Historia de un Crimen: Colmenares (2019) s01e07 Episode Script

Un hueco en la historia

[moody music playing]
[music stops]
They couldn't see him.
There is a slope in the tunnel
in the exact place
where they found Luis Andrés' body.
It's possible the body sank in there.
That explains why the first responders
didn't see him.
Do you know what this means?
There is another possibility!
- Because the prosecutor
- I don't care.
It's all the same
whether it was a murder or an accident.
Why do you say that?
I want our life back.
It wasn't a murder.
The prosecution was wrong from the start.
[theme music playing]
Sorry, could you please be precise
as to what evidence you gave the judge?
By the judge's order, we can
only reveal that during hearings.
But it is in relation
to the prosecutor's witness,
Mr. John Jairo Aguirre.
You'll find out during the next trial.
Are you going to refute his testimony?
We'll go much further.
We're going to prove the prosecution
is fabricating a crime
with false evidence.
The country and the Colmenares family
have been waiting years
for a ruling from the justice system,
and now you tell us
this murder is a fabrication?
Was the judicial system fooled?
If the Colmenares murder
has no legal basis,
how can you explain there are three people
arrested and accused of this crime?
We are not responsible
for explaining that.
But it's an excellent question
for the prosecution.
[camera shutters clicking]
[cars honking]
[Aguirre on radio]
That lady's pain hit me hard.
When I saw her on TV
asking for justice for her son,
I thought I should do something.
[male reporter] It's been
a year and a half, Mr. Aguirre.
You waited too long
to testify in a case this serious.
Shouldn't you have talked earlier?
I was scared.
I didn't want any trouble.
You get me?
But when I knew Mr. Cárdenas
was getting arrested,
I made up my mind to say what I saw.
[female reporter]
La Rota stated that he has evidence
which denies your testimony.
Can you comment on that?
I don't know what that gentleman has,
but why would I make up these things?
Besides, what I said is consistent
with the prosecution's evidence,
so I can't be lying.
[female reporter] It's very curious
that you can remember so many details.
[Aguirre] Something like that
is not easy to forget,
especially something so violent.
Besides, the family needs to know,
even if it's painful.
[female reporter] Well, thank you,
Mr. Aguirre, for talking to us.
We will be looking forward to the hearing.
[radio turns off]
[Alvarado] La Rota and De La Torre
must have something big
if they called the press
and rattled the cage.
But they can't refute that gentleman.
It's obvious he saw Cárdenas
attacking Luigi.
They already planted doubt.
That will hurt the prosecutor.
If González used the testimony,
he must believe him.
Because faith is blind, Ms. Oneida.
There's a lot of people interested
in the prosecution's failure,
and giving them the perfect witness
and then refuting him in public
is just perfect.
That way, they deny the murder thesis
and they smear the prosecutor.
These people are rotten.
They are going to let
our son's killer walk.
La Rota is a tough lawyer.
González won't let them fool him.
He knows what he's doing.
I hope you're right, Ms. Oneida.
[phone ringing]
González, we need to talk
before this afternoon's trial.
I can't right now.
I have some errands to run.
It's important. It's about Aguirre.
La Rota just said he has evidence
against him.
I heard something on the radio.
Mr. Prosecutor.
I never confirmed the information
the witness gave us.
There was no need.
His statement agrees with our hypothesis.
That means it's true.
Not necessarily.
But in any case, it was our responsibility
to investigate him,
double-check what he said.
What are you worried about?
That De La Rota refutes the witness
because of my mistake.
I linked Aguirre to the investigation
without thinking twice.
If someone has to pay, it's me.
Stop the drama, Ramsés.
La Rota is bluffing.
He has nothing big against us.
If they refute Aguirre, don't worry.
Others will turn up.
[Oneida] We aren't worried
because we trust the prosecution
and the evidence they have gathered
against our son's murderer.
