Historia de un Crimen: Colosio (2019) s01e06 Episode Script

I killed him

The real events surrounding
the assassination of Luis Colosio
have been fictionalized to depict
this tragic moment in Mexico's history.
They took everything, man.
All they left was the watch.
Look, so you cheer up a bit,
I brought you some surprises.
This is the first one.
Aburto's booking log.
- Yes.
- So?
It says that the metal watch is his,
without a doubt.
But this is better.
It's Santos Oliva's log.
Who the hell is Santos Oliva?
The guy you captured
and they let go right away.
We didn't even have his name.
There, signed.
Are you leaving?
The second shooter
according to you.
They left this behind,
and his name is on it.
Furthermore, look what it says
about his watch.
It has a leather strap.
The American in flip-flops
sent his ballistics report.
It says that the bullet passed
through organic human tissue.
Twenty-two caliber.
This proves the two-shooter theory.
It's what you need to prove your case.
Either Rubio and Santos Oliva
fired the shots
and Aburto is a scapegoat,
or Rubio and Aburto fired
under orders of Santos Oliva.
And they were all working
for López Riestra.
Now let's prove it.
During the time
that Aburto has been detained,
his belongings were in custody.
Among them were objects
Anything new?
His watch is the most important one.
The said watch has a metal strap.
Mario Aburto received it for his birthday
a year earlier from a local market.
As we can see in the video
the killer is wearing
a watch on his wrist,
but this one has a leather strap.
Why would authorities overlook
such an important detail?
Because it's us.
They think we won't
defend ourselves.
But Mario Aburto is innocent.
If this is true,
do you have clues that lead
to the owner of that watch?
My job and duty as lawyer is to prove
Benítez is trying my patience.
Such eagerness to prove
Aburto's innocence makes him look worse.
Do you think it was him?
You doubt it?
First he carries out an operation
to get evidence without permission.
Then he leaks
the theory of three Aburtos.
He hides the log book and now this.
Open an investigation against him
for concealing evidence.
Are you sure?
He may be better as an ally.
An ally?
At this point, this man is a nuisance.
Open the investigation now!
The press is going to come after us.
We have to be ready.
By the way
we're going to visit Aburto.
Get the paperwork ready.
- Aburto?
- Yes! Aburto.
We need him to confirm or deny his guilt.
As we can see in this video,
the shooter's watch has a
When will you quit running so early?
It's bad for your knees.
- Not now Raúl.
- Carlos Carlos.
Get to the point.
You know I've wanted to join the campaign.
José Francisco isn't helping.
It's not the time to push it.
I thought I was clear.
Can't you stay put?
Carlos, I'm in real trouble.
My partners are losing patience.
I really need your help.
If you want my help, you have to tell me
everything you're involved in.
I need to know if it's worth the risk.
I thought being brothers was enough.
Don't get emotional.
Speak, or you're on your own.
- Will you do the same?
- I don't owe you anything.
I'm the president.
And we're family.
I hope you won't forget
everything I've done for you
Are you going tell me everything or not?
Then fix it yourself for once.
And if you don't like how I do it?
Then you'll pay for your actions, Raúl.
Are you going to tell me
the truth, General?
Madam, I always strived
for your husband's safety.
That was my priority.
- So, what happened?
- Someone might have used me.
- What is this?
- I'm sure of that, but who?
I'm being recorded. All the time.
There are hours of my conversations
recorded at home,
in the hospital, everywhere.
Who would do that?
- Do you think it was Manlio?
- No.
It would be too risky.
He's too smart for this.
I don't know.
It could have been anyone.
Where did you get the tapes?
That's the thing.
Someone delivered them to my house.
I don't know who.
What for?
To warn me, I suppose.
I don't know. I don't know.
- You have to tell Montes.
- No.
Whoever is doing this
wouldn't want me to know.
I'm not going to alert them.
Are you settled in your new office?
I'm getting rid
of the smell of mothballs.
- Do you know your duties?
- The campaign.
Yes, but it's more than that.
I need you to get closer to Zedillo
become his right-hand man.
Don't worry,
I'll be his new Córdoba.
