Hit & Run (2021) s01e04 Episode Script

Breaking & Entering

- [narrator] Previously on Hit & Run:
- You take care
It was a hit-and-run accident.
Don't leave me.
Who was the guy with the sunglasses
and the jacket?
[Syd] His name is Assaf.
[Ron in Hebrew] My brother!
[in English] Motherfucker from Israel
wants to meet international killers.
My wife is dead and you released them?
They were arrested 24 hours ago.
- The two men who killed my wife.
- Someone's setting me up.
Where are the Wexlers?
[theme music playing]
[Newkirk] Somebody left they brains.
[Bennett] I don't think
they're coming back for them.
Now, this motherfucker fell, right?
Cracked his head open when he did.
Means he didn't have his hands down.
- I'm guessing bullets over bad balance?
- Yeah, I found blood on the roof.
He might have flatlined before he fell.
Either way, he got his ass dragged
this way.
And then picked up.
Friend or foe, can't call it.
- [Bennett] One body at large, minimum?
- Yeah.
Who called us?
Warehouse owner next door
was in late doing inventory,
heard the shots, didn't see shit.
But did get a homeless guy
back here when it happened.
Billy Smack.
- He'd love to talk.
- [Billy] These
These motherfuckers peeled out so fast.
I ran after them.
Yeah, all right. That's crazy. Wow.
What were they driving?
Big piece of shit van,
but it was moving though.
- I had to ninja-roll out the way
- Yeah. What kind of van?
Billy. What kind of van?
Big as hell. And old and shit.
All right.
Hmm? How about 10?
Chevy Astro minivan,
early 2000s, dark green.
[Newkirk] Plates?
There was New York, not Jersey.
There was a B and a seven.
I think.
Yeah, yeah, yeah. All right, all right.
[line ringing]
[phone ringing]
[in Hebrew] Yeah?
[Segev] Tali.
Segev, it's still early there?
Once the courts open up,
I'll refile the warrants for the drivers.
They aren't the focus anymore.
I need you to do something else.
Are you peeing?
This kid's on my bladder.
So, what are you saying?
I was wrong about Isaac.
He was hired by someone else.
What? How do you know that?
I'll tell you everything
but not on the phone.
Segev, what have you done?
I'm gonna send you a photo.
It's the man that broke into my house.
The guy I killed.
You got this picture how?
I found out he was at my wedding.
I can't explain how.
I just need you to find out who he is.
Segev, what the fuck is
going on over there?
Tali, please. Find out what you can.
We'll talk later. Thank you.
[phone beeps]
[phone chimes]
- You asleep? We gotta get out of here.
- [Ron] Mm-hm.
I need to know if Dani was a part of this.
Part of what?
That whole memorial was a show.
Her parents, the Wexlers, disappeared.
What are you talking about?
I don't know, but I think it's got
something to do with who killed her.
We know who did it
We know who killed her.
I can see their blood on your boots.
But someone hired them.
And bombed my house.
It's gotta be part of the same thing.
Segev, all we know is that
Dani's dead,
her parents disappeared,
and the drivers We were sloppy.
They're gonna find those bodies.
We need to get out of here.
Bro, Dani was coming here
the day she died. Why? Why?
[Naomi in English] Stinks in here.
I've got to go to a meeting,
I'll be back around noon.
I'd appreciate it
if you guys were gone by then.
We're leaving now.
- Naomi, I don't know how to thank you.
- I'll think of something.
You headed for a different shady hideout?
Or is the promised land calling?
I can't go home yet.
Something tells me you should,
for everybody's sake.
Either way, this is where we part ways.
Clean up a little before you go, yeah?
It was good to see your face.
Ron, it was good to see your sexy body.
[door opens]
[door closes]
Naomi. Naomi.
I still need your help.
You lost your wife.
I wish I could help that. I can't.
Dani was murdered by two men
who were paid to kill her.
The guy you had me research? Isaac Katkov?
No, I was wrong.
The memorial service here was a fake.
- Fake?
- Her parents' house wasn't theirs.
I went back there this morning,
a family was there.
- Segev
- Go see it for yourself, it's a rental.
I can't find her father, he disappeared,
his phone is disconnected.
[ominous music playing]
Give me her father's name
and number and that fake address,
I'll see what I can find.
[Omer in Hebrew]
Okay, it's super blurry, yeah?
Did you snap this while you were running?
It's a still from a video.
It's as good as we're gonna get for now.
Nothing you can do?
I remember you managed
to remove your back hairs
from our vacation pictures
a few years ago.
- You can't do any of that magic?
- You're never gonna forget that, huh?