In this trial, we will get to know
the real Carlos Cárdenas
and the motives he had
for attacking Luis Andrés.
Thank you very much.
[indistinct chattering]
JUNE 2012
Why did you kill him?
You won't be satisfied.
I'm not getting sentenced.
They have nothing against me.
- [reporters shouting]
- [camera shutter clicks]
He had him on the ground
and he beat him with anger,
with gore, as they say.
- And he insulted him.
- [woman coughs]
"Piece of shit," he called him.
"Stay away from my girl,"
and things like that.
Could you tell us what happened next?
That's when he hit his face
with the bottom of the bottle
right in the eye.
That's when Luis Colmenares collapsed.
[camera shutter clicks]
Could you identify the attacker?
[Aguirre] Of course.
It's that young man over there.
The witness has identified Carlos Cárdenas
as Luis Andrés Colmenares' attacker.
[spectators murmuring]
- [indistinct whispering]
- [gavel banging]
Order in the courtroom! Silence!
Okay, the defense
can cross-examine the witness.
Thank you, Your Honor.
Mr. Aguirre, at the time of the events,
where were you working?
I was working for a security company.
Colvigil Co.?
That's right.
I was a security guard
in a gated community.
Which shift did you work?
The night shift.
I've always liked working at night.
[De La Torre] Ah.
Did you ever have problems
with being on time
or being absent from work?
[Aguirre] No, sir. Never.
I never missed work.
I quit because I got tired of it,
but I never got into any trouble.
[De La Torre] Yes, it's true.
Your boss testified
that in the eight months you worked there,
you never missed a day of work.
Could you tell us
if, on the night of October 30, 2010,
you worked the night shift
in the gated community?
No, sir.
I was in El Virrey Park, as I testified.
But the log book of the gated community
states otherwise, Mr. Aguirre.
[De La Torre] Mm?
Let me remind you that you are under oath.
So I will ask you
where were you
the night of October 30, 2010?
Answer the question, Mr. Aguirre.
In El Virrey Park.
There must be a mistake in the log book.
The defense for Carlos Cárdenas
gave the judge these documents.
They clearly show that Mr. Aguirre
was, in fact, working as a security guard
in the gated community that night
from 6:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m.
in the western side of the city.
Six of your signatures, Mr. Aguirre,
and the statements
of your coworkers confirm this.
- Thank you, Your Honor.
- [spectators chattering]
- [gavel banging]
- [judge] Order in the court! Silence!
The witness is dismissed.
- [chatter continues]
- [gavel banging]
The Colmenares family declared
they heard a conversation
between their son and Laura Moreno
with reference to Carlos Cárdenas.
Luis Andrés says, and I quote,
"You don't solve the problem by fighting.
You solve it by talking it out.
Do you hear me, Laura?"
From that conversation,
we can infer that there was, in fact,
tension between them, a conflict.
And Luis Andrés felt threatened
by Carlos Cárdenas.
[indistinct chattering]
[girl] What's up, Negrito?
- Ah. Look at the "Ken," bro!
- [both laugh]
- He looks like he's melting!
- He's melting.
[girl laughs, chatters]
In addition, we all know the defendant
goes to the gym and practices boxing
a highly violent sport.
After you're done smiling,
Mr. Cárdenas, I will proceed.
The questions are untouched.
They remain.
What happened with Luis Andrés that night?
Why did his body disappear for 16 hours,
only to turn up dumped in the canal,
brutally beaten?
For the Colmenares family
and for the prosecution,
there is no doubt that Luis Andrés
was taken from El Virrey Park
while unconscious.
That is why neither the police
nor the rescue firefighters
found the body.
That body was brutally beaten,
and then left there in the canal to die
until the following night.
All of this orchestrated and perpetrated
by the only person
who had reasons to hurt Luis Andrés
and who was present that night
where it all happened,
Mr. Carlos Cárdenas!
[spectators chattering]
- [gavel banging]
- Order in the court!
