Hit & Run (2021) s01e03 Episode Script

Friends & Foes

- [narrator] Previously on Hit & Run:
- Hey, Tzion, take care
It was a hit-and-run accident.
Don't leave me.
- [Boaz in Hebrew] You know them?
- No, but they sure ain't Rami Shalem.
They came to Tel Aviv,
then stole a car and killed Danielle?
I'm taking you off the investigation.
[Avi in English] Maybe one of those guys
got into a shoving match with Uri.
[in Hebrew] I'll ask again, who were they?
Just two American assholes!
- These guys were professionals. Hitmen.
- [detonator beeping]
Who would want to kill you?
- Bro, it was Isaac.
- Isaac was released from Sing Sing.
I'll be on the first flight tomorrow.
[theme music playing]
[man on PA] Welcome to the United States.
Have your completed customs form
and your passport
from your country of origin ready.
H-1 visas!
You may be asked to provide
your recent travel history.
Please be ready to share these
with our customs agents.
[woman on PA] We are now closing the gate.
Step out, please.
- [officer] You say east or west?
- [Segev] What?
- Where are you staying?
- I told you, 75 Street.
Friends? Family? Hotel?
I already told you.
Is there a problem, officer?
Friends, family, hotel?
Your trip, Mr. Azulai,
would it be business or pleasure?
I'm going to a funeral.
So I guess, what, it'd be pleasure?
[Ron over phone] Segev.
- Ron, I'm in JFK. Where are you?
- What do you mean, where am I?
[in Hebrew]
You said you were going to pick me up.
[Ron] Pick you up?
[in English] No one does that.
This is New York, man.
[in Hebrew] You said you'd come.
I said we'd meet at my apartment.
That's different. Do you have the address?
- Yes, but
- In Queens.
- Yes, I know where it is, but, bro
- Cool, see you soon.
["Get It" playing]
[in English] Fuck.
Oh, my gosh, Omakase
I'ma need my sushi pronto ♪
I get it, I got it
I'm good, I'm bout it ♪
I get it, I got it
I'm good, I bought it ♪
I get it, I got it
I'm good, I'm with it ♪
I get it, I got it
I'm good, you dig it ♪
[Ron in Hebrew] My brother!
How are you, my brother?
I'm okay.
I missed your ugly face.
- Come on.
- I missed you.
[in English] This is my castle.
[in English] So you are my princess, huh?
[in Hebrew]
Fourth floor, elevator's broken.
[in Hebrew] No problem.
I've been sitting for 12 hours.
[both laughing]
It's sick, totally sick that you're here.
In short, the springs are busted,
but, amazingly,
the surface has stayed completely even.
I think you'll be incredibly comfortable.
Tell me, bro
are you sick?
You have a ton of pills in the bathroom.
Those were there
from the tenant before me.
I don't have any extra pillows.
Use the cushion, bro.
I love the design of the house.
Lots of light, very happy house.
Fuck you. I actually cleaned up for you.
You didn't give them my address,
did you, at Immigration, huh?
- No, I used the Wexlers'.
- Who?
Danielle's parents,
where we're going for the memorial.
There gonna be a lot of people?
They said a small memorial.
How is Ella?
How's Miles?
Um, good.
Good, good.
You hungry?
No. Is Brooklyn close?
[in Hebrew] Yes.
That's where the two drivers are, in jail.
I want to talk to them.
Are you serious?
You think they will let you see them?
[in English] Some crazy-ass motherfucker
from Israel
wants to meet international killers?
[in English] I'm not crazy.
- [in Hebrew] Don't you know somebody?
- That's not how it works here.
You can't see them unless you're
their family or their lawyers.
You're sure?
That's how it worked
the last time I was in.
Let's give it a try.
Let's go there. I want to talk to them.
Leave your joint and come.
[in English] You're not hearing me,
they were in Israel.
I hear you fine.
You already told me that
three times, mister?
- Azulai.
- Corrigan. You catch that game last night?
- Catch the game? Lost.
- Shit, how much?
- What'd you say their names were again?
