Historia de un Crimen: Colosio (2019) s01e08 Episode Script

Forgive and Forget

The real events surrounding
the assassination of Luis Colosio
have been fictionalized to depict
this tragic moment in Mexico's history.
Relax, people. Please move along.
Damn it, let me go!
We still don't know the motive
for the assassination
of José Federico Benítez,
Tijuana Chief of Police,
who has multiple gunshot wounds.
Governor Ruffo is rumored
to have instructed Benítez
to carry out a parallel investigation
into Mr. Colosio's murder.
They leave no loose ends.
First, Ruiz Massieu, and now him.
Well, José Francisco's murder
was unexpected.
Up until now, there was nothing
to tie him to Luis Donaldo.
Benítez's case
is practically confirmed
to be drug related.
Yes, that's quite convenient.
Now I wonder if you have the Aburto
who's going to pay for this crime.
Don't be unfair
at least not to me.
You know I'm doing everything
within my reach
Miguel, Benítez knew something important.
I'm sure that if you find
Benítez's killer, you'll find Donaldo's.
What do you mean?
Here, Rubí.
Are you joking?
You've been assigned
Federico Benítez's case.
Drug dealers?
If you're going to make something up,
be creative, if only out of respect.
- Benítez deserves better.
- Hey, don't shoot the messenger.
I was in Tijuana last night.
I was going to meet Benítez.
We were going to talk about Donaldo.
I know he
He knew who killed him,
or he was very close to finding out.
This is getting out of control,
Diana Laura.
Please. Why put yourself at risk
going over there?
Sorry to intrude,
but what you need now is rest.
But I can't rest, Miguel.
I can't rest until I know
who killed my husband.
Now that they killed Benítez,
you're my only glimmer of hope.
I'll see if there's
a connection to Benítez's case.
But I warn you,
there's always been a big rumor
that Benítez was
a nuisance to street dealers.
Get some rest.
Take it easy. I'll be in touch.
Why didn't he go to school?
I needed to be with them.
Is this who you were meeting?
Diana Laura,
these are dangerous people.
I'm terrified they'll do something to us.
They already did
what they were going to do
that day in Lomas Taurinas.
May God forgive them.
And in these difficult times,
the party as well as us, its members,
must stay strong
appeal to the bonds of friendship
and find fortitude in our unity,
the fortitude of the loss
of yet another one of us.
And not just another one,
but one of our greatest leaders
- Carlos.
- We'll talk later.
a respectful applause.
These are difficult times.
I know.
The president is nervous,
but he trusts you completely, as I do.
We know you'll conclude the investigation
in due course.
I had the weapon like this.
So, as you can see,
I couldn't have shot the second shot.
Why? Because Mr. Colosio
was turning his back to me.
Look at his position.
And I was already crouching.
Look at the distance.
I couldn't have turned around like this.
So there was absolutely no intention
to hurt someone as respectable,
a man
How can I put it?
A man I didn't even know.
Secondly, there was no reason
to attack anyone.
Secondly Sorry, firstly. Why?
I'm not a crazy person.
I don't belong to armed groups,
nor have I handled weapons,
nor am I connected to politics.
And I'm an honorable person
who doesn't use drugs.
- I'm a hard-working family man.
- Mr. Aburto, again
Here, back here, right where I am.
Here. Here.
Yes, there you go.
Don't touch him.
Just don't touch him, there.
That's it, there.
Arm here.
Bend it a bit. There.
If we release this to the press,
we'll be a laughingstock.
All this recreation shows
is his need to be the focus of attention,
to have all eyes on him.
That's right, yes.
It may not help us to get more leads,
but it'll help us strengthen
his narcissist profile.
Like we stated in the records.
This will be very helpful in strengthening
the lone-shooter theory.
We've never been so close.
Of course, he has every trait.
As soon as we're in the office,
write a report
and ask them to draft a profile
according to the records.
Without interviewing Aburto?