A regular young man, a normal person.
That was Carlos Cárdenas some weeks ago.
Today, according to the prosecution
and the media, he's a murderer.
Motive for the homicide,
according to Mr. Alvarado,
violent jealousy.
There are many pages
of messages and e-mails
which show that Laura and Carlos ended
their relationship on friendly terms.
Your Honor
neither Laura Moreno nor Jessy Quintero
have declared
seeing Carlos Cárdenas that night
in the Virrey Park canal.
The only one who says he saw him
turned up over a year later,
and 50 minutes away from the park
at the time of the events.
The conclusion is evident.
Fabricated witness, fabricated crime,
and an innocent young man
accused of murder.
Thank you, Your Honor.
- [spectators chattering]
- [gavel banging]
Silence, please!
Or I will suspend this hearing.
[González] Counselor La Torre says
fabricated witnesses.
Evidence can be fabricated, too.
How convenient.
Create evidence to generate doubt
over the only person who bravely stood up
and pointed out Luis Colmenares' killer!
If the judge decides to rule out
this testimony,
the prosecution warns
that it has six witnesses
who say that Mr. Cárdenas is the killer.
I don't think the defense
is going to create doubt
over all these witnesses.
- I don't think it
- The prosecution is requested
to put forth these witnesses
it claims to have as soon as possible
so the trial can resume shortly.
I think we are all anxious to know
the evidence you say you have.
As soon as my team is done checking them,
we will present them.
Your Honor
according to the evidence
the prosecution has,
we ratify the charges
against Carlos Cárdenas
of murder with intent
in the brutal killing
of Luis Andrés Colmenares
and demands the maximum penalty
of 50 years in prison.
[spectators chattering]
[indistinct whispering]
I hope you know what you're doing,
Mr. Prosecutor.
Witnesses don't grow on trees.
- I'm sure of the road I'm taking.
- [gavel banging]
Mr. Carlos Cárdenas, please rise.
Well, after listening
to the prosecution's accusations,
how do you plead to the charge
of murder with intent?
Not guilty.
[spectators chattering]
[male reporter] Attention! Breaking news
from the Paloquemao Judicial Complex.
The young student from Los Cerros
has pled not guilty to the murder
of Luis Andrés Colmenares.
For now, he will be transported
to La Modelo Prison
where he will await trial.
The judge has called a second hearing
to give his ruling.
Mr. Colmenares,
how is the family holding up?
How's your wife?
Oneida bears the same cross
as thousands of mothers
who have been unfairly robbed
of their sons by this country.
In their names and in the name
of our family, we will fight on
until there is justice.
What will happen now
after the false witness?
[González] You have to be very careful
when you say that.
Mrs. Oneida, may I talk to you?
- If this is an interview, my husband
- No
No, it's not an interview.
I want to talk to you because
there's something you should know.
Tell me.
I know your son's case,
and for many months,
I've been investigating
what really happened that night.
I told you, my husband handles the press.
Mrs. Oneida, Luis Andrés wasn't murdered.
Every day, I find more evidence
that it was an accident.
How dare you disrespect my son's memory?
On the contrary. Out of respect,
because I know the pain you're enduring.
I think you're looking for a culprit
where there is none.
Every day I'm more convinced
that it was a murder.
You are a remora!
Looking to get rich with our tragedy.
I will not rest until my son's killer
gets his sentence.
- [siren wailing in distance]
- [keyboard clicking]
[Salazar] There are questions
about Colmenares' death
that we might never solve,
but there are others
who do have an answer,
although many refuse to see it.
The first piece of evidence pointed
to an accidental death,
confirming Laura Moreno's testimony.
But the prosecution
chose the murder thesis.
Prosecutor González never considered
the possibility of a lack
of proper inspection in the tunnel
the night of the disappearance.
Perhaps the answer is inside the tunnel,
in a 30-centimeter slope,
in the exact place
where Luis Andrés was found.