- Posner and Chernik.
Nope, not here.
I know they're here.
They were arrested 24 hours ago.
How do you know that?
Because they were released two hours ago.
[Ron] What the fuck?
My wife is dead and you released them?
What the fuck is wrong with you?
[in Hebrew] Someone at NYPD fucked up
and won't take responsibility.
We're sending out new warrants.
This is fucked up.
How long's that going to take?
I'm on this, Segev.
These guys could leave the country.
I'm on it. What do you want me to do?
[Segev] Okay, great. Thanks.
Okay, okay. Thanks.
[in English] Yallah, Bushwick's calling.
Who the fuck is Bushwick?
[in Hebrew] What is that shit?
[in English] Seaweed soup,
kung pao dumpling, noodles, broccoli.
- [in Hebrew] What are you, vegan?
- You should be too.
[in English] Go vegan.
[in Hebrew] The cow is vegan, okay?
Did Shimon find Isaac's address?
Not so far but he's pretty sure
he's still in New York.
So we've got nothing?
It's barely been six hours.
I don't have time.
Ella's safe now with Shira,
but how long till Isaac gets to them?
You really think it was Isaac?
I set him up. He spent nine years
in prison because of me.
Tell me he doesn't have
a reason to hurt my family.
[in English] Mexico was a long time ago.
[in Hebrew] Isaac doesn't forget.
I thought you had connections.
[dramatic music playing]
[in English]
Yeah, hi. Naomi Hicks, please.
[knocking on door]
I think you owe me a phone call.
- I do?
- Yeah.
I called when I was in Tel Aviv last year
doing that profile on Lieberman.
You never called me back.
I'm sorry.
But it's good to see you now.
Good to see you too, Naomi.
So you're a big shot now.
Wow. Impressive.
[Naomi chuckles]
- I read your Lieberman article.
- Yeah?
- You were tough on him.
- Somebody had to be.
What are you doing here?
I'll be in New York for days,
so I thought I'd say hi.
Hi. I'm staying with Ron.
How is Ron?
- You know Ron.
- Yes, I do.
And Henry? You still married?
Of course.
He's got more hair than you do.
- Like everyone.
- [chuckles]
And he returns my phone calls.
I'm sorry, I was getting married, so
All right,
that's a remotely decent reason.
And mazel tov.
What's different now?
Danielle's parents are having
a memorial service today.
- And Ella didn't want to come?
- I couldn't bring her.
But the service isn't
the only reason that I'm here.
I'm looking for someone,
a man named Isaac Katkov.
Yes, but he lives in New York now.
- Ron and I used to work for him in Mexico.
- Hmm. When you were mercenaries?
No, when we were training
Mexican troops to fight the cartels.
Is there a difference?
I think he's responsible
for Danielle's death.
Who is this guy? What did you do for him?
We were his lieutenants.
He did some horrible things.
I couldn't deal with it.
- What does he do in New York?
- I just need to find him.
And do what?
Will you help me?
Segev, I'm kind of slammed right now.
- My editors are expecting
- All right. It doesn't matter.
Thanks. It was good to see you.
[in Hebrew] Do they like you?
Of course.
They were thrilled
their daughter left America
to marry an Israeli tour guide.
They kind of had a point.
[door slams]
[indistinct chatter]
[in English]
Funerals make me kind of nervous.
- Relax.
- Yeah.
You said it was gonna be small.
[Segev in Hebrew] I didn't know.
[Marcia] Oh, Segev.
[Segev] Marcia.
- Glad to see you.
- Yes.
We are so glad you're here.
- This is my friend, Ron Harel.
- Hi.
- Hello.
- Hi. I think we met at the wedding.
- Oh, yes, of course.
- Nice to see you again.
- I'm glad you're feeling better, Marcia.
- Thank you.
Were you sick?
She had pneumonia.
It was a lighter case
than they first thought.
- She bounced right back.
- Yeah.
That's very lucky.
My next-door neighbor
where I used to live,
well, he had pneumonia.
It went on for a long, long,
like, I mean, really long time.
And then he
He died.