Do you want a bigger circus?
Frankly, your situation is very delicate.
We can't ask for political asylum
through the usual channels.
It could be days
before they grant it to you.
You're the Aburto family.
You're in true danger.
What do we need to do?
Ready, son?
You need to cross the border.
Let them arrest you.
Of course, I'll alert the media.
They'll document everything.
This way. Come on, dear.
- Here.
- Next to your sister, stand here.
- Coming!
- Come.
- Hurry.
- Ready? Keep rolling.
Film the police car. Film it.
Huddle together.
This is good. Keep it up. Keep rolling!
Yes, step back a bit.
The psychiatrist interviewed
the prison guards.
He assures
that Mario suffers from depression
and has signs of hypochondria
and paranoia.
Very well.
Let's add all this
to his mother's statement,
in which she claims
that the Aburto is Aburto,
the experts' opinion
on the facial comparison,
anything that could help
and be useful to us
in making
the lone-shooter theory very clear.
What about collusion?
You almost proved it, sir.
It adds up.
I don't think Aburto acted on his own.
Collusion would give the president
too many headaches.
I understand.
The sooner the better.
The president wants us to do this fast.
He needs a bit of reassurance.
These have been difficult days for us all.
Who closed the office?
López Riestra!
What's up? I've been waiting for you.
Cut the crap, motherfucker!
Benítez left
such a beautiful family behind.
They're photogenic.
I hope he left someone
to take care of them.
To your loss.
Fuck you!
How's it going with the case?
We know who did it.
Really? Who?
A piece of shit
who, as soon as he's off guard,
will go straight to hell. How about that?
It seems you solved the case.
Benítez solved his case, too, didn't he?
Listen, motherfucker,
I won't be just another file
saying I was a victim of street dealers.
Got it?
Then don't be, man.
Find Benítez's killer.
They say he sells drugs
on the outskirts of Tijuana, down south.
He can't be hard to find.
Mario, this is your last chance.
The commission came just to hear you.
I know you're drowning,
but they want to listen to you.
Your family crossed over
to the United States.
They can't hurt them now.
It's time to fight for yourself.
I'll always take care of them.
- I didn't ask these people to come.
- I know.
It's a legal formality.
You should be grateful.
- It's in your hands.
- Let it go!
I said I was the lone shooter.
Why all the fuss?
They even brought cameras the other day.
Mario, please, think it through.
If there's the tiniest chance
for you to get out of here, this is it.
Good afternoon.
Units ready, over.
We're in position, ready.
Now. Now!
Hands up, freeze!
Keep your head down!
Jorge Robledo?
I'm innocent.
You are under arrest
for the murder of Federico Benítez.
No, it wasn't me.
Are you working for López Riestra?
Mario Aburto,
we've been told that you can bring
new evidence to this investigation.
Thank you.
I didn't mean to shoot him
in the head.
- Then where were you aiming?
- His feet.
- Do you have any evidence?
- My testimony.
I was trying to scare him, not kill him.
Who sent this?
Via courier. It's from San Diego.
that's where they do the tests.
This throws
the lone-shooter theory out the window.
It questions whether Aburto did it alone.
In his multiple versions,
Aburto claimed
that the man they found at the auto shop
was the second shooter.
Only one man could have had this
and sent it to get tested.
And that man is dead.
If we disclose this
we'll be dead, too.
"The research based on records
and other interviews
and psychological tests
tell us that, throughout his life,
he had a persistent lack of will
because he always aimed higher
and never made an effort
to reach his goals.
He is described as a man
with little tolerance for frustration.
With all the above, it is evident
that the suspect in this crime
a borderline personality disorder
and, therefore, acted alone
and of his own free will."
With this, we close the case,
and Mario Aburto is to await sentencing.
Shortly, we will disclose, one by one,
the necessary evidence,
and they will be at your disposal.
I will also take this moment
to let you know
that I am resigning
as special investigator
in the aforementioned case.
