known story,
without harming the good name
and privacy of those people
who are not known to the public.
Some dialogue and characters
have a narrative purpose.
The procedural truth
about the Colmenares case
lies in its files and judicial decisions.
[instrumental music playing]
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