Okay, I'll do everything in my power.
All these facial recognition programs
are still in their infancy.
It's all good. I'll give it a shot.
All right, I'm leaving.
Have to get back to the station
before my boss does.
I'll find a bathroom along the way.
Thank you very much for the help.
My pleasure.
I can trust that this stays
between us, yeah?
- I can keep a secret
- Okay.
if it benefits me.
I understand.
I've never in my life envied anyone
like I envy the son of a bitch
that jerked it into a cup
and made this happen.
Nice. Very
Nice. Very romantic.
But you remember
that we already did this dance
and you were the one
that bailed, right? Not me.
And I'm the one that made this happen.
Maybe I can come over tonight
and make you a nice meal?
I don't think so.
I'll massage your feet after.
Now I really gotta pee.
[ominous music playing]
[in Hebrew]
They thought you deserved a friendly face.
Tamir, what the? What is this shit?
You weren't taken on my order.
I thought it'd be more informative
to keep you in the field.
This is completely unnecessary.
Tell me what you want to know.
Come on. What is this related to?
To the fact
that Eitan's driver was killed?
I talked to the guys about this already.
I don't know anything
beyond what I've already said.
Tamir, come on now. What is this shit?
Kidnapping me from my house
as if I'm some wanted terrorist?
And what is all this?
You think if I wanted to lie
I wouldn't know how?
You know I'd be able to.
Okay, let's start again. State your name.
Wait, wait. Just wait!
I've been answering
these fucking questions for two days.
you forget who I am outside of this place.
You are here because those days
are behind you.
You have no standing. Okay?
You have no voice
other than what we allow.
At best, you were derelict in your duty.
But at worst, you blundered in ways
that cannot be undone.
So you will sit there and tell us
what we want until we are satisfied.
Is that clear?
State your name and age.
["Never Change" playing]
I miss running round in the garden ♪
Chasing dragonflies in the high sun ♪
Screaming till we lose our voices ♪
Hope we never lose our smiles ♪
Remember when it'd rain
And we'd dance outside ♪
We didn't have much but we have life ♪
To me that is all that matters ♪
Time was just a stranger then ♪
[Segev] Hi.
[man] Hi, how can I help you?
My wife, Danielle Azulai, was supposed
to audition here last week.
Who's in charge of that?
Who can I talk to?
Uh, as far as I know, we haven't had
any auditions on the books
for a few months now
since the company's full.
I'm not seeing anything.
Could the audition be for another company?
I don't think so. What about choreography?
- She said
- Sorry.
The dance schools in town usually
have audition listings for alumni.
Did she go to school here? In the city?
Maybe call your wife, and
- Anything else I can do for you?
- No.
Thank you. Thank you.
[dramatic music playing]
[siren chirps]
[suspenseful music playing]
[Ron in Hebrew] Sorry. I saw them pull up,
decided to circle the block.
What did the dance people say?
She didn't have an audition there.
We even sure she was a dancer?
Yes, she was a fucking dancer.
I saw her dance at Batsheva.
I mean let's face it
They're weird dances.
She couldn't have faked it?
[Segev] She didn't fake it.
Hi, my name is Naomi Hicks.
I'm a reporter at New York Magazine.
I've recently been conducting
an investigation
into peer-to-peer renter fraud
and I was pointed toward
a recent discrepancy at your property.
Give me a call back on this number
as soon as possible, thank you.
What are you doing home?
You're not reading your texts anymore?
- Oh, my God.
- I waited an hour for you at Union Bar.
- Why didn't you call?
- I did.
Shit. I had my phone off.
Sorry, Henry, I totally blew it.
It's all good. I figured.
I could use a little pre-humbling
before I go kiss Judge Hockney's ass
over this kidnapping thing.
This one sounds like a drag.
You piss your editor off or what?
No. I am kind of covering
for someone on it.
Batting cleanup.
We were supposed to talk about
the Puerto Rico thing over lunch.
Kind of starting to feel
like you're avoiding it.
- You still wanna do this?
- Yes. Yes, of course. I do, I wanna go.
We're talking one week,
do a little tikkun olam.
- [chuckles]
- Make Rabbi Rachel happy.
I know, I know. I'm totally into it.
Should I buy the plane tickets or what?
I, um
Do I have to decide this right now?
I have to get to the county recorder's
office before it closes.
[dramatic music playing]
[door opens]
[door closes]
I'm sorry. I don't have any record
of that student's attendance.
[woman] Look, I'm sorry,
but if her name's not here,
I wouldn't know where else to look.
[woman] I'm sorry.