I think I need a drink now, okay?
So I guess I should call
the people at Paul Taylor.
They'll be expecting her, right?
Don't bother with that. I called them.
- We know a few people on the board.
- [Marcia] So I let them know.
- Obviously, they were very
- Good, good.
Um, this is from me and Ella.
- Thank you.
- How's she doing?
[Segev] Like all of us, I guess.
She sends her love.
Oh, Segev, this is lovely.
- From the wedding?
- Yeah.
Thank you so much.
I'm just going
to tuck it away someplace safe.
Then I want to introduce you
to some of Danielle's friends.
Thank you.
- I heard they released the two drivers.
- Yeah.
- I didn't think you'd know about it.
- I contacted the authorities.
They were very sympathetic,
said they'd keep me apprised.
- What authorities?
- They didn't know much.
- Do you know anything?
- No.
Just that they were drunk
and stole the car.
I don't believe that. Do you?
I don't know.
- The police said
- Mr. Wexler.
Michael, so good of you to come.
This is Segev, Danielle's husband.
This is Michael.
He and our girl go way back,
what, second, third grade, right?
- So sorry for your loss.
- Thank you.
[Martin] No stopping her.
Her determination, her imagination.
She saw a different life for herself
and I didn't
always agree with her choices
but I did respect them.
I did.
And I
I hope she knew that.
Now, it's, uh
no secret
we weren't completely onboard
with her living
6,000 miles away, in Tel Aviv.
But in embracing something new,
she taught us to do the same.
We came to cherish our visits with her
and her wonderful husband, Segev.
And those times, the memory of them,
keeps Dani with us.
- [in Hebrew] That was
- Unbearable?
I was gonna say "weird."
Weird and unbearable.
That woman you saw me talking to,
she was trying to pick me up.
She was old.
She was old?
You hear about people meeting each other
at weddings but not at a funeral.
[in English] This is America.
- [jazz music playing over speakers]
- [door unlocks]
- Sorry I'm so late.
- You're not late.
Oh, yeah, I guess you are.
Judge Emmitt held us hostage
for three hours,
at the end of which,
I had to file a continuance.
Mixing it up, keeping the magic alive.
- You didn't feel like Indian, huh?
- Not really.
What are you working on,
the Gates profile?
I saw an old acquaintance today.
Oh, fuck me. [sniffs]
This wasabi
Segev Azulai.
I know that name, don't I?
You met him when he was in New York once,
seven or eight years ago.
I knew him when I lived in Cartagena.
- The Israeli guy?
- Mm-hm.
A bit more than an acquaintance,
wasn't he?
- Henry
- I'm just saying.
What's he doing in New York?
His wife died.
Ugh. Wow.
That's terrible.
How's he doing?
I don't know. Okay, I guess.
He wanted me
to help him track some information.
Seemed her death was an accident at first,
but he thinks there's more to the story.
And he's not making it up?
Of course not. Who would do that?
I don't know, just seems a little weird.
Why not just go to the police?
I don't know.
I don't have the time for him anyway.
How's work? Did they get back
to you on the story idea?
Yeah. Peter didn't go for it.
Never fucking does.
I don't know what the problem is.
I'm gonna be doing political profiles
for the rest of my life.
'Cause you're so good at them.
- I'm good at everything I do.
- Ooh, I know.
Sushi's getting cold.
Let it.
You'll get it, Ellush.
You just need to practice.
Did Tali come today?
Yes, Dad. She has to come every day
until you come home.
[Syd] Hey, Segev.
She doesn't have to, she wants to.
[Ella] Mostly she talks to the policemen.
So they were there too?
They have to be here every day
until you come home.
When are you coming back?
In a little while.
Not too long.
Well, I miss you.
I miss you too.
But I gotta go get dressed for school.
I told Shira
that I'd take her to school today.
How are you doing, Segev?
I went to the memorial today,
all these people I didn't know
talking about Danielle. It was
That must have been rough.
So when are you coming home?
I don't know.
[door buzzer buzzing]
[knocking on door]
- Naomi.
- [Naomi] Ron.