And I want you to help me
control Raúl.
You know him well.
He's much too ambitious and impulsive.
This is no time for mistakes.
Don't worry, I'll take care of it.
And keep Manlio close as well.
He's disciplined, but too headstrong.
Do it.
In another
I said shut up.
What? Besides being a bitch,
are you also deaf?
You should learn from your brother.
They practically beat him to death,
and he never complained.
Damn it! You're screwed!
So, can we talk
about your version of the events
that transpired on March 23rd?
I don't think it's pertinent, sir.
Mario has been very erratic
in his statements.
He must take a stance.
What were you doing
at Lomas Taurinas on March 23rd?
I went there to sell a gun.
Sell a gun?
That's not what you said before.
No. And I didn't tell you
that when I got there,
the people I talked to
already knew my name.
"Hi, Mario, how are you?
We're glad you're here."
They greeted me and said
Mario, you have to stop
contradicting yourself.
- You change your story.
- They knew I was coming.
They knew who I was.
Are they threatening you?
No. I get excellent treatment here.
Ask the guard.
If you need anything, I can't work
like this, you have to tell me
I must ask you to leave.
You can't advise Aburto here.
What did you do at Lomas Taurinas
on March 23rd?
Ernesto, I think it's important
to include Colosio's name
in your speech in Sonora.
An anecdote with him.
It seems your bond with him
isn't that clear anymore,
and people are forgetting.
It's a delicate atmosphere.
Carlos is worried, and Raúl is anxious.
We shouldn't anger them, should we?
Angry Salinas brothers could be dangerous.
Carlos is a reasonable man, and Raúl
likes to boast, mostly.
I think the best thing now
for the campaign and for the party
is to keep Raúl at bay.
String him along with Carlos
until I'm president.
Carlos isn't fooling me.
I know exactly
why he gave you the position he did
and why he took Montoya
out of the game.
- Ernesto, I
- You have nothing to worry about
as long as you know
which side you're on.
Times are changing, and
I think a man as intelligent as you
realizes that right now
we have to distance ourselves
from the Salinas brothers.
You know I've always striven
for the good of the country.
Let's continue.
What did you want to show me?
There's a lot of stuff here.
I have the results of the facial analyses
and other parts of the investigation
that I think you need to know about
before I present them to the press.
What about the watch?
And the Aburtos' press conference?
Well, we have some experts
in Spain working on it.
I'm almost sure that
just like the multiple-Aburtos theory,
this is also baseless.
They seem very convinced.
Yes, they do.
Just as convinced as they were
when they said that Mario Aburto
wasn't the man at Lomas Taurinas,
and this is an affidavit
signed by María Luisa,
Aburto's mother,
where she states
that her son is in fact
the same man who is incarcerated.
It pains me not to be able
to hurry things along,
not to be able
to give you
the answers you expect.
But believe me,
I'm working very hard on it.
I know, Miguel.
And I appreciate it.
What were you going to tell me
about the faces?
As you can see
it's a simple matter
of visual discrepancy.
I mean, they seem to be
two different people.
But this happens frequently.
It happened
when the photographs we gave the press
were taken at different moments
and in circumstances.
Hold him. Hold him!
MARCH 23, 1994
We are going to analyze
Mario Aburto Martínez's profile.
This picture was taken
when he was incarcerated
at Almoloya de Juárez.
This one is from his ID
from when he lived
in Tijuana, Baja California.
If you'll notice, both photographs
present similar features,
which help us
identify them as a single individual.
What about the watch strap?
José Luis says it isn't his brother's.
That would leave the door open
to multiple Aburtos.
Well, I have in my hands
a signed affidavit
where Mario Aburto's mother,
María Luisa Aburto,
certifies that the prisoner incarcerated
at Almoloya is indeed her son.
Are we certain
that he's the real assassin?
Did ballistic tests confirm the fact?
Under what circumstances did
Mrs. María Luisa sign that document?
This idiot walked in and said
that he killed Ernesto Rubio.
He said he did it all on his own.
- Is this a joke?
- No.
He's practically begging us
to put him in jail.
Listen, scumbag.