I've been teaching here 15 years,
I've never met any Danielle Wexler.
Okay, let's start
the jump combination, guys.
Five, six Five, six, seven, eight.
[in Hebrew]
Now, tell me about Danielle Azulai.
- What do you want to know?
- Everything you're capable of telling me.
A dancer at Batsheva
that I had an affair with
until she died
in a car accident not long ago.
Where did you meet?
At an event, a fundraiser
for her dance company.
A dancer friend introduced us.
Did you have other affairs like this one?
With other dancers?
- Yes.
- How many?
Does your wife know about
all these dalliances?
You don't say.
Is she also free to sleep around?
A little unfair, no?
was there anything
unique about your romance with Danielle?
She was married.
The entire time you were together?
Did it bother you that she was married?
Why did it bother you?
Because I was in love with her.
Sorry, I'm not seeing that name
in our system.
Think about it for a minute, man.
- Did she ever mention her high school?
- No.
- Any of her New York friends ever visit?
- No.
Do you know if she's?
[in Hebrew]
I don't know shit. I never asked her.
And whatever she told me was probably
Wait, wait. I think I just
[ominous music playing]
[Ron in English]
Who the fuck is Sophie Dreyer?
That's a different name
than you gave me earlier, right?
- Yes.
- But this is your wife too?
You see her?
Look, man, I'm not supposed
to just give stuff out on students.
And you're definitely not supposed
to just take that off the wall
I'm asking you for the last time.
Give me that address.
[in Hebrew] This doesn't have to be
a horror story. Could be something simple.
Could be some bad mistake.
We'll get to this place,
ask some questions, feel a little better.
But after that, you have to go home.
Be with Ella.
Grieve your wife.
So she kept some secrets.
- Don't think it's that simple.
- It never is with you, bro.
Sometimes, finding out the truth
just adds to the hurt.
You never liked her.
She was too hot for you, that's all.
[in English]
What can I say? Out of your league.
[in Hebrew] Stop here, that's it.
Danielle lived here?
Sophie did. With her parents.
They're not home, brother.
Go around.
- See something?
- Nothing.
- Are we really gonna do this?
- Yes.
Some things you never forget, huh?
I've never seen her this young.
She didn't want you to.
[pensive music playing]
[car approaching]
[car doors closing]
[woman speaking indistinctly]
Segev. Segev!
[in English] Wait.
off your phone when we're in the car.
I don't care
if it's a text from the hospital.
I don't want you to get into an accident!
First, he's not my fishing store buddy.
He's an artist who hand-makes my flies.
[woman] Turn off your phone when driving.
[man] Give me your bag.
If you wanna back-seat drive,
sit in the back seat.
[woman] You're willing to risk
both our lives to text jokes
to your friend while going 60!
I wasn't using my phone
while we were driving. I was stopped.
That's when I was using my phone.
If you wanna back-seat drive,
sit in the back.
[woman] Why's he like you anyway?
You suck at fishing.
[man] Have we?
Have we tried this red?
Can't find it on the app.
- Hi.
- Who the fuck are you?
- Please.
- Hi.
- I knew Sophie.
- Get out of my house.
- What about Sophie?
- I just want to talk about her.
You need to leave. I'll call the police!
- Get out. I am dialing 911.
- We're leaving.
- It's okay. I just want to talk about
- Get out!
I'm calling the police!
[dramatic music playing]
Hello. My wife and I came home,
and we found men broke into my house.
I don't know if they took anything,
but they're running away.
Yes! They're in a green van.
They're heading west!
[in Hebrew] What are you, fucked up?
They saw us, man.
They called the fucking police.
- Do you think they saw the van?
- No way. Relax.
[in English] Fuck, fuck, fuck.
- [in Hebrew] What are we doing?
- Relax. Everything's okay. Slow down.
Slow down. Everything's okay.
[siren wailing]
- What are you doing, bro?
- They know it's us. They saw us!
What are you doing? What are you doing?
What's wrong with you?
What did you do?
[phone buzzing]
It's after 3:00.
Tell the bitch to call you back.
[Omer laughs]
My brother's in Los Angeles.
He forgets the time.
You don't owe me an explanation.
I'm pregnant and horny, and you just
happened to be around. No more, no less.
Just keep your fucking phone quiet.
I need my rest.
[both laughing]
[Segev] Let's dump it here.
[dramatic music playing]
- What about burning it?
- We shouldn't.
Are you crazy? That cop has
a dash cam. They'll have us on tape.
Burning it draws attention.
We leave it here.
They'll strip it for parts.
It'll disappear on its own.
Now your brain works? We could have used
that before they sicced the police on us!