[both laughing]
- Love the apron.
- Come on in. Come Oh.
- It's good to see you.
- You too.
It's good to see
that some things never change.
Except maybe that you're cooking?
I'm not cooking.
How is it that I knew that?
So? I thought you weren't gonna help.
Fuck you, Ron.
When have I ever not helped?
Gorgeous as ever, huh?
- What's he trying to do?
- What do you mean?
Going after this Isaac guy.
Segev, what are you thinking?
Isaac Katkov?
- This dude's mobbed up big time.
- Did you find him?
He owns a bar and a bowling alley,
the only legit thing I could find.
So you didn't find him.
Yeah, and I'm glad I didn't.
I wasn't expecting a Boy Scout,
but this is one very dangerous guy.
I know. I worked for him.
[Naomi] This guy's been trafficking
in arms for years.
He's connected to syndicates
in Israel, Lebanon, Morocco.
- Read the article I found in Haaretz.
- I'm reading it now.
Good. Maybe you can knock
some sense into him.
He killed my wife.
I know you think that.
And maybe you're right.
And it's truly horrible,
but you're not in special forces anymore.
You don't have some camouflage team
of 40 guys backing you up.
He has me.
Exactly. You have your best friend,
who's wearing an apron.
If he's coming after me
and after my family,
I have to find him.
[door opens]
[door closes]
[in Hebrew] Might want to go after her.
- Naomi. Hey, stop.
- I have to get to a meeting.
- I shouldn't have brought you into this.
- I'm not in this.
I want nothing to do with this.
You're never gonna change. I know you.
I've seen you beat the shit out of someone
for saying the wrong thing.
I know what you're capable of
and it scares me.
I'm not going to do anything crazy.
Still a bad liar.
[door closes]
[Ron] Segev.
[in Hebrew] Come here.
I think Naomi was right.
Isaac does own a bar.
[in English] It's a gay sport bar
in some bowling alley.
[in Hebrew] And he seems to have
a very good "friend" named Benny.
- Benny?
- Mm-hm.
Who likes to post. Instagram, mostly.
I put in a follow request, and guess what?
After five minutes, he accepts.
Just like that.
He doesn't even know me. [laughs]
And what he really likes to do
is to post pictures
of himself with Isaac at Isaac's bar.
[in English] Benny, Benny, Benny.
Don't you know
social media is not your friend?
[dramatic music playing]
[in Hebrew] Take what you want.
I'll get the keys to the van.
[Segev] Wow.
[gun cocks]
[disco music playing over speakers]
[in Hebrew] Seems like this guy likes
skating on thin ice.
Not sure Isaac would approve.
[Segev] Who knows if Isaac
will even show? Let's get out of here.
We could leave.
Or we could talk to Benny.
[in English] You're Benny, right?
I've seen you here before.
What is this,
Dip a Toe in the Water night?
It's gay league. You're not gay.
Right, but, actually,
I'm asking for my friend here.
He wants to bowl with you, but he's shy.
- He's not gay either.
- Thank you.
Would you please tell him that?
'Cause I've tried.
He'll need shoes.
What size?
Let me look in the back.
[ominous music playing]
Fuck you. You're making a big mistake.
[Segev] This is Isaac's club?
It's a piece of shit.
Isaac's gonna kill you.
And you may as well kill me.
Kill you?
You're our man on the inside. None of this
would be possible without you.
[Segev] Get out, Benny.
[keypad beeping]
[rock music playing over speakers]
[door alarm buzzes]
What the fuck?
[techno music playing over speakers]
[Ron] What's up, Isaac?
It's been a while, huh?
What the fuck are you doing here, Segev?
[in Hebrew] You're not gonna hurt me or
my family. Got that, you son of a bitch?
[in English]
What the hell are you talking about?
The two men who killed my wife?
The bomb at my house in Israel?
Fuck, if I wanted,
I could have killed you years ago.
[in Hebrew]
You want to tell me Mark Posner
and David Chernik live
in New York by coincidence?
Yeah. I hired them
for a job in Israel, some woman.