Thank you for your attention.
Mr. Montes.
At this rate, they'll end up saying
Donaldo killed himself.
Oh, Diana Laura
I'm so sorry.
Do you know what hurts the most?
we didn't get to see Donaldo as president.
He would've been great.
I want our revenge to be
to forgive and forget, Chiquis.
Mario Aburto Martínez,
confessed assassin
of candidate Luis Donaldo Colosio,
has been found guilty
and sentenced to 42 years in prison
for the crime committed on March 23rd
in the Lomas Taurinas borough of Tijuana.
The crime committed by Aburto
has left the nation in bewilderment
and his family helpless.
After his testimony
and an extensive investigation
that introduced new
and substantial evidence against him,
the judge has ruled he serve his sentence
at Maximum Security Prison
Number One in Almoloya.
Did I wake you?
No, not at all, Mr. President. What is it?
I watched your entire conference.
I just called to congratulate you
on your investigation.
I knew you wouldn't fail
your people or me.
I assure you
you will be rewarded for this.
He who does well lives well.
I understand and I appreciate it,
Mr. President.
Look who's here, Mom.
- Who is it, darling?
- Look.
Give us a minute.
Are you sure?
Come, honey, let's go.
Hello, Miguel.
Hello, Diana Laura.
I know you closed the case.
I watched you on TV.
You promised me, before I died.
Benítez's killer was arrested.
And it had nothing to do
with Luis Donaldo's death.
The agent in charge closed the case.
Well, they're really efficient.
Aburto is no innocent man.
No, no,
that wouldn't be good for anyone.
Do you want to know the good part
about dying, Miguel?
I don't have to pretend.
I don't have to be considerate
to you or anyone else.
You closed the case.
You must be very happy.
All the recognition
even rewards, I don't know.
I'm really sorry you think of me that way.
It hurts me deeply
that you're just like them.
God forgive you, Miguel.
From 1994 to 2000,
three district attorneys
led new investigations.
The official investigations concluded
Aburto was responsible for the two shots.
Over 15 deaths and murders
possibly linked to Colosio's
are in the records.
Among them is Federico Benítez's.
Now! Now!
David Rubí remained in service
leading the squad.
In 1995, Raúl Salinas was sentenced
to 50 years imprisonment
for the murder
of José Francisco Ruiz Massieu.
He faced charges for illicit gain
and money laundering.
Several Swiss accounts were frozen
with over $200 million.
After ten years in prison,
Raúl Salinas was exonerated
and regained control of all his assets.
I've been a victim
of harassment and slander,
but the worst thing
was being accused of a cover-up
in the investigation
of Luis Donaldo Colosio's death.
Carlos Salinas de Gortari
took exile in Ireland
during Ernesto Zedillo's
entire administration.
The PRI lost the presidency in 2000
for the first time in 70 years.
Sit down, son.
How is your family life, madam?
Well, until a few days ago,
very peaceful, as much as it could be.
I must admit it's changed a bit
in this mess of events,
but I think we'll slowly adapt
to this lifestyle.
And, well, you should know
we're a normal family,
a Mexican family with deep-rooted values
with a profound love for Mexico.
I'm convinced we'll get stronger
as a family
to be able to give our best.
Something else, Mr. Colosio?
I want to make a commitment
to the Mexican people
and, with them,
carry out a profound social reform.
I want to make a commitment
to the Mexican people
to broaden and consolidate our liberties.
I also want to make a commitment
to the Mexican people
to advance
in our democratic transformation.
Thank you very much.
Thank you very much, madam.
Sure. Thank you, too.
- Mr. Colosio.
- Thank you, Jacobo.
From the Colosio family home,
thank you all.
Have a good night.
Diana Laura Riojas died of cancer
on November 18th, 1994,
eight months after her husband's murder.
As of 2018, journalists and citizens
have managed to get the authorities
to publish documents and materials
from the Colosio case file.
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