This slope raises a new hypothesis.
The water current that night,
caused by heavy rain,
could have dragged the body to this slope
where it remained out of sight
for 16 hours.
[phone ringing]
[phone continues ringing]
[Gaviria] What's up, Salazar?
Can you come up to my office, please?
Be right there.
Do you think I'm going
to publish that piece?
Do you think people are interested
in reading two pages about the slopes
of the canal in El Virrey Park?
Your hypothesis is too far-fetched.
The answer is simple.
Colmenares was beaten to death.
- That's what the last autopsy says.
- That's what the prosecution says.
And that argument is very flawed.
My piece is on that.
That the firefighters didn't find
the body in the tunnel
doesn't mean there is no killer.
Or are you telling me it's not possible
that the killer put the body in the tunnel
as soon as the firefighters
and the family left?
The family thinks something else.
- For example, take the prosecutor
- Salazar.
This magazine is on the victim's side,
and there is only one victim here:
Luis Andrés Colmenares.
I need a serious article
on the Cárdenas hearing
in two hours for the print edition.
Or you can simply take your theories
elsewhere, okay?
[phone ringing]
What's up?
Are you in charge of the digital edition?
Gaviria wants you to upload my article
on Colmenares.
It's the news of the day.
It's on the judicial drop box.
It's called "The Tunnel."
Thank you.
[clears throat]
[phone ringing]
It was an all-out street fight.
I was curious
because I was selling liquor that night.
I needed customers,
but then I saw this guy arrive.
He hit the one on the ground twice
with a bottle.
- Twice?
- Yes, twice.
Twice with the bottle.
I remember perfectly.
And the one who hit him was Cárdenas,
Laura's ex-boyfriend.
I have a good memory.
Can you prove you were there?
Someone who can back up your story?
I was with a friend,
but I haven't seen him since that day.
The truth is it got ugly.
Cárdenas saw us
and he threatened to beat us.
- Carlos Cárdenas threatened you?
- Yes, sir.
In fact, he asked for our information.
That's why my friend ran away.
That night we saw the witness who's on TV.
A bit far away, but it was him.
[stutters] But let's go back
to the events of that night.
W-What did you see after the beating?
Colmenares was in bad shape.
They had to drag him and put him in a car
while the girl was screaming.
- What car?
- What car?
It was an SUV.
I took pictures of the license plate,
but my friend had the cell phone, so
But I think it was a dark SUV
and the plate started with an "H."
- An "H"?
- [González] Make an effort.
Any detail helps us.
HBR 4607.
The number,
it's the same as an old apartment.
Guess whose plates those are.
My dear Ramsés, we got him.
We got him.
You're going to lose your judgment
on the crazy lawsuit
I'll make against you.
[both laugh]
How did it go?
It's impossible that the guy remembers
the plates after all this time.
Yes. Right.
You know who this guy reminds me of?
In my town, Ciénaga.
There's this old guy. He can't read.
He knows the birthdate of everyone there.
You ask him Raquel Quintero?
- January 7, 1952.
- No, I'm sorry.
But it's obvious it was scripted.
You're missing the point here.
The witness recognized the murderer,
also his car.
- We'll have to verify that.
- Verify?
- We can't make the same mistake as before.
- We'll double-check.
It's important to show this testimony
to the judge
so he includes it in the hearing.
I don't think that's convenient.
- Excuse me?
- I don't think it's convenient.
I'm not asking your opinion, Ramsés.
The decision is made.
I can't be in here one more day.
And the lawyers aren't doing shit
to get me out.
They didn't even ask for house arrest.
They know the judge
won't give you house arrest.
- Everyone is focused on the witness.
- This is fucking hell, understand?
When is the hearing?
They haven't set a date.
Honey, you're going to have to be patient
because justice has its own time.
More? More?
I'm done being patient!
I want you to get me out right now!