Tell him what you told me.
I killed Ernesto Rubio.
I thought he was a burglar in my shop.
I had just hired him.
I was drinking in the shop.
I didn't see him come in.
I was startled and shot him.
That's bullshit!
You think we'll believe you
just like that?
What's your name?
José Rocha Hernández.
Why the hell
did you wait so long to confess?
I guess I had a guilty conscience.
I see that dead man's face
on every street corner.
Look, man.
If you insist on saying you did it,
they'll give you at least 30 years.
I turned in the gun to prove it.
I killed him.
And the shop belongs to me, so
You're an idiot, man!
You're going to screw yourself,
and us, too!
Arrest him if that's what he wants.
But he
I hope López Riestra is paying you
a lot to fuck up your life.
Put me through to Montes.
It's Benítez on the phone.
Why don't you help me
find Santos Oliva
instead of opening
an investigation on me?
Santos was wearing a watch
like the one you say was Aburto's.
And he had a bloodstain
on his jacket when I caught him,
and your men let him go.
Start doing your job.
I'm getting tired of doing it for you.
You should be grateful
that I haven't fired you!
You are jeopardizing
a major assassination investigation!
I know my rights, Montes.
Don't forget I'm a lawyer,
and I'm much better than the others
who are government puppets.
As long as you
overstep your boundaries
and your capacities,
you are accumulating charges
against you, Benítez!
All I know is that you're using me
to get on your bosses' good side.
I'm not prone to kissing ass
like you are.
Things are getting complicated.
You have to come out and tell the truth.
That you work for Intelligence
and were on duty.
Who should I talk to?
Attorney Miguel Montes.
- Where are you going?
- Where do you think?
- Don't peer out the window.
- Be quiet.
Come here.
- I'm going to see.
- No!
Mario needs us alive.
Move over here.
I said move!
Jesús Blancornelas.
How are you?
Shall we begin?
So, as I understand,
you misfired.
I misfired a shot to his head.
I meant to aim at his feet.
You were going to shoot his feet?
When I raised the gun, I tripped.
That's when the accident happened.
But why did you do it?
Because I don't know.
I was mad at the way
he treated the woman.
I wanted to scare him.
How did you get to Lomas Taurinas?
Why did you go there?
I wanted to sell the gun.
I got it to protect my house.
There had been a lot of burglaries.
My neighbors can confirm this.
That's why I bought it.
But then I changed my mind.
Because I have a little sister at home.
Karina, she's nine.
It'd be dangerous
to have a gun around.
Besides, my mother's birthday
was coming up.
I tried to sell it at work,
but they wouldn't even look at it.
When I got out,
I realized I had extra time.
So I decided to go to the rally.
That's why I took it.
Mario, people are saying
that you're not the same man they caught.
There are a lot of inconsistencies.
Your brother José Luis
has gone as far as to say
that you owned a different watch
than the man
they caught at Lomas Taurinas.
I'm the sole responsible person
for this accident.
Like I said,
there's nobody else behind this.
What about the other guy they caught
that your mother mistook for you?
Can't you see me?
We have common
ethnic features over there.
As they say, I look like
a lot of other people.
Are you positive
about what you're saying?
I want to pay for what I did,
for this accident.
What I'm guilty of, that's all.
thank you for the time you've given us.
Is there anything
you'd like to say to your family?
That I won't commit suicide.
Wherever I am, I'll be fine.
I want to pay for what I did,
for this accident.
If they should ever find me dead,
it was the government's doing.
Mario, I really appreciate
the fact that you spoke to me.
I'm going to give your mother
a copy of the newspaper.
If you ever want to talk, just say so,
and I'll come from Tijuana
to hear what you want to say.
Thank you.
Thank you.
He dug a deeper grave
with this interview, the asshole.
Maybe he's just trying to survive
and protect his family.
But at what cost?
He could have tried a little harder
on his statement.
Your hypotheses are more credible
than what he said.
He tripped right before
the second shot, come on!
We're going to assemble our case
so they can't take it apart.
I'm sick of these creeps.
I want to fuck them over.
I'm starting to like you more, man.