- What are we doing out here?
- I didn't tell you to ram that cop!
No. You said we had to find Isaac.
So we found him. Not good enough.
So we hunt down the hitmen
and we execute them in public!
You made us fucking murderers in America!
And still it's not good enough!
I made us murderers? I made us murderers?
We killed people in Mexico
we didn't even know.
At least this time,
it was for more than a paycheck.
You make a big show of having my back.
You begged me to go to Mexico.
I didn't want to, but I had your back.
You get nightmares still?
Good, you fucking deserve them
for dragging me to that hellhole with you.
Look at what's become of you.
You're just a fat fucking coward.
fuck you
and your lying cunt of a wife.
She deserved what she got.
I did the digging we talked about
and I think we need to speak.
Whoever this Wexler person is, they seem
to have pretty serious resources,
and I don't know what that means entirely
except finding them could piss them off.
So we need to tread carefully.
Call me back ASAP, Segev.
I don't care how late.
[cell phone beeps]
You're working with Segev?
Thought you didn't wanna get involved.
He really needed my help.
Let's go to bed.
[in Hebrew] I need to go back
and pack up my apartment.
It's not gonna be safe there anymore.
What are you gonna do?
Go back to the city.
There's stuff I gotta do.
It's over. You need to wake up.
The cops are gonna be looking for us.
Your wife is dead.
This train goes straight to JFK.
You need to go back to Tel Aviv
before it's not an option anymore.
I shouldn't have asked you to come.
I can do the rest myself.
- I'll find you before I leave.
- Say her name.
Say her name. Say your wife's name.
- Danielle Azulai.
- No.
Sophie. Sophie Dreyer.
Danielle Azulai never existed.
She was just a story. A lie.
And she told you that lie every day
till the day she died.
Look at what we're doing.
We killed people for what?
For what? A woman that doesn't exist.
Dude, I love you. You're my brother.
But this woman? This Sophie? Fuck her.
You never knew her.
She didn't love you.
You don't know that.
Who would do this to someone they love?
Forgive me.
[dramatic music playing]
[keypad beeping]
[door lock buzzes]
[keypad beeping]
[door lock buzzes]
[woman] Can I help you?
[clearing throat] Hello. How are you?
I'm tip-top.
The hell you doing creeping
around my hallway this time of night?
Sorry. I just arrived. I came to my wife's
apartment, but the key's not working.
Your wife don't live there.
I could be wrong,
but I've never been here.
Do you know her?
Do you know Sophie? Sophie Dreyer?
Sophie got married and didn't tell me?
I mean, shit.
It's only been, what,
nine months since she was here.
- Is she here with you?
- No.
I'm alone this time.
But I wanna show you something.
Our pictures from our wedding.
Just a minute.
Oh, she looks glorious.
You couldn't wear a tie?
It was hot.
Well, hold on, we'll get you in.
- I got a spare somewhere.
- Thank you.
Don't usually like illegal subletting,
but Sophie is different.
By the way,
this box came for her last week.
Now, I usually forward her mail
to her parents
'cause she told me to hold on
to all boxes here for her.
- Thank you, Gloria. Thanks a lot.
- Mm-hm.
Good night. Thank you.
[pensive music playing]
[Naomi] Hello?
I know it's late.
No, it's fine. I wanted to talk.
So about the Wexler thing,
it's definitely a fake name.
There's a couple
of Martin Wexlers in New York,
but none with a daughter named Danielle
or a wife named Marcia.
And none of the state IDs matched
the photos of him you sent me.
That does not surprise me.
Yeah, I also got in touch
with the owner of the brownstone.
He remembered the people
that rented for Danielle's memorial.
Said it was a weird one.
The renter asked that the owner's
personal belongings be removed,
even from the non-rented area.
Paid a quadruple rate for it.
The owner helped me track the payment,
but we dead-ended
at some LLC in the Seychelles.
They have money.
They're sophisticated. I doubt we'll be
able to track them unless they want us to.
Don't take this the wrong way,
but if your wife knew this person,
it's time
we start investigating your wife.
Let's talk about it tomorrow, okay?
[ominous music playing]
[Tamir in Hebrew] I understand your anger.
But this is the life we chose.
And we're nearly done.
I believe what you've
told me so far is the truth.
I appreciate your cooperation
and I promise to
communicate that back to our superiors.
What they do with it, well,
that's not my department.
But I'm sure they'll take your long,
loyal service into consideration.
I only have one last question.
[suspenseful music playing]
After an entire career in Intelligence
how is it that you were unaware
that Danielle Azulai was CIA?
[theme music playing]
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