Okay, you're being impossible.
Take that. I'll come back another day.
Wait. Where's the money?
It's in the grey bag.
This isn't enough.
Stop acting like a spoiled child.
This is the real world.
Things don't go just the way
you want them to,
so don't ask me for something
I can't give you.
You think I'm asking for too much?
Look, you studied with rich kids,
but that doesn't make you one!
And just so you know,
we had to sell the house and the cars
so we could pay the lawyers.
We're broke.
So, please, swallow your anger
and wait patiently for the judge's ruling.
And I can't guarantee
it will be in our favor.
[lock clicks]
What happened, baby? Are you scared?
[men laughing]
Come here. I'll make you feel better.
[man] Stop it!
Leave him alone. He's cool.
What's up?
Haven't you ever seen a man cry?
He who is free of sin
shall cast the first stone.
[man] Easy.
[González] The most brilliant lawyer
this country ever saw.
Murdered by the oligarchy
because he confronted them
and empowered the people.
Do you believe in God?
Uh, I'm Catholic.
Have you had physical evidence
of His existence?
- Has the Virgin appeared before you?
- [chuckles]
Yet we believe in God. Why?
It's a matter of faith.
We believe in something
that science can't prove.
Do you follow?
We have to make other people believe.
Then it becomes the truth.
Okay, then.
I'm going to get some rest.
Tomorrow is the big day! [Laughs]
Right, then. Keep the faith.
I'm not going with you to court tomorrow.
We were in this together, Ramsés.
For better or for worse.
Be careful of the steps you take
from here on.
JULY 2012
I left the club around 3:00 a.m.
I picked up my SUV,
and then drove Catalina home.
At any moment, did you run into
Laura Moreno or Luis Colmenares?
No. I didn't see either of them.
Were you drinking?
No, I had to drive that day,
so I didn't drink anything.
And I got home approximately at
Hi, Cata.
3:30 a.m., and went to bed.
And the next day, I get a call
from a classmate telling me
they found El Negro Colmenares dead.
[De La Torre] Thank you.
The prosecution can question
the defendant.
What was your opinion
of Luis Andrés Colmenares?
I didn't have one.
[González] Didn't it bother you
that your ex
had a relationship with a man
of indigenous origin?
[De La Torre scoffs]
The race issue is irrelevant
[González] No. It is relevant to the case,
especially when the victim
suffered harassment from Mr. Cárdenas.
- That hasn't been proved.
- He told his brother.
And Cárdenas just called him "El Negro."
"El Negro."
I don't know what else you need
to include the race issue
in a case where the most important thesis
is that this gentleman
had a motive to attack Luis Andrés.
Why? Because he was angry at him.
He felt superior!
[judge] Mr. Prosecutor
we will consider the race issue,
you can count on that.
But please be more precise
in your questions.
Were you,
in the early hours of October 31st
of the year 2010,
in El Virrey Park?
Like I just stated, I left the club area
and went straight home.
[González] Were you driving a vehicle
with license plate HBR 4607?
- Yes.
- I don't have any more questions.
[González] Now, I will call to the stand
Mr. Jose María Pizarro
as a witness for the prosecution.
[judge] Please, Mr. Cárdenas,
take your place.
[indistinct whispering]
[Pizzaro] I was working
in El Virrey Park selling liquor,
like I do every weekend,
when I saw this guy getting beat up.
I had already seen the guy on the street.
- Could you identify anyone?
- Yeah, sure.
They were all on TV later.
- [shouting]
- [Pizzaro] There was the cute girl,
the two guys dressed up as skeletons,
and this gentleman
who was beating Colmenares the hardest.
[spectators chattering]
And I also saw the other guy
who's been on TV these days.
They say he's called Aguirre.
John Jairo Aguirre.
He was here testifying
that he was in El Virrey Park
the night of the events,
and this testimony confirms that.
[González] What happened after the attack?