It's just that
I'm sure
there's something or someone
forcing my Mario
to make these statements.
I honestly don't think
I can do anything more.
What about the inconsistencies
with the watch?
Mario, we have to talk
about the interview you gave.
Did you read it?
What you said complicates your defense.
I don't understand why
you're set on taking the blame.
I can't defend you like this.
Look, I told the truth.
That's the way things happened.
The important thing is
that he agreed to look out for me
and come here.
And I said clearly that I'm not suicidal.
If anything happens,
it was the government.
You lost your opportunity.
I took advantage of it.
Brother? Brother?
Why? We know the truth.
José Luis, listen carefully.
Take care of yourself.
Look after our sisters
and stop calling me.
Is that clear? Talk to Alma.
She can help you
Brother! Brother!
Hello? Hello?
Damn it.
The authentic documents
that confirm the reason
why I was at the rally.
These documents can put an end
to all the myths people have come up with.
I know. That's why
I brought them to you.
Why didn't you bring them before?
We're a secret intelligence corps, sir.
The less people know about us, the better.
Although, I understand
things got out of hand in this case.
I'll tell you what.
Let's disclose this,
and you'll come with me.
That's out of the question.
I'm sorry.
You may divulge the information
as you deem best.
But I can't appear in public.
But you can spare five minutes
to sign a statement.
Five minutes at the most.
I'm flying back to Tijuana today.
We want to present all the evidence
at a press conference
impact an investigation
that has been extremely corrupt,
and achieve freedom for a man
who's in prison for political reasons.
What do you want me for?
You said the bullet holes in Colosio
came from different weapons.
Yes, it seemed obvious to me.
We can't verify that anymore.
But we can count on your testimony
and on the bullet analysis.
We have other things, too, Alma.
We have a theory of two different watches
and a second shooter.
We have the bullet.
They'll come after us.
The shock will be so great,
they won't know how to cover it up.
You'll be safe with us.
- You can count on my presence tomorrow.
- Thank you.
Diana Laura, I told you
that I was taking my grandson out.
I know,
but I completely forgot to let you know.
They went to the movies.
They're going to be a while longer.
Marianita is asleep.
I'm sorry. Forgive me.
I understand.
I suppose you must be tired.
I'll be leaving now.
But please let him
go with me next Sunday.
I'd like to take him out.
The party is holding a children's event.
Luis. Luis.
I don't want my children
at any party events.
I don't want them to be associated
to the PRI or that environment.
- Please.
- But
- Please.
- There's nothing wrong with it.
I want him to see
how much they loved his father.
You really don't see
anything wrong with it?
- No.
- Luis
Have a seat, please.
You don't see anything wrong with it?
For them to record me constantly,
You really don't see
anything wrong with it?
Thanks, Manuel.
I'm only asking for a little patience!
When have I let you down?
And stop sending me messages.
I'm allergic to flowers.
corruption in the police
and the general and district attorneys
Is something wrong?
Have you been recording me all this time?
Come in, please.
Come in.
Have a seat.
Come in.
Someone's recording you.
Why do you think it was me?
I don't know,
because I'm confused, because
I'm going to die
before I know the truth.
I want to see Mario Aburto.
I need to see him,
look him in the eye and ask him.
I can't allow that and you know it.
Please, I can't wait
until your investigation is done.
We'd be putting everything at risk.
Aburto is a liar.
He doesn't even want to see
his own family.
Albarrán, his lawyer,
wants to quit the case.
I can't.
Miguel I'm dying.
I don't want to die like this.
I don't want to die
without knowing the truth.
Every day, there are leaks.
Every day, there are different theories.
Do you know what would happen
if I let you meet, confer with him?
- What?
- People would say it was you.
You'd become a suspect.
- Miguel.
- It's not funny. It's not a joke.
Let me see
Darling, what did you do?
They don't respect
They don't respect the rule of law
or the laws that govern us
or the constitution.
there's nothing here.
Mario Aburto,
you have a call from Mommy.
Move. You want me to hold your hand?
Tell them to stop calling.
I won't take calls from anyone.
A dictatorship by a single party.
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