The hell are you saying,
that was your wife?
[in Hebrew]
What are you saying? You didn't know that?
No, I didn't know.
[in English] And I didn't kill her, okay?
I don't kill at all,
I I make arrangements.
Someone else wanted her dead,
and now, fuck
they want you to think I did it.
Someone's setting me up.
- Someone's setting me up.
- [in Hebrew] Who paid you?
I don't have a clue.
- [in English] Who hired you?
- I don't know. I never know.
People call, I don't want to know
who they are, who the mark is.
One party wants to get something done,
I put them together with people
who can do it, that's it.
I'm the fucking middleman.
No questions asked.
- You didn't know it was my wife?
- If I knew that bitch was your wife,
I would've made them kill her
in front of you and made you watch.
- Yeah?
- Yeah!
You want to make me watch?
You want me to watch?
- Yeah?
- Segev. Segev! Segev!
[in Hebrew]
You're gonna kill him. Segev, let go.
[in English]
So who the hell was your wife, Segev, huh?
That somebody wanted her dead
and wants to hang it all on me?
Isaac, you hired the drivers,
you bring them here now, okay?
- [techno music playing over speakers]
- [crowd chattering]
[Ron in Hebrew]
Where the fuck are they, Isaac?
Hey, Isaac!
[dramatic music playing]
[crowd shouting]
[crowd screaming]
Fuck, man!
Man! Fuck!
- Did you kill Danielle Azulai?
- Fuck you! Fuck!
- Did you meet the client?
- Fuck you, man! I didn't kill nobody!
- Did you meet the client?
- I don't know, man, I'm telling you.
We got an envelope
with an address and some photos!
Who was the fucking client? Who was he?
- Fuck you!
- Who was he?
He's a fucking cheap bastard, man,
that's who!
A lousy 20 grand!
[neck cracks]
[ominous music playing]
[siren wailing in distance]
[in Hebrew] Ron? Ron, come help me!
Come and help me.
Ron, what the fuck?
What's going on? What's wrong with you?
Move to the other side!
Let me drive, move.
[engine starting]
Ron, hey, hey. Everything is all right.
How are you doing?
Ron, stop. Talk to me.
Get them out! Get them out!
This car's full of blood!
How am I supposed to take
my kid to school? Get them out!
Calm down! It's all good.
Calm down. Look at me. Take a deep breath.
Take a deep breath. Take a deep breath.
Are you breathing?
I'm here, bro.
I'm here. It's all good.
I'm here, bro.
I'll take care of you.
Okay? Are you with me?
Calm down. You're okay.
- [in English] Is he okay?
- Yeah.
Henry's out of town for the night.
He has an arraignment in D.C.
- Thank you. We didn't wanna wake you up
- Stop. I don't want to hear anything.
- Things got a little, you know
- What? A little crazy?
The kind of crazy I was afraid of?
I don't want to know anything, Segev.
You have until tomorrow.
Thank you.
[in Hebrew] Are you okay?
Should I bring you water?
[Ron in English] What now, Segev?
[phone ringing]
[in Hebrew]
I've been calling. Where have you been?
Ron and I were out. What's wrong?
I want you to come home.
I'm coming back, baby.
I need to take care
of a few things, then I'm coming.
I miss Dani, Dad.
I know.
So do I.
I have to go. Mom's calling me.
[call disconnects]
[crowd cheering on video]
[indistinct chatter]
[ominous music playing]
[line ringing]
[suspenseful music playing]
- Are you the super?
- What?
The TV doesn't work.
Where are the Wexlers?
Mom, the super's here!
No offense but Airbnbs suck.
- Airbnb?
- Mom!
[woman] I am so sorry.
I didn't mean for you to come this early.
Where are the Wexlers?
The Wexlers? I don't know any Wexlers.
I only called about the TV not working.
You're the super, right?
How long you been here?
- It might be best if you just come back
- How long have you been here?
We were told we couldn't get in
until 7:30 last night, so
I'm sorry.
[ominous music playing]
[ominous music playing]
[dramatic music playing]
[theme music playing]
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