What happened to Luis Andrés Colmenares?
Since the guy was unconscious,
they put him in a car and drove off.
They left the girl alone.
But I memorized the license plate
of the car.
[Pizzaro] HBR 4607.
[González] HBR 4607
HBR 4607.
The defendant just confirmed under oath
that this was the car
- he was driving that night.
- [spectators chattering]
- [judge] Silence! Order in the court!
- [gavel banging]
The defense can question the witness.
[De La Torre] Thank you, Your Honor.
[clears throat]
You have really impressed us [chuckles]
with your memory, Mr. Pizarro.
Yes, sir. I'm very good
at recalling names and faces.
And license plates. [Laughs]
Do you remember anything else
about the car
in which, according to you,
Colmenares was taken?
I think it was dark.
Dark? Dark is not a color.
Maybe style? Model?
Red color? Green? Blue?
It looked like an SUV.
[De La Torre] Yes?
I can't tell you the color.
- So you don't remember.
- And I don't know the model.
He remembers the license plate
but he doesn't remember the color
or the model of the SUV. [Laughs]
In any case, your memory
isn't as good as it seems.
Thank you, Mr. Pizarro.
[spectators chattering]
Let's check the criminal record
for this guy.
[chattering continues]
[gavel banging]
[Alvarado] Carlos Cárdenas
declared he left the club
at around 3:00 a.m., more or less.
And that at 3:30 a.m., he was sleeping.
The defense hasn't shown one witness
who confirms this thesis,
which means there is no
indisputable evidence of your location.
That leaves us with a dilemma.
To believe or not to believe.
Do we believe him when he says,
plainly and arrogantly,
that he doesn't care about his ex
having a new relationship with El Negro?
Do we believe him?
I don't believe him.
The defense says
this crime was fabricated. Fabricated.
Listen to that!
Does that mean Luis Andrés isn't dead?
For the Colmenares family
and for the prosecution,
that statement is an offense against truth
and the memory of Luis Andrés,
because he is, in fact, dead.
You saw the body.
You have the images of the condition
in which his body was found,
and those images will stay with you
for the rest of your lives.
They will always be here.
A horrible crime.
A motive. A perpetrator.
All these clearly show
the horror of Luis Colmenares' murder
at the hands of Carlos Cárdenas,
a homicide
they are desperately trying to hide.
Why is that? Because some students
from Los Cerros are involved.
It's our responsibility.
And when I say "our,"
I mean the whole country!
Not letting them get away with this,
these spoiled rich kids.
[spectators chattering]
[gavel banging]
[judge] Order in the court! Silence!
The only thing they have
against this alleged murderer
is a made-up case
based on social resentment,
on the need to find a culprit
for the pain of losing a child.
We have evidence which denies
false witnesses
and which demonstrates
that Carlos Cárdenas is innocent.
Mr. Alvarado, my client testifies
he was asleep in his house
at the exact moment
when the alleged attack took place.
You can have
the testimonies from my witness.
Ms. Catalina Ramírez,
in case you haven't seen them.
A student with no criminal record.
She testified that Carlos Cárdenas
drove her home at around 3:15 a.m.
And Counselor Alvarado
says this is a matter of believing
or not believing.
I agree.
But who do we believe?
Do we believe the young witness,
Ms. Ramírez?
Or do we believe Mr. Aguirre,
a witness for the prosecution
who wasn't even at the place of events?
Or should we believe
Mr. Jose María Pizarro,
who remembers the license plate
perfectly for my client's car
but doesn't remember the color of the SUV?
And doesn't remember
his child support payments!
And who has a criminal record
for burglary!
Your Honor, in a quick search
of this witness' criminal record,
we found this information,
which is in your power. Thank you.
I can't imagine what else we will find
if we go further.
Maybe that Mr. Pizarro belongs
to a network of false witnesses
along with Mr. Aguirre
and the six witnesses
that Mr. Prosecutor
has been threatening us with!
- Thank you.
- [González] I won't
I won't allow this.
These are serious accusations.
If you keep making these accusations,
- I'll sue you for slander.
- [judge] Mr. Prosecutor, stop right there!
- I won't allow this.
- Keep your place and pipe down!
- I'll have you banned from practicing!
- Calm down.
Mr. Prosecutor, please! Behave yourself!
- I won't allow this! I won't!
- [judge] Remain calm.
This court won't tolerate yelling
or threats between counselors!
- [indistinct whispering]
- [judge] Please!
Mr. Prosecutor, this court
has very carefully studied
the testimonies that you have presented
by the witnesses Mr. Pizarro
and Mr. Aguirre,
and analyzed them against
the evidence presented by the defense,
and has concluded
that none of these witnesses
will be part of this trial,
as they raise serious doubt
on the veracity of their testimony.
After evaluating all the evidence
submitted by both parties
and listening to the different arguments,
this court considers
that there are enough elements to assume
that Luis Colmenares
was, in fact, murdered.
However, no indisputable evidence
has been shown
which would allow us to involve
Mr. Carlos Cárdenas in this crime.
That's why he poses no threat to society.
In that sense,
this court finds him not guilty.
- This session is adjourned.
- Yes! That's right!
- [gavel banging]
- [indistinct chattering]
- [man] Excellent, sir. Thanks!
- [female reporter] Attention!
Minutes ago, a special criminal judge
released Luis Andrés Colmenares'
alleged killer.
In his ruling, the judge found
there was no evidence
to implicate Cárdenas in the murder.
[male reporter] Attention!
Minutes ago, a special criminal judge
released Luis Andrés Colmenares'
alleged killer.
In his ruling, the judge found
that there was no evidence
to accuse Cárdenas of the murder,
in which Laura Moreno
and Jessy Quintero are also involved.
[female reporter] The evidence shows
there is no connection
between Cárdenas and Colmenares.
This acquittal directly impacts the trial
against the students from Los Cerros,
Laura Moreno and Jessy Quintero.
I've fought against everything
so that this crime doesn't go unpunished.
Even against the institution I represent!
I'll keep looking for the truth.
This isn't over. Thank you.
That was the statement from prosecutor,
Luis Antonio González.
and deliver us form evil. Amen.
- Holy Mary, full of grace
- [Jorge sobbing]
It was my fault.
It was my fault.
I thought it could have been Cárdenas.
I was the one who told you
that it was him.
All this is my fault.
It's not your fault.
- Yes, it was.
- No.
- You did what you were supposed to do.
- [sniffling]
But I failed Luigi.
No, no.
We'll fail Luigi
when we stop looking for his killer,
and that's never going to happen.
Then who did it?
Who did that horrible thing
to Luis Andrés?
Who did it?
What happened to him?
I would like to have been there, Mom,
I swear, to understand!
To see what happened to him!
So I could help him!
So you wouldn't feel like this!
I wish I could have done something!
I wish I could have done something!
But I couldn't! I couldn't do anything!
I know. I know.
I know, honey!
I want you to write an article
about my accusation against González
in the Superior Judiciary Council
for procuring false witnesses
in the Colmenares case.
Ramsés, do yourself a favor
wait for the Superior Council's ruling.
Are you listening?
The whole system is rotten.
If I don't make this public,
González will do whatever it takes
to involve anyone
in Colmenares' murder.
You still think it's a murder.
Based on a true story.
The events and characters involved
in the death of Luis Andrés Colmenares
have been fictionalized to portray
one of the most controversial cases
in the history of Colombia.
The scenes are not
a true representation of reality.
Some names have been modified
to depict a fictional version
of a very well-known story,
without harming the good name
and privacy of those people
who are not known by the public.
Some dialogue and characters
have a narrative purpose.
The procedural truth
about the Colmenares case
lies in its files and judicial decisions.
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